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Vaastu Shastra and Mirrors

Vastu Shastra and Mirrors

Mirrors have powerful effects on your happiness in the dwelling house. How you are using the mirrors for their best effects? What might be harmful? What is the ideal for the use of wall mirrors?

Mirrors are the most useful and simple Remedies for Vaastu Dosh, because Mirrors can be used in different ways to deal with many defects as its requirement. But at the same time not all the mirrors can effective in the same way. Mirrors if used in the wrong shape or in the wrong direction can give bad effects or damages rather than giving good effects.

Mirror may give a fine look to your bedroom, but remember that can attract negative energy in the bed room. Ensure that any part of your body should not reflect in the mirror while sleeping, otherwise that part will undergo or have to face major illness problem.vaastu shastra and mirrors

It is better to place a mirror reflecting a dining table. It is supposed that the doubling-up the food on the dining table will attract plenty of wealth. 

Never put up mirror opposite to main entrance door which reflecting the main door. This gives the effect of bouncing the energy, which might otherwise flow into the house premises will straight out again. This could be the missing of a good opportunity coming in to your life.

Mirrors are used to expand a space. When your house has a cut (Vaastu Dosh) in particular direction, then placing a mirror in that direction works as a remedy to give deepness to that direction.

When we use mirrors effectively in the house, which effectively pulls the positive energy and warmness from the sun.

If windows in your house open to a beautiful outdoor view or lovely garden, you can bring those views inside the house by placing a mirror on the wall exact opposite of those windows. The mirror will reproduce the outdoor views bringing them inside the house and make them landscape as if the integral part of that house.

Mirrors also can be used to drive out something negative. By placing the mirrors facing to whatever is defective or negative in the house, the mirror shall reflect back it, and reduces the bad effects or negatively.

So if you having any object or shape which is dis-harmonizing, then bad effects of such object can be neutralized by placing the mirror facing it.

Never place a mirror on South and West direction walls to avoid disintegration around in your personal space area. 

vaastu tips on mirrorsThe mirrors of any type should only be placed on the walls of North or East direction in the house.

Do not keep any kind of glass piece or other shinning thing at the main gate.

Glass decorative items, show piece, aquarium wall clock and other glass things should be placed in the East or North direction of the house.

A single sheet of glass in a window or door should not be transparent.

A dressing table with mirror standing side by the bed is considered good, but if it is reflecting your body or image then it is inauspicious.

Always avoid placing the toiletry mirror near study table in the children’s room, because that could interfere the children’s concentration. Mirror on South wall also be avoided as it tends to make children inflexible and disobedient.

Mirrors in rectangular, round and square shapes are healthy for the diversion of energies within the household. 


283 Comments to Vaastu Shastra and Mirrors

  1. Sunil Kumar says:

    I have Cut in the North of NW area and Extension of 5ft in the West of NW area (12ft). Total Length of NW wall is 32 feet. Can I Install Mirror in the North of North West area to offset the Extension of West. How big mirror. It will bring the garden view seen from the window (7ft x 6ft) opposite to this wall. Will this correct the Vastu defect. The Main door is in the North corner of NW Wall. Please advise me with your opinion.

  2. admin says:

    Hello SunilJi;
    I am not getting clear idea please call me on 09494214400

  3. Gautam says:

    In my vastu south west is cut, could you please suggest how to and where to place mirror for this cut.
    South side is total 30 feet out off which South east is extended till 12 feet and remaining 18 feet is cut.

  4. kiran says:

    I have a mirror in kid bedroom placed on North wall facing south

    • admin says:

      Hello Kiran Ji:
      See that image of kids should not reflect in that mirror while Studying or Sleeping.

  5. vinod pawar says:

    I have office room with south west facing, means enterence in the office is from south west side, so can i use mirror on opposit direction of that door?

  6. akhil says:

    we live in a south facing house and main entry door is also south, could I correct this by placing mirror on the main door facing outside the house or inside the house

  7. Rachit says:

    I HAVE A WEST FACING SHOP WITH ENTRY ON THE NORTH EAST SIDE if seen from indise. straight opposite the door about 30 ft from the door there is a mirror that refelcts customers sitting and entry doors at my shop. even the cash counter is visivle since the shop is 8 ft wide. after 15 ft from entry there is a loft that decreses the height leaving it to around 6.5 ft from ground. where should i place the mirror.

