Southwest Vaastu Dosh, Problems and Remedies

Vaastu, Vastra and Victuals (Shelter, Clothing and Food) these are the three basic needs of Human. Every one works to get fulfill these needs life long. If you have nice Vaastu, free from Vaastu dosh or defects then only you can enjoy Happy health,  polite children, prosperity and resources of good income through business or profession and elevated status in society with over all mental and marvelous peace.

This will be able to be happened if your living House is constructed according to Vaastu Shastra principles Here  we discuss  some major Vaastu defects( dosh ) and their terrible problems with some remedies. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill efects of that perticular defect in that directions

                             II     Vaastu dosh, Problems and Remedies in Southwest Direction    II

Vaastu-dosh-remedies South West is a very important direction in the Vastu and controlling planet is Rahu.

Luck, Wealth and  Stability are also controlled by South west direction.

Vaastu Defect ( Dosh) in South West will make the effort of occupants unsuccessful and not get the results even of having done hard work

Defects in Southwest indicates having Pitra dosha in Inmates Horoscope and brings misfortune. 


1.South West direction may have Cut

2.Underground water tank or bore well in the SW.

3.Cut or Extension in the west and large opening or windows in west.

4. Main Entrance Door / Gate in South west

5. Kitchen in South west 6. Slope in South west direction

Problems :

1. Blocked Money, Financial difficulties in Business. Problem linked with loan matters

2. May be Chances of meeting Accidents, Leg pain or Fractures

3. Health problems related to Kidney

4. Instability in the Life, Women of the House suffers more

5. Bad habits to  younger member of family can meet with bad Friends or Society

6. Unfair Relations between Husband and Wife   Om Swastik Trishul Vastu dosh remedies


Place Swastik, Trishul and Om on both the Sides of Main door.

Putting “Rahu, Ketu Yantra” in Southwest will minimize the bad effects of this direction [ this can be done under guidance of expert Pandit]


Under Ground water Tank in Southwest :


Just paint Red color on top of the Tank.

Toilet / Bathroom : Remedies

1. Keep Pyramid at Southwest Corner

2. Keep Toilet Door Closed always



1. Paint with Yellow Color to kitchen

2. Use water in Minimum.

3. Raise the Level of floor, it should be blocked.



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      • My house has a main external stair case in the south west corner of the building , and master the bed room in the south west with a attached bathroom in the south west corner and the WC in the toilet is fitted on the south wall. please advise the position of the toilet and WC as per the vasthu. Presently my house is under construction , so any changes required can be done as per vasthu .appreciate your advise !!!

      • Hello sir
        We are living in a house whose main entrance is southeast and kitchen is in NortheEast. Is there any remedy for this? God place is In dob Iis 17/02/1975 and my wife’s22/09/76.coold yyou please advise.
        Many thanks

        many thanks

      • sir i put my house main door outside pachamukhi hanuman photo in sitting position. i dont know we put standing position of pachamukhi hanuman. so now what will i do?

      • Hi Sir, My house has a bore well at the west and entrance of house is east.. which is direct opposite to entrance.. i know its wrong as its a old house we cannot change .. how can i correct or what is remedy

    • Dear bath room is in south west corner.I can’t remove it.b’cos house owner is my mother.we are facing so many financial,helth and argivment problems.please tel me simple remedies to salve this problems.

  2. Can I install Siddha rahu yantra inside the Toilet/bathroom located in the SW corner. What is the process of Installation…Where to fix the Yantra…. which wall …. Please advise me your opinion,

    • Hello Sunil ji:
      Never install nay yantra inside of toilet. That Yantra should be installed on south wall of South west room, and should be done under expert Astrologer guidance.

    • Sir, my toilet seat is in south west corner facing north, kindly suggest where should i place the pyramid and from where should i buy the pyramid , and there is a storage place above toilet where we have fixed the water tnk, pls tell me the complete remedy . My number is 8291340343

  3. Namaskar,

    My house is south east facing (in front of house there is a park) and having south-west main entrance. There is one more entrance at side-back of house in north direction. Please tell the remedy for this. Thanks in advance

    • Hello Pradeep Ji:
      Main entrance door in Southwest Vaastu dosh (defect) that brings instability in House.
      Paint a Brown color to main entrance door.
      Place a Swastik OM, Trishul on Main door.
      Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo above the main door.
      If possible construct a para-feet wall is SW more in height than other direction.
      Put a pendulum watch on South wall (inside the house).
      Strengthen the Northeast direction by putting Money plant, Fish aquarium in NE.
      And most important “Behave in Ethical way, do not involve in Unethical activities”

      • Namaskar Guruji,

        Thanks a lot for your quick advice. I have 2 more clarification, please answer them also.

        1.) Can I place the sticker of Swastik OM, Trishul on main gate and how many should I place (two or one?). Main gate having two doors (one is 2/3 of length and second is 1/3 of length).
        2.) Panchmukhi Hanuman photo, in this Hanumanji should be in sitting or standing position? There is no wall above the gate, so can I place it, at the top of gate?

        • Hello Pradeep:
          Place a Om, Swastik, Trishul on Main entrance door and not on Gate.
          Place a Panchmukhi Hanuman of Standing and ready for war position photo, this is also on wall above main entrance door.

          • Hello sir
            my problem is SW entrance , which being an apartment, i cannot alter or change . Just want to know if om, trishul and swastika need to be placed on both sides of the entrance door and hanuman jee should be placed in the inside wall above the entrance gate or outside wall. Also if pyramids can be used to correct this defect.

          • Hello Debraj ji;
            Place Om, Trishul and Swastika on both sides of the entrance door. Place “Panchmukhi Hanumanji” photo on above the door from outside.

          • Sir
            thank you for your prompt reply.As mentioned below my entrance is on SW side. This is a flat. If i try to change the entrance a bit by creating a wall in front of the entrance and putting up a gate facing west to east, will it remove the defect. However the area will still fall under SW section if center is considered from within the apartment. Regds Debraj.

          • Helo Guruji,

            I bought a new flat with west facing. The main door is at North-West corner of the flat facing towards west direction. We have to come from south direction to enter into my flat. But we put an iron gate at the south-west corner to enter towards our flat. Kindly please suggest me whether that south-west iron gate is good or not. If its not good to put the gate over there what are the remedies I have to take or should I remove the gate completely..

            Kindly please suggest me the best solution as soon as possible.


      • Hi Paternal house entry gate is in South West direction and its not in the fourth pada direction, ever since we bought the house with every big happiness comes a sadness and a misfortune along with it ,lost my mother and grandmother now only male members are there in the house and lot of difficulties faced. I wanted to ask that whether if i change the main entry in the west direction as there can be another door entry that can be created , will that help .???
        thanks and sincerly looking forward to your reply.

        • Hello Dr. Beri Ji:
          Southwest entrance means your house will have another defect in may be Northeast and Southeast. Because what you have Said that will be outcome of that defects. Any way please send me the plan of your house so that i can help.

          • Hello sir as requested kindly let us know the remedy for the house as requested. I have sent you the map of our house. Waiting fr your reply. Thanks.

          • Namaskar Guruji!
            Main 11th & 12th ke students ko physics padhata hun ! maine 5-6 mahine pahle Tution hall change kiya hai Lekin mujhe us nai jagah par strength(students) jutane mein bahut taklif ho rahi hai !Har saal ke comparision mein mere pass ess saal sirf 60% hi admission huye hai ! Nai jagah ke Hall ka South west side puri tarah se kati hui hai aur entrance bhi south east se hi hai matlab tution hall triangle ki tarah hai! to guruji Plz koi upay bataiye


  4. Hello,

    I am about to start a new business. It is a franchise of specialty food in the mall. The only store available has a SW entrance. This is an outdoor mall. I am in a dileme if this will bring badluck for my new business. It is a very small place with 550 sq ft and no windows. only one main door. I do not have any other choice at this point. Please advice.


    • Hello Mansi:
      Southwest door is not good for any residence or business, if it is in South that will be fine. (please inform your Date of birth we can check in that way)

        • Hello Mansi:
          Southwest entrance is not suitable for you. You are No.3 Northeast entrance is best suit for you.

          • Hello Khushi ji:
            According to date of birth, The Southwest entrance is not suitable for both you. [for you West and your husband Southeast]

          • Dear Guru ji,

            We moved the house one months back which has southwest entrance. I am noticing me and my husband has more argument then before. The Panchmukhi Hanuman photo do I need to put standing or sitting position? And which direction Gada should be? Plz help me.

  5. Hello Experts,

    I am living in a Flat. My masterbedroom is in the east direction . Sun rises through my window.
    and hence looking at this direction, main entrance door is in West or South-West. Can you help on this .

    Also, the common toilet is in center of the house between Living Room and two bedrooms. Kitchen is in South Direction . Can you suggest a few tips to enhance peace, happiness and prosperity.

    Please help


  6. I read somewhere that I need to install two Hanuman tiles ( with gada in left hand) on the main door as a Vastu defect correction….

    • please let me know whether two tiles of panch mukhi Hanumanji with gada in left hand standing we have to put above the main door or one photo of PANCH MUKHI with gada standing position above the door is ok for removing defect.s.subramanian telephone 09382183700.

      • Keep photo of PANCH MUKHI HANUMAN with gada in left hand standing position above the door, this is for South or South-west entrance door

  7. dear guru ji namastay I am from pakistan you know that no one have this vastu sense here I have purchased flat that has main gate entrance from southwest (corner) just opposite of my main gate entrance there is another falt’s main gate (entrance) please guide me what should I do or remedies I have to perform someone says if gate situated at fourth pada then it is good for residents

    • Hello Muhammad Ji:
      Vaastu is Science of five elements of Nature and its universal. Main entrance in Southwest is not good. Gate in fourth pada means it must be in South direction from southeast. However place a pendulum watch on South wall. Paint brown color on entrance door. Opposite house main gate will not imapct on you. And place your religious element on door. (like we put OM, Swastik, Trishul).

  8. guruji namaste,my house is having borewell on sw corner.Plot is on my fathers name Nandkishor, birth date-7/3/1953,we two brother,our wives and mother is having dispute among each other,pl guide for solution

    • Hello Pravin Ji:
      Southwest Bore-well will paralyze the family. Regarding your problem, defected Northeast and Southwest direction will create such problems.

      • Thanks.
        Dear sir,as discussed with you about the borewell my house is north facing ,in front of my house there is a garden area having a hill (tekdi/parvaat) , all other things in my house like mandir,bedroom,kitchen all are according to vastu ,recently I have constructed 1st floor ,that too according to vastu. my business is dairy related, my father is doing tradational cloth birth date is 31/10/75 ,Due to borewell I have not constructed the south west corner.Moreover at extreme southwest corner of this plot I have constructed a ground floor and first floor room.also kept water storage on this side .whether I should change the position of bore to northeast if possible or any remedy suggested by you will do the guide sir.

        • Hello Pravin Ji:
          Having a Hill in North may be a defect. However if possible Digg another Bore-well in Northeast deeper to Southwest. As i repeatedly say any remedy will reduce the negative effects and not eradicates the Defect. If water storage is on overhead in Southwest that is OK. { Sorry for late reply}

  9. Dear Sir,


    My name is Nithin N.K, basically from Bangalore India, at present I am working in a country called Malawi in Africa, Now i would like to inform you that i want to rent a house here in which the facing of the door is in South West Direction, and my Date of Birth is 02/05/1989, born in the morning 12.22 AM, Kumba rashi, purva badra nakshatra 2nd pada and i am getting married in the month of August and planning to Get my wife here to this house, and also i had no option of taking any other house other than this, so i would like to request you and s=ask weather its ok and what kind of remedies and be done to satay peacefully, healthy, wealthy and happy life in that house since as i told i newly getting married, Awaiting for the reply, Please do the needful.


    • Hello Nithinji:
      Southwest entrance is not recommended in any flat or Vaastu. As per your date of birth Northeast direction is best suit for you.

      • Dear Sir, my name is sundar ramaiyan DOB is:19.03.1080 mesa rasi ashwini cound you please suggest my home facing.
        kind Regards,

  10. Dear Guruji,

    We (joint family, parents and my family) recently moved to our new house, which is having the following orientation:-

    Plot – West Facing
    Plot Entry – West Facing in the North-West Corner of the boundary.
    House Main Entry – West Facing, Center

    South-West Corner – Has under “water tank”, but it has 4 feet margin on the south side, so it is not really
    East of NW is porch, which has septic tank.

    Please refer to the below diagram,
    please comment if there is a Vaastu-Defect in the construction,

    PLEASE suggest appropriate remedies .

    North-West North North East
    ->| |
    ->| Entry Porch _________________ |
    ->| | -> |
    ->| | stairs | Room
    | ____________________________| |
    | ->|Main
    | ->|door drawingroom hall room
    | ->|
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | _____ |___________________________ ____________________
    | | T |
    | | A |
    | | N |
    | | K |<[W] ROOM TOI KITCHEN
    | | | LET
    | | |
    | | |
    | ******** |_________[W]________|________|_______________|____________________|
    SW South South East

    • Hello Dinesh:
      South-West Corner under ground “water tank” is the major defect. Only remedy is to close that and shift it to North, NE, East direction.

      • Can painting the cover of the Tank to RED color , or installing RAHU Yantre in the SW corner room would help solve the issue?

        As this is a new house, and shifting the underground tank will not be feasible without damaging the finish.

        • Hello Dinesh Ji:
          Temporarily you can paint the RED color to minimize the effects. And place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on south or west wall facing that Tank. However permanent remedy is to shift the tank to North-Northeast- East. Installing RAHU yantra should be done under expert guidance.

      • Dear Guruji,

        My date of birth is 02/09/1976, our new house door is South. Kindly advise is ut suitable or plesse inform remedies

  11. Dear Sir, I am Rajeswara Rao from Malaysia. need your advice on vastu
    1)My house facing South direction with entrance gate is from Southeast pada right up to Southwest , need your advice should i close the Southwest portion?
    2)My main entrance door is right at center of the house in South but the door already enter Southwest portion about 1.5 feet, is it ok or any remedies?
    3) My house design is when enter main door on left there is a toilet in Southwest portion need your advice.
    4) My pooja room on 1st floor , the deities facing west , is it Ok or i need change to direction of the deities facing east , which one is good ?
    5) My master bedroom is in North until North east portion, is it ok i sleep here with my head towards south?

    My Date of birth is 17/June/1967

    Thank you in advance for your advice ,

    • Hello Rajeswarji:
      1. According to your date of birth main entrance in East direction is best suited for you.
      2. Southwest entrance will make a Struggle-full life.
      3. Toilet in Southwest is also major defect. Some time which may leads to accidents.
      4. Pooja room is OK.
      5. Northeast bedroom is also Major defect. Which gives overall failure in life every where.

