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Vaastu Dosh Remedies

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

If  Northeast direction in your plot or house is weak, that is the only reason for many Vaastu dosh. And whereas if Northeast is strong in spite of dosh (defect) in any direction, the occupants do not have to suffer the bad effects of such Vaastu dosh.

Thus try to strengthen the Northeast direction of the house in more. Unless and until the Southwest is strong no stability will be there. Usually Northeast (Eshanya) and Southwest (Nairutya) are the most important directions in any Vaastu.

Northeast is the receiving and magic corner of the house.  It is believed that luck enters in the house through Northeast will remains in the building forever if the Southwest is rock-hard and closed. Whereas if  the Southwest is opened, luck would way out from that House. So any defect in Northeast and Southwest will creates a major Vaastu Dosha.

Some simple Vaastu Dosha Remedies

  • Performing Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti puja at least once in every three year.
  • Vastu Purush pooja at House warming (Vaastu Shanti) will reduce the Vaastu Dosh.
  • Put together Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) prepared from silver, Copper wire, pearl and Powla, in a red cloth with red soil and keep this in the East direction of the house. This is a effective Vaastu Dosha Remedy.
  • Red sand, Cashew Nut and Powla put all these things in red cloth. Keep this in West direction of the house on Tuesday. Worship it with incense (Dhup) to bring peace in that house.
  • Recite “Om Namoh Bhagvati Vastu Devtay Namah”  mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times. This will reduce overall Vaastu defects.

Major defect in Northeast:

Toilet in Northeast: 

  • Problems:
    • Prolonging health problems
    • Disagreements and misbehavior in family members
    • Stops the overall progress of the family head
    • No where progress of children in that family
  • Remedy:
    • Place a bowl of SEA Salt in the Toilet, which absorbs the negative energy, change this Salt weekly. 
    • Construct a toilet towards south or west. Remember that one should face towards the south or west, while performing the process.
    • Place the copper plate with size of 1.5 inch, at the door of toilet, which works as if it is boundary in toilet and house and will reduce the Vaastu Dosha.
    • Considering the Gravity of the North-east Toilet we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of NE Toilet

Bedroom in Northeast:

Northeast is the Head part of  Vastu Purush so having bedroom here is the Major defect in any house. Northeast is also the place of water element ( Jaltatva)

  • Problems:
    • Bedroom in Northeast reduces the heat energy in the body which decreases the sexual life.
    • Northeast bedroom if occupied by a couple; it gives troubles in getting pregnancy, and could also lead to abnormal descendants. Encourages separation by divorce
    • Unmarried girl’s sleeps in Northeast there will be delay in their marriage. Even after marriage there may be chances of Separation.
  • Remedy:
    • If you can’t shift the bedroom, at least place the bed in the South or West area of the room leaving more space in East and North.
    • Keep the head towards South or West direction while sleeping.
    • Better to shift the Bedroom in Southwest direction of the house.

Kitchen in Northeast

  • Problems:
    • Stops overall growth.
    • Creates stressful atmosphere in house and incurs unexpected expenses.
    • Health problems  to females in that house. She may have a sickness in 60:40 proportions
  • Remedy:
Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

  • Place Bronze (6” long) plates on ceiling of the kitchen in North and in East region
  • If possible shift the kitchen to SE, even that’s not possible, then place a kitchen in North West direction facing west, or in the South facing East.
  • Put a Vastu Dosh Nivaran or Nivarak Yantra ( Vaastu Defect Removal Yantra) on the entrance door of the kitchen above the door frame

  • Light a red light bulb in the kitchen during the night, which generates the Mars energy in the Northeast kitchen
  • Place a Agni Yantra in South-east direction of the House 

Having  a Cupboard in NE: i.e either on North wall or East wall. That will give migraine problem to one of your family member.


Water sources

If the water sources like Bore-well, Water Lake or River nearby your house and in the direction other than Northeast, that creates a Vaastu Dosh.


