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Vaastu and South-West Cut

Vastu and Southwest Cut

We are well aware of the truth that, the Universe and the Living Vaastu is made of Five Elements [PanchMahabhutas]. And the human body is also made of PanchMahabhutas, thus any imbalance in living Vaastu elements can leads to disturbed life by way of diseases to the human body.

For example: Imbalance in Water and Air element can lead to cough and later on increase in body temperature. Acidity is the result of excess Air and likewise.

According to Vaastu Shastra many factors are responsible for such imbalance in elements; one of the major facts is having Cut in any of directions. If there is a cut in any direction of the House, then the balance of Vaastu is get disturbed and there forms a Vaastu Dosh.

Nairutya Cut [South-west]:


It is important that the House / Vaastu should be always in rectangle shape and there should not be cut any part of the house. Nairutya or South-west cut is a Major defect [Dosh]. Though it gives favourable results in its initial days but for a long term it’s never accepted.

Due to this Cut, South-west corner gets divided in to Two corners and makes the house in five corners thus the harmful energy of South-west will increases.

According to Vaastu principles, South-west is the Earth element [Prithvi Tatva] and ruled by planet Rahu, This corner represents the lower waist part of the body. Cut or extension can create the defect [Vaastu dosh] in South-west. South–west is also more important corner as compared to North-east.

South-West Defect [Dosh] will provide:vaastu and south west cut


  • Attracts Unnatural energy.
  • Affects the mental balance of the people living in that house.
  • Unlawful thoughts may catch over
  • People may have negative and criminal tendencies
  • Diseases affecting the lower body part
  • Leads to Accidents; Economic losses

Each corner of the house [sub-co-ordinates direction] possesses some positive properties which otherwise makes the life of the inmates to live with happiness. And defected corners may give adverse effects to the inmates. The defected South-west also adversely affects on the North-east and the inmates have to face the results accordingly.

South-west in balanced position can provide:


  • Makes people cultured and free from bad effects.
  • Fear freeness from enemies.
  • South-west direction helps the inmates to achieve every success than expected.
  • Stability in Life

South-west is responsible for the stability in the house. So make it more stable by placing heavy items in this corner. Put an Almirh in South-west and put your Valuables and Cash in that. As South-west is responsible for stability thus the “Laxmi [money]” will stable in your house, which reduces the expenses and you will get financial stability.

Cut in South-west will make the house defected and gives negative result on inmates.

So can we expect a Cut in such an important and favorable direction? Hence this defect must be avoided to ensure overall progress of the inmates.




65 Comments to Vaastu and South-West Cut

  1. ranjana says:

    Suggest remidies if south west corner cut due to lift.My flat is west facing at south west corner.

  2. Pandurang Bhalerao says:

    Hello suggest all remedies off Vastu dosha of each direction & suggest any book name for reference my email I’d is. pandunana35 @ gmail .com

  3. Radha R. says:

    What was the issue with my comment? It was removed without any explanation.

  4. Radha R. says:

    If I make a square around my house and divide it in nine equal sections for each direction and centre, part of the southwest and a very little south area is cut off. Also part of southeast is cut off. This is mainly due to an extension room in the south area of the first floor of the house that has a sliding door on the west wall.

    Since the second floor sits exactly on top of the first floor (meaning no protrusions) and this extension room in south on first floor is the only protrusion does it mean the southwest and southeast are cut off or the south is extended.Please suggest remedies to resolve this.

    Also, the stairs start near the front door in the north-northeast area and cover a big part of the centre. Do I place the tortoise on top of the first stair and should the tortoise face down or up the stairs.

    We have had no financial stability and no career for me ever since we moved in this house. My birthdate is 4/19/1975.

    Looking forward to your reply. Greatly appreciate your website. Thank you.

  5. admin says:

    Hello Radha ji:
    Means there is a Cut in South-west, South and South-east. Please send me the plan so that I will help

  6. manas says:

    hello sir i wanna a buy a home witch is south west cut that house is only of 35yards but it is to my budjet so what should step i can take should i drop or any alternative if it is possible only

  7. Ravindra says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have 1bhk flat East facing with Cut at south west corner. Can you please suggest some simple remedy cost free.



    I am at first floor
    south-west corner is cut
    Kitchen is in north-east corner
    Toilet is west direction of house and kitchen is adjoining to toilet and bathroom is adjoining to the another wall of kitchen
    Money Health job problems since 3 years .Kindly suggest vastu remedies.

  9. Roopa M says:

    I have sent my house plan. Please look at it and tell me if it is ok. The balcony is extended in south west. There are two balconies towards south as in the plan sent to you. Please tell me what can i do. I have already bought the flat so a bit tensed that did i select a wrong one.