      Overall your house is a Vaastu defected and requires lot of modifications. please call me 9494214400

  12. Hi,
    We are planning to buy a home. It’s entrance is in north east direction but kitchen in southwest and face towards west to cook.
    I read as health problems for the lady of the house. Could you please suggest anything about this

    • Hello Suha:
      Modify the Southwest for bedroom and shift the kitchen in Southeast direction, that will comply the Vaastu.

  13. hi
    I have shifted in a new house on rent. I found the following vastu dosha, for which I am requesting for easy remedial measure.
    Master bed room is in NE direction
    Toilet is in east direction.Drawing room is in NW direction,
    Kitchen is in SW direction.
    Children / guest room is in SE direction.
    Underground tank is in SE direction.
    Main entrance door for the plot is in SW.
    NE corner is part of master bedroom.
    Kindly suggest best remedial process or tips for resolution of above dosha.

    • Hello Bhardwaj:
      Every thing is against Vaastu principles except Drawing room. And any remedy will reduce the impact of that defect and not eradicate the defect totally. Its better to shift from there.

  14. hello sir,
    we stay in a condominium and our floor is 20 my home entrance is NE bus as i enter the house in front i have a living area it is SW and has a window in the living area.Basically there is a window in SW.My Birth date is 17-04-1987 .i stay there with my husband.

  15. dear sir my house main gate or enterance is south west direction, can i place trishakti yatra on both of the piller of the gate. panchmukhi hanuman ji with left sided gada whre we place

    • Hello Arun ji:
      Place a panchmukhi hanuman with left sided gada in Worrier position should be placed on west wall facing South – Southwest.

  16. Sir,
    My home is south west facing. Main gate is in left corner i.e. south-south west. Under ground water tank is on right side corner i.e. west.

    south southwest west
    Main gate underground water tank

    open space

    drawing room

    staircase door
    lobby lat bath


    Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2

    lat bath open space borewell

    east north east north
    The above is roughly plan of my house. My wife is facing health problems. Please suggest remedies and thanks.

  17. Hello,
    we are planning to buy a house its main entrance is North-northeast
    kitchen is southeast
    one bedroom and one bathroom are at northwest.
    but garage is southwest.
    There is garage door at south-southwest side.
    but exact on top of garage there is master bed room on 2 nd floor.Southwet
    my main concern is it ok if there is a garage door at southwest , We can’t change the structure of house , please could you tell me remedie for that.

    Thank you

    • Hello Jyothi Ji:
      Garage in SW attracts unwanted expenses and could move the car for repairs. However paint a reddish color to garage. Place a Panchmukhi Hanuman pic on west wall facing SW. also paint reddish color to garage door.

  18. Hello,
    can we enter from southwest door (GARAGE door) into the house…….. or it is better to park the car inside , come out and enter the house from main entrance (north ) ……….or we should not park the cars in southwest.can we open the garage door once in a week………. please let me know asp
    Thank you

    • Hello Jyothi Ji;
      Don’t get confused. If your Northeast and Southwest are strong, other things doesn’t make wrong with you whatever they are. Any way park the Vehicle, come out and enter the house using North main entrance door.

  19. Hi Sir,

    I live in a single room house. My entrance is North side. On west side there a huge window. On south side the wardrobes. My bathroom is in the SW corner. I have recently married (less than a year ago) and already having marriage issues. After marriage my husband and me lived together for 2 months and now he’s abroad. So i moved into this place about 15 days ago. Now i have a lot of financial issues, loans etc. Issues with my uncles and mother.

    Please help with some remedy.

    • Hello Uma Ji:
      Your husband is abroad means he moved there for earning. then how it could be issue. And any house or room does not gives any effects within 15 days. So be patience face every thing in ethical way. However Bathroom in Southwest could create problem.

  20. Actually problem is he was in process of applying for my visa, But about a week ago he said that he will not carry forward my visa as he does not think this relationship can work. We are fighting a lot on this issue.

  21. i have nursery and its lower portion is in south my date of birth is 14jan1965 wat is the remedy pl guide

    • Hello Raju:
      Increase the South portion and make it natural slope towards Northeast. And according to your Date of Birth, South is the best favorable direction for you.

  22. Pranam Guruji,

    please guide remedies for the following southwest facing flat B202 owner dob 3jan52


      • Guruji,
        we are facing financial problems, even after well qualified i am highly underpaid
        father who is the owner is also not getting contracts/jobs of government even after very hard work
        mother is always irritated due to some or other reason
        there is no peace of mind in family members
        every member has pain gets cuts in legs

        we earlier consulted vastu astrologer done some remedies
        like painted the sothwest wall redish colour and put trishakti yantra inside maindoor
        panchmukhi human/Ganeshji tile above main door

        but still problems are their

        • Hello Sam:
          Southeast bedroom and toilet are the main defect for causing cash-inflow or financial problem.
          Northeast little cut and Bedroom in Northeast are the defects causing you and your father for unfruitful hard work. Any remedy will reduce the negative impact and not eradicate that defect.
          Remedies: 1. Any how use the Southwest area as a bedroom for family head. [Even not changing any structure]
          2. Shift the kitchen to Southeast [presently you have a bedroom there] and Bedroom to Southwest [presently you have a Kitchen there]
          3. Use the North bedroom for your activities.
          4. Place a Panchmukhi Hanuman pic on above the main entrance door,also put a Silver Swastik on door.

  23. thtthanks for replying but classroom r in north east n open plaing area is in lower south n northwest any remedy

  24. sir,

    my main door is in south west end of the house with main door facing the west. my house is 1bhk with kitchen in the centre .do i have to place Place Swastik OM, Trishul on out side of the Main door itself or on both sides of main door from outside.can i place sticker of only swastik on both sides of the main door.i have extended NE room from east side by including balcony due to which my NE end got a cut from north side. also i have got one door in SE end in the NE room which most of the time in a day remain closed. can i eliminate the dosh of NE room by just placing a small mirror on the northern side of NE end

  25. Thank you mallesh garu, but you mentioned that strengthen the northeast and southwest means .
    please advice and brief me about how to strong this two please.
    let me know what to do

    Thank you for your time

  26. Namstey guru ji
    I planing on buying a home in florida
    The available options are plot facing north or east I can chose either orientation

    Every thing falls accordingly like southwest master bed and kitchen on the south east but not exactly south east but falls under that quadrant all the other bedroom fall under the northwest and north quadrant

    There is man made pond/lake Which fall in the west portion more toward the south
    And it is almost 200 to 300 feet.
    We might get a partial view of the water
    I read some where that if the object is considerable away then it is not a Dosha.
    Please advice if this is good
    Buying home on wife’s name
    Birth day 31 may 1978

    • Hello Shrinivas:
      Every thing is OK – No problem. If that Pond/Lake is at the distance of ” Twice the length of your house” that does not defects you. And according to Date of Birth you given, North-East facing is the best suited / favorable.

  27. Hello Guruji,

    Good to see so many people believe in Vaastu. :)

    I am currently settled in Singapore and renting a new house here.
    I would be moving to this house with my wife and my 15 months old kid.

    The house got 2 rooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms and one kitchen.
    We are planning to sublet one room to someone else.

    Here is the raw house plan which is an apartment . The people here do not believe much in vaastu.

    || | ||
    || | ||Window
    Windows|| | ||
    || Room 2 | Master Room |—————————|
    || | | Toilet 1 | Toilet 2 |
    NORTH || | | |
    || | Door | |
    Entrance————- Door ————-Door ————————————————- Door——|
    | | Fridge ||
    | | ||
    | ||
    | SOFA Open Kitchen Sink ||
    | ||
    | | ||
    | TV SOFA | Stove ||

    The Entrance is at 10 Degree North -East direction and the Master room got one attached toilet (almost in south).
    Living room is the West direction.
    Kitchen is open and falls in South-West direction.
    One toilet is inside the kitchen though not facing the kitchen stove etc and is at the corner end of the kitchen (this is the general structure of houses here. :( )

    Could you please recommend Vaastu remedies for this house.
    Any god picture etc or any Vaastu yantra I need to place.

    Please also recommend as my wife would face the west direction while cooking, can I put one mirror on the west wall opposite to her to reflect her image in east.

    Also which room will be best for us to stay as owner of the house.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Varun ji:
      I am not getting any clear idea about the flat. And what are the problems you facing now.

      • Hello Guruji,

        We still need to move to this new house from 1 June….So I am not sure about any problems which I can face due to Vaastu defects there.

        Let me give you a brief about the house:
        1) Entrance : North-East
        2) Common Room : North-East
        3) Master Room : South-East
        4) Master Room attached toilet : South
        5) Kitchen: South-West
        6) Stove : West Wall

        Please help me in reducing the ill effects of this house before moving there as I can see that there are many Vaastu defects in this house and I cannot construct or change any part of the house.



  29. Hello Guruji,

    We still need to move to this new house from 1 June….So I am not sure about any problems which I can face due to Vaastu defects there.

    Let me give you a brief about the house:
    1) Entrance : North-East
    2) Common Room : North-East
    3) Master Room : South-East
    4) Master Room attached toilet : South
    5) Kitchen: South-West
    6) Stove : West Wall

    Please help me in reducing the ill effects of this house before moving there as I can see that there are many Vaastu defects in this house and I cannot construct or change any part of the house.


    • Hello Varun:
      What you have said from that, Master Room : South-East and Kitchen: South-West, these are major defects please Enter -change them { Kitchen in Southeast and Master bedroom in Southwest} then everything will be according to Vaastu Shastra.

      • Hello Guruji,

        But we cannot change it as its rented house…

        Please tel me any remedy for this without exchanging?


  30. Hi,
    My house is having its main entrance at South west corner. House is owned by me and its on my name. My birth date is 28/04/1979. Please assist me with remedies for this if it is not favorable direction for me.

    • Hello Prasad:
      According to your date of birth Southwest is best suited and favorable direction for you don’t worry.

  31. Dear sir,

    Please suggest remedy for my home’s main entrance in southwest quadrant. The gate is on western wall of the home. Please… Please help.

    Mukul Soni

  32. hello guruji,
    please help me how to strengthen the southwest and northeast in the house………, that we can reduce vastu dosha…………please let me know how to strong this two areas.
    thank you

  33. hello
    I am living in the house which is east facing but my kitchen is in southwest corner and I cook facing towards husband is facing some health problems. can u please suggest any remedy bcos it is not possible to shift the kitchen .
    thank u

    • Hello Monica Ji:
      Kitchen in southwest and facing towards south while cooking is a defect: Remedy: Put a “Gadhadhari Hanumanji”
      Photo on back of cooking women facing South. Shift the kitchen in Southeast is the best remedy, because your husband is facing some health problems, so nothing is important than our survival.

  34. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to buy a house in the US, and we cannot make any changes to the house.
    Please find below the specifications of the house.

    – This is a town home.
    – It is a corner plot.
    – entrance of the house is towards SW direction
    – Main door is closer to West side
    – It is a 2 floor house

    – 1st floor:
    a) Kitchen: SE
    b) Dining/open space – NE
    c) Stairs – W, leaning onto NW wall
    d) Half bath in the west corner
    e) 5 feet patio towards the entrance towards SW of the house

    – 2nd floor:
    a) Master bed room – SW
    b) Guest bedroom – NE
    c) both the restrooms – SE
    – Garage entrance is from NE

    Our concern:
    – The house is facing SW and
    – But we have a garage entrance in NE direction, usually which we will be using to enter the house.
    – There is also 5 feet patio/Balcony that is present in SW entrance of the house
    Are there any remedies of this.

    My Date of birth is: Nov 6th, 1985

    Please let us know if a SW entrance would be ok for us.
    Or please suggest any remedies.

    Thank you.


  35. HELLO,namaste guruji
    our house is still under construction but we have septic tank and kitchen in south west direction because we dont hv any other place…..please help us ans please tell us that what will be the swastik,om and trishul will be made up of??and how much does all the remedies above reduce the dosh?? Does it remove it completely?? if not then what should we do more???

    • Hello Siuli ji:
      Septic tank and kitchen in Southwest direction are the Major defects which leads to Struggle-full life and adverse effects on Financial status. However house is under construction so change the Kitchen to Southeast and Septic tank to Northwest. Any remedial measures will reduce the negative effect but not Eradicate that defect [Dosh]

  36. Hello
    my house is north facing, and my main door is in east…my main problem is my finaince and healh
    south direction of my house is open thr is our backyard… and in the south west direction yhr is septic tank also… with ths in my built up area thr is a bathroom in southwest dieration.
    plz help me

    • Hello Manjju ji;
      Southwest and Southeast defects will leads to Struggle-full life and adverse effects on Financial inflow.
      Please send me a plan of your house along-with Date of Birth of registered owner of this house.

  37. Hello Guruji,

    In my current house the kitchen is there in South corner and the while cooking the lady will face the South-west…

    Also my bathroom falls under South-East. Does lightning red bulb in it will help?

    Please tel me the Vaastu remedy for this without changing the kitchen.

    • Hello Var Ji:
      Kitchen in South is acceptable, try to face east while cooking. Bathroom [With WC] in Southeast is defect which brings female health problems with difficulties in financial inflow. Lightning red bulb will reduce the negative impact but not eradicate the defect.

      • Hello Guruji,

        But the stove is attached towards South-West side and cannot be changed.
        Is there way to reduce the impact of it like hanging some mirror, etc?

        The house is rented one so we cannot do much changes. Is there a way to reduce the negative impact of over-all vaastu defects of the house like by placing some deity pics or some yantra, etc?


  38. Dear Sir,
    My new house is having its main gate at south west direction. Is this direction favorable for me? My DOB 19/07/1977. If not what are minor solutions to be taken. Thanking in advance.

    • Hello Mahendran:
      According to your date of birth Southwest main entrance is not suitable. North is suitable for you.

  39. Dear Guruji, since 1.5 years, I am living in a flat with SW facing main door entrance, bathroom on the left in SW, Kitchen SW, Hall N with balcony NE, Master Bedroom & attached bathroom NE, Guest Bedroom NE. In the last 1.5 yrs, I am having problems at work (previously very successful career), health issues, broken relationship and lost money. Please advice how to resolve. Birth date 18 Oct 1978. Thank you in advance. Namaste.

    • Hello Kumar:
      1.SW facing main door entrance. 2. Bathroom and Kitchen in SW. 3. Master Bedroom & attached bathroom in NE : These are a Sever defects, which gives failure and struggle full life. No name and fame, no peace of mind. You have to make some modifications, if so please call me on +91 9494214400

  40. hi

    my house facing SE
    Ground floor given for rent
    We are planing to stay on First floor where door opening SW for main steps
    the SW door is at 1M high level do 9 external steps are there from south

    Ground floor East corner Car porch
    First floor East corner Terrace and step starts towards upper floor

    Please tell me the remedy for this vaastu dosh. Thanks.

    Bobby S

  41. Hello sir,

    We are looking for guidance on how to make this home best for vaastu, and what remedies we can implement including pyramids and mirrors wherever possible prior to performing our vastu shashtra pooja.

