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Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank

Vaastu Shastra and Septic tank are the two things which rarely seems to connected, may be due to septic tank is hardly ever remembered until it start foul-smelling. Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank is a latest developed portion in House construction.

The septic tanks were not as essential as in the present modernization scenario. The foul-smelling along with solar and magnetic radiations brings negative energy in to the house.

Septic tank that not abiding by Vaastu principles could create sorrowful disruptions in life! And far away from happiness. And this attracted the Vaastu studies to concentrate on principles to be formed on Septic Tank to avoid any of Vaastu Dosh.

Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank

  • Always construct the Septic tank one or two feet above the ground level.
  • Never build the septic tank in the Southeast, Northeast and Southwest direction, the best option is Northwest. Septic tank should never touch the main compound wall of the house.

vaastu tips for septic tank

  • You should place your septic tank in such a way so that it does not face directions like southeast, southwest or northeast. These directions are considered highly inauspicious for septic tanks as per Vastu norms. 
  • The outlets of the septic tank for drainage purpose must have their passage in the Northwest or West direction.  Keep drainage pipes away from the southern part of the house. 
  • Pipes comes from the upper floor should never placed in the Southwest direction of the house.
  • The primary sewage can be outlet in the west, east or northern directions of the house. However, the Southern portion is strictly avoided. 
  • The gutter can be in any other direction apart from for the South direction.
  • Making the north side into nine equal parts, construct the septic tank in the third part of the Northwest. If no space is there, the septic tank can be built in the North corner of the west side. 
  • The septic tank should be constructed having length in East-west, and width might be in the North-south direction


416 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Septic Tank

  1. Manabendra Chakavorti says:

    II have a septic tank in the northeast. Kindly advise remedy without shifting the septic tank.

    • admin says:

      Hello Manabendra:
      There is no remedy but to shift that septic tank from NE to NW

      • b.dhanasekaran says:

        my house east face no place for septic tank in east side . and huge place for house backside[west].can i construct for septic tank back side .pls reply ur suggestion my mail id thanks

  2. Pradeep says:

    I have a septic tank in the southeast. Kindly advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Pradeep Ji;
      Paint a Red color on tank cover. Light a red color Small bulb in SE direction in the night.

  3. anamika says:

    Dear sir
    I have Lshape house .main entrance is in west side end second gate is in NE corner .in this corner construct stairs and septic tank .even we put water moter over there . And now from last one year we have all financial problem please suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Anamika;
      From what you have said it seems cut in Northwest to North east, Stairs and Septic tank in Northeast are the major defects which affect on Health, Wealth with name and fame, also Negative growth every where. Removing Septic tank from Northeast to Northwest is the only remedy. Please call me on 09494214400

  4. munuswamy says:

    I am planning to construct a house in that down floow one bath room outlet comes towards south and the pipe will be taken towards west (septic tank). I have no other option please suggest.

    • admin says:

      Hello Munuswamy:
      Means septic tank in west, where exact it is

      • Munuswamy says:

        Hi, The septic tank is in north west in the car parking area, the toilet which i am saying is attached bathroom in the room which is in the south west co The attached toilet and bathroom comes in the south east corner.

  5. SUJITH P R says:

    I have a septic tank in South West. Kindly advice a remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Sujit:
      Its better to shift the Septic tank to Northwest direction. Because any remedy will reduce the impact not eradicate the defect.

      • SUJITH P R says:

        The building is built in a small area of 2.50 cents. Not having much space in Northwest to shift the septic tank. Please advice a remedy to reduce the impact of this defect

        • admin says:

          Hello Sujit Ji:
          Paint a reddish color on top of Septic tank. Put a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on SW direction facing that Septic tank. put a Red color Swastik on South wall.

          • sujit das says:

            swastik made up of redcolour/ readymade red color swastic.which material it is made up of.

          • admin says:

            Hello Sujit:
            Generally Swastika is used made from Silver, Copper or Brass

  6. SUJITH P R says:


  7. kriya says:

    Sir, Good article. In the house where i am living last 25 yrs the main toilet is in southwest and another one in east. House faces North. We where thinking of a new tank in east, so thought of browsing a bit and found this article Though bit late it is nice to know this.. Shifting the tank to north west is not possible. Kindly advice. Can south direction be better.


    • admin says:

      Hello Kriya:
      Northwest is the preferable direction for Septic tank, However in rare cases it can be built in East towards south tilt. South direction is not better.

  8. rahul says:

    i have a old house in which septic tank is built in north east in empty space that old septic tank is just a mud septic tank… can i dig a new septic tank near to that plz tell me…

    • admin says:

      Hello Rahul:
      Septic tank in Northeast is a major defect. So dig or construct a new septic tank in Northwest direction.

  9. rahul says:

    what are the problems if septic tank is in north east

  10. rahul says:

    if it is in north is it ok admin

  11. admin says:

    Hello Rahul:
    Septic tank in Northeast will stop the growth of the inmates in every where. May be problems in Child birth also. Just tilt it towards Northwest.

  12. rahul says:

    what about in north

  13. Prawin says:

    The East facing house I propose to purchase has septic tank in Northeast (just in front of entrance). It was built there due to space constraint on NW. (The Bathrooms are all in NW). Can I purchase it and put Reddish color on top of it, put a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on SW direction facing that Septic tank and a Red color Swastik on South wall? or just avoid that property…..

    • admin says:

      Hello Prvin Ji:
      Septic tank in Northeast (just in front of entrance) is a Sever defect. So it is not recommended.

  14. lingaraj says:

    i am constructing new house facing Eastern side – as per sayings the septic tank is made in north west side having east west direction is it correct SIR. i wish to install the outlet pipe in northeast direction kindly advice.

    • admin says:

      Hello Lingraj Ji:
      Yes its correct.

      • dom cuenca says:

        our newly purchased house is facing east. and the septic tank is right under the entrance door.also the masters bedroom (North East) CR is beside the main entrance.what should i do?

        • admin says:

          Hello Dom Cuenca:
          Master Bedroom in Northeast ans Septic tank in East under entrance door, these are major defects, shifting these elements are the remedies.

  15. Deepak das Vijay says:

    Dear sir,

    My house was built in past many years back , covering the north side of boundary wall, and my safety tank is presently in west side of house but the area surrounding it did not had any out let for water .
    Only we have the outlet in east side of house.

