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Vaastu Shashtra, Vaastu Dosh and Remedies

Southwest Vaastu Dosh, Problems and Remedies

Vaastu, Vastra and Victuals (Shelter, Clothing and Food) these are the three basic needs of Human. Every one works to get fulfill these needs life long. If you have nice Vaastu, free from Vaastu dosh or defects then only you can enjoy Happy health,  polite children, prosperity and resources of good income through business or profession and elevated status in society with over all mental and marvelous peace.

This will be able to be happened if your living House is constructed according to Vaastu Shastra principles Here  we discuss  some major Vaastu defects( dosh ) and their terrible problems with some remedies. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions

 II     Vaastu dosh, Problems and Remedies in Southwest Direction    II

Vaastu-dosh-remedies SouthWest is a very important direction in the Vastu and controlling planet is Rahu. Luck, Wealth and  Stability are also controlled by South west direction. Vaastu Defect ( Dosh) in South West will make the effort of occupants unsuccessful and not get the results even of having done hard work

Defects in Southwest indicates having Pitra dosha in Inmates Horoscope and brings misfortune. 


  1. South West direction may have Cut
  2. Underground water tank or bore well in the SW.
  3. Cut or Extension in the west and large opening or windows in west.
  4. Main Entrance Door / Gate in South west
  5. Kitchen in South west
  6. Slope in South west direction

Problems :

  1. Blocked Money, Financial difficulties in Business. Problem linked with loan matters
  2. May be Chances of meeting Accidents, Leg pain or Fractures
  3. Health problems related to Kidney
  4. Instability in the Life, Women of the House suffers more
  5. Bad habits to  younger member of family can meet with bad Friends or Society
  6. Unfair relations between Husband and Wife


  • Place Swastik, Trishul and Om on both the Sides of Main door (check below image)
  • Putting “Rahu, Ketu Yantra” in Southwest will minimize the bad effects of this direction (this can be done under guidance of expert Pandit)

Om Swastik Trishul Vastu dosh remediesUnder Ground water Tank in Southwest – Remedies:

  • Just paint Red color on top of the Tank.

Toilet / Bathroom –  Remedies:

  • Keep Pyramid at Southwest Corner
  • Keep Toilet Door Closed always
  • more and more

Kitchen – Remedies:


867 Comments to Southwest Vaastu Dosh, Problems and Remedies

  1. Sangeetha says:

    Hi ,

    We live in Dubai and have a South-West entrance .My husbands DOB is 1/03/1977 and mine is 9/10/1981.Please give us a remedy for this as even the toilet and kitchen is South -West facing.

    Thanks ,

    • admin says:

      Hello Sangeetha ji:
      You have to use Hanuman Yantra + Ganesh yantra outside the entrance area
      And Ganesh Yantra inside the entrance area.
      If this is your own house, then you have to use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of South-west Toilet.
      Please call me for details on +91 9494214400

  2. Anushri Daga says:

    sir our bathroom is in southwest corner and master bedroom is in southwest. we are suffering from financial problems and my father is suffering from a major health issue. please give me a solution to this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anushri ji:
      Bathroom in South-west is a defect
      You have to use “Gems Therapy” to block negativity of South-west Bathroom

  3. narresh says:

    hi sir do vasthu yanthras can give good results for streetfocus, pls suggest me

  4. i am waiting for reply for your side . Thanks. vishal chaudhary

  5. Sir my door is in south west and in this house north east cut also I’m in rental house so pls tel me what I will do

  6. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir
    We are living in Flat and our pooja is located in South West corner, because of this every day are not seen happyness in this house, kindly let me know what changes should be done

    Thank you

  7. Tinoo says:

    What metal should the swastik be for south west main entrance door…. Copper or silver ??

    • admin says:

      For South-west entrance door it requires “Hanumtpujan Yantra” and “Haridra Ganesh Yantra” of Copper metal

  8. Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My flat entrance is @ east (northeast corner). Master bedroom @ southwest corner and is a full/complete rectangle shape, however attached bath-w/c of this master bedroom is at extreme southwest corner_ south wall but outside of the rectangle shape bedroom.
    Please advice if it okay.