  • Place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman, on South-West direction facing to the Bore-well or Water source.
  • Place the statue of dancing Ganesh idol facing to west on the Northeast corner of the house.
  • Some times we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Water bodies   
Copper Tortoise

Copper Tortoise

Staircase in Northeast: Northeast is the place to rest the Head of the Vastu purush, placing here the staircase would probably give the diseases like Migraine, Parkinson’s, and Paralysis. And this also increases the weight of NE direction. See exact where the stairs are placed on the body parts of  Vastu Purush, one of the family have to face the problem related to that body part.

Remedy: Place two copper tortoises below the first step of stair case. Never place the stairs in NE, Brahmasthan and South west.

Some times considering the Gravity of the Stairs we have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of these Stairs  


751 Comments to Vaastu Dosh Remedies

  1. A. Patil says:

    Hello sir, Nice portal.
    My question is, of what size ” Panchmukhi Hanuman ” pic should be placed.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Patil Ji;
      You can use any size more than 18″ X 18″ or which may comfort you

      • MANU MADHUSUDHAN says:

        Hi sir we have a sump im the southwest corner how to correct this should the new sump be built 1st or old sump should be removed 1st

        • admin says:

          Sump in Southwest is a defect. So construct a new sump [If it’s a water sump] in Northeast

          • MANU MADHUSUDHAN says:

            Sir as I mentioned before the water sump is on the southwest corner of our house.. Yes I know its a defect but someone told me to correct this I need to do it properly or it will cause problems. So should I first make new sump in northest corner before I close old sump or should I first close old sump then make new sump in Northeast corner? Which order I have to follow and make this correct?

          • admin says:

            First Make in Northeast, then close Southwest sump

          • Naveen says:

            Sir, I have the same problem of Sump Pump in southwest. can you please suggest a remedy. Removing it or building a new one is not possible. Thank you

          • admin says:

            Requires “Gems therapy” please call me on 9494214400

    • SMS says:

      Hello Sir,

      Nice Post

      I am planning to buy a house whose main entrance is facing South-East and a balcony door in North-West. The main bedroom is located in South-East also. There is an attached bathroom in North. So the bed can be positioned in South-West or North-East. I have heard from my friends that a person should not sleep with head in North-East (as dead bodies are kept in that direction). Would sleeping with head in south-west position be a good remedy or we should not buy this house. As soon as you enter the house there is a main stair case to go to first level.


  2. preeti says:

    where can i find vast dos nivaran yantr in Mumbai?

  3. amit says:

    In MY house there is Cut of north east direction And my house is facing east so what is remedy for that?And where i should i keep my pooja ghar.There is balcony in north east. please reply

    • admin says:

      hello Amit Ji;
      Remedy for Northeast Cut: Place a big size mirror in Northeast direction in such a way that, mirror should enlarge that direction. Means northeast cut portion should reflect in that mirror.
      Create a water point ( Jalsthan) in Northeast. Take a Peetal (Braas) pot, fill it with water, add Panchadhatu pieces, some Kesar,Turmeric powder in that pot and keep this Pot in Northeast area. Change this water at least by weekly.
      These can reduce the bad effects of Northeast cut.
      Puja room should in Northeast or East direction and you should face East while performing puja

  4. sandiya says:

    Hello sir
    My house is like a ulta “L” north side our main gate and east side our house entrance.
    We shifted her in 2006 after that we are facing problem. My father become financial weak and i having career and personal problems. There is no peace in our life. Please give me some suggestion how can we improve our ..n personal prblms..

  5. dipti says:


    my house is facing north and mail door also in north. Garage in east. Making Northeast Corner cut. Garage is attached to house and there is inside door opens in the garage that door is facing east inside the garage. What can i do to improve NE and E and SE?