    Kindly suggest where we can shift septic tank so that water can be exausted



  16. K.V.Ramesh says:

    `I have septic tank in the north east corner of my house . My house is facing east direction. It is very difficult to make a new septic tank in NW .My plot size is 80ftx40ft . 40ft being roadside front.If I divide my plot into four parts , and divide the NE corner quadrant into 9 parts, then is it okay to build septic tank in the NW corner or the SE corner of the NE quadrant of my plot? Please advice.

  17. Rajender Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir, i have constructed new house but the Septic tank built in the SW corner of the house and the two walls of the boundary walls are above the Septic tank. Please advise if there is any remedy to this without shifting. Regards

  18. Diganta Das says:

    I am very much benifited with your suggestions. Thanks a lot. I have a outlet of kitchen and pujaghar at SW and there is no other way to divert. Plz suggest and what are the bad effects ofr this

    • admin says:

      Hello Diganta Ji:
      Kitchen in SW may be acceptable face East or West direction while cooking. Shift Puja room to North, Northeast or east direction.

  19. Rakesh Sindhwani says:

    Hello admin, We have main hole of sewage in north east corner (not septic tank). Is this also a severe defect of vaasstu. We are planning to move it away from north east towards south.(middle ot the east. Will it be ok or we have to do something else. We are shifted in our new home in november and since then i am not well. I am having nerves problems since then and not able to even walk properly. Can you please help me in this.

    thanks in advance.

  20. suraj says:


    my house is in row colony and i don’t have that much space . i have to use full area to build my house. can i make my septic tank inside the house taking into north west location.

  21. Suman says:

    In my house I have septic tank at west direction facing south(drainage at south). I want to reconstruct the 1st floor of the house and want to change the septic tank. I have identified the northwest corner of the house but the problem is we have stair at northwest corner so the gutter pipe from toilet has to go under the stair towards north. Will it fine? Or any other change require please advise..

  22. sneha says:

    Hello Sir i have a old house in which septic tank is built in south-east. can i use ur suggested remedy like red color paint on septik tank, swastik on south wall and panchmukhi hanuman photo.. plzz suggest..we cant build new septik tank..please suggest us remedies..
    Thank you

  23. p.k.sundararajan says:

    sir, in my house septic tank is situated in NW touching compound wall. is there any remedy or what problem i have to face.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sundararajan ji:
      Septic tank in NW touching compound wall, its not a big defect. Paint a cream color on this Tank, and place one Creamish color bulb in this area.

  24. suraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    My house is already having septic tank in SE but its inside the house since we dont have space around my house. what should i do for this defect please suggest me as my kitchen is there above this septic tank.

  25. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Hello Sundararajan ji

    i am planning to build a shop. So please tell me good direction of septic tank. Can i build septic tank in west or east directions.

  26. prasad baraskar says:

    Hello sir We have constructed new house and our septic tank is on south direction of home should we shift it before we enter the new house

  27. Madan Deshmukh says:

    Dear sir,
    I have west facing house and septic tank is at South east I want to construct new septic tank at north west corner. What can do with old septic tank which at SE corner, whether close and keep as it is without use or clean and demolish and put stones and other material and make ground level.

    • admin says:

      Hello Deshmukh ji:
      Clean and demolish that Septic Tank and put stones, other material to make it at ground level.

  28. Rishal says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for this article & help.

    Am bit confused, some vastu experts say that tanks should be located in the NorthEast parts. Does it means that water tanks should be in the NorthEast parts, while the Septic Tanks should be in the NorthWest part?

    And my second question: If we have the option of using waste water drainage pipes, so in which direction shall the water exit?




    • admin says:

      Hello Rishal:
      Under ground Water tanks should be in the North-East, and Septic Tank should be in North-West.
      Waste water should exit through West to east and South to North.

  29. Ilangovan says:

    Hi Sir,
    My house is under construction. It is duplex house facing towards east but road is in the south. enterence is south east “Easana mula” but while entering we need to cross septic tank which exists south ease covering enterance road with proposed garden. As suggested by you in the earlier answer. Can we go with ret paint for the cover with small red light in the night?

  30. Amit says:

    Sir , we are starting construction of house and our entrance is from west side (road side) and House entry is north so problem is septic tank , on entrance is ok or can i construct to east side, please suggest, entrance side parking and main door.

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit ji:
      Ideal place of Septic tank is North-west. East, North and North-east is not preferable for Septic Tank

  31. Amit says:

    septic tank east side … it is ok sir?

  32. Ranjit says:

    my banglow gate is in NW direction , can the septic tank be built just inside the gate ?

  33. sanjay says:

    Hello sir
    I am living in a rented house in which eptic tank is in north east direction and it is touching to house compound wall…as it is a rented house i can not lift this tank to other direction and it is too difficult here to find another rented house.
    Other problems are as follows
    1.Bathrum is in south east side
    2.Puja room is in north west side
    3.Under ground Water tank is in north west
    Moonga tree is in north east direction 4.touching the compound wall of house
    ..please tell me the remedies that i can do to correct this…

    Thanking you

    With regards

  34. Girish says:

    Hello Sir, i am constructing a house. My gate and car porch comes in the NW side of the compound. As per the article, i am also planning to construct the septic tank in the NW side. Is there any problem if the septic tank comes right in front of the gate?

  35. madhav says:

    Sir, my self madhav, I am constructing a house which has west facing main door and toilets are on south direction. i am thinking of placing the septic tank on east side, facing out let is on east side. or second option I have is below the staircase which is on west side near to south side so I am thinking of placing the septic tank below the staircase. so tell me what I have to do. please reply me as early as possible.

  36. Shridhar P says:

    Dear Sir…..
    We have just build the house facing north as a main door, and we made water tank in north east position and septic tank in south west , there is no option for shifting this……….because in south there is a house and in north also….. and we have not enough place at north…. all ready in north east there is a water tank (underground) please suggest some remedies……

    • admin says:

      Hello Shridhar:
      Septic tank in South-west is big defect. Paint with Brown color on cover of this tank, and water tank in North-east should be deeper to SW septic tank.

  37. goutam sharma says:

    my house have east face,,,nd i want my septic tank in south+east side….is thik okk???

  38. nabina says:

    Pls help me to finalise my septic tank

    I have only 5 ft x 41ft in East . my house facing south. I am planning to keep septik tank in east but there in only 5ft breath.
    I have space in north east corner but I am making my underground tank there.
    Can I built septik tank at east but outlet at south
    pls suggest me

    ======== ======== i
    i i
    house i__ i
    area i i
    i septic i east
    i tank i
    i i
    i i


  39. shiv says:

    need advise for remdy if tank is in south west

  40. Chandan Kumar says:

    I have my house Septic Tank in between South and Southeast direction. Is it ok or not.I have Space constraint and cannot shift it .Kindly suggest me remedy for it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Chandan Kumar:
      Septic Tank in between SE and South is defect.