  9. SIBI says:


  10. anamika says:

    Hello I would like like to which direction vl b good for both of us as we have a joint property.
    My details are
    Anamika Khippal ( bfore mrrg and gupta surname after mrrg)
    Place of birth is ashvini hospital in Mumbai
    Time of birth is 18:16 hrs on 05th Oct 1984.

    My husband
    Shishir gupta
    Kurukshetra, haryana
    Time is 19:10 hrs ( evening 7:10 p.m.)

    Pls tell us suitable direction for buying flat

  11. Zubin Thakur says:

    Namaste Guruji

    My House/ Duplex is south facing, with main campus entrance in middle but more towards South East.
    I have two doors to the house one is facing West and the other is south
    The entrance doors are on the South west portion of the house
    I have one toilet on the ground floor and 2 on the 1st floor both are on the east side of the house

    My date of birth is 18-09-1972

    Kindly suggest on this and give your feedback

  12. vinit says:

    Hello sir…
    Sir i recently bought new flat.
    Main door in south west.
    Building main entrance also in south west.
    Building south west & north west side road.
    My DOB 23-08-92 & my father DOB 07-11-67.

  13. nareshgoud says:

    hello sir, what are the effects of wsw street focus

  14. nareshgoud says:

    hi sir,what are the effects of wsw street focus,pls suggest

    • admin says:

      It makes Life struggle full, Negative growth every where. Some time accidental chances

  15. akhil kansal says:

    In my kitchen when i cook my face is towards south plz give me any advise

  16. Vivek says:

    What if it’s a lawn on the entire south and west corner of the house

  17. thusitha says:

    Namaskar Guru Ji,

    in our house in sri lanka we have a toilet pit in SW. what should we do to minimize the dosha?

    • admin says:

      It requires Ratnadhyaya therapy as a remedy. Please call me on +91 9494214400 for details

  18. p.srikanth says:

    Hi Guruji, My name is P.Srikanth,DOB:Oct-20th-1976, Could you please tell which direction house is good for me…

  19. Direction of my house is west.Master bedroom is in south-west corner of the house. I am going to construct a room in the south west corner in the first floor. there is a gap between the room(west facing wall) and the parapet wall. So can I construct a wardrobe 1ft above the floor level and extending 1 ft out of the room space in west and also in south west without touching the ground and the roof (just box type) ???
    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank You.

  20. karthick says:

    Hi Guruji, My name is R.Karthick and DOB: 13th March 1982, Could you please tell which direction house is good for me?

  21. Vikas Lanjewar says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    my name is Vikas Lanjewar and my date of birth is 28.06.1963 ,i have west opening towards South ,so it is south west or west south and if i consider west south what will be remedies.
    please advise, i have put swastik on door and siddhivinayak ganapati photo on door.please advise
    Vikas Lanjewar

    • admin says:

      Place a Hanumtpujan Yantra and Ganesh yantra outside the entrance door area and Haridra ganesh Yantra inside above the entrance area
      Light a brown color night bulb in entrance area

  22. Amit J says:

    I have purchased flat, with SouthWest entrance but the entrace is in West direction of the flat.
    My main question is how is direction considered – direction while stepping out of the flat (SW) or the direction of entrance with respect to the flat (West)?
    Also, what all things need to done in case of any dosha?

    • admin says:

      While coming out which direction you face is the facing of the house
      For detail analysis, Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

      • Amit J says:

        While coming out, I face SouthWest. Hence, i wanted to know what all things we need to do to counter any dosha my flat has?

  23. Devi says:

    Hello ,we recently bought one apartment.themaindoor is in south east tilted to it k?we r facing many probs.pls reply

  24. Anil says:

    hi Guruji,

    Is there any impact of vaastu on late marriages, please let us know the what are those and the remedies for it.


  25. Ananda Rao Moram says:

    Hello Sir,
    What will be the problems, if I purchase a house with entrance from the west side, my DOB-27 Mar 71
    How can I share the picture of the proposed flat with you for better understanding.

