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Importance of Main Door in Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Tips for Main Entrance Door

The Main Entrance Doors needs a great concentration as per Vaastu Shastra. Main door is the face of the house and according to Hindu religion, ‘Simhadwaram’ or Main entrance Door, is the house of Lord “Ganesha”, Goddess “Mahalaxmi” and Goddess “Saraswati”.  So the main entrance door of the house must be perfectly positioned to activate all the positive energies.

According to Vaastu Shastra, here are some tips that should always considered before designing the Main entrance doors 

  • The Main Entrance Door should always in the East or North direction
  • Avoid a door facing South West as it will bring the devil energy in the house and also invites in struggles and misfortunes.
  • The door facing South East is brings in sickness, anger and court matters.
  • The main door should always open inside the house and clockwise
  • South facing door brings the energy which disturbs positive energy of the house and causes arguments or disagreements. While if this door is in fourth Pada is very good for occupant.
  • West facing door is good for the youngsters as it gives active energy & energy of enjoyment.
  • North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu shastra rules. Only thing to remember that the most key male person of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces North.

The Main Door should be taller and other doors should not be higher in size or in beauty to the Main Entrance DoorMain entrance door vaastu tips

  • There should not be obstructions in front of Main Door like rails, staircase, big trees etc. There should not be Temple, Lamppost opposite main door.
  • The number of Doors and Windows in the house should be always in even numbers like 2,4,6,8,etc
  • Doors should not be positioned in the center of the wall; they should always be off centered.
  • If a house faces East, the entrance should be in the East, because Main Door falls in the Northern direction of the house. Such a door gives good results and is very auspicious

Normally main entrance doors facing East, North, and North East are supposed to be good doors. But again there are many other things like Cuts, Extensions, and Under Ground Water Tanks of the house which decide the wealth and health of the occupant.


865 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Main Entrance Door

  1. Mahi says:

    Hello sir,

    Its been a decade now my father built house, and its main door is south facing, in these days peace has gone from my home, can you please help me what kind of remedies should I do to make things better ?

    Thanks for you attention !

    • Arpita Goswami says:

      Hello Sir,
      We recently bought a flat and planning to move in. The main door of the flat is West facing, that means when we go out of the flat we will face west. My husband’s DOB is 28.08.1973 and he is the head of the family. Please let me know whether the direction of the main door is perfect.

      9th May 2016

      • admin says:

        According to DOB: 28.08.1973 = North-west is the favorable direction

        • Priya says:

          We are going to build a newhouse .My house is west facing .my main door in west..Kitchen is in South East.cook will face in South.master bedroom is in South West.garage in North room in North will be in my husband’s name Raghulan(surname_gowthaman).dob-24/11/82.we have two kids.could you tell me whether my house will brings happiness and peace or not?

  2. Mallesh says:

    Hello Mr. Mahi;
    Please see that, wheather the main entrance door is in “fourth Pada” in the South direction then it is very good, if not so, shift it in the South east area of the house, See there is nothing more than our existence of survival

  3. sreelakshmi says:

    can i place ganesha hanging just above my main door,is there any problem in that?

  4. Rajaram says:

    Shall i select a flat in a appartment with south east entrance main door. Is that any harm. Please advise


    • admin says:

      Hello Rajaram Ji;
      Yes you can, see that Entrance will come in 4th and 5th place in South direction. (means if you make Nine equal parts of South wall leaving 1 st and 2nd part from Southeast, you can have a Main entrance door in 4th and 5th part)

  5. praveen says:

    hello sir,
    Can u tell me where the 4th pada is in south facing plot. I want to construct my house in south facing plot.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pravin Ji;
      Make Nine equal parts of South direction in the plot, count 4 part from Southeast, that is 4th “pada”

      • Hardik Pathak says:

        Dear sir, is it possible that we can arrange to place a door between 165 to 175 degrees to put the main door in 4th Pada in south? In other words- is 4th Pada can be considered between 165 to 175 degrees?

        • admin says:

          Count the length of the South direction or Wall, divide it into 9 parts, then Starting from Southeast 4 place is 4 th pada

  6. amit says:

    Hello sir
    My flat main door open south west …when I purchased flat I get down fall.. yesterday i change door open direction clock wise ..
    Plz advise what i do…i facing lots of problem

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit Ji:
      You house has a SW entrance door, which is Vaastu defect. So what is the position of Northeast and water-source.
      Remedy: 1. Put a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Pic above the main door.
      2. Place “OM Trishul and Swastik” on both the sides of Door.
      2. Put a TV antenna on SW direction on above the slab.
      3. Strengthen the Northeast direction.
      4. Put a Pendulum watch on South wall in SW room.
      5. Paint a main door with reddish color

      • gp says:

        may i know the color of om, trishul and swastik . should it be golden or silver for SW entrance door. can watch on south wall be without a pendulum.

        • admin says:

          Hello GP:
          If on SW entrance door it Should be of Copper and reddish color. And watch on south wall must be with a pendulum

          • gp says:

            Thanks admin .i have not seen copper and reddish color om,trishul and swastik in the market. it should be of which material.
            my main door is in SW end of my flat with the door facing west {i.e door is in West of SW end of the flat}.i had placed a watch without a pendulum near the center on the south wall and my experience after that was very bad.can i place a picture of lord ganesh or goddess saraswati above the SW main-door.

      • stanley anthoney says:

        how to strengthen the northeast direction

      • Akansh says:

        Sir u TLD us place swastik on both the sides of gate BT can u tell us our main gate have two doors one bigger n one smaller normally we open smaller gate n bigger is should I put swastik on door both the doors means two outer side n two internal sides ( 4 swastik) or one swastik is suffient one for internal n one for outer side(2 swastik) .. N u TLD tht not hanging swastik fix it BT sir if we hang properly nt possible for us to fix give any other solution.can u guide us… Thank….

  7. Ashish says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Flat Main Door faces East & there is Staircase going upwards

    The distance between my main door & staircase is aprox 2 feet

    Is this a Vastu Dosh & if could provide some remedy.


  8. Immir says:

    I have entrance gate in southwest corner in brown and silver colour. Also I have main hole in southwest corner and is lower than north corner. I have bedroom in southeast and northeast, Kitchen is in south direction of the house. Since, We have started living in this house, we always struggle to what we want to achieve in life and so many negative energy in the house. Even food doesn’t taste good now. What can be the remedies for above problem?

    • admin says:

      Hello Immir:
      Main hole in southwest means exact what? bedrooms in Southeast and Northeast are also defect. what is the location of water source. Southwest defect is the reason for struggle in life.

  9. Jay says:

    I am about to buy a house, but it’s front door faces south east, I was once told by an astrologist that south facing front door would be beneficial to me. As there are stairs leading to front door, can I change the direction on the stairs to south and have a small gate at the bottom of the stairs so it becomes my front entrance.

  10. Lipsa Dash says:

    hello sir,my elder daughter”s marriage held on date 3rd june 2013.I don’t know what was the problem…many more reasons last my daughter come back to my house from sasural now,their relation goes to divorce..some friends advised me ,may be cause bastu doubt ,we live properly..but disturbances also raised suddenly.. without any reason..Younger daughter also sometime behaved very well,but sometime she behaved like a mad ,she create a violent situation..My son ,only fourteen years old..was a very good boy.. but when i shifted this
    house on 2012,after that he was also behaved not well..They are going arguement in small small q
    things..My husband is quite .OK..I feel I also ,agressive in small things.there is no financial problem..but we have no piece..i read so many bastu related books.I thought,may be all these
    problem created for south east direction,there may be CUTS or EXTENSIONS..if my assume correct please tell me how can i do ?Yes,i tell you,our house is south east facing,kitchen in NW.God is inNE,toilet is NW,staircase is south,west then north then twisted east..master bed room is inSW.yes,another problem is my husband’s transfer held regularly.he did not able to stay with us..
    please..please..tell me the solution..

    • admin says:

      Hello Lipsa Ji
      From the details what you have said, there is problem in SE, NE and NW.
      Whats the exact location of Main entrance door. SE is cut or extended. South east defect will create disagreements in family. Northwest defect may always keep in moving the family head. And your daughter may using the Northeast region for all her activities. Give the NW room to daughters, NE room [or ares] to your son. However check from a Good Astrologer about having a “Pitrudosh” any of your family members.

    • janarthanan says:

      I am Jana from chennai and live in a flat at ist floor and the main door is south west entrnace.medical expenses more and no improvement in business. My main door is wooden reddish colour and it has Lord ganesha sculptured in it and I have hanged a bell inside the main door. My clock is placed on the south side wall facing towards east. Any other changes to be made for a peaceful and prosperity. Please suggest

  11. Lipsa Dash says:

    thanks a lot Sir…I will try to rectify using your information

  12. surjan singh says:

    hello guru ji, we want to purchase a flat , its main entrance is in south west direction. my date of birth is 22.02.1974 and my wife’s birth date is 05.03.2014. kindly advise us. pranam

    • admin says:

      Hello Surjan Ji;
      According to your date of birth South is the favorable direction for you. SW main entrance not recommended.

  13. Mohamed Suleman says:

    Hello Guruji
    I rented a single room with attached bathroom The entrance facing is South east and in east side the bathroom is there
    I stay’s alone and I am have own business

    Pls guide me

  14. Nisha says:

    Hello sir,

    How r u..

    Please suggest remedy for a north west entrance main door opening towards north.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nisha ji:
      Northwest main entrance door is not a defect. So not require any remedy. How ever see that other elements are according to Vaastu Principles.

      • Arun says:

        Hello Sir,
        we were renting an apt facing Southwest and faced some problems. we are planning to move into another apartment. we have 2 options, one facing Northwest and is on the ground floor and the other facing Northeast on the 3rd floor. My dob is October 11, 1971. Please advice what would be the best for us .

  15. nitin says:

    my main door is of SW direction, please suggest remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Nitin:
      Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Photo above the main entrance door facing Southwest. Put a Pendulum Watch on South wall. Make a Swastik using Rolly [ Kumkum ] on entrance door. If possible paint a Reddish color on door.

  16. sarita says:

    hello sir,
    we want to purchase house ,the main door of the house is south facing, it has another entrance door near south and two garage doors in same direction or little SE, kitchen facing east,
    NE open, backyard north ,bedrooms in SW,S ,SE and NW, is this a good buy for us, my husband DOB is DEC21-1973 my DOB is may 8 1978. thank you for any advice.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sarita ji;
      Generally South facing entrance is not preferred, however according to your husband’s date of birth, West and as per your date of birth Northwest is the favorable directions.

  17. Sarita says:

    Hi Sir ,

    We have bought a house were main entrance is the rear entrance of the house , facing east direction. so when we enter we get first gate, we come through the garden to enter in the house, then comes kitchen.. We don’t use Front door of the house because rear door comes first then we need to go all the way round to go to front door. Front door is in south west direction.. Are you able to advise please if this ok ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sarita Ji;
      I am not getting anything from what you have said.