      • chandan says:

        Septic tank in between SE and South is a defect as per vaastu ,plz tell me what type of problems I have to face.
        For remedy can I place ‘panchmukhe hanuman’ and ‘Swastic’ outside the home facing septic tank in SE direction.

  41. D.RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Septic Tank in North East direction in open space. Shifting the septic tank to Northwest no space. East facing house space available in North side and East side.

  42. Sir i will buy a house . the house in 3 cents there is only 2.2 ft gap between compund and home on west side . At present the septic tank is in westside portico. Its correct r wrong. If any remedy for that. Pls tell. V.S.Sathishkumar 090477 29280

  43. nandithaaruvelu says:

    We are in rented house 2nd floor and septic tank is in south east corner.pls suggest.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nandita:
      You are in rented house, septic tank in South-east is defect. So put one red colour bulb in South-east area in your flat

  44. BALAJI JOTHI says:

    Hi, I am constructing a Home and under progress. East Facing. 30*50. Builder giving me a option for septic Tank in South-East direction but I do have much space in 13.9 Feet on East facing. Need your advice on this.

  45. vinayak says:

    Please advise a convenient time for a call..



  46. rahul says:

    sir septic tank in our house is in west house and my home main entrance is in south direction.the puja sthal of our house is south facing….and tulsi pujan sthal is in south side..can u tell me how to remove theae all vastu doahesh….thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hello Rahul:
      Septic tank in West is OK, Puja Sthal facing South, what is the location of Puja sthal please inform

  47. amit says:

    I am staying in own house on the 1st floor & septic tank is in sw & bathroom is also in sw all the water outlet run to place to shift the septic tank .please guide me sir.

  48. chandrakant Prasad Singh says:

    my house constructing west side face 2 rooms ,North side toilet bathroom underground safti tank, upper side padler and middle 1 small roomfor toilet bathroom pls sugest me this is right or wrong constuction,

  49. jeevan kamble says:

    i have septic tank on south it is not possible to reconstruct to as mentioned this side is danger ? what i have to do for that ?

  50. Ramesh says:

    no space in North west at present septic tank in NE. space available in North , East and South

  51. Ramesh says:

    Hi, Im Constructing a new House in a Open Plot but in North East side there is one Small Temple what i should do, I do not want to build a house if it is not good ,

  52. rahul says:

    sir sorry for the late reply,
    to be specific, our septic tank in in south west direction. and our puja stall is facing toward south side can u tell me is there any kind of vastu dosh

  53. Krish says:

    I am constructing a house and planning to have the Septic tank under the staircase in the North west portion of the plot. However, we are posting pillars in the northern side in between the staircase and the compound wall, which means the house is extended over the septic tank. There will not be any rooms above this except staircase and this closed using the pillars. Please let me whether this acceptable as per vaastu. Please note that the septic tank walls will not touch the compound wall. Please advise. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Krish;
      Extending the House in North-west is not accepted

      • geetha says:


        My house face is south. Now built underground water tank and Septik in south side in front side of my house. There is no any other place for the same.
        if any vasthu dosham in the above. What do for the vashu dosham. Pl. send your good advise through my email id

        • admin says:

          Hello Geetha ji:
          Underground water tank and Septic tank in South are the defects. It requires “Ratnadhyaya Therapy”

  54. anuradha says:

    my house is in west direction. entrance is north and east to go the house. We are going to the house in east direction and water tank is in north east direction and septic tank is in west dircection which is infront of the stair case. is it ok to keep septic tank in front of stair case. becasue septic tank can not be shifted to north west direction as entering into the house is in north west direction


  55. shailza says:

    sir , in my maternal house there is a small underground water tank(2 1/2 feet x 1 1/2 feet and about1 1/2 feet deep) constructed in the south direction of the house. The water gets filled naturally into it. from the ground water. The water tank is constructed here as the ground water has its outlet in this direction, so they are simply harnessing it by constructing the tank. Is there a remedy to this as it would be difficult to change the natural path of the outlet of the ground water. The house is in the hilly region.Kindly suggest some remedy.

  56. Ravi says:

    I have a house with west facing. If i place septic tank in northwest, it comes on the way entrance , i mean gate is also in northwest. Is it ok ?

  57. Neeraj says:

    Hi Sir,
    My ancestral house in village is having 10 corners and two septic tanks. Ground floor septic tank is in SW. First floors septic tank is in the center of house. I can’t make it in NW as it is built up area. The options are SW and SE. I can connect the first floor toilet to the SW septic tank and close the centre one. Please advice the remedy for SW septic tank. Also the drainage of the house is toward SW. Main gate is facing towards east and house is facing towards eastern part of eastern south. Please advise. Thanks , Neeraj

    • admin says:

      Hello Neeraj ji:
      Ground floor septic tank in South-west. First floors septic tank in Center of house are a Sever defects.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  58. Anju says:

    Namaste Sir,

    In my house the septic tank is in South west direction and there is no other place to shift it. Please advise the remidies.

  59. Sagar says:

    hello sir

    I am planning to buy flat which is at SW corner of apartment with NE entrance.
    but underground water tank is situated at NW corner of building.
    is this flat good for me or it will give any -ve effect ?

  60. Sagar says:

    hello sir
    I am planning to buy 1.5 bhk flat (7 th flor) which is at SW corner of building .

    flat having NE entrance, kitchen in SE corner, master bedroom in SW corner, 2nd bedroom (children) in NW corner of flat

    but underground water tank is situated at NW corner of building.

    is this flat good for me or it will give any -ve effect ?

  61. Amudha says:

    Hello Sir,

    We are constructing a south facing house. Another entrance is in the north back side of the house.
    From south to north is narrow hall.

    Kitchen-Southeast(Entrance for kitchen is in north for that)
    Dining room– East

    Northeast-bedroom (question is where to keep the entrance for this northeast room)

    Bedroom-Northwest of the building
    For this bedroom attached toilet which will be in the northwest corner of the build area
    For this bedroom the entry would be east facing

    Southwest- to use for official purpose like office setup to put computers
    For this entrance would be in east facing

    Please advise if any changes to be made.

    Thanks in advance for your advise.

  62. Amudha says:

    Thanks for your reply sir.

    If not bedroom just study room is OK? If so where the entrance for this room should be.

    Please let us know the timing to keep main door on January 26. Is it auspicious to keep before sunrise 4-6 am.

    Thanks in advance.


