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North East Vaastu Dosha (Defects) and Remedies

Northeast dosh problems

North East direction in the house is a very auspicious, and is a source of constructive energy. This positive energy not only creates healthy vibrations but also ensures the prosperity of the people living that house.

North east direction in Vaastu is highly surcharged with divine energies, and supposed to the place of Lord Shiva. Thus heavy construction or having defected construction in the North east direction is prohibited or otherwise it creates the Vaastu Dosh.

Vaastu dosh (defect)  in this direction may leads to overall failure or negative impact on individuals entire growth living in that house.

We discuss some of common Vaastu dosh (defects) in Northeast  with their remedies. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions and enjoy the happy life.

Causes of Vaastu Dosh (Defect):

  • North East cut, Toilet in Northeast
  • Any tree, pole, high building shadow on this direction will create vaastu dosh (Defect).
  • Too many Heavy objects or Clutter in the North east
  • Northeast Cut / Toilet or Bath Room in Northeast
  • Kitchen in North east
  • Cut in the East and North east
  • Kitchen / Store room in the North east.

Northeast dosh problemsProblem :

  1. Head related diseases like Migraine, Confusion every where
  2. Confused Mind, Mental Disorders, Brain Hemorrhage
  3. Marriage and childlessness problems / Divorce cases
  4. No Sex Life,  Poverty, Loans
  5. Problems related to Blood, Kidney, Eye disorders
  6. Cut in Northeast gives tremendous financial problems to the occupant

 North East Kitchen Remedies:Worship Lord-Shiva- Northeast defect

  1. Installing a Siddha Vaastu kalash in Northeast  will reduce the defect
  2. Worship Lord Shiva regularly to get the positive results
  3. Clean the NE Corner and make a slope of the building in Northeast direction
  4. Place a Plain Mirror on the North East Wall with Size of  18″ X 18 ” at the center at Eye Level.
  5. Keep a Pyramid in North east direction 6. Paint the Kitchen with Lemon Yellow color

 North East Toilet Remedies:

Spider Plant Absorbs energy

Spider Plant Absorbs energy

  • Keep a Plant which absorbs energy.(e.g. Spider Plant)
  • Keep a bowl of Sea Salt in Toilet change it weekly.
  • Keep  Air freshener in NE direction.

Northeast Over Hand Tank Remedies:

  • Just  paint  the cover of  tank with  Red color.
  • Place 4 Pyramids in North east corner inside the soil.


570 Comments to North East Vaastu Dosha (Defects) and Remedies

  1. viv says:

    Really informative portal,
    My vastu query is:in my ancestral house which is around 100 years old
    and double storeyed.We have been staying here for the last 18 years ,
    earlier it was used for rental purposes. The north-east corner of the
    house is unconstructed about the size of a room as you can see in the
    attached map,its blank on the vastu chart, is it a vastu-dosha, the
    people here have been facing serious financial and health problems
    ,no financial progress, lots of rituals ( shatchandi etc,) have been
    performed .Shall I connect the ailments to this vastu element, however
    few years back the same house was rented to
    Christian tenants, they opened up a school here and they were doing
    very good business for several years.
    Rationally what can be the explanation ? Kindly advise the short-term
    and long-term remedy , if it is a dosha.


  2. […] a pearl and powla, tieup all these items in a red cloth along with red soil and keep it in the North East direction of the house. This is the simple Vaastu dosh […]

  3. Mallesh says:

    Hello Mr. Viv;
    Ancestral house which is around 100 years old, means life of that house my be over. As your plan shows its a Octogen means 8 corners. It seems cut in NE,SE,SW,NW you have to face bad effects of four directions. What is the distance between house and temple, and is this your private or public temple.

    • viv says:

      Hello Mr Mallesh,
      Kindly tell me what can be the short-term and long-term remedies of the bad effects.
      The temple is private and it is built at 100 m from the house, its shadow does not fall on the house.

      Thanks for replying.

      • admin says:

        Remedy is to make the plot in rectangle and construct the house as per Vaastu shastra principles, As your house is completed 100 years means this could be third generation habitat in that house.

  4. Mallesh says:

    Hello Mr. Viv;
    House is completed 100 yrs, so its better to construct new house with four directions with equal in angle i.e. rectangle. As temple is 100 meters away from the house its ok. Show the house to any Vaastu Expert in your area.

  5. Satish says:

    Mallesh, can you name some plants that absorb energy? Thanks Satish

    • admin says:

      Hello Satish Ji;
      Every green plant absorbs energy like “Spider Plant” image of which is posted for reference in original Webpage

      • Ankit says:

        Dear Sir,

        We have a covered top of stairs in North East direction (in Ishan Kone). Is there any negative impact of it? If yes, can you please share some remedies for the Same? Also would like share that there is toilet under the stairs in North East direction. Please share your views as soon as possible, I would be highly obliged for you.

        Thanking you.

        • admin says:

          Stairs and Toilet in North-east is a Severe defect and It requires “Gems Therapy”
          Please call me for details on 9494214400

  6. prashant says:

    Somebody advised me that placing bronze bowl in north east kitchen will reduce vastu dosh. Pl advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Prashant ji;
      Yes placing a Bronz bowl on ceiling in Northeast kitchen will reduce the Vaastu dosh. Please see that these bowls should not exactly on the stove and bowls should be in downward position.

  7. vilas says:


    Can you review the house plan and advice if any changes needs to be done. I can hardly do any changes to be honest.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Vilas ji;
      So many defects are there, its a flat or Independent house. If you trust Vaastu Shastra, then please do changes for your betterment.

      • vilas says:

        Hello Sirji,
        Thank you for your response. This is an Independent house/villa and it is under a project whereby 18 villas are being constructed. This and couple more were available, but I chose this as it was only with 1420 sqft, rest were smaller. Also the builder claims to have built all villas as per vastu Shatra.

        Can you please advice what changes needs to be done, as said I can hardly make any changes as the ground floor is complete and first floor work is under progress.

        Thank you for your kind assistance.

  8. ayesha says:

    Hello sir,
    Our house has a north east cut.can u give a remedie .I heard about the mirror placement can u explain me how? Does it need to touch the floor? Actually we have a L shape north east.
    Plesse explain me where should we place our altar?
    And our south is the kitchen.and it is in south west.but floor level is low than north and east by one inch.can u give me a remedie sir?my mother is sick always related to heart and my father getting abnormal temper like depression.Please give me a remedie.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ayeshaji:
      Regarding cut in Northeast place a mirror in such a way, which could enlarge the defected area. You can use mirror size which should seems enlarged as if it is Natural. You have to keep the mirror facing the Northeast, so that could reflect the Northeast. Not necessary to touch the floor. Southwest kitchen and floor level is lower than Northeast, this is major defect which gives instability and health problems to elders ( You are facing that ) any remedy shall not eradicate the defect it only reduces the impact. If it is your own house better to shift the Kitchen to Southeast or Northwest.

      • acb says:

        sir, you said “You have to keep the mirror facing the Northeast, so that could reflect the Northeast. ” does it mean that that mirror will be kept at the South West end diagonally opposite to North East

        • admin says:

          Hello acb:
          Keep the mirror facing the Northeast, in such a way, that could reflect the Northeast, means you have to place it on Compound wall of Northeast direction or area, facing Northeast.

          • kuldip says:

            my north , east corner is cut, and i read your comments of mirror but i can’t understand that when i fix mirror, can i fix mirror on north – east wall which when we see in mirror we can see the area of south.

          • admin says:

            Hello Kuldip Ji;
            Which direction is Cut East, North or Northeast. Please call me on 9494214400 for clarification

  9. ayesha says:

    hello sir,

    thank you very much for your reply. Can you send me your email address I can send my house plan to you. I cant attached it here.I have some more questions but cant explain until I send you my house plan.

    thanks sir

  10. pradeep says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am planning to go into a house, which has bathroom in the north east corner of the house. House is facing north. Can you please tell me remedies for this dosha?

    Once we open the main door the bathroom is on the left side, with a sliding door.

    Previously it is a duplex house, main door was facing east. Now they removed those stairs and kept the main door facing north and built a wall in the hall to make a bedroom on the right side of the main door, so bedroom is in north west corner.
    Kitchen is on the south east corner.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mr. Pradeep JI;
      Bathroom (with WC) in Northeast is a major defect, which affects your overall growth and success in everywhere. Any remedy will only decrease the effect not eradicate totally. Put a bowl of sea salt in bathroom change it frequently. Keep a green plant in bathroom which absorbs negative energy. (e.g. Spider Plant ). Northwest bedroom also not recommended for couple.

  11. trupthi says:

    Hello sir.
    i have mailed u about my house which next week we r planing to shift . Its rented house east facing and kitchen is on right place but the master bedroom is above the kitchen and other two bedrooms are in between kitchen and main door east side facing west doors for all and both bathrooms is on southwest corner of the house and there is no place in west and south side . What to do pls suggest .actually our current house is exactly opposite to vastu and we are suffring a lot in current house so we have decided to move on .

    • admin says:

      Hello Trupti Ji:
      Master bedroom is above the kitchen means it comes in Southeast. Bathrooms in Southwest mean if it is with WC then problematic. Master bedroom in Southeast is also not recommended. Even you are facing problems in non complying Vaastu then it is not recommended to shift in this house also. You can call me on 0949421440

  12. Kajol says:

    Good morning to you. Thanks so much for this information, you will definitely be blessed as you help all those in need. We too are in a rented house, just realised that the kitchen is in the north east. We have placed the altar worship daily with lamp 24 +7 at height in the north east corner wall. The stove is near the door which is diagonal opp to the altar. We are going through very bad times , as my husband is jobless for nearly 2 years now and he is getting irritated and angry ,fighting daily. We have 2 little boys too. And don’t want all this to affect us. The entrance door of house is exact north. Please help us.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kajol Ji;
      If this is rental house, then think to shift elsewhere. Defect in NE will create disharmony in between husband and wife. Females will become aggressive, so take it easy and support the husband. Take three Bronze Bowl and place them on the roof of Kitchen in North-Northeast-East direction, Facing downward, they should not come exact on Gas Stove. Place a Goddess Sarswati photo riding on Hans on the North wall that will strengthen the NE. Worship more and more God Mahadeva / Lord Shiva. If possible paint a lemon yellow color in Kitchen and light reddish on Southern wall.

      • Kajol says:

        Thanks so much. We will not be able to shift now till a year. I shall put the 3 bowls on the roof and will do as you said. Pour milk to lord shiva and worship as well. Is it good to put a mirror too. Which wall? I pray that by doing this there is peace and that my husband soon gets a job and his career grows. We already have the wall lemon light green. Will put the reddish shade as u said. Thanks regards.

  13. Amrita Bhanwara says:


    My master bedroom in is North east corner , balcony is in south east corner and L shaped home , where drawing room is in south west corner , kindly advise with solution like mantras or other alternatives as we bought home with very hurdles due to financial problem , we are not in state to make any changes and i am little worried before shifting there. Kindly advise some alternatives , will be waiting for response.

    One more thing i want to understand that how do we decide the direction of from the main door, Is it when we open main door from outside , which direction we are heading toward OR we count direction from inside when we open the door for guests ?

    For me details are :
    When we open door for guests i.e. from inside : i face west direction
    When we open door from outside to enter in the house : I face east direction.

    My kitchen is right at the left side from the main door and drawing room is right when we enter in the house.
    When we go straight at the end I have my Master bedroom and right side to master bed is my balcony attached.

    Another room is before balcony right side of main entrance after drawing room.


    • admin says:

      Hello Amrita Ji:
      After having read your explanation, the location of your house seems follow
      “When we open door for guests i.e. from inside: i face west direction” means
      Main entrance door is in west direction, located just Center of West Side.
      Kitchen is in Northwest- it’s OK. You must face West direction while cooking.
      Drawing room is in Southwest: it is little problematic, place furniture in such a way that you should face towards East or North while performing any activity.
      “Another room is before balcony right side of main entrance after drawing room”: Means this is room in South direction: Ok, This room can be used as a Master bedroom instead of that room in Northeast.
      Bedroom in Northeast be used for children or retired persons. Never be used for Couples or Unmarried girls.
      Place a Trishul Swastik and OM on Main entrance door. Being a Hindu always have a Tulsi plant in the Northeast direction and lit a lamp every morning and evening, if no space is there you can put it anywhere.
      Place a Panchmukhi hanuman Pic. In Southwest direction facing West or if possible South direction.
      Always keep all the directions clean and neat, clutter free.

      • Amrita Bhanwara says:


        Thank you very much for you solutlion. I will do as per your instructions.I have two more questions:
        – As per your resolution you suggested that North east bedroom can be used as Children room or for retired persons but not for unmarried girls. If any of my cousin or any unmarried girl will come to our home , can we give northeast room to her? If she stays for long time then can north east bedroom used or not?

