Benefits of Northeast Facing House

Main entrance in the House is the most important subject while discussing the Vaastu Shastra principles. According to Vaastu Shastra, among the eight directions, the Northeast is considered the second best option after the East which is the best entrance direction. Northeast the important and holy direction and is ruled by God Shiva. The Jupiter (Guru) is the ruling planet, some says as (Mercury (Buddha)). This direction is also known as Eshyan because the head of Vaastu Purush comes here in the Northeast direction.

The conjunction in between the East and North directions is known as “Eshyan” or “Ishan” and that corner is the Northeast direction of that house.

While purchasing a plot or house ensures that there is no cut in the northeast corner. God Lord Shiva, Planet Jupiter resides in the Northeast corner and these gives wealth, success, education, and overall development.

Northeast direction works as the transmitter for receiving the cosmic energy in that House, from the universe. The Vaastu Purush breath here from Northeast direction goes to the South-west corner and due to the interface of the forces, the entire house gets energized.Northeast Vaastu Benefits

When you design the house remember to keep the Northeast direction at lower level and to keep more openings than remaining 7 directions, in that way the house will get maximum benefits.

Those live in such house will be more educative and abide to live with the law. They are interest in meditation; they are supernatural and involved in research and developmental activities. They will have vigor and zeal in their tasks. Earns  good income in right way. They decorate their house beautifully. Have more desires / requirements to get everything in their life. Sometime, they may get quick angry. However, such person leads to happiness and healthy life with prosperity.

Significance of Northeast Direction

  • The North east is perfect place for Bore-Well or an underground water tank or other water source. This gives maximum benefits to the owner of that house.
  • Design the lobby, porch or the verandah of the northeast facing houses in Northeast should be good option to the owner and keeping these portions of house lower than other main building will brings prosperity and fame to the house owner.
  • One should never construct heavy objects like kitchen, pillars, staircase, toilet, store room, etc. on the northeast direction.
  • The slope of the plot should be from the south to the east. Majority of the open space around the house should be at the front. Avoid plantation of tall trees in the Northeast direction. (Ensure that the plants do not block the sunlight or cast a shadow at the Northeast corners of the property). As per Vasthu, Southwest is suitable for vegetation. 
  • More openings with doors, windows in this direction will allow the blessings of God, to the inmates of that house. So, ensure there should not be any blocking in this sacred direction.
  • By creating garden in Northeast will activate the bio-cosmic energies in this direction, and enhance the good luck of the inmates.
  • Design the house in such a way that it allows sunlight and cross ventilation in the Northeast sectors to enhance the bio-cosmic fields.