  63. himanshu says:

    my house is in colony row and it is south facing. we have our main gutter inside our verandah just opposite main gate. one side of main gate is fixed on south east wall while other side is with compound wall.
    please suggest some solution to over come from this problem… as we cannot shift gutter from that place

  64. js reddy says:

    Hello sir ji,

    my plot is south facing i has constructed east facing house in it.
    my septic tank is in EAST OF SOUTH EAST please suggest me it is correct or not. if not any remeady for that

  65. sambi reddy says:

    Hello sir ji,

    my plot is south facing i has constructed east facing house in it. my septic tank is in EAST OF SOUTH EAST please suggest me it is correct or not. if not any remeady for that

  66. js reddy says:

    Hello sir

    my plot is south facing i has constructed east facing house in it. my septic tank is in EAST OF SOUTH EAST please suggest me it is correct or not. if not any remeady for that

  67. vignesh athithan says:

    sir! ther is a corporation overhead water tank on northside of my house(back).what is the remedies.

  68. anand mandora says:

    mere ghar ka entrance gate paschim disha ke uttar kone se hay ……kya me uske samne wali open jagah may septic tank bana sakta hu kya …….kya may uske upar se ghar may pravesh kar sakta hu kya ………?
    if possible pls repy me on my mob no 09730919990

  69. amit verma says:

    sir my septic tank is in NE direction and NW and WEST direction was constructed with two room and i have only three side one is south,south east,and east direction. and my entrance is south east direction

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit ji:
      Septic tank in NE is a sever defect. So what you expect from me

      • amit says:

        septic tank in north east direction already constructed .Not possible to shift west or north-west .(because room there).
        what can i do to neutralized sever defect .what is the remedies ?

        • admin says:

          Hello Amit ji:
          Blocking the NE toilet using Gems Therapy is the remedy. Please call me on 09494214400

  70. Sandip says:

    Dear Sir,
    Safety Tank in south (Middle south) is ok or not ?

  71. Sandip says:

    Dear Sir,

    Septic Tank placement in a south (middle in a south) is good or not? What is its remedies?

  72. shyam kiran says:

    Admin Sir our house has constructed 25 years ago and recently found that their is no perfect vastu and leading with vastu dosham due to that we’re facing few problems kindly advice any remedy. Their is a sewage passes through northeast and bathroom constructed at south east and their by it passes through northeast and southeast is their any remedy for this because it’s not possible to shift.

  73. Mahesh says:

    Namaste Guruji, I have already constructed my house with septic tank in the South West direction. The house is consutucted on a very small land area and I don’t have any space left in the north-west region. Changing the septic tank to north east region now will make adverse effect on the building itself due to lack of space.

    Please could you advice on any remedies for this defect.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mahesh ji:
      Using “Gems Therapy” you have to Block the negative energy of septic tank of South West direction.

  74. vipin kumar says:

    Sir i have my septic tank in south east direction in porch.
    and no space for shifting it.
    please suggest me the treatment for solve it.

  75. Geeta C D says:

    Hello Sir
    I have seotic tank in south-east direction of the plot where factory shed is constructed.Please suggest me proper remedies for better prospects.Thanks

  76. Good afternoon,

    Septic tank of my house in middle of of south direction. Now I counstructed Ist floor there two bathroom one in south anather west. Also open well is at NE and underground water tank at NE and over head water tank at SW and Ist floor staircase South to north turned to west and entrance through east direction. For balcony infront of main door step given. four corner of site 04 coconut plant is there please suggest me any change for improvement health wealth education.

  77. subbu says:

    I have a septic tank in southeast
    is it possible to built above a kitchen . I have no space in West side

  78. ratan says:

    My tank is in north east direction please suggest me without any changing

    • admin says:

      Hello Ratan ji:
      Using Ratndhyaya Therapy or Gems Therapy we can correct it. Please call me on 9494214400

  79. rashmi says:

    Hello sir ,I have my septic tank at sw direction. If I will build it at se direction it will require a huge amount of money. So isnt there any option to correct it without any breakage.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rashmi ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that South-west S.T.

  80. shashi says:

    I want to built. S .T in east direction . Is this direction is right

  81. dilip kumar says:

    hi sir

    there is septic tank in south west that is kubera mula exactly , i thought of shifting it by 7 feet forward in side of south because it is the maximum i can do now and nothing much can be changed now, please advice ,as i feel it will reduce bad effect to so extent

    • admin says:

      Hello Dilip ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that South-west septic tank

  82. Manu says:

    Sir , South East of East septic tank and drainage is it ok? Because there is no other option

  83. Mukesh Joshi says:

    Dear Sir, My home’s layout plan has two doors 1 in east and 2nd one is in south which has staircases. I am confused to have safty tank, there is no space in NW/NW and west area. Plz suggest

    • admin says:

      The ideal place for Septic tank is North of NW and West of NW
      If you want any help please call me on 9494214400

  84. punil gupta says:

    Sir I ve purchased a house and its septic tank is In south west , so can u plz tell me more abt gems therapy..
    Punil gupta

  85. satheesh.s says:

    Hi sir,

    i have a east facing house and the septic tank is in south east corner and we are planing to shift it due to vastu reasons. since there is only 2 feet setback in south and west side, we are constructing the septic tank in north west corner of the building and construct a toilet above it. kindly note that now the septic tank will be a part of the house. please advice me whether this is correct or not.

  86. G Anand says:

    Dear sir,

    Friend of myn, she is a christian and her house has a septic tank in SW and the plot facing West. She has her well in NW, so she cannot move near to the well. She has constructed one room in NE in the first floor. Kindly give her a remedy and what are the negative impacts because of this wrong constructions.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anad ji:
      Septic tank in South-west is defect. You have to use Gems therapy to block this SW septic tank negativity

  87. Ravi says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a east facing house and the septic tank is in south east corner.And above septic tank toilet and bath room stair case are there.My house is built in very small place.That is 18 feets width and 33 feets length.And total surrounding with others joint wall.Please suggested any remedies for my house.

  88. Narayanan says:

    I have constructed SE connected with kitchen septic tank on top of it compound wall on the corner of septic tank, kindly advise i have no other space left in NW side..

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in SE is defect. You have to use Gems therapy to block the Negativity of SE septic tank

  89. hunny says:

    We are living in east facing home and have septic tank ( under ground ) installed at north east direction and touched with compound wall .. Also bore well in south east direction.. Shifting of septic tank is not possible.. kindly suggest the remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Hunny:
      Septic tank in North-east and Bore-well in South-east is defect. You have to use Ratnadhaya Therapy to remove this defect

  90. Gnanamoorthi says:

    Hi Sir,
    My house is east facing, Currently septic tank is placed in North – East corner & I came to know that it is very bad.
    I don’t have space in North west corner, the only space available is in South East & in the east facing location/
    Can I shift my septic tank to South East corner & what is the remedy for that ?

