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South Facing House, Dosh and Remedies

south facing house dosh and remedies

The House that having a road in the south side are called south facing houses. If you see the road in the south side, from inside your house or flat then your house or flat is a south facing house.

Effects of South Facing Houses

  • Women living in South facing houses with having South Entrance Door may be forceful and physically powerful by nature which is the inherited characteristic of fire (Southeast).
  • Underground water or septic tank in South region will lead to an unfortunate accident and loss of wealth.
  • Any extension in South direction can be harmful for the people in the house.

Remedies for South Facing Houses

  • The best Vastu remedy for South facing houses is not to put down any open balcony in the South direction.
  • Visit every Monday to a Shiva temple and offer a coconut on Shivlinga as whole, do not break the coconut. Pray to Lord Shiva for the welfare of the house.
  • After coming home perform the Vaastu Shudhi. Procedure is “ Take a few leaves of Krishna Tulsi ( Holy Brasil having red leaves) and put it in a pot filled with drinking water. Then sprinkle this water in every room of the house including every person in that house. Then drink this water as a thirth Prasad by everyone living in that house. This process will purify the atmosphere in the house and drives away the harmful energies. This should be done a minimum period of three months.
  • If your house is having a South Entrance Main Door, then remedy is to put a door straight to that in North direction, is necessary
  • The main entrance door should be always located in the South (Positive) or south of Southeast corner for a South facing houses


11 Comments to South Facing House, Dosh and Remedies

  1. Keshav says:

    Hello Sir..
    Our house faces south so we added one more room and made entrance as West now (I mean main door was south but now it faces to west) and our main gate is at South west corner and we have some empty space at this corner and at South we have one underground tank – I don’t think so our vastu is proper.. can u please tell me the remediesSir.. It will be very helpful for me n my family. 🙂
    Thanks for u r help in advance 🙂

  2. satya narayan shah says:

    dear sir,
    my house is south facing ground floor i do business.i am in trouble nowadays first floor is half completed ,four shutter facing south,main entrance is of one shutere towards east ,between north and south.a small road is also there .toilet and bathroom is north west corner is there some vastu dosh,recently my wife suffered from brain hemorage.a well for water purpose is in east of my house which is not mine,of other i am making a small temple in north east corner which is in complete,please suggest me ,what to do and which god temple i shall eastablish in north east.

  3. Ajay says:

    How much do you charge

  4. Shruti says:

    Hello sir ,
    my house is rented. Pls help me . My kitchen sink is in south side. My kitchen north wall and bathroom wall is common .
    After shifted in this house every time I m in tension facing health problems and financial problems.
    Pls give me any remedy.
    Thank u so much

  5. kumar says:

    mine is SW flat, please do suggest me the Vastu Remedies for this flat,
    Inputs are highly appreciated.

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