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Vaastu Dosh Remedies

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

If  Northeast direction in your plot or house is weak, that is the only reason for many Vaastu dosh. And whereas if Northeast is strong in spite of dosh (defect) in any direction, the occupants do not have to suffer the bad effects of such Vaastu dosh.

Thus try to strengthen the Northeast direction of the house in more. Unless and until the Southwest is strong no stability will be there. Usually Northeast (Eshanya) and Southwest (Nairutya) are the most important directions in any Vaastu.

Northeast is the receiving and magic corner of the house.  It is believed that luck enters in the house through Northeast will remains in the building forever if the Southwest is rock-hard and closed. Whereas if  the Southwest is opened, luck would way out from that House. So any defect in Northeast and Southwest will creates a major Vaastu Dosha.

Some simple Vaastu Dosha Remedies

  • Performing Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti puja at least once in every three year.
  • Vastu Purush pooja at House warming (Vaastu Shanti) will reduce the Vaastu Dosh.
  • Put together Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) prepared from silver, Copper wire, pearl and Powla, in a red cloth with red soil and keep this in the East direction of the house. This is a effective Vaastu Dosha Remedy.
  • Red sand, Cashew Nut and Powla put all these things in red cloth. Keep this in West direction of the house on Tuesday. Worship it with incense (Dhup) to bring peace in that house.
  • Recite “Om Namoh Bhagvati Vastu Devtay Namah”  mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times. This will reduce overall Vaastu defects.

Major defect in Northeast:

Toilet in Northeast: 

  • Problems:
    • Prolonging health problems
    • Disagreements and misbehavior in family members
    • Stops the overall progress of the family head
    • No where progress of children in that family
  • Remedy:
    • Place a bowl of SEA Salt in the Toilet, which absorbs the negative energy, change this Salt weekly. 
    • Construct a toilet towards south or west. Remember that one should face towards the south or west, while performing the process.
    • Place the copper plate with size of 1.5 inch, at the door of toilet, which works as if it is boundary in toilet and house and will reduce the Vaastu Dosha.
    • Considering the Gravity of the North-east Toilet we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of NE Toilet

Bedroom in Northeast:

Northeast is the Head part of  Vastu Purush so having bedroom here is the Major defect in any house. Northeast is also the place of water element ( Jaltatva)

  • Problems:
    • Bedroom in Northeast reduces the heat energy in the body which decreases the sexual life.
    • Northeast bedroom if occupied by a couple; it gives troubles in getting pregnancy, and could also lead to abnormal descendants. Encourages separation by divorce
    • Unmarried girl’s sleeps in Northeast there will be delay in their marriage. Even after marriage there may be chances of Separation.
  • Remedy:
    • If you can’t shift the bedroom, at least place the bed in the South or West area of the room leaving more space in East and North.
    • Keep the head towards South or West direction while sleeping.
    • Better to shift the Bedroom in Southwest direction of the house.

Kitchen in Northeast

  • Problems:
    • Stops overall growth.
    • Creates stressful atmosphere in house and incurs unexpected expenses.
    • Health problems  to females in that house. She may have a sickness in 60:40 proportions
  • Remedy:
Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

  • Place Bronze (6” long) plates on ceiling of the kitchen in North and in East region
  • If possible shift the kitchen to SE, even that’s not possible, then place a kitchen in North West direction facing west, or in the South facing East.
  • Put a Vastu Dosh Nivaran or Nivarak Yantra ( Vaastu Defect Removal Yantra) on the entrance door of the kitchen above the door frame

  • Light a red light bulb in the kitchen during the night, which generates the Mars energy in the Northeast kitchen
  • Place a Agni Yantra in South-east direction of the House 

Having  a Cupboard in NE: i.e either on North wall or East wall. That will give migraine problem to one of your family member.


Water sources

If the water sources like Bore-well, Water Lake or River nearby your house and in the direction other than Northeast, that creates a Vaastu Dosh.