  91. vinay says:


    I have commercial property where it is facing South and I don’t have any space in the NW for the septic tank. I have only space left is NE and SE, also all the lines will flow from west to east. Please suggest if it is ok to place the septic tank on these available sides. Also I have option to place the transformer on NE side.

    • admin says:

      Hello Vinay ji:
      Septic tank in NE and SE is a severe defect. Transformer in NE also defect
      Septic tank should be in NW and Transformer in SE

      • vinay says:

        I have only space left in NE and SE. Please suggest if there is any solution to this, s and ince I don’t have any option left.

      • vinay says:

        I don’t have any space on the NW side and I got place only on NE & SE.

  92. Thiruna says:

    In my north face house,I have a septic tank and toilet south east side.please advise the remedy if there is defect.

  93. Vikas says:

    My house has septic tank in north west direction being south facing it correct

  94. Satwinder Singh says:

    In my east face home, i have a septic tank in south east side, borewell is placed in south west corner and stairs are placed in north east. please advise the remedy for the defect.

  95. Durgesh says:

    Sir, i am constructing a college.. And i do not have any option of constructing septic tank other than on the south side.. Plz suggest me what to do or any remedies if i make it in south east direction…

    • admin says:

      Hello Durgesh ji:
      Septic Tank in South or South-east is not recommended, it’s a sever defect and causes financial losses.
      You have to use “Gems Therapy” to remove negative effects of this Septic tank

  96. rohan aswani says:

    hello admin,i am facing a problem i am construting a new house and a floating pipe is crossing my kitchen.its below the kitchen under tiles is it ok or should i change it……..please help its going towards the chamber which is is the north west corner just st as you have shown

  97. khadeer says:

    Myy new house septic tank was built in north wrst in bed room . Is it good or not.there is noo spase in other side.

  98. vijay kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    My main gate is in south east direction, and a small gate at north west direction, infront of north west gate I have constructed a septic tank, is it fine?
    But North west gate is not the main gate.

  99. surekh says:

    i m costructing new house. My septic tank is in south west direction since that area is slopy downwards. contractor says septic tank in northwest direction will be leakage of the tank. pls advice.

  100. Vipin passi says:

    A drainage pipe( it us not the night soil pipe ) is crossing my bed room in a corner from start my toilet & ends to a chamber after crossing my bed room has any side effects due to this ?

  101. chakaravarthy says:

    My house is a row type and west side is higher and east side is lower…hill down area.. Septic tank is shifted from NE to SE as there is no space in NW … and removed stair case in NE… What is the solution for septic tank as there is no space in NW. Still my wife health is not cured.. is it due to this…

    • admin says:

      Hello Chakrawarthy ji:
      Yes, Septic tank in SE will leads to Female health problem and Financial crises.
      “Gems Therapy” is the remedy. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  102. Aparna chichmalkar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Gutter is place at exactly placed at NE corner of our house, half the portion is inside the compound wall and half portion is outside. What will be the remedy for that, as we are not in position to reconstruct. Please advise as we are facing many problems.

  103. ASHISH says:

    we have to west facing plot 11*43 and 28*43 at present construct 11*43 but want to construct common septick tann in 2nd plot both are attached and having two leagal papers plot owner one.
    which corner we should use for septic tank

  104. Durgesh prakash Sinha says:

    Septic tank in my house was in the the porch (at the entrance) in East side of the house. I have constructed new septic tank in south western part. But this is a 4.5 feet wide gallery, therefore could maintain 1 inch gap only with boundary wall and wall of main building. Is there any Vastu Dosh and if so what is the remedy.

  105. jitendra gomkale says:








    • admin says:

      If that Septic tank is inside of the Compound wall it’s a defect, and if outside of the compound wall, and it’s a munciple line the no problem

  106. Kavita says:

    If the out let is anti clockwise, then what is remedy?

  107. Daleep singh says:

    ….. I am constructing a house and planning to have the Septic tank under the staircase in the North west portion of the plot.kindly suggest on
    09419132845 or

  108. Jay says:

    I have a west facing main door and the septic tank, two actually are in south and south east. Is this fine? Kindly suggest a remedy.

  109. Manish says:

    Hello sir,
    My septic tank is on South and 2 toilets on South and SW direction. I not much money to construct new S. Tank.
    Kindly suggest the remedies to block negative energy.

  110. neelam says:

    dear sir,

    septic tank of my house is on SW corner … and the corner is cut ….any remedies for that .
    i hv two option either to make st at SW or NE…. i m confuse…. no option , as both are bad i know.. but since give me choice

    • admin says:

      Hello Neelam ji:
      South-west Cut and Septic tank in South-west are the severe defects. Septic tank in North-east also defect. So keep septic tank in South-west, you have to use “Ratnadhyaya Therapy” to remove this defect. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

      • Amrut Kumar says:

        Dear Sir, I have been living in our own house for the past 35 years. Our house is South facing and so the Septic tank is placed in the South west direction and as we are surrounded by houses it’s not possible to shift the Septic tank. Please advise as to what remedy can I do

  111. ashish paul says:

    Sir i can i build septic tank in south direction or under a staircase

  112. Dinesh says:

    I have an underground water sump in my north west, what is the remedy for this

  113. RACHI says:


    • admin says:

      It requires a “Gems therapy”
      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

      • Prakash reddy says:

        My home south face and entrance is south east corner and septic tank is between south and south east direction just 3feet away from the main entrance. Is it OK? Or any remedy required. Pls help

        • admin says:

          Means septic tank,is in South-east is a defect
          It requires Ratnadhyaya therapy as a remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  114. Kunal pandey says:

    Sir tell me solution my spetic tank in north east solution without shifting it

  115. ruchi says:

    sir i m having a south facing small plot. please suggest me the direction for septic tank and washroom.

  116. Jai says:

    I have the septic tank in middle west part of plot is it OK or I have to make changes plz tell

  117. NARAYAN says:

    dear sir
    i am in confusion how to solve the problem regarding the location of septic tank. there is no space in the NW at all . i have space to the exact E. There is main door of the house in the NE just 5 feet away from the septic tank . any solution. please

  118. Soumendra Chakraborty says:

    sir, I have safety tank present exactly in the eastern side. Our house is very old nearly 40 years. We have a space in the north west direction, but our bathroom cum toilet is in the eastern side. So, if the safety tank is to be changed from Eastern side towards the NW side, the soil pipe has to be round towards northeast and making a pit there, and again in the north west . My question is, if the soil type is made round towards north east, making a pit in north east and again in north and finally in the NW, will be be accurate according vastu? What are the vastu defects found when safety tank is in Eastern Side?