    We are moving into a townhome. There are multiple townhomes on one street facing similar townhomes across the street. From the front side of the townhome, it faces E but has stairs going up to the main floor. There is no door on the back side except for a garage on the basement level (located in the NW corner of the bottom floor with the driveway facing the W side of the home. Please keep in mind whenever I reference the N walls, it is not an open N wall since it is a wall dividing our home and the neighbor’s home. We have a corner townhome with open space to the E, W, and S, but not N Both my wife and I have birthdays 07/23/83 and 07/31/88, respectively. My wife is pregnant as well.

    On the main floor:
    As we enter, the living room / family room occupies the entire SE corner. The main floor is an open floor with no doors or walls separating the kitchen, dining area, and living room. The SE corner is the living/family room and the SW corner is the kitchen. In between is the dining table placed in the S part of the home in the middle of E/W of the open floor area. The refrigerator and stove are located on the S wall in the SW corner of the townhome. The cook would face the S while cooking. There is a 2 slot sink on the W wall with a normal size window. On the N side of the kitchen, there is a kitchen pantry. The wall of the kitchen pantry is adjoined with the staircase up/down in the townhome, Across from the stairs there is half bathroom as well. We also have an electric fireplace and TV stand with TV sitting on the north wall of the E portion of the townhome.

    Upstairs Floor:
    We have 3 bedrooms. All beds are being placed E/W. There are two bathrooms. Both toilets are facing E/W and W/E. We go upstairs in a clockwise manner spiral stairs.

    Bedroom 1:
    One bedroom is in the NE, where we are planning on establishing our temple like room. The photos will be on the south wall with a normal size window in the E side and a study table on the E wall facing E. We may place an extra bed on the N wall of this bedroom as well.

    Bedroom 2:
    This bedroom is in the SE, where we are planning on establishing our guest bedroom and future children room. No further plans with this room yet. We do need to identify what direction to place a TV in this room. Again, there is one normal size window in the E side.

    Master Bedroom 3:
    This bedroom is in the SW. The master bedroom has a bathroom attached to it in the S side. The two bathrooms (one common outside of the master bedroom and one inside the master bathroom) are joined by one wall using the same plumbing system except that there is a separate door, toilet, sink,and tub for each bathroom. Both bathrooms are located on the S wall, with the master bedroom’s bathroom extending slightly into the SW area as well. We have one normal size window in the W side. We are in need to place a crib and dresser in this room, but need guidance for direction.

    On the basement/ground floor:
    As we go downstairs, it is counter clockwise manner spiral stairs. There is a living room area in the S/SE corner of the basement. On the N wall sits the water tank. There is a small laundry room in the NE corner. The laundry machines face E. The SW corner is an open storage area with an open sump pump area, drainage to sewer tanks, available plumbing to build a bathroom easily in the future if necessary, and can be built even into a bedroom if necessary. This area will hold our storage of excess food in the home, tools,boxes, etc. The NW corner is the door to the garage where the garage driveway faces W.

    Please advise on how this meets or not meets Vastu Shashtra principles. Additionally, please provide remedies wherever possible for us to fix with pyramids, mirrors, internal construction fixes, etc.

    Thank you,

  42. dear guruji,

    My in laws lives on ground floor and ground floor main gate entrance is in north west.But we live on first floor independently and our main door entrance is in south west . Bedroom is in NE and kitchen is in southeast and facing south while working in kitchen toilet is in room is in NW.My husband name is vijay singh dob is 21/7/1970.we are suffering from financial as well as health problems we don ‘t have saving also.My husband don’t have stable job as well.At present their no job and earnings.

    kindly suggest some remedies for our better future and financial growth.I will be really thankful to you.

    • Hello Suvi Ji;
      Main entrance door in Southwest, Bedroom is in NE, these are defects and gives problems what you are facing now. According to DOB of your husband the South is favorable direction for him however Southwest may be acceptable. Defect in Southwest will leads to instability in life.
      So Shift the bedroom to Southwest or use Southwest direction as a bedroom, Never use NE bedroom, In kitchen you must face East while cooking. If you have a another toilet, close this toilet in kitchen of Southeast.

  43. Namaskar Guruji,

    Purchased New Flat, without consulting anything on Vaastu Shastra…………after reading few vaastu position I realized that the My Main Entrance is towards south which is not correct as per vaastu………….consulted one person about the same, he says this negative vibes of entrance door can be diverted if i keep some heavy structure or statue on the entrance inside / outside the hall. Not sure of what structure to be placed at entrance, he recommended anything which heavier than anything else.

    My flat is at extreme corner of the apartment on 7th floor i.e. top floor of the building. 3 balconies with north facing (Sea View) , 2 bhk 1bedroom in east and 2nd bedroom at west. Kitchen is facing towards East Side, Master Bedroom towards west directions. All windows are facing towards north direction.

    I took it for some investment purpose, and not been occupied yet slowly trying to furnish it and will put on for rent purpose. In future if i want stay what remedies you suggest which can get the positive vibes to my apartments.

    Location : Goa
    DOB: 20.07.78



    • Hello Nitin ji:
      According to your DOB Northeast is the favorable direction for you. Please call me on 9494214400

  44. Hello Sir,
    We are buying a house with Southwest facing front door. the house itself is west – east facing. my date of birth id March 7th 1975. can you let me know if it is good for us or not. if not can you suggest the remedies we can use.

    • Hello Mamata ji:
      According to your DOB [As if you are registered owner] North Direction is suitable for you. So the house facing Southwest front door is not recommended.

  45. I Live in a flat and noticed whenever I shift in my flat i go though lot of financial insecurity and stress. Shifted into the house in 2002 and the company working for closed down and then have t move out as got job in Bangalore after a break of 5 and 1/2 months. Again shifted back into my house in 2006 joining a new company back in gurgaon . Worked for company for 6 years and had bad financial experience and finally lost that job also last march. From that time struggling to settle my own biz but not successful so far.
    My entrance is south west. Master bedroom east . Another bedroom in south. Please advice .

    • Hello Renuji:
      Entrance in South west and Master bedroom in East are the defects. However from what you said, please contact a well known astrologer and check whether there is Pitru Dosha in one of your family members.

  46. Sir, we have underground water tank in south or in south west direction, it was built 20-25 years ago, i was ZSM in good company but now have lost the job, in job also i got 3 promotions , so i would like to know is the tank in this direction is good or bad , if bad than what is the remedy. Direction of my house is Northwest.

    • Hello jaideep ji:
      Underground water tank in South or Southwest direction is a Major defect and leads to Sudden losses, Accidents and struggle full life. So closing that tank is the remedy. Because any remedy will only reduce the negative effect and not eradicate the defect.

  47. Namaste
    I have just purchased a flat in building having entrance at East. However the main door of my flat is exactly at south. Kitchen at north east and toilet bathroom at southwest. i’m bit confused to shift in this house. Kindly guide me whether my fear is right? suggest the remedies

    • Hello Jyotsna Ji:
      Main entrance door of flat in South, Kitchen in Northeast, and Toilet bathroom in Southwest these are main defects, which causes Instability, Financial problem with Struggle-full life. Think of your own and decide.

      • Thank you Sir for your kind reply. I have invested a lot in that property. Can these negative effects avoided by the remedies. I want your guidance. shall I send you the plan of my flat if required? The flat is registered on my husband’s name and myself name. His DOB is 14/08/1969 and time 9.00 pm and mine is 23/09/1970 and time 9.30 am. Please advice.

      • Hello sir I have some financial problem going on for last 3 years my date of birth is 8/8/1974 time 4:26 pm and my husband 18/01/1977 time 3:20 am sir we bought unit no 7 and my unit block entrance is west but my flat entrance south or southeast and my kitchen in south east and while cooking my face in East and my bedroom in northeast and bathroom in East and northwest and north is cut and living area in west and south west side I don’t know sir what to do my husband work so hard but fruits are very small and my 50000 somebody owe not paying me back for last 3 years please sir help me out

  48. Guru ji,
    I am planning to purchase a flat having main door entrance in southwest and another option is southeast. Kindly help.
    my date of birth is 2nd aug 81 and time is 2042. My mercury is in 6th house and it is written that north direction is bad for me. Please suggest me which direction is best as per my horoscope?
    Help please.


  49. My D.O.B is 17.5.1968. My entry to my home (door) is facing west side. Is there any vastu dosha. If so, what is the remedy.

    • Hello K S:
      According to your DOB East direction is favorable for you. And having a West facing main entrance is not a Vaastu Dosh.

  50. Hello sir I am facing lot of instability in life my husband have sleep apnea and his mother died in age 44 and father re merry and keep no relation with my husband he is Emotionally distress when I Mary him in 20feb 2009 we bought flat in old building 3 years back all our earning getting waste on medical bills and somebody owe 50000 not giving our money back 2years now every time we ask for money he make excuses don’t know what to do sir my unit block entrance may be west or south west and main flat entrance is south or southwest and inside is living area more towards west and southwest and northwest is cut and my bedroom in extended northeast side and east toilet and south east kitchen we r struggling so much for every little desire and fight with each other without any solid reason even my neighbours front opposite flat no 8 people are always fight with us I was doing sunderkand once a week and now evening one mustard oil lamp on southwest or south direction for my ensacters all things change little bit but please help me sir and my self is not earning anything that is also one problem could not able to find any job and always lose job if I get one sir here is my details
    Me 8/8/1974 time 4:26 pm delhi
    Husband 18/01/1977 time 3:20 am Punjab

  51. Hello Guruji,

    My East direction comes to a corner side of the house where no structure exists i.e it is blank/empty.
    I cannot construct or extend my house as it is a rented house.
    I got room in the north-east which has got windows opening in east side.

    Please suggest me some remedy for the same.


  52. Hello Guruji,

    My DOB is 20/12/1978 Mumbai 9.20 AM and currently living in rented house where apartment main door is 210 degrees approx between South and South west. Main building entrance is West facing. On the North side of the building is parking area and from our flat overlooking Masjid backside is there towards north east section of the building. In kitchen gas is approx placed between North and North west. In the southwest section of our apartment is toilet. Its single room kitchen apartment (studio apartment). So our living room and bedroom is the same. We sit facing eastern wall for eating and viewing TV approx and sleep on the southern wall corner and on the other side of wall is the gas.

    Please advise vaastu remedy. Thanks

        • Hello Minesh
          Please put a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on above the main entrance door. Just paint a Red color strip at doorstep of Toilet.

          • Thank you so much Guruji and will incorporate your suggestion.

            I had placed orange Ganpati above the main entrance, so can i place Panchmukhi Hanuman alongside Ganpati. please advise.

            What is the best direction for me to have another rental apartment.

          • Minesh Ji:
            Put a Ganpati on exact door on upside frame [Chaukhat] and Panchmukhi Hanuman on above the door [on wall]
            Northeast and May be East is the favorable direction for you.

  53. Namaste Guruji,
    I have a window A/C on the southwest corner of my house,wud it be a vastu defect if yes,wht wud be the remedy?

  54. Hi Guruji,

    I’m residing in Melbourne and very recently we have to move to a unit with kitchen in south west and bedroom in South East. I’ve to lease this place till end of Jun 2015 and got to know that both of these are not good.

    Is it ok if I use living room as Bedroom and put our bed in North west. Will this mitigate any ill effects and I cannot change kitchen from South West as it’s is prebuilt.Please suggest any remedies and suggestions.

    • Hello V P Sagiraju:
      Kitchen in South west and bedroom in South East are defects. You can use Northwest as Bedroom. Still you have to face ill effects of SE and SW

      • Thanks for replying Guruji.What are the consequences?Please suggest any remedy as I have leased this property for an year and I cannot move out now. I can see unrest in family harmony and health problems for my wife.

  55. Dear Guruji..

    As per my DOB 01.12.1974 mine main entrance is in North East direction, which is favourable for me as per your study, I am on 7th floor and room no is 701, on Main Entrance I have placed idol of lord ganesha inside and outside of main door and panchmukhi hanuman outside the main door. As per your Vaastu study , ther is an Vastu dosh in South east As well as South west direction. As per plan Bedroom is in South west Corner and Puja room in West .
    Pls suggest the remedies for south west as well as south east direction, infact my kitchen is in South east direction.
    Even well qualified person but still struggling for jobs as well as financial stability.

    pls guide me on the same

    Sandeep Jagtap

    • Hello Sandeep Ji:
      Bedroom is in Southwest and Kitchen in Southeast direction are not defects, they are according to Vaastu Shastra. Not necessary to place panchmukhi hanuman outside the Northeast main door.

  56. I am very much satisfied with the solutions you have given to different vaastu problems.

    My friend has a problem. He stays at a rented quarter. The problem is there is a borewell at the southwest corner. He always have financial problems, and his wife always not well someway or other.
    The main door faces south. The main door and rear door is in same line. One bedroom is on southwest side, and the other bedroom is on northwest side, the toilet is in between these bedrooms.Kindly let me know a solution to this problem.

    Thanking you.

    • Hello Sreeprakash Ji:
      Thank you for a nice compliment.
      Bore-well in the southwest and South facing main door are the biggest defects. And if this is Rental then shifting to elsewhere could be fine Solution.

  57. Hello Guruji,

    I am suppose to have a rental apartment where east is main entrance of apartment. Living room area is on south side and bedroom roughly on south western side where bed can be placed on western wall only, both this room has small balcony. Opposite to this balcony on south side there is Car parking building and connecting lobby on the same floor of mine. Kitchen is north eastern sector of the apartment. Close to kitchen side there is guest bathroom and main bathroom it’s on northwest corner of the bedroom where on southern side is the mirror with basin. In bedroom the cupboard inbuilt place on north side. Can you please advise is it suitable for me to have it on rental or look for something else as per your suggestion

    My DOB 23 August 1983.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    • Hello Sapna JI:
      Kitchen is north eastern sector is a defect. Bedroom in Southwestern side and bed can be placed on western wall only, means your head will be in West direction while sleeping. Kitchen is sharing common wall with guest bathroom- defect. This flat not recommended because of defected kitchen.

      • Thank you Guruji for your suggestion.

        I had looked for another rental apartment in which it’s North or North East Main Door Entry with Kitchen on North West Side and while cooking facing north. Bedroom on South side of the apartment and 2 bathrooms on the South East and South section of the apartment. Please advise is it suitable or not.

  58. Namasthe Guruji, my house is south west facing. My date of birth is Jan 8th 1966. What would be the effects and remedies. Thank you Guruji.

  59. dear sir,

    our maindoor is on sowthwest direction. apartment is rented what should I do for that…
    please suggest me asap. want to move 25th june 2014…

    • Hello Kaminiji:
      As such Southwest door is not preferred, and nay remedy will reduce the negative impact upto some extent and not eradicate the defect. Please inform me date of birth of Family head to live this appt.

  60. Hello,
    We are planning to buy new home. It has two entrance main entrance is in south west direction and rear is north-east direction.Is it ok that we use only rear entry? and buy the house? my DOB – 18th feb 1984 and my husband DOB – 10 oct 1983.Thank you.