  8. gaurav vij says:

    I have placed 2 mirrors in my shop.1 is in south & 2 in north what will effect in my bussiness

  9. Madhuri says:

    Hello, I would like to know what all adverse affects can occur if we place a mirror on the west wall. We have a washbasin on the west wall of our living room. There is a fridge on the opposite side, touching east wall. Can we place a mirror behind the washbasin so that it reflects the refrigerator ? Will it have good or bad effects ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Madhuri ji:
      What is the reason for placing a mirror behind the washbasin so that it reflects the refrigerator

  10. Rakesh Bali says:

    My flat’s entrance is from south direction. I have been told that it is not good. Pls. suggest the remedy to do away with negative effects.

  11. sumeet says:

    can i place mirror at main door ..above it outside house..

  12. rahul says:

    our office entrance is N/E facing and infront of entrance in N/E direction ,staircase is there ,can we place a mirror ,what the size is required

  13. bhawani singh says:

    Main road enter straight in my houe via main gate..west to east plz tell me if any remedies necesary..

  14. chethan says:

    My shop is north facing , jewellry shop .. length is 17 and breadth is 9 feet … suggest me all the arrangments according to vastu, entrance , counter, cashbox, safe room , locker, and mirrors in particular…

  15. deepika says:

    Hi can we place 3 pieces mirror wall decoration frames on the south wall in the dining area facing north side to the kitchen area. One can see the gas stove in the mirror while cooking. Is it okey. The mirrors have partitions design. Regards deepika

  16. deepika says:

    Well I was thinking that it helps in prosperity, wealth. Also somebody gifted me the 3 mirror frames with design in it. I found a spot in dining area wall facing north. Right now the kitchen can be seen through them and gas stove can be seen too. The west facing wall Would face patio door which right now opens to a open wide ditch with plants in it which might be made as pond in future. Also I can see the row of other homes made in the neighborhood. Do what do you suggest? Isinly want it for good health and wealth.

    • admin says:

      Hello Deepika:
      You can place mirror on north wall at dining table. Take care of Gas stove should not reflect in that mirror. Also you can place a mirrors to look or bring in outer garden inside the house.

  17. deepika says:

    Thanks for replying. I truly appreciate. To have the backyard look inside the house the mirrors will face west. Is it okey? Also can I place the picture of dark red and yellow colour drawn Sun on a cloth wall hanging facing east on a kitchen wall, back will face west. Our new house is east facing. Also my son has one fish small tank. I have placed it on a bar counter top in kitchen in the center. Is that fine? Thanks for your valuable answers.

  18. deepika says:

    Also the dining hall is attached to kitchen and does not have north wall. West side wall is opposite to patio and south wall is opposite to gas stove.

  19. tej says:

    We have furnished flat …which is east opening.and has mirror in the main door…is it good….

  20. Anonymous says:

    My bed is placed in south such that when sleeping time head is on the southern side. But on the eastern side of the bed I have a mirrored dressing table. The direction of the mirror is south facing north. And on the western side of the bed there is a iron almirah with a mirror. It is placed on the southwest direction on the house. The mirror of the almirah reflects image of wooden almirah placed in the northern direction of the room. I wanted to know whether the mirrors create a bad effect or good effect. If it creates bad effect how should I rearrange my room. The door of the room is in the eastern side with two windows on the southern side and western side.

  21. Bhagirath Mal says:

    Hello Sir, I hv a cut in south west direction of my bedroom (cut in south wall 5feet and cut in west wall 8feet) and also there is a window in west wall and a mirror on west wall next to window.. Bedroom door is facind north direction.My main door of the house is in north-east corner. Pls advise remidey if it is not good.

  22. Bhaskhar says:

    sir, i have a south facing flat. Can i correct it with mirror

  23. Kulbir Singh says:

    Hello Sir, I have an issue in my home. The toilet and bathrooms are landing in NE corner of the house. I installed some of mirrors also in north walls of toilets and bathrooms. Does this can reduce negative effects on house or I have to reconstruct area. Please feed me back on this.

  24. Apoorv says:

    Why while sleeping or studing the mirror should not reflect our images ?

  25. Dipal says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our house is very small and main door entrance is in South-west. As my house is very small so planning to put the wash basing with mirror in front of the main door in drawing room. Mirror will face the South-west. My name is Dipal and birthdate 21-june-1984 and my husband name is Jitendra and birthdate 13-Oct-1978.

    • Dipal says:

      Typo in my husband birthdate, it is 10-Oct-1978.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dipal:
      According to DOB: 21-06-1984 = South-west is the favorable direction. Do not place Mirror opposite to Main door.

