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Importance of Main Door in Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Tips for Main Entrance Door

The Main Entrance Doors needs a great concentration as per Vaastu Shastra. Main door is the face of the house and according to Hindu religion, ‘Simhadwaram’ or Main entrance Door, is the house of Lord “Ganesha”, Goddess “Mahalaxmi” and Goddess “Saraswati”.  So the main entrance door of the house must be perfectly positioned to activate all the positive energies.

According to Vaastu Shastra, here are some tips that should always considered before designing the Main entrance doors 

  • The Main Entrance Door should always in the East or North direction
  • Avoid a door facing South West as it will bring the devil energy in the house and also invites in struggles and misfortunes.
  • The door facing South East is brings in sickness, anger and court matters.
  • The main door should always open inside the house and clockwise
  • South facing door brings the energy which disturbs positive energy of the house and causes arguments or disagreements. While if this door is in fourth Pada is very good for occupant.
  • West facing door is good for the youngsters as it gives active energy & energy of enjoyment.
  • North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu shastra rules. Only thing to remember that the most key male person of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces North.

The Main Door should be taller and other doors should not be higher in size or in beauty to the Main Entrance DoorMain entrance door vaastu tips

  • There should not be obstructions in front of Main Door like rails, staircase, big trees etc. There should not be Temple, Lamppost opposite main door.
  • The number of Doors and Windows in the house should be always in even numbers like 2,4,6,8,etc
  • Doors should not be positioned in the center of the wall; they should always be off centered.
  • If a house faces East, the entrance should be in the East, because Main Door falls in the Northern direction of the house. Such a door gives good results and is very auspicious

Normally main entrance doors facing East, North, and North East are supposed to be good doors. But again there are many other things like Cuts, Extensions, and Under Ground Water Tanks of the house which decide the wealth and health of the occupant.


856 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Main Entrance Door

  1. Priya says:

    Hi sir,
    We bought a house with south east facing ( 4 Padam), Kitchen- North east, Mbed room – South west, dressingroom and toilet – North west.
    My DOB : 16.05.1983 and my husbands DOB : 23.01.1978

    Please let me know whether its ok or anything needed to be changed.


    • admin says:

      Kitchen is Defect here.
      Paint a lemon yellow color in Kitchen
      Place three bronze bowls on the roof facing downwards in North, North-east and East

  2. nate says:

    Dear Sir, We have a wall facing the main door. The door is in the north east direction but it opens onto a small foyer with a wall right in front of it. Is this bad. Are there any remedies that we need to look at

  3. kedarnath says:

    My house has main door east facing but near by south corner is this ok ? if it is dosh then what will be remediies. Also let me know where I can built steps , there is porach infront of main door

  4. Shabnam kumari says:

    Hello sir,
    We are planning to move to a rented apartment the main door faces the lift about a feet away.
    Is it fine or any remedies that can be advised?

    Thank you in advance
    Shabnam Kumari

  5. Hello sir…

    This is Archana Pavan we are planned to buy a villa it was in South facing and southwest corner. .please advice …

  6. sujit1779 says:

    Hi, I have a flat and nowadays I am getting interested in Vastu and I feel it is scientific. I am a bit confused on the following aspects

    1) My flat is not perfectly located on main direction axis (i.e North S, EW), its you can say 35-45 degree shifted. I read that I need to divide in 9 parts, so how should I divide as my main axis is north east and north west?

    2) Finding centre of the flat is very difficult as you know flats have projection here and there, its not perfectly square or rectangle, so how to mark it?

    3) What about terrace, is it considered part of the flat? Should I consider it too to mark centre of my flat?

    4) Nothing falls perfectly on one direction say North East, South West, etc.. there is overlapping.. now how to decide on this then?

    5) What is entrance direction? What is house facing? Are they both same or different?
    Is it the direction when we open main door and stand? Or is the direction taken when we stand at the door and are about to enter it?