  26. Sapna Singh says:

    Guruji namaskar ,
    My DOB 26 July 1985 timing is 8:25pm
    Guruji Mai health wise Bhut pareshan hu Karib 5 year se haal hi me humara ghar b sell ho gya h Usme vastu dosh tha Agni kon pr toilet and ishan kon pr stairs ,
    Abhi rent pr flat liye h jiska north east corner kata hua h or flat ka main enterance south west me h pr west se kuch space chhorkr h please bataiye ki kya isme vastu dosh h? Or iske upay kya honge

  27. Sumit Khanna says:

    Sir, My office has entrance in southwest and my office’s south-east corner wall is shared with the wall of common building toilet. The WC is not on my side. Can you please provide me remedy for this?

    • admin says:

      You have to use some Yantras on the entrance and on the wall that sharing with Toilet

  28. jitendra says:

    Namaskar pandit ji,

    I have seen a flat, which has north- east entrance( when anyone come out from flat his/her face will be towards north-east). but all windows are on south-west direction.
    pls advice is it suitable for me or not. What is alternative for south west direction for windows.

    • admin says:

      You have to close the South-west windows or cover-up them with curtains of Brown color

  29. shibani Patra says:

    Hello Guruji
    My entrance is South West and Bathroom is in North. It is an apartment, so cant change.
    Kindly suggest me some remedies, please. So grateful.

    Thank you

    • shibani Patra says:

      My DOB is 2nd March 1987 and my husband’s DOB is 15th March 1984

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 15.03.1984 = South-west entrance is OK
      North Bathroom / Toilet requires Gems therapy

  30. Soms says:

    Dear Guruji,

    My entrance door is in south-west direction. We are tenants staying in this house for last 4 years. Health of family members has grown as a concern. Mother suffered acutely 1.5 yrs ago with a very unnatural disease and is now on medication. Elder brother – Shubhro (DOB – 16/03/1977) has been suffering from liver cirrohosis since Aug 2015 and Father (DOB – 29/09/1949) has suffered seizure attacks twice in Jan-Feb month. Me (DOB – 17/04/1981) with my wife (DOB- 14/03/1988) and my younger brother also stay in house (Sougat – 05/06/1983).

    What are the remedies we should do to rectify these. Would placing Panchmukhi hanumanji with gada in left hand in semi standing position and om trishul swastik on top of main entrance door help, or is there any other issue which needs to be corrected. Please advise.

  31. What happens if the main entrance is in the Southwest, but North is full open with French windows and Kitchen in South East. Master Bedroom is in South East.

  32. Vijay Chadha says:

    Guru ji ,I owe a Flat and My bedroom is in east south direction . Sun rises through my window.
    and hence looking at this direction, main entrance door is in West and the kitchen in South west. Can you help on this .

    one of the toilet is near Bramsthan , almost at the center of the house . My D.O.B. is 29/10/1971 , Born 6.35 A.M. Kanpur (U.P.) Can you suggest a few tips to enhance peace, happiness and prosperity.

    Please help
    Vijay Chadha

  33. Sir we have a basement in south west of my house with openings for ventilation in south, although the no of floor and height of roof is the highest here what should i do to reduce its ill effects!(also we built a swimming pool in north east of my house at someone’s suggestion to counter the effects)

  34. Raj says:

    Hello sir ,

    i have made my north facing house a perfect Vastu by giving micro level of attention – but every years or 2 years one me or my mom is having a problem in the Ankels – either i am meeting with accidents or my mom recentely sliped in bedroom which created the small crack near to ankel area , basically we have a major problem which relates to Ankel area on the legs ,Please looking for advice on how to rectify it .

  35. Ima says:


  36. Divya Dangui says:

    Hello sir, need your help!
    My husband and i live in newly built house after marriage since last year..the vastu of the house is proper but there is a neighbours well at the south west of house and its very close by..we have built a compound wall in between the house and the well though..Does it still affects us? After reading the south west vastu problems i feel v r facing all those issues in our day to day life in this one year be it health,business or relationship related.
    Awaiting ur reply..thank u in advance !

