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Vaastu Tips for Successful Business

Vaastu Tips for Business

Obviously finance, is the heart and soul of any business organization.  Money is the primary requisite for investment in any kind of business, either large or small. By applying Vaastu principles in your business complex can definitely helps to attract more investors or support from financial institutions to attract more capital for a stable and successful business.

Even though after successful start-up of a business, to ensure a regular in-flow of money and profits through the business it is essential that the Vaastu of that structure where your business is running will have an utmost importance.

In ancient India, the learners of Vaastu Shastra were also skilled in Artha Shastra (Economics). The reason was to make familiar with the various aspects of finance and using the five elements (Panchtattva) to solve the financial problems.

Thus, by following the basic Vaastu guidelines listed below, one can definitely achieve the business targets and grow in large and more prosperous:

According to Vaastu Shastra every direction of building governs different aspects of our life. Out of them, the North-West (NW) Zone is mostly responsible for getting support from financial institutions [System Support]. Thus, a plot or building facing the North-West is ideal for constructing a factory office or any business complex. Any factory / office facing the North, North-East or the North-West directions are ideal, as these Vaastu directions bring good luck and positive energy.


The main door or entrance of the office building should face the East or the North direction. Avoid placing anything close to or in front of the main entrance which otherwise creates obstacle. We strongly recommend other vaastu tips of main entrance

On the other hand, if there is a toilet in the NW Zone of your factory or office, you will not get the desired support from the System. We strongly recommend these vaastu tips for toilet

The reception or the front office should be placed in the East or the North-East corner, and the staff should face East or North while working.  

The accounts department should be in the Northeast or in the Southeast area and the accountant should face towards east while working. Whereas accounts department if deals with the public, the people working there should face North direction while working.

The cashier’s cabin should be in the North and the cash box should be kept against the Southern wall and its shutters should open towards north. 

The marketing and sales personals should be deployed in the Northwest direction of the business complex.

Cabins for field staff, peons, drivers, and other orderlies should be in North-west area. The Ideal location for a conference room is North or West direction.  Avoid using of Circular or Oval shaped conference table.


vaastu tips for successful business

For a Smooth working, make a work place in rectangular or square instead L – Shape. Because irregular shape in office structure can creates confusion

All the electrical equipment should be placed in South-East area of the office building to avoid any unpleasant incident or fire misfortune.


Office structures that made according to Vaastu principles can find helpful in creating a good financial in-flow. Vastu principles are designed keeping in mind the various energy fields coming from different directions. These energy fields affect various aspects of our life. It is strongly supposed that if we make any Business complex or office against the Vastu norms, the natural forces will line up against us.


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  1. Murali says:

    Dear Sir,
    If Main door of office is west facing , and only one entrance, advise sitting conditions.

  2. vikas says:

    We can keep tulasi plant in south east direction in my flat main door is north face

  3. Dinesh Nayak says:

    Office is south facing. Is it ok to sit on a cubical facing east. There is a wall with no windows in the eastern direction

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