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Children Education And Vaastu

Children Education and Vaastu

Vaastu plays an important role in children education and is essential for everyone especially for Children education. Vastu helps students to achieve higher goals in their studies.

Though trying hard you may not getting good results or the results that coming may not be satisfactory this may be due to using wrong direction of the house for study.

Here are certain Vaastu tips for Childcare in Education and for the students which will result in Good way for their efforts.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness –Make sure your study area is Clean and Neat. It should not be cluttered with too many books and with other material on it.

Place a Saraswati Yantra in Study area near study table. This will improve positive aura around them


Vaastu Directions and Childcare

North-east [Ishanya]

Children should use this room for sleeping if there is no other option. Along-with sleeping, If they study here, then it will be fine and good

In the East, North or the North-east directions of the house will improve the absorbing power and increases the knowledge of content.

Ensure that there is no reflection of mirrors on the books at Study time. This may in turn increase the pressure of study on your kids.

South-east [Agneya]      Children Education and Vaastu

Children with lowest IQ should use this room for sleeping to get benefits and to achieve social prestige and material success.

South-west [Nairitya]

Children should never sleep here, if they sleep, will become disobedient and boastful [showing excessive pride]. They do not hear or respect to others and can create problems always. If the house has two SW bedrooms [ground and upper floor] then the father should sleep on ground floor and eldest child should sleep on upper floor for good results.

North-west [Vayvya]

Children sleeping here becomes smart and leads a good life as they will sophisticated. Health of these kids will be better. The Children sleeping here will get married in time.


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