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Vaastu and Wall Clocks


A wall clock one of the unavoidable parts of every house. We can’t find a single house without a wall clock. Over time modernization is affecting every field, along with customizing the items like wall clocks also.

All of us currently prefer modified clocks and we could hardly find old fashioned grandfather clocks or simple round and square clocks even in the shops also.

Now, when it comes to placing a clock on the wall, how many of us think about its auspiciousness? Majority of people don’t know that.

We think about placing the clock at a point from where we can easily check the time while working or when requires.

However, there are certain positions either good or bad even for wall clocks also. These simple clocks can also play a massive role in our life. 

Wall clocks are excellent devices which can be used to energize a particular direction.

A Clock

  • On the North wall brings Wealth
  • On North East wall it brings Prosperity
  • On the East wall brings Health
  • On the West wall it brings Peace.

Wall Clocks placed on walls of the Southeast, South, Southwest and Northwest directions can have adverse effects in that house.

vaastu tips for wall clock, vaastu and wall clockAccording to Vaastu principles, a wall clock should never be placed on the Southern wall of flat or house. This attracts negative energies.

Avoid placing a wall clock on top of any door.

The usual and ideal direction to place wall clock are on the East, West and North directions.

According to Vaastu it is better if a wall clock is placed a little away from the bedroom or from the bed.

A very important rule for wall clocks according to Vaastu is, they should always be kept inside the house and never outside even if they are intended for show.

A clock in Southwest wall or in Southwest direction has the most shocking effects and can create health problems or uncertainty to the owner of the house (head of family)

Other points that need to be considered along with the wall or zone in which the wall clock is placed are

  1. Invariably the clock should be in working condition.
  2. Any scratched or worthless clocks should be replaced immediately or repaired.
  3. Color and metal of the clock should be selected according to the zone in which the clock it to be hanged.
  4. Wooden clocks can be hanged in all the favorable zones and directions.

Common Things to Keep in Mind

  • The clock in the house should not run behind the time, if required we can keep it post time but never it should be behind or lacking.
  • This relates to lagging luck behind and the delay in positive energy to be reached in that house.
  • The glass of the clock should never be broken and this has to be taken care of always. 
  • According to Vaastu, placing pendulums wall clocks are considered to be extremely auspicious and good. The sound of the pendulum is said to create very positive atmosphere inside the house and thus attracts lot of positive energy.

Thus, clocks are not just a show pieces to be placed on the walls but they can become a very important device for our family’s well- being, goodwill, and prosperity if used properly.


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6 Comments to Vaastu and Wall Clocks

  1. Mahesh says:

    Very interesting points about wall clock. Most of us see them in daily life, but we never follow. Good points are mentioned. Thank you for sharing

  2. Priyanka Gupta says:

    Can we put wall clock in front of main door?

  3. Sanju says:

    if i place my wall clock on north wall. My clock will be facing south direction. is it fine? or should i place clock on south wall so that it will face north direction? Please confirm.

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