        – You suggested that while cooking i should face west but my window is in east side and cooking gas will be placed there only , is it ok ? or shall i change shelf to west side?

        Need more guidance :
        – As you suggested that i should place panchmukhi hanuman pic in south or west direction , is it possible that i place two pics of panchmukhi hanuman bhagwan in my drawing room , one is facing south direction and other pic facing west direction?

        – As my kitchen is in North west direction but my dry balcony is coming is in north east direction due to L shape house – so can I place tulsi plant in the dry balcony in north east corner or shall i go for north east bedroom corner for tulsi plant?

        Your resolution gave me satisfaction and thank you very much for your time. Before your reply i was very scared moving to my new house.

        Amrita Bhanwara.

        • admin says:

          Hello Amrita Ji;
          If any of your cousin comes she can use NE bedroom, any of unmarried Girl stay with you for longer period, then should not use that.
          In kitchen if its possible to face East you can, otherwise West may be fine.
          Any WC in southern region is OK.

  14. Amrita Bhanwara says:

    – One more thing i want to tell you that my both the bath rooms are in front of first bedroom before balcony i.e. south direction bedroom and WC is in east west direction. Will that be a trouble going forward or shall we change it?

    If we cant change it then what can be a solution to it , and what can be the harmful effects of this dosh , if it is?

    • admin says:

      Hello Amrita ji:
      See that WC falls in East,then it is problematic, WC in East will stops success in every field, disconnection with spirituality and head related health problems to head of the family. Better you shift it to South or Northwest.

  15. Amrita Bhanwara says:

    I have sent you floor plan on your email id i.e. , Kindly reply.

    Amrita Bhanwara

  16. dedeepya says:

    sir we have a stair case in north east direction,please tell me the remedy for it

    • admin says:

      Hello Dedeepya Ji;
      Put Two Tortoises at the beginning lower step of stairs, facing each other. Make Southwest direction Heavier than Northeast putting overhead water tank, even constructing a room in that direction.

      • Saurabh says:

        I like to know how to place tortoise?
        1) Lower step 2) tortoise should facing together
        Question 1) should be copper? stone ? or handmade clay statue also work? 2) if copper why it should be copper any reason? 3) tortoise should be visible ? 4) have to remove center part of step and keep tortoise inside and plaster again ?

        thanks in advance

        • admin says:

          Hello Saurabhji:
          Tortoise should be placed below the Lower step [First]. 1. It should be of Bronze. 2. Tortoise should not be visible. 3. Yes after keeping tortoise plaster it again. For clarification please call me on 09494214400

  17. VANDANA SINGH says:

    our house has north east septic that create any type of vaastu dosh? i m worried very much.if its create any dosh than suggest me remedy.i m waiting.

  18. amigaurab says:

    our house is 30 years old and has 2 floors.. the toilet is in the north-east in both floors.. the kitchen is facing east… my father passed away last year due to lung infection (copd) and my wife is very agressive and filed 498a and DV against me which i am fighting in courts. i think there is a lot of vaastu dosh in our house and land, also lot of people are jealous of our house and land because its road side and attracts lot of peoples eyes.. lot of promoters want to grab this land but i dont want to sell it at all… kindly suggest a remedy for the toilet at north east of the building (both floors) and also how to save myself from evil eye.

    • admin says:

      Hello Amigaurab Ji:
      As you said your plot is at Roadside and have Valuable. So Shift that Toilets of Northeast to South or Northwest direction in the plot/house, rather than going for remedial measures. Because any remedy will only reduce the impact of defect. Put a Panchmukhi hanuman photo on Southwest direction facing road. Strengthen the East as you can. All issues will settle down.

  19. vartika says:

    Hi, have kitchen in north east direction. I cook facing the western wall of kitchen. Suffer from fibroids in uterus, sinus and have become over weight. Husband has neuro and migrain problem…pls guide…cant make major structural changes. I am out of job for 4 years…tried business didn’t work.

    • admin says:

      Hello Vartika ji:
      What you have explained are the outcome of Northeast kitchen. If its your own house/flat, shift the kitchen in Southeast and Puja room in Northeast direction that will solves all the problems. Mean while place Three Bronze bowls on the roof of kitchen in North-Northeast-East direction facing downwards and see that any of bowl should not come exactly on gas stove. Make a temporary arrangement so that you can face East while cooking. Please send me Plan of your house so that I can help you.

  20. t.c.sharmila says:

    our plot has bore well in north east corner.however there is bathroom cum toilet in the northeast corner in the constructed bedroom.there is 8ft gap between the borewell & the toilet wall.what remedy has to be done?i am worried.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sharmila ji:
      Bore-well in Northeast is a luck factor to your house. But bedroom having toilet in Northeast is the sever defect. This bedroom is never to be used by Couples. If possible close that bathroom/toilet immediately. Mean while place Three Bronze bowls on the roof of this Toilet in North-Northeast-East direction facing downwards the floor.

  21. Manabendra Chakavorti says:

    ITI have a toilet in the north east sector on the back side of of my house which is facing west. There is also a septic tank in the north east which is of course 3ft away from the main building and boundary wall. Kindly suggest vastu remedy to the ill effect without shifting the toilet and septic tank. There is a small space in the south-east to shirt the toilet there but in that case it will be adjacent to the Kitchen (about 5 ft) as my kitchen in the southeast. Regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Manabendra Ji:

      As you said like “There is a septic tank in the north east which is 3ft away from the main building and boundary wall” means it is not in your plot or you are not using that, if so no problem otherwise problematic. only remedy is to shift the Toilet in South or Northwest region. The toilet and Septic tank in Northeast are major defects and you will not get Success any where and many more.

      • Manabendra Chakavorti says:

        Thank you very much for your kind reply. Both septic tank and toilet is inside my boundary wall but not touching the main building and boundary wall. What would be adverse affect in the present position ? If i an presently shift the toilet in the south east side and keep the north east for bath room only? Any specific remedy if I cannot shift the septic tank from north east at present ? kindly advise. Respectful regards.

        • admin says:

          Hello Manabendra ji;
          Both septic tank and toilet in Northeast are sever defects. Your success will affect adversely. Stress full life, suicidal thoughts no name and fame these are some adverse effects. Shift the toilet in South, you can use northeast as bathroom. mean while Paint yellow color on top of the septic tank.

          • Manabendra Chakavorti says:

            Thank you very much sir. Kindly advise further if I follow the above remedies whether I can be safe from the adverse affects. Should I be required to shift the septic tank elsewhere ? I shall shirt the toilet to south as advise. Awaiting for your kind reply.

          • admin says:

            Hello Manabendra
            Yes by shifting Septic Tank and Toilet from NE you will be almost safe. However what about other elements.

  22. trupthi says:

    Hello sir/ madam
    Thank u for emidiate reply . But couldnt search my question til the time . We have already shifted to this house we r not using southeast room as a bedroom. We had to shift from old house . As we had a robbery and nothing was ther to stay. So we shifted. And as.we have a pet so we have to see his comfortablity also and we showed this house to vastu person he said its 60% ok so we did we cant get fully vastu house on rent. He told us to keep.salt in toilets and one query i have is we have to keep our almera under the staircase we cant change the place is there any remedies for that .i wany to call u but everytime.its engage so pls calling timings so that i can call

  23. Mahesh says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Currently i am renovation my house & my house stair case is in north-east direction steps starting from south to north & also has underground water tank is under the stair case. so please suggest me remedies.


    • admin says:

      Hello Maheshji:
      Is underground water tank is Exactly below the staircase or nearby to it.
      And remedy is placing two copper tortoises below the first step. And Whats your exact problem.

  24. Amrita Bhanwara says:


    as per flat direction, there are two toilet cum bathroom and its in north east corner , but i am not sure about north east corner but its door is in south direction and sitting direction of one toilet is west east and other ones is east west.

    Want to know , is it correct or not.


  25. amrit says:

    HELLO ,
    there are two toilet cum bathroom in north east corner and kitchen is on north direction , is it correct or not ? if not how to correct , room in north east side is correct?
    if i not use that toilet is defect remove permantaly

    • admin says:

      Hello Amrit Ji:
      Toilet in Northeast is a big and Sever defect. Close it permanently and Shift it to Northwest or South.

  26. Rahat parveen says:

    Dear sir

    As per our email conversation, u have said that there is dosh in north east and souteastof our house. We have kitchen in north east and a porch with iron grills and one bedroom in south east. Kindly suggest us vastu remedies for these dosh. I have already sent u plan of my house on ur mail id. Waiting for ur reply

    • admin says:

      Hello Rahat ji:
      Kitchen in Northeast and Bedroom in Southeast are the major defects. Defect in Northeast will stops growth and have to fallout every where. Southeast bedroom will irritate the inmates. Its better to shift Kitchen in Southeast. Because any remedy will only reduce the impact and not eradicate that defect. Meanwhile do this remedy:
      Put three Bronze Bowls on roof of the Kitchen in North-Northeast-East direction, Facing downward, care should be taken that they should not come exact on Gas Stove. Place a Goddess Sarswati Picture riding on Hans on the North wall and paint lemon yellow color in NE kitchen, that will strengthen the NE. Worship more and more God Mahadeva / Lord Shiva.

  27. Mahesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your reply but my exact problem is that my staircase is in north-east direction steps starting from south towards north & below the staircase there is under ground water tank, so as per vastu both staircase & underground water tank (is in north-east side but partly under the staricase) is it in correct direction & if not please suggest me perfect remedy for the same.


    • admin says:

      Hello Mahesh Ji:
      Underground water tank in Northeast is perfect one, however staircase in NE will problematic.
      Remedy: As i said earlier put two tortoises below the first step of staircase.

  28. Soudri Raju says:

    Dear sir,
    Good afternoon. My house is L shaped the compound northeast is little height and heavy and extended towards east.and main door is southfacing. Myproblem is all people are becoming enemy one by one without any reason.and also we are facing financial problems.and homelessness problem.kindly suggest me the remedies.
    Thanks & regards
    J.S.Raju Soudri.

    • admin says:

      Hello Raju Ji:
      House id L shaped and extended towards east, Northeast is heavy, means there seems cut in Southeast. Both the Northeast and Southeast defected. And Main door is Exact where in the South direction. Please send me your House plan on my email. I will help you.

  29. suresh says:

    hello sir,
    Our Staircase is at north-east side and its grow to south and our south west side is open ??? …… please give me any remedies …….please give me. sir i have lots of problems with my career …i am first class degree in BE computer but still i am jobless .. please help to get rid of this situation ….i will do all the remedies as u give me . but plese help me i will send you this email . my email is

  30. MANOJ says:

    Hi Sir,

    I bough home (1 BHK) 6 Month back. Details are below:-
    South West : Entry
    North West : Kitchen
    North East : Master Bad room
    South East : Bathroom

    Please suggest .. your valuable view on same, also provide some way to avoid vastu dosh.
    I was not check any vatu at time of buying house due to lack of knowledge .
    Now I am start believing in Vastu so please help me out.

  31. Mahesh says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Thanks for the remedy but as you mention that northeast staircase is problamatic, is it viable to dismantle the staircase & construt a iron staircase or remedy with resolve the matter.


  32. Meeta says:


    I am planning to take a property on rent and start my business there. It is good in all perspectives, however, its north east is almost cut, could you suggest, if it is a major concern area or i can have some solutions around it and start my work there.


    • admin says:

      Hello Meetaji:
      Cut in Northeast will never give you success in your business. Its better to go for another. An look for South entrance door for your business.

  33. vrushti says:

    Dear Sir,

    As i am renovating my house & my main concern is that spetic tank is in south east direction, so is it viabe to close that septic tank or is there any remedy & i have dig another septic tank on the north west corner as well. so pls suggest me remedy wheather i can keep the southeast septic tank as an alternative septic tank or not.


    • admin says:

      Hello Vrushti ji:
      It is better to dig or construct new septic tank in the north west direction, and close the septic tank in Southeast one. Because any remedy should only reduces the impact and not eradicate the defect.

  34. latha narayan says:


    We have a purchased a small east facing flat, NE entrance, kitchen is in the NW. Gas stove cannot be kept in east side… Hence, can we face north while cooking… west is also little difficult..
    thanks & regards,

    • admin says:

      Hello Latha Ji:
      NW kitchen is acceptable, but try to face west while cooking. North facing will brings sudden health problems.

  35. Thomas says:

    Hi, I have sent you a mail with my houseplan, kindly help. Thanks

  36. KC says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am planning to buy a 2 storied house that has the West entrance with Kitchen on South East. It has a Master bed room on the SW corner and bathroom on the SE corner. That is, bathroom right above the kitchen. Can you suggest any remedy for this ?