      • Sarita says:

        I meant that we have two entrances to our house. One is the front entrance and other is the rear entrance. Front entrance is facing south west, but we don’t use this entrance. This door is always locked. We use rear entrance because it’s easy to enter house from rear entrance. Rear entrance is facing East. As per Vastu is this ok ? Also is it ok to use rear entrance as our main entrance door ?

  18. rupali r says:

    Thanx a lot for ur reply . I will try to rectify With ur rremedies. My flats main door is on the SE of the flat facing east n my Sw is cut where window is there of the living room.this flat is on my name I have taken loan for it part of money my mom had paid n some me 4rm my salary was working before n now my husband is paying .my husband has taken 2 many loan .please give some remedies so I can have some financial gain I tried to invest in share market but has always lost husband drinks a lot after coming in this house. He is well educated n on nice post.but is spoiling is life n career with this bad habit. Pls advise some remedies my Dob 11th aug 1978 n his is 30th oct 1975. Once again thanx for ur support

  19. Ven says:

    Dear sir,
    We moved into an apartment and the main entrance is facing north. There is a swimming pool located right in front of the main door with a fence separating the two. The swimming pool runs along north direction. Is this a vaastu defect, if so can I do anything to rectify?

  20. Priyanka says:

    I have rented a flat in which the entrance faces South. Please provide some remedy.

    Plus my in-laws house has 3 entrance..of which 2 are used frequently and the face south. of of the south facing entrance had a huge wall in front and this entrance leads to my mother-in law’s bedroom which is in south. The 3rd door which is less used for entrance faces west and leads to the drawing hall. the house is westward facing. They always have mental, physical and financial stress. Please help.

    • admin says:

      Hello Priyanka Ji;
      South entrance is not bad, Inform me the Date of birth of Family head. Regarding your in-Laws is this a separate house or with you.

      • Priyanka says:

        I stay in a different city with my husband whose DOB is (29/09/1985) and mine is 23/10/1986.
        My mother in law is the head in my in-law’s house whose DOB is 28/12/1958

        • admin says:

          Hello Priyanka Ji:
          According to your date of birth Southwest id favorable and for your husband Northeast.
          And your In-laws South direction is favorable for them.

  21. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had purchased a new flat and the main entrance door faces towards the north direction, however the door is exactly in between north-east and north-west. And the bedroom door is also opposite to the main entrance door. Also there is a staircase going upstairs which is just opposite to the main door. Kindly suggest will this house be auspicious for me or not. My D.O.B is 8th sept 1983.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ganseh Ji:
      North entrance door is fine one. The door of bedroom faces the main entrance means it is in south. [Exact South- Southeast-Southwest confirm]
      Staircase at opposite means they are of the apartment, hence no defect.

  22. Jegatheswari Ramdas says:

    We bought a house facing south direction (with main door facing southeast). In Malaysia, most of the house direction are north and south. According to astrologer my date of birth is ok for the direction. My husband d.o.b is 7/11/1978 and mine 26/11/1980. I would like to send you my house plan so that you can have better view on the internal arrangement we have planned. We can’t follow 100% vaastu because it’s a build house but we love to follow as much as we could. May I have your email address pls?

    • admin says:

      Hello Jegatheswari Ji
      Yes you can mail me the house plan along-with water source of the house.
      And registered owners date of birth is considered for the house facing only.
      my email ID

  23. Vijay says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am looking to buy a house which is facing SouthEast direction with the main door in 5th and 4th Pada.
    The rest of the rooms are facing the below directions

    MasterBedroom : SouthWest (Upstairs)
    LivingRoom : SouthWest
    Kitchen : NorthEast
    Garage : SouthEast

    Would this a property to consider buying please. Suggestion is very much appreciated.


  24. srivani says:

    helo admin…my house is facing north east ….simhadwar facing north …my doubt is infront of main door there is underground water tank …is it gud or bad

    • admin says:

      Hello Srivani Ji:
      “In-front of main door there is underground water tank” is this in your own Plot or possession or out of your plot.
      Please confirm.

      • srivani says:

        in my own plot . ….exactly in front of main door ..striaghtly…there is drinking water sump(underground ) it placed corectly or wrong?

  25. Khushi Verma says:

    Namaste guru ji,

    I heard main door is according their birth date. My birth date is 20th Dec 1974 and my husband birth date is 17th Aug 1970. Is south west direction is good for us? TIA

    • admin says:

      Hello Khushi Ji;
      Following are the favorable directions according to date of birth
      Yourself: 20.12.1974= West: Your husband: 17.08.1970= Southeast.

  26. srivani says:

    sir u dint answer my question

  27. Suresh says:

    Hi respected sir,
    We are moving into our new flat. Its main door is east facing but towards end of south direction. If there is any defects can you please suggest remedy for it.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. anju says:

    Hello Sir,
    We are moving into our house facing south east is it ok what is the remedy for it. we were living on top which is south west and was told to shift ground floor. my husbands date of birth is 18.may 1976 name S renuka prasad and mine is 15jan81 name Anju .please suggest is it ok as its our own building.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anju ji:
      What exact you want. [house facing south east is it ok what is the remedy for it. we were living on top which is south west and was told to shift ground floor] means exact what

  29. Raman says:

    Dear sir we have puchased flat whose main entrance is SE facing and their are upward stairs towards the entrance and my kitchen is in south n bedroom in east.
    is it fine or you suggest what to do if any problem


  30. nitin says:

    hello sir
    My flat entrance is at the end of west towards south direction is there any major problem if yes pls suggest remedies is it enough to solve problems?
    thanking you in anticipation

  31. jaynesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    We recently purchased a house. The flat is on the first floor and the main door is facing south west. Entering the Main door there is first dining room area and then the living room. We have big sliding window in the living room. This face the main door.The Pooja room faces west. The master room is situated on south . Kids room face North east and guest room North.

    We also have a back door entering the kitchen facing East.

    I read in article south west main door are very inauspicious. Kindly advice what we can do and the remedy. Also we cant paint the door different color it has to be uniform color with other flat houses.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jaynesh Ji:
      Paint a brown color on SW entrance door. Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on wall above the entrance door.

  32. Rama says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have planned to buy a house with main door in south direction. We are not sure of in which pada the main door is in. How to calculate the pada? Should we measure only the south wall of the house or should we measure along with the small area on either side of the south wall of the house? Please help.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rama:
      Divide in equal NINE parts of the South direction. Beginning From South east corner count 4 th part, that is Fourth Pada.

  33. Reji says:

    Hi admin,

    My house facing north and front door is facing north. we can see staircase straight from main door (4 meter back). As per vastu any problems.

  34. dimple says:

    Namaste guruji I would like to know some more helpful tips for south west entrance of our flat . We had always been struggling since we have shifted here from husbands DOBis24/10/69mine is 01/10/76

  35. rahul3vaidya says:

    hello sir , entrance of my hosuse is south west is it favourable for me .. my date of birth is 31/10/1964

    • admin says:

      Hello Rahul:
      Generally Southwest entrance houses are not good. According to your date birth its not favorable for you.

  36. Irshad begum says:

    Hello guruji I live in Europe , need ur help .we just buy a home my main entrance is in southeast and my kitchen is also in south east .if I look from outside my entrance is in left side and kitchen is in right side . Is it dosh? Please advice.

  37. rahul3vaidya says:

    thnk u sir
    is it favourable for

  38. rahul3vaidya says:

    or south east can do sir ??

  39. Mahendran says:

    Plot entrance in east side, house entrance is south facing. I have placed Panchmukhi Hanuman picture above main entrance of house. Is it good

  40. alpa says:

    My name is Alpa and I bought my house in north west facing entrence.after move in this house my husband and my relationship breakdown always I feel negative I have big backyard in north east side.
    My hubby’s B’day 12th Oct 81 and my 11 Aug 82.what is the solution? Please reply me thank you.

  41. alpa says:

    I need help Thank you

  42. anu n says:

    hello sir,
    our flat is having main entrance door facing southeast and kitchen facing south west…..we r facing health problem and marriage of our younger daughter is getting delayed…please let us know readies for this problem…..dose particular crystals hanging solve this problem?
    thank u

  43. neha says:

    Hello sir,
    We have rented an east facing apartment. there is a flat right in front of our flat. thus our main front door opens in front of their house. Is it a defect and what should be done to rectify it? . Pls guide.

  44. rahul3vaidya says:

    hello sir south east entry favourable for

  45. Vishal says:


    I am planning to buy a flat where entrance (from inside of house) is facing North

    So Entrance in such a situation is better in North east of North west

    Also WHat is not suitable from Vastu point of view – When we enter inside house it should not be towards South or When we go out of home it should not be towards South

    Entrance of building (coming inside building) is facing east…

    Please Let me know

    • admin says:

      Hello Vishal:
      While we Exit from the House,in which direction we are facing that is the facing of the house.

  46. neha sharma says:

    Hello sir,

    Pls guide if there is a flat right in front of our flat and our main front door opens in front of their house. is it a defect.
    If it is then what should be done to rectify it? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Neha:
      If the Entrance door of that flat is exact opposite to your entrance door then no problem, but if any corner of that flat comes in entrance door then it’s a defect.

  47. Bobby says:

    Namaste Guruji-
    We are planning to buy a home where the main entry is in south East. Please advise. My DoB is February 28 1973 and my wife 12 August 75. Thanks again in advance

    • admin says:

      Hello Bobbyji:
      According to DoB 12.08.1975 = Southeast is favorable direction, and for 28.02.1973 = North is favorable direction

      • bobby says:

        Guruji – Since this house facing South East and is there a way to rectify/overcome it by doing something ? Thanks again for the quick response.

  48. soni says: frm different country stayin in rented huse..there is no growth in my husbands career frm d day he hs strtd workin..his birthdate 26-11-1972 8.30am..v hv two kids boy n girl..d huse im stayin in pyramid shape n when v enter our huse frm ntrance door just opposite ders a double door of glass..i hv put poster of standin ganeshji on dat double door of glass which is opposite to main entrance as v enter d huse.. as ppl hs adviced us its gud to c ganeshji face while enterin n leavin d not followin d positions of what to keep whr as d huse is in pyramid shape..n no growth in my husbands career..plz advice

  49. Pasupathy says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    we are planning to buy a house where the main entrance door is in the center of south-east. Since the house is build on south-east direction, the left corner of the house is in the east side. is it good to move the main door the east corner of the house?
    BTW, My DOB is 20.04.1978 and my wife’s 20.02.1078. Thanks again in advance.

  50. Ketan Shah says:

    Can you suggest any remidy if their is toilet in Northeast direction

  51. Ami Shah says:

    Hello Guruji, we are planning to buy a house whose direction is south east.My birth date is 02/28/1974 and my husband’s is 07/03/1970. Is it good direction for us?