  7. rajesh says:

    i am planning to rent a flat whose main entrance is facing west in south west direction and kitchen is in northwest facing west. pl advice. my dob is 22 march 1969 and my wifes dob is 05the july 1967

  8. annonimus says:

    Hello sir,

    Main door to my flat in facing east but is in south-east direction and it also has main entrance of another flat facing my enterance. Please let me know the remedies for these 2 vastu doshas

    • admin says:

      I am not getting your question, please call me on 9494214400 for clarifications

  9. Seema says:

    We are planning to shift in a flat where there is a west facing entrance door and balcony ( very big one ) in east. Can you please suggest if its ok to be shifted in such a house?

  10. Milind says:

    Hello Guruji, I am going to purchase a flat. I have seen one flat facing North East Direction and second one facing South East direction. My date of birth is 24-12-1974 and my Spouse’s date of birth is 07-12-1979. So need your guidance which one of these two would be favorable.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 24.12.1974 = North-east and 07.12.1979 = South are the favorable directions. How ever for finalization of flats, Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  11. Diana says:

    Hi, how severe is a compound wall (or fence) in front of the main entrance? Is it a serious problem?
    The main door is 1.2m away from the property fence.

  12. khushal says:

    In front of main door stairs downward or upwards please clear in first floor flat

  13. Suneethi says:


    We are planning to buy a flat, they have constructed the as per vastu. we planned to take North facing flat. it looks good as per vastu. only one concern is the entire apartment entrance is in South west. it not in corner. they have left the space in in the corner. Please advise.

  14. Pritam Karkun says:

    I am going to purchase a flat in an small apartment, where the kitchen(west) is visible directly from main entrance door(east). The kitchen stove will be also visible if anyone open main entrance door. Is there any remedy for this? We can not shift the kitchen. It is also beside main toilet.

  15. Dorte Petersen says:

    Hello from Denmark, i am going to buy a flat but i just see that it has a south/west enterence – is this a bad buy? or can i compensate – can i send you the plan ?thanks for the answer

  16. Star says:

    My.main entrance is south west facing and when I Enter the house I have closet right in front were we keep our shoes n jackets . Pls let me know if it has any dosh and remedy

  17. vimla says:

    Sir, in front of my house main gate,in north direction,( NE facing house) there is a big Peepal tree (about 25 feets from main gate inner corner). A Peepal tree is assumed as an auspicious tree in hindu culture but its roots are causing nuisance by penetrating water tank, internal sewer pipe lines and haudis resulting in dampness of walls and blisterring of colour, termites & all other harmful effects due to this.
    Does it also reflect some Rahu &vastu dosh & pitra-dosh,ristricting overall growth . What are remedies for this problem.
    What are the chemical treatments to remove the tree, as by simply cutting the tree is not effective because its roots have a tendency to grow & develope again.

  18. Abhishek says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know that for a apartment in a Multistory building, the Facing of that apartment will be considered by its Main Door or by its Main Balcony?


    • admin says:

      Apartment main building entrance and flat entrance both are considered

      • Abhishek says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        Can we consider the “Main balcony” in place of “Main door”?
        Sorry If i am asking a weird question, I read some where on internet that we can consider Balcony, as facing.


  19. MANOJ GUPTA says:

    We have a East Facing Second Floor DDA Flat. It is a total 3 floor building and we are on second floor. Our main gate is opening towards East. However we start climbing from the NE Corner of building from EAST and after climing about four steps take left turn towards South. After that we stop and again take U Turn towards North and again take U Turn and go towards South. On that platform our Entrance is on right hand side i.e. EAST.

    It is OK as per Vastu. Somebody told me that it has Vastu Dosh at entrance as stares are climbing from Noth to South. Is it true? What is the Remedy, if it is true.
    Please guide and help.

    • admin says:

      If that stairs are in North-east then Defect
      However climbing from North to South is not a defect

  20. sunil bhatia says:

    Sir I have West facing main door South West corner and having many problems related to financially , health in family. What to do. Pls. Suggest me.

  21. Suresh says:

    The number of doors…. Do you have to count the bathroom doors also?