    • admin says:

      Hello KC
      Bathroom above the kitchen not recommended, and again its in Southeast bathroom, remedy is to shift the bathroom in NW or South.

  37. KC says:

    Dear Admin, I have some more questions. Sent you an email. Please reply when you get a chance. Thanks KC

  38. RJ says:

    We are palnning to buy a two bedroom kitchen house which has two toilet cum bathrooms in the south east and northeast corner respectively..The house is a perfect rectangle with no cuts in any other area. the entrance is in the centre on the east wall of the house. one bedroom is in the north and the other is in the this a good flat to by as per vaastu?

    • admin says:

      Hello RJ:
      Bathroom cum Toilets in North east and Southeast are sever defects and can not be recommended at any cost. One must have bedroom in Southwest area to have a stability in house.

  39. Kavita says:

    I am constructing house my bathroom is located in the eastern side not in the northeast or south east. Is it good location

    • admin says:

      Hello Kavita Ji:
      If bathroom is only bathroom without WC then its excellent, but having WC is defect.

  40. Charan says:

    Dear Admin,

    I bought a new flat in one of the apartment, but I observed that there is a lift outside of my north east wall. And that is not located in my flat premises. There is a 8 ft open space in between my flat and other flat in East direction. So lift is in between this 2 flats and which is outside of my north east corner wall.

    Please let me know, if any problem with this. And if any problem, request you to send me remedy.

    For clear picture, check below link


  41. Charan says:

    Dear Admin,
    I bought a new flat in one of the apartment, but I observed that there is a lift outside of my north east wall. And that is not located in my flat premises. There is a 8 ft open space in between my flat and other flat in East direction. So lift is in between this 2 flats and which is outside of my north east corner wall.
    Please let me know, if any problem with this. And if any problem, request you to send me remedy.
    For clear picture, check below link

  42. kk says:


    I have North east kitchen and northwest bed room please suggest some vastu remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello KK:
      Place three Bronze bowls on roof of kitchen facing downwards in North-NE-East. They should not come exact on gas stove. Northwest bed room is not a defect.

  43. usha says:

    Dear Admin,

    we just bought a home which is good as per vastu. PLOT is rectangle shape but the north east corner of the HOUSE is cut in L shape because of patio. Here is the plan.Please let us know if there is a defect in north east corner, we are planning for children, please provide a remedy if there is a defect

    PLOT Is rectangle on North side road
    Main entrance facing north
    Patio on north wall at north east corner
    garage on north west and extended from home towards north
    first floor north east corner is empty
    second floor north east corner does not have any windows and is for clothes closet
    North side plot area more than south side plot area
    south east kitchen ,stove facing east .

    • admin says:

      Hello Usha:
      Cut means on ground level is there any cut in the slab [slab is not in rectangle]. What is the location of bedroom and toilet.

  44. pallavi says:

    Hello Admin,

    It’s very heartwarming to see the advice you are giving to so many people! Please keep up the good work!

    I also have few vastu queries about the home we recently bought, just a month ago!

    We have main entrance facing East/NE. But unfortunately, we also have a staircase and a bathroom beneath the staircase, and both of them are in the NE direction! What should we do….We just bought this home a month ago, can’t do anything about that…Please suggest some remedy!

    Also, when we open the main door, outside the main door there is a blank wall and I placed a Tulsi plant at the corner of the wall. Is that ok?
    And when we enter the home, we have a window facing the maindoor, is that ok?

    We also have the master bathroom in southwest and bedroom in the west direction. Anything to help this defect?

    Awaiting for your reply eagerly! Please help!

    Thank you

    • pallavi says:

      Sorry, a little revision in the directions –

      Main entrance – E
      staircase / bathroom (with WC facing W) – N-NE
      master bedroom -W-NW
      master bathroom – S-SW

    • admin says:

      Hello Pallavi Ji:
      Every thing is OK.
      If you have a another Toilet in the house, please close that toilet in Northeast [Under the staircase] or minimize the use. Mean while put [Fix ] the three bronze bowls on toilet roof facing downward. Put a Sea-salt in toilet change it frequently. Put a money plant, Pam plant near by to door of toilet. Window facing the main door not a defect. Use SW room as a Master bedroom and NW for children bedroom. Nothing to worry.

      • pallavi says:

        Thank you so much for the reply, Sir! After reading this page, I thought having a Staircase (and a bathroom under the staircase) in the Northeast direction is severe defect. Please advise. And the master Bathroom is in the Southwest direction…any remedy for that also?

        • admin says:

          Hello pallavi ji:
          Bathroom (WC) in Northeast direction and Bathroom (WC) in Southwest direction are severe defects. As i saying repeatedly any remedy will reduce the impact but not eradicate that defect. So close the bathroom (with WC) of Northeast. Bathroom of Southwest should be shifted in South or northwest direction. Meanwhile keep Sea salt bowl in both the toilets, change it frequently. paint with reddish color to SW bathroom.
          Keep a pendulum watch on South wall. Keep a Money plant in Northeast direction.

  45. mahesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    As earlier you suggested me to place 2 tortoise under the first staircase, can you please suggest me how to place it.


    • admin says:

      Hello Mahesh:
      Place 2 tortoise below the first step there by digging little so as to tortoise can be fit.

  46. vrushti says:

    Dear Sir,

    My toilet cum bathroom is in south west direction & are above the ground level. Is it in right direction & if not please suggest me perfect remedy.


    • admin says:

      Hello Vrushti Ji;
      Toilet in Southwest is never recommended. As i say repeatedly any remedy will only reduce the negativity not wipe-out the defect. Shifting SW toilet to South or Northwest is the remedy. However paint a reddish color in SW bathroom and door. If you have another Toilet in the house then close this.

  47. Rakesh says:

    Dear Admin,

    Our soon to be bought property has a cut in North-East corner. House is West facing and north side is completely open with backyard however adjacent property room is extended to North-East of our backyard. Also east side of built in house has some open area (sufficient to easily walk) before the boundary fence.
    Can you advise if this could be a dosh and if so any remedy.

    Thanks in advance.


    • admin says:

      Hello Rakesh Ji:
      This is a Shermukhi Plot. North-Northeast cut could be major defect, if you could make this plot rectangle leaving that Extended part of Northwest then its fine otherwise we not recommend this house.

      • Rakesh says:

        Dear Admin,

        Thanks for your response and I am very much pleased with the knowledge sharing and expert advice you have been giving to everyone.
        Anyway we reside in Australia.
        Below link shows the photos of house structure where pink colour is built-in area and there is some exterior area around built-in area. Red arrow mark shows that adjacent property room is extended to our back yard area. House is west facing and I have also uploaded google maps satellite view to get an understanding.
        My queries are is vaastu applicable for any country or just in India. Another query is as you can see total area (including exterior backyard) is not rectangle so do we still count that as NE corner. Also if there is anything we can do to reduce the defect.


  48. Richa agrawal says:

    Hi my kids study table is in north west facing the wall and back the door of the room .. Kindly give me the remedy as there is no other place

  49. Pardeep says:

    Hi Sir,

    In my house at north of north-east there is a toilet/bathroom. Please tell the remedy for it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pradeep Ji:
      Northeast toilet is the sever defect and any remedy will reduce the negative impact not eradicate the defect. Shifting this toilet to South or Northwest is the remedy. Mean while fix a three bronze bowls on toilet roof facing downward. Put a bowl filled with Sea-salt in toilet change it frequently. Put a Pam plant money plant near by to door of toilet.

      • Pardeep says:

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks a lot for the reply. I calculated the direction wrongly. Its in the East-North-East direction and a little far to door there is shoe rack, if it has to be moved then in which direction it should be placed.
        Sir I have another toilet/bathroom in south-west direction, will it counter the effect of it.

        • admin says:

          Hello Pardeep ji:
          Again Toilet/Bathroom in Southwest is a Sever defect. So close this two bathroom of NE and SW and construct in South or Northwest. Meanwhile put a Sea salt bowls in Both the toilets. Paint a reddish color to SW bathroom. Put a pendulum watch on South wall of SW direction. Keep money plant near the NE toilet.

  50. Venkat says:

    Hello Sir,

    Need remedy for North toilet.

    We are aware that having a toilet in the North of the property is a flaw (though not a major flow like having one in NE). I have been searching through the Internet to find out remedies, there seems to be no particular remedies for North toilets. Remedies for NE seems to be clear, inverted bronze bowls hanging from NE corner, replenishing rock salt, plants (spider plant, money plant, palm plant), etc. Can you please suggest a suitable North remedy?

    NE – Dining
    N – Toilet (remedy?)
    N – Main Entrance
    NW – Living Room

    Thanks for your help.


    • admin says:

      Hello Venkat Ji:
      You can use the remedies as used in the NE Toilet defect. Paint a green color in Toilet and door of toilet. And after all shifting this toilet to South is the best remedy.

  51. Narender says:

    Dear Sir, Im constructing my home, and as per plan stair case is in North-East direction
    Kindly advice its ok? Or if not plz advice some remedy
    Also my main gate is also in North-East direction and the underwater tank is in the same position

  52. Arjun says:

    Hello Sir,
    The North East Corner of my flat has a cut, also a toilet a overhead water tank inside the toilet.

    Please suggest me to reduce/nullify the vastudosha.

    Can we place Spider Plant inside the toilet?

    • admin says:

      Hello Arjun:
      A toilet a overhead water tank inside the toilet means exact what, Please call me on 09494214400

  53. Priya says:

    We have just bought a North-West facing property that has a Bathroom-cum-Toilet in the NE direction. We are planning to keep spider plant, sea salt, bronze plates in the room. However, since there are 2 other Bath-cum-toilets in the property, someone suggested us to just remove only the WC from this room. i.e. to convert room from Bath+WC to only Bathroom. They told me that having Bathroom only in NE is not a Vaastu Dosh. Kindly direct us.. What should we do?

    Is having a Bathroom (i.e without WC) in NE advisable?

    • admin says:

      Hello Priya Ji:
      Yes you can use that as only a Bathroom by removing a WC from that. Having a Bathroom (i.e without WC) in NE is not a Defect – Dosh.

  54. Nikhil says:

    Kindly suggest me remedy for “Ishan Kone” problem which is faced with south-east gate and is slightly upper than other corners…. Pl note, I have got water boring in Ishan kone.. And I have tagged one photo of Lord Ganesha on wall facing south-east i.e. main gate…

  55. amrita says:

    1.) Ours is a duplex house.The kitchen is in the north- west corner. It is an L-shape kitchen with the shelf beginning in north-east corner of the kitchen and ending in mid-west with sink at the end.Then there is a door which opens into the wash area at the west.I face NORTH while cooking.

    We are planning to renovate the kitchen at the same place.There is a bathroom and dressing area above the kitchen.If we shift the cooking area in south-east corner of the kitchen, then there is dressing area above that part,but there is door at the back opening into wash area ,and the kitchen entrance is towards right(near south-east corner of the kitchen). If we keep the cooking area in the north-west of the kitchen ,then there is WC just above that part.It is not possible to shift the bathroom.Please suggest some solution.Where should the sink be if we make the changes?Can we keep the gas where there is sink now (mid-west) near the door of wash area?

    2.) On the ground floor there is a room in the north-east.But above that there is a bathroom which is a bit extended towards the east.WC is just above the eeshan kone of the room below.Can we shift the bathroom to the adjoining dressing area in the north-west corner of that room(the room above)?Is there any other solution?
    Mandir is placed in the south-east corner of the room below as there is bathroom above the north-east corner.Is it OK.Please suggest.

  56. sanju says:

    Kindly suggest,

    Mere ghar ki jo sidhiya hai woh Anti clockwise hai aur even number of steps hai aur chadte waqt facing east hai.Aap mujhe pls iska kuch solution bataiye,Jisse mujhe sidhiyo ko todna na pade aur dosh bhi khatam ho jaye..
    Pls mail me the remedy on my email ektakumari.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sanju:
      Aapke ghar me Shidhiya exact konsi disha me hai, bataye.

      • sanju says:

        North East ki disha mien hai..

        • sanju says:

          Hello sir,

          Mere ghar ki sidhiyo pe chadte waqt east ke taraf face rehta hai phir turn hoke west ke taraf jata hai…aur sidhiya bhi even number of steps hai or anti-clockwise hai…pls kuch solution bataye…

  57. ankit jain says:

    dear sir ,

    iam married . my room is located northeast corner . me and my wife have daily quarrels and fight .. i am placed my marriage photo facing east … daily i have fight … i have shown to the vaastu expert . he said the room is not favorable for new couple … we dont have more room .. pls give us some remedies to help out from this ..