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in East is a defect, which adversely affects on Children’s growth, education and their career
      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  119. Prasanta says:

    Dear sir,

    i constructed my house in last year , but there is some problem with septic tank in regards to vastu . As per vastu septic tank should be located at NW direction but as per my house it is in SW direction. can you please share the remedies .also please share your mail id so that i can send my house plan for your review and suggestion.

  120. ANAND RANJAN says:

    My staircase is in southwest direction and I want to place a fresh water tank on staicase’s roof on upper floor .plz suggest me the right optation to place water tank.

  121. Janaki says:

    Can septic tank be built facing the entrance gate?

  122. Shyam Sundar Ghosh says:

    My septic tank is located in East side,temple at north east side at ground floor and on 1st floor i want to make toilet at north -west side but as septic tank located in East.For connect to septic tank i have to take toilet pipe from outer wall of Temple. Is at any problem??If yes then please give any solution.

    • Shyam Sundar Ghosh says:

      My septic tank is located in East side,temple at north east side at ground floor and on 1st floor i want to make toilet at north -west side but as septic tank located in East.For connect to septic tank i have to take toilet pipe from outer wall of Temple. Is there any problem??If yes then please give any solution.

      • admin says:

        Septic tank in East is a defect, so whatever the pipeline you make, that doesn’t make any difference

  123. Meena Chanday says:

    Sir if toilet pipe is passing under temple what are affects according to Vatu

  124. rahul says:

    septic tank is in north east side .kindly suggest what to do??

  125. rahul says:

    i having a well in south east corner of plot kindly suggest what to do??

    • Raj Chauhan says:

      Dear sir,

      I have gone through your post and came to know about the defect of septic’s not possible to shift septic tank in nw directions..please advice for the same.

      I have another water tank in bramasthan please advice whether I should clean and  close or can I  use as store for  home appliances. …

  126. rajendra says:

    in my house the west portion place vacant and i made a wall dividing that and dig septic tank in east south direction in the vacant divided place
    is it correct

  127. maheedhar says:

    my father has devided his house and open area to me and my brother. i got open area in which septic tank is there at SW corner of my alloted area which using by my brother as of now. whether is there any vastu effects on me due to that septic tank. i am not residing there. i want to construct house in future.

  128. Raj Chauhan says:

    Dear sir,

    I have gone through your post and came to know about the defect of septic’s not possible to shift septic tank in nw directions..please advice for the same.

    I have another water tank in bramasthan please advice whether I should clean and  close or can I  use as store for  home appliances. …

  129. VINAY reddy says:

    Sir I have sceptic tanken in NW . HOUSE FASING EAST . ONE GUST toilet in SE. Can run severage pipe from South to East and from there east to West and connect to sceptic tank pls do help me

  130. Sathish says:

    Sir, my house is faced in south direction. Sceptic tank is constructed in south west direction. I am having plan to change the sceptic tank in the South east direction, with length in the west side and breadth in the east side. Because we don’t have space in the north west direction. Kindly advice can go away with these changes. And also we having toilets at north west direction, so that toilet water pipe line is flown along the way west direction, and cross the building at front, from west to east direction and goes into sceptic tank is advisable

  131. Arun says:

    Hello Sir, the septic tank is located in the NW, and there is one chamber (pipe joint) in south west and west direction is that ok.

  132. Savita Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir. My house is SE facing and an empty lane runs on the SW side of the house. The septic tank is in this lane with the manhole in the centre of the lane. We are living here for last 6 years without any problem except unwanted expenses and we could not save money. About 5 months back we saw the water tank remedy in SW on many websites and wanted to try it. We painted the manhole cover red and placed a Panchmukhi hanumanji pic facing it on the side window. After a month only my husband fell very ill and has now facing problems with his kidney. I am totally helpless. I don’t know what to do. I am afraid to change the colour once again fearing anymore irreversible problems. Please guide me as I will go crazy thinking about it. Anxiously waiting for your guidance.

  133. Sathish.B says:

    In my house sceptic tank was placed in South west corner of the plot. We dont have place in the North west to relocate the Sceptic tank. I am have plan to change South east corner of the plot. Please suggest we have prosperity in life, by doing this.

  134. maya says:

    hello sir,
    I have a plot 20 length and 44 breadth facing east. how can the septik tank should be constructed on northwest corner. if i left some space in the north as passage to the septik tank at the end .should i construct attached bathrooms or toilets on that septik tank..
    but I came to know that septik tank should be 1 or 2 feets away from the walls of the house..then how I make bathroom over the tank. plz clear my doubts…

  135. N.Pallavi says:

    I have a septic tank on northwest side of house. I have left 5feet distance from the west compound wall, 2 feet distance from Northern compound wall and 1/2 a foot distance from the building wall on South side. Should septic tank be 2 feet away from the building wall also or the criteria of feet distance maintainance is applicable only for the compound wall.

    Also we are constructing a wall on North side to correct the cross present in the plot area. Should septic tank be away from this wall also or the 2 feet left from the main compound wall is sufficient for vastu maintainance. Kindly clear my doubt,please.

  136. Ravi says:

    Dear sir please guide me I am constructing new house septic tank is in NW my house is having 2 road side West and south so from where the drainage pipe and sanitary line comes

  137. SSRINIVAS says:

    i have a duplex house my sitting direction are this way /nairuthi side Master bedroom south to north (north facing) second bed room is north side but that WC also same facing .

  138. Sanjay N says:

    My home has a septic tank in the southwest direction, Is there a remedy for it. The septic cannot be removed or shifted.

    • admin says:

      It requires “Gems Therapy” and its without any alteration and changes Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  139. ISHWAR CHANDRA says:

    Sir septic tank in my house is at SW Location. Store room is built over there. Now I want use this room to be used as my bed room. I am the youngest son of my parrents.Plz advice .

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in South-west is a defect.
      It will create problems for you. It requires gems therapy
      Please call me for details on 9494214400

  140. SANJAY KAPOOR says:

    Sir, my plot south facing and front side T-point road please suggest me main door which corner three corner house construction and please suggest me vastu dosh

  141. Our septic tank in north west direction but toilet in South side , the pipe cross to south west any problems

  142. mandeep sidhu says:

    we made our septic tank in north west corner but outside of our compound it okey

  143. Manohar says:

    As per the vastu both septic tank and car parking is best on northwest direction. But is it ideal to park a car above septic tank?

