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Benefits of Northeast Facing House

Main entrance in the House is the most important subject while discussing the Vaastu Shastra principles. According to Vaastu Shastra, among the eight directions, the Northeast is considered the second best option after the East which is the best entrance direction. Northeast the important and holy direction and is ruled by God Shiva. The Jupiter (Guru) is the ruling planet, some says as (Mercury (Buddha)). This direction is also known as Eshyan because the head of Vaastu Purush comes here in the Northeast direction.

The conjunction in between the East and North directions is known as “Eshyan” or “Ishan” and that corner is the Northeast direction of that house.

While purchasing a plot or house ensures that there is no cut in the northeast corner. God Lord Shiva, Planet Jupiter resides in the Northeast corner and these gives wealth, success, education, and overall development.

Northeast direction works as the transmitter for receiving the cosmic energy in that House, from the universe. The Vaastu Purush breath here from Northeast direction goes to the South-west corner and due to the interface of the forces, the entire house gets energized.Northeast facing house

When you design the house remember to keep the Northeast direction at lower level and to keep more openings than remaining 7 directions, in that way the house will get maximum benefits.

Those live in such house will be more educative and abide to live with the law. They are interest in meditation; they are supernatural and involved in research and developmental activities. They will have vigor and zeal in their tasks. Earns  good income in right way. They decorate their house beautifully. Have more desires / requirements to get everything in their life. Sometime, they may get quick angry. However, such person leads to happiness and healthy life with prosperity.

Significance of Northeast Direction

  • The North east is perfect place for Bore-Well or an underground water tank or other water source. This gives maximum benefits to the owner of that house.
  • Design the lobby, porch or the verandah of the northeast facing houses in Northeast should be good option to the owner and keeping these portions of house lower than other main building will brings prosperity and fame to the house owner.
  • One should never construct heavy objects like kitchen, pillars, staircase, toilet, store room, etc. on the northeast direction.
  • The slope of the plot should be from the south to the east. Majority of the open space around the house should be at the front. Avoid plantation of tall trees in the Northeast direction. (Ensure that the plants do not block the sunlight or cast a shadow at the Northeast corners of the property). As per Vasthu, Southwest is suitable for vegetation
  • More openings with doors, windows in this direction will allow the blessings of God, to the inmates of that house. So, ensure there should not be any blocking in this sacred direction.
  • By creating garden in Northeast will activate the bio-cosmic energies in this direction, and enhance the good luck of the inmates.
  • Design the house in such a way that it allows sunlight and cross ventilation in the Northeast sectors to enhance the bio-cosmic fields.



104 Comments to Benefits of Northeast Facing House

  1. Neha says:

    Very Nice detailed agenda about north east facing house.. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Simachal Panda says:

    Hi Sir, I am appriciated,Your thinkings regarding above thoughts of northeast facing house,I want to more regarding slide remade of this house n suggistion.
    Thanks S.Panda

  3. Simachal Panda says:

    give further directions for facing northeast house which will be utilised for kalyan mandap.
    Thanks S.Panda

  4. Prakash H says:

    Dear sir, it was good to about all good resions but i have a different problem i am an tenent staying there from last eight years and i am unable to move out from there . so gime me some tips to improve the goodness of vastu. room details as given below.

    Bead room on east south.
    living room in center with main door facing north east.
    Kitchen in the north,
    bathroom(no toilet) in north west.

    Prakash H

  5. HK Rao says:

    i want to buy a plot facing north east. The frontal is 45 feet and depth is 70 feet.
    on the right side of the plot is another plot where some flats are built. left side is open plot.
    back is another small house.

  6. Gopi says:

    Sir…plz suggest best direction as per my DOB

  7. Madhusudan says:

    I born in july 25th. I am constructing house in north east corner plot of north 59 yds x 41 east side. I am propsing north entrance. North east corner ee propose one study room and one car parking. Enlihen us benefits likely problems and remedies

  8. wah says:

    Dear sir,
    My date of birth is 30.01.1982 and im a nutritionist (dietitian). Can I buy north east facing plot with house.

  9. BRajput says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought a new flat main door facing NorthEast direction, we have shifted here 2 months ago but facing many problems related to wealth, health and legal issues, is it bcoz of vastu dosh? my DOB is 29/04/1978 and I am working in financial services.
    my falt no. is C-101.pls suggest

  10. kamal says:


  11. kamal says:


  12. A says:

    Dear Sir,
    I stay in NE facing Flat, I have kitchen in north, balcony in SE, Study room in W/N/W, My master room is in SW.
    I am facing monetary issue and not able to set my career path.

    My DOB is 1stNov1984

    Thanking You

  13. Ramani says:

    in Kovaipudur the direction is diagonal. that’s right corner of the house (top) is east. left top is north. in between is the entrance. I am not owner of the house. is it good.