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Ankit Ji:
      Northeast bedroom is not recommended for New couple, however South east direction may have some defects and that could be the cause for quarrels and fights. Place a bed in Southwest area of Northeast room. Your’s head should be towards South while sleeping. you can call me on 9494214400 for clearness

  58. Narender says:

    Dear Sir, kindly advice.


  59. joyeeta says:

    hello sir,
    meri home town westbengal hai or study k liye ahmedabad ayi hu, pichle 4 saal se ek rented room pe hu. mujhe college se jada room pasand hai. isiliye study pe delay v ho rha hai. or meri frustration level badd gyi hai. room ki entrance hai west direction me. N ,NE block hai koi window ya door nei hai, back door SE me hai, window WSW,SSE me hai. NW toilet n kitchen SE me hai . or SSE S SW me ek chota sa courtyard east corner me hai jo change nehi kar sakte hai rent-house hai isliye.meri chotisi ek storage hai jo NW me hai. din k adha time i feel energyless. baki samay thik rehti hu. par concentration kar nei pati jada der tak. skills ruk gyi hai iss room pe aakar .art & design leke study kar rhi hu. pls help me.

    thank you
    joyeeta roy

  60. Mr.prabhat bharati says:

    Dear Sir
    My flat have cut in north – east direction as well as toilet in N-E direction.
    Pl advice remedies for this defects .

    thank you


    • admin says:

      Hello Prabhat Ji:
      Toilet in NE direction is a Sever defect. Shifting Toilet to South or NW is the fine remedy. For cut in Northeast please call me on 09494214400

  61. Amar Singh says:

    I live in a flat where the NE corner is meant for bedroom used by me. I am going through many financial as well as mental problem. There is no peace in the house. The SE has cut and east is kitchen. SW is drawing room, West is bathroom & NW is another bedroom with balcony used by my brother & his wife.
    Please Help.

    • admin says:

      Hello AmarJi:
      Bedroom in NE corner, South east cut [adversely affects on financial inflow], drawing room in SW are the defects which creates the problems what you are facing.
      If you are elder or Family head, then you must use the Southwest bedroom. NE direction may be converted in Living room. NW bedroom is fine for your brother and his wife. For Remedy on SE cut please call me on 9494214400.

      • kanya kumari says:

        our building has a concrete cut of the roof( the roof of the north east corner is cut a bit as it touches the next house the ground floor and the 1st floor 2nd floor doesnt have..we are elders who are staying in first floor and our devar stays in 2nd floor please suggest


  62. shashi says:

    we satay in a independent house facing north east. after we constructing the house an electric high tension pole is been installed on the northeast corner outside the house just beside the entrance gate.please sugges

    • admin says:

      Hello Shashi:
      If the distance between that HT pole and your house is more than Twice of the Height of your house, then it doesn’t affect you.

  63. shashi says:

    Hello sir,
    Thanks for your reply but the distance is less then twice the height.please suggest me with the correction.
    thank you

  64. shashi says:

    and sir in the first floor we planed to go for construction but due to some reasons we built only the slab and then stopped the construction and kept it incomplete.will this be considered as the height of the house or not as its only the slab.
    please reply

  65. Rachna says:

    my main door facing southwest direction. It cant be replaced.Master bedroom is in North of Noth West and attached bathroom cum WC is in NE. Please suggest remedy.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rachna ji:
      Main door facing Southwest direction, Attached bathroom in NE – defects.
      Paint a reddish color and put a Copper Swastika on this door, Put a pendulum watch on South wall in SW direction. For NE toilet, shifting it to South or NW is the remedy. [ because I repeatedly say any remedy will only reduce the negativity and eradicate the defect]

  66. Sona says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please suggest the vastu for flat no 403 ( mentioned in the site ) .

    1. I am totally confused the NE corner is cut or not for this flat ?
    2. What are the vastu defects and their remedies in this flat 403.

    Please let me know it would a great help .

    Site for the flat 403 directions :

    Thanks in advance

  67. shashi says:

    sir this is shashi please help with the remedy

  68. Murali says:

    I rented house recently with 12 months contract I can not change it now I notices that kitchen is at N- E . I searched for Bronze bowls to place or hang in kitchen.
    but I could n’t find actula bronze.if I go to the product details It is Brass/copper/bronze.

    please suggest me which is the correct metel

    • admin says:

      Hello Murali Ji:
      If Bronze is not getting, you can opt for Copper. Meanwhile light a red bulb in the Southeast direction to improve SE.Place a copper strip at the door step of NE kitchen. [size 6.25 mm]

  69. kiran says:

    I have my dry balcony in south east direction is it something bad? But my kitchen is in exact south east

  70. shobha says:

    sir mera ghar duplex hai.neeche 1 bed room bathroom hai.bathroom east mei hai.dusra bathroom stairs ke neeche hai,uper 4 bedroom hai with atteched toilets..please north aur east ke toilet ki remedy bataeye..ghar mei jitne room hai unse jyada toilets hai.5 rrooms hai 6 toilets hai.thx

  71. Anupam says:

    Dear Admin,

    I have 3-4 ft free area around my house..I.e. any one can go round of house.Kitchen is in NE corner..but in the same flat we have one small pooja room at NE is it vaastu dosh??Please suggest !!

  72. saroj says:

    Hello Sir,

    We are using south west direction bedroom which my husband me and my son are using. and another bedroom in opposite direction South east which my mother in law and sister in law using. Both bedrooms door opens opposite each other. My husband and I face many financial and emotional difficulties.

    Also we are having main door at north east direction and having cut. behind main door , we have shoe rack. Please help.


  73. sam says:

    DEar Sir/Madam
    I live in london and the house i am buying has got the bedroom in north east direction. any remedies for that
    also i have kept the temple in north east direction but when doing pooja i face north east direction but not east so is tht ok?

  74. Mridul says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Mridul from Kolkata. I have a bathroom with indian toilet (facing east) in the north east corner of my house. The toilet is constructed over the septic tank which is obviously in the north east also. It is an attached toilet with my bedroom where I and my wife live. I am really suffering from financial shortage and even having problems in my newly married life. Please suggest a remedy without making any change in the construction which is nearly impossible. I am ready to do pujas and place any objects where ever necessary according to your suggestions. Looking forward to your reply soon. Thank you. Regards.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mridul Ji;
      Septic tank and toilet with bedroom in Northeast is a major defect. And Shifting these elements is the remedy, because I always say any remedial measure will reduce the Negative effect but not removes that defect.

      • Atul says:

        Sir I have to shift in a south facing flat where master bedroom is located in northeast. Guest room is in north west direction. Kitchen is in southwest. Pooja room is in southeast and entrance is from East.and between master bedroom and entrance gate bathroom is situated. And in the centre of the flat it’s living room. Pls advice it’s me what is vastu dosh and what is the remedy for that dosh.

        • admin says:

          Hello Atul ;
          Bedroom in Northeast, Kitchen in Southwest, Pooja room in Southeast and bathroom in East are the defects. Many defects. Please send the plan of your house on my email id:

  75. Vaibhav Pawar says:

    Hello sir,
    Namaskaram.. Can i please get your email id..

  76. Gopi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Namasthe. This is Gopi from Bangalore. My heartfelt Pranaams & Thanks to you for your great service and for benefitting people like us. You have definitely impressed me as I could see you patiently answering most questions without a gap, unbelievable. Hats off to You Sir.
    Sir, I have constructed a new house which has following details.
    1. Kitchen between east and south east
    2. Under water tank reservoir between north and north east
    3. Main door in north east next to underwater tank (there is 4 ft distance between the main door and water tank source). I have two big fish tanks in north and north east.
    4. North west – toilets and bath room
    5. south and south west has the master bed room
    6. Pooja room in north east
    7. Stair case is in south in clockwise direction while climbing up
    8. My neighbors have constructed big houses on my north and north east side without leaving any space there. However I have left more open space in north and north east side, put up better lighting and maintained clean surfaces here. Also anyone can do one complete Pradakshnia I mean can go around the house without any problem as I have maintained 3 ft gap at west side and 4 ft gap on east and north side.
    8. Main gate is on south east side as the road runs from east to west and my building is south facing. Hence I have to have the main gate in south east side.

    The garage is on south east side to south side very adjacent to the kitchen and the master bed room. Initially the house had a L shaped construction at this garage side, for which I constructed the wall on east side and try to correct the L shape last week. However for the garage part (which was L shaped earlier) east side I used bricks and for the south east side I have to either leave it open or have a foldable type of shutter. The problem is the space is not enough for the big car to close the shutter (Sonata car -long body). So please advice me as to what to do SIr.

    My biggest problem is I am jobless since last four years.
    Though I have Mtech in Computers and have 25 years of experience working here and abroad, since last four years I am jobless. When my Astam Shani period started 3 years before and I resigned to a highly paying job and engaged myself in service and constructed this house. However now I have to get in to job and have started upgrading my skills and also the contacts.
    Please advice me what I should do to for the constructional side. Your advice will help me to a greater extent. Please advice Sir. Thanks so much

    • admin says:

      Hello Gopi Ji:
      Thank you for a Nice compliment.
      Initially the house had a L shaped construction at this garage side, for which I constructed the wall on east side and try to correct the L shape last week.
      Means is there any Cut in Southeast direction. Your house seems to According to Vaastu principles so there should not be a job problem. Presently are you in Constructional work. For clarification please call me on 9494214400

  77. Raj says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a single bed room house with south entrance, and an attached toilet in the North East corner. But the toilet is out side of the bedroom meaning, the entrance to the bathroom/toilet is in NE corner but the bathroom itself is built as an extension to the NE corner. Kindly advise whether this will have any effect on my professional/married life. I am into business. Also pl suggest any remedies if required.

    • admin says:

      Hello Raj:
      House with south entrance, and an attached toilet in the North East corner are defects. Is it your own or rental.

      • Raj says:

        Hello Sir, it is a rental property. Unless I can nullify the defects with any remedies I can consider changing the house.

  78. Vishunischal says:

    Hi … My house has attach bath n toilets of both ground n first floor in North East …. Now we wish to change n bring mandir to north east by removing both bathrooms n changing soil of ground… Can I bring my mandir I’m place of bathrooms????

    • admin says:

      Hello Vishunischal:
      Yes you can remove the Toilet cum bathroom from NE and shift mandir there. After removing Toilet leave some time then after shift a mandir.

  79. Gopi says:

    Namasthe Sirji,
    Thank you very much for your reply. Your service has really touched me Sir, Pranaam. I wish great health, peace and happiness to You and to your beloved ones.
    Coming to the point, Yes, the south east block (east and south side walls) was missing or say empty and was the open space which I used for parking (as my entrance is from south side).

    The original house exterior walls were like this.
    East ! R !
    ———————– ! O ! E
    ! ! Parking ! A ! N + S
    ! ———— ! D ! W
    ! ! South ! !

    So in order for the house exterior walls to form a proper rectangle, I should extend this east side wall and also from the south side wall. However now, I have extended the east wall ONLY. with the new wall, the diagram is as follows

    (Only the new wall extended from east here)
    ! ! ( No wall on south side here)
    ! ————
    ! !
    There is a big gate (painted in semi wood color) parallel to road. As we can see from the picture above, I have not yet completed the rectangle at parking side. So my question is can I use shutters or some kind of collapsible door to complete the rectangle structure? Or is is Ok to leave it just open?
    I used to work as Software Manager in India and abroad, made enough money and spent all on what I believed was a good service. However I built this house and gave it to my wife and children.

    Another point I forgot to mention is (Sorry My bad, I should have mentioned it earlier), almost all houses are facing east at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees on this road, so virtually it appears like all have built a diamond type of houses here on this road. However I have placed proper pyramid yentas and other yentas like Shree Chakra and Surya yanthra. Daily worship of yanthras, Go pooja and feeding of cows, dogs, fishes and birds is happening without problems by the grace of GOD.

    To be frank, daily worship and sanctity in this place is very very good as most neighbors have told me and almost there will be one or other Havan going on in this house not only for the welfare of my family, but also for the welfare of neighbors or friends.
    I really want to support my family, hence I am upgrading my skills and seriously studying again.
    May be the north side building which is built very close to my house (That person has not left any space, and hence not much air and light there). However I have left 4.5 ft empty space there, have Tulsi plants and fish ponds there.

    Once again, with great regards to You sir, I seek your help. I know you are busy helping all.
    Thank you so much for your time and help. Please know that you are one of the wonderful angels on earth helping the less evolved. Your service speaks. God Bless You Sir
    Pranaam Sir

  80. Gopi says:

    Oh My Bad Sir, I just noted that whatever pictures I typed is appearing in a different way. I am so sorry.
    Please see the pictures here.
    Before extension

    East side

    ! !
    ! !
    ! ————-
    ! !
    ! !