    • Hello Mini ji:
      According to your date of birth [18.02.1984] Southeast is the favorable direction for you and your husband [10.10.1983] North direction is favorable for your husband. However the Southwest entrance is not recommended.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. So could we buy the house where we can use only rear entry and not main door which is in south west.? will it still have bad effects .?
        Thank you again for your reply.

        • Miniji;
          The Main door or on which direction of your house there is a Road, this situation decides the facing of the house. As we use rare entrance is our adjustment or convenience, and that can’t change the facing of the house.

          • Ok,We wont buy the house then.Thank you for all your advise. Thank you again for your quick reply.

  61. hello sir

    I am staying in US..My front door is south west facing….we are living in apartment….My husband DOB is 1 jan 1978 and mine is 8 june 1978…..

    can you please check whether this is favaourable for us or not…


    • Hello Aruna Ji:
      According to your date of birth [08.06.1978] Northeast is favorable direction.
      For Your Husband [01.01.1978] South is favorable direction.

  62. Hello sir,
    I’ve been reading a lot about southwest entrance,Unfortunately my house entrance is husbands date of birth is :04/06/1974 and my DOB is 25/5/1977.
    with great difficulty we constructed this house and we have no other is just 600sqft

    I’m really worried,Please help me.

    • Hello Maheshwari ji:
      According to date of birth of your husband [04.06.1974] Southwest is favorable direction [If he is registered owner of this house]
      Nothing to worry.

  63. Sir, I have read in detail about the vaastu doshas you have mentioned. I have just acquired a house on the first floor for rent for office cum residence purpose for a period of 3 years. I have done the final agreement and paid the amount. Only later i realised that the underground sump is in SW corner of the house. The kitchen sink is also in South corner. The main switch board is in North east corner of the living room.
    Now I cannot do anything. Can you please suggest some remedies since mine is a rented house and I am not able to find a decent house within the budget provided by my office. Also now its too late to leave the house. I have to shift there next week and live in the house for another three years. I want success in my career. Please advise.

  64. Sir mere ghar mai toilet tank main gate ke theek sath mai hai jo ki north east direction mai hai or toilet south-east corner mai hai ghar mai bimari bhot jyada hai ap please koi solution btae
    ghar east facing hai

    • Hello Pankaj Ji:
      Septic tank in Northeast and Toilet in East are the Sever defects. And shifting these to their respective places is the remedy.

  65. Hello sir, good day to u.

    I’m running a logistic firm and offered a office lot which I alredy taken up with facing south with main door(the only door) at fully south west corner. And a beam at south middle, window at NE till NW (but most of it unable to open). The door color is dark brown. Built in cabinet at South till South east. A small office -197.0sq feet and office lot no: 212. My dob: 4th Nov 1973 & my husband 20th Nov 1966. Please advice remedy. Thanks

  66. Hello Guruji,

    I have my kitchen wall done with blue tiles and the gas stove faces to the south. Would this cause any problems?


  67. Sir
    I require your advice for my house and would like to send you the plan of my house. kindly send me your email id and contact number. Is it possible for you to pay a visit

  68. Hello Guru Ji,

    I am a beliver in vastu ,I have few questions i understand that north west should be deeper/ lower than any other side and it can have water feature, but wanted to check if it’s fine to have a lotus pond in the North east corner, and can we have entrance gate on both NNE & ENE side as the plot in North East corner plot ?

    • Hello Khaja:
      Northeast and not Northwest should be deeper/ lower than any other side. Lotus pond in the North east corner is fine.

  69. Hello guruji…
    We are planning to buy a flat…its east facing with entry in NE… is in SE quadrant……2 balconies are in tha entire south and one balcony is in NW…..both toilets come in NW quadrant of the flat on the north wall….my birthdate is 02/03/82 & my husband’s is 20/12/74….we r buying flat in his name….flat no. Is C9…….pls suggest.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Pooja :
      Every thing is according to Vaastu, Just balcony could be problematic. Where is the Bedroom

  70. I have recently moved to a rented flat whose entrance is in the east, but the flat is longitudinal, i.e,room after room in the East-west direction. there is only one room in the east- the drawing area, then the master bedroom through a passage, then a dining area extended in the SW direction and another bedroom towards the NW direction. we also have a small balcony in the SW corner.i want to know about the vastu fact about the bedroom in the north direction (which is not in any corner but north)

  71. Hi,

    There’s a query regarding toilet in southwest direction. We have our toilets and bathroom in Southwest direction, would like to know the effects of it and have remedy for the same.


  72. Dear Sir,

    I just had a look at a property which i am about to buy. MY DOB is 11 july1982 and my wife is 11 july 1988. The house is south facing but the plot is lot square in the edge of south, it is oval at the south west corner, The door is facing southwest 210 at compass. We are a bit worried. Can you please give us some direction. Many thanks


    • Hello Daren:
      Generally rectangle or Square shaped plots are preferable for any house. Oval at the Southwest corner means odd shaped plot, not recommended.

      • Thank you very much for your reply. The main entrance is south-west at 210 at compass. the kitchen is in North-east, dining is north-west, main-bedroom on top of living room south-east, second bedroom north-west, third bedroom north-east. toilet north-east. can you please let me know if it is ok and suits for our DOB. Many thanks again

  73. Dear sir,
    My new flat entrance is at west side towards right i.e. SW direction please tell me is there any problem and if yes tell remedies also. My BOD is 9th may 1984 and my husband BOD is 22th july1984
    thanking you in anticipation.

  74. dear guruji
    i am having residential house of two bedroom house facing east (road is towards south) my problem is kitchen is located in south west corner this house is rented even i am not residing in this building is there any effects to me please suggest remedy for this guruji.

  75. I am born on feb 24 1972 and am purchasing a house facing south direction with the main door being on the west side. Do you think its advisable?

  76. I have balcony slightly extended (about one feet) on SW, can i place the sidha rahu yantra on the balcony wall. Pls advise


    • Hello Shreyans Ji;
      Sidha Rahu Yantra can be placed under expert guidance. Mean while place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” facing SW on south wall.

  77. Hello sir,

    I have recently rented a house where the main entrance is facing east, one bed room is towards south-east, second room is towards south, Main hall is north-west, kitchen and toilets are towards south-west. My DOB is 15.02.1976. Kindly advise whether there are any doshas and remedies to be done

  78. We are living in a rented flat whose entrance is towards South West and we are in a contract with the owner till next year so we cannot change our house before that.
    Despite my trying so much and being very well qualified, I am finding it very difficult to get a job. And since my husband is the only earning member with responsibilities, we are finding it very difficult to maintain any savings. My husband and I seem to have a lot of quarrels recently for financial and other issues and I have lost my peace of mind and feel depressed.

    My Star is jyeshta ; vrischika raashi and my husband’s star is uttarashada ; dhanur rashi. I have sent the plan of our house to your email. Please give us some remedies to help get back happiness to our family.

    • Hello Guest:
      By which name you have sent the plan, and there seems SW and NE defect in your flat.Can you please call me on 9494214400

  79. HelloSir,

    We recently moved into a NE facing house. But the slope is towards the west. I read that westward slope is not good. Can you please suggest some remedy to fix it. My date of birth is June 29th 1970. Thanks a lot.

  80. Hi guruji,
    My dob is 22 11 1979 and my wifes dob is 16 12 1981. We have booked an under construction flat at fourth floor under our name in a building with four flats per floor. The main entrance of my flat is west south corner with wall in front of entrance.we have the option to make this entrance south west corner to get more direct access to flat and is more practical. After reading so much about sw entrance am not sure wat will b best option. Kindly advice

  81. hello guru ji

    I m going to buy a flat entrance door is in between south and south west or south east [composes showing] direction [i m confuse] and my date of birth is 28-11-74. pl. suggest me should I buy or not and if buy, then what will be remedies. pl. give me all three direction answers.

  82. Hello Sir…

    Ealing our main door was facing south, then we made one room attached to it and now the main door is facing to west .. but in this new room in ( If u consider entire plot then it’s facing south) South direction we have an underground tank placed, I believe this is not good? If so do we have any remedies sir..

    It would be very helpful if u reply sir :)

    Take care.

  83. Hi,
    My birth date is 11th Mar 1984 and my wife birth date is 24th Dec 1986. Is southwest entrance is ok for us.

    • Hello Guruprit:
      According to date of birth [11.03.1984 ] = South and [ 24.12.1986] = Southeast are the favorable direction

  84. Hello guruji…
    We are planning to buy a flat with entrance facing South west…my birthdate is 11th March 1984 & my wife’s birth date is 24/12/1986…..pls suggest.
    Thank you.

  85. Dear Sir

    I have cut in the South West corner of my flat and there is a place to keep washing machine in west but the floor level is 1 feet below the normal floor level of the flat. Please suggest

  86. Namaste Gurujii
    we had bought a house in newjersy(usa). After deal is finalized we found out house is facing south west. There is no road facing that side only we can see the trees and railway track.. if we use garage as a entrance that is facing north east and that side connect to the main road…so what you suggest should we use the garage as entrance is it ok….or there is any other solution to negate the effect of south west. and can we use garage as entrance and when our guest come we use main door.. please reply.

  87. Hello sir,

    i have southwest corner cut ground so the building constructed also in the southwest cut
    shall i have a small vinayagar temple in southwest corner

  88. Dear Sir, I have an open backyard in the plot, toward the southern direction. However, there is a septic tank in the South-West direction. I have seen my kids develop foul language in their normal conversations, myself getting into heavy debts that I am not able to get rid of, absolutely no recognition to my hard work at client’s place, backstabbing by my own superiors and friends, my wife and myself facing with gall-stones, to list a few of our woes. I feel so disgusted at the way the life is being lived, no solution available. Please suggest any remedies that could effectively negate this dosha in South-Western direction of the plot.

    • Hello Nag:
      What you are saying from that it seems there is defect in Southwest and Northeast. So please send me the plan of your house so that i will better help you.

      • Respected Sir, Namaste. I am in the process of drawing a sketch of the house plan and sending it your email address @ I will get back to you shortly with regard to the details. Thanking you in anticipation. .

        • Respected Guruji, I have sent the email with the attachment. I could not send the attachment early, as I did not have the scanner at home. I had to scan it from my office today and hence the delay. Thanking you in anticipation.

          • Respected Guruji, I am still waiting for your kind response. Please do the needful. Thanking you in anticipation.

  89. I need help for following defects..

    1) Toilet at Bramhasthan
    2)North side is cut
    3)Bedroom is at North West
    4)South West side is Open
    5)Main Entrance is at South East.

  90. Hi Team,

    I have following vastu defects in my house (ground floor only)

    1. Kitchen in the South West direction- a store is above the kitchen
    2. Underground water tank in South East direction.
    3. Anti-clockwise staircase in South East direction.
    4. Main gate in the middle of South direction.
    5. Another gate in the East direction towards the South East Corner (under the staircase)

    Request you to please suggest some remedies.

    Thanks & regards,

  91. sir, planning to take a flat on rent. saw two flats, first description is as . entrance-east,balcony-west,kitchen-west side near to one toilet bathroom, one small room-west,one big master br-north-east cornor attached one toilet bath in east north cornor of room. 1 br- east north cornor. living in south east cornor.
    second flat description is as. entrance-south near east,1br-west north cornor,2 br – east north,3 br-south west, kitchen-west middle, bathroom-east,and east side with south west bedroom. balcony-west side where one very big field park faced.
    pl advice which to take on rent which sud be vastu compliance.

    I also want to tell that I having my own flat here in Kolkata, which main door in east side, 1mastr br-south west cornor, 2nd BR-south west and 3rd br – west north cornor. kitchen-west ,big toilet-south mid ;living room-east; but due to some financial problem I am planning to shift into rent flat which sud be vastu compliance.
    please help and guide us.

  92. Dear Guruji,
    I have 3 BHK flat which is having two attached bathroom toilets , one is attached to South side master bedroom and its bathroom/toilet is at SE. The another is common and also at SE. The house main entrance is at North East.One guest bedroom is having at north side and having toilet at NW. All three bedrooms and Hall is getting west side sun rays as west side is completely open.What are the defects and remedy’s


  93. Dear Admin Sir,
    Recently i have rented a house which has its main gate and entrance door both in south west direction. Please advice some remedies for it if it has vastu dosh.

    • Hello Anil:
      Main gate and entrance door both in south west direction is defect. And being rental no need to Worry, because it affects up to 50 %

      • Dear Sir,
        Many thanks for your kind reply.
        Please advice any remedies or precautions to be followed as I will be moving to the house in next 2-3 weeks with my wife and 5 years old son. It is a company provided house and rented for next 2 years.

        • Hello Anil:
          Put a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on South wall facing South-west direction.
          Use brown color in South-west corner.
          Keep one pendulum watch in South-west area.

  94. Deat guru ji,
    I have purchased a flat without concern and somebody told me it is not as per vastu. Below are the details of my house, pls suggest me doshas and solution.
    my name is manish manocha and date of birth is 2nd aug 1981.

    1. House no : 814= 13 number if we sum up. Is this number not good ?
    2. House main entrance : north east
    3. Master bedroom : north east
    4. Pooja room : north west
    5. guest room : south east
    6. 3 Bathrooms : NW, NW, NE
    7. kitchen : south east.


  96. Hi Sir,

    My name is veerendra prasad my D.O>B is 05.07.1983 time:10:20PM Bharni nakthram,we are planing to move rent house which face having South face.Right know im facing some problems in finace,career,so please give advise.



  97. My newly rented flat has its main entrance gate in southwest direction facing south.However,there is no road facing south or west.My dob is 23-02-1991.I want to know if panchmukhi hanumanji photo should be placed above the main door inside of the flat or on outside of the flat.Can i also place the photo on the main door if there is no space above the door?

  98. Dear Guru ji,.

    we are entering in new rental house which is south west facing as per this accident can be happened .how we can change this defect please reply cause my mother is not well so.i dont want any misfortune.

    • Hello Aradhanji:
      Though you are moving in South-west facing house, why expect such unwanted things. And you are so aware of all things then its better not to move in such house.

  99. Hello sir, my husband and myself live in a flat which has SE and SW entrance, We use the SE Entrance . WE have lots of plants in the front of the Entrance in SE. Our bed room is in the NE and kitchen in West. Pls advice how we can remove the ill effect of South entrance. My birth date is 25/05/79 ad husband 11/06/74

  100. Hi Sir,

    I own a west facing flat which has its master bedroom in south west and it is extended outside. ie, my house construction area is not rectangle, but southwest extended. Also in the northeast, there is a workarea attached to the kitchen that drains water. Not sure if these are the root causes, but the problems that I face are –

    1) Kid not keeping well, almost always ill
    2) Both money inflow and outflow are high
    3) Frequent unnecessary quarrels between inmates for trivial issues. Not a peaceful environment.
    4) Somebody or the other is having health issues at any point of time.
    5) Professional prosperity is not materializing, despite good work.