    • admin says:

      Hello Dipti ji;
      Remedy to improve Northeast Cut: Place a big size mirror in Northeast direction in such a way that, mirror should enlarge the NE cut area. Means northeast cut portion should reflect in that mirror.
      Create a water point ( Jalsthan) in Northeast. Take a Peetal (Braas) pot, fill it with water, add Panchadhatu pieces, some Kesar,Turmeric powder in that pot and keep this Pot in Northeast area. Change this water at least by weekly. East is ok, Garage(Parking) can be there. Regarding SE, presently is there Kitchen in SE, if so that will ok.

      • dipti says:

        Hello Sir,

        East and SouthEast has the covered by garage. kitchen is in the west side, and gas when we cook we face north.

        house door facing is also 345 degree North and garage door is also same 345 north facing. Not exact north. according to that North, Northeast, East and SouthEast goes in garage side.


        • dipti says:

          But main door and garage creates cut in the NE. coz of L shape house

          345 north
          | east

        • admin says:

          Hello Dipti Ji:
          That placing a mirror on East compound wall is the remedy. Place a Gas stove in kitchen such a way, you should face either East or West while cooking. Never face North or South.

  6. Sandhya says:

    Hello pandit Ji
    My house has a front door in the north- north west(opening north) they say it’s not good and my son is not got married,is this because of the entrance door? West side open space is more than other areas.Please give me some knowledge of this and please suggest a remedy.reply awaited

    • admin says:

      Hello Sandhya Ji:
      North west door is no problem. There may be any defect in Southwest direction of your house, that will delay the marriage. Your Son should always use extreme South or extreme West or North east area for his living.

  7. venkat Ramana says:

    hello pandit ji
    first i am confuse about facing . my house face is toward north and if we stand behind it is south so how to check according to vastu. secondly my house faced toward north and main entrance Gate is at the center of house and living room gate is also facing to it. Also Main inside door have laxmi ji door upper side . do we have any vastu dosham . as money expenses is not stoping at home.please give solutions.

    • admin says:

      Hello Venkat Ramana Ji;
      Exactly when we get exit from the house that is the facing direction of that house. Suppose you face North while going out from the house, the North is facing direction of your house. As you told there are higher expenses, there may be defect in South-South-West and North direction. please check.

  8. Hello Pandit ji,
    As i was reading your suggestion given to all person who had problems are very simple and good so i also wants some remedies for my house as we shifted our house in 2008 but till now we are upset for financial as well as health wise .my house in north facing but we have electric panel on east wall staircase in northeast direction and also stairs in middle of the house .so please suggest me some remedies for this as we are worried about that
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Baljit Ji:
      Staircase in Northeast direction and also Stairs in middle of the house are the main defects in your house.
      Place a Two Copper Tortoises at the first or Lower most beginning step of staircase in Northwest as well as middle of the house.

  9. Prashant Gupta says:

    Pandit ji my kitchen is north east direction and I place mandir in my kitchen please suggest me because I do not transfer othet other place because only 650 sf place in my house and I contract balcony east north face

    • admin says:

      Hello Prashant Ji:
      Basically Kitchen in Northeast is a Vaastu defect. Any way at-least place the Mandir in Northeast corner.

  10. […] And non performance of this Shraddha Karma may lead “Pitru Dosha” ensuing in various problems like loss of Wealth, Descendants, and frequent quarrels at home, with many health problems and so on. Formation of “Pitru Dosh” will also leads to live in forcefully in the house that with Vaastu Dosh.  […]

  11. Girish says:

    I want to know remedies for following things, 1) if any well /kuva is in front of house what should be done. 2) My flat have north-east cut and main door facing west what should i do for that. 3) i know form your block that kitchen should be in south-east and bed room should be in south west, but my problem is that my flat thing are exactly opposite, mean bedroom in south-east and kitchen in south-west.

  12. my toilet is in north east direction please suggest me because i cannot remove this toilet its my staff toilet what is the best remedy me and my husband is very disturb its an appartment house we both are architect and interior designer.

  13. srikkanth reddy says:

    pandit ji , my house main entrance door is in northwest, is it vastu dosha, if it so pls suggest remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Srikkanth Reddy:
      Main entrance door in Northwest, is Not a Vastu dosha, so not necessary of any remedies.

