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Effects of Vaastu Corrections

Vastu-Tips- for- Career

Often people carry out or do the Vaastu remedies [corrections] and expect positive results immediately.

This will not happen always. Keep in mind it takes some time for the effect to visible. Have a patience to face or wearing of Good or bad effects also.

Where the difficulties are related to Financial or Business, we can expect early results after making remedies.

Whereas the problems are of pranic, shelter and if causes to health problems, teenager’s behavioural and / or marriage problems, then development may be slow.


The behavior attitude aspect also adds in getting the early resullts in a Vaastu and Remedies also

This is why a house constructed according to Vaastu Principles would be a happy house and in turn can leads to tension free life to the residents with more harmony, peace, love and understanding between each other in the family.


Obviously we should have a curiosity to know about benefits of the house building is according to Vaastu Shastra.

If the Vaastu principles are strictly adhered we can have or expect the following results.

Effects of Vaastu Corrections

Northeast-direction should fully open:

  • Should be lower level than plinth- Natural flow of Water should be in North-east direction
  • Better for water elements like fountain, swimming pool, Bore-well, Underground water tank


  • Healthy offspring, Peaceful minded people,
  • Never over react, Smoothly going life.
  • No accidents or untimely deaths, No toxic diseases.
  • Inmates will be healthy and cheerful, having attitude of Forgiving and Compassionate.

East offset as per Vaastu: 

With a gently increasing from North to South.


  • Obedient and highly intelligent male children, Better in studies
  • Never hurt their parents, Caretakers Achieves Success in every field.

North open as per Vaastu:

  • Gently increasing gradient from East to West – heavy weights in West 
  • Level of North West and South East are at same level.


  • Ever growing financial prosperity.

Kitchen in Southeast: Kitchen in Sout-east

  • Happy and healthy females
  • Always cheerful, Care taker of the family.
  • Compassionate and never dislike others, Care taker of their husband

Master bed room in southwest:

This is the Essential element in every Vaastu / House to construct Master bedroom in South-west 


  • Healthy couple, Rarely have a sickness and Assured longevity
  • Energetic and loves their work, Enjoy’s the life in Happy way

Vaastu Shastra is an endless science and there is no limitation to this knowledge. Try-out self-satisfaction and get convinced, then encourage others like relatives and friends to construct the house according to Vaastu principles.




10 Comments to Effects of Vaastu Corrections

  1. Madhuri says:

    I have verified my home through vastu consultant, as per the analysis, my north and north east side has cut and the guest/common toilet-bathroom is on north also as per the analysis the south direction of my flat is missing and the kitchen is in south angle. all my windows opens on south east to south west wall (i.e hall french window, kitchen window and master bedroom window) also in my master bedroom the attached toilet bathroom is on the north west angle. my consultant suggested a remedy to virtually closing the common toilet in hall so as to reduce the effects of cuts on the north and north eastby fixing pyra band. also has asked me to affix a Multier advance yantra on the south side of my hall to activate that side and asked me to put Nu max in the centre (madhysthan) of the house to kill the ill effects.
    regarding kitchen – pyra band and one more yantra is suggested.
    Marster bed room – Natron in the toilet & one pyramid plate on the south west wall is suggested.
    Kindly suggest if this will help in cure my vastu dosha.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ak agarwal says:

    Sir I am planning to take a factory on rent, but the natural slopes of the land where factory is located is in south and west, so accordingly East and North are high, but he has built the factory by raising the south and West side and by giving a slope inside the factory as per vaastu from sw to ne, but still a ditch or depression appx 10 feet exist on the south and west of the factory out side in boundaries ( neighbours land is down), what are your suggestion in regard to taking this factory on lease

    • admin says:

      Hello Agrwal ji:
      This requires a Site visit, you based in which city. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  3. Ravi Kiran Sharma says:

    one of my bath room is on south east side so what is the remedy for the mistake

  4. Chirag says:

    Namskar,in my property many vastudosh,i try to shell Thame but not successful,and i try to buy new plot but not dun it,kindly suggest me whate can do?

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