How to Buy a Vaastu Complaint House

Buying a house is a Lifetime investment and could be one of the most important decision in the everyone’s life.

May be a simple Flat or a High furnished House, we have to live within that four walls called a House for a long period or life-span.

So it’s nice to consider some of the simple Vaastu Shastra principles before buying a property, either for investment or to move in-to live.

It’s quiet or almost impossible to find houses with 100% Vaastu compliant.

However, if any house property complies up to 60% rules of Vastu Shastra it is considered to be better.

Following are some of the simple Macro and Micro Factors which includes studying of the external environment around the Plot / House while deciding any kind of House / Plot or any Property and which may helps you in how to buy a house.How to Buy a Vaastu Complaint House

Macro factor:

First get a compass, stand in the center of the plot / house facing outward from the door and determine the cardinal directions which are East, South, West and North.

Avoid purchasing Non-cardinal directions facing houses like Northeast, Southeast, Southwest or Northwest.

Once you have decided the directions go through the following checklist.

1. Consult a well known Astrologer [also Numerologist] to decide your favorable direction. Choose the facing of the house accordingly or the best choice may be East, North, North-east, West and lastly South facing houses.

2. Plots facing any of the cardinal directions are really fine. However, proper placement of elements like main gate, main door are important for well being of residents. It is good to have East or North facing houses, Whereas having main gate in the East of Southeast zone is a Vaastu dosh [defect]

3. Choose a plot or house which has high hills, buildings or any tall elements in the South and West directions

4. Water bodies, like lake or rivers should be in the North and East directions only. Strictly avoid the properties having Water bodies in South, South-west and West directions.

4. There should not be any blockage or hurdles like, electric poles, trees or high objects in the North and East Quadrants.

5. The slope of the plot should be towards North or East. Never purchase the plots having slope in South or West.

6. Plots / houses at T-junction can be a serious issue. T-junction plots on North or East are considered good. Moreover avoid purchasing of the T-junction plots on South and West directions.

Micro factors:

1. The shape of the plot must be Square or Rectangle. The proportion of the Width to Length of the plot must be maximum up-to 1:2 proportion.



3. Cut-offs in the Flats is a tendency now a days which may not be avoided specially on a corner component houses. Attempt to avoid cut-offs particularly in the Northeast and Southwest directions.

4. According to Vaastu Shastra avoid any cut-offs to have maximum positivity and Happiness in the house.

5. Look for the main gate and main door is in positive zone of the plot.

6. Houses, rooms or any elements of the house must have 4 corners. If it exceeds than 4 corners is inauspicious and can reduce the positive vibration of that house.

Placements of Internal Elements:

1. Two very important factors which decides the well being of the residents in a house is Kitchen and Master bedroom

2. East, North-east Master bedroom does not comply with Vaastu. Master bedroom in West or South- west is good.   Pink Color Bedroom

3. Strictly avoid kitchen in the Northeast and Southwest directions. It destructs the progress of the habitat in many ways. It adversely affects relationship, finance and health.

4. Kitchen should only be in the Southeast direction, which is the Fire sector. The second option or alternative is North-west direction, the wind sector. Because Fire and Air are completable to each other.

5. Yet, at any cost, avoid a house having a toilet in North-east direction. Best preferred directions for Toilets are North-west and West

6. Newly married couples must use Southwest room in a house. Never use Northeast and Southeast bedrooms. Couples who desire to conceive can use North-west bedroom. The women may use the Northeast or East room during her pregnancy. Even after delivering the child, she may also use these room for recovery.