  52. Sameer Talgaonkar says:

    hellow sir.
    My birth date is 27/08/1979 and my wife is 29/11/1980. Is it good south-east direction for us ? and which color we give our Bedroom kitchen and living room.

  53. Devi says:

    We are in the process to book a flat. The main door of my entrance faces West. The door is actually located between north and northwest. There is a upward staircase in front of the entrance. Please suggest the remedy, if any? Thank you.

  54. Sunil says:

    Namasthey Guruji,
    We are in the process of buying a house. need your guidance..
    My DOB 02/08/1975 My Wife 09/01/1980
    House is facing North direction and entrance is towards North West and garage on North east corner.
    Please suggest me if i can buy this house.
    Or suitable direction depending on my DOB.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Sunil:
      According to DOB 02/08/1975 = North and 09/01/1980 = East is the favourable direction. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id:

  55. Sujit Shirodkar says:

    Namaste Guruji:- The house built by me is under-construction with less space. my problem is i have constructed my septic tank touching the wall at North right from NW corner to NE corner. i have no more space left and its troubling me in my mind tat i hav commited a mistake nowingly. Pls suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Sujit:
      Is it in NW quadrant or in NE? if in NW ignore it. For clarification please call me on 9494214400

  56. POOJA says:

    Hello Sir I am leaving in my own apartment, my flat main door is in esat south corner. what i have to do. Is it beneficial for me?

  57. Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are in the process to book a flat. The main door of my entrance faces West. please help suggest…

  58. guruprit says:

    Hi Sir,

    My birth date is 11/3/1984 & my wife is 24/12/1986..I am looking to buy a house which main entrance is in south east direction facing lift..

    Is it ok to buy this property… Suggestion is very much appreciated.


  59. robby says:

    hello sir,
    my dob is 20-7-1984 and my husbands is 22-02-1980… we have a plot facing south east ( more towards south)..we are planning to construct a house over the same.. kindly advise regarding where to keep the main door of the house and where to keep the main inside entrance of the house(lobby door). please advise what directions according to our dob are the best for these entrances…
    help will be highly appreciated because we are already suffering a lot because of the south west direction of our existing house…

    • admin says:

      Hello Robby:
      According to DOB: 20-7-1984 = North-east and 22-02-1980 = South-East is the favourable direction.And please call me on 9494214400

  60. We purchased flat southeast on my wife`s name DOB 8/10/1971 and main door opens to east and inside the house ..regarding 4th pada if i consider complete length of the south facing of the plot because we have another apartment just beside our south east entrance , I fixed wood carved ganesha and kalasham on my front door.. kitchen is in vayum north west master bedroom in south west and equal number of doors 8 …If we consider actual plot of the apartment building it is NORTH FACING and 30ft approx road at north east of the plot please mail any remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Padmashree:
      According to DOB 8/10/1971 = South is favourable direction. Please call me on 9494214400

  61. Monika Goel says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have recently booked a flat having Main Entrance Door in south east direction . It is in 4th pada.
    My date of birth is 13.10.1983 and my husband date of birth is 17.02.1983. will this flat be good for us.
    waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you

  62. girish s sabarad says:

    Sir, I am buying a flat which main door faces west but a lit degree to south , Can you please suggest if its good to have a door facing in that direction

  63. srinivas says:

    I am having Water sump (Northeast side mostly east side) in front of my main door. Is that ok?

  64. srinivas says:

    I am having Water sump and its caps (Northeast side mostly ) in front of my main door with around 10 feet distance from door. Is that ok?

  65. Nishi says:

    Hi we are buying house with main entrance at south west but garage door is in northwest 95% of time we will be using garage door. Inside garage there is entrance to house which north please advice. Mine DOB is 21/11/1981 ,my husband is 21/8/1980 and my 4 year old boy is 21/12/2009. We are ready to not to use south west at all. Please advise ASAP. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hello Nishi:
      According to DOB is 21/11/1981 = North-West and 21/8/1980 = South-East is the favorable direction. Generally South-west entrance is not preferred

      • Nishi says:

        Thank you for your reply… I will get back to you soon through email.

      • Niranjan says:

        So does the main entrance is considered as garage door or front door? I have an house facing South and main door is in 6th pada and garage entrance door in 4th pada which I will be using maximum but my occasional guest will be using main door.

  66. aamod says:

    hello Guruji.
    I am in mumbai and recently rented a flat which has main door in southwest of the house centre facing west. the kitchen is in the northwest corner, otta facing north. since three months I am staying here, I am facing trouble and difficulties on financial, personal and social front. even the things I am most expert with. Is this because of this flat orientation? please guide. my birthdate is 14/07/1977.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Aamod ji:
      According to DOB: 14/07/1977 South is the favourable direction. It seems you are facing North while Cooking. So try to face East or West while coking. Place a
      “Panchmukhi Hanuman” photo on South-West entrance door. Use brown color Curtains in South-West area. And you can call me for any help on 09494214400

  67. Prashant says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in a flat which is having main entrance door at South East position. After entering the flat, there is a 3 feet wide wall which is approx. 3 feet away from main door. Beside this wall, there is entry for living room. Flat is in my wife’s Name Mrs. Varsha Gupta (DOB: 7 April 1980). Please help me to remove vastu dosha if any. Do I need to hang mirror on the wall? Please help. Thanks.

  68. Rohini says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want to shift to another house for rent.

    Main entrance is facing East. but Kitchen, pooja room, bath room, toilet entrance doors are facing south. As of now not finding other houses for our budget

    so suggest any remedy to avoid negative aspects.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply


  69. R.Arun says:

    Hello Guruji, I’m married and having a female baby. Soon we are moving into a rental House main door facing west. My DOB is 21.11.1979 5:30 pm. Pls advise on my fortune in the new house. I’m waiting for a abroad chance since 3 years….

    • admin says:

      Hello Arun ji:
      I consider the DOB for house facing only. According to your DOB: South-West is the favorable direction.

  70. Brindha says:

    Hi Sir,
    We have booked a flat facing south east. The Kitchen is in North West.One bedroom in south west and the other one in north east. It is 2 years since I have married and we are not blessed with children. Please advise whether this new house will bring good to us

  71. devika says:

    hi Guruji,i got house facing south i want to i want to move my door to southeast 4pada can u pls tell me how is it , myDOB 19 07 60 and my husband is 24 04 55.

  72. Pugal says:

    West Main Gate with West entrance is ok

  73. Vidya says:

    Since my marriage we have been selling one house and going for second always bigger than the first…we have experienced good and bad times this is our fourth house and we have been staying here for last two years…suddenly we decided to move to other place…we would like to sell this house(NEentrance..South is blocked north is open…MB in SE…evrything looks perfect).Still I have to struggle a lot with some otherthings all the time…simple things become complicated… Now we have almost finalised to sell this however I would like to know, which house will give us the stability progress and peace, satisfaction. I am always the first owner my DoB is 7/8/1971 5am Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Kindly reply.

    • admin says:

      Hello Vidy ji:
      According to DOB: 7/8/1971 = South-east is the favorable direction. For clarification please call me on 09494214400

  74. Nikhil Kamale says:

    Namaste guruji, my flat entrance door is west facing,but the position of entrance to flat is just immediate left as we climb up the stairs. therefore it is like that, we climb up the stairs which are to north of flat n immediate entry to flat, so is there any problem having like this kind of entry. i have heard that the entry is very wrong as we are walking over kuber’s dhan and then making the entry. Plz suggest the solution.

  75. Rakhee Dasoundi says:

    Dear Sir

  76. Rakhee Dasoundi says:

    Dear Sir,

    We just purchased a new flat no a-3 101 in udaipur(raj) in the name of my husband (Kunwarjeet Singh DOB 20.6.1981) and Myself Rakhee Dasoundi (DOB-18.10.82). its main entrance door is in south west is gud for us if not pls give us proper remiedies my husband is advocate and myself is a hr executive. some astrologer told my husband south direction is suitable for him. plese guide us properly..

    Regards rakhee

  77. Lav Kumar says:

    i want to perform house warming ceremony in November or December can you please suggest the dates. My birth date is 28-04-53 star swathi and my wife 06-10-64 star hasta my flats main door is in the north west. and building facing North

  78. Pavan shah says:

    Dear sir,

    Greetings, what should be ideal way to look at direction? For eg. Should house entrance be facing North East direction from inside? Or it should be facing NE from outside? I get confuse in identifying direction. Currently my new place has North East entrance outside( Though Door opens inside). Is that ideal location? Please advise.

  79. Pradnya S says:

    Hello sir
    The main gate of our house is in SE, the main door is also in SE,the door of our bedroom is also in SE direction.Since we have shifted in this house we are having disputes between me n my dob is 13-08-81 and my husbands dob is 30-06-75.plz suggest any remedy.

  80. Khandesha Kothale says:

    Sir, My house’s main door is facing toward west and stairs are also downside toward west and there is an tree on opposite side of the road facing opposite to my homes main intrance and there is an road between main road tree. Please provide me remedies.

    Khandesha Kothale

  81. Suprit says:

    Hello Sir, If we take a square as my house) the four corners are the direction E, W,N AND S. My house is south facing main entrance door is in south and opens inside but towards left, I don’t know its can be said as proper south facing or not. Kindly advise is it favorable direction or not.

  82. Saida says:

    Hello sir we are planning to purchase a flat in apartment . In this Main door is facing North. And it is facing Staircase and Lift. Is if OK. Or is there any remedies are there for it.

  83. Chetan says:

    Hello Sir,
    Warm wishes from us. We liked an apartment in 3rd floor which has west facing door and east facing balconies. Kitchen is in easter corner. Also, the entrance of apartment complex is South facing. Could you please share your views on this apartment?

  84. Hello Sir,
    Wth best wishes from us. We recently shifted to apartment in 2nd floor which has exactly southeast corner facing south main entrace door and north facing balconies. Kitchen is in exactly adjacent to main entrance corner. Also, the entrance of apartment complex is north facing. Could you please share your views and remedies on this apartment?


  85. ariel says:

    Hello sir,my house build in july 10,2014.Can you please tell me this good or bad.

  86. manasvi1703 says:

    Hello Sir, we have rented flat having south east entrance. with south-west balcony my husband’s DOB is 29/09/1975 and mine 07/03/1980 please advise it that’s suitable for us. If any vastu dosh , any remedies.

  87. kav says:

    how do you see if house is in the 4th pada? my house is south entrance.

  88. khushi says:

    we are planning to buy a house in which main door is facing west and kitchen is in northwest althogh i will face south while cooking,kids bedroom is in SE and guest bedroom is in SW,masterbedroom in NW……my date of birth is dec26/1981 and my husband DOB is june18/1978……can you please help us know if the vastu of this house are fine or if not what are the laggings?