  37. SAI KIRAN says:

    Hi Sir,

    I recently got a plot assigned in lottery.It’s South East corner,HAVING ROADS ON BOTH SOUTH AND EAST SIDES.On south side,there is 50 ft road.But there was ANOTHER VERTICAL road on south side that is facing towards the south west edge of the plot,where my plot joins with the other’s plot.Is that a defect ? Can you please let me know if that can be solved through a remedy ?


  38. Mary says:

    My flat has a west south facing entrance.can I make a pooja room in living room facing entrance

  39. sangeeta Agrawal says:

    i am planning to buy a new house. entry from north east. but end of west, there is extended balcony of southwest master bedroom…should i buy d house or not…pls suggest. my DOB is 18th March 1981

  40. suresh says:

    Hi Sir
    i have an west facing house. and there is a under ground water tank in the south west corner of the house ihe ground floor.
    The top two floors are south facing and the south west corners has toilet and bath room.stair case to reach top floors are in south face.can you please let us know if they are in the right direction.if not please suggest us the remidies
    we are suffering from huge financial problems family problems and health problems

  41. S. Hariharan says:

    Dear Guruji,

    We have seen a flat in the 16th floor to buy which has east facing north east main door and soouth west master bedroom. But there is a big lake in the western side of the house. What remedy should I do. Please advice.

  42. N.naganathan says:

    Dear sir

    am in rented house ( single home with compound ) its home septic tank placed in southwest …
    what is the remedies for this one for continue to stay here or best to change the house …

    Solution please….

  43. hari lama says:

    Hello sir
    I AM FROM NEPAL My main entrance door i s west facing and have septic tank in south west side and toilet too.straight to main entrance in east side there is another door to go to there any vastu defect in this plan if there is than please inform me about the remedies also.Thank you

    • admin says:

      Septic tank and Toilet in the South-west is defect, it requires Gems therapy.
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  44. Hello sir,namaste…My quarter is south facing,main entrance door is south west corner and one bedroom is south east corner.please give solutions..

  45. Girish babu kh says:

    I am an advocate. My office main door in South West facing. In my office which place is suitable me to sit . For my success

  46. Harpreet says:

    Pradipji v hv purchased this flat last year. Had gone through lot of financial losses. My husband met with an accident too. Now my question is that, is it a vastu dosh. As the entrance is in the NW corner, balcony is in the SW corner, toilet is in the SE corner, kitchen faces towards the west. Please help…..

  47. Sunil says:


    This is Sunil, from Canada. We are looking to purchase a house where main door is facing SouthWest, garage entrance is from south east.

    DOB —- 30th April, 1962 & Wife’s 5th Dec 1965

    Should I stay from the house?

  48. Sunil says:

    I meant to should we stay away from this house? ——– sorry

  49. amit says:

    My Main Entrance is South, while i Enter house i face north. Door Location is South-East Corner.
    My Pooja House is Also Facing East is it ok ?
    Kindly let me know the remedy.

  50. Hello,

    I hope you are doing well. My house entrance is in south-west direction. We live in United States. It’s a rented house so we can not change anything much. Are there any remedies that you can suggest to reduce the effects of entrance in south west corner.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      You have to use some energized Yantras in the House
      Please call me on +91 9494214400 for details

  51. Kashy says:

    I plan to buy a North facing house. Means when if we come out of house, there is a North direction while facing out of the main door.
    But the kitchen is in southwest direction. With stove in west direction means person cooking will have to face west direction.
    There are no chances to modify the kitchen. Please suggest remedies.

    • admin says:

      Kitchen in Southwest is a defect. Paint with light brown color here
      Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo backside of coking women

  52. samodini says:

    I am staying in rent house. I have west side favorable , that house also having west main door but some problem means staircase at southwest direction having underground water tank below staircase at south west corner of house.
    Is there any remedy?
    is it favorable for me and my family? also I am looking for best carrier opportunity.

