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Tulsi and Vaastu Dosh Remedies

Tulsi for Vaastu Dosh

A house fulfilling Vastu Shastra principles brings good health and happiness. However, due to one or other reasons there may take place some defects in any part of the house. In that situation Tulsi can certainly play very important role to evaporate all the Vaastu defects (dosh)


Plant a Tulsi in that direction where Vaastu dosh in the house. Tulsi consist many Micro-nutrients. And also mercury, which is having Metal and liquid, due to this attributes, and because of metallic characteristics it works as an exclusive cleanser. Tulsi is also works as air ionizer (improves quality of the air in that room.) It purifies air and revert it back negative energy to remove the Vaastu Dosh; and fill up with the positive energy. The Blue Green energy circles are the indication of having positive AURA of the Tulsi, which prevents the Vaastu Dosh of the area, because of its property of the having high spiritual power.

Vaastu Dosh Remedy 

In order to avoid the harmful effects of the Vastu Dosh on health, one or more Tulsi must can be planted in each balcony of the flat and in Northeast of house.

While constructing a house if we put Tulsi Roots in the basement, it prevents all bad effects, which may otherwise cause due to Vaastu defect. tulsi and vaastu


If we put a Tulsi in the house anywhere and that’s not evaluating properly, it is the indication of some Vaastu Dosh [defects] may have in that house.  One can identify or check Vaastu Dosh using this simple remedy in their House. Offer Milk to Tulsi plant on Purnima day to reduce Vaastu Dosh 


Health Benefits: By taking it with tea it works as a medicine and prevent from cough, bile and gastric problems. It produces light yellowish, green-transparent oil, by dipping it in cotton lint and by keeping it in drawing room, place of worship or in study room it works as a perfume and spreads out positive Vaastu energy.


185 Comments to Tulsi and Vaastu Dosh Remedies

  1. Arun Malhotra says:

    Sir, our main entrance door faces South west. And, we have a Tulsi plant ( in a pot) kept just before the door. Would that reduce the Vastu dosh or should we be doing something more to reduce the South West entrance door vastu dosh.

    • admin says:

      Hello Arun ji;
      Apart from keeping Tulsi plant, Also put a Copper Swastika on Southwest entrance door. Paint with light reddish color to Southwest direction.

      • Arun Malhotra says:

        Thank you so much for getting back on this. Sir, is it possible for you to check if the Southwest entrance is good or bad for me based on my date of birth. My DOB is 16/05/1964 at 10.55 PM, Delhi.

        Thanking you once again.

        • admin says:

          Hello Arun Ji;
          The Southwest direction is not favorable according to date of birth, both of you. However what is placement of other elements in your house.

      • Arun Malhotra says:

        Sir, just to let you know my wife is also the co-owner of the house. Her name is Arti & her DOB is 20/06/1968, time 10.52 AM and born in Batala, Punjab. Hope it helps in determining is the s/w direction house is suitable for us or not


    • usha rani says:

      sir i am usha i am planning to contruct a house facing south according to our plan we are gettin south west stair case and under it toilet due to insuffieceint every thing according to vastu main door in east and kicthen in south east please tell me is it correct some are telling that you can build a toilet under stair case in south the west wall should not touch the toilet please tell me is it correct

  2. divya says:

    Dear sir,
    We have the kitchen in west direction, also the Gas stove has been installed in north facing ! Please let me know if there’s a simple remedy for it.
    Thanking you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Divya Ji:
      Kitchen in West direction is acceptable, but you have to face West or East while cooking and it is compulsory.

  3. Rama says:

    Hello sir
    We are living in a rented house having a shaft in southwest corner of wall which is covered with some plastic sheet from top( terrace). Can you kindly provide vaastu remedy for this Vaastu dosh?


    • admin says:

      Hello Rama Ji;
      Its a Shaft in SW corner of your house, after observing the plan can say any thing

  4. Pulkit Vigg says:

    We have a Soutwest Entrance (Main) and a Northeast Entrance (Back). My DOB is 03-17-1976 and was wondering which entrance to use. Also, our kitchen seems to be in the NE-East of the house. Is this Ok

    • admin says:

      Hello Pulkit:
      According to your DOB [17.03.1976] Northeast entrance is favorable. Kitchen in the NE-East of the house, is defect.

  5. Kimesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking to buy a property but was told that because it has a cut in the corner that faces north it is bad for progression and success.
    It is a double story house with a balcony in the north downstairs and nothing covering it. so if you look at the property from the top there is a “L” shape cut but below this there is a balcony.