  14. Deepa says:

    Thanks Sir for the guidance. My husband’s date of birth is June 27th 1976. He is in software line. Which facing is suitable?

  15. nagaraj says:

    my plot is facing north and next to my plot [ east side is small temple ]
    no activities in the temple .It is building with some godess photos.
    is it fine to go with construction

  16. Deepak says:

    All issues mentioned are related to a bunglow type houses. But what about one floor flats. In our case fae, the plot faces north east. But our floors main entrance is south east. Is this OK?

  17. Ak says:

    I live in rented house. main door is north east facing. Living and dinning is in north west area. 2 rooms are there towards south and southh east. whcih one should we make our room. we are a couple. Living in europe.

  18. Ishwari says:

    What colors should be for living room, if it is in the Northeast? Also if the Northeast is cut off, any remedies?

    • admin says:

      For North-east living room Light green color is OK.
      For North-east Cut it requires “Gems Therapy”

  19. Guruprasad says:

    My name is Guruprasad and my date of birth is 17-03-1988,
    I have planning to go for rent to northeast facing house,
    Please let me know how good to me or is this bad.

    Contact no – 8123428796
    Mail I’d –


  20. Hariom rana says:

    i am construction my plot which is two side open west and noth, given two entrance one is form south west side another from north west in the middle of plot , i was looking to set up safety tank at the middle of north side but it falls into north east direction a bit therefore kindly advise what i need to do to plan best safety tank place according to vastu.

  21. Hello sir my self jayanti
    I m going to purchase old house it is south facing, main door is east facing at south, parking at south east. External all four walls are open in all directions. House has all side has enough space open, construction is at centre, Kitchen at NE with east facing, bedroom at NW, drawing room SW, dining parallel with kitchen east side. Please guide is it good for me.

  22. Meg says:

    Very well written

  23. Anupam says:

    Hello sir,
    Thank you for all your advice on your website. I will appreciate it a lot if you could kindly suggest a few tips for buying a home:

    My date of birth is August 5th 1972 at 2:00 pm in the afternoon.
    I am a software developer by profession.

    1. Which direction is favorable in my case for the house to be facing?
    2. Also I am not sure when a house is facing the North-East, which quadrant is considered the South-West corner?

    Best regards and thank you!

  24. Rajesh Parab says:

    Hello Sir. I m currently staying at Southeast flat on rented but im little bit confused about directions can you suggest me which direction i can move for flat which direction is suitable for me. and also i want to confirm if i m going inside of the flat from main door that direction i need to check or if i move out of the flat that direction i want to choose i m confusing in this so please suggest

  25. Sham Samudra says:

    Dear Sir,

    My house has main Entrance in the East of North East, touching the North East wall, in the Shikhi portion (1st pada/ part) . Master bed room is in south west, Children bed room is in North west. The Living room is in L Shape One part attached to North, other part East & South. In south windows are there. Bed rooms have windows in west. Is there any vastu defect ? Have I to take any precaution / do remedy ? Please guide. Thanking you. Sir.

  26. Srinivas says:

    Hello sir,
    I am trying to buy an used house that is facing north east direction and also having a road facing (veedhi shoola) in north east direction, I read in many places that north east veedhi shoola is good if the plot is oriented along one of the direction but it’s not clear f it is good is the plot and house itself are in north east corner. Can you please clarify.

    My dob June 13 1978 born in the after noon at 12.05 simha rasi pubba nakshitram

  27. Sandip Gupta says:

    Hi, I am shifting into a rented flat where the main entrance is in South-West and when I am entering I am facing North-East. Please let me know if this is OK. My date of birth is 1st March 1973. I do not have a floor plan to share with you. In this flat which side should be the master bed room. There is 1 bed room in North-East corner and another in South-East corner. Please suggest

  28. satyanarayan singh says:

    please suggest about the boundary formation of main gates and shape which bring us success

  29. Sukhvinder singh says:


    I am going to purchase a plot Northeast front 18 feet road plot size is 48 feet X 62 feet approx.Back side of Plot is also a road.I want to purchase this Plot in name of my wife.her date of birth is 09th May 1973.My date of birth is 13th april 1971.please advice soon.i will be thanks full of you.

  30. Neha says:

    Dear sir, I bought a north east facing home the entrance of the house has 3 steps and a landing, there are two doors to enter the house and there is a staircase in the north east more towards the east and their is a study room towards north west. Is this ok?

  31. Uday says:

    The house that i am planning to shift has north east facing door but the corridor in the aparment does not have adequate natural ligting or ventilation. Inside the house its bright natuaral light coming from south west and west. Pl advise.