    After extension of, the east side wall only

    ! !
    ! !
    ! ————-
    ! !
    ! !

    Sorry for wasting the webpage and your time Sir. Thanks again

  81. Gopi says:

    Originial without east wall extension

    New one

    —————————- ———-

    Sorry for wasting your web page space and your time. I am really sorry Sir. I will call You Sir.

  82. Ankita says:

    Hello Sir,
    Its really nice to see that you are replying almost all the posts. Thank you for your replies.
    My question is : I am married from december 2009. Till now we dont have any child. I also faced one ectopic last year in november. After that we shifted to new house near to husband’s company. I am also working and my comapny is also near to the colony. we are staying with in-laws. from december our puja place was in South. I thought this might be reason we are unable to plan for child and there are hurdles in each of our activity like finances, loans, career growth, dullness in life. And i also read at many places that puja place should be in East. So today i have shifted puja place. Please tell is this right step. And what other vastu dosh could afftect our childlessness. I am feeling very dull day by day. Please help.

  83. nikhilesh says:

    Sir I leave in hostel and have bathroom in North East I have place a steel bowl full of salt and also money plant will it help.

  84. ashish sharma says:

    My bedroom is in northeast direction and m gonna marrying soon. I cant change the room location. Please suggest.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ashsh:
      To have a bedroom in Southwest or at-least Northwest is the remedy. Never use the Northeast bedroom.

  85. S.C.Kalra says:

    I am taking a 4 bedroom house on first floor on rental basis in which two rooms are in south west for me and north west for elder child direction the balance two bedrooms are in North east direction and South west direction.which room is suitable for my daughter

    • admin says:

      Hello Kalraji:
      Northwest room is better for your daughter.

      • kalra says:

        we have four bedrooms in a rented first floor of a east facing house
        one in South-West corner,
        second in South-East corner,
        third in North-West corner
        fourth in North-East corner

        We need to use these four rooms in the below manner..
        1.Me and Wife
        2.SON ( Elder working unmarried)
        3.DAUGHTER (Younger working unmarried)
        4.Pooja place

        kindly suggest which room would be appropriate for whom at the earliest.

        the Drawing Dining is in the south and central portion of the house
        staircase is in the east
        kitchen to the north of north west bedroom

        • admin says:

          Hello Kalaraji:
          South-West corner bedroom for yourself, For SON ( Elder working unmarried) North-East corner bedroom, DAUGHTER (Younger working unmarried) North-West corner bedroom. Pooja place Northeast corner.

  86. lavanya says:

    We are residing in a flat, which has cut and staircase in the North-East. Please provide remedy

  87. S.C.Kalra says:

    we have four bedrooms in a east facing house
    one in South-West corner,
    second in South-East corner,
    third in North-West corner
    fourth in North-East corner

    We need to use these four rooms in the below manner..
    1.Me and Wife
    2.SON ( Elder working unmarried)
    3.DAUGHTER (Younger working unmarried)
    4.Pooja place

    kindly suggest which room would be appropriate for whom at the earliest.

  88. rashmi singh says:

    respected sir,

    i have 3 vastu problem in mah flat… 1. my kitchen is in ishan kon were my sink is at north-east corner of ishan kon. is der any remedy for…! i made my stove area der at south east corner, facing east.. i have an big window der at east wall… ! 2. my one bed room is in agney kon dat room is for my in laws or guest… is der any prob coz of dat??? 3. i have owner room der in an south-west corner room der i hav a big window at west side wall… wat is d remedy for…. ??
    please help i m facing very problems here lack of money, misunderstanding, fights, unnecessary expenditure…. i m very much depressed wid al dis issue plz help me sir….. do reply me…. please…

  89. Sony Rao says:

    Sir am 27 unmarried ,already going through tough time like hell. and recently shifted to new pg north east single room, north west bathroom…My problem is my room is at first floor facing towards north east, but at ground floor thrs a bathroom which faces my room. i heard this will cause financial loss. pl suggest some remedies pl help…

  90. Abhishek says:

    In my house, i have washroom in NE direction. please suggest remedy & colour to reduce impact.

  91. Sonu says:

    Thank you for sharing such detailed information on vastu.
    Our house is located on southern bank of a very old pond, means our north wall is seprates our house and pond. We have a mango tree and papaya tree some 20 feet from north/ north east wall. We also have a small Hanumanji temple adjacent to our southern wall. Does these have some malific effect on house vastu?
    Also please advise shall we or shall we not have pure white cow/calf in our house. we also have bargad and sheesham tree in our western corner, shall we cut them down ?
    Please advice.

  92. venkatesh says:

    I have sen a house its of two floor and it has a staircase in Northeast direction give me a remedy for it ….and the staircase is form out side i m planning to get that staircase inside of the house and move to the first floor .. i m right with this plan …..
    I need solution for Northeast location staircase ..reply me plzzzzz

  93. Rajneesh Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,
    My flat has Bathroom in the NORTH-EAST corner. Its making lots of problem in my life. Please share your email id, i will send you the house map, so that i can explain my problem well.
    Best Regards,
    Rajneesh Agrawal, Delhi.

  94. niyati singhal says:

    Hello sir, I have store room in the northeast corner . Please tell me the remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Niyati Ji:
      Shifting of store room from the northeast corner is the remedy.

      • niyati singhal says:

        Thankyou sir for your reply but I cant shift the store room as there is no other place left for it . Kindly tell me what to do.

  95. Shaan says:

    Hello Sir

    After reading this, I have gained lot of information. Thanks for sharing all this useful information.

    I am buying a house and the plot has NE corner cut and also has an electric pole in that corner (but not part of our plot). Will this create problems? If so, how do we rectify?


  96. Kirankumar says:

    Sir Gm,

    Good will really bless you for the good work you are doing.

    When i enter my house i enter from WEST to East. I have a small toilet on the right and my kitchen is on my left hand side. There is a small balcony on the extreme NW of the kitchen which means my kitchen is on the NW.

    When i move forward from this passage between the kitchen and the small toilet infront is a wall with electric pannel.
    After the small toilet on the right hand side, the Hall room starts on the right towards East, on the Left hand side is again a passage with 2 bedrooms on the the right hand side first is a master bedroom then is second bedroom, both bedrooms doors open in the west direction in the passage.

    The main toilet is exactly on the North after the second bedroom the door of the north wash room faces the door of the Hall room.

    Wer should i keep my TV clock, kitchen platform, BED in both the bedrooms and sleeping position, Dressing table with mirror, cupboard, Worship place, Plants, Kids room, Kids study table should face which direction, treadmill.

    Enclosing here with a small diagram which will give u an exact idea of my house…This is flat in a building.

    Kindly advise if there is any problem with the house if so then remedial measures.


    // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
    / / / /
    / / / H /
    / 2nd / 1st / A /
    / Bedroom / Bedroom / L /
    N / / / L /
    O / / / / S
    R / / / R / O
    T // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / // / / / / O / U
    H / T / O / T
    / o M / H
    / i / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / //// / /
    / l / Kitchen Platform / / /
    / e / ——————– / / /
    / t / / // / / / / / / / /////
    /// / / /// / Kitchen / / Guest /
    Small Door / Toilet /
    Balcony / Door /
    // / / / / / // / / / / / / / / / / / / / /// M / / / / / / / / /
    WEST a


  97. Kirankumar says:

    I have also send the plan of my house on your email address.

    Tried to send you the plan above but some junk characters popped up.

    Kirankumar R.

  98. sajan solanki says:

    Hello sir, my self saajan from bangalore. I have a showroom of cosmetics here. I have opened it just 2 months back. Showroom is east facing but the only problem is that my showrooms north east corner is cut ie. Entrance is 10 feets and after 7 feets it is 13 feets till 40 feets.south wall is straight but north wall is cut at north east direction. Kindly suggest some remedy for it.

  99. sajan solanki says:

    Sir i send u my office plan. Pls hav a look on that. 1 main thing i forgot 2 tell you that the entrance of my shop is not exactly east but it is slighty cross towards south and more towards east. And if see it with the compass the cut is in east direction and not in north pls note down this. Waiting for your +ve reply.

  100. sajan solanki says:

    Waiting for your reply sir.

  101. Parminder Singh says:

    Hi admin,

    This is Parminder. Please help with remedies. Northeast door in east side and immediately when we open the door and enter, then to our immediate left is the washer and dryer which comes in North east part of the apartment. Kitchen is in southeast but bathroom shares a wall with kitchen that means the bathroom is in south. Bedroom in southwest. Another big problem is that the complete east part is not touching the ground – 1feet above the ground and 1feet wide along the whole east side. We have steps in front of the main door that means 2steps from east to west then 3 steps from south to north and then finaly we enter the main entrance. Hope you understood the problems. We are having some health issues. Please help with remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Parminder ji:
      Complete East side is not touching the ground – 1 feet above the ground and 1 feet wide along the whole east side. Means East is at higher than West.
      Please Send me the Plan of your House. My Mail Id:
      I will reply in Detail.

  102. Parminder Singh says:

    Hi admin,

    I sent plan of my house to your mail id. Please check and reply.. Please help

  103. Ravi Banothu says:

    Sir, I have a taken rent house facing north east entry…but just front of door waste water going out tank…..we have to step on that and enter in home is … and in hall bore well is placed…please give me a solution…just 2 months back we shifted here….and when we went to temple we lost 3 mobiles….some how one mobile we got…..please help me I’m having 2 children’s my son behavior also very different…please give me suggestion…any remedy….please

    • admin says:

      Hello Ravi:
      Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

      • Ravi Banothu says:

        Sir I don’t know owners date of birth…but.
        NE. Entrance which having tank water going out…
        SE KITCHEN while cooking. East facing…
        SW bedroom
        NW. another bedroom with attached bathroom… another door back side on Nw wall With small balcony like. This also rain water which comes from pteris goes out….in. front of door….
        Bathroom facing is south…and toilet is north…2 stepsin front of the bedroom entrance. That borewell is there but the moter is placed. Out of my house…..
        Hall corner nw is small bathroom this also faces south and toilet also faces south not using regularly…we r not using Sw bed room is not using any one just like store room…NW bedroom is using… please give me Ur valuable suggestion…owner’s. Is a bus conductor …..sorry it is not going to Ur gmail sir…thank u….

  104. SONAM ADLAKHA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to buy house it located at junction of road going to east and north, Ground floor kitchen is located in south-west corner, main door is facing east, main gate is slightly towards south-east direction open space in south and west. On first floor bed room is located on south-west corner, balcony in south-east corner & toilet and bathroom in south side. Please suggest my husband DOB is 15.08.1971.

  105. Parminder Singh says:

    Sir, I did not get any reply from you. I sent the plan of my house to your gmail id. Please take time and provide remedies or suggestions.

  106. Prem Kumar says:

    Sir, i am planning to construct a individual house with ground floor alone. It is West facing and plan is in rectangular shape. But I keep the open staircase at Mid of north side. which seems extended than NorthEast. Is is ok to proceed or should I move the open staircase to east end of north side.
    PLease advise

  107. daniela says:

    hello, i am daniela from italia, on internet i read one vastu remedy for all problems, keeping salt in bowls in all 4 corners of house and the salt has to be changed every week,and placing tulsi plant in brahma sthan ,but what to do with that salt which was kept in bowl for one week?should i throw that salt?and fill another fresh salt in bowls?the another thing that we dont have tulsi plant (holy basil) here in italia same like india,we have another kind of basil which is known as BASILICO which is used in cooking ,so is it necesary to keep basilico in the centre of home(brahma sthan?becuase i live in flat and how to place basilico plant and where?
    best regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Daniela:
      For what purpose you are placing a Sea salt Bowl. Any way that salt should be thrown away after it getting wet. Is your Brahmasthan is defected please confirm

  108. Mini says:

    Sir, My name is Mini we are buying home which is facing South East and North east is not coming as a corner and it is exactly middle of the side exterior wall. Our Toilet is coming very close to North East but it is not a corner as our entry door is facing South East so corners are East, North etc.. I sent floor plan to your email. Can you please have a look and confirm is this ok? If not what are the remedies?

  109. Santosh says:

    Dear Sir
    We have constructed my new house before 2 years named as “NIVANT”.
    Our plot located on West-East side. Staircase on North-west side & also
    water chamber of terrace & utility located at ‘Aaganeya’ side.
    I have facing lots of family problems. hence I request to kindly give solutions
    of above vastu dosh.

  110. Santosh says:

    Mail Sent.