  22. Rashmi says:

    Hello sir we recently purchased newly constructed apartment it’s main entrance door is North West in 1st padh . My husband date of birth 28-9-1973 he is head of family he is in banking, we have two daughters 12 and 8 year age. Incase not favourable please suggest remedy
    Thanks rashmi

  23. dinesh saw says:

    Hello sir in front of my house which main entrance is from north direction a big and old banyan tree is alive sir i want to know that what types of problem generates because we are in health problems whenever we built the house?

  24. Narayanan says:

    Hi, am in a rented flat. The main entrance in SE, kitchen in SW, master bedroom in NW and another bedroom in NE. Is this OK or not? Kindly suggest.

  25. Deepak Agrawal says:

    I want to buy an apartment. There is one apartment on each floor of the plot. The main apartment door is at 90 degrees to the direction of the plot. Which is the best option:
    (1) Plot and its main gate North East WITH Apartment Main Door facing North West
    (2) Plot and its main gate North East WITH Apartment Main Door facing South East
    (3) Plot and its main gate North West WITH Apartment Main Door facing North East
    (4) Plot and its main gate South East WITH Apartment Main Door facing North East

    • admin says:

      It depends up-on each and every aspect of the Flat or plot. Please send me the lay – out plan of selected Plot or flat i will reply it’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  26. Chandu says:

    Hello Sir,
    First of all thanks a lot for giving tips about Vastu. I recently finalized a house and will be moving in next two months. Can you please guide me whether I made right decision with respect to Vastu.

    My DOB 26-06-1987 (Arudra star).
    1. Main door is EAST facing.
    2. Kitchen is at North-west
    3. South-west – Master bed room, South-east – bedroom
    4. Pooja room is at south-west in the living room.
    5. Guest bathroom is next to living room – in between living room and bedroom (bedroom at south-east )

    I really need your valuable inputs to move into the new house.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Deepa Sundararaj says:

    We have a house facing east which is 33”width in the front, 59 ½ ” on north side and 55” on the south side. Now we want to buy a plot with old house(to be demolished) which adjacent to our house on the south side. This plot is also facing east which measures 17 ½ ” width on the east side(front) and 63” on the north side(Where our house is present) and 62” on the south side. Can we buy this house to extend our existing house.

  28. Pawan Dagdi says:

    My DOB IS 24/06/1977.

  29. Mohan says:

    Hello Sir,

    thanks for your patience and commitment for giving tips about vastu, may i know which direction of main entrance is favorable for me . My DOB 20-08-1982 (Pubba).

    Thank You.

  30. Deepthi says:


    My DOB is 12 Nov 1982 would a west facing apartment be favourable ?


  31. akhila says:

    Hi sir we are planning to take west facing house…is that ok according to vastu.. My husband DOB is 01-08-1984 and my DOB is 14-04-1985…pls advice sir

    • admin says:

      According to DOB 01.08.1984 = South-west and for 14.04.1985 = North are the favorable directions

  32. Aparna D sikha says:


    My date of birth is 12 dec 1975 and i have one 14 yr old son who is the head of the household. No father. Which fasing house is good for us. My sons birth date is 16 th april 2002
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      According to DOB 12.12.1975 = East and 16.04.2002 = South-east are the favorable directions

  33. Aparna D sikha says:

    Sorry it was a typo error.. my DOB is 25th dec 1975
    If me and my son have different directions good then what should be the first preference? Since i am buying the house and it will be in my name until he is an adult?
    Usually if the house is east facing then main door is usually towards north east or south east.
    Similarly if the house is facing south – then the main dooor is closer to southwest or south east

    Getting very confusing. Please guide.
    Thank you

  34. Archana says:

    We are planning to buy west facing flat which has main door in North West corner. Please advice if this is OK.

  35. Archana says:

    We are planning to purchase west facing flat and its main entrance door is located in extreme north west corner. My husband’s DOB is 7 January 1978 and my DOB is 14 May 1980. Please advice if this is OK to buy or should we buy north facing flat which has main entrance in North East corner…pls advice.