    Will planting a Tulsi plant on the balcony help? What is the best remedy for this dosha?

    Thank You,
    Kimesh Daya

  6. vimal says:

    dear sir,
    we are planning to buy a south east facing date of birth is 5-09-1970.
    please let us know if this is ok.
    Regards Vimal

  7. Sanjana says:

    Hi, Sir.
    Our house is located in South-North directions. Our main door is facing south and kitchen is facing North.
    My husband dob is: 9/6/1985
    Mine is: 30/5/1989
    please advise if this plot direction is good for us. We are very worried as some people telling south is not good and cause bad effects to us.

  8. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,
    I own a house on a sher mukhi plot. plot is east facing and road is on the east side. I am trying to sell it, but not successfull. Please advise of any remedies.


  9. Rajesh says:

    Hello, I have two balconies, one in south and other in south-west direction. what remedy should I apply for the same.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh:
      If that balconies are in Extension or extending the house that is problematic please confirm

  10. Rajesh says:

    I am not quite sure what does the extension mean. We have a door to the balcony and windows through which balcony are visible. Are there any remedy which could be applied in this case if it is problemetic

  11. Rajesh says:

    Hello admin, any help please?

  12. Sujit Shirodkar says:

    Namaste Sirji,
    I m Sujit from Goa, my house is in progress of construction. East facing house with N.E entrance, kitchen in S.E, bedroom in S.W and bathroom in N.W. my D.O.B is 12/11/73 married 7yrs no children. my problem is since i had less space i had to put my septic tank touching my South housewall as well as compound wall. how do i protect myself from this dosh? Necessary fees will b paid for the remedy suggesstion.

  13. neeru says:

    hello sir, resently we shift to our new flat having south main gate, one north, one east, one south balcony. on very first day of our stay into our house my husband got seriously injured and my son also fall ill within 1 hr of there any problem in flat vastu. my DOB 26/02/1984 6.00am haryana yamunanagar, DOB of husband 4/12/1982 haryana yamunanagar, son DOB 20/11/2012 2.47PM haryana yamunanagar

  14. Sir my house is having south west cut so can i place tulsi there and we r not getting growth in finance kindly recomend some remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Punit ji:
      South-west cut leads to Struggle full life. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  15. Bela says:

    We live on T road plot facing west and enterence is south facing. Please let me know if this is ok as facing lot of problems. DOB 18/01/1968 for me and my husband 04/05/1963.

    • admin says:

      Hello Bela:
      Is that road hits the plot at West, please confirm

      • Bela says:

        Yes the road hits at west. Sorry for late reply as I was undergone for surgery.

        • Bela says:

          I am waiting for your reply. Please answer my question. Thanks

          • admin says:

            Hello Bela ji:
            According to DOB 18.01.1968 = North-east and 04.05.1963 = East is the favorable direction. The Road if hitting in Center of the West direction it’s OK, whereas if it’s in South-west defect and in North-west it’s OK

          • Bela says:

            Thanks for your reply is it possible if I send you my house plan and then call you because we are facing lot of financi difficulty since 2011. My business is close down my husband lost his job no source of income left and can’t change house at this stage. Waiting for your reply.

  16. Mrs. Manju mehra says:

    We are married for last ten months.we are living in a south facing house with our family.our bedroom is on the north east direction on third floor.kindly suggest me some remedies so that we don’t have to face any problem in health,wealth,prosperity,love,faith, loyalty,pregnancy n having children means how we can have a happy married life?

  17. ANKIT says:



    • admin says:

      Hello Ankit ji:
      Room means Bedroom or living room. Bedroom in NE can creates the problem you are facing now, So Use the room of NW or South, SW

  18. revati says:

    hello Sir,
    i am a working student and currently took a 1room kitchen falt on rent. The entrance door is south-east or south west..(bcause east west is not in straight alignment) .Is it necessary to concern vastu dosha if i am living on rent? Plz suggest a remedy. kitchen is in north ,bathroom north -west

    • admin says:

      Hello Revati;
      According to DOB: 19/05/1984 = South is the favorable direction. Yes even you are on rent Vaastu will give you results either positive or negative

  19. revati says:

    my nirth date is 19/05/1984

  20. Hello Sir,

    Our family is planning to buy a new flat. My name is Rama Subbaiah Polisetty and my DOB 18-Aug-1986. The flat is north facing and is in north west corner of the apartment. The Kitchen is in South-East and master bed room is in North-West with the door facing North direction. Kids bed room is in South West direction and common toilet comes between these two bed rooms facing east. Balcony comes in west side of the house. Can you tell me if these are good as per Vasthu? Any remedies needed? Also to add the North east of the house is vacant we are planning to put our TV there in the middle of the wall.