  89. ajeet says:

    My flat is 150 degree south east facing date of birth is 26 july 1983.please suggest its good for me or not

  90. Madhav says:

    My flat has entrance in south – west direction. It is causing lot of problem to me. If i move to other rented flat which is in vastu and rent this flat will this current flat vastu still affect me?

  91. admin says:

    it’s up to you decide

  92. Baibhav Gupta says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have bought a house i am confused about the facing.when i am entering in my house my face is towards south and when i am exiting the house my face is towards north.

    Please suggest which facing is my house?And it is good or Bad?

    My DOB is 20 Dec 1986.

  93. Nandita I says:

    which is right direction for the main door of the house to face?

  94. Sridevi says:

    We are interested in a property that has a south west facing main door. My husband dib is 19 dec 1977 and my dob is 04jan1978. Is it favorable? If not, we are planning to use the door that is in the garage as the main door, since it is facing easy. I’d that a good idea? If so, do we just close the southwest for permanently? Please let me know.

  95. renji says:

    Sir, Me and My wife stay for rent in a two bed room house constructed as per vasthu , We stay in first floor of the double storey building, our house faces east and there is a road in front and south side of the house ,opposite to our house there is a newly constructed three storey house facing west which is not constructed according to vasthu vidhi . The first floor main door and attached left and right windows of that house is directly opposite to our main door. From the moment they started constructing the first floor we are undergoing certain difficulties like frequent sickness, financial problems,no peace in family .Now that building is fully constructed and house warming is done and waiting for stay . kindly give me the remedies for our problems.
    My dob : 13/03/1983
    wife dob: 07/07/1985

    • admin says:

      Hello Renji:
      “There is a road in front and south side of the house” means is this road is hitting your house. And what is the distance between your house and that newly constructed house. Please inform

      • renji says:

        Our house is in a villa compound , there is one main concrete road going at the south side of our house ( road is nearly 2 meters approx from the house) . There are houses on both left and right side of this concrete road with small streets (cross roads). Our house is located left side of the concrete road , and is east facing to the small street road in front of our house (1.5 to 2 mtrs distance from the house ).
        The newly constructed house is approx 6 to 7 mtrs (including the distance of small street road ) from the our house .

  96. Mohan says:

    Sir, I live in a street house without compound wall. It is ground plus two building 1500 sft each floor. It is East facing house built 15 years back. The frontage east side is 22 feet and the north east portion 10 ft/10 ft is a shop and the entrance of the shop is 10 ft and the balance of 12 ft is used as my main entrance on the south east. Upon entering from the 12 ft entrance is a garage 15ft / 12 ft. and the water sump is in this portion. The stair case is just behind the shop and it is in the north east direction. My entrance is in the South east on all floors on the east side 6 feet away from the south wall. To compensate the weight on the north east I have put a heavy mobile tower on the south west in the terrace. The water tank is also on the south west terrace. The sump is just outside my main entrance. 3 months back I closed the bore well on the south west side and also removed a toilet in The SW corner. I cannot do anything about the north east stairs and the south east entrance. Is there any solution to this without demolition.

  97. Mahesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please suggest a remedy for East facing entrance (south east corner) house.

    Thanks in advance.

  98. Dixa says:

    my husband’s dob is 29/09/1985 , my son dob is 09/07/2013 and my dob is 27/01/1985. we bought house . I am not sure about direction but I can say one thing that if I enter the house that direction is east and exist direction is west. so is it good?

    • admin says:

      Hello Dixa:
      Yours is West facing house. It’s OK

      • Dixa says:

        Thank you sir for replying so quick.
        West side is sunset side so it’s fine does it affect on anything?
        May I know according to our dob which direction is best. ?
        This house deal is not final yet.

        Thank you

        • admin says:

          According to dob is 29/09/1985 = North-east and 27/01/1985 = South-east is the favorable direction. Please cal me on 09494214400

  99. Tridip says:

    My Flat main entrace door is south or sout west. My dob is 22.09.1972.. what could be the possible solution to avoid this main door vastu Dosh. I have a Panch Mukhi Hanuman Ji photo pasted on my door facing outside

    • admin says:

      Hello Trdip:
      According to DOB 22.09.1972= North is the favorable direction. Paint a light brown color on this door. Panchmukhi Hanuman is OK

      • Tridip says:

        Thank You so much for your prompt reply. I am staying in a flat therefore i can not change the direction of the main door. The color of the door is already light brown. Share me some tips, to increase positive energy into my flat through main door

  100. rakesh says:

    hello guru ji, we want to purchase a flat , its main entrance is in north direction. my date of birth is 17.03.1977 and my wife’s birth date is 17.9.1989. kindly advise us. pranam

  101. Binod Kumar Harijan says:

    My main door is west direction, please suggest remedy.

  102. stanley anthoney says:

    how to make the north east strong as my main door entrance is sw i have already placed the 3in one swastik trishul om i have also put a red bulb on the main door and panchmukhi inside the house facing the main door. the north east is the window below is the storage,,Kindly help with your advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Stanley;
      Place Panchmukhi Hanuman out side of the house at above main door. There should not be Store in North-east shift it in West

      • stanley anthoney says:

        Thanks for your reply i have place the panchmukhi inside my house facing the main door. i will shift it out and regarding the storage in the northeast its a sitting and below 3 small cabinets to keep my tools. I would request you to guide me weather i have to change my residence. Awaiting for your reply.

  103. anju says:

    Hello sir,
    We have an independent building of 6 houses.we are shifting to the ground floor whose main entrance is in south east. Is this entrance good for us. My husbands dob is 18may76 and mine is 15jan81.building is on my husbands name.pls advise me and also there is a temple in front of our house but it is 40 to 50 ft away as it can be seen due to an empty site.If a building comes up then the temple will not be seen.pls advise me if entrance and temple is good or bad. Thanks

  104. Preethi says:

    Hello Sir, When we look for main door directions or entrance facing, what is more important, the main door from where we enter, ( the entering direction) or the main door facing direction ( from where we exit the door). For example, in our apartment, the entrance of my main door is west facing ( when I enter the door, I face west), but when we come out of the house, we face North East. So is it good or bad? And if it is bad, then please advice for the solution. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Preethi:
      When you come out from the house, you face North-East. So this is North-east facing house and it’s good

  105. anju says:

    Pls advise if south east facing door and a temple in front of the entrance is good or bad.. temple is around 60 feet husbands dob is 18may76 and mine is 15jan81.thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Anju ji:
      According to DOB: 18.05.1976 = East and 15.01.1981 = West is the favorable direction. South of South-east entrance is acceptable. And regarding the temple, If that temple is at the distance of double of the height of your house then OK, other wise it is problematic

  106. Pramilaa says:

    Hello Guruji..Recently we av purchased a flat (not yet shifted). If I chk from inside the house the main enterance door faces exact north west, but when we chk from the center of the house the enterance shows west..but little towards the south. Hw r we suppose to chk the main enterance direction. And also the master bed falls in the northeast. So if u cn pls advice me abt the same.

  107. preeti says:

    hi. we are planning to buy a flat that faces southwest, the locality and cost is correct but only this direction defect is holding us back. my husbands dob is 8 may 1978 and mine is 18 may 1980. would this direction be okay for either of us?

  108. Deepak Jain says:

    Please advice: The main gate of my office space is in north direction but its exactly opposite to the lift gate. What remedy we should take regarding the same.

  109. Vandana says:

    Hello Sir,
    We are looking at a condo with main door facing west and swimming pool right across main door (as we open door from inside of the house we face the pool) is this good or no? Pls advise.


  110. Monita says:

    Hi,sir,i am shifted a rental flat .main door west facing is good or not.agreement registered in my name Monita Dalal my d.o.b. 14/07/ husband d.o.b 19/07/1979 vinod kumar.his career growth is not good.pls advice.

  111. chandan says:

    Guru ji, I am chandan. I am living in rented flat (multi-storey apartment) my apartment is 7 floor and i am living in 2nd floor. Main entrance of my flat which open to drawing hall faces to SOUTH. perpendicular to this mai gate i have one more gate which open to balcony. Tulsi paudha is kept their on ishan place. in front main entrance of my flat their other flat’s main gate. my family faces health issue after i get in to this flat. pls suggest some remedies.

  112. Harisha kumar BK says:

    Hi Guruji
    My name is Harisha Kumar BK. DOB 22-01-1981. Purchased apartment . But door is North west side. is required any remedy. Please suggest. Kitchen is South east, Master bed room south west and dinning hall east. north east pooja room and after that small bed room. in between master bed room and kitchen toilet/bath room. north west, west and north center places are open space for living room.

  113. megha says:

    hello sir ..I am megha .we have one house but it is south facing even kitchen also. now my question is what do we do without destroy walls of main entrance and kichen and it will effect us because its rental.

    • admin says:

      Hello Megha ji:
      Put a “Copper Swastika” on South entrance door. Try to face East while cooking. It will also effect you though its rental

  114. stanley anthoney says:

    my date of birth is 07.05.1969 which is my favourable direction and my sons date of birth is 23.11.1985 our house main door is facing south west i have done every thing placed the panchmukhi Hanuman, on the main door 3in one trishulswastik&om on both side of the door pendulam clock on the south wall and i will now change the main door put sunmica sheet reddish colour. Besides this any thing else has to be done. As we have to struggle a lot to achieve my son is without job now.Kindly suggest

  115. Shalini says:


    My husband purchased a flat in 2012. the main door is in south east if i am innside the house and facing the door and noth west if i am outside the main entracnce door.

    Please let me know if this could hamper our health and progress in life.

    many thanks..

  116. D. Khodke says:

    My plots main entrance is in east.
    Now I’m going to construct the gate.
    Half Well is coming under that main gate, it is good or bad.
    Is it need to change it ?

  117. chandra says:


    while some of the people have asked the same -I have a flat main door is facing south west
    1. what is the remedy ( (I may not be able able to dispose the house soon)
    2. I was told by someone to place maruti and ganeshji photo above the main door
    3. what is the difference in placing maruti and ganeshji or panchkarmi hanumanji

    please advise

    • admin says:

      Hello Chandra ji:
      Placing a Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo is the remedy for the South-west defect or entrance. For clarification please call me on +91 9494214400

  118. Pro says:


    We are moving into a flat with North west entrance. The previous house I was staying was a west facing entrance and was beneficial in all aspects. Not sure if North facing will suit me. My date of birth is 16.03.1988

    • admin says:

      Hello Pro;
      According to date of birth is 16.03.1988 = South is favorable direction

      • hampi says:

        Dear sir
        My Dob is 17/02/75 and my wife’s22 / 09/76.
        We are looking for a new house.
        Could you please advice us which direction the main entrance should be. Also could you please kindly advise thedirection of living room kitchen bedroom and bathroom. I really appreciate your kind help.
        Many thanks

  119. Suchendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Suchendra and DOB is 2/4/1978
    I am constructing new house in my hometown, where our parents are living, but plot is in my name.
    it south facing site our main door is facing south negeive corner (SE) Please let me know is this face is fevorable to me and my parents.