  36. Yatin says:

    Hello Sir,
    We recently bought a flat and planning to move in. It’s an west facing flat having main door of flat in north West corner. My DOB is 7 January 1978 and I am the head of the family. Please let me know whether the direction of the main door is perfect.

  37. Shekhar says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have a south west facing house….have lost job and now marital issues also there ….the flat is still under loan …..please advise should I sell it or move to another house and rent this …are tehr any vaastu aspects which I need to also do before I leave the house

  38. Shekhar says:

    sorry I missed mentioning my DOB its 10-06-1969

  39. Nandhini says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have purchased a flat with South facing.
    However the builder has accepted to put a grill gate there (Foyer) and the main entrance can be modified to East.
    Is this fine?


  40. Nandhini says:

    My date of birth 03.12.1977/Star Makha

  41. Ninad says:

    dear sir,
    while entering in the flat i enter towards west is it a good entrance or bad entrance.

  42. Ninad says:

    my date of birth is 01.10.1976

  43. vimmi choudhry says:

    we are moving in a rented accomodation . the entrance is north west … we can also make south east from the balcony side with a small garden . My husbands date of birth is 1909 1970 and mine is 1612 1970. is this house good for us and my children

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 19.09.1970 = South and 16.12.1970 = South are the favorable direction

  44. Bilkish says:

    Hello Sir, we have seen a flat whose entrance is South East. Can we build a wall at the back side of door n remove the door and place it in NE direction.

  45. Palani says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to move to a house (rented) facing south-east (front door at 1 or 2 pada). Please suggest if it would be favorable for me. M.Palani kumar D.O.B is 02-05-1986.

  46. Mahadeorao Sahebrao Nimse says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house is South facing & I need to make a Main door , but in front of 4th Pada pillar is occupying the 1 feet portion of 4th pada, May we make door at 5th Pada,…?

  47. Amit says:

    Hello Guruji,

    I am about to move into new flat. My dob – 15/09/1981, my wife – 29/03/1982, please suggest auspicious entrance I should choose. Please reply as this is urgent.


    main door vastu should be considered for entrance or exit??

  49. Santhosh.D.S. says:

    Hello sir,
    my main door is in east facing,as per vastu how many steps i built in front of main door to go inside the house…like 1,2,or 3 please advice me

  50. R.Prashanth says:

    Dear sri, i born on 31.07.1981,now we r staying in south – east door entrance. and planning to change the house and want to know which entrance is favorable.

    thk you

    • admin says:

      For DOB: 31.07.1981 = North-east is OK

      • R.Prashanth says:

        dear sir, u have suggested me to be in north east door opening , but i am in south east corner door opening. kindly let me know if any remedy to get read of vastu dosha

  51. Shalaka says:

    Hello sir, we are going to purchase a flat, we have two options,1. main entrance in north west (facing North) ,staircase going downwords. Kitchen in north west Or 2. Main entrance in north east (facing North), staircase going upwards, kitchen in north east.. Which one should we choose.. My father DOB 28june1959.

  52. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to buy a house where the main door is facing north. My DOB is June 3rd 1975. Please advise.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Chetan Mehta.

  53. Raghavendran T says:

    Sir, I have booked a flat which is facing East. But the door is positioned in the right corner of the flat and it opens towards East. Is this Vastu complaint? My DOB is 20-04-1976 and my Wife’s 13-05-1982. The flat is to be purchased in both our names.

    Please advice any remedies if required.

    Thank you,
    ~Raghavendran T

  54. gouri says:

    sir,we are trying to rent a flat with west entrance to the south it husband DOB is 31-08-1971 and mine is 24-10-1976.please advise.

  55. Ratna says:

    the Main entrance of our House is SSW and opposite to lift. the maintenance and the kitchen door are near to each other but not opp. please advise as we can not change the house untill next year.

