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Vaastu Shastra and Mirrors

Vastu Shastra and Mirrors

Mirrors have powerful effects on your happiness in the dwelling house. How you are using the mirrors for their best effects? What might be harmful? What is the ideal for the use of wall mirrors?

Mirrors are the most useful and simple Remedies for Vaastu Dosh, because Mirrors can be used in different ways to deal with many defects as its requirement. But at the same time not all the mirrors can effective in the same way. Mirrors if used in the wrong shape or in the wrong direction can give bad effects or damages rather than giving good effects.

Mirror may give a fine look to your bedroom, but remember that can attract negative energy in the bed room. Ensure that any part of your body should not reflect in the mirror while sleeping, otherwise that part will undergo or have to face major illness problem.vaastu shastra and mirrors

It is better to place a mirror reflecting a dining table. It is supposed that the doubling-up the food on the dining table will attract plenty of wealth. 

Never put up mirror opposite to main entrance door which reflecting the main door. This gives the effect of bouncing the energy, which might otherwise flow into the house premises will straight out again. This could be the missing of a good opportunity coming in to your life.

Mirrors are used to expand a space. When your house has a cut (Vaastu Dosh) in particular direction, then placing a mirror in that direction works as a remedy to give deepness to that direction.

When we use mirrors effectively in the house, which effectively pulls the positive energy and warmness from the sun.

If windows in your house open to a beautiful outdoor view or lovely garden, you can bring those views inside the house by placing a mirror on the wall exact opposite of those windows. The mirror will reproduce the outdoor views bringing them inside the house and make them landscape as if the integral part of that house.

Mirrors also can be used to drive out something negative. By placing the mirrors facing to whatever is defective or negative in the house, the mirror shall reflect back it, and reduces the bad effects or negatively.

So if you having any object or shape which is dis-harmonizing, then bad effects of such object can be neutralized by placing the mirror facing it.

Never place a mirror on South and West direction walls to avoid disintegration around in your personal space area. 

vaastu tips on mirrorsThe mirrors of any type should only be placed on the walls of North or East direction in the house.

Do not keep any kind of glass piece or other shinning thing at the main gate.

Glass decorative items, show piece, aquarium wall clock and other glass things should be placed in the East or North direction of the house.

A single sheet of glass in a window or door should not be transparent.

A dressing table with mirror standing side by the bed is considered good, but if it is reflecting your body or image then it is inauspicious.

Always avoid placing the toiletry mirror near study table in the children’s room, because that could interfere the children’s concentration. Mirror on South wall also be avoided as it tends to make children inflexible and disobedient.

Mirrors in rectangular, round and square shapes are healthy for the diversion of energies within the household. 


280 Comments to Vaastu Shastra and Mirrors

  1. Lakshminarayana Rai K says:

    Hi sir we are planed one purchase one flat , pls confirm which direction is favorable, my name Lakshminarayana Rai K & date of Birth 01.06.1975 ( date & month not proper, year is correct ) my wife name is Sowmyalatha M & birth date 28.05.1985, pls confirm, we are waiting for your reply.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB 1.6.1975 = North-west and
      For 28.5.1985 = North-west is the favorable directions

  2. Rajeevan says:

    tell me the correct position to keep an almirah with big mirror in the bed room

    • admin says:

      In South-west corner, but ensure any of your body part should not reflect in the mirror while sleeping

  3. surinder chawla says:

    My shop is north east facing and there are stair going up in the building just in front of my shop . should i place convex mirror in front of my shop to get rid of it’s DOSH.

  4. Pradeep Bangera says:

    My main door is in the Rahu Disha(west) & i had called a vastu consultant & have done Vastu Remedies by putting pyramid under the Tiles near the main door & by putting metal strip(copper) on the wooden strip & had put stones on middle & on the North East side & now its almost over 3 years & we cannot see any difference or any inprovement & is there any thing else i can do Sir(waiting for your reply)

  5. Renu says:

    My cash box is kept in South-West corner opening doors towards north and opposite to my cash box dressing table with mirror is placed in north side wall is it the right place ?
    Please suggest me that my cash box image is seen in the mirror is correct or against vastu .

  6. Mohit Sejwani says:

    Hellow Sir,
    My master bedroom is the south direction and the bed will also be in South direction but the wardrobe is in East direction and i will made wardrobe with slider gate of mirror.Can u please suggest me mirror wardrobe will b perfect in bedroom or Not.

    • admin says:

      Use minimum mirrors in the house, specially in Bedroom, and wardrobe is wrong

  7. Kanika says:

    Sir north wall of my room will is it in front of my bed so if I place mirror there body part will reflect so can I place dressing table beside the bed but it is then south wall

  8. Mohit Sejwani says:

    Hellow Sir,
    I have use printed mirror in false ceiling.Can u please suggest me this is good for vastu or not.