  144. Balaji. A says:

    I have constructed septic tank in north west. But the compound wall s touching the septic tank . What can be done pls advice

  145. Bsreddy says:

    Mine is west face house already dug a water sump in the third part of north east. As my main gate entrance is north west shall I dug sanitary pit in third part of north west

  146. Deepak Sharma says:

    Dear Admin,

    We are going to construct a new house with East facing, having kitchen in Southeast, two bathrooms in West and 2nd in North-west corner. We are planning to make a gutter in between of both bathrooms in pen area (in west towards northern corner). Could you Pl. clear my following doubts as:-
    1. Gutter is in west, its slop may be in east. Is it good?
    2. The main drainage pipe from gutter (in west) going to outside of the house (Porch in northeast) under brahmasthan , Pooja sthan then main gate in east. Is it good?
    3. The kitchen pipe also need to join this main pipe, so can we make another gutter in north-east or east?
    4. From which direction the bathroom & kitchen pipes should link to this gutter.
    We will thankful to you
    Deepak Sharma

  147. Raju Swain says:

    I have no space on north or west side so i make the septic tank on middle of south which is main entrance ,so please give suggestion .

  148. ANILKUMAR says:

    my house east facing may septic tank south side any problem

    • admin says:

      Septic Tank in South is a severe defect. It requires a Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  149. Munna Singh says:

    I have a space in south and east direction outside the main house for septic tank where should I built a septic tank.

    • admin says:

      Best location for Septic Tank is North-west

      • Munna Singh says:

        But I have only two option one in the south and other in the east side. East side I have 1500 sq ft open area available. And my house is facing east direction.

        East side is road, can I build tank near road side.

  150. Rakhi Gupta says:

    Hello sir
    I living in a builder flat ground floor.the septic tank is in South direction .I have two entries one in North an second is from West to South corner all open with gate . No wall this side. in builder flat not possible to change the drainage system what I should do please suggest

  151. Satyendra Kumar Jha says:

    I have a safety tank in west north corner of my house.Kindly give the remedy.

  152. sweta says:

    Can I construct the stairs above a septic tank/ sewage pit?

  153. dhanalakshmi says:

    Dear sir,
    We are constructing New home where we have septic tank in west side (south to north is 40ft in that area comes in 14ft from north to south direction) n road is in south all other other water pipes from terrace like rain water ll b connecting in NE side.. So septic tank will run from west to north n in north and north east and towards southeast and then it ll connect to main drainage to road.. ‘ll it be fine running this stinking water all the from west to north and then south and at last connecting to main drainage in road.. Pls guide us as we were almost completing the work.. Thank u

    • admin says:

      What is your question?

      • dhanalakshmi says:

        Our site is south facing (road is in south) n main door facing is north east.. We built home and septic tank in west side close to north part of site.. And outlet to corporation drainage, from septic tank it ll pass Like this – from west to north, north to north east, and north east to south east then will join corporation drainage.. Having small small connecting drainage in these places.. Will it be good as per vastu

      • dhanalakshmi says:

        Govt sewage tank is in south and out site also facing south.. So how we sould connect to govt sewage tank from sw or from se.. Septic tank is placed in west close to north corner.. Please also explain connection route from septic tank to sawege tank
        Thank u

      • dhanalakshmi says:

        Govt sewage tank is in south and out site also facing south.. So how we sould connect to govt sewage tank from sw or from se.. Septic tank is placed in west close to north corner.. Please also explain connection route from septic tank to sawege tank
        Thank u


        • CHINMAY MOHANTA says:

          My over head tank is north east and septic tank is south what I do pl remedies

          • admin says:

            Shift the Overhead water tank towards South-west
            South septic tank requires “Gems therapy”
            please call me for details on 9494214400

  154. Ashish says:

    Hello Sir,
    I wanted to Know if laying waterpipes on the Floor is a Good idea according to VastuShashtra or is it better that we directly make an connection with an overhead Tank.

  155. ulpesh shah says:

    I have saptictank in north east so what should I do

  156. Rina says:

    If I put the septic tank completely east.
    Kindly advice me.

  157. Satyanarayana says:

    Septic tank outside our plot will have vastu problem? Near North east our side our plot adjacent to our plot

  158. rati says:

    Sir, our hospital cum residence is under construction. Its west facing plot. Can we build septic tank in east or in south east leaving 2-3feet from corner.?

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in East or South-east is a severe defect which adversely affects on financial in-flow

      • rati says:

        OK sir then what can b done? We have 25 by 4 sq feet space on east. No other space for septic tank. Its west facing plot……painting red will help?…..or else can it b built close to south wall ?

  159. arun krishna srivastava says:


  160. Dear sir,
    I have west facing house and the main drainage line is backside of house that is in east of house and runs north to south. So I have no other option but to make outlet in east or north east or south east direction. Please suggest me a solution. Will be very grateful to u.

  161. Darshan sidhu says:

    Our septic tank is in NE direction.we are planning to empty it and then fill it or change it in water tank after proper clean . What is the right way or Best for us

  162. Rahumath Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have constructed a house in kerala around 20 years back and now i would like to refurbish the frond elevation. My house is facing to west and i would like to extend 2 feet in front. there will be a pillar in frond of the kannimoola. can you please let me know it is okey to go ahead.

    look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

  163. Joe Thomas James says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is there any problem if i place Spetic tank in North-west area (length from NOrth south and breadth side from EAst west) with inlet from west and outlet towards north-west area.

  164. VINOD says:

    My toilet is north east corner. Now I wanted to shift it to north west.But one problem is drainage pipe line goes out north east direction. any defect for this. Please reply

  165. Shashi Kumar says:

    Hi Sir

    The septic tank located in east direction, out side the boundary wall. It is in street. So please suggest me it is correct or not, if not then please tell me the solution.

  166. Rachamalla laxmiprasad says:

    Namaskaram sir this is laxmiprasad and my house is built in West face, the water tank is in Ishana, and above that there is a sewerage pipe line.the Pooja room is above the both,is good or bad.please suggest me

  167. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    Hi My self ASHOK
    I constructed a house in South Facing and the septic tank in North west corner of the plot. The sub entrance is in 1st part of Southeast and the main entrance and parking in 2nd to 4th part of south east side. little worried about the sub entrance and the septic tank location. please suggest

  168. Hariprasanth says:

    We don’t have septic tank but the pipe carrying human waste runs from East to West on the southern side and goes out of the compound in to the corporation drainage. The pipe runs two feet below the to soil. The bathing water and kitchen water is recycled for washing purpose in the southern side. There is no space available and all our toilets are in southern side and northern side is common area. Please help.