  56. Manav rai says:

    Dob 17.12.1974. Recently moved in a flat with a entry gate south East, when entering will face north
    Health not well since then . Both husband and wife health not good. Arguments and other disturbances. Wealth low
    Work suffering . Please suggest

  57. Srisow says:

    Sir DOB 29 / 05 / 1982 and wife’s 08 / 12 /1986 , can you tell which entrance the door should face for a new house .. we found a SE 150 deg …and house door entrance starts around 3rd PADA … front faces south east and garage faces north east .

  58. pallavi says:

    I am looking for ready possession Duplex house by builders and I liked two houses very much both are EAST facing houses but one house has NE entrance and NW master bedroom whereas Second house has SE enterance and SW Master bedroom. (in both houses kitchen, living room & rest everythings are perfect as per vastu). Which house to select? My husband’s DOB is 23 Aug 1982 and mine is 08 July 1984

  59. Vivek says:

    Recently I moved to a rented house whose main door is facing North west and kitchen is in SE. Within 20 days after shifting I have found these place is inauspicious as it has brought sickness and bad luck for almost every task. My d.o. b is 31-3-1980. I am planning to relocate now asap. what would be the ideal house door facing – North, East or North East . i have more options for North east facing house. Please help

  60. Monika singhal says:

    Hello sir, we r planning to shift in a flat on rent, is this fine if the main entrance door in east direction on all the windows or balkony opend in South direction.

  61. Sri says:

    Hello Sir, my DOB is 19-11-1980 and I am trying to choose between two flats one facing North ( 4-5 pada) and the other facing West (4-5 pada). So between these two which one should I go for?

  62. Rajesh Rai says:

    Hi Sir, Namaskar, I read your answer and find it very useful, My name is Rajesh Rai DOB 11.08.1973. I am planning to buy a flat but confused with Vastu. Flat main door is in South East ( south Wall ) , Kitchen also in SE ( South Wall) , opposite main door- in north east Balcony, Bed Room one North West ( main) ,2nd Bedroom South West, 3rd small bed room in north, attached bathroom 1 in south and 1 in north. Pl suggest me whether I should buy or avoid.


  63. Sandeep says:

    Hello Sir,

    We have taken a West facing plot (Builder will build the house and will handover to us) , as per the Builder plan we have two door (West & North).

    Living Room – North West
    Child Bedroom – North East
    Kitchen – South East
    Master Bedroom – South West
    2 Toilets – South (side by side) & 1 will be attached to Master Bedroom
    Stair Case – South West

    Few part in middle of the house is left Empty as per the Vastu.

    As per my Knowledge We should not use Child Bedroom (North East) & we are planning to swap the bedroom and living and will close the west facing door and will use North Facing door.

    Can you please suggest if the above plan will be fine for our house. By the way my DOB:14-12-1989.
    I may not be staying in the home always (due to my job) but my parents would be living in this house.

    Currently we have not yet started any work and planning to start the work in Feb-17.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sandeep G

  64. tk says:

    hi my DOB is 30-09-1977 what direction house facing should i live , now living in SW and want to change house

  65. Josephine says:

    Hello sir,
    I am planning to buy plot facing west DOB is husband’s DOB is 02.01.1984.we have 2 boy children.which facing is good for us? If we buy west facing plot,entrance of main door should be in which direction.please suggest.

  66. Herender pratap says:

    Hello Sir
    My name is Herender Pratap dob 23-09-1981.I am the head of house..can I have main gate in South east direction.pls reply

  67. Devamshu says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am looking for Flat but confused with Door Facing. My Sign is Meena rashi Uttarpada nakshatara 09/12/86 8.30pm. Suggest me doors suits me good North or west or East.. Waiting for your reply…

  68. Lakshmi says:

    Hello Sir, Can we have panchamukhi hanuman on top of the main door entrance.
    We have placed the panchamukhi hanuman on top of the main door. This is inner side of the main door. Someone recently told that, there will be Shani at the feet of hanunam ji so you should not place it on top of the door. This means you are going from below of shani and it is not good.
    Is this true?