      • Dipal says:

        Thank you for your valuable advise. is South-West entrance also favorable to my husband? His name is Jitendra birth date: 10-oct-1978.

        • Dipal says:

          Hello Sir,

          Please advise on my above query.

        • admin says:

          Hello Dipal:
          According to DOB: 10-10-1978 = South is the favorable direction

          • Dipal says:

            Hello Sir,

            Our house entrance is S-W and my husband favorable direction is South and mine is S-W, so this house is lucky for us? Is there still vastu defects in my house? Or SW entrance vastu defect will not impact on us?
            House is registered on my husband and mine name, please suggest.

  26. Manjula says:

    Hello Sir. My dining area window faces the main door. Is it ok according to vastu?Should I always keep this window shut as it is opposite the main door?

  27. Rajni says:

    Hi..we just got a flat and main door facing southwest..what are the effects and d.o.b is 15.11.1979 and my hubby is 04.04.1976. Please advise.I am really worried .

  28. Poonam Singh says:

    Hello Sir, My mirror is attached to the wardrobe which is on the western wall facing towards the Eastern side. Hope the same is OK. The bed is on the opposite side but no part of the body faces the mirror.

  29. Paresh says:

    Hello sir, In my new bungalow i dont have any wall on North side and on the East side only windows are there, So can u please suggest where can i place the Mirror?

  30. sonia tomar says:

    i have puttn a decorative mirror facing north in my living room.. is it okay.

  31. sunny says:

    My factory is west facing I have placed a mirror outside on the gate I.e when anybody comes in my factory before entering he has to look in the mirror, while opening gate, Is it good or bad for me.Please do reply me on my email addres

  32. Sheron says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am staying in a rented apartment.
    Do I need to keep any feng shui products at home as a remedy for the vaastu related issues, if any.


    • admin says:

      Hello Sheron ji:
      if your flat have any Vaastu dosh then use any of item after seeking guidance of Vaastu Expert

  33. Paresh says:

    Hello sir, In my new bungalow i dont have any wall on North side and on the East side. There is only windows on North and east side. So can u please suggest where can i place the Mirror?

  34. Ashish Jain says:

    Hello Sir,
    My Name is Ashish Jain DOB is 5/05/1980 professsion CA. the plot area of my house is 20X50 feet 1000 sq feet. it is east facing. main entrance is in south east corner. is it ok or i have to change it or mirror can help me.

  35. khubchand says:

    my dob is 3.9.60- 5.50 am ulhasnagar – last yr i purchased my own factory – and was manufacturing plastic bags – i installed one big mirror on center of south wall – mirror is facing north – but since this jan-feb my business has come down by 75 percent – main door is facing east plz guide

  36. Vicky Jain says:

    i have 3 query
    1. infront of god (puja ghar on east side) there is a mirror on almariah ( opening toward east side) In mirror god is clearly seen. Is it ok..??
    2. Mirror is on north wall. and gas geyser is on south wall and these are opposite to each other.
    is it ok or any changes have to be done.
    3. almariah with a mirror is kept on south wall opening towards north. what has to be done of mirror.?

  37. Mohanan C.K says:

    In my new house there are mirrors installed on south wall on every room inside the dressing room but it is not reflecting room.even in my child’s room and the house is facing after i have read this i have after that whether it change my child behaviour and have any ill affect on him.i have read an report that west facing causes effect on male children of the owner and i have two male 10th class.and i also have an 3 large mirrors near the wash basin on the south wall; facing the dining in the centre which is the big one and an other two opposite each other.we could see our three sides of our head. mirrors facing each other causes restlessness to is there any remides or would i have to change it.I have built my house by a vastu consultant way. buti am feared by reading please suggest me the proper guidlines.

  38. Bijesh says:

    we are facing a problem that opposite side of our house is there is a ground and it is also a waist dumping area. our house is facing to east direction in between there is a road. on the right side of the ground there is a house and in this house they have fixed a mirror with eight edges. i want to know whether it cause any problem for us. If its so please give me remedy. now i am suffering from somw financial crises so please give me a replay.

  39. Ravishankar says:

    Sir My main door entrance is in east-north and the mirror is placed two feet from there fixed on north wall ,my daughter not able to concentrate on education is nay proble in facing mirror on north side

  40. muthukumar says:

    in ancient days the peoples will place the mirror in front of the house,in entrance as that the entering people can see themselves in that mirror,

  41. Joydeep says:

    Sir, we are preparing to shift in a flat where, on the east direction, there is a huge Gaudiya temple(radha krishna temple), temple is just 4 metres away from flat building.