    Please help with remedial measures. I read about pyramid vaastu strips that can virtually cut the extended portion of my bedroom, but I would require expert advice – on both southwest extension issue and northeast water drain.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Sir, a correction in the above question. The workarea attached to kitchen is in the ‘northwest’, NOT northeast. Sorry for the confusion…..

  101. Dear Sir,

    Planning to purchase an EAST facing plot with dimensions as below.
    East – 32
    West – 32
    South – 69

    Does it mean extension at South West and is it good or bad to buy such plot ?
    please also tell remedies.

  102. Hello sir,,
    In my house , there is attached toilet in master bedroom in south west corner , and south wall is going angular and wc is placed on north wall of bathroom, can u plz advice is it correct according to vastu.

    • Hello Priyanka;
      Toilet in South-west corner is a defect. Use brown color on Toilet entrance door, keep a Sea salt bowl in Toilet change it frequently. Strengthen the North-east direction more

  103. Guruji,

    I shifted to rented house few days back it is bunglow
    Main entrance is south west
    Kitchen is in north east
    Where should I make my pooja room as north east is kitchen and what should I do for south west entrace

    My birth date is 27th august 1981

    • Hello PR:
      South west, North east and South- east defected. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  104. Namaste,

    I have recently started a medical education classes and a clinic. The problem is ever since i have taken this place, I have faced the problem of blocked money, no student is willing to pay their fee for some or the other reason and even no new admissions are coming through. I am very scared as before this I was running a successful private tutorial at my home. This classes property main entrance door is in the south west direction, the door faces south, My cabin, bathroom and a toilet is in north east direction, two huge windows are on west wall, and 1 medium sized window is on south wall. I am told the person running the classes before me was very successful and has now bought a new property on his own that’s why he moved.

    What I am worried about is that it shouldn’t affect any of family members health especially my dad and mothers and my health too. Also, I have made a brand and a proper institute, I will be devastated and failure is an option i cant even dream of. Please help me, I have placed a panchmukhi hanuman photo above the door in sitting position. door is lined with dark brown surmica. Kindly suggest remedies for the door, north east bathroom and toilet and which part of flat should i open the clinic and which part should be used for teaching.

  105. I have a rectangular plot, no extension.

    While constructing the house, the southwest corner master bedroom) is in the corner of the plot and designed in such a way it gives a feel of extended. but its well within the rectangular plot. Is that a problem.

    If you can share the email id i will share the plan.

    Regards, Kannan

  106. Dear sir, my husbands DOB: 11.06.1976 AND MY DOB 09.04.1983,
    While entering house i face east, but if i stand in centre of flat entrance is south west corner

  107. hello
    i am leaving aboroad so cannot place shiv om truishal outside the door can i put inside the frot door. my house is south west facing with evening sun coming from front in the leaving room.
    please send me remedy on below email address.

  108. Hi, My house main entrance is south west direction, can i put a Hanumanji picture above on the main door, can you please mention which sided i should place the picture, south facing or west facing… ?

  109. Guruji, I have a northeast master bedroom with attached toilet and another common toilet, after the common toilet is the kitchen on the northwest. In front of the common toilet south facing is the hall and a southwest entrance door. There is another bedroom south east which is situated next to the master bedroom. This bedroom has west door and a south facing door which opens on to a balcony.Please advise urgently – my date of birth is 12.11.1956 and my wife date of birth is 10.7.1960. the house is registered in the name of my wife and self. Please advise.

  110. Sir,
    I am planning to buy a north facing house that has a south facing garage in the south west corner of the plot. The slope from the garage to a small road is to the west side. Also, there are big trees on the east and south east side of the house. Is it ok to buy this house? Are there any remedies if these locations are not as per vastu shastra?

  111. swimming pool i south west House faces north east and very thing is perfect except south west swimming pool. Any remedies. thank you.

  112. Hello Sir,
    My house is in S-W direction. I am staying here for 6 years. I want to shift to another house whose entrance is South facing. My date of birth is 4-5-1979 and my husband’s date of birth is 20-2-1974. Can you please suggest us which direction is best for us. Shall we move to south facing apartment or still continue staying here.

    • Hello Himani:
      According to DOB: 04.05.1979= West and 20.02.1974 = North-east is the favourable direction. Generally South and South-west directions are not preferred

  113. Sir My house is a south west facing plot, at the entrance there is a slope which goes from north east towards south west direction. i have come to know this can be bad.

    Please provide me a suitable solution on this.

  114. namashkar sir,
    my office is in rented space and recently landlord has rent out the vacant space to some one. our office entry was west facing in north west zone now its shifted to west facing but to extreme south west zone can u pls guide what should i do i am in real mess. I sit in north east zone facing north, staff in north west zone facing east. pls guide.

    anirudh singh

  115. Hello Sir,
    I stay in a rented house which has its main entrance door facing south west. My date of birth is 19-Feb-1983. please is it ok or anything i can do? Thank you.

  116. Hello, Pranam,

    I have been alloted a flat in colony by my company having main gate on south west corner of the flat, cut in the south east, bed room in the north east and toilet in the cutted portion of south east. DOB is 09/01/78. I have not been able to prosper in my career and living alone in the flat. My family stays at kolkata with my parents. Pls suggest the solution.

  117. Respected guruji. My husband dob 05 Nov 1977 4.10am chennai. My dob 16 DEC 86 toruchirapalli. Our house has south east entrance. South west kitchen. North west master bedroom. North study room. North east cut with balcony. Pls advice. My husband is hunting for job and is suffering from diabetes and TB.

  118. Pranams sir. Our apartment is south facing with south east entrance, north east cut with balcony, north west master bedroom, balcony and bathroom. North study room. South west kitchen with balcony. Pls help us with a remedy. We moved to this house 2yrs back. My 32yr old husband has TB and diabetes suddenly. I have spondylitis. We have a 7 months baby. Is our kitchen a problem?

    • Hello Aparna;
      South west kitchen, North-east cut with balcony, these are the defects creating problems. And where is the staircase. Please call me on 09494214400

  119. Dear Sir,
    I have purchased a new house..the main gate is facing north and it has a bedroom in northeast on the first floor of house ,the ground floor north east room is being used as living room and the southwest corner of the house is empty.We are facing a lot of trouble..plz tell me the remedies..

    • Hello Sweta:
      bedroom in northeast on the first floor and southwest corner of the house is empty are a sever defects. So make Master bedroom in South-west and NE room as living room

  120. Namaste Guruji
    I m facingsome problems in my house.
    Family me mom ko Ghutno me pain. Koi na koi bar bar bimar. Sister marriage k liye ladka na milna her age is 26 year DOB 21-10-1988 2:00pm. Ghar me koi na koi bat bat me chidna our sabhi ko maan ek nahi.
    House overview is as below.
    Main entrance of house SW. House entrance in SW with extended louby. Hall in SW. Kitchen in W. Water tank under ground in W. Master bed room in NE with attached bathroom toilet extended NE. East me bedroom for mom dad aur sister sote hair. Main NE me sota hu. Store room in N. Overhead water tank on extended NE toilet bath. Pls Guruji suggest remedies. Namaste.

  121. Dear Sir,
    We have purchased a north facing house..main gate in north east.. it has a bedroom in north east direction on first floor and on ground floor in north east direction there is a drawing room adjacent to it the second room in north east direction is our puja room car is also parked in the north east side of the house..and southwest area of house is empty also SW corner is not at 90 degree the south wall is also not straight and water tank on the roof of house is in centre of the east wall..staircase is in east direction..plz tell suitable remedy..

  122. Namaskar Sir, My house is west facing with staircase and master bed room in southwest direction. Next to the master bedroom i.e. towards south direction is the hall. Main entrance placed in hall is in the SW corner of the hall.Is this dosh.2. I am planning to extend the master bed room on western side . This will make the SW corner extended. Can I go ahead or not . please advice.

  123. guru ji i am taking a rented house which is SW corner and the entrence is in SW please help me about it and i will send you the site map to your mail id please help me out.


  125. Dear Guruji..
    I’m planning to buy a house. its entrance is in south west.

    Name Hemant
    date of birth 01-06-1983

    is it having big vastu dosh??
    should I buy this house??
    any remedy if I’ll go for this.

  126. Dear Guruji,
    Mera Ghar south facing hai or maine apna borewell ghar ke 3 fit bahar southwest jamin me kraya hai or use pipe se ghar ke andar laya hai, mera motor west side me hai jiska koi remedies btane ki kirpa kre, meri maa or wife borewell krane ke bad bimar rhti hai log.please Guruji koi upay btaye..

  127. Hello Sir ,
    i purchased a flat which having main entrance on south west direction. Now i can’t change that position please suggest me. My building main gate is on north-west .
    kitchen open on also north west but at the time of cooking your face will be at south west direction.
    one room open at north west and south east(for balcony) and other room open at north east and south east ( for balcony).
    both toilet open in north west direction .
    Kindly suggest me with your best.
    Priyank Saxena

  128. Hi The south perimeter of my wall Is cut at an angle and the land in the south west is lower than the north east where I have a small garden…which is made with a stone border which I think is not good from what I’ve been reading. My water tanks are also in the south east ..The different in height between north east and south west is about 3 feet.

    Kindly advise.
    Many thanks


  130. Hi Sir,

    my house having south west entrance with ‘T’ facing and west entrance, my NE corner is in extended form, we spend too much money on medical, please suggest.



  131. My apartment flat in on ground floor and it has septic tank on south direstion. My bedroom is on south west direction. I am having losses , debts and court cases in business. Please suggest me an remedy

  132. helo sir my tijori is facing of south side and i have no other option for puting tijori so pls give me solution

  133. Hello,
    Our house has two bedrooms, one in SE and other in SW. Both have attached toilets towards SE and SW respectively. Kitchen is in NE direction. Since it is a rented house, we cannot do any change. Suggest Vaastu remedies please. Our marriage life has run into serious problems. Moreover career also is unstable.
    Any pyramid or yantra can be used in toilet???
    Main entrance is on east, but door opens outside in Counter clockwise.

    A small puja place has been made in living room in SE side of living room. Its a small house with living room 2 BR.
    How to place idols of Ganesh / Lakshmi (where and facing which side)

  134. Namaste Panditji..

    My Date of Birth is 11/05/1977 ( 3:16 P.M.,, Kolkata ). I m going to start a new factory of Packaged Drinking Water. The main entrance of Factory area is situated at SOUTH EAST corner ( mainly SOUTH ).Is it approprite for me? If not, what is the remedy ???
    Pls inform me….
    Subhra Jyoti

    • our building has southwest cutoff. my flat entrance is northeast. we are having severe financial problems.please suggest a remedy

        • Our house have two entrances main entrance is in SW direction and garage entrance is in south direction. We mostly use garage entrance which is in south. we have backyard in east and northeast direction and have backyard door in east and north east direction. We recently moved in this house. Please let us know the remedy for entrance door.

        • Guruji, Namaskar.
          My apartment is in 14th floor and it has cut in south-west direction from ground to top floor. I am trying for a job and I am not getting job . Is this because of vasthu?? Please help me..

  135. we live in a flat with following compositions:
    1. kitchen south west, balcony outside kitchen. cooking facing west
    2. north west balcony and master bedrooom. north west extends little more than my south west kitchen
    3. north east cut with balcony
    4. north living room
    5. south east door entrance

    we are suffering from tuberculosis both husband and wife. 8 months newborn baby is with us. we are planning to shift kitchen because husband suffers from unemployment last 1 year. pls suggest .

  136. Hello sir,
    My south west corner of house is cut as wall as hall south west is cut . Family and I feel lot of supernatural problems as well as heath and financial problem.

    • Hello Anurag:
      I think you have posted another question on “Vaastu Tips for Kitchen” So its better to get Analyze your house Vaastu. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id:

    • Hello Suja ji;
      According to DOB: 14/8/1965 = North-east is the favorable direction. If possible shift the kitchen to South-east. if Not possible use the Remedies: Put a copper Swastika on entrance door. Put a red color bulb throughout the night in the kitchen. Try to keep kitchen always Dry

  137. Namaskar Sir,

    I joined a company 5 months back and my sitting cubicle in the office is in the southwest corner and behind me is a wall with a big window which is just behind me. A door is in front of me 20 feet away and one cubicle of 4 feet hight is between my place and the door. Everybody says in the office that the place where i sit is the place where if any one sits his job does not go longer in the company. I am afraid and feeling the bad effects as I am slowly becoming a subject of politics and conspiracy. Please suggest a solution..

  138. Hello Sir

    My kitchen is in south west direction. I am facing lots of financial problem. Please let me know if any remedies.

  139. My gate is in the facing east but when I enter it would be west
    My door for entering the house would be north west
    There is a big windows towards the direction of north west

    Since I am born I have not seen any growth and also inspite of having experience with regard to career no chances are forthcoming. My wife is suffering from a very strange diseases which is uncurable for a life time. She is on medicines now for the last few years.

    Elder daughter is also facing health related issues

    I am of the opinion that vastu fault could be the reason. Please advice me what needs to be done to correct these issues.

  140. Dear Guruji,
    I am a working professional, purchased a flat in july 2007, since then my financial growth is very poor, rest all matters in life are perfect. No savings at all, though i spend cautiously.I am staying in the apartment facing the plot entrance north east and my flat is located on 2nd floor (201) and has entrance in north west corner, my DOB is jan 23rd,1979. Please suggest remidies

    Thank you

      • Dear Sir,
        There is a wall painted with purple and golden texture showing flames, is this could be a problem, also i hung a frame of GOD on that wall.

          • Sir,
            I am always in sever financial crunch since 2008, not able to earn to satisfy my nominal expenses, always end up in unexpected expenditure or interrupted source of income, i am just worried is it due this vaastu, that i am financially not stable.



    • Hello Mythili ji:
      What you says from that it seems defect in SW and NE. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  142. Hello Sir,

    I stay in a rented apartment in Mumbai with my husband, My house is on 13th floor and the main entrance is southwest facing. From past 8 months me and my husband are facing health related issues. Also i have observed stagnancy in our career growth.

    We are not looking forward to change our house as it is a tedious, expensive and time consuming process, especially being in Mumbai. I have read some blogs and they suggest some remedies like Swastik OM, Trishul on Main door and puja of shiv bhagwan. Will this be beneficial for our health and career. Request you to suggest some remedies which will be beneficial for both of us.

    let me know incase you need more details.

  143. I have 3 questions. could you please answer.

    my house has 3 entrance doors. first there is a small room which has a grill door on south-east side. (when i enter the house iam facing north, when i exit iam facing south. right now iam talking in exit point of view) beside the grill door, on right side there is a big grill window. in the same small room there is also grill door on east-south side and a grill window on opposite wall, west side. (these are made of iron grills and in between there are a lot of empty spaces in these door and windows because of design)

    after the first room, comes living room. the main wooden door is facing south direction. beside it on right side, there is a big window which can open and close completely. the south-east grill door and main wooden door align in a same line one after another.