  10. niranjan goyal says:

    My House is east facing which having cut in south west.We have purchased that location recently.What is the remedy

  11. Bella says:

    Hi, we just move into an apartment NE facing front door and SW backdoor. The shape of our apartment is irregular, there is a missing part in the SW. Also both bedroom masters and 1 extra bed where my kids sleep have a missing corner. The master bedroom is in the south which has a cut in the north and has a bathroom inside the room which is located in the south east corner. The 2nd bedroom has a cut in the north west. Our kitchen is in the east. Is there anything that I can do to remedy our situation? Since we move in here I have a neck pain as if I had lift a heavy load and hurt my back and neck as if I have a stiff neck, also my kids they always have fights they are very young. I have noticed that we do not have that harmonious relationship just like before in our old address. Thanks for your help in advance I really appreciate it.

  12. Puja says:

    Am sending my plan with sw cut. ur inputs requested.

  13. Ajay says:

    Dear Panditji,
    My house is south-east facing. South-west corner and South-east corner is cut. what is the remedies for this problem. I am facing financially, business and social hardship. If you give me the remedies I am really appreciate it. My date of birth is August 3, 1969.

    Thank You.

  14. ramesh says:

    Hello ,

    I am buying a plot of 3677 sq feet having road in east…but the ODD site have the SOUTH- WEST corner less than the north west corner…shall we correct this in construction or not good to buy at all???

    • admin says:

      Hello Ramesh ji:
      Yes, we can correct it with remedies, you can purchase if you like that. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  15. soujanya says:

    hi : we own a house which has cut in SW and ever since we moved there we had lot of instability in our lifes. my house faces east and have backyard in west .i am looking for some remedies.
    also can you suggest best direction for home office.i am a software engineer (DOB: May 18th,1984)and need an office setup at my home.

  16. Shiya says:

    What does cut in south west facing house means ??

  17. Shiya says:

    What does cut in south west facing house means ? Can you please tell and how can we know that the house is south facing ?? Do we need to stand at the main door backing it to check the direction??

    • admin says:

      Shiya ji:
      While coming out from the house, the direction we face is the facing of the house. About South-west cut, Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  18. Shobana says:

    Dear pandy ji
    Where are u situated to make a house visit ?

  19. Manoj Acharya says:

    Dear Sir,

    My house has the Main door entry facing west but it is on the south side of the wall. Please could you suggest remedy if there is a dosha.

  20. Rashmi says:

    Dear sir,
    My house has asouthwest bedroom but the corner of the southwest bedroom is cut. Also there is a bathroom in northeast corner.
    We are having many personal problems. Between us spouses . We have been here for nearly six years.
    It would help if you could give some remedies .
    Our house faces east.
    We enter the house the house through the garage on the northwest corner.
    Also would like to. Know how to send the house plan to you . And how much do. You charge.
    Please reply soon.

  21. sekhar says:

    dear sir,
    our plot 40 feets north east 65.5feets this is a rectaangular shape ,
    Actual 74 feet in nowrth to nairuti, they was cut and into 65.5 and 40 mesurement proposed..

  22. In my factory south west corner havy construct but tin shade some corner open to sky in over head water tank why negative effect

  23. Vijaya says:

    Hello Guruji,

    I have questions regarding south-west opening. If we divide the house into 4 squares and if there is any opening in south-west square of the house, is it inauspicious?

    We were told that we should not buy any houses which has south-west opening since Rahu is not good in our horoscope.

    If there is window/door is in south-west square but opens towards south OR west, can we buy that house. Because of this we are not able to find any houses for the past 1 year. We need your guidance Guruji.


  24. Anuraag Agarwal says:

    South west cut… Does it effect us if the property is on my name but we are not staying there ?

  25. Ankur says:

    South west corner of my house is cut kindly tell me is there any remedy for this and upto what extent else what is the final solution for removing this defect

  26. anupam says:

    can we place toilet on south-west balcony western type. The balcony is extended out of the actual area…the slab got extended 4 feet west . The plot is south -west type. 4 feet towards west and 3 feets towards south is projected outwards for 1st floor and we plan to build toilet on west balcony and store room on south side

    can you pls help me with the suggerstions

  27. umra singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Went through the website today . Greatly done . WE have been working harder than our younger days but to no great benefits .

    After reading your website , i understand that our house has a south west cut and also a south east cut . Better can be described as a dumble shaped house .

    What can I do about it . The kitchen , master bedroom and kids corner is correct .

    Please do let me know if we have some remedies .

    Best regards


  28. Raghunath says:

    Mine is a SouthWest Corner plot. Dimension of the plot is 2648 SQFT. South side it is 50ft & a turn towards west. Northwest corner is 66.6ft. Hence there is a cut after 50ft on the SW 7 extends to NW. Though we have constructed the house till the turn (SW 50ft ) & we have a compound starting 50ft till NW. Need to know what all the impacts of this & remedy.

  29. Chella Ramaswamy says:

    Can we rent out the southwest portion of the industry plot for ATM with opening on the outside.

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