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Vaastu For Kitchen



Unlike in earlier days, now a day’s kitchens are situated in in-house. So here comes taking care of many aspects, other than just their direction while designing the Kitchen. Kitchen being the important part of the house is the primary factor that contributes general health and well-being of the inmates.

Best Place:

Being Lord Agni is the owner for Southeast direction; so all fire related activities should be in this direction. So Kitchen is Ideal here.



Oranges, and or off white color is perfect here, avoid green and blue colors. Blue is color of water, so blue becomes an anti element in fire related areas.

Stove:    Kitchen Vastu

Place the stove in the East or Southeast but never in the North direction.



The kitchen door is excellent if placed in the North. The cooking women’s back should not face the door while cooking.

Kitchen related items storage. :

The South and West are best suited for food grains storage.

water sink and tapsWater equipment’s:

Place all water elements to the left side of the stove. These are washbasin, sinks, drinking water machine, taps; etc.. Keeping all water features in the North is very good.


Aeration and lightnings:

Keep proper ventilation to enter day lighting from the east in Kitchen of the House.

Also make sufficient lighting in the Kitchen.


Place the refrigerator in Southwest, South, and Northwest of the Kitchen

Dining:Dining Table

Taking meals in the kitchen is treated favorable for inmates of the house.

One should face North while eating.

Offer the first part of food to the Gas-stove, another part to a cow and then to a dog. These will lesser the effects of your bad karma.

Things to Avoid

  • The kitchen never should be below or above a Toilet / bathroom.
  • The Kitchen and Toilet should never share a common wall. These defects can adversely effects on the inmate’s health.
  • Kitchen in the North or Northeast will badly affect on career or profession of the Inmates.
  • Stove in the kitchen should not visible from outside.


4 Comments to Vaastu For Kitchen

  1. Ab says:

    My kitchen is in South east of stove is in North direction in kitchen. The bathroom (shower and toilet ) and kitchen share a common wall. Please let me know what to do

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      If that Toilet / Bathroom is in Southeast then it’s defect requires Gems therapy remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  2. Mrs ab says:

    My kitchen is in south east. My bathroom and toilet is next to kitchen. Separated by a wall. My stove is in the north wall of my kitchen

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Toilet in Southeast is a defect. Place Gas stove n East wall so that you will face East while cooking

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