  120. Mrs. Shefali T. says:

    Hello sir,
    Namaskar !
    I am living with my family (myself, husband, son & daughter) in a flat facing South and Main Entrance in SW corner, Kitchen in North, Master Bedroom (with toilet) in SE, another bedroom in NE (where we all sleep), God in NE/East corner. Water source is in Kitchen (North) and Bathroom (in South) and Master-bedrooms (SE corner). We are living here since March’ 2008 till date. But from last 3-4 years, we are facing lots of problems related to husband’s health (also met with a accident and fracture 3 years before), career related problems, no growth, unstable life, no promotions, struggling for small small things, not getting new opportunities of jobs and many others. My husband’s DOB is 07.04.1971 and mine is 05.05.1977. Reading to your advices, we have placed Panchmukhi Hanumans’ photo, Ganesha’s phote, OM-Swastik&Trishul at both side of main door. We are feeling some relief but not so much or sufficient to living peacefully. We are now decided to purchase a flat and also have selected one whose directions are as below:
    1) Main entrance facing West but placing in the North side of the flat.
    2) Kitchen in SE
    3) Hall in NE
    4) One bedroom in NW
    5) One bedroom in East
    6) Master bedroom with attached Toilet/bathroom in SW.
    Sir, please advice us whether the above flat will be beneficial for us.. I would be very much thankful to you.
    Many Thanks,
    Mrs. Shefali.

  121. Reena says:


    Our flat main door is on the north wall but closer to the east direction. Please let me know if this is a vastu defect and how to correct it? Also, we have one balcony on the west wall but more towards the south. Please advise us.

    -Thank you for your help,

  122. Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am staying in rented flat and its main entrance door is in west(west/south) corner after occupying this flat I lost my job in three months, Please advice some remedies.
    Krishna K

    • admin says:

      Hello Krishna ji:
      Generally main entrance door in West of South-west corner is sever defect, so shifting to elsewhere is better

  123. hi,
    Namshkar guruji !!!

    My father has job in private sansthan where we get quarter main door facing east but exactly in agni kon… is this OK or bad ??? opposite site we have a balcony with glass wall. and kitchen in east and west water from kitchen going to north-east.

    we have also choice in quarter that in main door in east with ishan kon, but in that quarter all water from home going towards agni kon means south-east so which one is better for us…. kindly suggest us as soon as possible….

    Thanks for your help and concern.

  124. megha says:

    namaskar guruji,
    we have booked a flat,whose main entrance is southeast,please suggest whether it will be favourable for us
    or suggest any vastu remedy
    my husband D.O.B is 23/may/1981
    my D>O>B is 7/aug/1984
    please advice.


  125. Raj says:

    Sir we are planning to buy house with maindoor facing southeast, kitchen northeast, facing east while cooking, masterbedroon northeast. Please advise DOB 1/11/78, husband 08/20/74. Thanks

  126. Subha says:

    Hello Guruji,

    I am planning to buy an apartment with 3BHK, 2 models are there i have attached the floor plan in the mail.

    1st Plan: Apartment plot is West Facing, Main Door Entrance is East facing and towards NorthEast corner of the apartment , but i would like to know where the kitchen is located (NorthWest or North or Northeast) of the apartment and is Kitchen suitably good for the family. Please check the attached plan. I have read about few drawbacks on kitchen being in NW.

    2nd Plan: Main Door Entrance is East facing and towards the SouthEast corner of the apartment and would like to know where is the kitchen located(south east or south west or south) in the plan. Is this Entrance good for the family. Please check it out and let me know which model to go for.

    Awaiting for your valuable reply at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

  127. Megha says:

    thank you so much….guruji…..
    please suggest some vaastu remedy for southeast entrance.

  128. D. Khodke says:

    नमस्कार गुरुजी,

    मेरे प्लाट प्रवेश करते समय मुख्य गेट के दाई तरफ ईशान्य दिशा में कुआँ है।
    अब जबकी मैं गेट का पुननिर्माण करके उसे बड़ा बनाना चाहता हूँ। लेकिन कुआँ गेट से लगके होने की वजहसे आधे कुए पर स्लैब बनाके गेट का २ फीट का भाग उस पर बनाना चाहता हुँ। मतलब हमारा आवागमन उस स्लैब पर से होगा।
    क्या प्रवेश द्वार के निचे ऐसा कुआ होना ठीक होगा ?

    निचे मैंने यह सचित्र बतानेका प्रयास किया है।


    ____________[][][][][] गेट [][][[][][][][][][[]_________
    | , . . |””””
    उ | , |””S”””
    | , |”””L””””
    त्त | , |”””A”””””
    | , कुआँ |””””B”””” दक्षिण
    र | , |”””””””””
    | , |”””””””
    | ,_____ |””””


  129. D. Khodke says:

    नमस्कार गुरुजी,

    मेरे प्लाट प्रवेश करते समय मुख्य गेट के दाई तरफ ईशान्य दिशा में कुआँ है।
    अब जबकी मैं गेट का पुननिर्माण करके उसे बड़ा बनाना चाहता हूँ। लेकिन कुआँ गेट से लगके होने की वजहसे आधे कुए पर स्लैब बनाके गेट का २ फीट का भाग उस पर बनाना चाहता हुँ। मतलब हमारा आवागमन उस स्लैब पर से होगा।
    क्या प्रवेश द्वार के निचे ऐसा कुआ होना ठीक होगा ?

    निचे मैंने यह सचित्र बतानेका प्रयास किया है।


    _______________.[][][][][] गेट [][][[][][][][][][[]_________
    उ ______/________|””S”””\
    त्त ____| ,_________|”””A”””””|
    | _____|__ कुआँ____|””””B””””| …………………दक्षिण
    |_______\ _______|”””””””/


  130. malipeddi says:

    Hello Sir,
    My plot direction is North west and the main door facing more towards north. Please let me know if this is a major vaastu defect?

  131. Raj Patel says:

    Sir , our new house is under construction , plot is SE facing and our main entrance door is supposed to be placed SE facing . My DOB is 30-03-1970. Kindly advise is it advisable to place main entrance door SE facing. Also there is provision to place main entrance door East facing . Shall we go for SE facing or East facing main entrance door.

  132. prayank jain says:

    Is there a staircase of iron going upstairs which is just opposite to the main will go clock wise (L shap) from the front of the main door, maintaining the distance of 6 feet. it will lift from garden till tarrace.

  133. Sagar says:

    Dear Sir jee, I am planning to rent a flat. Apartment is east facing but the flat is west facing with south west Main Door connected to hall. Master Bedroom is at northwest and child bedroom at north east. Kitchen is located at south east. I heard that soutwest Maindoor is not good. As the Apartment is east facing and i am going to just rent it. Will i be effected with that? Please provide your suggestion.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sagar ji:
      South-west Main door is generally not preferred.Even you are on rental, you have to face negative effects

  134. Ram Prakash says:

    Guruji, my DOB is 5-jan-1973, I am planning to have a rented flat in nagpur. Please suggest favourable directions for apartment entrance and flat main door entrance. Also suggest for kitchen, etc. As I am following the blogs, I have come to realize that the directions are DOB dependant too. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Prakash ji:
      According to DOB 05-01-1973 = West is favorable direction. While finalizing the flat please call me on +91 9494214400

  135. rkd says:


  136. Muzammil says:

    Hello Sir, We are living in 2 storey building, EAST Facing plot, 30×40 ground floor for parking, borewell and water sump tank at NE direction gap between them and main gate entrance is from North East to East(11 feet gate).
    Stairs case in south portion of plot(south to north upwards) with main entrance door East facing in south portion of plot in 1st Floor.
    Hall in entire Northern portion and master bedroom in south west.

    1) As per vastu crossing sump tank and borewell while entering and go out of the house will it cause problems.
    2) Having main door facing east but in south portion of the plot does it has any defect( its 24 feet from SE – starting staircase point out of 40 feet)
    3) kitchen in southeast direction – stove and water sink(wash basin) are in East with 2 feet gap between them – does it has any defect.

    1) lost job after shifting to this house & loosing other job opportunities as well
    2) Unable to pay debts & burden Increasing
    3) Women’s health frequent illness In the house

    Kindly suggest remedies to fix if vastu dosha is in effect to cause such problems.

    Please reply sirji, awaiting response.

  137. Nikki says:

    Guruji, We have east facing house. We are doing some renovation and door count is 13 which is odd. But one of the folding door consisting of three panels. Will it count as three doors or single door? If we keep the number of doors as odd what is the remedy?

    • admin says:

      Hello Nikki:
      Folding door having three panels is count as a One door.

      • Nikkie says:

        Many thanks Guruji.. Will you count an arch to a room without door? Will you count fixed window in the count? any remedy for odd door or windows?

        • admin says:

          Hello Nikkie:
          Arch is not included in door. Fixed window is counted. Making in Even with adding or removing is the remedy

  138. Amit says:

    Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 17.02.1983 and my wife DOB is 13.10.1983. Please let us know favorable direction for main entrance door.
    Thanking you,

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit:
      According to DOB 17.02.1983 = South-west and 13.10.1983 West is the favorable direction for Main Entrance

  139. kala says:

    Sir,We are thinking to buy a west faced plot with NorthWest entrance house. We will be constructing the house. My nakshatram is jesta and my husband nakshatram is satabhisham. Please advice if these directions good for us to buy this. If not which directions we should be opting. Please advice.

  140. R agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,
    While entering the house, i face east? Is this correct?

    • admin says:

      This is a West facing house, and its OK

      • hampi says:

        Dear Guru ji, thanks for all your help. I really appreciate.
        Sir I am planning to buy a detached house near London. My Dob is 17th Feb1975 and my wife’s is 22 sep1976 daughter 11 may 2011
        The vastu of house is as follows.
        Main entrance is north east facing.There was a toilet at the entrance north east now it is completely removed and will be made a room to hang coats.
        kitchen is south east.
        Hall is in NortheEastto west
        Bath room main is in north west
        garden south to west
        Bedrooms, master south east 2nd south west 3rd north east 4th south east.
        Main garage in South east direction.
        This house is at a very convenient and sort after place and we are very interested in buying it.
        kindly give your valuable advice.
        Many thanks

      • hampi says:

        Also Guru jithere Iis a small river on th south east side of the house an it is about 150 meters away where every year we do Ganesha visarjan. Kindly advise and do the needful.

  141. MOHIT says:


    When i standing at center of the house and going out of the house, main door is south facing. If i want to change the main door to east facing then can i do that by putting an extra iron door in east direction..By doing so first a person needs to cross that iron door and then main door.Please suggest can i change the direction of the main door facing by doing this?