  • Place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman, on South-West direction facing to the Bore-well or Water source.
  • Place the statue of dancing Ganesh idol facing to west on the Northeast corner of the house.
  • Some times we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Water bodies   
Copper Tortoise

Copper Tortoise

Staircase in Northeast: Northeast is the place to rest the Head of the Vastu purush, placing here the staircase would probably give the diseases like Migraine, Parkinson’s, and Paralysis. And this also increases the weight of NE direction. See exact where the stairs are placed on the body parts of  Vastu Purush, one of the family have to face the problem related to that body part.

Remedy: Place two copper tortoises below the first step of stair case. Never place the stairs in NE, Brahmasthan and South west.

Some times considering the Gravity of the Stairs we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Stairs  


742 Comments to Vaastu Dosh Remedies

  1. Nishant says:

    Hello sir
    My house bedroom is on second d floor covering entire east wall attached dressing g closet towards south and attached toilet in south pl suggest.

  2. Vimala says:

    In our house at North Paravur, Ernakulam, Kerala, staying my parents & my bachelor brother. We have built this house in 2010. It took 4 years to complete the work. My brother is unmarried and is 41 years now. Since last 12 years we are trying to find out a partner, but we failed. My parents are very old aged. Not a peaceful and happy life of my parents and brother. We have three bed rooms in our house. House is facing to East. Financial capacity is also not stable. Some works also to be completed in our house like cup boards & roof plastering. So many times we were to complete the work, but no worker is coming to do it. All are coming and budgeting about the work. And we gather some amount for that and asking. But not results. My brother is becoming moody day-by-day. With all these reasons we do not have any peace and happy. Kindly advice

  3. Nitesh says:

    northwest–ladder to 1st floor I Rectangle home with 1st floor
    _________| I main entrance is facing 136* SE
    | I
    |_________ I
    ___________________________________________ITHIS CORNER IS 338* NORTH
    next house wall
    Income of house head has stopped since last 3 years no income no job

  4. Rittu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a house with swimming pool in west corner of house. Is there a remedy for that.

  5. asha gupta says:

    Can you please tell me….that where to place the Jupiter yantra in the house having staircases in the north east direction…?

    • admin says:

      Stair case in North-east is the defect and requires Gems therapy to remove this defect

  6. satyabrata muduli says:

    My house is in East south direction , 2 nos entrance doors and Bore-well in in between two entrance doors,
    one bed room is west side and 2nd one is in east south, 2 toilets are in between them .Kitchen is North direction , Dining in East north direction.

    All family member facing cold issue.

  7. Malar says:

    My prayer room is in south east. What is the best remedy

  8. Mita says:

    Hello Sir,

    We are going to move to a government flat. There are two options. One flat, east facing, south-east kitchen, south-west master bed room but north-east portion cut in L-shape. The second one west facing, south-east bed room, south-west kitchen but north-east strong. Which flat should we choose?

  9. Atashi says:

    Hello Pandit ji,

    In my flat, the master bedroom is in the north-east direction. There is no way I can shift that. Can you please suggest any remedy, I would be really grateful.


  10. neeraj says:

    sir can you tell me where i can place laxmi yantra siddh one in my shop .i have worship place in n-e
    should i place it in counter which is also in n-e or the woship place than you

  11. raman malhotra says:

    What is the best place to put the panchmuki hanuman ji photo . which wall at home would be good ?

  12. manesh says:

    we start to build a house its entrance is facing west and its in north corner. and in south west corner is master bed room and in kannimoola there would be dressing area is there any problem for that

  13. Runu says:

    I’m planning to buy an apartment. The gate faces North. The entrance door to the flat is Southwest. Living room is on southwest corner. One bedroom is in the north east corner and another bedroom is in north west corner. Kitchen is in south / south east. It is a rectangular house with 4 rooms in 4 corners (living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms). Is it a good idea to buy this flat ?

  14. Abhiram says:

    our bedroom is present in north-east direction. and also there is cut in north-east. after going through your article i have emptied the room completely. so, any thing else i should do. should i saty in the same house or should i shift to aanother for rent. please help as my son health is spoiled because of this.