    • admin says:

      What is the direction of main entrance door, and Panchmukhi hanuman ji photo should be outside not inside

  69. SWARAJ MAHTO says:

    dear sir,
    my house direction is north and infront of entrance i paste a panchmukhi hanuman murti should i take
    correct decision


    Dear Sir,
    my birth date is 01/10/1976 time 5.05 am.
    i have bought a flat with main entrance opens inside opening towards west is it good
    which is the ideal direction of bed in the bed room and which is not ideal.

    • admin says:

      For DOB: 1.10.1976 = West is favorable direction. Your head should be in South while sleeping

  71. Manish Singh says:

    Dear Guru Ji,
    I have rented a house which is in 3 floor. This main door of house is in South East direction and kitchen is in northeast direction. My d.o.b is 26/06/1986. We are the 4 members in family consisting my father, my mother, my wife and me. I have just shifted in this house few days back and since then my disputes have arose between me & my wife and my wife and my mother. I am the main bread-earner of the family. Kindly suggest whether I should change the flat or any other remedies for the same.

    • admin says:

      Entrance door in Southeast and Kitchen in Northeast are defects, if it’s rented then change it

  72. amit k says:

    Dear sir,
    my house main entrance is in southwest position.i want to keep fish aquarium in my house which direction is best for me.

  73. Debendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    my birth date is 17/10/1986 time 4.50 am.
    We are planing to buy a house, we have option where main door is either facing North-East or North-West. Which one would you prefer based on my rashi (meena, Revati nakhstra)?

  74. Dishva says:

    Hello Guru ji,

    We are planning to buy a house which on diagonal plot facing NW direction 330 degree. My birthdate is november 10th, 1985 and my husband’s birthdate is may 16th, 1981. Kindly suggest if its OK to buy? There is a pond in SE direction of the house about 1/2 kilometer away.

    • admin says:

      It’s a North of Northwest house. According to DOB: 10.11.1985 = West and for 16.05.1981 = South west are favorable directions

  75. eswar says:

    Dear Guru Ji,

    i am going to build new floor on my old building

    i want to know the main door sizes what size is ideal for main door

    size means width and length and height thickness

    can u plz help me

  76. santosh says:

    My name is santosh ,,, MY DOB is 15-06-1987 which direction is favourable

  77. kiran says:

    Hi GuruJi,

    We are constructing house on west facing plot. we are having 3 doors (entry/exit). 1 – Main door on north side. 2 – one door to east side. 3 – One door from kitchen to south side. please recommend can we have 3 entry/exit doors in a house ? my dob is 3-12-1986.

  78. Muthu says:

    My Dob is 30-03-1978 and my wife dob is 14-05-1985, I am planning to buy an apartment facing west holding my wife name as primary and my name as secondary,, will it be a favourable direction?

    • admin says:

      For Dob is 30-03-1978 = Southwest and for dob 14-05-1985 = Southeast are favorable directions

  79. Mani says:

    Dear Sir,

    Our house is North East facing but there is not sufficient sunlight that falls into the main entrance because of the staircases that are in the middle of the apartment, as otherwise there is sufficient sunlight falling into the rest of the house inside, is this fine?

  80. Atul says:

    Hi Guruji,

    I have my own Flat house, main door is in West South Corner and open in west side. Its not possible to change door. My date of Birth is 06/08/1970. can you please give me solution.

  81. rekha says:

    My house has door facing west and I want to hang panchmukhi hanuman ji hanging which has to be hanged south facing only .Is it mandatory to hang on door only or else can hang on in any south direction .Also this hanging is mandatory in south facing or not .Suggest me

  82. Mekdha says:

    hi.. my husband is the breadwinner of the family.. his DOB is 21/10/1981 & mine 31/03/1983…
    Which facing main door will be the best for us? North or South?

  83. Priyanka Mehrotra says:

    Namastey guru ji,

    I am planning to buy a house. We like 2 houses, one is having SE entrance and another is having North entrance. Please let me know which one is better. My DOB – Nov 4 1981. My Husband DOB – Aug 18 1980.