  21. Sachi Ganesan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please explain what do you mean by

    If we put a Tulsi in the house anywhere and that’s not evaluating properly, it is the indication of some Vaastu Dosh

  22. kumari geeta vishwanath khatavkar says:


    • admin says:

      Hello Geeta ji:
      Yours is a South-west facing house. According to DOB: 01.12.1970 = North-east is the favorable direction.

      • Shobha says:

        Hello Sir,
        My House is east facing and it has following defects, but I do not know which one major and minor. Could you please let me know what could be the remedies for these defects?
        This house is on my husband’s name, his birth date is 16-4-1977.
        Thank you very much for your time.
        1. Garage is in north east direction, it indicates north east corner cut defect.
        2. Main Door is facing east and it is in between 6 and 7 Pad. Also open in anticlockwise direction.
        3. Garden in south east side, this indicates south east corner cut defect
        4. South West side has covered Patio,it indicates extension in west side.
        5. Staircase has even number of steps, it is north facing.
        6. Dose walking closet is in the Bramsthan?
        7. Kitchen is in south side and kitchen sink and Gas cook top is 2 feet away from each other.
        8. Master bedroom is in North West direction.
        9. Fridge, Oven, Washing machine and Dryer is in on east wall.
        10. All Commodes in house faces in east direction.
        Best Regards,

  23. Swapna says:

    Hello sir, we buy a north east facing house.can you please tell me is it favorable for my husband and me.His DOB is 26.11.1979 exactly i don’t know is birth time 10.20 am
    and mine is 13th oct 1982 time 3.00 am (14th Oct).Appreciate your help.Thank you much in advance.

  24. Ravi Sharma says:

    Admin, my kitchen is made in south – east direction with cooking stove placed facing east. The only defect i am facing is that it has a bathroom constructed above my kitchen which can’t be removed and i can’t shift my kitchen any where else. Is there a remedy for this vastu dosh?

  25. kavithamogan says:

    hi sir im from malaysia,we life in own house,west is facing house,since 4 years we had financial problem a lot and my health was too kitchen in north east DOB is 25.12.1988 at 1.55pm.and my husband is 07.10.1980.i kindly very hope for your reply.thank q

  26. Saraswathi says:

    Admin , my bedroom is on northwest . Main door is on east . Can I keep gods between north and south ? Kitchen is between north and south and east and west stove facing north means cooking done facing south .

  27. Raju says:

    lo sir
    My DOB is 19-09-1975 at 8-40 am my house main entrance is at NE as per vastu i have constructed my house there is one dout the Bathroom/lat are at west is it goo

  28. Rajeev Malpotra says:

    Hi sir as my house is sout facing and my Main enterance door direction is east south, please guide me in which direction I should plans tulsi plant ( on the right side or left side of the main enterance )

  29. ranu says:

    Sir, our main entrance door faces South east. what should i do to reduce the vastu dosh. plz reply

  30. Rakesh MEHTA says:

    Hello Sir,
    I reside in AbuDhabi and stay in a rented flat ,when we exit it is it a good direction.My dob is 12-4-1970,Regards

  31. Sandhya says:

    Hello sir,
    Mere ghar me bahot si problem hai but major problem ye hai ki tulasi me jaise hi phul aate hai wo murjha ke marane lagti hai,,as i know tulasi ka jana means ghar se lakshami ka jana hai,, kya is dosh ka nivaran bata sakte hai aap..

  32. virender malhotra says:

    hello sir i am shift to east facing house and north facing door my date of birth 3july 1971

  33. Mangesh says:

    Hello, .My main door is at NW side. and Master bathroom at NE side. Pl tell me the remedial measures to abstain from bad effects. Thanking you.

    • admin says:

      Hello mangesh ji:
      Bathroom [With Toilet] in North-east is a defect. Have to use “Gems Therapy” to reduce the negative effects of this Bathroom

  34. Jayakumar says:

    In my apartment balcony is in the west, that is the only place where I can have plants, can I have Tulsi plant their? Can I have any plants?

  35. Shyama Prasad Roy Choudhury says:

    Dear Sir, My DOB is 27.10.1970. Please suggest me the best location for the entrance of the house & Master Bed room. Waiting fr your reply. Thanking You & Regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Roy:
      According to DOB: 27.10.1970, Main entrance should be in South. Master bedroom in South-west

  36. Nithyananda says:

    Dear sir,
    according to my DOB 27.10.1965 Which main door direction of house or apartment is good .. which is the lucky number..