  14. Prabhakar says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am staying in flat and main entrance door facing north while opening from inside the flat. What would be the remedy for improvement? My opposite neighbour has put Pancha Mukhi Hanuman Photo in side and can be seen when you open the door from outside the flat. Please guide me with proper remedy. i shall be grateful to you.

    With Warm Regards,


    • admin says:

      Hello Prabhakr:
      When you Exit from your flat, your face will be towards North, Means your flat in North facing. Then what is the exact problem. Panchmukhi Hanuman photo in your opposite house not hurt you. Forget that.

  15. T.K .JAGANATHAN says:


    I have placed a copper tortoise in a plate filled with water. The water is evaporated very often. Please let us what does it indicated.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jaganathan:
      Whats the reason for placing Tortoise in a plate filled with water. And obviously water could evaporates that not indicates any dosh.

    • Shekar says:

      I also have same problem, the water filled in plate evaporates at a very fast rate which is around 6 hours.
      There must be some reason for this.

  16. Pallavi says:

    Hello Panditji,

    I live in Melbourne Australia and have bought a house with front door in south west. The door is in the east corner ( right hand corner) of the front of the house which is facing southwest. My living room and dining is in the north and there are two huge doors that go into backyard in the north. Can you please suggest what can I do to fix this dosha?



  17. Manohar says:

    Dear Pandit Ji,
    I have moved in to a new Home in Gurgaon, there are two entrance, SOUTH Facing ( entrance leading direcly to living room) & South East facing Door ( this entrance leads to Living Room via a small store room)
    Which door should I use …

    I have Two Toilets in the house in the South West direction ( One is attached with tghe MAster Bedroom in the SW direction) .

    There is one Toilet in the North West Direction …

    Which Toilet should we Use…

    Kindly Suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Manohar:
      Use the south entrance door. If possible close Southwest toilet and use Northwest toilet.
      Inform me the date of birth of registered owner of the house.

  18. sachin Dubey says:

    Pandit Ji
    Your forum is very infirmative & learining.
    I ahve some doubt aboute the evelavtions in my house.
    My house is southwest facing. There is high elevations of floors in the rooms constructed in the half of the house area (outersie of plot-southwet dircetion). But the inner half plot area (northeast)which include backside rooms, kitchen & aangan are lowest.
    It happned because of contrstion on half of the plot arae (outerside)later and the engineer advised for elevation for keeping the home abaove the road level.

    Please advice if it is a vastu dosha and if so then some remedie for it. The kitchen & toilets are in north east directions and shre adjacent walls.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dubey Ji:
      Means slope of your house is in Northeast– Its good no problem.
      Kitchen and toilet in Northeast are the major defects. If possible shift the Toilet in South or Northwest.
      In the Northeast kitchen put three Bronze bowls on kitchen roof facing downward in East, Northeast, North direction. They should not come exactly on Gas stove. put a Pnanchmukhi Hanuman photo on above Southwest door. Make a Swastik on entrance door.

  19. vasudev says:

    which is the best yantra for evil eye(nazar dosh),vaastu dosh (both)………..where should it be place in the house….panchmukhi hanuman kavach or durga kavach yantra…

    • admin says:

      Hello Vasudev ji:
      This yantras should be placed under the guidance of Vaastu expert. So contact Vaastu Expert in your area.

  20. Saket says:

    Hello Panditji,
    Nice post. After reading your post, I think my house is totally opposite to what vastu says. I have a swimming pool in the South and South-West direction, my bedroom is in North-East direction. Also, door towards the pool on the south side is in line of sight from the main entrance (North). Also, the pool is at a lower level than the rest of the house. A friend of mine told me that it is not recommended to have slope towards the South, South-West direction. Kindly advise some remedies. Thank you for your help!

    • admin says:

      Hello Saket :
      Does the swimming pool is in your possession area. Northeast and Southwest are defected in your house. Any way send plan of your house so that i can help but you have to do some modifications.

