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Vastu Tips for Water Tank (Overhead and Underground)

Water Tank Vastu Tips

The water tanks are of two types: one is underground and second is overhead. According to Vaastu, an underground water tank behaves in different way than the overhead one. So there’re different principles for each type of water tank.

Vastu Tips for Overhead Water Tank

An overhead water tank is one which is placed on roof of the house. Means it puts the load on the part where it is placed. That’s why it is to be placed in the permissible Vaastu area.






Here is what it means:   Vastu Tips for Overhead WaterTank

  • Best to place in Southwest or West
  • In rare cases it can be located in South in 4th Pada only
  • Never place in Northeast as it makes the Northeast heavy
  • Don’t place in Southeast this may results in loss of wealth and leads to accidents
  • Never place in the center of house [Brahmsthan]

Apart from all this, here’re more vastu tips for overhead water tank.

  • Always Keep Southwest and South tank on a platform which is 1-2 feet upper than the roof.
  • For tank in the West you can place the tank on the roof.
  • Blue or black colored plastic tanks can be used (probably avoid using plastic tanks)
  • Keep the tanks always covered
  • Clean them regularly

What to Avoid

  • Never use plastic water tanks
  • Never place the water tank exact above a kitchen or bedroom

Vastu tips for Underground Water Tank

An underground water tank is built by digging in the ground. Means it creates a depression in the area wherever it’s created. That’s why it’s very important to create in the allowed areas only as per Vaastu shastra.

Here’s what it means:  Underground Water Tank

  • Locate the underground water tank in Northeast area of the house or Plot.
  • It can be in North also
  • Underground water tank can be located in 5thpada in West direction

Underground Water Tank – It’s Effects (Direction-Wise)


Directions Effects of Under-ground Water Tank
Northeast Happiness and Prosperity
North Wealth gaining, Happiness and Prosperity.
East Prosperity and Wealth Gain.
West Wealth gain; develops interest in Spirituality. Worries.
South Mental Sickness, Loss of Wife. (permitted in 4th pada)
North-West Enmity, Theft, Progeny affected; Mental Tension; Loss of Wealth. Balance of life is lost
South-West Head of the Family may meet Accident, Violence, total failure in Jobs/Business, Wealth loss, Suicidal thoughts, Family clashes
Southeast (SE) Loss of Wealth. Defames Owner. Kids in Problem. Clashes in family (Women may suffer more).
Center Brahmsthan Bankruptcy and Total destruction of the family



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