  37. Srinivas P says:

    Sir my house is west facing and we have overhead tank of 500 ltrs capacity in south east corner of the house.There is no possibilty of putting tank in south west corner as it is asbestos sheet house(1st floor).I am facing financial problems.Can you please suggest some remedies.

  38. sreedevi says:

    Hello Sir,

    My kitchen is facing North west, but my stove is north east, entrance of the kitchen is facing south. I am not in a position to change the positions, is there any other remedy for this.

  39. Sir, We are planning to rent a flat next month, kindly suggest appropriate direction for main door entrance. Previously we suffered severely both health wise and financially as we were staying in a south west entrance flat. My DOB 06.03.1985 my husband 14.10.1982
    Thanks and Regards

  40. Nikhil Panchbhai says:

    Our home has bathroom and toilet in east-north side.Water bore is in east-south side.Please suggest me remedies to neutralize vastu dosh.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nikhil ji:
      Toilet in North-east side. And Water bore is South-east are severe defects. Ratndhyaya is the remedy, please call me on 9494214400 for details

  41. v.v.chandrashekhar says:

    Sir I my flat main door is facing south west …kindly advise on the vaastu dosh remedies
    my date of birth is 10-06-1969 and my wife DOB is 19-09-1974

  42. Sangita says:

    Dear Sir, my DOB is 21/12/72 Time 19:55. Pls advise which facing of the house entrance is suitable for me.

  43. Manish Desai says:

    My name is manisj desai
    DOB is 11/09/1969
    time 1:30 night
    My home enternanc is in south
    And sw corner is cutting
    And toilet is in East and se corner
    What effect on me and my family
    And please gives its remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Manish ji:
      SW cut leads to struggle-full life.
      East Toilet affects children’s education and Growth
      SE Toilet creates female health problems and financial crises
      Please call me for details on 9494214400

  44. Hi Sir, Name-Prashanth, DOB-16-11-1979, Birth- Time- 8-45pm on friday, Place- Bangalore
    which direction is favorable for me and im living in a North East facing house. Lot of problems at Job.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 16.11.1979 = West is favorable direction. North-east will suit everyone, however you want analysis of the house, Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  45. Suniil Umape says:

    Dear Guruji namaste i have just shifted to a rented house where the master bedroom is in the south-west corner having a balcony facing the west, need your guidance, since some one told me that the south-west corner should always be closed. my date of birth is 30/06/1974. thankyou

  46. Sir,

    I own house with south facing having main door at South-east area having brown color on main door and main door is at ground floor.

    We live at 1st floor of this house and ground floor is rented, but we enter in house from southeast area of ground floor.

    Kitchen is at Southeast(1st floor), bathroom/toilet is at north-west(1st floor & ground floor), water underground at northeast

    I has two defect below give me solution for this
    1. staircase is at ground floor at northeast area and ascending to east direction.
    2. master bedroom is at north side

    waiting for your kind remedies

    • admin says:

      Master bedroom must be in South-west, North may be accepted.
      For North-east Toilet, “Gems therapy” is the remedy
      Please call me details on 9494214400

  47. my DOB is 04/07/1981

  48. santanu says:

    My paternal house is in West Bengal where my father and mother is residing, My whole family is suffering, I have sent you the house plan please suggest some solution

  49. Sinu says:

    Hello sir,
    I am having 40x 40 plot and house has vastu dosh, it’s West facing entrance( both main gate as well as main door)
    NE direction have kitchen and south east direction have pooja room. One more entrance is in north side which directly enters to kitchen.

    I can’t place tulasi in north and north east direction as in north, septic tank ( only for kitchen waste) and north east, bathroom is there respectively ( bathroom n septi tank(( kitchen waste) is out side the house)

    How to remove deffect and where to place tulsi

  50. S sivadas says:

    Namaskara sir,
    My house is West facing( both main gate and main door). Our kitchen is in NE and temple is in SE. It’s not possible to shift the kitchen. How to remove vastu dosh. Where I can place tulsi plant .Is it OK to place tulsi in West as the main entrance is West only.can I shift temple to centre of house( NE corner of central room).