  84. Chandra Sekhar Sahu says:

    Namastey Guruji,
    I have bought a flat which is having main entrance door in the 1st and 2nd pada facing west direction and the flat is on the top floor. All other things are according to Vastu. My DOB is 29th April 1984, 3:10AM and my wife’s DOB is 14th July 1992. Please tell me weather there is any vastu defect regarding the main entrance door and if any defect is there tell me the remedy with out re-positioning of the door.

  85. Gauri says:

    I am Gauri my dob 10/12/1982 & husband dob is 30/09/1079 we are planning to buy a new flat which should be direction of main entrance is good for us

    • admin says:

      For 10.12.1982 = Southeast and for 30.09.1979 = South are favorable directions

  86. Swetha says:

    Hello sir, we are about to buy a flat its main door is at northwest, deal of buying this flat almost done. Sir my husband DOB is 08-04-1979. Please let me know is this flat is good for us or not?

  87. jyoti says:

    Hello my name is jyoti (29/04/1989)and my husbands name is yowaraj (25/02/1984) . we are planning to buy house…which direction is suitable to us….it is a ready made home and we cannot make any changes to it..

  88. Yogendra Moganti says:

    Hello sir,
    I am buying a flat which is in West facing. When I open the door, straight to the main door there is toilet room door. Is it fine or bad.. Please reply… My DOB 25-091982, My wife DOB is 08-10-1983

  89. shuvam mondal says:

    Sir my name shuvam father head of my house.our house face is middle of South…I dnt know father DOB .my DOB IS 19/06/1994.i am a engineer.. finding jobs….pls suggest me..

  90. Aarti says:

    We are planning to move into apartment ground floow, while entering door opens or we enter towards WEST.
    my husband DOB 08 March 1976 my DOB 18 Sept 1978. Please suggest.

  91. Bhavna Kaura says:

    hello sir

    our new house entrance door is in South west. my husband (owner of house)DOB is 09/05/1979. is it OK to live in this house?

  92. Deleep says:

    Sir, We are planning to buy a house, which is having a SE entrance (main door). My DOB is 31/10/72 and my wife DOB is 05/03/78. Please confirm if its ok or which direction is best for us. ?

    • admin says:

      For DOB: 31.10.1972 = North and for 05.03.1978 = Southeast are favorable directions

  93. Varja says:

    Hello sir my house door is North East and date of birth is 15.02.1978. Please suggest.

  94. Ak says:

    Hello sir I bought a flat which toilet is infront of my main door, is there any problem please give the remedies

  95. Monika Chawla says:

    Hello sir
    We are planning to shift from a rented house …which has entrance at southeast……and me and my husband started having lots of health problems ..and children having problems in studies ever since we shifted here almost three years back
    Now we are looking for apparent….either on rent or to buy…kindly suggest the direction of the entrance ….my DOB:5th aug1973, my husband’s dob:11th jan1974

    • admin says:

      For DOB: 05.08.1973 = Southeast and for 11.01.1974 = Southeast are favorable direction

  96. B.Sathyaprasad says:

    Respected Sir

    I am in a rented house in ground floor main door is east facing exactly in front of main door there is sump and above our kitchen toilet of first floor is situated what are the problems we may going to face with this error my date of birth is 02/10/1972

  97. Monika says:

    Thanx for replying sir🙏
    But I already mentioned that the current house enterance door direction is southeast only…. problems I mentioned occurred ever since we are staying here
    So we needed advise which direction should we choose now
    Kindly suggest

  98. lavanya says:

    Currently we live in a southeast facing house.I especially had lot of health issues and two major operations.I really wanted a change of place and bought a house unknowingly with southwest facing.
    I am very much worried now.My Date of birth is 10.05.1982 and my husband’s birth date is 07.02.1982.Please advice which direction suits us and also will doing a fence with a entrance gate in different direction helps to overcome the vastu dosha in the new house(southwest one).

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