Buying or Renting a House? Avoid these major Vaastu Defects [Dosh].



It is not easy to get a ready made House or Flat which is Vaastu-compliant. However, certain safety measures should be considered while searching for House property.

Here are some important defects [Dosh] that’s to be avoided while finalizing any house or a flat.




External Factors


  • Check the location. The building should be free of all Vedh [ Vidhi Shula, Dwar Vedha etc.]
  • House / Flat Should not be adjoining to a Temple, Garbage dump, Burial ground, Polluting industrial unit, Government administrative building etc. 
  • Prefer A building which have a clean area with a pleasant environment.  
  • There should not be a depression or declined in South direction  

Inside Factors:


The following Vaastu [Dosh] defects are Major defects in Nature 

Vaastu-for happiness

  • There should Never have a Staircase, Kitchen, Toilet, Store Room and / or the Master bedroom should never in North-East direction. 


  • Underground / Over head Water tank or Master Bed Room should not in South-East.


  • There should not be Basement, Underground Water Tank, and Lower floor level in South-West direction.


  • Master Bed Room should not be in North-West direction. 


  • Toilet side by to Main entrance door and / or in front of entrance door in the living area is the major Vastu dosh

If you are already living in a house / flat which have either of these Vaastu defects and cannot move out, then Contact us to seek guidance for use Vaastu remedies to reduce the bad effects of that particular defect.