  51. Tanumoy Ghosh says:

    Sir with due respect I want to know that is my house is ok in vastu shastra. My house is facing towards west and entrance is in the southwest, master bed room in the south east corner attached with bathroom in the east side another is in the north east corner, kitchen in the south and toilet is in the north side opposite of the kitchen. Another to entrance door in northwest corner and other is in the north side. Is it approve able? Is the house has vastu dosh, if yes then please give some remedi.

  52. dear sir we have tulasi plant in my home today after daily puja unfortunately 1/4 of the plant was burnt according to vastu any problem we fear for the situation.Please give solution

  53. Lakshmi says:

    can i keep tulsi pot in the bedroom of northeast direction as the sunrays in the morning comes directly to that room but it is our bedroom so whether is advisable or not I do not know about that, can you pls tell me we can on pot there ?

    thanking you

  54. gokul says:

    hello sir,
    my father’s dob is 07/04/1969
    is southwest facing house or door is suitable for him?

  55. sachingb says:

    started shop but no improvement in wealth. opening door/shutter is on east . south west corner extended. hat is wrong . how to ressolve. my birthdate is 15.04.1985 7:24 am . my shop name shri neellkanth. my birth place is bagalkot.

    • admin says:

      This shop is your own or on rent. If it’s own then have to use remedy for South-west extension

  56. Gamini says:

    My house is two storied and in GF there is a cut in SW corner. Master Bed Room is in NE in upper floor. Having an outside toilet in SE corner. Is my house having Vasthu defects? Can I keep Tulsi plant out side in SW , NE and SE corners to avoid any vastu defects? or can you suggest any other remedies if there are defects in my house?

  57. AKSHAY KUMAR says:

    We have a Soutwest Entrance My DOB is 07-11-1984. direction is favorable for me.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 07.11.1984 = South-west is the favorable direction

      • Bhargavi says:

        Namaste guruji,
        Am Bhargavi my date of birth is 23,april,1992 and my husband name is janardhan reddy and his date of birth is 28th of August 1986.we r in rented house entrance north east and we have kitchen in southeast attached with a balcony in South but not extended can I place tulasi plant in South balcony as I dnt have much place in front of house.

  58. Tapas Kumar Ghosh says:

    Sir, I am working in Central Library IIT Kharagpur. My DOB 22.11.1964 (11 AM). Previous I with my family was staying in Institute Quarter. In 2002, I shifted to our new constructed house adjacent to IIT Campus. Since 2007 I started facing lot of problems, especially in my working place, finance and with my son.My scope of promotion was not successful my equation with the head of the dept. was not healthy. There was a constant financial pressure. My son was not attentive in his studies (DOB 26.06.1994 at 12-20 AM).
    For last two years my condition became very acute. The scope of promotion in 2014 got spoiled again due the intervention of same head of the department and rapidly importance in the place of work got reduced. My son started a business without continuing his studies at the instigation of my bad associates and made a loss of lakhs of money. I had to manage the situation taking loan and selling all the ornaments of my wife. I had to pay compensation to parties and to police to avoid the legal involvement.
    Now, I am totally demoralized and just passing my days in acute condition.
    I don’t know why it happened and how to overcome the situation.
    Will you kindly advice me how to cope up the situation ?
    With kind regards,

  59. Ruchi Dahuja says:

    Hi Sir,

    I live in a flat in an apartment of 6 flats in total. Our apartment’s enterance is from South.My flats enterance is in North. Balconies in South East, South West and West directions. Positive and Negative aspects with solutions are expected. Please suggest.

  60. Shruti says:

    My flat’s entrance is north east.balcony is in southeast,can I put tulsi plant there.or I can should keep it in dob 29march 1976,myhusband’s 4 july1975.please tell me

  61. Mini says:

    Sir, Our bathroom is between kitchen and bedroom…is that ok. We stay in a east facing house.

  62. Vijay says:

    My father’s room is in the South West. However, my room is in the South East. Pls suggest a remedy for South East room.

  63. says:

    Hello my name is vishnu
    my house is facing west direction and i want to know whether i can place a thulsi thara in south west corner [Kannimoola]

  64. amit says:

    sir my house facing west direction and i want to place tulsi plant in front wall (main gate) so is this good for placing tulsi plant?

  65. amit says:

    I have a flat. As per vastu it is located at siuth-east corner which is fine. But regarding face direction while cooking I have exzctly north and south. Which one to choose. The north firection has wall and south direction has a window.