  42. prasanjit says:

    have an east facing home, entrance is on the East side,My staircase is also facing east side gap is around 18ft.and my kitchen is on the north side;plz give me some solution

    • admin says:

      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply

      • Babeeta says:

        Hello…..I am going to open up a rrstaurent here in Brazil….can you tell me where should I keep the mirror and running horse picture?

        • admin says:

          Please send me the Plan of this restaurant with date of birth.
          My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

          • Suchitha says:

            Hi my bedroom is in south west corner and we are planning to place a dressing mirror in north wall is it ok plz let me know as interior work is going on plz reply

          • admin says:

            Hello Suchita ji:
            Place a mirror in such a way that, any of the body part should not reflect in that mirror while sleeping

          • pankaj says:

            Hello sir.बड़ा अच्छा लगा आपके उपाय read करके। सर मैं कुछ पूछना चाहता हु।south facing घर है।entrance corner में toilet hai.मतलब south east corner में।
            Sir what should i do.

          • admin says:

            Hello Pankaj ji:
            Toilet in South-east is a defect. You have to use “Gems Therapy” to block the negativity of this toilet

  43. joe says:

    hi my bedroom dressing table facing the bedroom door and side of my bed not reflecting there any problem with that..?

  44. Rethi Satyamoorthy says:

    My main is in the east when checked from outside with compass and when inside it shows South east. Kindly advice remedies.

  45. Ritesh jain says:

    Our neighbours have placed a mirror outside their main gate wall. The mirror faces the adjacent to our front gate. Is it safe ? If not, pleAse suggest the remedies.

  46. Col Raj Kumar Chand , Shaurya Chakra says:

    Dear Admin,
    We have a newly constructed flat at top floor.
    The main door is facing SOUTH _ WEST.
    We have a wire mesh door opening out side .
    In front of the door is the stairs going up to the roof / upper floor.
    Can U please advise how do we optimize the positive energy?
    Should we place a mirror facing the stairs?
    If so which one – concave or convex , and where to put it ,as wire mesh door is the one facing the stairs , can the mirror be placed on the wall space available above the door?

    Shall b very grateful for the advise. Regards ——– chands.

  47. Anjali Acharya says:

    Hello Chand Sir,

    I have a dining table in the south east corner of my apartment. There is a balcony overlooking a lake is in the north side. Can I place a mirror on south wall looking directly into the north side lake view and the dining table? I don’t have a north wall to place mirror. But there is wall on east looking at bathroom towards the west.

  48. chandana prusty says:

    Hello. This is chandana. Actually i am staying in rental and yesterday i changed a mirror from my side room. From that time when i placed it on my room i cant sleep easily. I am feeling that someone inside me when i am alone. Can u give me any suggestion??

  49. Preethi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our house faces south with main entrance also in south.
    My husband’s DOB is 30 July 1971 and mine is 13 April 1976. We are both registered owners. Is this a vastu dosh? Will placement of mirrors in the living room help? If so on which walls?
    Thank you

  50. pratiksha says:

    Hello sir thank you so much for lovely advise . Its very helpful to organise house. Im still confuse where i shold place mirror in my child bedroom i know u said north or east but is it ok in bedrooms? And i have heard we shold not palce mirror opposit to bed is it right? Plz do reply i really need guidance thank you so much looking forward to hear ur reply

    • admin says:

      Never Keep a Mirror in Children’s bedroom or study room, because that will adversely affects on their Study and Concentration.

  51. Tanu says:

    My home is West facing. Father in law’s room has a mirror dressing placed on the East wall (straight in front of the door of that room). And in the same straight line there is washbasin (outside the washroom). We want to place a mirror on that wall (west) but the issue is someone told us that there shouldn’t be two opposite mirrors at home. So i want to seek your support on this.

  52. prabha says:

    in bathroom mirror on south wall and west wall it ok

  53. kishore says:

    Hello Sir,

    Our Flat is west facing (When you come out of main door, west is seen). We have placed a dressing table(with mirror) in the Mail hall on the South Wall (i.e. Mirror is faced towards North).Is this okay? Please advise!

