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Buying or Renting a House? Avoid these major Vaastu Defects (Dosh).

It is not easy to get a ready made House or Flat which is Vaastu-compliant. However, certain vaastu tips for buying renting house should be considered while searching for House property. Here are some important defects (Dosh) that’s to be avoided while finalizing any house or a flat.

External Factors

  • Check the location. The building should be free of all Vedh [ Vidhi Shula, Dwar Vedha etc.]
  • House / Flat Should not be adjoining to a Temple, Garbage dump, Burial ground, Polluting industrial unit, Government administrative building etc.
  • Prefer A building which have a clean area with a pleasant environment
  • There should not be a depression or declined in South direction  

Inside Factors:

The following Vaastu [Dosh] defects are Major defects in Nature 

vaastu tips for buying renting house

  • There should Never have a Staircase, Kitchen, Toilet, Store Room and / or the Master bedroom should never in North-East direction
  • Underground / Over head Water tank or Master Bed Room should not in South-East
  • There should not be Basement, Underground Water Tank, and Lower floor level in South-West direction
  • Master Bed Room should not be in North-West direction
  • Toilet side by to Main entrance door and / or in front of entrance door in the living area is the major Vastu dosh

If you are already living in a house / flat which have either of these Vaastu defects and cannot move out, then Contact us to seek guidance for use Vaastu remedies to reduce the bad effects of that particular defect.  




29 Comments to Buying or Renting a House? Avoid these major Vaastu Defects (Dosh).

  1. ranjana says:

    nice @ useful advise

  2. Pete says:

    Hey! Extreme Northeast portion of my house is open to sky. Does that mean that it has been cutoff from rest of the house? Can putting up a fiber sheet on top solve the purpose?

  3. Anuradha says:


    we are planning to move into a rented apartment. in the available choices, I thought this apt plan had better vaastu. But it still has some defects. please advice on how to improve positive energy and reduce negative energy in this house. Please let me know how to send you the plan picture.

  4. Anuradha says:

    My major concern is regarding balcony in southwest corner with slight extension in west. Could you please suggest any remedies?

  5. Anuradha says:


    Please reply.

  6. Sheetal Patel says:

    We are renting a 1 bed flat where the South East corner is cut at an angle, this happens to be part of the bedroom. The flat is part of a block of flats on the ground floor. Outside of the wall is public pavement as it is on the corner of street.

    I have come across remedies relating to copper rods to be installed in ground, etc.

    Please advice as this is a rented property and there isn’t much we can do structurally.

  7. Nitu says:

    We are planning to buy a house but the master bedroom is on NW, all other bedrooms (south or south-east) and kitchen is in the middle. Please advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Nitu ji:
      Kitchen in middle means exact Middle of the house. Please clarify. It seems South-east is defected. However Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  8. deepa says:

    Mai apana flat bechana chahati hu…lekin koi customer sirf flat dekhake chala jaata hai..baad main contact bhi nahi karate hai vo..flat is good..kya problem hai?
    Koi vastudosh hai?
    Waiting for reply…

    • admin says:

      Hello Deepa ji:
      Due to Vaastu Dosh in your house, it is not selling. Please call me on 09494214400 for remedy

  9. Swapnil Lahor says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m thinking of buying a house, People says East / West facing entrance door is good, I wont know how should i understand East / West facing door, should i consider standing inside the entrance door or outside the entrance door. Another I had seen one flat having south-east direction shown in compass standing inside the entrance door want to know is this house good to buy from all aspect.

  10. vijay says:

    Sir, i am trying to buy a West facing plot ,so need your help in choosing the best direction according to both of our dates. my DOB is 8th April’1980 and my spouse DOB is 30th March 1985 .


  11. sashi kumar says:

    Sir My father bought a house facing south so I have no choice have to stay there now my house entrance is in south east direction and i have stairs on west what kind of adjustment i can do please advice is pyramid would help my family in avoiding health problems .

  12. Purti Sinha says:

    Need an email address to send the layout to discuss about the flat that i wish to take on lease.

  13. Giri says:


    I am planning to buy new house, but I found one house. But this is not in rectangular shape.

    It is north facing house. I has been extended the south east corner.

    Means, North side front is 19.5 Sqft and Sourth side it is 20.5. So it extended the agni corner.

    Could you please give any remidies for the same..

    I am planning to buy this. Since Price negotiable.


  14. samvedana says:

    Hi we are staying in a west facing house and well is located in the east direction but towards south. Is it a vastu defect if so please kindly let me know the remedy as we are newly married couple. Is it safe to stay in that particular house.

  15. sanjay says:

    Pooja room of a flat we considering to buy is in the center of the flat area (bramhasthna?). Is it OK?

  16. Vijayakumaar T R says:

    My house entrance facing north-east and immedaitely after entering the house there is a Toilet on the left hand side. Is is this a dosha? if yes can you help me with the remedy.

    Thanks & Regards,

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