    • admin says:

      Yours is a South facing house. If you will to shift it in East, then you have to place a wooden door in East. Before that please call me on 9494214400

  142. Nayan says:

    Respected Guruji, I’m constructing a new house and the entrance of the main door is facing east but located in SE zone 2pada, my DOB is 5-Dec-1975 and wife’s DOB is 25-Mar-1982, can you plz suggest any remedies for this and also I’m getting a glass installed above main door (part of the frame) on this I’m getting Balaji (my family deity) and Padmavathi printed on it, let me know if this is OK ??

  143. Rohit says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy a flat, door facing is west..??
    should i go for this flat..
    And door is not in middle.. its towards NE ..

    Rohit Here

  144. Meenakshi says:

    Dear Admin,
    We are thinking of buying a house in East south direction. I mean the front door is more towards east direction. My husband date of birth is 6th september, 1979 and he is in Academic(science) profession.

    • admin says:

      Hello Meenakshi ji:
      According to DOB: 6.9.1979 = North is the favorable direction. The entrance in East of South-east is defect but South of South-east is OK

  145. Meenakshi says:

    Thank You for your quick and good reply. Have a very Happy New Year.

  146. Dinesh says:

    Hi Guruji, we intend to purchase a house and would like to find out the direction that the main door should face. My date of birth is 28.11.1979 and my wife date of birth is 09.07.1982

  147. Prasad says:

    Hello, Sir,

    I purchased a South east facing house in 2009. Main entrance is South east facing. Kitchen is in Northwest and we are cooking facing east. 3 bed rooms are in south west
    9ground,1st and 2nd floor) and 1 bed room is in Northeast (1st floor). My Name is Prasad. House is bought on my name. My career wise am seeing good results and got UK and US opportunities. However, I got few problems family wise…
    1. My 2nd brother (elder) is not settled and not got married. He is staying in the same house.
    2. There were some disturbances happened before my marriage. I am married now.
    3. My Younger brother is also yet to marry.

    Could you please let me know if there is any vasthu dosham in my house? Is it a reason for my brother not getting settled and married? if so, could you please let me know the remedy?

    Eagerly waiting for your answer!

    Thanks a lot in advace.

  148. komal says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are planning to buy a house with west facing front door. Kindly suggest.My husbands dob is 23.10.80 and he is in IT profession.trying to find east facing as I have read east facing is good.please advice which is good and remedies for peace at home and family, children.

  149. Sridevi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a married woman stays with my family consists of my husband (34 yrs), 8 years old girl child and my Mother (63 years old).
    I am planning to take up a rental flat with East facing main door at South East corner. Also I have attached floor plan of the flat for your reference.
    I request your valuable suggestion to know if I can proceed with the corresponding flat as I am not sure if it is appropriate or beneficial for my entire family.

    My Husband: 30 Nov 1980
    My Daughter: 30 Oct 2006
    My Self : 05 Nov 1982


  150. anoop says:

    dear Guruji,
    I am shortlisted a east facing flat, but a staircase going downward exactly opposite of main door. Apartment also east facing. please advise on vastu.

  151. yallapa says:

    Namaskar sir ‚
    I have a house with borewell in sw direction plz give me remedies for it

  152. Alpesh Jain says:

    At the entry point of my place where I’m plannning to open up my office, I’ve a public bathroom (though it doesnt smell). Will it have a bad sign on my business.Please do let me know so that i can decide whether i should take that place for rent or not

  153. Nitika Singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to know if we can build Windows on both the sides of the main door?

    • admin says:

      Hello Nikita ji;
      Yes you can build windows on both the sides. But leave some gap between Door and window. They should not touch with each other

  154. Nitika says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to know if we can build Windows on both the sides of the main door?

  155. vidya says:

    Hi sir,

    i am planning to buy a home with south facing.. As we were looking for east facing , we told builders to change the front door and put it in east.. Now the main door is south-east facing.. My date of bitrh is 17/1/1987 and Time of birth is 10.45am . My husband’s DOB is 9/1/1982.. I dono his Time of birth.. Kitchen is in South-east only.. its been 5 yrs after marriage and we dont have kids.. will this south-east facing bring good to us or not?.. please give some suggestions..

    • admin says:

      Hello Vidya ji;
      According to DOB: 17/1/1987 = North-east and 9/1/1982 = North-east is the favorable direction. Please send me the Plan of your House and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  156. vidya says:

    Hi Guruji,

    I sent you mail of floor plan.. Please check and tell me what if it is south-east facing bcoz we already bought.. please

  157. vejaya says:

    Hi Guruji,

    My rented house main door face westsouth and another door on northwest. Which door will be the best for us to use.
    2. my pooja room in on 2nd floor on east north wall and when I pray I face east.
    3. If I keep another maha laxmi photo at west south wall near main door is it ok.
    Anyway I am still facing financial problem even after I shifted house.
    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  158. Hima says:

    Hi Admin,

    We have our entrance door in SE and may be in 6 pada. Also we have other door from Garage to enter the house that is in the SE and in 3 pada. Kitchen is in NE. Master Bedrooms are in SW and kid bedroom in SW (next to Master). Guest Bedroom in SE and office room in South. Pooja Mandhir is in hall and we kept in East corner. We have two more doors to go to the backyard 1. door is in West and other is in NW.
    This is our own house; but we cannot make any changes to the house due to the community rules. My son is getting hurt every year. My sons DOB = Dec 3rd 2006, My Husbands is July 22nd 1976 and Mine is Dec 7th 1979.

    Can you please tell us in there is any dosha and remedies for the dosha I could do.

    Appreciate your help.

  159. Namaste Guruji..I have brought “Shri Panchamukhi Hanuman ji” photo.where should I keep place photo of “Panchamukhi Hanuman ji” inside or outside of Main entrance.Please suggest(I have Photo of “Shri Hanuman,Bajranjbali ji” in my room.
    Please suggest

  160. devi says:

    Hi Guruji,

    If the main door can be in the 4th pada of South, does this mean that the main door will be somewhat south east but more towards south.



  161. Craig says:

    Hi Guruji,

    I am looking at a house which has main door in 150 SE. Is 150 SE the 4th pada of the South. Can you please let me know.


  162. DM says:

    Date of birth- husband 19/06/1989 wife 01/07/1991
    We have bought a new flat. Would like to know how to see the main door direction? As in from inside of the house or outside. also kindly suggest us the suitable main door and vastu tips.

    • admin says:

      Hello DM:
      While we exit from the house, which direction we face that is facing of the house. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  163. shilpa says:

    Hello Sir,
    There is stair case right in front of my door inside near the entrance which according to vastu is dosha and bath room is in northeast sector of the home.Can you please suggest a remedy for the doshas. Our family is facing financial troubles and there is always some problems ,not moving ahead.
    Your advice is very much appreciated.

  164. manoj.s.pillaim says:

    Halo sir i am manoj from mumbai. My house is decorated as per vaastu but then also i had lots of financial problem. Now i dont have any job also what i should do.

  165. Gopi Krishna says:

    Dear guruji

    My house is east facing and the main road is in south. Now recently a 5 floor apartment is being constructed in next east plot, which is facing my entrance.. Will it effect my building vastu

    Thank you

  166. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    We can keep staircase in south west corner along with garage together, kindly let me know.

  167. Babu says:

    Dear sir ,
    I have purchased a corner plot with house from the local builder ,My house is south facing corner plot , the main door is south facing , middle of the main door placed a small lord Ganesh due to south facing door and the main boundary gate is east facing (after 4ft from the south east corner ) and design with small lord Ganesh middle of the iron gate ) , from the main gate one road going towards the east and one towards south , in front of house 800sqft to 1000sqft open space but no open space available in east ,north and west , Goddess tulsi chaura also thr within the open space, the corner of the south and east water bore wall , and one open water storage in front of main entrance which i m not using now planning to close the same, my kitchen position is west and north corner two toilet is middle of the west ,master bedroom is south and west corner and second bed room is north and east corner , drawing room is facing south and dinning room is middle of north , due to unavailable of puja room i had prepared a wooden vibhan and placed the lord photo (inside second bed room ) facing towards east , .then i was constructed two more floor (1 and 2 floor ) as per the ground structure.

    ground floor septic tank position is middle of north due to open space issues now i want to digging the spectic tank in southwest corner of the plot for 1st and 2 nd floor use.. and water tank top of the roof kindly suggest the vastu remedies and water tank position at top of the roof.

    Also lots of tension and trouble facing with job, family , relatives kindly suggest for vastu remedies

    just wanted to update you when my wife was pregnant i lost my job (my first son ) and second pregnant also lost my job ( my daughter ) is it related to this house.

    waiting for your response or email me on

  168. riri says:

    hello sir! my house is west facing and entrance door is in the west direction(2-3).is it normal for me?my birth date is 31.01.1968. a have cut SW and little cut in NW.bedroom in SE, which i can’t shift.can you tell me remedy of this case.i nervous about NW cutting.thank you in advance.

  169. Gunjan says:

    Hello sir,
    Our main door is in South East direction,its also shermukki,family members are sick,wealth gone,pls suggest a solution dob-15/08/58


  170. Ram says:

    Hello sir ,Im Ram ,I purchased a SW entrance facing flat on 4th flr,opp to southwest entrance all north are open through windows and east is also open through windows,is this flat is ok . coz only one query is that its a SW opening flat ,can you suggest me some remedies if any changes have to be done or required

  171. Rachna says:

    Hello Sir im seeing for a rental property.the door opens in south direction and just opposite to d main entrance is d toilet. Is it ok to stay in this house for a temporary period of 3 yrs?my dob is 21.09.80 n my husbands dob is 22.02.76?pls advise.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rachna ji:
      While exit from the house, if it is South then it’s a defect. According to DOB of both of you South is not favorable direction

  172. Kavita Gupta says:

    Hello Sri
    My back door directly opposite the main door. What should I do?

  173. Mukesh Ranjan says:

    I am planning to purchase a apartment, But the entrance of my flat is South west end of my flat with the door facing west {i.e door is in West of SW end of the flat).
    Kindly advise me for the vastu dosh and suggest some remedies.
    Should I purchase the flat or not?

  174. Amit Tiwari says:


    I am moving to a new property on RENT. I cannot do any civil or structural changes in the house. Please suggest me remedies. The new property has South entry. The sink in the kitchen is on my left (North/North East) while I am facing East to cook. Mixer, Microwave & Fridge are on the Right (South). The two washrooms are in the same direction as the kitchen, both have west entry & we face east when bathing. The wardrobes in both the bedrooms are in the North. One bedroom has East Entry while the other has South Entry & both have windows in the west. When I pray in my Mandir, I face the East. Bang opposite to the Mandir is a door which opens in the balcony. The balcony is in the west & the other balcony attached to the master bedroom (South Entry Bedroom) also opens in the west. Please suggest me remedies for maintaining peace, prosperity & good health in this house as well. Since this is a rented house we cannot alter the structure but certain remedies can definitely be followed. Please help.

    Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Hello Amit ji:
      Overall it seems to be OK. More openings are in West. Wash room is sharing the wall with Kitchen it’s a defect. You have to use Some energized “Yantras” to have a peaceful life.

  175. gigi says:

    Sir, we have an East facing home/plot. Our main door is facing East too (position East-North) but there’s a concrete wall structure outside right in front of it. It’s kind of blocking the door (can’t see the door when facing the house). Planning on renovating it, what should we do?

  176. santosh says:

    hello guruji, my date of birth is june 18th 1967. i want to rent a house , which direction should the main door face and also give me some more details that i have to keep in mind before renting, so that i will have a peaceful environment at home, good career and finance and good health

  177. varsha J says:

    Hello sir
    i am varsha j we are planning to buy flat its main door is on southwest will opening we face on north east. kitchen in south bedroom in east. right now we are living by rent in same room. we have attached terrace on NW side we can build it please give suggestions.we are facing problems in little finance blocks and in offices

  178. Sundaravalli says:

    Hello Sir,
    my rental house faces West, main entrance is in south west corner, toilet located in north east, well is in South east, it is against vastu principal, what are the remedies i have to take. awaiting for your reply soon

    • admin says:

      Hello Jaisri ji:
      South-west, North-east and South-east is defected. It’s better to vacate and shift to other place

  179. lola says:

    Sir in our flat the main door (2 doors) is in North West, 1st Safety door (brown color) opens outwards (it opens anticlockwise from outside & clockwise from inside). 2nd main door (white color) opens inwards (it opens clockwise from outside & anticlockwise from inside). Our main door faces our Master Bedroom’s door which is in North East (1 ft away from corner), the door opens anticlockwise inwards as clockwise was not possible due to the bed (4ft) & the room is 7/8 ft. The Kitchen door which is in South East portion has door exactly in the North West corner. Our living room (hall) which is in North East portion has door in South West corner of the room & is used by 3 unmarried adults (2 daughter’s & 1 son), where exactly should we place our beds & Should we install a sliding door (bedroom) which will stand on north west wall when the room is opened then, where should it be installed inside/outside the room wall? Also are the Kitchen & Living room’s door placed correctly? WE have cut in South East portion of the flat? Can we place photo frames of god’s in the North wall (We’ve East facing balcony with sliding windows which is now converted & included with the Living room) of North East corner of this (previously balcony)room. What must be the height of placing the photos on the wall? We consulted an astrologer who has said that we’ve vastu dosh in our flat hence we’re facing many problems due to this. Our age is 35-40 we all are unmarried. We are facing financial & health problems too. Pl help us in rectifying our flat’s vastu dosh. Kindly reply soon.


  180. Raj Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am slightly confused about main entrance direction, in one post I see “Entrance facing South-east direction is ruled by “Shukra” {Venus}, so the owner of such houses will enjoy the life in fine way.”
    In another post I notice”The door facing South East is brings in sickness, anger and court matters”
    Please advise, I am looking at a house, plot is south east facing and the entrance is also south east facing.
    Best Regards.

    • admin says:

      Yes both are correct, South of South-east entrance will be fine, where as East of South-east will brigs Health problems. You have to take care while placing a main door in South direction to have a good results

  181. Subhashini says:

    Dear sir,
    My dob 25/11/1979, husbands dob 21/12/1975. Our house has main door facing south west and garage door facing south east. These are only two entrances we can use. Please advice if these direction is suitable and remedies for the same. Thank you very much sir

    • admin says:

      Hello Subhashini ji:
      According to DOB: 25/11/1979 = West and 21/12/1975 = East are the favorable directions. Please send me the Plan of your House.My Mail Id:

      • Swapnil Lahor says:

        Dear Sir,

        I’m thinking of buying a house, People says East / West facing entrance door is good, I wont know how should i understand East / West facing door, should i consider standing inside the entrance door or outside the entrance door. Another I had seen one flat having south-east direction shown in compass standing inside the entrance door want to know is this house good to buy from all aspect.

  182. k chandrasekhar says:

    Guruji, we intended to purchase a flat East facing with NE entrance, my D.O.B is 12.10.1971 and my wife D.O.B is 16.12.1977,please suggest me,
    Thanking You

  183. anand says:

    Dear Sir,
    My dob 1603.1975 and Wife DOB 06.05.1980. Our house has main door facing East Please advice if these direction is suitable and remedies for the same.

    Sir, Now i placed God Hanuman photo facing south direction and

    i wanted to know which direction i can place my Expired Father photo

    Sir waiting for your reply

    Thank you very much sir


    • admin says:

      Hello Anand ji:
      East facing door is OK. Hanuman ji Photo on South facing is fine. Place your father’s photo on South wall in SW corner

  184. Mahesh says:

    Dear Sir/ Mam

    I buying one RK at Mumbai.. The building entrance is towards West … But my buying flat door towards South.. Please update is any issue to buy this property

  185. varalakshmi says:

    sir I am going to construct south face site 1200 sft. East entrance. kindly help entrance of east measurement.

  186. yashshri says:

    Dear Sir, Namaskar. Our apartments main door is in South west direction,203 SW. My husbands Dob is 09.08.1973, in whose name the flat is registered. Is this direction suitable for us? Please help. Thanks a lot for any help.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 09.08.1973 = East is the favorable direction. Please call me for remedies of SW main door on 09494214400

  187. ns says:

    Dear Sir, I and my husband want to buy an apartment jointly.
    My DOB is 29.10.1981 and my husband DOB is 09.02.1978.
    Can you please guide us which direction flat would be suitable for us.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB 29.10.1981 = South-west and for 09.02.1978 = South are the favorable directions

      • neha says:

        Dear Sir,

        As per your advice, we had been looking for the new apartment in south-west and south facing. However, after a lot of search, the one we are finding most appropriate has a west facing. the layout of flat is vastu friendly like balcony in east, kitchen in southeast n bedroom in southwest. The flat will be jointly hold by me & my husband.
        Pls advice if as per our DOB , should we go for west facing flat?
        Thank you so much for your precious inputs n support.


  188. Pratik says:

    Hello Sir,

    My DOB is 15-September-1986 & my wife DOB is 02-November-1989, we are planning to buy a flat we have 3 options available
    option 1 –> Entry from East of South-East (3rd Pada)
    option 2 –> Entry from West of South-West (3rd Pada)
    option 3 –> Entry from West of North-South

    Can you please let me know which flat is favorable according to my DOB and Vastu

    Thanks & Regards,

  189. Pratik says:

    Correction is in Option 1–> Entry is from East of south-East (3rd pada from south corner)

  190. prathmesh says:

    my flat is having (one and only) main entrance on north of NW side. and no any cuts in front of it.
    there full height building wall in front of door (appox 1.5 m away). any remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Prathmesh ji:
      Use Sarva badha dosh nivaran Yantra and Sampurna Sukh samridhi yantra in the house, you will get positive energy

  191. S says:

    Hello Guruji,
    My birth date is 09.08.1969 and my wife birth date is 26.05.74. We live in a house facing south (between south west and south) direction and own it jointly. Is it suitable for us? Thank you for advice in advance

  192. S says:

    Hello Guruji,
    My birth date is 09.08.1969 and my wife birth date is 26.05.74. We live in a house facing south (between south west and south) direction and own it jointly. Is it suitable for us? Thank you for advice in advance, Also want to add we have a fish pond to the north of house (No fish at the moment, just a small fountain).
    Thank you.

    • S says:

      The pond is quite big.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 09.08.1969 = South-east and 26.05.1974 = North-east are the favorable directions. Yours is a South of South-west entrance. And pond in the North of the house is OK.

      • S says:

        Thank you very much Guruji, but I made a typing mistake the birth date of my wife is 26.9.1974 (and not 26.5.1974). Can you please answer my query. Thank you again and apologies for the incorrect date.

  193. Vani says:

    I am a living in a flat with main directions in corners. The main door is in the north east on the landing of the staircase. Main bet room is in southeast and kitchen in north east.Since coming into this house our income has become zero and now we may have to sell it. pls guide.

    • admin says:

      Hello Vani ji:
      Main bedroom in South-east and kitchen in North-east are the defects which causing Financial problems. By using some remedies it will be OK. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:
      I will reply.

  194. sekhar says:

    I am planning to purchase a apartmen, by profession i am an mechanical engineer & wife teacher, my D.O.B is 12.10.1971 & wife’s D.O.B is 16.12.1977, Please suggest which direction / facing is preffered.

  195. chandrasekhar says:

    Namaste Guruji,
    I am planning to purchase a flat. Please suggest facing / entrance, by profession i am an engineer D.O.B is 12.10.1971, and my wife is teacher & D.O.B is 16.12.1977.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 12.10.1971 = South-west and for 16.12.1977 = North-east are the favorable directions

      • chandrasekhar says:

        Namaste Guruji,
        for me South-west( niruthi) but actually south west entrance flats are not available, Please suggest second option, and for both of us which entrance can be preferred.

        Thanking you,

        • chandrasekhar says:

          Namaste Guruji,
          given favourable directions means facings ?
          Please suggest me…..

          Thanking you

          • chandrasekhar says:

            Namaste Guruji,
            Please suggest me. Waiting for your reply.
            Thanking You

  196. Minaxishah says:


  197. Minaxishah says:

    Namaste guruji!
    I purchased house at nov 25,2014. it is southEast facing. As soon as i bought house, I lost my 12 yrs. govt job, i got in legal matters from my work place. we are in very bed phase of finacial matter, and our car is not functioning one by one since we buy house
    my husband birth date nov 19, 1954 moon sign kanya
    my birth date is feb 2, 1961 moon sign leo
    house is on joint name my husband’s name then my name(premal meena parikh)
    i would like to know is that any remedies to get out of all legal matter and strenghten financial situation? and got my job back?

    any advice to correct this situation

  198. Minaxishah says:

    hello is any body can help me for my problems

  199. meena parikh says:

    Respected punditji!
    Namaste guruji!
    koti koti dhanyawad

    I am reading your articles related vaastu. . i am very much impressed for your knowledge and your kind and helping nature.
    punditji , i am facing constant problem the day I bought house. my house is SE facing about 138 degree. I lost my 12 years government job. they have done legal procedure and allegation without any reason. I am primary house hold. now our financial situation is major concern. i am not getting job. our cars are constant giving us problem every single day. I am getting stress because of staying at home. so is that any remedies you can suggest me to improve vastu defect.? some body said i am under saturn’s 2/12 year panoti also

    Also i have swimming pool parallel to my house in back.

    house is on joint name

    PREMAL&MEENA PARIKH (my husband’s name is first then mine)

    PREMAL BIRTH DATE NOV 19, 1954 moon rashi Kanya
    MEENA ” ” FEB 2ND , 1961 Moon rashi Leo
    I will be appreciate if any way you can help me out without modify or any change in construction


  200. Deepthi says:

    Hello sir ,
    could you please say which entrance direction is good for us our DOB My husbands 04 Jan 1977and mine 22 June 1979
    Thanks in Advance

  201. Chakri says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am confused about how to get direction for my house vs the Padas. If I am looking out of the house, the compass is showing 125 – 130 degrees South East. I am in ny area, USA so, if I add 15 degrees, I get to ~140 – 145 degrees true south east. But, I have a large garage entrance on the North east (30 degrees). But, I am not sure how to get padas for my house? Is it the plot that I need to make 9 parts to see which part I am in? or is it just the front of the house?my date of birth is 18 october 1967 and my spouse is 5th april 1972. The plot itself is a square with front facing east but, the house is built at an angle. My star is revathi and moola for my spouse

  202. sandeep konchada says:

    Dear Sir,
    My parents has shown my DOB and my wife DOB and the pandit suggested that they must face south facing. But again we met other pandit and he suggested to take north or east facing door. So we purchased north facing entrance of the flat. And it is registered on the name of mine and my wife. Now the problem is who must do the house warming, whether my parents or me and my wife. Please need a clarification

    • admin says:

      It’s better to perform the Puja by registered owner of the house. How ever your parents can also be do this Puja. Both are accepted

  203. Meena says:

    Respected Sir,
    Jai Swaminarayan. Our house is 90 degree angle east facing door. When we built it we didn’t know that if the main door is facing four way inter section, it brings negative energy. There is an old aged people home facility opposite our house as well. Can you please help us with some sort of remedy in regards to these issues. Thanks.

