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Vaastu Remedies for Happy Family


It is a fact that if you follow the Vaastu Shastra principles while constructing the house and keep the equipment in that house according to Vastu Tips, then family in that house will live happy with prosperity. Then you can say “Home Sweet Home, With Happy Family”

One can use the Vaastu Remedies about what not to put the things in house to enjoy happy family Life.

Well here we give some brief guidelines about the things that you must avoid to put on these in your home.

According to Ethics in Hindu never place ‘Devi Mahalaxmi’ idol/statue/picture facing outside from house, which measured as outflow of prosperity from that house.

Picture of Mahabharata

Never keep any of the scenes from Mahabharata in your house. That image symbolizes a never ending opposition among those family members.


Taj Mahal:  Though Taj mahal as the essence of love and actually the tomb of Mumtaz, Shahjahan’s wife. Thus any show piece of Taj or its related images should not keep at home as it symbolizes death and lack of initiative. Having such things in home affect our life seriously.


Nataraja symbolizes tremendous art, at the same time it symbolizes destruction. Since this dance form is actually ‘Tandava Nritya’, signifies dance for destruction. Thus an image or show piece of Nataraja should never be there in your house.

Sinking Boat: This is another image that never be kept at home. A sinking boat represents a deteriorating setting in the relationships between family members in that house. So if you have that in your houses remove it immediately.

vaastu tips for happy familyWater Fountain: Some people love to keep wonderful water fountains in their house. But according to vastu, Shastra no such thing should be placed in your home, since it signifies the flowing character of an object. Which means the money and prosperity in your life will not stay for long and flows with the flow of time.


Wild Animals: Any image or show piece of a wild animal depicts wildness in the nature of all things. That brings a violent approach in the nature of people living in that house.

Photographs ( Where to put Photos on wall according to Vaastu?)

Never place the images of late grand ancestors on Northeast wall or in the worship room. Southern wall is the Ideal place to put on late ancestor images. Also never put family pictures on East or North wall.

Family photographs are to be placed on South-west wall, that also strengthen the family relationships.

Mirrors: Avoid placing mirror in the bedroom. If any of your body part seen or reflects in that mirror will cause sleep disorder? If mirror is unavoidable that should be covered in the night.

At the same time make sure that you have not kept any damaged or broken mirror in any portion of the house.Mirrors

Mirror should be not being placed opposite to each other; because they would promote agitation in the family members.

North or East direction brings in the flow of positive energy, so never place the mirror facing to this direction since they reflect back the positive energy. In addition, mirror on the South make children’s more inflexible and arrogant. We suggest more reading on Mirror.

Maintaining house and things in that according to Vastu tips brings the positive changes in your life.


66 Comments to Vaastu Remedies for Happy Family

  1. vimla says:

    Sir, in front of my house main gate,in north direction, there is a big Peepal tree (about 25 feets from main gate inner corner). A Peepal tree is assumed as an auspicious tree in hindu culture but its roots are causing nuisance by penetrating water tank, internal sewer pipe lines and haudis resulting in dampness of walls and blisterring of colour, termites & all other harmful effects due to this.
    Does it also reflect some Rahu &vastu dosh & pitra-dosh,ristricting overall growth of youngesters,prosperity, happiness & health problems. What are remedies for this problem.
    What are the chemical treatments to remove the tree, as by simply cutting the tree is not effective because its roots have a tendency to grow & develope again.
    Kindly post your valuable veiws & comments & remedies as it is turning out to be a a major problem now a days. Thankyou

  2. Rucha says:

    I have placed my late mother’s photo in south east direction. Is it okay. I read it should be in south so that she lives in peace.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Can we place photos on north west wall.. I mean i want to put my and my wife pic on wall..

  4. Srikanth V kulkarni says:

    SIR, I want to mount my family photo, which wall is preferred and which direction it should face to have best effects, please.

    • admin says:

      Happy family photo should on South wall of South-west room facing North

      • Srikanth V kulkarni says:

        Thanks , can it be on the south west part of the total building ,in the hall, as we have master bed room in the south west corner.?

      • Rajani says:

        Is it good to put family pictures in bedroom? Where should I put myself, husband and daughter family picture in the bedroom?? Which direction it will be good?

  5. sirisha v says:

    Sir I’m a housewife. I wanted to do my own business. I did beautician course in my native.with my husbands help i started it. I used to satisfy my customers. They also used to be very happy with me. But not frequently they used to come. Now I stopped beauty parlour. Later I thought of selling readymade clothes. I sincerely
    tried and let know whom ever I talk about my readymade clothes. Out of 12, 1 had sold. Ofcorse the people don’t help each other I have seen it here. But I’m not able to run it successfully. Please help what should I do. We live in company quarters.

  6. Ramesh says:

    I have a water fountain in the North East corner abutted to the compound wall < Not inside the house but iniside the compound is it Ok

  7. Nitin says:

    I have overhead water tank in east or say northeast corner of roof and stairs in the north both are not good as per vastu (as what I read on internet) kindly suggest a remedy to get rid of its ill effects

    • admin says:

      Shift the North-east overhead water tank to South-west and North stairs requires “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  8. Sudhir S Kalsulkar says:

    I want to display my kids photo in living room. Kindly advise on which direction should I display? East or west ?