  21. Aditya says:

    Dear Panditji,

    I would truly appreciate if you can provide some solution to this :
    We moved to this home in Aug 2007, since then we are having constant expenses in life, lack of ‘Shanti’ and issues in Married life, and also not being able to get progress in work, wealth etc.
    The home entrance is Facing North-west, Kitchen is in North-East corner and has a backward attachfd in same direction (there is a sliding door from Kitchen to backyard),Entrance of Stairs is facing North direction or slightly North-East to be precise, bedroom is in South-west corner, Mandir is in South-west corner and is above the Garage.

    Can you provide what the issue is and how can we solve this/remedy?Any Puja etc along with Vaastu?

    • admin says:

      Hello Aditya: As you said,
      Kitchen is in North-East corner.
      Stairs may be in NE.
      Bedroom is in South-East corner.
      Mandir is in South West Corner.
      Means overall Northeast and Southwest are defected. So total house is with Vaastu Dosh (defected)
      please call me on 09494214400

  22. Aditya says:

    sorry i meant Mandir is in South West Corner, but the Bedroom is in South-East corner..also spelling correction – i meant backyard in line 4th

  23. Namratha says:

    Hi Sir,

    We are constructing a house. We have undergroud sump in north-east side.
    As we need one more sump to store rain water, we have constructed one more underground sump at south east side.
    This new sump is less depth than the north east sump.
    Is it OK as per vastu or Please suggest vastu parihara.

    Thank you very much for the help…

  24. Shana says:

    Please be advised that I already shared you our house plan on your email

    Looking forward to receive your response.

  25. Savita says:

    Dear Sir,
    My house is facing south, with two entrance (1) three panels sliding doors facing south and (2) main door facing west. I’m using the main door facing west currently. It is ok? Please advice. Any remedies required?

    My kitchen is located in north east. The stove for cooking is facing east and water tap/sink is facing north. At the corner of north east, there is a small cupboard to keep plates and water cups. It is ok? Please advice. Any remedies required?

    My master bedroom is located in south east. The bed is facing the west. The sleeping position is head at east and legs at west. At the southwest, there is window and cupboard. It is ok? Please advice. Any remedies?

    The prayer altar is at upstairs hall, very close to northeast corner. The god/holy pictures are facing west and I’m facing east when praying. It is ok? Please advice. Any remedies?

    Thank you, Sir for kind time and guidance.

    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Hello Savita ji:

      Northeast kitchen, Southeast bedroom, Prayer room over kitchen are defects. The bed facing west, and head at east and legs at west while sleeping, is also not good position. If interested call me on 09494214400

  26. Gopal says:

    My house is south facing. What can I do?

  27. Gopal Sharma says:

    My date of birth is 16 Nov 1960. I have taken on rent. I don’t know owners details
    Gopal Sharma

    • admin says:

      Hello Gopal ji;
      Even it is on rent you have to face negative effects of South direction. According date of birth South is not suitable for you. How ever put a Copper Swastik on South door.

  28. pl suggest open space of nw of house used as car parcyng means vastu dosh?should be covered at roof level of the house or not.NE corner covered wth open jangla. East wall havyng stayrs facyng SE wyd mummty at doule hyght at tolet bath on northsde attached to north guest room other on WSW approchable to rest of the suggest for any dosh at NW…EAST…SW..andNORTH.

  29. Jitendra Sinha says:

    Hello Sir ‘ I have septic tank in NE (towards east) in my house. We are facing many diseases problem. My friend advised me to shift this tank. I have no space in NW. May I shift it to SE or any other remedy please advise. I would be thankful to you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jitendra:
      Septic tank in NE is a major defect,shift this in Northwest or West because Southeast is septic tank also a defect. Any remedy will only reduce the negative impact and not remove the defect.