    Meena Khatri

  204. Meena says:

    Respected Sir,
    For above question I need to make correction, old aged people facility is not opposite our house, there is street running between our house and old aged people facility. Thanks.

    Meena Khatri

  205. Daljeet Kaur Nag says:

    Dear Sir,

    My inlaws home having staircase in front of main door. please suggest some remedy for it.
    Money not remains for long time.

  206. manu says:

    Dear sir we are live in Germany I live in rented flat. In front of my flat there is staircase wall .please suggest some remedy .its in east -west direction.

  207. neeta says:

    My house main entrance is in south west wat to do

  208. R.Sundaram says:

    I have purchased an apartment with main door facing southwest.My date of birth 22.07.1950. Opposite to my main door is a fully stretched wall of opposite flat. Kitchen: south east. Master bed room North west, small bed room: south west Toilets: south west and North west of bed rooms. Balcony opposite to main door with 7′ with three glass doors with grill. 21 feet hall separates kitchen and master bed room with 12′ breadth. Is this vaastu compliant. My son’s date of birth is 11.02.1990. Can I transfer the property in his name? Remedies if there are defects? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sundaran JI:
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply. Before that please call me on 09494214400

  209. arun says:

    Doors are situated at corners of homes..and are opposite each other.please suggest remedy.

  210. babitha says:

    Hello Sir
    Pls help. I am so confused and stressed since a week. I am planning to rent a south facing house that would fall in 5th and 6th pada. I feel except this entrance every thing else is good as per vastu. There’s a bedroom in north west, north east and south east. Kitchen is in north..while cooking we face west. Pls guide ne sir

  211. Niren says:

    Can you advise if an entrance double door that opens outwards is inauspicious?.
    I live in a home that has a north facing double entrance door that opens outwards. What can I do to remedy this?

    South Africa

  212. Naveeen says:

    Hello Sir
    I was born on 18 October 1966 @ 0805 hrs. If I rent house with main door facing North west is it okay?

  213. kapil says:

    we are in process of buying a flat that is west facing but if a slighty turn then it is NW. kitchen is in NW and balcony is in north. and 1 bedroom is in SE and another is in NE. It is ok to go for this.

  214. kapil says:

    also my dob is 10july77 and my wife14

  215. Bala says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been following all of your answers to the questions asked by others and they are very helpful.

    I live in United States of America(USA), and planning to buy a single family house. Main door of the house faces South-East, but the garage(which we use for enter & exit most of the time) faces proper East. Mostly kitchen would be West Facing, and I have a guest bath room that faces south-east. My Zodiac Sign is “Libra” and “Swathi” Nakshtra, please let me if this house suits to my family or not. And also kindly provide any vastu remedies that I may have to follow.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks & Regards

  216. hari says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase house and DOB is 16.12.1979. can you tell which main door facing is favorable to me.


  217. Tulasi says:

    Hallo sir, my main door entrance is facing to east, but my main door facing to my balcony doors, is it any problem

  218. anonymous says:

    Hello sir,

    The main entrance of my house opens towards west.. There is a electrical duct in front though closed with a door, still i feel it could be unauspicious.. Please suggest..


  219. Murali says:

    Sir, I have read your webpage and find your tips useful. Please advise. I am planning to buy a flat but the only one available in the new construction society is west facing. Is west facing bad; if yes, why and what are the remedies that I can perform before making payment/gruhapravesh? The main door of the house faces west (facing another flat), one balcony faces east, kitchen and pooja room are located in south-east direction of flat.

  220. saket says:

    I want to purchased a society Flat in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP). I have selected two flats 1. South East facing 2. North West. My date of birth 24-07-1974 and wife DOB 01-01-1978. Please suggest.

  221. Alesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Two years back I purchased flat in the new building and staying with family but now from the last few months I am facing lot’s of problem in my carrier/job due to main door south-west(nairutya)direction.
    My current job is in danger situation so I am trying for new job which is also I am not getting.
    Kindly guide me how to come out from this problem, my BOD is 26/04/1979 & wife BOD is 03/09/1983.


  222. kumar.A.N says:

    Dear sir..
    Can west facing plot shall have main entrance in north direction..or which direction the main entrance can be placed..?? In north direction after our plot there is an house built.. Is tat OK to make main entrance in north direction. Or I should go for west direction…
    Pls help me….

  223. Shobana Subramani says:

    Hello Sir, we are planning to buy a South facing home with main door in 4th and 5th pada. My DOB is 11-Oct-1984 and husband DOB is 6-Aug-1983. Can you please guide if this home would be good for us? Thanks for your help!!

  224. sowmya says:

    hi sir,

  225. sowmya says:

    Hello sir,

    I have recently signed lease for an apartment for 1 year and paid my lease in full. The house main door is facing south west. The back door of the house is facing east. From your post I understand that south west facing is not advisable. But, I have already paid my money. Can I close the main door which is facing south west permanently by not opening it and use the door facing east. Will that help me? I can also put panchamukhi hanuman, swastik, trishul and even a pendulum on the south wall. But I can’t paint the main door as it is in a gated community. My husband DOB is 30/06/1980 and mine is 31/10/1982.Please advise whether closing the main door permanently and using alternative door as main door has any vastu dosha? If so what are the remedies.Please help

    • admin says:

      Hello Sowmya ji:
      Yes, closing the main door permanently and using alternative door of East will help you some extent. And what is about other elements, please call me on 9494214400

  226. Ramakanth says:

    Respected Sir / Madam,
    Required guide regarding Bore hole to be made in south west corner of my Factory, we will not use water from it just for rain water harvest we have to do it. Pls guide

  227. narendra says:

    My self narendra, My home is south facing. Where should I fix Panchamukhi hanuman photo – whether outside above or inside above the main entrance door.

  228. narendra says:

    My self narendra, My home is south facing. Where should I fix Panchamukhi hanuman photo – whether outside above or inside above the main entrance door. Or on north wall in front of main entrance door

    • admin says:

      Hello Narendra ji:
      Fix Panchamukhi hanuman photo on Wall outside the House

      • narendra says:

        My self Narendra.
        Thank You very much for your valuable guidance.
        As my home is south facing, One of the Vastu Tadnya advised me to fix the Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo on inside north wall in front of main entrance door of the hall .Request you to please give your valuable opinion on this.

  229. nk says:

    Sir, is there any remedy for entrance door facing wall?

  230. Shailendra says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have read your tips on south west entry remedies and need your help in implementing 4th Pada entrance in south.

    I have a south facing row house having entrance from SW and I’m now quite aware of its effect and experienced some, so we have created separate wooden door entry from inside west, having panchmukhi hanumanji & pyramid name plate with swastik on the SW entry.

    I want to understand how Pada is measured/separated? is it measured from edge to edge of the plot or edge to edge of the building in the plot? I have 5 feet wide garden across the east side of my house and house is built after 4-5 feet from east side facing south. I have a big glass door on south where I’m thinking to make our house entry. North side we have open lobby attached to society wall so no possible entry.

    I can share map of my house for more details & discuss with your consent, if you provide your email Address and confirm a suitable time for a call.

    Best Regards

  231. Abhinav says:

    Hello Sir, My bedroom is North west direction can i use a wooden flooring in my bedroom or not.

  232. Hema says:

    Hi I am planning to buy a plot where road facing north but will be constructing home entrance facing west is it good?

  233. akshay says:

    Hello Sir i am staying in rental flat and direction of door is South Facing..i am staying since last 2 years and it’s very bad for us….my date of birth is 21-Apr-1979, please advice what remidies we can do to cure…

  234. Narendra says:

    My self Narendra.
    Thank You very much for your valuable guidance.
    As my home is south facing, One of the Vastu Tadnya advised me to fix the Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo on inside north wall in front of main entrance door of the hall .Request you to please give your valuable opinion on this.

  235. Ruchi Gupta says:

    Namaskar!, Main door of my flat is south east. My dob is 6-10-1974 , my husband dob is 30-5-1972. No success , pls suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Ruchi ji:
      According to DOB: 6-10-1974 = East and for DOB: 30-5-1972 = South are the favorable directions.

  236. Sawan Tulse says:

    Guruji, need your valuable suggestion!

    We have our plan ready for our bungalow construction. We have followed every minuet vastu tips. Our plot is east facing. It’s going to be three story building. We are going to stay on 2nd & third floor. We have our kitchen in agney corner, pooja ghar at Ishanya, living at vyavya and it is extended towards ishanya, our studyroom is at Niwrutya all at 2nd floor.
    At 3rd floor we have master bedroom at Nairitya, gym at agney, children bedroom one at vyavya and another at ishnya directions. Staircase is at Nairitya corner.

    We have one confusion.. we are planning to have main door facing east which will lead to stairs to the second floor and then towards drawing room instead of main door directly leading to the living room. Means want to have main door at first floor and after opening the main door there will be staircase going up to second floor where we have our living room etc. There will not be any stairs outside the main door. We will be having lobby at the entrance but stairs climbing up after opening the main door. Please advise vastu for it.

    Thank you

  237. Kavitha Subramaniam says:

    Namaskar. We are young parents with 2 daughters. Purchased a new intermediate double storey house recently.
    Main door, living room and master bedroom (upstair) facing South West.
    Kitchen North East. Can you please guide us.