  54. shilpa says:

    My rented house entrance is east, I have placed a mirror near wash basin of south wall is that correct and also I am planning to buy new big mirror please advice me where n how to place new mirror

  55. sp says:

    my main entarance door is in north direction.Can i place a mirror at the back of door. It will then reflect dining table.

  56. Santhosh kumar says:

    My home is north facing, opposite of my home have old bajanai temple, which will not in use now, this will affect my home or if happen what should I do for it,

  57. Srikanth S says:

    Sir our entrance of the house is on east once we enter we have one show case which is of glass.please advice we need to cover that.

  58. Shalini says:

    Hello Guruji , is there any remedy for mirrors which face room doors. The mirrors are too expensive and heavy and I don’t have any other place to put. Please advise .

  59. Atul Dave says:

    Sir I have mirror on north wall facing north outside my house back door. Is it good?

  60. vinay says:

    Is there any way to counter the fact that I already have my toilet in the north east corner and impossible for me to make any amends? What would you suggest me so as to reduce any negative effect on my family? Please accept my anticipated thanks..

    • admin says:

      Hello Vinay ji:
      Using “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that North-east toilet is the only remedy. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  61. Saurabh Patni says:

    My house is south facing and has a vidhushila (T-Road) dosh, can placing any mirror in any oerticular direction help us?

  62. Sachin says:

    What if I can’t change the mirror on my south wall ?? What remedial measure shud I take??

  63. sainath says:

    can we place a mirrior in the cash counter

  64. Priti says:

    Washbasin in my bathroom is on the south wall. I need to put a mirror there. Will it have negative impact?

  65. I want to keep a mirror behind the god Ganpati and I want to ask that is it right ?

  66. Jayshree says:

    hello, i have 5 Mirrors in my bedroom,, out of which 3 are facing my bed,, we cover mirrors every night. isthere anythg else,?
    My husband and i work from home.. and we both have mirrors behind our backs. Suddenly our cash flow has slowed and orders are gettg cancelled which never happened earlier..Please advise

  67. Damu says:

    Hi, In my flat, there is a cut in the SE direction and in the North west direction. Kindly suggest the remedies.

  68. Eisha Dogra says:

    The mirror in our bedroom is in west direction and our bed is in south direction which is inappropriate as per vastu…We can see ourselves while lying on the bed..We live in a rented appartment and we cannot fix the problem…Kindly give us a possible solution…Thank you

  69. Sushil Kumar Vishwakarma says:

    Hello Sir,
    This Sushil from Ranchi Jharkhand.
    My home main entrance is from South side as you will in you will get left side my Bed room entrance.
    Almirah is infront of gate of my Bedrom and just beside mirror left hand side of entrance. We sleep east west (Head & Leg)
    I want open my almirah door on south side and mirror front look west side it be good or not ?

  70. abitha says:

    Hi, My bedroom is in SW corner of the apartment. Bed in SW corner of the room, with head towards south. Want to place a dressing table with mirror besides the bed, SW corner on south wall. Is it ok?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s OK, take care of the image of sleeping person on the bed should not reflect in the Mirror while sleeping

  71. minu says:

    I have a beam going over my puja mandir . Please suggest some remedy for this . I have heard that creating a false ceiling and covering the beam reduces the vastu dosh . Also placing a mirror in the ceiling above puja room will also help in reducing the dosh . Are these remedies useful ?

  72. Amrish Aggarwal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have mirror in my house on South side wall , a friend told me to remove it as it is not good according to Vaastu but i cannot remove the mirrors so can i cover the Mirror to avoid the negative effects.

    Amrish Aggarwal

  73. nigammehta says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Flat having south-west drawing roombalcony with slider and bedroom at east-west corner with large slider.

    I am leaving at F block (Right-top).

    Can you please check in depth ?


  74. Babita Sharma says:

    I want to purchase a home

    but there is the back of the temple in front of the house. Can I purchase that

  75. Rachana says:

    Hello! I have placed a decorative round shaped mirror in the SW direction near the entry door of our apartment. The entry door is in the east direction. If it’s not okay then can u please guide me any remedy?

    • admin says:

      If entrance is in East, then how it will become South-west, please clarify

      • Rachana says:

        Entry is in East. And the mirror is placed on the wall behind the entry door which means when we open the door mirror is behind the door. So the adjacent wall behind the door is in south west direction.

  76. Harshada says:

    Hi! We have seen a house where the door is in south east direction opening in south. There is a window exact opposite main entrance. Can it reduce the negative impact of the direction or can we put a mirror instead

  77. Abha Singh says:

    Sum confusion please share your contact .and my no is 8484947605 please call me.