  30. surjan singh says:

    hello sir this is surjan singhi’ve a flat its exit is in south east direction or can say south direction mine date of birth is 22nd february 1974 and my wife’s date of birth 5th of march 1976 kindly advise us

    • admin says:

      Hello Surjan:
      According to your date of birth South is preferred [favorable] direction or best suited for you.

  31. Divya says:

    Sir, This site is very informative. Please can you advise any remedies for my problem. I am renting an apartment which has the following. I see serious vastu doshas in the house when I read the vastu blogs. Please could you advise remedies (if any)?

    Facing – east
    Main door – south East side
    Window in the east side
    Toilet – North East
    WC – face towards South
    Kitchen – South west
    Stove – South west corner – facing south
    Window – west side on kitchen
    Fridge – facing south in North east corner
    Bedroom – North West
    Window – west side of bedroom

    Thank you so much,

    • admin says:

      Hello Divya Ji:
      1. Main door – south East side. Defect: Remedy: Put a Copper Swastik on Southeast door. light a red color bulb in SE at-least in the Night.
      2. Toilet – North East, Defect: Remedy: Put a Sea Salt Bowl in toilet change it frequently. Put a Pam tree [Small] and money plant near by Toilet.
      3. Kitchen – South west, Defect: Remedy: Put a Pendulum watch on South wall.
      These all three defects are of sever, so its better to shift elsewhere rather than facing ill effects.
      Northeast toilet and Southwest kitchen would bring progeny problems

  32. sridhar says:

    Sir i convey my gratitude if you give solution to me. My name is sridhar havng own independent house north facing.with 95 sq yrds 37×23 (lxb) and I need vastu solution from your kind enough please:
    north facing
    south east place is empty. (borewell equipped)
    stair case north west
    north west closed (under ground septic tank)
    pooja room is center of north and south of the house adjacent kitchen at south east
    Main door is north and exit door is south opposite to each other
    3 feet path area from north east to south east and no turning to right side to bathroom
    Doors equipped are north side, east side south side, toilet door at west (east facing door)
    toilets: one toilet inside house west side opposite to east facing door
    another toilet outside house at south east.having compound wall of kitchen
    path area of south west is 2.7 feet and the same was extended by one feet ended with bathroom of 3.7 feet bathroom
    south east toilet area was extended by one feet when compared to south west area
    south west area closed and having water tank on the floor of the house. no construction on the floor of the house except water tank and A.C. machine at north west corner
    master bed room is south west. but bed placed at south east corner
    please give solution for the sake of my family health

    • admin says:

      Hello Shridhar Ji:
      Southeast empty, Bore-well: Water source in SE is a defect and may affect on your financial statues.
      Toilet outside house at south east:
      Southeast extended as compared to SW:
      Overall southeast is defected which affects your financial stability and health problems to females.
      Paint red color in Southeast area and put a Red color bulb on at – least in the night.
      If possible shift the toilet from southeast to South or Northwest. Regarding Southeast extension you have to make a house rectangle placing a Copper wire of 6.25 mm [This can be done under known Vastu expert]
      Stair case north west- OK
      North-west closed (underground septic tank)- OK
      Kitchen Southeast-OK
      Master bed room is south west. Bed placed at south east corner: Place the bed in South of Southwest and your head should be in South direction while sleeping.

  33. Jyothi says:

    Namaste Sir,

    Your site is very informative and helpful. We are considering a south facing house. Kindly advice if south facing house is suitable for us. My husbands date of birth is 17th May 1977.
    We have also looked at another house which is North East facing, but has Master bedroom in North West and living room in South West. Please advice if there is any vastu dosha.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jyothi Ji:
      As per date of birth of your husband, East is the favorable direction for you. South is not recommended. However
      [another house which is North East facing, but has Master bedroom in North West and living room in South West] in this house you can change Master bedroom in Southwest and Living room to East or Northeast, Northwest bedroom should be additional bedroom.