    1. i think doors and windows are in wrong direction. is there an remedy for these door and windows?
    2. should i use the east-south grill door instead of south east ?
    3. i read that no deity’s picture or idol should be kept at house entrance because it invites poverty. is it true?

    • Hello Meg:
      Too much uses of Iron which also a defect. Keep as it is the windows and doors. Use South-east door always. Place a “Copper Swastika” on South-east entrance door.

      • should i also keep copper swastika inside? like back to back. one on outside and one on inside, on the wall above main wooden door?

        also i wanted to ask, can i place panchmukhi hanumanji photo on main door? i read that placing gods photo on main door brings poverty. is it true?

        if not, is only one hanumanji photo enough on outside or should i also place one photo inside so that the gods back is not turned away from the house?

  144. We are having a lot of problem in the House. 1st we have a drainage connection, which is placed in such a way that we have to step on the lid of it and then climb the main stairs of our. house. Then we have main door at south west. we have one more drainage connection which at north east corner. we have drinking water tank at our South East.
    which ever money comes to us doesn’t stay long. it only comes for a purpose and it go away. by this we are always feeling lack of money.
    All the member of the house are in Stress
    please give some solution.
    Thank You.

    • Hello Paresh ji;
      Main door in South-west, Water tank in South-east, these are major defects causing the problems you are facing now. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  145. Sir,
    I am living in Lagos Nigeria and searching a house for rent. The house that is fulfilling our needs is southwest facing in a multistory building. the main entrance of the building is in east.
    The kitchen is in west and balcony of drawing room is in south east.

    Our current house is having north- north east facing main door with the entrance of the building in northwest (mainly west).

    We are in current house from past 2 years. here I had bad health since we rented the house and my husband shifted here, though financially we are more stable after shifting here.

    Kindly advice what we should do ?

  146. My house enterence is from north east and the bedroom is in south west due to attach toilet it falls in exatly the SW corner , My finanace being disturbed and my efforts is being not fruit full, advise me to over come the problem….

  147. hi my house is east facing and i have a garage in southwest of my house n large garage door opens in west .. what shold i do?

  148. My kitchen is in South-West and drainage tank outside and corner of South-West. Please let me know remedies…thanks

  149. Sir

    My house have a toilet (with indian sheet although not in use as of now) in south east corner. Also on first floor with bedroom, attached toilet+bathroom exists in southeast corner. Is this serious vastu defect ? and provide some remedy for this.


  150. I have a SW garage and door opens on SW wall (corner of S & SE wall )we use that a lot instead of the front door which is NW.
    We have a 1/2 bath in SE direction.
    Kitchen is in NW direction.(corner of N & along the NE wall)
    All the directions fall in corner’s of the house like N,S,E,W and the walls are NW,SE,SW etc) So it is hard
    place remedies.

    Can you please guide me.

  151. Hi guru ji
    Facing southwest main house entrance door is bad? Or if the main house door fall in that direction?
    Do we need to check the door facing or which direction it falls?

  152. Namaste guruji,
    We have recently (about a month before) shifted on rented house main door facing -southwest direction. I have placed om and swasthik on the main door (outside). Is this direction gud for us. My husbands Dob is – 07/09/1977 and my dob is – 05/05/1983.

    • Hello Nilu ji:
      According to Dob – 07/09/1977 = South-west and Dob – 05/05/1983 = South-west, for both of you South-west is the favorable direction.

  153. I am purchasing a flat main entry of flats & entry of my flat is south faced.Entire flat is east faced except this defect.Please tell me the remedy.

  154. good evening sir,
    we have under ground water tank in South directiont.but it’s pls tell me what I do for good result.thanks
    pls replay me.

    • Hello Navratan ji:
      Under ground water tank in South direction is a Sever defect and shifting in NE is the only remedy

  155. panditji, we are planning to buy a flat at 4th floor 404, with NE entrance door opening towards left. Between N& NW is kitchen with NW open cut. in SE have living with balcony in south followed by bedroom in south with 1 window on south wall, then masterbedroom in SW with balcony in south due to which SW is open??? kindly suggest the remedy.

    Sushant & Purvaa

  156. Sir,

    I have my flat door facing south west

    1. my DOB is 10 June 1969,my wife is 19 Sept. 1972
    2. please advice if the flat good for us
    3. if not what are the remedies
    4. please also tell me difference between panchmukhi hanuman and the other hanumanji

    thank you

  157. Hello,

    Our building entrance is on the west wall. Is this a vastu problem? Our flat entrance is almost centered north. Kitchen is north east but cooking gas is facing east. Kindly advise on how to correct this.

    • Hello Reena ji:
      Entrance in West wall is OK, Flat entrance is almost centered north is OK, Kitchen is North-east is a defect

        • Place three Bronze bowls in East, North-east and North direction on the roof of the kitchen facing downwards, and they should not come exact on gas stove

          • Guruji,

            Actually one correction, our flat main door is on the north wall but closer to the east direction. Please let me know if this is a vastu defect and how to correct it. Also, we have one balcony on the west wall but more towards the south. Please advise us.

            -Thank you for your help,

  158. Hello guruji-

    Namashkar. We are building an individual house on a square plot but being a 3 level home with a basement the builder has dung down and so the southwest of the plot is sloped for the rain water to be drained out into the creek flowing south to north. The creek is on the west side. I’m really scared of the information provide of vasthu dosha’s that have been described. Our life is peaceful now with no specific ups and downs and don’t want to buy troubles. I spoke to our builder but they are trying to get it elevated as much as possible but it would still be on low grounds compared to NE.

    I would appreciate if you can provide some measures to nullify the bad effect of the dosha. My mom suggested we should be able to build a parapet wall or have big trees on the SW corner of the plot. Please let us know would it be sufficient.

    Any help is appreciated. I’m really freaked out right now.

    Thank you,

  159. My house in chennai has an east facing front and there are toilets in the southwest direction there is also a well situated in the southwest direction.these toilets are also on the “kanni moola” of the plot. Is there any problem due to this,if yes please suggest some remedy

    • Hello Anshil ji:
      Toilets in the southwest direction and well in the southwest direction is a Sever defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  160. namaskar guruji,
    my house is a corner plot one gate is on west and second is on south.
    i lost my father due to cancer after shifting in this house i have done some change like (closing the water tank on south gate ,change stairs from north to south .now i am having health and wealth problems. as per your remidy chart i bought trishul om swastik for my home i want to know on which day it should be placed and where .and if any other suggestion for me please help me.

  161. Dear Guruji, We are planning to buy a house. It is a west facing house. There are 3 floors. The master bedroom is in the southwest corner in the first floor. In the second floor, there is terrace above the master bedroom. There is a bedroom towards the east side in the second floor, which makes the east side higher than the west side. Please suggest remedy for this defect.

      • Hello Guruji, The house that we are buying is a builder built house in a gated community and we cannot change the plan drastically. However, there is a pillar in the southwest corner which is higher than the east side. Does that serve the purpose? Thanks for the reply.

  162. Hello Sir,

    Our house entrance is S-W. My husband favorable direction is South and mine is S-W, so is this house lucky/auspious for us? Is there still vastu defects in my house? Or SW entrance vastu defect will not impact on us?
    House is registered on my husband and mine name.

  163. Sir , I have a toilet in the couth west corner and unuser septic tank filled with soil and garbage and closed from the top with a lid made of cement. Please suggest me how to remove this vastu dosh and what colour should i use to colour inside wall of the toilet.



  164. hello sir, i have a house in south america
    in wich i have my bore well 60 mts deep in the S/SW and it is dificult for me to change the place of the well i was thinking in build a 6 mts tower with the water tank on top of the well , would that be correct? , or do you have any suggestion in order to give some remedy to that?
    thankx in advance

    • Hello Mahajan ji;
      Bore well 60 mts deep in the S/SW is a Sever defect. So think about another Bore-well in North-east. Please call me on +91 9494214400

  165. My house too has a south west entrance.It’s a row house …one has to pass 3 gates to enter the house,a big gate in the west,then further a grill gate and then you turn right to the south west and enter the 3rd gate and then finally you climb the stairs and the door in the south to enter the house.So now the gates have to be treated as the main entrance or the main door through which we enter the house.Request you to guide us and also the remedy for it.Thank you.

    • Hello Sudha ji:
      The First gate and Entrance door in the house are treated as the Entrance door. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

      • Thank you Sir.for clearing my confusion.I will send you the plan of my house at the earliest.Thanks once again.

  166. Sir,
    I live in rented ground floor house of a 3storied building,the site is having it a small gate at north west facing west and other gate entry for 2car porches facing perfect west and under these car parks there are 2 sumps, 1 in the south west towards the gate which is for my house and the other in north west for upper floors, my house entry is placed at north west facing north, I am kind of mentally disturbed if the water tank is affecting me,.please advice the best remedy since I can’t ask for any changes in construction coz its a 30″/40″ site in a residential area,. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience
    Thank you

    • Hello Vinod kumar:
      Two water sumps, 1 in the south west and another in north west for upper floors is a defect. Being you are on rental, you can’t do anything. Because the Shifting of these two Sumps is the remedy

  167. Dear Sir…
    My Name is Parvez…I believe in vastu and I am engineer.last year we constructed new house,house is as per vastu…but by mistake i build a drainage outlet in south-west tell me some remedies

  168. Namashkar Sir,

    Last year we have digged a Pond in our agriculture land, it is in North-West & West-South direction of land, west portion of land is very smaller then East side, hence pond is covering whole west portion of land. Please suggest this is wrong or right direction, and also suggest necessary solution to overcome from its negative effects.

  169. Hello Mahesh garu,

    Recently we went to gruha pravesham of a friend. The main entrance is West of NW, kitchen is South East, one bed room is North East with balcony to east, Master Bedroom in South West with attached bath and toilet. I went through all the queries you replied on this site and found that Nyruti or SW corner bath n toilet shud NOT be there, but since this is a flat and no changes can be made now, what wud you recommend — can you use it to take bath and NOT USE the commode or COMPLETELY NOT USING the bathroom/toilet is the solution? and use it as a store-room to avoid the dosham? Kindly suggest what needs to be done.

    My friend does not know about Vaastu much, I am asking this on their behalf ….will convey your recommendation to them …..

    Thank you so much for the patience and time that you take to reply to people’s queries and helping them overcome their problems.


    • Hello Vaani Ji;
      Couples should not use the North-east Bed room. Avoid using completely the SW bathroom/toilet and use it as a store-room it’s OK

  170. Respected Sir,
    Thanks you for providing us vasthu remedies. Request you to kindly help me with your suggestions.
    mine is a east facing house and have below questions-.
    1. Main door is facing east.
    2. left of main door is garage and right of main door is a room.
    3. have toilet door facing East and the toilet closet is facing North.
    4. south west windows and have dinning table.
    5. when cooking, my head faces south.

    are there any dhosas here if yes, can you please suggest the remedies.


  171. Sir,

    Planing to purchase a west facing flat in a west face apartment (main gate northwest). Opposite to west face flat there is an east face flat to in the same building. But the apartment is having west of southwest road hit. Though this road hit is not visible to the flat which i am planning to purchase due to east face flat in the front. Do it have dosha. Please advise. My dob 14th Sept 1977 time 04:10 a.m.

    • Hello Venkateshwar ji:
      According to DOB: 14.09.1977 = North-west is the favorable direction for you. For West of South-west road hit please call me on 09494214400.

  172. Namaskar Sir,
    We have two bedrooms in South East and in South West Side of the flat.
    There are LARGE WINDOWS in both rooms. LARGE WINDOWS in South and west walls. I hope it is not a very serious vastu-dosh. Please suggest a remedy for WINDOWS and for SOUTH EAST BED ROOM.
    Note: We decided to move our unmarried son to SE and have master bedroom in SW side.

    • Hello Joshi ji:
      Use South-west bedroom as master bedroom and SE for your son is OK, if he is unmarried. SE bedroom means Kitchen is defected.

  173. Dear Sir,
    What is the best entrance of apartment or house suited for me name: Abhay DOB 10-02-1966, currently living in SW entrance apartment and lots of health and financial problems. Also when you say placing Punchmukhi Hanumanji with Left Handed standing position. Would you please post picture; (Hanumanji picture facing to me or you which side is the gada?). Thank you.

    • Hello Mehta ji:
      According to DOB: 10-02-1966 = North-east is the favorable direction. Place Panchmukhi Hanumanji Photo on above the wall of entrance door facing SW direction

      • Namaste Sirji,

        Thank you for reply, would you please post Shree Panchmukhi Hanumanji’s picture with left sided gada or send it to my email, or direct me to website link. Thank you for your guidance.

  174. Hello.
    I am having a shop facing southwest.
    Please suggest remedies.
    I cant change yet with the entrance position, i tried very hard already.
    Thank you for the help.

  175. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your post regarding south west directions. My Kitchen is in the south west location of the house. What remedy can be adopted to the ill effect of this direction of Kitchen.

    • Hello Ramesh Chandra:
      Kitchen in the South-west is a defect. Put a Copper Swastika on door of the Kitchen. Light Red / Brown color bulb in Kitchen in the Night.

  176. Guruji, thanks for your response, am actually living in apartment fifth floor in two bedroom flat(pent house) N &NE entrance….. SOUTHWEST IS EXTENDED.PLZ ADVICE ME…

  177. Hello Guruji,

    We are planning to buy a flat, the entrance is in South West Direction more towards west, Kitchen is in North West, Master Bedroom in South and attached toilet in South West, Children bedroom is in North East and 3rd bedroom is in East, Opposite to main entrance in the living area there is a balcony. My parents stay with me and will use the master bed.

    My dob is 01-01-1980 can you please advice if there any vastu defects and if we can buy this property? If there are vastu defects can we resolve those?


  178. Naaskar Guruji

    I am Pradip, My flat is southwest facing , i read your all earlier replies, My flat has single entrance wooden door opening inside and safety iron door opening outside.
    can I place one a Om, Swastik, Trishul on Main entrance wooden door or Safety iron door ?

    Please advice ..

  179. Main door is north facing. Kitchen is in the south east .The main door entrance faces the entrance to the kitchen. Is this vastu complaint? If not, what would be the remedy guruji? Note that I have placed the photo of panchmukhi Anjaneya above the main door outside the door.
    My DOB is 19-08-1979 and my husband DOB is 30-09-1976.

  180. Hello Guruji, we subdivided a plot and the plot that has our house on is extended in south west direction (division was as per council rules) since we have moved in we are facing financial and health problems, our children left home as well. Please advise some remedies to rectify this issue.

  181. Dear Sir,
    I am Vijay Davda from Nagpur. There is Toilet in SW of my House and a Toilet cum Bathroom in same direction facing East. Also Septic tank is in SW in West direction i.e. SSW.
    In some online vaastu websites tips it is mentioned that if Toilet is in SSW then its OK as well as Septic Tank in West or SW is direction is also best. Please guide & post your suggestion on


    Vijay Davda

  182. Hello sir
    My new rented apartment is south west facing and one bedroom has diagonal slant wall having other wall at 90 degree. I have open terrace which is also triangular in shape and situated at east quadrant of apartment. my date of birth is 11th oct 1981

  183. Hello Sir,

    we are shifting to our new flat which is facing southwest direction.I heard its not good.Sir please help me with some remedies and I will send my floor plan also in your mail id, So please tell me the remedy for this vaastu dosh.