    • admin says:

      Cut and Master Bedroom in North-east is a defect which can affect children’s growth, their education and Career

  15. Mamata says:

    Can u pl inform if there is an altenate staircase on NE, but it is not in use. Can it remain there without being used? Will it count to create a vastu dosh?

  16. Deepak says:

    Hello Sir

    In my flat provision for bed in mastered room is in North direction (head on north), is there any remedy i can do except changing bed direction.


  17. Amartya Chakraborty says:


    In my house, borewell is in other than Northeast direction. So I want to place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman in my house. Kindly confirm me South-West direction means South-West wall North-east facing ? After your confirmation I can able to place the picture in my house.

    • admin says:

      Along-with Panchmukhi hanuman ji photo you have to use some Yantras also
      Please inform exact location of the Bore-well

      • Amartya Chakraborty says:


        Actually my house is L type so South West direction is to short but bore-well is in South West of the house.

        Main gate is North facing but also we have a another gate which is West faceing. I pasted a horse shoe above main gate two heads are down. Pls confirm me if is correct or not.

        Amartya Chakraborty.

  18. indranil jadhav says:

    Namaskar sir as i am having staircase in northeast and in front of main door is vastu dosh for solution of this vastu dosh where can I get copper tourtoise pls suggest…

  19. Rajesh says:

    My family house staircase was built in Northeast side. It starts from west to east (ascending east). Can you please give me the simple remedy without breaking the staircase. Please do the needful.

    • admin says:

      It requires “Gems therapy” to remove North-east staircase defect.
      Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  20. ATUL THAPAR says:

    Hello Sir I have an east facing house two floors

    kitchen is in south east

    stair case is in North( ground to first floor)

    staircase in south (first floor to terrace)

    bathroom in south west on every floor


  21. ATUL THAPAR says:

    Hello Sir I have an East facing house two floors

    Stair case is in North( ground to first floor).Is there any remedy to rectify this vaastu dosh

    staircase in south (first floor to terrace)

    attached bathroom in south west on every floor.Any Remedy to rectify this vaastu dosh

    Temple is in North East vearandah on first floor.(is it at correct place according to vaastu)



    • admin says:

      Staircase in North and Bathroom/Toilet in South-west area the defects, it requires Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  22. amit agrawal says:

    sir my staircase is in north facing and there is no other option to shift this..pls give me some suggestion ….

    • admin says:

      If it’s in North, then you have to use “Gems Therapy”
      Please call me for details on 9494214400

  23. Tinu says:

    Hello panditji, can you please suggest remedy for north east master bedrrom.
    Please suggest remedy
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Place bed in extreme South-west corner
      Paint a lemon yellow paint in this bedroom
      Use South-west corner of your house at-least 3-4 day for sleeping

  24. Krishna says:

    Office shifting. In New office room sitting arrangement are made facing the south and the west. In the east south end there is a rack, next to it , the computer and seat. There was a sink and Under this table there was a drainage , both were closed. Compelled to select any one these. Which seat is auspicious. Two seats facing south and one in West. Please advice. The entrance of the room is from north

  25. Sunny says:

    Hello Panditji ,,
    i stay in rented house….my house entrance in southwest…one master bedroom in NE and Second Master Bedroom in in West. we have a big open window in east …we are only 3 people mom dad and me..i m the earning person…i use NE bedroom….can u plz help me with the vastu tips..what we can do…so that i can progress in life.

    • admin says:

      Place Hanuman Yantra + Haridra Gnaesh Yantra outside the entrance area.
      Haridra Ganesh yantra inside the entrance area

  26. Manju says:


    My house was constructed as per vastu in 2006 (Kitchen in SE, Bed-room in SW, Living hall in centre strip from North to South, Toilet in NW, Car Porch in NE, Sump in NE, Stair case in centre South and clock-wise, sleeping in E-W direction, etc). But still I am facing most of the problems indicated in your post…

    Yesterday, I noticed that the plot/site/land is itself rotated by 15° towards South. Is this the cause of all the problems? If yes, can you please suggest some remedy for this?