  111. VIJAY ADLAKHA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to buy house it is located at junction of road going to west and north,road is in south and east side. Ground floor kitchen is located in south-west corner, main door is facing east, main gate is slightly towards south-east direction open space in south and west. On first floor bed room is located on south-west corner, balcony in south-east corner & toilet and bathroom in south side. Please suggest my husband DOB is 15.08.1971

  112. vyom says:

    Hello sir,
    I have my staircase in northeast direction. So should I place a mirror for the same or go for the two turtoise solution. The turtoise solution is not much feasible. Please help.
    Thank u.

  113. alice says:

    Respected sir, our flat has a west entrance to the main hall and a small foyer initially and the entrance to the hall and a french window in the east direction. one bedroom is on the south west corner with an attached bathroom. the kitchen is in the south east direction. Another bedroom is at the north west corner. one bathroom which is attached to the master bedroom is at the south west corner. another bathroom is in the north east corner and the door for the toilet is from the hall. and as this is a small flat space at the north east corner and at the south east corner is left out for ventilation purpose to the two bedrooms. I place salt as suggested by you in the north east bathroom. There is a small balcony after the french window where i have placed a mirror on the northern wall. Is it correct placement. Should i place a God’s picture opposite to the mirror. Please suggest simple remedies as we cannot alter the flat.

  114. RSV says:

    I am in the process of purchasing a townhome.. and I need some vaastu advise? Can you please let me know if there are any charges or fees to get vaastu consultation from you? Also please let me know where can I send the map of the house..

  115. Dhilip says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am living in rented house where northeast corner is used as parking. This corner is not part of our house, but within the compound wall. Along with us people staying in 1st and 2nd floor also park their vehicles there. Since we are also park our vehicles there, will that be considered as our house or it will be considered as north east corner missing only. We are facing progeny problem. Please let me know if there is any vastu dosha here and suggest to change the house?

    • admin says:

      Hello Dhilip:
      Is there a cut in North-east, if so it’s a defect, please confirm

      • Dhilip says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        Yes if only house walls are considered, but no if compound walls are considered.
        Since we use the cut (outside our house walls) as our parking, I feel this is part of our house only. Still will this be considered as cut only?

        My doubt is whether it is considered as cut or not only.

  116. nandithaaruvelu says:

    Northeast corner building with two house face north. First house as southwest extension room and attached with second house have any vastu problem and any precaution.pls suggest.

  117. Kavitha says:

    I have the staircase in the northeast on the north side. My building is G+ 3. I can’t break it or change it. Is there any vasthu remedy you can suggest.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kavitha ji:
      Paint a green color in Stairs, Put a green color light bulbs, and put Two Bronze Tortoises below the first step of the stairs facing each other.

  118. Anil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I read the whole page for the remedies and found the you have responded to all very well and I congratulate for you fine work.

    My issue is that I have purchase a flat constructed on 60 sq M plot having stair case in north east corner of the plot, flat,the stair case is common to all four floor member, I am at 1st floor flat.

    in the adjacent to stair case toilet cum bathroom was constructed in the east direction.
    entry to flat from east direction i.e from stair case and in room in north direction.

    kindly send me the remedies if any or suggest me how to sell the flat quickly

    • admin says:

      Hello Anil:
      Thank you very much for a Nice compliment. Stair case in North-east corner, Toilet cum bathroom in the East direction these are main defects. Being a apartments you can’t change anything, you have to face the negativity. And there are no certain remedies for Sale out the flat. Because this is a Science of Constructing the houses

  119. Ricky Sethi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Am very happy to see the above all queries and given your helpful reply. Thank god somebody on the earth for giving us for giving a favourable replies.

    Sir, actually our home is East facing and stair is placed on North East corner and our toilet is under the stairs but when any body use this toilet position of him / her face is north and back is south. We are constrained to cannot change its location before 4-5 years.

    So you are requested to please give us a remedies for our bright future.

    My DOB – 17/07/1982 time 8:10 am Place- Meerut (UP)

  120. Geetanjali says:

    Dear sir
    We shifted in this house a year back and since then we have been facing continuous health problems to all members one after elder son though he stays in a hostel had to be operated. Then we met with an accident where my husband was seriously injured. My teenage son has recently started having seizures which is most disturbing so far. Therefore I request for your help.

    We reside in a flat in a complex. As we enter it from outside, the main door opens towards East direction which is our drawing or living room. On our right is the kitchen, which I think would mean,South west direction. After the drawing room is my son’s bedroom(seizure) on the right. So I think it falls in the southwest direction. The master bedroom and the guest bedrooms are in the northeast direction. Also the two opposite boundary walls of our flat are not straight but slanting. So the house is actually in the shape of trapezium. Based on this can you tell me if there is any defect in the house and what are the remedies. In case you want any additional information, kindly ask me the same and I will supply it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Geetanjali ji:
      For getting clear Idea or giving detail Remedies / Suggestions Please Send me the Plan of your Flat along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  121. Geetanjali says:

    Also I want to add that there is one mirror on the almirah in my son’s room and although the almirah is facing the bed but it only reflects his study table and does not reflect the bed at all. Since the mirror is reflecting the study table, is that the reason why his studies are also being affected very badly?

  122. namrata says:

    In my house a huge mango tree is grown in northeast direction and small trees in in three rows in north direction , kindly suggest the remedy

  123. srikanth says:

    hi sir
    i have sent my plan to ur mail ID.plz comment for any doshas.This is my first post on this site

  124. Shivani says:

    Hi Sir,
    For North-East toilet, can we put salt in a glass container with pebbles inside?

  125. Manu says:

    Hello Sir,

    The toilet in my home is in N-E direction on both the floors I.e. ground floor and first floor .Please suggest me what to do as presently I am not able to shift the toilet to some other direction. Please help

    • admin says:

      Hello Manu:
      Any remedy will not eradicate the defect, but it will reduce the negativity, Put a Sea salt bowl in Toilet, change it frequently. Keep a Palm plant at entrance door of toilet

  126. meenal says:

    november 8 2014,
    hello sir,
    our master bedroom is in the north east direction ,and cannot be changed even the bed occupies the east space .facing a lot of marital problems .please help on vastu dosha remedies .thankyou.also we dont have the south west corner of house ..

    • admin says:

      Hello Meenal ji
      Master bedroom in the North-east direction is a defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  127. Madhuri says:

    Hi could you please suggest some remedy for northeast store room.

  128. Malipeddi says:

    Hi sir,

    As per the earlier request I have sent you my home plan. Please suggest me for the bath room if it is in wrong place

  129. k r bhat says:

    electric pole situated on the north east corner of the plot which cannot be removed. What is the remedy.

  130. shree says:

    Hello Sir,

    The land shape got auto formatted to an unreadable format . re-depicting the land shape.
    50’1″ ————–|——53

  131. DJ says:

    Hello Sir,
    I desperately need you help. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 8 years and I have had 2 miscarriages. The house we are living in for past 5 years has master bedroom in North east. it will be difficult to change the bedroom so is there anything else we can do?

    Thank you

  132. Ankur says:

    Revered Sir,

    I seek your valuable guidance for North- East corner, where we have constructed a room using it as both both Puja and Store room. Sir, it is basically the garage portion , where we have constructed the room and after it’s constriction, we are facing lot of trouble.

    I request you to please suggest some yantra, plant or any other remedy to correct the vast dosh, as we are having no unity / misunderstanding in our home inspite of having no hatredness.

    I look forward for your valuable guidance.



  133. rajiv says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house has north east underground water tank. After that 10 feet tank space toilet is in east. North west space is open then after 10 feet master bedroom in west and next to bedroom kitchen is situated. Please give your valuable guidance

  134. Nisha Agarwal says:

    Sir, i have send you a mail where i have attached the plan for my flat which is a pent house. i have got that made according to vastu But now i need you view point on it. if i am going correct.

  135. jasbir kaur says:

    Hello sir , we are planning to purchase a flat whose entrance is in north east ( ishan ) , bathroom in north west , 2 bedrooms in south , balcony in west , windows in east or west. Please suggest if we can purchase this flat

  136. Nisha says:

    This is Nisha Agarwal from Jaipur. Sir its been 2 days since i have deposited the amount in your bank account but still theres been no reply from your side. Kindly look into it

  137. Alok Deshpande says:

    Dear Sir, My Toilet is in North-East direction and I will be applying your remedies from today itself.Only thing I cannot shift my toilet. I will put Sea Salt in Copper bowl and change it every week. Also put a green plant in NE place.Any more simple remedies I can follow? as we are facing problems mentioned here.
    Also I want to ask that my bedroom (where me n my wife sleep) is in south-west. We have a big window in South West of our house facing West. Is it fine to have a window in south-West?or should it be always closed? We sleep with our head in south direction and our Wardrobes are in east side but facing west in that room. Our another bedroom is in north side. but we don’t sleep there. In that room our wardrobes are facing south.Means when we open the wardrobes, our face is facing north.That room is supposed to be master-bedroom as toilet is in north-east and wardrobes are in north (stuck to toilet’s wall). So want to know which side is superior to keep wealth like gold/silver or money. I mean which side should we use to prosper our wealth. The wardrobes should be on which side and facing which side is auspicious?

    Kindly help in answering my queries.

  138. Navin says:

    Hello Guruji,

    I’m planning to move into a apartment which is having these directions below. It’s a split bedroom floor plan. Please help me in deciding whether I should or not get in.

    1) Main door faces(entrance) NE. When I open the main door I see a living room.
    2) Kitchen is in the West (little towards North) – When I cook I face West.
    3) A bedroom is in the North and East wall, where I’m planning to put a pooja mandir and will never sleep there.
    4) A bathroom is around the N/W corner the house but the W/C (toilet-commode) is in East/West direction.
    5) Another bedroom is in the South/West wall, where i’m planning to a bed.
    6) Another bathroom is in West wall but the seat of the western toilet faces East direction
    7) Washer and Dryer are in the NW corner room.

    Please confirm if the vastu is good or has any defects. I’m confused with the direction facing when I sit on the toilet in both the bathrooms and any remedy you would suggest please.


  139. Hi it’s been 3 yrs we did some renovotion our toilet and kitchen in North East and realised financial loss and couldn’t come out of bank loans please suggest

  140. Pankaj Patidar says:

    Hi, can you please tell me the most important rules I MUST follow to avoid any major problems. I am planning to buy a flat, and need the major vastu guidelines as most of the flats built are not vastu compliant.

  141. Arun says:

    Wife and mother have not good relations. How to solve it? What to Do in vastu?

  142. priya says:

    Hi, My kitchen is in northeast direction and i read here by placing three bronze bowls, we can protect. I want to know, how can we place ? I mean by attaching with ceiling like a bulb or hanging with some chain or thread. If its hanging then about how much cm. Please let me know.

    • admin says:

      Hello Priya ji:
      Fix these three bronze bowls facing downwards by drilling it on the roof. See that these Bowls should not come exact on Gas Stove.

  143. priya says:

    Thank you sir.

  144. rkd says:


  145. admin says:

    Hello RKD:
    W/C in North-east is a defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  146. Arshiya says:

    Can I make by 10 year old son’s bedroom in the northeast..

  147. Sushree says:

    hello Sir.
    this is a great blog post.I am sure it will be very helpful for me also.
    Sir this year we are planning to buy a new flat ( after searching so many …
    flat details :
    *west facing flat (one will enter facing his face towards east direction).
    *Main door is placed in left side (from the middle).
    *There are two bed rooms. One is in south west of the flat with attached toilet and door of this room is from living room, facing towards north.
    *Another is in north east of the flat with attached balcony in east side and the door of this room is from dining hall, facing towards south.
    *Kitchen is in south east – one will face to east while cooking.
    My queries:
    –which bed room will be the better master bed room for us (we are plannig for baby in next year)? coz my husband wants to make that M. Bed room which is in north east with “attached balocny”.
    –Please tell me , is this vastu plan good for us as well as for financial and career profile of both?
    –If there is any remedies then please suggest me.
    I am waiting for your reply sir.

  148. Hi,Our flat has a north east cut,I am aware of mirror remedy.But We have main entrance at northeast corner, How to put mirrors in our flat give me an advice…

  149. Anshuman Yuvraj says:

    Respected Sir,
    We have shifted in our house in 1996.Kitchen is situated in the north direction and Pooja room too is situated between two bedrooms with an adjoining wall of bathroom cum toilet. These two things are worrying us a lot.
    Secondly and the most important issue that needs to be resolved immediately is the issue of the toilet in the North east direction although no wall is attached to the wall of the house (unattached to the house), but the question is, Is there any particular day to bring the toilet down and what are ill effects it may have caused till date, If any.
    Thank you Sir.