  184. Sir,

    We havre bought a southwest facing flat.As I saw its not good facing.But now we can’t any changes,So pls help me with some remedies.My husband date of birth is 6/3/1979 and mine is 20/22/1981.Sir what we need to do so it won’t affect us as I saw in comments placing swastika,om and trishui. another panchmukhi hanuman another is pendulum clock.What else we need to do . pls help

  185. Dear Sir,
    Myself & My wife are facing problems in getting promotions & career growth… if this might my vastu dosha…can u pl. suggest the remidies for fastest growth? the details of my flat is as below:

    my 2bhk Flat is facing towards West door
    Kitchen is in North East
    master bed room is in South East
    pooja room/other bedroom is between kitchen & master bed. both rooms are facing west
    there is a small cut in North West corner & south west corner
    kitchen has attached balcony in North East also a small cut for North East.
    Hall is at the enterence it is big covered horizontal area kitchen+pooja room
    both the toilets are in South West corner
    all the windows are in North & east walls.

    Please please help me for my career…. i will never forget your help

    Many Thanks in Advance,

    • Hello Srikant ji;
      Kitchen in North East and Master bedroom in South East causing the problems
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  186. Hi it is bit urgent,
    We are going to rent a house whose door is located in SW direction when u step out from the door is SW and house is WE direction. My birthday is 21st Aug 1982 and my husband’s birthday is June 6th 1985. Please suggest the remedy and what will happen if we will move. Currently we live in rental apartment door step out is NE direction.

  187. Dear Guruji,
    Wish you and your family a very very happy new year.
    Please advice on our villa ,
    my villa plot is having South West extended at West, and house constructed rectangle with small utility in nothwest corner and left some space in east side for car park. so please i need your advice on our home.I sent email to your id with my house pictures.
    Thanks in Advance and Awaiting your analysis.
    Kind regards,

  188. My Masterbedroo is on the south west direction and the floor in master bedroom is 1/2 feet higher on the any other room in my flat is that a good sign

  189. Pujya Guruji


    My Plot is NE in society

    North Side Rod- East Side Farme -South Side Society Comen Plot (Open) – West Site Comen Wall

    My Bed Room SW Corner . please advice me my bad room wall and Plot Compound wall can I coverd with teresh or keep open to sky. SW to SE it area is 4 feet broad and 20 feet lenth , my south side is commen Plot it is open. I Keep East side Open to sky 7 x 30 feet lenth NE to SE

    Thanks in advance

  190. Guru ji, I am from Bangalore & I am planning to buy a flat. Builder is saying it is ” west” facing but when I checked(January 2015) with compass it is indicating as “southwest”. When same thing I told builder then he replied saying that it keep changes(gave some logic), if you check in June/July month you will get west facing.

    So could you please let me know is it true what ever builder saying, and really direction keep changes.
    Should I invest in this property having sw/west facing.


  191. sir ,

    we are planing to move in rented house .. which has 2 bed room , both bedroom are designed in way that our head will be towards west ..
    kindly suggest remedies for that

  192. Dear,
    recently we built one house i chennai 20’X48′ road facing south direction. from road side 10; feet space of parking, ground floor made one flat , north and north east no place of bore well, so we did borewell from front side of south east to south west 6 feet, staircase made west to east and again first floor reached west side direction front of the 10feet space, first floor we are staying main door is facing south direction and door from south east to south west 8.5 feet, kitchen south east, master bedroom is north east including toilet, north east one bedroom, common toilet is east side west facing, pooja room is middle of hall placed in south west facing in east direction, we checked with local vasthu astrology, their told to me, make vinayager potos top of main entrance door, and southy west direction make vinayagar poto daily need pooja, please give advise my date of birth 12/9/74. for our request main door and bore well not changin is not possible.


  193. we have a house which was purchased along with house and land 3/4 acer. it 7 years now and I see things are not right in my house specially my mom always health problem and tension.

    thus I want to know if there is some vastu dosha.

    our site is the corner site with the main road running to south east direct with a connection to the main road we also have a west road so the corner is the south. this is our plot. that mean all the corners are in south, west, north and east direction.

    since the main road is in the south east direction the entrance to the house is also in this direction form the main gate to the main door of the house . in the south west direction we have two bedrooms separated with a toilet attached to the west bedroom. the sewage tank is in the south west direction middle to the house and close to the west road. there is a gap of 12 feet form the toilet to the pit on the ground. to the north corner we have over kitchen with water storage pointing to the north on top if the kitchen. to the east and south side we have our hall. there is also a north west door out of the house in the middle of the kitchen and the bed room.

    we also have a outside toilet attached to the main house at the back in the west direct.

    the well is in the north.

    the house is built in middle of the south east dirction facing the main road( and attached to the boundry.

    please to advice if I have to do any changes or the house itself is not good. if so then I can demolish it and rebuilt it and what will the the right way to rebuilt it again.

  194. I was Planning to buy a duplex house the entry is from 12th Floor & NE and stairs
    toward east and most of the location is as per Vaastu ( 1st Floor –
    Hall , kItchen in SE , BR in SW )

    As its Duplet the Upper floor also has a separate NE entry for
    servant ( 10X 10 Ft )room however this is separate( IBHK Toilet ) , No entry
    from this room to the upper floor is there and on my upper floor 2 BHK one in SE/ SW IS
    There …with Hall

    How do we see Vaastu for duplex flat ….Will the Upper floor NE be
    called as dismembered / separated…Headless ? Which floor vastu has
    to be taken Both ?

    Pramod Goel
    Bangalore –

  195. Hello Guruji,

    Since 3 years, I am living in a 1 hall kitchen flat with SW facing main door entrance and outside that a safety door is there. Toilet and bathroom on the north, Kitchen(in the passage) in the south direction, exactly opposite to toilet and bathroom, water Storage tank on the North east wall.

    I am job less from last three yrs. i started my property biz, but it didn’t work at all. I am really worried about my future
    i have 7 yrs old son. I am unable to fullfill my family needs.

    pls pls help me

    My DOB is 25-feb-1975, email :

    Thank you in advance. Namaste.

  196. Hi Panditji,

    My kitchen is in South west with a window opening towards west.
    The stove is facing south & sink / washing machine is facing west. The water heater is facing south west. None of these can be changed. Is there any remedy to overcome these doshas?


  197. Dear Garuji,my date of birth 02/09/1972 and right now I m living in home main gate is on south west and my drawing room entrances is in west side. my safetic tank is in south west @ 10 feet down and overhead water tank is on northeast . pl suggest what can I do. Thanks.

  198. Hi

    I have a shop which is gau mukhi and five sided with entrance in south. For last 6 years I have been trying to sell the shop with no success at all. Is there a remedy for this? Please advice. Also I am a christian by faith so is there something that doesn’t affect my religious sentiments but gives me a solution as well? Thanks in advance for your help.

  199. I am going to purchase a townhome which is a corner one. Main entrance is southeast and garage is northeast. Is this going to ba a good home? Main bedroom is south west. and rest two are in east and north.

  200. Dear Guruji,

    Pranaam. I have a flat which has a southwest (more towards south, less towards west) entrance. My DOB, is 20/05/1979 (Time: 04:42 AM, Place: Kanpur (UP)) and my wife’s DOB is 25/08/1982 (Time: 17: 50 PM, Place: Lucknow (UP)). Is this a problem for us? What can we do rectify the problem?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishant Mishra
    Nidhi Sharma

  201. i have send you my house plan.earlier my house was thought to be build like the bigger map but due to shortage of resources it was made according to the second plan ina small portion of my rectangular house’s main entry gate is in south west direction and a cut is also there .since 15 years of living in this house my life has been terrible.please tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am eagerly waiting for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your advice can change my life

  202. Guru ji
    i am Prem chandar
    my DOB 20.09.1977

    iam Running a shop with Entrance in south west corner. Exact entrance in south .
    and that shop have toilet in north east.
    iam facing huge problem of customers not entering the shop daily 500 – 1000 sales.
    garments shop. i dont know how to RUN business with such a sales.
    shop in first floor.
    please give me Remedy

  203. Namaskar sir,
    My new home main door entrace is Southwest. & my date of birth is 10.06.1976
    plz solve my problam any remedy

  204. hello sir,
    We are living in a double bedroom rented house in the 2nd floor. we are having master bed room in south side (SW corner) for this bedroom toilet is attached at SE corner and another bedroom in north side (NW corner), for this NW bedroom the toilet cum bathroom is attached at SW corner; please give me remedy if necessary for this toilet.

  205. I am moving Intoa new house. Themain gate is in southwest cornerand kitchen Iin west. Please suggest how can I best place my mandi. And any other suggestions youmay have. My date Iif birth is Aug24 1977..

  206. Sir,
    I am entering to new rental house, The entry door direction is West and backdoor is at East, my DOB is . 02nd june 1976, Please suggest.


  207. hi, My name is Mahavir (20Aug1982) and wife Bhavana(08Nov1983). we are shifting to a flat facing south west. the living room is L shape.
    the north side sequence of the rooms are
    Leaving room > Kitchen > bedroom 2 > Master Bedroom. all this four rooms has north open for sliding window. only the master bedroom has 2 window in north and east as it is at the end.
    part 2 south side sequence leaving room > has toilet > small room > toilet
    both the sequence has a passage in between.
    Please advice is this apartment favorable for us.

  208. Hello sir,
    The height of the building is more in the north east direction than that of south west direction and my home faces towards north. I heard that this is wrong way to built which brings health and wealth problems.
    So can you please suggest me a remedy?

  209. Dear Sir,

    Currently I am facing lot of financial problem’s, in business partners are cheated and also those who took amount from me not returning back…..Every month i have to pay lot of EMI for loan etc….

    D.O.B:- 13/12/1985

    I am living in a apartment which have South west entrance when i enter the house i am facing East & when i exit facing west means south west corner, Kitchen in North west corner without door, Parents sleeping in North west room…..

    After reading few remedies of yours, yesterday i have painted Brown color to my Entrance door at south west corner and also Pasted trisul,OM, Swastik with chandan, haldi & cumcum …..

    Please suggest me is it okay or any thing else i have to do?

  210. Namastee sir,
    My date of birth is 19 August, 1959. Recently we purchased one of the big hotel having southwest entrance ( Main gate). Business is not good. What shall I do ?
    Subhash Pradhan

  211. Dear Admin,
    I have built the rooms in first floor to the opposite direction of Vastu, we have pooja room in South East wall, above the toilet of ground floor and toilet at South-west and kitchen is also in the West. Kindly advise me to solve…’s Vastu Dosh.

  212. Dear Admin,
    I have built the rooms in first floor to the opposite direction of Vastu, we have pooja room in South East wall, above the toilet of ground floor and toilet at South-west and kitchen is also in the West. Kindly advise me to solve…’s Vastu Dosh.

  213. Sir I have purchased a new house, but problem is septic tank and toilet is situated in southwest corner.
    Is there any remedy

      • Dear Guruji,

        Please provide your suggestions on how to calculate windows and doors , like for our villa we have 10 doors includes 2 Door frame only.So in this case do we need to consider this door frames also or no need.

        And windows : Do we need to count the toilet ventilation window

        Waiting for your response.


        • Each and every widow or Door which may have a Opening is to be counted. In your house door frames also to be counted

          • Deasr Guruji,

            Thanks for your quick response and do we need to consider toilet ventilation like exhaust fan + small vent in bathroom as a window.

            Please clarify my doubt.


          • Dear Guruji,

            Do we need to count the toilet ventilation as window and exhaust fan + small vent in bathroom as a window.

            Please provide your suggestion


          • Yes, we have to count “toilet ventilation as window and exhaust fan + small vent in bathroom as a window”

  214. Sir,
    We bought a house in the first floor and (north facing) and the house vastu is fine…but we also bought a shop in the south-west corner at the ground floor of the APT complex. Will the shop at the ground floor considered as south-west extension for the first floor house ? since it’s a shop, we will keep it open, so will it be considers as south-west open for the house in the first floor and have bad effects ? Since our shop is in the ground floor and it’s in the south-west, will it be considered as south-west down for the house in the first floor ?

  215. Hi I live in US and my house is facing the east and the kitchen is at the south west in an L-shape and it is an open kitchen with fixed stove top facing south and tap and sink in the west direction. There is a small window above the tap. The main door is in the east direction and the back door is in the west direction. Could you please help me giving some remedies as moving the stove is not possible as it is fixed.

  216. hello
    i m planning to buy a west facing flat which has second bedroom in North East, Facing south and door in south west corner.
    One vastu pandit advised to move door to south east, but its complicated to move the door.
    Are there any remedies to solve this problem?

  217. Hello Sir,

    Our house main entrance is S-W. According to birth date My favorable direction is South and my wife favourable direction is S-W, so is this house lucky/auspious for us? Is there still any vastu defects in my house? Or S-W entrance vastu defect will impact on us?
    House is registered on my and my wife name.

    Please advise the remedy.

  218. Namaste Sir,

    Our house main entrance is S-W. According to birth date My favorable direction is South and my wife favourable direction is S-W, so is this house lucky/auspious for us? Is there still any vastu defects in my house? Or S-W entrance vastu defect will impact on us?
    House is registered on my and my wife name.

    Please advise the remedy.

  219. I bought a new flat with Southwest facing main entrance and kitchen is in Southeast, master bedroom in north, bathroom in east. my dob is 07/09/1982 and my husband’s bd is 09/01/72., Is southwest entrance is ok for us or is there any remedy for this.

  220. Hello sir,
    i have entrance gate in south east direction(south facing).and just left to that in south west direction is open(half wall with grill at top).And out of entrance gate(around 12 feets) theres slope painted red. The above is all extension that we made 9 years back. And since that time(after extension) we are facing financial problems and health problems. Whats solution for that? Can i put some pyramid or anything at southwest?

  221. Namaskar guruji,
    I have window in south west direction..and having a/c outside unit in south west

    Is there is any defect???

  222. Hi sir,
    We are living in a rented house in 2nd floor with entrance in northeast. It has small balcony in West side. Is this a vasthu defect?
    Also a small extension in west side wall…not on the corner. Please suggest if it’s a vasthu defect.

  223. Hello Guru Ji, Namashkar, I leave in California and my home is South Facing and Main entrance is in 6th quadrant (Gandharva) My Birth date is 14 February 1979. master bedroom is in North East Corner. please suggest if this is good

  224. hi guruji we have constructed a house where Boewell is in North east and underground tank is in South west does this have any problem

  225. Hello sir
    my study room is in south-west direction.I am living by rented house and i get lot of problems in study after accomodation in this room,please guide me to solve this problem by all possible solution, forthis i will be grateful to you.