    PS:- I have sent the plan by e-mail.


  27. Satyendar. says:

    Dear Sir in my new build east facing house with main entrance in east, ground floor as hall and no rooms and nothing in ground floor, stairs are in northeast from hall in ground floor, stairs ends in north before entrance in 1st floor hall, two rooms as bedroom in south west and west north, bathroom in south and puja room in north, kitchen in south east, their is an over head water tank on the staircase roof. septic tank is in the ground floor at east under my main entrance in ground floor, At present I am facing big financials problem not even able to pay my house emi. and I came to my new house in 5 February2016 and this month I am facing transfer problem in my service. kindly suggest remedy to overcome all this problem.
    Thank you.

  28. Rachan karki says:

    Hello @admin i have also attached bedroom in NE and SE both,as well as kitchen in SW too, i know there are many problems in my house, so What can i do for this? plz help me, i am from Nepal mY 2&1/2 storey house is facing north as well as back entrance door is in SW(Kitchen).We have finished the house until we are living in our ground floor want to make pooja room in where staircase ends which is blocked by roof. plz advise us what to do for remedies possible. thank you

  29. satheesh kumar says:

    Namaste: I have my kitchen in the south west side. It is a flat. while cooking our face is to West. our main entrance also facing west. it is good or any suggestion.

    • admin says:

      Kitchen in South-west is a defect
      Place Panchmukhi Hanuman photo backside of Cooking women
      Paint a light brown color here

  30. Ritu says:

    Can we light diyas at the entrance of west facing main entrance

  31. rajesh says:

    Hi sir.. i have a 6 corner plot size like 7 pls advise how can i cover vastu daush … can i use copper wire for virtual boundary

  32. Bharat says:

    Sir, me north east corner me stair rhkna chatahu. Kya remedies ko use krke me north east corner ka dosh puri trh khtm kr sacta hu?

  33. antra says:

    Hello sir …..I exit my house facing south west direction and my husband’s DOB is 27/03/1976……is it ok…..or a defect…if yes what’s the solution.thanki

    • admin says:

      It’s a South-west facing door and defect
      Place a Hanumatpujan Yantra + Haridra Ganesh yantra out side the entrance area and Haridra Gnaresh Yantra inside the house

  34. shiny says:

    hello sir , my flat is east west facing ..actually the entrance of the my society building is east and our flat is in back side of the apartment. its not clear to me which all directions has living room , bedroom , kitchen or toilet .. I need to know if my flat is according to vastu or need any remedies .. please advice

  35. kritimodi says:

    Sir, My house entrance floor level is 9″ down from ground level , and northeast corner of my house is not having any pooja room , is it a sign of any vastu dosha?

    • admin says:

      If this entrance which having 9″ down from ground level is in North-east, then OK.
      Prepare a Puja place in North-east

  36. Biswajit Biswas says:

    Sir, i have a problem on the north east corner of my flat. There is a cut over there (small in east portion and big in north portion) and also the portion that has in the flat , there is a bathroom. At first we are not aware of vastu. But we are facing problems . And some friends have sujjested for vastu dosh remedies. But we are not understaning which remedies should we apply? For north east cut or for north east bathroom as north east cut portion is bigger than the portion which we have in our north west portion. Please reply. Thank you 🙂

  37. rakesh says:

    sir i have one stair in lobby facing towards east to west, now out side the house near main gate i have stair towards north- east for office and rented room ,is stair wrong or right direction or what is remedy

    • admin says:

      If the stairs are in Northeast, then it’s a defect. Requires Gems therapy, please call me for details on 9494214400

  38. V Vashishtha says:

    Pranam guru ji, My house is not of rectangle or square shape. North Facing but Cut in West Direction and a Cut in South east Direction. Can you tell me the remedies for the same.
    I m facing very deficulties in all phases of life, like business , relationship with clients and debts. please give me some easy remedies so I can come out of this situations..