  32. Vidhya says:

    Hello sir
    I want a plan for the plot with road in the north-east direction my plot dimension is 30 x 60 I want plan for two houses one is back & front with two bedrooms each

  33. varsha says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please advice if we can take a northeast facing house. That is the entrance faces northeast.
    I have read so much on internet but was confused. Can you please provide if this house entrance is preferred.


  34. Gowthamilatha says:

    We are trying to buy a new home. MY husband was born on 7aug1975 and I’m on 1stJul1976.

    Which side home facing for main entrance is the best ?

    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      For DOB:07.08.1975 = East and for 01.07.1976 = Southwest are the favorable directions

      • Dear Sir, In my house there is a pillar supporting the balcony in North East, I have gates in North and north east corner. I cannot remove this pillar as it’s the supporting structure of the house. Please suggest a remedy for this north east pillar

  35. Yoga says:

    Hi Sir,

    My DOB is July 05 1982, which is the best direction for the main entrance

  36. Priyanka says:

    Hello sir,
    Recently we bought a plot in sydney,Australia.which is northeast facing plot but not corner plot.could you please share the house plan for that.

  37. Swamydas says:

    Good evening,
    I have 3 main doors External( East, North, South) direction for North East corner House
    North main door and south main door are in correct alignment
    Kitchen at south east corner with south external door.
    With this south main door will it effect my wife behavior like most of the time she will be angry,depression, tension, and her DOB=24-01-1981 (Leo) and myself 20-09-1978 (Aries).We both are facing quarrelsome everyday.

    Please suggest what type of correction is required


  38. Mala Suresha says:

    hello Admin, We r planning to buy a row house. My DOB is 17/11/1978 and my husband’s 19/10/1971. Please let us know which side home facing entrance is better for us ?


  39. Damanjit walia says:

    Hi I have a house facing north east but got a swimming pool at the back of the house is it ok .My DOB is dec 19 ,1971 and my wife is dec15 ,1975

  40. Varun says:

    Dear Madhusudan ji,

    I am searching for a house. I have come across a Corner builder plot (floor wise sale) that is facing North East. Means that is North Corner plot (roads are on NE and NW sides). First floor entrance comes in North west direction and so the person entering home faces south east. Kitchen resides in north west direction towards the open road side. I want to understand if such a floor is okay? DOB of buyer will be 29/11/81 and 26/11/83.

  41. Sinthia Chakraborty says:

    which one is the good position of bathroom,south-west or south-East??

  42. Sreevani Gudiseva says:

    Iam living in a northeast facing house which is. located in a plot facing northeast with extension at NE corner
    Also there are 2 roads, one from east and other from north directions
    Is this good vastu


  43. Bharath kumar Putta says:

    Hello sir,
    Thank you for all your advice on your website. I will appreciate it a lot if you could kindly suggest a few tips for buying a home:

    My date of birth is March 6th 1986 at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

    1. Which direction is favorable in my case for the house to be facing?

    Best regards and thank you!


  44. NARESH JAIN says:

    Dear sir
    North East facing flat is good but my quiry is that
    If entrance is north east and It is good palace but we will keep shoe at door so It is ok or not

  45. amit jain says:

    I want to know either i can blow jyoti in agni cone in my office.

  46. Pratim says:

    Hello sir,

    I visited a flat to buy. I have seen the entry of flat or main door is facing north. But there is a cut in the north east corner of the flat.
    So could you please advice if this flat is good for me..

  47. Sunil kumar says:

    Hello sir
    my husband Birthday is 19/9/1975
    Which facing would be good for us?


    NamaSkar sir my name is krushna ch dash.i built a toilet under the staircase as there is no space any where to make.The staircase is in west side If it is wrong pls give the house is north facing house.

  49. jayaram raju says:

    In my house we have 3 pillars in the north east direction ..All the load of our portigo is on this pillars.
    It is difficult to remove this pillars. can you please provide us some solution how to overcome or what is the remedy of this pillars.

  50. Hi,

    Thanks for your guidance.
    My entrance is in EastSouthEast(ESE) portion and my DOB is 14/09/1986.
    If there is some issue then what is remedy for it.

    Thank you for your time.

  51. pallavi says:

    Hello Sir,

    Am still confused with main door facing.

    Pls help us how to determine flat facing, while entering flat or going out from flat.
    (If we stand inside the flat and checked door facing shows Northeast, viceversa while stand outside the flat and checked door facing shows southwest)

    When we keep compass in middle of living room then door wall side shows northeast and opposite south west.

    So what is exact flat facing :Northeast or southwest.

    • admin says:

      It’s a Northeast facing house / flat. While going out from the house, which direction we face that is the facing of the house

  52. Monica Gulati says:

    hello sir ,
    I am interested in building a home on a plot facing north east .the front of the home (the entire front) has approaching road from northeast .It form a T-junction from road coming from north to south it ok?

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