Vaastu and Brahmasthan

Brahmasthan, the Centre of the House is an important element of ancient Vaastu Shastra. It is a central, holiest and powerful place of the house. All directions meet here at the centre [Brahmasthan] of the house and spread positive energy in all directions of the house, which is very essential for habitats in that house.  Brahmasthan is also a very important place for factories and industries.

For enjoying Prosperity, Harmony and Happiness in the house keep Brahmasthan Open and free from obstacles. 



In ancient time, our ancestors were often using to construct a courtyard in the centre of house which was open to sky; the rooms were constructed around this courtyard.Vaastu and Brahmasthan

How to Identify Brahmasthan


Divide the plot into 9 equal parts from East to West and North to South. Now the plot is divided into 81 equal parts. The 9 squares at the centre of plot are known as the Brahmasthan.

Tips for using Brahmasthan


  • Built Main hall, Pooja Room or Courtyard in the [Brahmasthan] centre of the house.
  • Under any circumstances avoid constructing the Toilets and Bathroom in the Brahmasthan.
  • Kitchen in the Brahmasthan [centre] May gives bad effects on health of Inmates. 
  • Usually, in duplex houses Staircases are designed in the Brahmasthan of house. This will affect mental and financial growth of the inhabitants.
  • Pillar in Brahmasthan is Vaastu defect.   
  • Sleeping in the Brahmasthan will create confusion in the life of that person. 
  • There should not be a beam at the centre of house.
  • Arches, store room etc. should never to be constructed in Brahmsthan.

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  1. Hello, we have divided the house into 9 equal squares. The toilet and shower are in the corner of the brahmsthan area but not in the middle. There is a closet and a small wall in the middle. How do I remedy this issue.

  2. Namaste, we have staircase in brahmsthaan, ive read in one of your articles to put two copper tortoise under the first stair, can you please elaborate, do we have to put it right under the stair or or just keeping it before the first step will work? also from where can i get the copper tortoise, if you could refer, thanks a lot!!

  3. Hello,
    Our house has two floors. Brahmasthan on ground floor of our house is open to sky. Rooms on first floor are built around center (not on brahmasthan), since it’s open right from ground floor.

    Its been said that one should not have a basement or a well in brahmasthan. Is the brahmasthan of first floor working like a basement? We have not given any portion on rent. Our sons’ room is on first floor – South of Southwest. Is the brahmasthan harmful ?

      • Hello Sir,
        There is no basement/well in brahmasthan (ground floor). Our ground floor’s brahmasthan is quite good – free from any weight.

        However, the same brahmasthan when seen from first floor – looks like a basement (for the first floor). Will it badly effect the person with room on first floor?

  4. Hello,

    We have stairs in the middle of the builtup house and the main door location is North East. Please suggest a remedy.

  5. Sir in my old purchased East facings with extented ne corner house stairs are along with lengthy north walldouble stairs one clockwise having under toiletbath and second stairs
    anticlockwise having under kitchen in ground floor stairs meet on first floor how to correct this vastu dosh Pl help me

  6. hello sir,
    i would like to know remedies for a kitchen in the brahmasthaan and south west opening main door.
    thank you,

    • Hello Trupti ji:
      Kitchen in “Brahmasthaan” and Main door in South-west are sever defects Please call me on 09494214400.

    • Hello Ms. Trupti, Does any member of your family suffer from stomach ailment? if so , it will confirm that the people who have kitchen in brahmasthan suffer from stomach related diseases.
      I have kitchen in brahmasthan and I suffer from gluten allergy.
      Sir , please suggest remedy.

  7. Namste.i was hear from somewhere ki rain water store in bottle and keep in workplace it is good for financial growth is it true? then which direction we can keep it.

    • Rain water stored in bottle and kept in North-west direction that can removes Defects of North-west direction

  8. we are having a 5 feet deep gaddha (गड्ढा) at the bhramha sthan in our factory. what are the remedies..

    • Hello Kamlesh ji:
      Lift in “Brahmsthan” is a severe defect, Please call me on 09494214400 for details

  9. Hello Sir,

    We are constructing new house and all the walls have already come up, we have been told now that the bathroom (this is only bathroom and not the attached bathroom-toilet) nearly of 3 feet is in one of the corners of the “brahmasthana” (north-west corner of brahmasthana). Please advise if this is a serious defect and also kindly advise how to rectify it. The plot size is 1200sqft with 2.5ft setbacks left in all the directions. The toilet and bathroom are on the west side of the plot with toilet in the far west side touching the wall on the west, wherein bathroom is towards the brahmasthana side.

    Please advise, looking forward for all your support.


  10. While deciding bhrahmasthan – should we consider entire plot or only the constructed house? We have huge plot with two house constructed (one main house other small one for rent). I am not sure how to decide the bhrahmasthan in this case. Plz advise.

  11. Main door is in the West side. Out living room is in north-west side and just beside it we have dinning room in North east side. These two areas (living & dinning) are separating by a open hanging beam.
    How serious this beam may cause negative impact in our life….
    What can we do to reduce impact of open beam?

  12. SiR
    I am building my house
    But I am little bit confused bcoz my brahmasthan is open to sky but as I have constructed kichen shed my stair comes at brahmasthan & my southwest corner is also cut due to this kitchen shed.

    My North east corner is extended but it is also not part of house, it is 30 ft long porch in North East part. So i can’t decide it is northeast Extension or cut.

    I need ur guidance in detail.

  13. SIR i am having main door and one beam in the brahamsthan area(which is the central area after dividing my plot into 9 equal parts)…is it a vastu dosh…or is it okay…if not what is the remedy for the same…plz reply asap!!!!

  14. Sir, can we have Swimming pool at the center of the house i.e brahamsthan, our center of house is open to sky ??

  15. should we take the whole plot or only the constructed corners for measuring brahmasthan?
    should portico also be included.

  16. i have a 50 sq ft center space (brahmsthan) built open to sky and sliding glass doors all side along it.. the space is 2 feet below the main level.. i want to construct a fountain or something sort of it … what can i build there??

  17. Sir , in my proposed hotel plan , I recently found that a part of lift and staircase are in there any remedy or I compulsorily need to change the proposed plan

  18. Sir I have C shape flat, in which brahmsthan comes half in flat and half is not in flat just open in high rise bldg, what is the remedy

  19. I have my brahmasthan cut as it u shaped flat and brahmasthan falls in passage area leading up to the main door entrance of flat. Is it OK.. someone said it’s east cut from middle and not OK… kindly advice urgently pls.

  20. namaste sir,

    how to identify Bharamstan. i have my house in sector, so i have open space on front and back of the constructed portion, that is used for living. should i take centre from the constructed portion or i need to take centre from the corners of the plot. please suggest.

  21. Hello sir,

    I bought a north-east door house, kitchen at Agnimoole. Planning to build 3ft*3ft Pooja room at down corner(south-west) touching Brahmasthana. Is this fine to keep Pooja room in the Brahmashtana area with 3feet length and 3feet breadth dimension? Please suggest.

  22. What is the remedy for common toilet at brahmasthan? we have converted that toilet in kitchen but not exactly on that where brahmastan it 2 to 3 feet far is it ok

  23. I have plot 20×45 three side closed one west side open an Brahmsthan is coming in leaving room right corner. What can i do.

    Stair case coming in north west 20×20 is Est West & 45×45 north south.Kindly advise