  226. Namaste guruji,
    My name is sonia.I am living INA rented main entrance is south east and a cut in NE and SW.Toilet is in north and south direction .I am currently facing health problems and financial problems.

  227. hello sir my name is mohit and I am a c.a student and I am not able to prosper in life after my new house which is north facing , my room in extreme north west , kitchen is in south west after my parents room just adjacent to it……please help.

  228. Sir my name is Renu Matkar my date of birth is 8/6/1976 and my husband ‘s name is Ketan Matkar his date of birth is 28/10 1972 and my daughter ‘s date of birth is 6/9/2001 our house main door is south-east, is it good for us pls guide. Thanking you.

  229. Dear Sir,

    My brothers house has South facing main door. And there is huge wall which blocks the main door. so we have turn right to leave the house. Also there is big window in the passage of the living room, which actually is a duct for toilet and bathrooms ventilation,though this window is always closed..

    Kindly suggest a solution as my brother is facing huge financial crisis, legal problems, loans payable,etc. He also has broken marriage also.

    IN other words, he is 36 years old but not yet settled in life and nothing is working out in business or his personal life though is very hardworking.

  230. Dear sir ,
    My house has Southwest opening .
    Please give me remedies , I am not getting good job as well as health issues.
    my Birthdate is 14 th Aug 1976
    my kitchen is at West , Sofa is at South ,toilet is at middle of west
    pls sugget

  231. Hi Sir,
    We recently moved in an apartment where main door is in north east corner, but there is a big balcony in south west attached to the master bedroom, that is the only balcony we have. Only that balcony is a projection in south west corner. So we get a cut in north west corner. What to do for this. Is there any dish? If so what is the remedy? Pls help.

  232. I live in a rented apartment with southwest entrance facing west and my date of birth is 30th july 1967. Is it good for me

  233. Hello Guruji,

    Hope you are doing well .I have question on my vacant south facing plot where in SW is extended around 44ft and I m planning to construction house leaving that portion of extended SW side .Thus taking rectangle dimension .Now question is what can be done for vacant extended SW side should it be left vacant or is there way we can use that extended portion ,if yes for what it can be used.


  234. Dear Sir,

    I am about to rent a house with South West direction. I don’t have option apart from South West door house. If I have to take the house then what should be remedy process. The features of the house are as:

    1. Direction South West (More towards south)
    2. Bed room in North
    3. Living room in North East
    4. Store in South West
    5. Kitchen in South but cooking face will be East.

    I can send you layout also please let me know how to send that. many thanks in advance.


  235. good day sir,

    I’m emailing from Malaysia…I just bought a house which entrance facing southwest….my date of birth is 05-10-1975 and my wife’s 06-08-1978….kindly guide me as I’m reading many negative points about house entrance facing southwest

  236. Namaskar sir,

    We have old house in Blore (independent) and it has kitchen in Southwest corner and in kitchen itself tthere is a pooja room. Bathroom and toilet are placed in east direction . Main door is facing North. My parents are staying there and I & my family are staying away in another city on job basis. Pls suggest whether this vastu defect affects me even though we are far away from this house. Also pls suggest remedies for removing defects.


  237. Hello,

    we are constituting our house, flat is south facing but the main interference open on East side. Kitchen is in Southeast side and living room is in Southwest side. We have a big window on south wall of living room. will the window will bring any negative effects, if yes please suggest the remedies on the same.

    Thank you, Sarika

  238. Hello Sir,We live in New york and recently bought a house.
    Below are the details:

    Main entrance–north facing.
    Kitchen-south west first floor(Which I am concerned).Although kitchen is in south west part of the house,The main stove is more in the middle of the room and towards south east part of that particular room.
    Master bed room with attached bathroom-master bedroom is on north west side and bathroom is towards southwest corner.(Which I am concerned)..this is 2nd floor of house.

    Please advise remedies for southwest dosha as I read online.After research I found we have to place a vastu pyramid on outside wall of bathroom on south west side….what type of pyramid should we place there and which part (south/west)of wall should we place it.What can we do for the kitchen in south west direction.

    Please advise accordingly.
    Thank you

  239. Sir,

    My home balcony is in South West corner and attached toilet of my South west Master bedroom in South east portion of the bedroom. Please advise.

  240. Sir,

    My single floor house is situated on north facing plot. The main door is facing north.

    The main gate is in the NE.

    In the NE portion of the house there is a room with attached bathroom. The bathroom is situated in the middle of NE and SE.

    In the SE, there is a kitchen with storeroom. Next to the toilet of bedroom of the NE.

    In the corner of SE kitchen, there is a stair case room. Next to the stair case room is garage.

    The garage in the SE corner of the compound has a water sump and my office. I sit in the SE corner of the garage facing west, the entrance to the garage. My cash box and office file cabinet is in the SE facing north.

    In the SW is another room. An extension to the south has two toilets cum bath. One toilet for the room. Another toilet from outside with door facing west.

    Along the south wall, close to the SW corner is a borewell. A manure pit is situated in the SW corner of the compound.

    Please advise remedies.

  241. Namaskar Guruji,

    Our house have extended SW direction and floor inclined towards west and SW direction.Kindly suggest some tips .


  242. Hello sir ,I am living in house with south East main gate and there is T point .House is facing south. South West corner is also light. Please suggest remedies
    Vinod arora

    • Hello Vinod ji:
      T shape means exact what, is any road hitting your house. Please send me the lay-out Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  243. Hello Sandeepjii,
    I am living in apartment with north west corner of the flat and my kitchen( 6feet E-W*10feet north-south)
    in a southwest corner of flat.Door of the kitchen is in the north east corner of east wall while sink is in south-east corner of kitchen .Work top of the kitchen is the west wall and stove is in the west .My wife cooks food in the west.We faces many problem like financial instability and my wife always remains unhealthy.
    Since we are living in apartment so any alteration in kitchen is not possible.
    Kindly give me advice.

  244. Hello Sandeepjii,
    I am living in apartment with north west corner of the flat and my kitchen( 6feet E-W*10feet north-south)
    in a southwest corner of flat.Door of the kitchen is in the north east corner of east wall while sink is in south-east corner of kitchen .Work top of the kitchen is the west wall and stove is in the west .My wife cooks food in the west.We faces many problem like financial instability and my wife always remains unhealthy.
    Since we are living in apartment so any alteration in kitchen is not possible.
    Kindly give me advice.

  245. Hello Sandeepjii,
    I am living in apartment with north west corner of the flat and my kitchen in a southwest corner of flat.Door of the kitchen is in the north east corner of east wall while sink is in south-east corner of kitchen .Work top of the kitchen is the west wall and stove is in the west .My wife cooks food in the west.We faces many problem like financial instability and my wife always remains unhealthy.
    Since we are living in apartment so any alteration in kitchen is not possible.
    Kindly give me advice.

  246. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to buy a house, with the main door facing west close to south.My DOB is 30 Aug 82 and my husbands DOB is 17th april 80.

    Please advise if this will suit us.

    • Hello Laxmi ji:
      It’s a South-west facing house. According to DOB: 30.08.1982 = South-west and 17.04.1980 = North-east are the favorable directions

  247. Guruji, I have kitchen in SW. There is a SE entrance to the kitchen (from dining room to kitchen). Can I place Copper Swastika on SE entrance door to kitchen? Please suggest.

  248. I have seen a flat to purchase but the entrance is in SW side and facing west and vastu compass showing neutral so I am confused about it

  249. Hello,
    I have a west facing kidswear shop, with the main entrance at southwest. I sit facing the north wall. Kindly suggest me some remedies for this vaastu dosh to make my shop flourish. My dob is 22-4-1980.

  250. Sir, My D.O.B is 06-02-1977, by profession I am an Advocate canyou please suggest favourable direction for my office.

  251. The opening or entrance of is on the south west there is a problem in it when we sit in nairuthi place all the customers coming from vayu and now vayu place is given for rent so mutually we had a problem the entrance of the shop is from same place of nairuthi entrance

  252. we have house near Boston brought in 2002. Every thing was going well until we came to know about a rare genetic disease which son has. This we came to know in 2009. As that problem do not have a medicine and as my elder son is not good in education (he passed MBBS but not yet settled)
    we started looking at vastu and astrology. Very recently I got the map of my house and plot from the city office and I came to know that our plot has south west extension. South west is little raised and clearly extended making triangle in the southwest. Our garage is on the south east. Basically south east of the house and south west of the plot are extended. Do you thing it will have a impact on the kids?
    What corrections I need to make? Please suggest. Every one feels we are prospering in the house but I have the mental worry about my son. As there is no medicine for the problem I trying to do all other things.

  253. Hello sir I am basaveshwar heera my birth date is 23/1/1973 and my wife name is preeti her date of birth is 24/8/1982 my daughter name is arushi heera her date of birth is 20/9/2010 we came to new rent house whose main door is in sw corner so please tell is good or bad

  254. Hello Sir,

    We shifted to new flat for rent. The plan is as below.
    >Entrance at North East.
    >North is fully closed wih a wall(not a single window atleast) as there is another flat attached to it.
    >North west – Master bed room with a window on West wall , Also attached batchroom
    >South West – Children Bed room with balcony towards South
    >South East – Kitchen with balcony towards South
    >living room with Window on West wall
    Please tell me the remedies if the Plan has any defects.

  255. Pranaam Guruji,

    I am planning to take a rented house the entrance is exact South and kitchen is in South west corner and next to it is bathroom…i rent is low..but very worried to shift..please help…i am planning to get married and shift…Please help

  256. guruji
    we are in nigeria, i have rented house and sw facing may problems are there,pls suggest
    my husband’s birth date is 5/11/1960 and my own is 10/4/1965 my name is manju sharma and husband name is prakash sharma
    pls reply

    • Hello Manju:
      South-west facing or entrance in generally not preferred, you have to use some Yantras in the House, to ward off negativity

  257. sir,
    i would like to know Apart from master bedroom and store room in south west corner of house ,what are the other room options that can be constructed in south west corner?

    We are planning for 2 bedrooms in the north west corner in first and ground floor and a master bedroom in south west corner in the First floor.
    so can we think of a computer office room in south west corner in ground floor?

  258. Namaskar Guruji,
    Mera naam Pooja jain hai.hum logo ne 4saal pahle flat liyta tha ,top floor par hai,and uska main entrance door sw hai
    Mere husband CA hai ,hamare new flat me shift hone Ke baad husband ne job chod kar practice start kasr Di ,income to hoti hai par kuch khaas aachi practice nahi chal rahi ,par wo bahut mahenat karte hai,us hisaab Se income nahi hai
    Plzzzzz koi solution bataye ,husband bahut tention me hote hai mangi kabhi
    My DOB is. 18.3.1983 and husband ki 11.5.1979 hum dono Ke naam Se ghar hai

  259. Sir,
    My house entrance is in North east corner and Kitchen is in South west corner..Is it correct.
    M DOB is 19/04/1981 and wife is 02/07/1984

  260. Hi sir,
    We bought a home recently,entrance at SW. My husband DOB 13 nov 1981.He s the owner of the house .pls suggest us

  261. we are looking for rented house and i liked one.. but it is south facing house in the south west corner.. kitchen north, master bedroom in north-east block with attached toilet in north location, 2nd bedroom is in south east.. common toilet is in south.. my dob 26-01-1981 and husband 11-1-1974… west is blocked for this house.. north and east has windows and balconies which has very good ventilation.. pls suggest

  262. Sir Namaskar,
    I am Satyendra My date of birth is 01/04/1966 i have shifted in my new rented house which Main entry is South west let me know its consequences how will be my stay here.


  263. Hello sir,
    We’re thinking of buying a built house in a layout with two options,one facing southwest and other northeast.My husband’s DOB 17/11/1966.mine 09/01/1971. Which should I buy?What else should I look for with respect to bedroom,kitchen and puja.

    THanks much in advance.

  264. Dear Sir ,

    We have shifted to a new apartment and our bathroom is in SW corner and Toilet in NE corner . Please suggest remedies to overcome these dosh . My date of birth is 03/12/1986 .

    Bhavna .

  265. Hello Guruji,

    I am planing to buy flat, which is East facing and have lift facing my entrance. again Kitchen platform is at north side (cook facing North). master bedroom at South West with bathroom at SW corner. if my date of birth is 22/march/82 would it give me fortune or if any defect are there to consider for remediation.

  266. Namaste Guruji, we are planning to buy a house. House is south facing main entrance is South – 4th pada. Garage is south west. Kitchen is east facing. Master bedroom is north west and other two rooms are north east and south facing. Living room is north east and has huge windows. The north side back yard has a slope going downwards. There is no obstruction from the north side. There is another entrance to the house through basement on north east side as well as patio on the north east side. My DOB is Dec 3, 1979 and moon sign in Vrishabh, Kritika. Can you please advise if we should buy the house. Thank you!

  267. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for this great resource. I was allotted a plot which faces South-West direction. Generally, this is not reported to be an ideal direction for a plot. Can you please advise, what best remedies can be applied in my situation?


  268. sir my name is vishal chaudhary i am leaving rented dda flat and its door is situated direction of sourth west. my date of birht is 26/12/1986. i have always getting problem and now i am trying to applying goverment jobs . can i will success to get goverment jobs.
    please suggest its negative effect and solution of this.

    • According to your DOB: North-east is the favorable direction.
      Place Hanumatpujan Yantra + Haridra Ganesh Yantra outside the entrance area
      And Haridra Ganesh Yantra in side the entrance area

  269. Hello Sir,

    I have a query and need your expert guidance. Our house is east facing, we have recently built a room on the terrace in north west side. now our south west cornet is smaller than north west, is it fine as per vastu?

  270. Thanks sir to give your valuable time
    i do not have any scope to change entry door and you said west is favorable direction but what about south west direction. which yantras i have to use to get positive result

    my wife date of birth is 01/11/1992 and my daughter date of birth is 08/06/15.
    as per your comments i placed Swastik yantra both side of door.
    Please suggest what should i do to get positve result.
    vishal chaudhary

    • You have to place Hanuman Yantra + Ganesh Yantra outside the entrance door.
      Ganesh Yantra inside the house above the entrance area

      And Two more yantras in the house to increase the Positiveness
      Please call me for details

  271. Hi ,

    We live in Dubai and have a South-West entrance .My husbands DOB is 1/03/1977 and mine is 9/10/1981.Please give us a remedy for this as even the toilet and kitchen is South -West facing.

    Thanks ,

    • Hello Sangeetha ji:
      You have to use Hanuman Yantra + Ganesh yantra outside the entrance area
      And Ganesh Yantra inside the entrance area.
      If this is your own house, then you have to use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of South-west Toilet.
      Please call me for details on +91 9494214400

  272. sir our bathroom is in southwest corner and master bedroom is in southwest. we are suffering from financial problems and my father is suffering from a major health issue. please give me a solution to this.

    • Hello Anushri ji:
      Bathroom in South-west is a defect
      You have to use “Gems Therapy” to block negativity of South-west Bathroom