    • admin says:

      If Toilets in Southeast and Southwest then defect

      • Hariprasanth says:

        What is to be done there is no space anywhere? The waste flows out of the plot from toilet which is in south East goes out of the house towards West for 3 feet along the south wall towards south west and away to the government drainage.

  169. Ajaya K Swain says:

    Hi sir
    I have septic tank i South side of my house
    I have no other place to shift
    Pls advice

  170. phani says:

    I am constructing a new house. My plot is south West corner. Main gate is West side. If i built a septic tank in North West , it is exactly infront of main gate in my compound. So could you please give me a suggestion can i built a septic tank infront of main gate. Is it any problem to walk on septic tank for good and bad events

  171. Birundha says:

    Dear Admin,
    Your tips are very useful, please give me a suggestion we are extend our home into southwest direction in their we need to place a septic tank already we have it in Nw but for new room we need to built a new septic tank there is only south or east please suggest

  172. smita says:

    hello sir …. im building a new home and my plot is west facing . i have a varanda door in nortwest facing north . even i have a cut at north west direction, pls send me ur opinion, main gat is in northwest corner.

  173. Poonam says:

    Hey I’ve put the septic tank in southeast.plz suggest me is that ok for my house?

  174. Satish says:

    In my house I have septic tank at west direction facing south(drainage at south). not possible to change the septic tank location Will it fine? please advise

  175. Bhavani says:

    My building is east face.septic tank in SE corner.actually that corner will be place for car parking.then kitchen will starts is it ok.Are any remedies for this

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in Southeast is a defect, which creates female health problems and Financial crises.It requires “Gems Therapy” please call me for details on 9494214400

  176. Dp says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have 2 floor building being constructed, the plot is north facing. I have 2 bathrooms in south portion, we can take the drain pipes from the south 2 toilets to the sewage tank in north west circling the south west corner of the house??

  177. Apu says:

    Hello Sir….. I have putted my Septic tank south east direction facing east..And South east corner has kitchen and next south direction has toilet… both toilet and kitchen room have in dining room which is facing east… SW corner has one bedroom and N-W corner has stair….NE direction has pooja room… and my main gate from the east facing dining room….is it any problem in vastu?

  178. Rajan says:

    My septic tank is built on north side kindly remedy us

  179. Raja says:

    Dear sir, My house is East facing and having the road along south direction. I want to build my septic tank in SW direction under the stairs.
    in South-West area (length from North South and breadth side from East West) with inlet from North and outlet towards South-West area.

    I don’t have any other option, please suggest….

  180. Aneesh says:

    I have 2 floor building being constructed, the plot is East facing. I have 3 bathrooms, 2 in south portion and one in west and septic tank in NW .Can we take the sewage pipes from the 2 south toilets to the septic tank passing thought the south west corner of the house??

  181. VINOD P.S says:

    I have construct a new house. I wanted to dig a well. I cannot dig the well north east side because my neighbour septic tank on that side. I can dig only east north or east south because only space available in that side only. kinldy advise me sir

  182. Vikram Verma says:

    I have a septic tank in north-east in my old plot of land and i am constructing a new house on it,can i use old septic tank ?? i skiped the septic tank area but using that septic tank indirectly through pipe.
    Can i make septic tank in north side below the stairs or the bedroom??

  183. Anushka says:

    Dear Sir,
    I went through your articles and found that it is very useful. I seek your precious opinion regarding vastu of my house.
    My house was build 12 yrs ago and the land is in to two levels. Therefore, the ground floor is build in the underground section and the first floor is in the ground level facing North direction. Due to the variation we have arranged two septic tanks. Ground floor septic tank is in the NE direction which is inside the house. This is under the staircase and under the main entrance of the house. The first floor septic tank is in the front area of the house on to North. We had to dig for two septic tanks due to the variations of the land. Is it a problem to have two septic tanks. If I were to change the septic tank I only have space in the SE section or the north west is again inside my house as this is a small land.
    Thank you,

  184. Sukhbeer Chandila says:

    i have not space in NW side to built Septic Tank and i want to built in East Center or west center it is right or wrong and which is better east center or west center

  185. Manoj Kumar says:

    My plot is north west facing can I make a spetic tank in under main entrance

  186. Rajendra Sht says:

    i have two toilet one in the southwest corner facing east and another in the south under stair and septic tank in the south west corner. plz advice me

    • admin says:

      This situation what you have explained is very serious defective. It requires “Gems Therapy” Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  187. Rajendra Sht says:

    my water outlet form the roof is in southeast suggest me

  188. Kalpa Jyoti says:

    Hi Sir,

    My house is North Facing having Doors both on North and East direction. I have 6 feet space in both North and East Direction. Bathroom with WC in East direction. The sewage comes from east direction and goes to the septic tank in North Direction. So if I divide my plot in 9 halves in North direction then it would be 2nd half from East side.

    1. My problem is I cant place Septic tank in North west as my entrance gate is there. Can you please suggest what can be done.
    2. My normal waste water from kitchen flows towards south east corner of the house and exit point is there too. Is it right exit point?

  189. Ganesh Patro says:

    Dear sir, my house is in west direction (road side), surrounded by neighbour houses in other 3 directions and we constructed stair case at SW direction, septic tank is at the middle of south east and north east and sump at NE. As per suggestions the septic tank should be at NW, but at NW is our entrance gate. what we will do please suggest us.

    • admin says:

      Means Septic tank in East which is sever defect.
      It requires “Gems Therapy” Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  190. Laxminarayana says:

    Sir..i am constucting a house and planning to constuct septic tank under staircase in south east it ok acc. to vaastu?

  191. Laxminarayana says:

    Septic tank under the staircase between east and south east direction…is it ok sir?

  192. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    I have a septic tank is sw, please advise remedy without shifting the septic tank

  193. Dileep says:

    Respected Sir,

    I seek your precious opinion regarding vastu of my house’s septic tank. I have 30’*30′ house. Main gate in NE direction. Septic tank in SW location, 7′ far from main wall. Thus septic tank is in approx center of house.

    please advise remedy without shifting the septic tank


  194. Takhe Komo says:

    Respected sir, can we construct a building above septic tank as the plot is really small and to be precise bedroom above septic tank?

  195. Utkarsh Singhania says:

    where should a soak pit tank be built if the septic tank is being built in the north-west

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