    • admin says:

      Underground water tank in Southwest corner of the house is a defect.
      Being it’s rental if you want to do remedies, it requires “Gems therapy”
      Please call me for details on 9494214400

  53. devi says:


    Southwest corner of my office is empty. Kindly advise what should i place there in order to have the balance since im having financial issues. Shall appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  54. Ashwini says:

    Hi sir,

    I am renting a house which has south facing entrance.

    My living hall is in the south west portion of the house.
    The master bedroom is at the south east with an attached bathroom facing towards north wall.
    My prayer room is in second room which is at the west and my altar is towards west wall facing east.
    My kitchen is at north west corner and another toilet at north. I cook while facing east.
    As i am only a tenant, i cant make any changes. Can you please advice on what remedies can be done as i am having financial and health problem and my husband is being unemployed.

    Please advice.

  55. Surein Gopal says:

    Hi Sir , my wet kitchen door facing south west while dry kitchen door facing bedrooms at south west and cooking hood facing southeast to southwest. Main entrance door facing north. Please advise on the vastu and the remedy to follow…my DOB 10.03.77

  56. manju r phogat says:

    hi sir,

    i am manju , my house facing south west direction my D.O.B IS FEB 23 1987 AND MY HUSBAND NAME IS ARVIND AND D.O.B IS JULY 7TH 1986 CAN U SUGGEST ME ANY REMEDY

  57. Rashi says:

    we have garage in sw of our house its floor is lower than rest of the house so what to do.
    please suggest any remedy because we cannot raise the floor its being used as store right now.

    my id-

  58. S.Shanmugam says:

    Hi sir,

    I propose to buy an individual house with a total plot area of 1400 sq ft (corner Plot) by applying Home loan.

    The size of the plot 57 feet North (Facing Street) 57 feet South (neighbor’s house) 24 feet East (Facing street) and 26 feet West (Neighbour’s empty plot). The extended area of 2 feet falls on the southwest corner side.
    They have constructed the full 1400 sq feet with a living room and four bedrooms, etc.
    Can I buy that House? Or I have to drop the plan, since it extends two feet towards the south west corner.
    Your earlier reply will help me to decide whether I can Invest my hard earning money.

    Thanks in advance

  59. Kiran man Sthapit says:

    dear sir ,
    I started a restaurant business since 1 year. I am having very troubles in business one problem is solved another comes .the main entrance door is in south west front of main entrance is a main road then river.can you please make me some suggestions.and kitchen is in the southern part and store is in the west.
    thanking you

  60. VAISHALI says:

    Hi, we are family of three, me, my husband and 6 years daughter. we have got house on rent, it has south west entrance, kitchan in north east corner and bedroom in south west side, toilet and bathroom in north ..please help me as i have gone through lot of financial ups and down also najor health issues with my husband.

    guide me, my DOB is 5 march 75

    • admin says:

      Kitchen and Toilet are in defected area. It requires “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me on 9494214400 fr details

  61. sundary says:

    my house kitchen is at south west (stove position at south west), having financial problem. pls advice any remedy. i cant afford to do renovation of changing the kitchen position. tq

    • admin says:

      Place Hanumtapujan Yantra backside of cooking women. Paint with light brown color in the Kitchen.

  62. shanti kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    You mentioned to keep a ‘Pyramid at Southwest Corner’ if you have a toilet in the Southwest. There are many types of pyramid, which one should I use?

    Kindly waiting for your reply.

    • admin says:

      Instead Pyramid use “Gems therapy” for Southwest Toilet.
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  63. Seema says:

    Hello Sir, how to identify south west corner cut? please suggest?

    • admin says:

      If your house is having Five corners and Southwest is missing then it’s a Southwest CUT

  64. arpita biswas dutta says:

    hi sir…we r living in a flat of north facing..but 2 bathrooms in south west and north west corner…CAN U SUGGEST ME ANY REMEDY

    • admin says:

      Northwest bathroom is OK, Southwest bathroom is defect requires “Gems therapy”

  65. Dhana says:

    The house entrance is between 240-270 deg. Is this considered SW facig house?