  78. Bhavna says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I have a wooden almira in the NE wall , but i have two smalls mirrors on the same almira . This is almira is kept in one of our bedroom . We have our temple also on the same NE wall .
    In NE wall of drawing we have it clean and there is also a water fountain .
    Do i still need to shift the wooden almira with mirrors from NE direction to somewhere else .

  79. Namaste sir,
    we r in rented house the main door facing south and the door located in northwest attached to the northwest wall.
    is there any thing that can be done.
    please let me know.

  80. Caramel says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused about the mirror on south wall. They say it is good to sleep with head in south and it’s also good to have a dresser with mirror beside the bed. But if it is bad to have a mirror on the south wall, this is contradictory. Please can you clarify?

  81. sandhya jain says:

    Can I put a mirror on the north wall.but it is oppsite to gas.I mean opposite to fire.

  82. alka says:

    In a 2story living room can we place tv on the wall in front of main door but at height of main door

  83. mona says:

    my restaurant’s cash counter is in south east corner facing west. if placing a mirror in the opposite wall will work.. if not what is the other opltion.

  84. mohan says:


    The entrance of my flat is north-facing with a staircase opposite to the entrance at about 6 feet away. Please let me know if this causes any defect and advise accordingly

  85. Czarina says:

    Hi.. my living room walls are fully tiled. this was done as we live near the sea. the tiles have a little shiny look. Hope this is okay.

  86. ritesh says:

    Hello sir,
    In both of our bedrooms we have mirror installed on the West Side walls of our house. And while sleeping our body is reflected back in that mirror.
    Please suggest a solution. Both the rooms have windows on the East Side walls for flow of sunlight.

  87. yan says:

    hi admin,

    my new room is a small room with window on 140 South east according to compass app… and my bed my head while sleeping is towards the window. my landlord is getting a big wardrobe which has very very big mirror attatched full length of wall. if he fits the wardrobe in North west the wall opposite the windows, it will reflect my bed and the whole windows. but if wefit the wardrobe in north east then the my door will will only be reflected… the room is small so we cannot put the big wardrobe in south west. where is the best place to put the wardrobe please advise me soon. thanks a lot in advance.

  88. dharmista says:

    hello,is using mirror on entrance door advisable?it is a designer glass and not transparent one.

  89. Ritu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have the main entrance door in west direction. and have a window in north near the door. I placed my dressing table next to main door facing the north window. Is it correct? Please advise.

    Thank you!

  90. alka says:

    hi can I place a mirror on the southeast corner of the house . The area is divided into living at southeast and a dining table is on the southwest side of the long hall

  91. Aliva says:

    Sir we have only one option to keep our bed as we can’t keep bed on West direction. So we kept it facing south.we r sleeping placing our head in South direction. Our dressing table is in East portion. We don’t have much space. But the thing is while sleeping some upper portions of our body part reflect in the mirror
    Is it good or bad?pls der any problem

  92. mamta luthra. says:

    hi sir, i have my kitchen in north east direction which is causing me health and wealth issues. i was thinking to put mirror right across it on the south east wall to decrease the negative effect but it will reflect the gas oven, which make me neuroses that it is gonna double the effect.. pls guide me what to do.. is there any other remedy??

    • admin says:

      Paint a Lemon yellow color in this Kitchen.
      Place a Three Bronze bowls in East, North-east and North on the roof facing downwards
      Please call me for any doubt on 9494214400

  93. 1) If my mirror is placed in the west direction behind the bedroom door and there is no other place than wat is to be done please reply
    2) we have placed two mirrors on the east wall of master bedroom is it correct please reply.

  94. Mansi says:

    Hello Sir,My house is southwest facing and if I place mirror on west wall facing dininig table and outer garden view,will it decrease the defect ?Thanks

    • admin says:

      No it will not decrease the defect. You have to place Hanumtpujan yantra and Ganesh Yantra outside and Ganesh Yantra inside of the entrance door

  95. CD says:

    i have a north east and south west cut house with a east entry in south east of the house. I was recommended to place a mirror in front of the main door. Is it helpful? I want to sell this flat.

  96. Lavanya says:

    Can I have wash basin in northeast corner of the house which is in the drawing room. Pls let me know..

  97. laxman mendis says:

    Recently I bought a house facing towards N-E and main enterance in N-E too. But the land slope towards N-E to S-W. ( S-W side land is lower than N-E) . Please let me know any remedies for that.