  66. ajay says:

    My house tulsi gets dried everytime,fro many years. I have bought so many pots now,but still if somebody in my apartment waters it,it lives.When we get back to house it dries

  67. admin says:

    Keep in North, Northeast or East. You can plant it on any day

  68. Rajit says:

    Dear Sir
    my dob is 11/8/1978 & my house is east facing. kindly suggest the accurate direction for tulsi plant & swastik

    • admin says:

      Tulsi should be in East or North
      For what purpose you are keeping the Swastika

      • K Venkata Naidu says:

        Hellow sir,
        This is venkata Naidu.
        Please let me know for below points.
        1. Can we use Tulasi kota which is having Lord Vinayaka?
        2. Tulasi can be placed infront of neighbours house front wall as steps are there infront of house
        3. Our house is located in east which direction we have to place the tulasi kota

      • Rajit says:

        not for any reason. just heard that it’s good according to vastu

  69. Dear sir,
    i Santosh kumbhar
    completed my resi bunglow. main entrance is north side ,i wants to place tulasi katta in front of door in north east corner . Is it Correct?

  70. Deepika Pai says:

    We had bought a constructed house which belonged to the other religion person. Our pandit had given us the direction and place where we should construct the tulsi. This was 5 years ago. Recently we got to know that, the drainage pit is very close to the tulsi, we are all tensed as to what can be done. Can we re construct the tulsi? Please advice.

  71. k sivaprasad rao says:

    our main door is facing west. our balcony is facing south east. Kindly advise where we can keep Tulsi kota.

  72. Anika says:

    Hello sir my DOB os 14.01.1984 and my husband DOB is 28.10.1982 we stay on 1st floor 191 the entrance door is on north west side and the door is coloured wooden brown is its okay for us ..pls advise

  73. karuna says:

    hello sir.
    I am from Mauritius. I have 1 main door which i open only when guests are here and is found on the North West side.
    I small door which i normally use is found between the North west and south west. Facing a lot of financial diffulties. Are the doors ok.? or Can i put a Tulsi plant to correct if not good. PLease advise.

  74. Sandeep Marathe says:

    Hello Sir, we have flat which has terrace on south side and also all the windows are facing to south side. Please let me know if this suitable position and if not, pls suggest remedies.

  75. Sunitha singh says:

    when to plant tulsi in our new house constructed i need day month and time to plant new tulsi plant in my new home. thanks

  76. kavita kalpee says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in the US and my family is experiencing some great financial difficulty at this time. The house my husband and I live in was bought by my father DOB March 25th 1952. My parents don’t live in the house. The main door into the house is in the East, the indoor car garage is white but in the northeast part of the house, our master bedroom is in the northwest, our master bathroom is between the garage and master bedroom. Our kitchen is on the other side of the wall of the master bathroom. There is no way I could restructure the house. The busy streets are to the north and east of our corner property. Please help me find ways to remedy the problems. Please…

  77. Yamini says:

    Sir, my house facing is east only main gate entrance is north. I have some parking problem to put tulasi madam in north east direction. So want to put in south west direction or compulsory to put north east direction. Pls tell me sir waiting for ur reply

  78. shylaja says:

    Hello Sir, we have two main entrance to our home one in North and another one in NW, bed room in SW but we are not feeling any peace in our mind and small conflicts among me and my husband. what to do for this.

    • admin says:

      There seems defect in Southeast. Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

      • Rahul Mathuria says:

        Hello sir.

        You have helped lot of people here. We stay in Bangalore and our house direction is NE and we have also placed Tulsi in direction of North East as per the article but the back side of Tulsi is the west side and I have placed that in a balcony. Could you please help whether the door entrance and Tulsi placement is correct.

        DOB 18-04-1989 and name Rahul Mathuria.

  79. Sridipta says:

    Sir someone told me to place the tulsi plant in the south east corner of our house for economic prosperity.. But we are not dwelling well.. Will you plz help us with some solutions..

  80. Ranjan Sathua Mohapatra says:

    I am staying in a house , the entrance is facing towards south-west direction. Please give me advice to place the Tulsi tree on which side ( Left or Right) of my entrance gate for worship and also on which direction I will face while worship.

  81. says:

    we have kitchen in North east corner and my son has heart problem. is there any connection of placement of kitchen please give solution

  82. Indu Sardans says:

    which day is shubh for planting tulsi plant in house

  83. Sathiya says:

    Sir we have a beam in the kitchen, stove is underneath can I place tulsi plant to rectify dosha

  84. Aravind Kumar Chimakurthy says:

    I am thinking to buy a New house which is in West Face on my wife name.
    Her Date of Birth is June 7th, 1987 8:15 PM.
    Can we go ahead and buy the house ?

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