    • admin says:

      Hello Yuvraj ji:
      Kitchen in North direction, Pooja room sharing wall with Toilet and Toilet in North east direction are the defects. Before demolish of Toilet Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  150. Aajinkya says:

    is south west is best or not for keeping valuable things…..??

  151. Can staircases be Anti clockwise in NE direction of house?

  152. srinivas says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is srinivas. I am constructing a house. As it is a small East facing plot, can I cover total West North and south sides for building on the first floor. Please suggest.

    Thank you.

  153. Subrata says:

    Hi, please have a look at it, we made no progress since we bought this house, my father died last month, we have to visit doctors nearly every month. i always feel some force is stopping me from progressing, and became a professional procrastinator.
    i also sent u a mail regarding this.

    Here is the exact diagram i made of our house:

  154. smita says:

    hi our attached toilet bathroom is in north east direction and sintex tank over that .What is remedy for that??we have a lot financial problem loan and also no increment or change in job of my husband from last five years as we came in this house. please kindly suggest needful.

    • admin says:

      Hello Smita ji:
      Removing the Toilet from the North-east is the remedy. You have to shift sintex tank to South-west. North-east toilet is causing all the problems you are facing now

  155. smita says:

    Hallo Sir, I am waiting for ur reply. Please suggest.

  156. meg says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have a toilet in the north east direction of our house. We are planning to place a spider plant.
    But plz suggest if the plant has to be placed inside the toilet or outside the toilet?
    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Place Spider plant outside of the Toilet. Also Keep Sea salt bowl in toilet, change it frequently. And please call me on 09494214400

  157. venkat says:

    We have completed our house..bymut we have got toilet in northeast position unfortunately… Is that placing any Ganesh’s idol outside the bathroom wall…which is inside our bedroom , will solve the dosh ? Please help us.

    Thank you

  158. saran says:

    If NE corner of house after construction is higher than SW corner. What remedy to do?


    • admin says:

      Hello Saran ji:
      Keep some heavy Items in South-west corner
      You have to use “Ratnaadhya”Therapy to treat this defect

  159. sid says:

    Hello sir

    We recently purchased an agriculture land and we did not notice that north east corner is cut and we want to develop land to create estate
    Is there any problem, if so any remedies to correct it….?

  160. Ekta Bazaz says:

    Namaste Sir,
    I got married a year back & settled in Bangalore. There are 4 memebers in my family -me, my husband & my inlaws. My husband is the bread winner of the family & my father in-law is retired. We live in a rented 2 bhk home. From the day one in this home i have been having health problems. My room is situated in the N-E corner of the house & my inlaws stay in the SE room. On the South direction are the 2 balconies, one attached to the Inlaws bedroom & the other opens in the living room Living room in the SW , the main entrance of the house is from the W. Puja in the NW & Kitchen i the North direction.
    Kindly suggest a suitable remedy within the current house as its not possible for us to break any walls or make any walls in the current space.

    Thank you
    Looking forward to your reply.

  161. RANJINI says:

    what is the remedy for NE stair case, without demolishing

  162. Ashutosh says:

    Sir, I am in Mumbai my office is cut from the North east but just by a bit how do i do good the defect and my entrance to the Office is on this Northeast side . My office is facing North when u get out of the the Office except for this slight cut.

  163. Navneet says:

    I am planning to construct a new house and asked an architect to draw a plan. Can you verify if the plan is following all the vastu rules.

  164. V says:

    We have purchased a north facing house. There is road on the west.
    we are planing to do some renovations.

    Garage is in the NE corner.
    Servant corter behind the garage with bath room in the northeast corner
    ( removing servant room and keeping the bath room for corporation water. Extending garage all the way to east wall)

    Entrance varanda/foyer in the mid north. (Planing to make this double hight,)
    Living room N W with staircase in the S W corner.(planing to remove the 3/4 of east wall between living and varanda to make it open and spacious) ( planing to remove west window and wall to exetend the livingroom out side with pergola and glass roof to keep more chair under sajja and lintels.)

    Dining room with pooja in the north east
    Kitchen in the east.
    (planing to remove the wall between dining and kitchen to make it open kitchen and shifting the pooja to northeast corner of the kitchen.)

    Utility area with back door towards east in S E . 2 toilets r there behind utility room in SE corner.
    (planing to convert utility and toilets in to guest bedroom.)

    One common toilet between bed room and utility.
    One bedroom in the south with attached bath and wc in the soth east of the room.
    (Planing to convert attachetd bath into common bath and putting wc in se corner of the room.

    Climb stairs towards south to north and enter in to big family room.(cutting the family room in L shape above varanda for doule hight.)

    Master bed room on the S W with attached bath and wc at east.wardrobes on the east.door is in NW. Facing north.

    Daughters bed room in the center above dining with SE attached bath wc. Door in the middle facing west. (Planing to shift the door towards NE facing west.)

    Balcony on the north west.

    There is a out house with east facing on the fiirst floor on the east side above garage ,kitchen and utility.
    There a bedroom above Garage is totally extended towards
    North east which is a part of out house.ward robes on the east wall.door SW facing west to go to balcony. Another door in sw facing south to enter kitchen. kitchen, bath and toilets r iabove the kitchen. Hall above utility and toilets.this has staircase on the S E corner of the property and entrance gate on the SW corner.
    (Planing to rent this out)

    Please inform if the house has any vastu dosha.
    Is the renovation we are planing are ok with vastu.
    Is it ok to rent the out house.
    Any other alterations are needed.

    Thank you

  165. Srinivas says:

    Main door is at NE corner having faced north direction. But has a door on Warren part by projecting drawing room on NW portion. But there is a continuous slab as it is duplex house

    Is it a NE cut. If so what are bad effects and what are remedies

  166. Preeti says:

    Hi ,

    I stay in US and I am planning to move to a rented apartment and the Master bedroom of that home is in North East . Could you please guide me with the remedies for the same ?


  167. Neeraj Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My house is east facing. Stairs are in north east. It is a 4 story building. Two side open. 3 shops are on each side. Two toilets are on each floor. One toilet is in north east direct and another is in north west direction. I am living in north east direction. Lot of problems are with us. My mother died of prolonged disease two years back. My grandfather health is very down same as my father. All my uncles are against us for selling of property. Court cases and lot of other problems. I consulted one vastu consultant. He told me that north east toilet we should use for bathing only and then there is a gallery and then bathroom and kitchen. So, he told me shift toilet in this bathroom and face toilet seat towards north I mean when sit on toilet seat, your face should be in the north, this will remove all your problems. So, Plz guide me now. Neeraj Sharma. Ph 9811657877

  168. Shubham Saraf says:

    The spider plant is to be kept inside or outside the washroom in the north-east corner?

  169. Vikesh says:

    Hello sir I have a house which is west facing and my main gate of house is also in North west after gate we have car parking area after we have bedroom and after attech bathroom & toilet after we have store room in corner of house which is at North East sir pls advice there is any vastu dosh in this wtg for ur valuable advice thanks

  170. Monica says:

    My bedroom is in the northeast direction. The problem is my bed is also placed in north east direction, so when we sleep our head is towards north east direction. I cannot change the direction of my bed nor my room. My personal life is quite disturbed. My husband does not get good job offers and we are childless for the last 10 years. Pls suggest some remedy to remove this vaastu dosh. If I change direction of my bed towards south east, the bed becomes aligned with the door and right opposite the bed is a huge window which also has a door. Pls suggest asap. I will be thankful.

  171. Indhu says:

    Hi sir,
    Our house is at I St floor and it is L shaped, cut in North East corner, but have stairs for the apartment in that NE corner. I found the mirror solution but the mirror is to be placed in which wall.


    • admin says:

      Hello Indhu ji:
      Cut in North East corner and stairs in the NE are defects. Please call me on 09494214400

  172. Jagan says:

    Hi Sir,
    Im Living in a Rental House and everything is alright as per Vasthu except two things:
    1) Though I have a well at North East corner , a tall building exists exactly on North East Corner – Outside my compound.
    2) Though I have a Master bedroom at South West Corner, my stair case comes at South West Corner outside bedroom and my septic tank is placed outside the compound at South West Corner which is at least 50ft from the South West Bedroom.

    Kindly suggest me what I should do, Im suffering heavy Wealth loss.

  173. kavita says:

    hello sir ,
    entrance of my flat is from northeast corner but my northeast wall is cutoff from the rest of my flat ,should I be pasting mirror in the north wall ,so that it reflect south wall of my living room and give extension to my north side ?

  174. Anil says:

    Firstly, God bless you for helping so many people and guiding them. Thankyou

    I stay in an apartment, which is combined 2 flats to make one flat. and since i have shifted here my financial problems have increased!! as it has been made keeping vastu in mind, but somethings i think seems to have been missed out…..
    i would kindly request you to please guide me as how can i correct the dosh without reconstruction or demolishing anything as it would rather cost too much….
    kindly send me your E-mail as i cen send you the hand drawn layout of my appartment,
    for you to see and kindly guide me accordingly.

  175. Premsankaran says:

    Hi ,

    Am going to take an house for rental which is east facing and kitchen is in North-west direction is the 3 BHK flat , however owner wants to store there things / stuffs ( like sofas , cot etc ) in the north-east bedroom and they want to lock this room.

    Also they are asking us to use South-west and South-east bedroom

    Could you please advice is that ok to use north-east bedroom as a store room in locked conditions.

    Kindly adivce.

    My email ID is


  176. Amit says:


    I am planning to buy a corner plot having 40 ft road in east and 30 ft in south. It is 46 wide in east,40 in south ,30 in west. So please suggest whether it is worth to buy this. I am also planning to make house on 30*40 square ft space and want to user rest space for office.


  177. Deepak Bhargava says:

    Dear Admin,
    I in my flat has a bedroom in NE direction with window in east of the room,
    it is attached with a toilet/bath is west side, also the entry to the room is in SW of the room. please advise me remedy , I can not make any change. who can live in this room , my married son?

  178. Pragnesh says:

    Hello Sir,
    My Toilet come in in the North east Drection of my house as the remedies it say use the Palm tree but question is where should I place it, outside Door of the Toilet, Inside the Toilet or at the rack available at 7 foot hight inside the Toilet

  179. Pragnesh says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is my another Question i have use the remedies for my north east Toilet bathroom and Kitchen sp where should be the best place to put my temple current position of my temple is South west direstion

  180. Sir, We have stair case in North East Direction but after reading your blogs we have demolished stair case in the ground floor. Should we demolish it in the 1st floor also ?

    First Floor stairs doesn’t touch the ground. Please suggest

  181. RACHNA says:

    Hello , i have my house south facing,my bedroom is in North East direction,my kitchen is in South West direction, drawing room is in North West direction.We are facing many problems in our life as financial , stressed and our relation is also soo bad at bed.I read it many times that couple room is not in the north east direction but i have no option. plz suggest any remedy.

  182. Apurba says:

    Please inform me what is the remedy for north east master bedroom

  183. sneha says:

    sir we plan to rent a house its entrance is in the north east direction. date of birth of my husband is 18th june 1967. is this house ok for him

  184. pooja says:

    Sir please give some remedies because my bed is under beam

  185. pls suggest my house stair is on north east wall is it ok ..

  186. sheetal says:

    Hello Sir,I live with my parents and its been four years since we have shifted in our own house.The kitchen is in north-east direction,however we face east while cooking.But we are suffering from many family problems which were not there earlier.My mother keeps falling sick and a lot of arguments happen in between all of us.Kindly suggest some remedy.

  187. S.Sundar says:

    I bought a flat which has extended room on northeast and a attached bathroom on northeast as well slight cut on the northeast which is adjacent next door flat kitchen. kindly advice remedy, i am having financial problems as well my son health problem.

  188. resmi says:

    Hello Sir,
    My husband’s home is faced towards West, matter bedrm is in the south west position..But the kichen is situated in the north east direction. And cooking towards East. After I came here I am not happy with my life. We are hang too much health problems and financial problems also relationship is not going well.
    I discusd this kitchen position problm with my husband today BT he said there is nthng wrong with that. After that I quarreled with him too . something bad is going to happen here sir.
    What is the solution for getting a healthy life..kindly help me sir please.

  189. Charu says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to open a dental clinic In A rented place.I have shown that to a vaastu consultant .she says NE that is ishan none is slightly cut and stairs are from NW direction.can these be rectified? Is it possible to do remedy 100%

  190. a says:

    Want sum one tocheck my kitchen is in NE …cnt changeneed sure remedies ..

  191. chetna says:

    hi we are currently staying in house which has South East entrance and bathroom in west. We have found another house which has North East entrance which is considered best with bathroom in North East also. What should we do? Stay in old house or move to new house?