  98. Mrs Suri says:

    I have a mirror above a washbasin, directly facing the front door, in my new home. It cannot be removed. Please suggest remedy.

  99. Shweta Gupta says:

    Can I put a round mirror in my dining area on South west wall .It will be opposite to my home temple which is in North east..
    So the statue of God will reflect in it..
    Is it okk

  100. Shweta Gupta says:

    Can I keep my microwave..foid processor and toaster in West or South West direction….

    2..Can water dispenser be kept opposite to a mirror.

    • admin says:

      Microwave in South of the House or South-west of the Kitchen
      Water dispenser and mirror in which direction

  101. Lakshminarayana Rai K says:

    Hi sir we are planed one purchase one flat , pls confirm which direction is favorable, my name Lakshminarayana Rai K & date of Birth 01.06.1975 ( date & month not proper, year is correct ) my wife name is Sowmyalatha M & birth date 28.05.1985, pls confirm, we are waiting for your reply.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB 1.6.1975 = North-west and
      For 28.5.1985 = North-west is the favorable directions

  102. Rajeevan says:

    tell me the correct position to keep an almirah with big mirror in the bed room

    • admin says:

      In South-west corner, but ensure any of your body part should not reflect in the mirror while sleeping

  103. surinder chawla says:

    My shop is north east facing and there are stair going up in the building just in front of my shop . should i place convex mirror in front of my shop to get rid of it’s DOSH.

  104. Pradeep Bangera says:

    My main door is in the Rahu Disha(west) & i had called a vastu consultant & have done Vastu Remedies by putting pyramid under the Tiles near the main door & by putting metal strip(copper) on the wooden strip & had put stones on middle & on the North East side & now its almost over 3 years & we cannot see any difference or any inprovement & is there any thing else i can do Sir(waiting for your reply)

  105. Renu says:

    My cash box is kept in South-West corner opening doors towards north and opposite to my cash box dressing table with mirror is placed in north side wall is it the right place ?
    Please suggest me that my cash box image is seen in the mirror is correct or against vastu .

  106. Mohit Sejwani says:

    Hellow Sir,
    My master bedroom is the south direction and the bed will also be in South direction but the wardrobe is in East direction and i will made wardrobe with slider gate of mirror.Can u please suggest me mirror wardrobe will b perfect in bedroom or Not.

  107. Kanika says:

    Sir north wall of my room will is it in front of my bed so if I place mirror there body part will reflect so can I place dressing table beside the bed but it is then south wall

  108. Mohit Sejwani says:

    Hellow Sir,
    I have use printed mirror in false ceiling.Can u please suggest me this is good for vastu or not.

  109. Priyanka Singh says:

    Can I place dressing table at West wall facing east in children’s bedroom

  110. aks says:

    My flat is east facing we enter from.the west side and further the flat is on the left so I believe north side….so its like I enter from the west side and face east and my house is on the left.hall kitchen two bedrooms all in a line one after the other and bathrooms on thr west walls with a passage between the rooms and bathrooms.In my bedroom I have the mirror on the south wall more on the west side above the dressing table.there is no other place since the bed is on the south wall and leaves no room for any other furniture on the opp it okay or is there remedy. I am married n facing very bad marraige problems possibly divorce. Do I need any remedy for the mirror as changing its place is not possible…all east walls are full windows throughout the house .windows run the full length of the room on the east walls

  111. Tushar says:

    Guruji , I want to know I have a bed which has mirror our body reflect in mirror while sleeping is it ok , plz reply

  112. Jayachandran says:

    Namasthe guruji, can I place a 4 feet mirron opposite to my house main entrance? I feel lot of negative energy entering home. Reason , I have undergone spine surgery two months back, my wife had abdominal surgery two years back, kids not so healthy..lot of misunderstanding between us. One big mistake we made is we placed mirror in front of bed. My spine as well as my wife abdomin were exposed to it. So we were affected as per vaastu. So can I place the same mirror opposite to main entrance? Please suggest….guruji..

  113. Bhavna Sharma says:

    Hi Sir I would to ask about the mandir ……..My mandir at home as well as in office has a glass(not a mirror) as a opposite wall , the reflections of statues is seen in the glass………… it effects please guide.

  114. Priya says:

    Can almirah with mirror be placed facing South direction,w e don’t have south west corner as there is washroom

  115. Priya says:

    I placed dressing table on north east corner in the north west room facing West side. Is that good position?