  9. Punita says:

    We have a diagonal plot .Can i put family pics on southeast wall facing north west

  10. Rashmi says:

    Can we keep ganesh idol at the main entrance outside? Do I need to keep another ganesha idol inside the house.

  11. sasikala.c says:

    i bought a nataraja statue. i love to keep in my home as a decrotative pice in hall. in which facing we should keep the idol?

    • admin says:

      Nataraja Idol is not recommended to keep in the house

      • Anneka darashah says:

        Dear sir, I have been gifted a lord Nataraja statue a few years ago. I kept it for some time as a decorative showpiece. Now I do not want to keep it in my house anymore. How can I dispose it? I request your advice please. Thank you!

  12. a.p.aishvarya says:

    i am a classicl dancer. weather i can keep nataraja idol at home?

  13. Shanu says:

    can I place children &
    family picture on south west wall, as you said in one of ur replies children picture should be on east.

  14. MP says:

    I have a graduation photo of mine with certificate which I would like to place in my home-office. The room has only the north or south wall or west wall. There is no south-west wall in the room. Which direction should the picture face. Thank you in advance for your help.

  15. […] A simple life could be the happy life. […]

  16. […] It is never-ending debate that finding God is the purpose of life or purpose in life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is pleasure. God is the Joy that never go away from your soul. So we should try to acquire that Happiness.  No one else other than you can give it to you; so you must continuously have to cultivate it in yourself or in your life. In fact, we must be happy, because God has given us this wonderful world. But enjoyment is not the purpose of life. Souls are brought into this world, so as to make use of birth to liberate them from the unaware state they had been within. A person born in this world must use the opportunity  to free himself from Samsara and achieve Mokshaaccording Hinduism purpose of Life Even if life gave you at one time everything you wanted — Health, wealth, power and friends — after a while you would again become dissatisfied and need something more. But there is one thing that can never become out of date to you its joy itself. Happiness that is delightfully varied, though its essence is changeless, is the inner experience everyone is seeking. Lasting, ever new joy is God. Finding this Joy within, you will find it in everything without. In God you will tap the Reservoir of perennial, unending bliss. There is nothing wrong in looking for to be happy in life. There is nothing wrong in being cheerful and positive. Secrets of Lasting Happiness   Happiness depends to some extent upon certain external conditions, but mainly upon your mental attitudes. If you don’t choose to be happy no one can make you happy. And if you choose to be happy, no one can make you unhappy. Do not hold responsible God for that!   If God has not given us freedom to use our own will, then we could blame the God. When we are unhappy, even God has given us that freedom. It is we who make our life what it is today. Change your thought if you wish to change yourself. Since you are only responsible for your thoughts, and only you can change them. Therefore, start now to think only those thoughts, which will bring you health and happy family life. […]

  17. anu says:

    I have my family photos which includes me, my husband and daughter. and also i have some photos of daughter. I would like to place all of them in my home. I am planning for living room for that and living room has only the north or south wall or west wall. There is no south-west wall in the room. Which direction should the picture face. Thank you in advance for your help..

  18. Deepshikha das says:

    Sir, I live in a govt quarter and it is constructed diagonally main entrance facing north. I want to hung my baby’s photo in the dinning area where the wall is somewhat in southwest direction. Please suggest.

  19. Daxesh says:

    In my house agni corner increases in east direction 10×5 feet what should i do .

  20. Ganesh says:

    Sir.I got our share of ancestral home of aprx 900sq.ft in my village where I live now.but is not in regular is cut in NE & SW corners.I am planning to build house and the staircase is coming in NE part towards west to utilize available space of irregular shape.kindly help me

  21. K D says:

    Can we keep Ganesha / Radha krishna pic in bedroom?

  22. Laxmi says:

    Students study related images and her photo in which dir in the study room

    • admin says:

      On West wall

      • Nittin says:

        Dear Admin, thanks for sharing valuable tips, kindly also guide where and how to keep students documents like degrees, and other important documents like house registery, for more growth in career and wealth

  23. Pearl says:

    Hi, On one of the pages i found this write up, Please advise as it says exact opposite to what you mentioned : * Pictures of family members should be placed in North-East direction, East or North direction. Picture of other relatives should also be hung in these directions. This helps in maintaining cordial relations between the family members. If at all there are chances of clashes or between people, they will be sorted soon. * Whereas, pictures of the dead should be hung in South-West, South, or West directions. It is believed that by doing this dead people’s soul rests in peace. ? Kindly advise, as i need to put up my Family Collage Pics.

  24. raj says:

    Want to hang my parents’ photo (deceased). Which corner (or room ) of the house should I place it? Which direction the photo should face?

  25. says:

    Which side of the room in the house the ancestor photo is placed? which direction ancestors photo face?

  26. Anjali Chauhan says:

    I am planning to buy a home, with lot size facing north but slightly inclined few degrees to the west (please see the pics attached that i took standing in middle of the lot facing road and house at my back). Is it ok to buy a house like that?

  27. manoj kejriwal says:

    i have a bedroom in south west corner with 1 big glass panned window on southern wall and a one smaller in the western wall. in the exact south western corner i have an extended small bathroom ( shower room). what remedy sud be done. I think of putting some big picture on the glass window. suggest what pic sud i place?

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