  39. Vitaly says:

    Dear Sir,

    My family acquired the land, SW facing plot with roads on S and W sides. In one of the books there is a remedy: raise the SW corner of the plot; and to locate pooja room in the SW corner room of the house. Can you advice if this is a good idea?
    Thank you,

  40. Sumon Ghosal says:

    dear sir,
    is keeping a copper swastik at north-east corner banishes all negative energy of house

  41. JANAKI says:

    We have water sump in west. I gather it s vast up dosha. What gem therapy do u suggest. I am planning to sell the house.

  42. Anushekar says:

    I have small house of 625 sqft. With roads on east and south. We have gate in NE corner facing east. Main door of the house is also in NE facing north. Due to shortage of place:-
    1. We had to keep kitchen (SE corner) entrance right in front of main door, there is no door or doorway for kitchen.
    2. We have bathroom attached with toilet under stair in NW corner. Stair is from east to west then taking a u-turn towards east. Bathroom door is in south opening from utility in living.
    Now we want to build two rooms on first floor in south(SE to SW) one for my son and other for my husband’s business (tutorial like) as he is suffering from very rough financial period since 3 years. I want to know:
    1. Which room will be suitable for whom?
    2. Can we have a toilet between the two rooms (I may convert SE room into kitchen in future if the need arises)?
    My husband’s date of birth is 27/11/63

    • admin says:

      First thing Toilet under Stairs is a defect.
      Southwest room for Son and Southeast for husband business is OK
      You can build Toilet in between them

  43. Nandini S.V says:

    Pranaam , Sir I am a widow with a son. Recently after a long time of waiting , I managed to buy a house. After we moved in the house, after a quite long time I could do Satyanarayan pooja, I could not do Vastu pooja or any house warming ceremony me being single mother now and also due to the paucity of funds. Somehow I was peaceful that we have a shelter of our own. The hurdles now is that my son is growing and though he is quite intelligent in overall sense , still he gets into some unnecessary problems, though we are very affectionate to each other , but still I feel theirs no peace, somehow always paucity of funds is their. His studies though he is capable of , doesn’t give much efforts. Some items even though he is innocent , he gets into problem. Is it any problems with Vastu. The main gate with rolling door is on the North West facing on the North West of the plot, The house is built on the East side of plot , East is built with a high blind wall , The main door of house is again on North West , North east is the Hall , in the hall , the staircase is on the east touching the east blind wallike which I mentioned above. And the West side of plot and South west of plot and south east of plot is a small garden, also the floor on these areas are lower to the building floor. Also they have built the safety tank on the South West of the plot , where small patch of garden is made.
    One more last detail is that one water tank is on the South East part of building, and another water tank is on the ground in the garden on the South part of plot.
    Kindly guide me. At least the remedy for time being, till I can do any renovation.
    Thank you so much in advance. Regards.

  44. Nandini S.V says:

    My mail I’d

  45. Alok Manaktala says:

    Hi , I have my bedroom with an over head tank right above the bed , what should be the remedies to avoid any vastu dosha arising out of this ?

  46. Hanisha Jagtiani says:


    I was going through your website and I wanted to get your opinion on this newly purchased home. I have emailed you the plan of this house. My plot number is 59 (bottom right hand corner)
    Entrance is North West, Master Bedroom is North/North East, Bathrooms in North East, Stairs in NE, One Bedroom in South East, One Bedroom in South East, One Office in South, Kitchen in South East.
    My DOB is Aug 6th 1983, I am Program Manager for a Semi conductor company in Bay Area.
    My Husband DOB is Dec 4th 1981. He is in Operations in an Electronics company in Bay Area.

    Please advise if any problems in the house and the recommended remedies.


  47. Ashish says:

    Namaste Pandit ji,

    I need some suggestion related to stairs in north-east. There is stairs coming from ground floor to 2nd floor in north east. As per remedy, I have to keep two copper tortoise facing each other. So where exactly I need to keep ? is it exactly at first stairs ? or before before first stair ?