  192. mona says:

    Mybedroom is having southwest entry and is in the east north east corner of my house. M a girl of marriagable age. Pls suggest me remedies for my room as it would not b possible to change room. The north east side of my room is having wall nd a big window in the eastern side.

  193. Laxmi Narasimhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My bedroom (very small) is in NE direction and married since 6 years but still no children. I cant change my house as of now. Kindly advise the possible remedies to reduce the stress and tension which I can follow in my room as its very small.. Thank you.

  194. pnj says:

    Dear Sir,

    Me & my husband have recently moved to a new city & started a new business. We are staying in a rented 2 BHK flat which has its Entrance in South West corner, Drawing room in West with an attached balcony in North West corner, Guest Bedroom in North, Master Bedroom in North East corner with attached Bathroom in south of the room, an Extra bathroom in East (behind the attached bathroom), Kitchen in South East with an attached balcony in South East corner. Centre of the house is open space where we have not placed any furniture.

    Can you please advice on the Vastu defects in this house & some possible remedies? We are continuously facing hurdles in the business & our health is also suffering.

    My Regards.

  195. Craig says:

    Hi, i read your post and loved it. I was wanting to know i read that you mentioned, i need to put sea salt in a bowl for the bathroom to aviod negative enegry. However i had 2 questions:

    1. Is regular salt ok instead of sea salt?
    2. What kind of bowl should i use. Glass bowls or steel bowls?

  196. Rajesh Dhingra says:

    My bathroom is in the South West direction . While using WC , face is towards south. And washbasin is on West wall with the mirror on West wall . Kindly suggest the remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh ji:
      Is it a Bathroom with Toilet, if so it’s a defect. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  197. c.dutta says:

    Our bathroom or toilet is in northeast counter under the stair case.what is the remedy for that?????

    • admin says:

      Hello Dutta ji:
      Stair and Toilet in North-east is the Severe defect. Ratnadhyaya is the remedy for this defect

  198. Shaila says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very informative post. How does the defect effect if placement is not on main level, example if bathroom/WC is in NE on second floor with an attached balcony – does the dosh get nullified ?
    Or do we have to do the bronze bowl/salt cure.

  199. Shaila says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very informative post.
    Does the NE defect dosh apply even to Upper floors, If a toilet is in NE quadrant on upper floor with an attached balcony, does this get nullified.


  200. Shaila says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very informative post. How does the defect effect if placement is not on main level, example if bathroom/WC is in NE on second floor with an attached balcony – does the dosh get nullified ?
    Or do we have to do the bronze bowl/salt cure.

  201. manisha says:

    We have made a house on a plot which has road on both north and east direction. It is a corner plot which has a curve cut on NE direction. However, we have made a square boundry wall and removing cut in NE direction. Also, house is 100 fts away from temple and its shadow come on house at 5.30 pm.

    Pl advise cut in NE direction(though covered) and shadow of temple on house in the evening would have ill effect on my son and would bring any misfortune for us

    • admin says:

      Hello Manisha ji:
      North-east cut will affect on male children’s education and growth
      It requires “Gems Therapy” Please call me for details on 9494214400

  202. Sharm says:

    Hello Sir, for kitchen in North/ northeast, should we place the red bulb in SE of the kitchen that is located in NE or should it be lit in the SE section of the entire house?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sharm ji:
      Paint a lemon yellow color in North-east Kitchen. Put a red color bulb in South-east corner of the house.
      Place three Bronze bowls on roof of the NE Kitchen facing downwards in East, North-east and North directions

      • Sharm says:

        Thank you Sir. Painting Lemon yellow is not feasible now. We currently have blue color in the kitchen. Is that okay? Can we hang a picture that has lemon yellow color in the Kitchen?

  203. Vinayak says:

    Admin Sir,
    My house is of rectangular shape with west wall as common. The house is facing North. While reconstructing, I had no option, so septic & waste water line taken along east wall side, one chamber at north-east, other in North at entrance, finally taking the line outside gate. It meets the corporation man hole on main road.
    Now, problem is myself is ill since last more than 2 years with hepatitis, at home for more than 8 months with no more leave. I have also lost almost my all money over doctor fees & medicines losing all money making sources.
    Now in serious trouble.
    There is really no way to construct / take sewage line from other direction & to shift the chambers to north west etc.
    Pl suggest a remedy. I’m in deep trouble.

  204. siddharth says:

    what to do if south west part of house is lower than all other parts
    and also lighter

  205. Sir, we constructed our house in a NE cut plot. We left the extra part on north side and constructed compound wall. Now our house is in site (A)(Length 90 and Breadth 30). House length is 54 ft including plinth. Also there is an out house room (12 x 12) to the south. The site (B) we left on the north side is 54 ft long and 24 ft wide. Some people are telling us to sell off the site (B). The house in plot (A) is on my father’s name. Can we keep the site (B) on my name? Please tell any remedy if we can keep the site (B).

  206. Sorry that I have mentioned plinth, its portico.

  207. Gov says:

    Hi sir, I have Bathroom with Toilet on the Norh-east side of my home. It is some 4 feet away from the North-east wall of the house. Is it Vasthu Dhosa? If yes What can I do? It is not possible for me to shift the bathroom to other place.

  208. Shikha says:

    Dear sir
    My master bedroom Is in North East corner. And opens to the balcony in north east. Should I place the gods inside the room in the NE corner or in East where the dining area is???

  209. Trisha says:

    My house main entrance is in northeast corner . So is it vastu defect . If yes what I need to do.

  210. Radhika says:

    Hello sir ,
    I have a bathroom with WC in north east corner of the home. also have a separate toilet and bathroom outside the home at east . I have shifted the WC outside , however can I use the bathroom.. or can I convert into store room . or just break the whole bathroom and leave that space empty ..mine is a individual home . I have shown the same to local vastu person he told u can continue to use it as bathroom and shift WC outside .

  211. Sridhara C B says:

    Dear Sir, in my house i have toilet at north east part. please let me know the solution in detail.

    • admin says:

      It requires “Gems Therapy” as a remedy for North-east Toilet. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  212. Pintu says:

    Dear Sir,

    After property / Building separation in my portion NE corner, the other party constructed Toilet Bathroom attaching common wall if there is any Vastu problems in my side ? If so whats the remedies to rectify it ?

  213. vaijendra kharche says:

    hi sir, my bedroom and toilet is located at north east direction and main door at south .
    What should i do to avoid negative effects

    • admin says:

      For North-east toilet “Gems Therapy” is the remedy.
      Couple should never use North-east bedroom, shift it in South-west

  214. Appu says:

    Hi. In a house I am considering to buy the north east portion of the house is completely empty. It is part of the plot but there is garden over there. Is is considered good?

  215. James says:

    Hi…We have a kitchen in the north east corner. There is also an extension to the kitchen that is considered an utility area. There is a a sink in the north east corner of the utility area for washing utensils. Is this Ok? Kitchen is lemon yellow in color.

  216. Gaurav says:

    Sir, We have moved to new flat..its north east facing but we are seeing problem in health, finance , job and relationships. .can you pls help us.i have sent the layout to your email id.



  217. gouri says:

    Hello sir my question is for u is I purchased one two bhk flat in that master bed room bathroom comes on north east direction door opens at internal side of the bathroom plz give me one time suggestions of the mentioned problems.

    • admin says:

      Master bedroom and Bathroom [With Toilet] in North-east is a severe defect
      Please call me for details

  218. Rakesh says:

    Myhouse toilet build in northeast side, with red colour sheet bath tub ,
    And my kithen also east north side,
    Pl suggest short and long term remedy,
    We are facing financial problem and estblisment,

    Rakesh Chaturvedi

  219. Rajib says:

    Hi Sir ,

    My main vastu dosh is my house : main entry is SW facing and master bedroom situated at SE and bathroom situated in North, Kitchen in south, Already I sent you my house plan …… plz give me your valuable tips …… how i overcome this situation

  220. Nanthakumaran says:

    Hi sir, my master bedroom and toilet is located at east and north east direction .
    What should i do to avoid negative effects

  221. jessuj says:

    Hi, I have the main door facing east, on entering after 2 ft steps start on the west wall beside a bedroom and goes above the main door on the east wall to the first floor, we have total 3 doors , second one on the south opening to west. South end corner is vacant only small table.
    First floor construction is only half of ground floor, only room in north west. The overhead tank is on the south west corner of first floor above bathroom, please advise. rented house, is there dosha, please tell how to rectify

  222. mohan says:

    Hello Sir,
    My flat in 2nd floor, has a cut in NE corner, by 2 ft. The extended areas in east are the duct (which is not used by occupants of the flat), utility area and kitchen. Is this a vastu dosh? Can you please suggest any remedies for this?

  223. Prabha says:

    Hello Sir,

    We bought a flat recently. And our main door entrance is at north east corner.
    Couldnot keep mandir at northeast corner as we have our main kept our mandir at northwest corner of dinning room which is at middle of our flat close to west side balcony.

    My question is: in our northwest bedroom for our daughter, we had made a wardrobe at north east corner of that room.So, is this a defect? or shall I dismantle the wardrobe and make that our puja mandir in that room.?

    Please reply.

  224. Prabha says:

    Thanks Sir,

    As per your suggestion, I checked my drawing room in the flat, which has some decorative furniture in the east I shall remove them and place my puja mandir there..because I don’t have any puja room separately made as builder did not provide us any space for the same. Is that okay? please reply.

  225. Jay Shitole says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have an apartment on 3rd floor, and my entrance is in NE but my NE is cut and Master bedroom toilet is in SW cut corner, please advice remedies.

  226. Rere says:

    can we use artificial plants for remedy?

  227. Dhruv says:

    Planning to purchase a 2 bhk flat
    |–> Entry |
    |____ LR |
    | |
    |_______ |____________ West * North
    | | _ | * *
    | | | | B2 | * *
    | MB ____| K |______ | * *
    |_______| | | *
    |T1,2 |_____| * *
    |____| * * East
    Request your opinion on the above floor plan.
    Kindly let me know if any further details are required and if I may call you.


  228. Dhruv says:

    Please find the floor plan @ the below url.

    Entrance (Top left corner) is west and diagonally opposite is East.


  229. Vijay Sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I read the great vastu tips here and curious to seek your help as I have vastu dosh of NE direction in my house. My house has 2 big bedrooms being built just adjacent to each other 1 in NE direction and 1 master bedroom in NW. Both the rooms have attached toilets along with bathroom of course in same directions. The NE bedroom is being used by my parents and NW master bedroom is being used by my wife and me. My parents are both above 55 and we are in our late 20s. We shifted in his house an year back and since then we are observing major health setback and due to that a lot of money goes in visiting doctors and medicines/check ups. Especially my father has faced 4 accidents so far in last 1 year and now too on bed rest as he met with another road accident last week. My mother also not fit as she having issues like cholesterol, Sugar, Blood pressure, etc.. Same is with my wife and my 3 years daughter. But father being the worst hit health wise. Please suggest remedy to help us. Another vastu dosh is that we having another room in SW where we do Pooja. Please suggest if it is fine.
    Need your urgent help as every month some or other family member is ill mostly my father with biggest health issues in comparison to others.
    Thanks, vijay sharma

    • Vijay Sharma says:


      Both the rooms where we and our parents stay are in NE and East direction. Master bedroom in NE with its toilet cum bathroom also in NE and parents room is in East with the same attached washroom. Pooja room is in West and main door in North. Kitchen in SW. I will send you the map soon to your mail ID. Please suggest remedies Sir.

  230. Amit Agarwal says:

    Vastu dosh remedies for pit in northeast.

  231. Swarna Latha says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have bought a new flat, It has 22 feet in north side and after 5 feet of the north east corner towards north a lift is there. Will this have any adverse effect.

    If yes please let me know the remedies.

  232. Jassi S says:

    Dear Sir, my bedroom is in NE, due to which my wife and i are having many disagreements and it’s to a point where relationship almost broken, she doesn’t believe in Vastu, and is not ready to either change direction of bed (Currently my bed is EW direction) or move to SW room where our son sleeps. If i talk about sleeping in SW room she creates issue about it, I really do not want this relationship to end, as she is a really good person and I love her, just lost in NE energies, i get angry for no reason as well, i am trying my best to not to get angry to keep peace. Please help with any other solution that will calm NE effects for me my wife.

    • admin says:

      Couple should never use North-east bedroom
      Try to convey your wife and Use South-west bedroom to have a stability and growth

  233. Devendra Misra says:

    Dear Sir, Corners of my house are in East, West North, South. Whereas Septic tank and toilet in my house is in north east direction and stairs are also situated upon the septic tank in the NE direction. I am unable to shift it at any other part of my house please help us to resolve the bad effects.
    I will be very grateful Sir.
    Please Help me.