  9. Priyanka Singh says:

    Can I place dressing table at West wall facing east in children’s bedroom

  10. aks says:

    My flat is east facing we enter from.the west side and further the flat is on the left so I believe north side….so its like I enter from the west side and face east and my house is on the left.hall kitchen two bedrooms all in a line one after the other and bathrooms on thr west walls with a passage between the rooms and bathrooms.In my bedroom I have the mirror on the south wall more on the west side above the dressing table.there is no other place since the bed is on the south wall and leaves no room for any other furniture on the opp it okay or is there remedy. I am married n facing very bad marraige problems possibly divorce. Do I need any remedy for the mirror as changing its place is not possible…all east walls are full windows throughout the house .windows run the full length of the room on the east walls

  11. Tushar says:

    Guruji , I want to know I have a bed which has mirror our body reflect in mirror while sleeping is it ok , plz reply

  12. Jayachandran says:

    Namasthe guruji, can I place a 4 feet mirron opposite to my house main entrance? I feel lot of negative energy entering home. Reason , I have undergone spine surgery two months back, my wife had abdominal surgery two years back, kids not so healthy..lot of misunderstanding between us. One big mistake we made is we placed mirror in front of bed. My spine as well as my wife abdomin were exposed to it. So we were affected as per vaastu. So can I place the same mirror opposite to main entrance? Please suggest….guruji..

  13. Bhavna Sharma says:

    Hi Sir I would to ask about the mandir ……..My mandir at home as well as in office has a glass(not a mirror) as a opposite wall , the reflections of statues is seen in the glass………… it effects please guide.

  14. Priya says:

    Can almirah with mirror be placed facing South direction,w e don’t have south west corner as there is washroom

  15. Priya says:

    I placed dressing table on north east corner in the north west room facing West side. Is that good position?

  16. Prasanna Lakshmi says:

    I have kitchen cupboards on south wall. can we have transparent glass doors to that cupboards?

  17. Akhil says:

    Sir ,
    I have a mirror on right side of radha krishna phot and the shadow reflect in it and mirror is in north
    What should i do

  18. Anamika says:

    I stay in rental apartment and before entering toilet I have small vanity area. I have two mirrors facing each other on north And south walls. I cannot remove it as its fixed to wall and its rental. Suggest me what can I do.

  19. Nithiya says:

    I live in rented accommodation and main door is facing south west direction. tell me some vastu remedies please. Can I remove any defects by placing mirrors facing the main door, so that guests first see mirror when they enter. thank you

    • admin says:

      Place Hanumatpujan Yantra + Haridra Ganesh Yantra these in above the entrance area [Outside]

      Place Haridra Ganesh Yantra in above the entrance area [Inside]

  20. Vicky says:

    Hi, I have a looking glass on south wall in my son’s washroom. Kindly suggest some remedies to nullify its effect.

  21. DARSHAN says:


  22. Anshuman says:

    Sir, I have a mirror in the bathroom just opposite to the gate , can I cover it with a black cloth as remedy.

  23. Anita says:

    Can we place mirror in dining area on north wall such that south window n dining table are visible in mirror?

  24. Amit says:

    My main entrance is in the south west corner. A crockery showcase with mirror inside is place in front of the entrance. Is it good or bad as vastu?

  25. NM says:

    Hi , Our house is north facing . NW portion is extended , so there is a cut in NE. Please let us know how do we place mirrors to fix the defect?

  26. Jayesh says:

    Please advise if there is wall infront of main door which mirror to b placed outwards?

  27. Mansi says:

    My dressing table mirror is not in front of the bed but at the side on north wall…but when we stand near dressing table we can see reflection of bed in it…is it OK?

  28. Kalpana says:

    I am staying in a rented house. My bed room south wall has wall wardrobe with mirror attached. I cant remove the mirror can’t from there. Can you please tell me remedy for this?


    • admin says:

      If any of your body part is reflecting in that mirror, then its a defect, so coverup it with a cloth all the times or while sleeping

  29. Chetan Pradeep Nikumbh says:

    My home is south facing and have tremendous problems. Main entrance door is in south west corner. There are cuts in south east corner where master bedroom’s toilet is attached facing north on the wall of south . Second cut is in North-west corner. Second toilet is in south facing north and kitchen is adjesent to a small dry balkani which is adjesent to that second toilet which is in south direction. children’s bedroom is in North direction and master bedroom is in east direction. 2 Bedroom windows, small terrous and its door as well as main Hall windows are on North wall facing south direction. What you suggest for to improve to get new Job, stability in Job and business. Better financial and health position of all of us. What remedies we need to do urgently to get new job immediately as i have lost the job and have serious financial problems as well as health problems now. What will be the mirror, wall clocks, water tank, Gas, Bed, Tv’s position. Pls contact 9372344779

    • admin says:

      I have mailed you and tried to contact you, but not reached, please call me on 9494214400

  30. Elena says:

    Hi, Sir!
    My rented house in south facing with main door on the West. My husband was told that east main door is the best for him, so we put big mirror in front of main door to reflect it on the east side. Do u think it’s right?

  31. Shruti Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have one show piece having round mirror. I have put it on the north wall of my drawing room. Is round shape mirror is not good to keep. If yes kindly suggest what should I do as I bought this a few days back only.

    • admin says:

      Ensure that while passing in-front of Mirror, your full body should reflect in that, otherwise it’s a defect

  32. prag says:

    I want to make a almunium sliding in reflective glasses in blue colour in south direction. is it ok?

  33. Sneha says:

    Hello Sir, I have a question related to mirro/dressing table in bedroom. While sleepling our heads are towards south andon the right hand side we have mirror. The legs are visible in the mirror but we can’t see that wile sleeping. Is this ok or any remedy is required?

  34. Mady says:

    Hello Sir, I have dining area in west part of the house. I’m looking to fix a rectangular mirror to reflect my dining space. But I have only two options either use west or south wall to fix the mirror. Could you please suggest to choose a best wall with no adverse effect.

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