    Thank you,

  48. Swarup says:

    Namastey. Ours is a South facing house. The main common toilet is on the North-West corner of the house. We also have attached Toilet in one of the bedrooms. The Bedroom entry door is on the West side and the Attached Toilet is in the North-East corner of the bedroom. The door of the toilet is on the South side. Please let us know if there is Vaastu dosh related to the attached toilet and remedy for this.

  49. Muskan says:

    Namaste Pundit ji ,We recently brought a townhome, wanted to check if any Vastu defect. Our Main entrance Door faces NW , there is a staircase just opposite while entering facing the main door .I am not sure for the bed, bath,living or kitchen should I check the door what it faces direction or the position of those places in the house. Please guide .The master Bedroom door will be facing NW and main bath door would be facing NE. If I point it towards the door Mater bed faces SE, Main bath faces SW. The Kitchen facing NE, while cooking facing SW. The stair would lead to two rooms upstairs both door faces SE and from towards the door inside is NW. The living room door would be facing SE. Please guide if any Vastu defect and can be corrected for our Family health, happiness and prosperity. our date of birth 27 nov (wife) of 1983 and 25 dec (husband) of 1983 . Profession- IT. Thanks again in advance ! God bless !

  50. raghav says:

    Namastey sir, My flat main entrance is NW of West and 1 Toilet comes in SE

    +++> M. Door |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | _____________ |
    w| | E
    |___________ Kitchen |
    | Toitet | |
    |___________ _____________|
    | | | Toilet |
    | | |_ __________|
    | BDRM | |
    | | BDRM |
    | | |

    Sir want to know is it ok for toilet in this direction

    Please reply


  51. Susmitha VishwaaVishwaav says:

    Hi! Sir, I live in a east facing flat n d whole north wall of d house is closed without any windows. Can I hv a reflection of window on d south wall on North wall using mirror, or any remedy to correct vaastu dosh. Plz help.

    • admin says:

      Paint Light green color paint on North wall. Place a Money plant in North area. Place “Budh Yantra with 5 Panna Gems Stones on North wall

  52. MAHESH IYER says:

    Sir, my DoB is 24/02/1971. The main door of my house is South Facing. If it is not suitable, kindly suggest a remedy.

  53. Karishma says:

    We live in Australia. We have already purchased an irregular Lot – front is 10.5m, rear is 9.17m, right facing the Lot is 31 and left is 33. I read about irregular lots are not good. Please advice what do I do ?
    It’s a south facing lot slightly tilted towards the east side.
    Also being a very narrow lot, single garage to the right (which has to be), the entrance door is coming in the 5 th pada. This is also a concern to me. Please suggest something. We have not built yet. But have very low or no option to move the entrance door.
    Thank you

  54. Minal says:

    Head position of the bed is in north direction, can’t change, what is the remedi

    • admin says:

      Change the sleeping position, so that your head will be towards South while sleeping

  55. Deepak says:

    panditji….if entrance is in north east ..near to east and there is a soith west balcony thwn is there any defect.? Kindly advise.

  56. Mohit says:

    Hello sir I’m planning to buy a new home where the north east part is cut and so is the south east, all other things are according to vaastu please guide !!

  57. Hello,
    My name is Parth Trivedi

    I live in a north facing house with main door having north facing entry and inner door having west facing entry.
    My house has a cut in north east direction,
    Staircase in centre of the house,
    And borewell in the centre of the house.
    My family is facing lot of financial problems and we are unable to achieve success in any work we undertake.
    Please help me out with remedies and solutions.
    Thank you
    waiting for your reply.

  58. Sohan says:

    Hi guruji my house is west facing duplex bedroom is in ground floor SW direction second one is in second floor SW direction and third one is in first floor NE direction…my parents, my brother family and my family are staying..pls suggest me guruji who should stay in which room pls guruji

  59. amit says:

    sir we have puja room in south east corner. entrance door to puja room is in north and there is a window on east wall. is this wrong? if yes then which vastu yantra to use to nullify this defect.

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