  116. Prasanna Lakshmi says:

    I have kitchen cupboards on south wall. can we have transparent glass doors to that cupboards?

  117. Akhil says:

    Sir ,
    I have a mirror on right side of radha krishna phot and the shadow reflect in it and mirror is in north
    What should i do

  118. Anamika says:

    I stay in rental apartment and before entering toilet I have small vanity area. I have two mirrors facing each other on north And south walls. I cannot remove it as its fixed to wall and its rental. Suggest me what can I do.

  119. Nithiya says:

    I live in rented accommodation and main door is facing south west direction. tell me some vastu remedies please. Can I remove any defects by placing mirrors facing the main door, so that guests first see mirror when they enter. thank you

    • admin says:

      Place Hanumatpujan Yantra + Haridra Ganesh Yantra these in above the entrance area [Outside]

      Place Haridra Ganesh Yantra in above the entrance area [Inside]

  120. Vicky says:

    Hi, I have a looking glass on south wall in my son’s washroom. Kindly suggest some remedies to nullify its effect.

  121. DARSHAN says:


  122. Anshuman says:

    Sir, I have a mirror in the bathroom just opposite to the gate , can I cover it with a black cloth as remedy.

  123. Anita says:

    Can we place mirror in dining area on north wall such that south window n dining table are visible in mirror?

  124. Amit says:

    My main entrance is in the south west corner. A crockery showcase with mirror inside is place in front of the entrance. Is it good or bad as vastu?

  125. NM says:

    Hi , Our house is north facing . NW portion is extended , so there is a cut in NE. Please let us know how do we place mirrors to fix the defect?

  126. Jayesh says:

    Please advise if there is wall infront of main door which mirror to b placed outwards?

  127. Mansi says:

    My dressing table mirror is not in front of the bed but at the side on north wall…but when we stand near dressing table we can see reflection of bed in it…is it OK?

  128. Kalpana says:

    I am staying in a rented house. My bed room south wall has wall wardrobe with mirror attached. I cant remove the mirror can’t from there. Can you please tell me remedy for this?


    • admin says:

      If any of your body part is reflecting in that mirror, then its a defect, so coverup it with a cloth all the times or while sleeping

  129. Chetan Pradeep Nikumbh says:

    My home is south facing and have tremendous problems. Main entrance door is in south west corner. There are cuts in south east corner where master bedroom’s toilet is attached facing north on the wall of south . Second cut is in North-west corner. Second toilet is in south facing north and kitchen is adjesent to a small dry balkani which is adjesent to that second toilet which is in south direction. children’s bedroom is in North direction and master bedroom is in east direction. 2 Bedroom windows, small terrous and its door as well as main Hall windows are on North wall facing south direction. What you suggest for to improve to get new Job, stability in Job and business. Better financial and health position of all of us. What remedies we need to do urgently to get new job immediately as i have lost the job and have serious financial problems as well as health problems now. What will be the mirror, wall clocks, water tank, Gas, Bed, Tv’s position. Pls contact 9372344779

  130. Elena says:

    Hi, Sir!
    My rented house in south facing with main door on the West. My husband was told that east main door is the best for him, so we put big mirror in front of main door to reflect it on the east side. Do u think it’s right?

  131. Shruti Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have one show piece having round mirror. I have put it on the north wall of my drawing room. Is round shape mirror is not good to keep. If yes kindly suggest what should I do as I bought this a few days back only.

    • admin says:

      Ensure that while passing in-front of Mirror, your full body should reflect in that, otherwise it’s a defect

  132. prag says:

    I want to make a almunium sliding in reflective glasses in blue colour in south direction. is it ok?

  133. Sneha says:

    Hello Sir, I have a question related to mirro/dressing table in bedroom. While sleepling our heads are towards south andon the right hand side we have mirror. The legs are visible in the mirror but we can’t see that wile sleeping. Is this ok or any remedy is required?

  134. Mady says:

    Hello Sir, I have dining area in west part of the house. I’m looking to fix a rectangular mirror to reflect my dining space. But I have only two options either use west or south wall to fix the mirror. Could you please suggest to choose a best wall with no adverse effect.

  135. Jigisha says:

    Hello Sir,
    Is it ok if my west wall of bathroom is full of back painted glass and a round shape mirror on eastern wall upon wash basin?

  136. Rachana says:

    The main door of our apartment is in north direction. Please guide me for the same and also suggest me remedies if needed. What is the ideal direction for the main door of the house.

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