  66. Rajkumar says:

    Hello sir
    Recently we are moving to rental home from our own home
    We are already facing financial troubles
    My dob is 21/10/71 and my wife 30/7/90
    Our rental home have maindoor at southwest and toilet in northeast
    We have placed lord hanuman picture with Garda in left hand (warriors pose)outside main door facing south
    And installed Trishul om Swastik symbol on both the sides of maindoor
    Wer to place siddha rahu yantra ?
    Wer to plant Tulasi as northeast s occupied with toilet!
    Give us some advice to do well in our business
    Recently all our vechiles was cancelled
    We are in heavy debt
    Please help us sir
    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      In this rental house also Toilet in Northeast, which is a severe defect.
      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  67. Nutan Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Expert,
    my name is Nutan, our rented flat main entrance is in south-west side and i am facing finance problem,please suggest me what i need to do. my date of birth is 20April1981, my wife Himani DOB 11July1986

  68. Jugal Thakkar says:

    Hello sir
    You said to strengthen the north east direction with money plant
    I want to clarify weather
    The north east direction of the house or
    The north east direction in the hall/drawing room
    Regard Jugal Thakkar

  69. Hari says:

    Hi Guruji, we had a west face land and it is increased on southwest-west side. can I purchase that commercial land and is there any remedies I can do. My wife name is Archana, planning to buy on her name.

  70. Deepthi says:

    Hello Sir, We are living in the house facing SouthWest direction and not achieving for what we targeted in life. My DOB – 8thJune1986 and my Husband’s DOB – 13thNovember1984.Can you please advise either Southwest facing entrance causing any issues?

    while entering into the house from main door,it is in southwest direction.So I am considering that my house is in southwest facing.Please confirm.

  71. Anjana says:

    Hello Sir, I have bought a house with a big South west open balcony. Initial one year went okay at this house but, last six months I am struggling to get a new job. Can you please suggest some remedy for that. Or should I completely close the south west wind direction.

  72. Lakshmi says:

    Kitchen is in the south West part of the house we have all the electric and heating done in kitchen .we are living in abroad so please suggest remedies .

  73. Shakunthala says:

    Hi sir,
    I am Shakunthala, My Date of birth is 01.07.1976. My husband dob is 23.04.1968. which door is suitable for us?. At present we are in rented house at south facing main door and another small door at east. we have underground water sump at south west. Can you suggest me any remedy sir.

    • admin says:

      For DOB: 01.07.1976 = Southwest and for 23.04.1968 = Southeast are favorable directions. Being its rental, can you do any remedies, if so please call me 9494214400

  74. Jyotiranjan says:


    I am planning to rent a house, the main door is west facing and kitchen in SW corner, bed room is in NW with attached bathroom (EN corner). Should I rent this house Sir.

  75. Shweta says:

    Hello Sir,
    I live in US , my DOB is 12/18/1976 and my husband’s DOB is 7/21/1977.We are planning to buy a SW entrance house. Please advise if this will work for us.

  76. Manjari Negi says:

    Namaste Guruji
    We shifted 1 year back to this rented house. It’s main entrance is in southwest direction. In excatly a year, my husband has lost his job and no other opportunities coming up. Marital life is also not so good. I am also stuggling running a tuition centre from home.
    I have two lovely kids. They are doing good health-wise but in any other activity their hardwork is also not paying off and financially our position is weakening.

  77. Sampatthkumar says:

    Can i construct a bathroom in the north east corner in the first floor? If yes…what are major conditions to use the bathroom?

  78. lavanya says:

    Our Main Entrance is SouthWest facing.Is building a fence with gate with a different direction helps to overcome the vastu dosh of southwest?.Please advice.

  79. Madhukar says:

    Hello Guruji,

    Am planning to buy a new house and it is facing North, am more concern about my Kitchen which is closer to South west. I have a week time to decide. Can you please let me know any issues with it or appreciate for any remedies.


    W E




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