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Septic Tank Location and It’s Effects

vaastu tips for spetic tank

A septic tank is the part of house where all the waste, either from human or from kitchen etc. gets collected before it’s flushed out of from the house. Like having clutter in various diecations can affect house members, having septic tank at wrong place can effect house members in big way. This totally means septic tank holds negativity in it for small or even prolonged periods of time. In this article we will see vaastu tips for septic tank – how having septic tank at wrong location can affect on health and life.

In addition, if this tank is located the wrong direction, then this negativity will, and definitely obstruct on the positive energy of the house making its residents go through a lot of difficulties.

Bad-effects of Septic Tank when constructed in Wrong Direction

  • Septic tank in North direction
    • Monetary losses
  • Septic tank in North-East (NE) direction –
    • Business Loss
    • Can Affect Children Growth
  • Septic Tank in East direction
    • Name and Fame Defame
  • Septic tank in South-East (SE) direction
    • Loss of Wealth
    • Female Health Problems
  • Septic tank in South direction
    • Destruction
    • Disharmony and Death
  • Septic tank in South-West (SW) direction
    • Loss of Wealth and Life
    • Accidental chances to Male member in the House
  • Septic Tank in West direction
    • Lack of mental peace

vaastu tips for spetic tank

If the septic tank is located in wrong directions other than its correct location as per Vaastu, then close that Septic tank and make it in its correct direction. (It should be closed under guidance of Vaastu Consultant)

Some time using Gems therapy we can remove the negativity of wrong placed Septic tank

Correct Location of septic tank as per Vaastu

North-west is the finest and correct place for constructing septic tank as per Vaastu Shastra. It doesn’t matter whether your house is North facing either East, South or West, the septic tank must be in North-west corner of the house.

Vaastu tips for Septic Tank

  • Septic tank should not be above the plinth level and keep it 1 to 2 feet away from the compound wall
  • Orient the tank such that the length lies in East-West axis and its breadth in North-South axis and the water out-let from East side and excretion (or solid) waste out-let from West of the tank
  • Never- ever construct the septic tank in South-west direction of the house and it should never touch the compound wall or plinth of the House



24 Comments to Septic Tank Location and It’s Effects

  1. kiran says:

    Please try to add remedy with each vast dosh which is been explained. That will help a lot.

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot Sir, remedy in general will not works every where
      It depends up-on the situation, so not added

      • Kailash says:

        Can I construct the septic tank in out side of composed I. E in road… We’ll use for kitchen and washing machine water only… Due to shortage of place

        • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

          If you do so that will be termed as Extension in that direction. And location of that Septic tank is more important

  2. shyam says:

    really very good information

  3. srenivass reddy says:

    sir my house is east face and septic tank located at SE EAST SIDE IN FRONT OF KICHEN

  4. Shashank says:

    Hello sir first off all I like ur post
    Wanna ask that my septic tank is in north west side but it touch the compound wall and another question is in which direction I should take out its over flow pipe I have road in south n east and my home is east facing plz help

  5. neeraj says:

    Namaste sir
    In my house septic tank in NW corner and we built a bathroom on it which touches our house so house is north west projection and septic tank touch house compund wall.what should we do.

  6. dewanand mahabir says:

    Namaste sir,

    my septic tank is in the south, for better explain my house front is west facing and back of the house is east, but there is one thing more, in the year 2012, I have build a garage on the same wall of the house, backwards, is this good, why asking, because my wife is sick, and now she cant sleep she have pain over her whole body, can you help me please, i.m from suriname, south America,
    thank you very much

  7. Raju Swain says:

    Sir due to my land problem my Septic tank build on middle of south in front of Main door of house .But i am not satisfy plz what is the vastu remedies.Please help me..

  8. Ajit Mokal says:

    my septic tank is in the south, my house front is East facing

    • admin says:

      Septic tank in South is a defect, it requires “Gems therapy” pleas call me on 9494214400 for details

  9. MB says:

    sir, Vaastu for Health article in some important rules below was said. Please help us..

    If Northwest direction has a clutter, Septic tank or a hole, pit that leads to Lungs related diseases to the habitats.

  10. Nitin Shevkari says:

    What is I’ll effect if I make septic tank at north west side but length lies in south&north axis and its breadth in East-west axis

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  12. Sonu says:

    My septic tank is in SW direction. Kindly provide a remedy for this problem.
    Thank you

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