  34. Harshvadan J Jani says:

    Dear Sir, My date of Birth: 16-Jan-1979.
    * Plot is North facing, Rectangular.
    * I have a house where in building has S-W Corner & N-W corners cut.
    * Earlier S-W Corner had a basement which we filled it & closed.
    * W direction has a basement.
    * Also Main Entrance Gate (plot) is N-W. Main Door (building) is N direction.

    Pl. suggest remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Harshvadan Ji:
      According to your date of birth Northeast entrance is favorable direction for you. South west cut is defect, so put a mirror facing that Southwest [and Northwest also] in such a way that, the cut portion should reflect in mirror. However whats your exact problem.

  35. Anitha says:

    Hello Sir
    Please give me advice for my problem. In my house the toilet is north east side, another toilet is attached to the west adjacent wall of this toilet and pooja room is attached to the west adjacent wall of the second toilet. Pls sir help me…

    • admin says:

      Hello Anitha Ji;
      Toilet in North east is a sever defect. So close it or shift it to South or Northwest direction. Another toilet which adjacent to Pooja room, please tell me Exact location of this toilet

  36. says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am in USA, We bought house which is north facing. After coming to house we realized that NE is less than NW and house built East side. West side little bit space more compare with east side. Can you give me remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nagkrikum:
      You have to make the house like more space in North than South and East than West. To make this leave [cut off]some extra portion in South and West. This is the only Remedy.

  37. Falguni says:

    We are staying in a rented flat and i need some advice on the placement of objects in the bedroom. The door of the bedroom is in the south east corner (opening in west and resting on south wall) and on west wall there is a big window (center of the wall leaving minimal space ). please advice on the directions for keeping the bed and the wardrobe. Thanks & regards,Falguni

    • admin says:

      Hello falguni Ji:
      The bedroom in Southeast is a defect. However place a Bed in such a way that your head will point towards South. And the wardrobe in Southwest direction of bedroom.

  38. shilpi says:

    Hello Panditji

    I am looking at buying a house whose main entrance door is facing south while exiting. However it has the car garage door exactly opposite to the main enternace door. Can I buy this house since mainly we will enter from car garage. Sometimes we can use south entrance door for guests etc. Is that a dosh? Any remedy is possible?


  39. Prachi Shonu says:


    I have recently purchased west facing flat , having entry from NW and there is cut in NE direction. Shall i place mirror on NE Cut direction so that people entering the home can see themselves.
    please share your mail id, enabling me to share the plan layout as need suggestion for masterbed room too.

    Prachi Shonu

  40. Param says:

    I have a Northeast facing house, and I want to add a Master bed room with bathroom to the Southwest side of the house. Is it ok to do?


  41. Shilpa Joshi says:

    I am looking at a house with master bedroom in northeast corner. It is the biggest bedroom. If we create a small library room in the northeast cprner of the bedroom, that library will be in northeast now so will that cure the dosha?? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Shilpa Ji;
      Northeast Bedroom is not accepted under any circumstances, What you have said that will also another Vaastu dosh.

  42. Shilpa Joshi says:

    Thank you very much. i will not buy that house now.

  43. tarun says:

    sir I STAY in appartment entrance is north-west,one bedroom in south another in west,toilets in south-west living in dining room north to north east and balcony in east.does any dosh which can delay marriage ,if so suggest remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Tarun Ji:
      Defects in Southwest and Northeast are the major causes for any problem including marriage also.

  44. Pradeep says:

    Hi sirं. I purchased an apartment of west facing . Kindly inform whether any problem for my kid health

    • admin says:

      Hello Pradeep Ji:
      An apartment of facing west is not a defect. Please inform me your date of birth. Or call me 09494214400

  45. garima bahl says:

    Hello pandit ji

    I request you to kindly sought your esteemeed advice n remedies for my parents house. Its a 3 bedroom apartment with servent room.since its a multistorey no civil changes can be done.Here i would list the major problems for which i need your expert advice n remedies.

    The house has a main entrrance on south wall means while entering we face towards north.

    Secondly the bedrooms are placed in such a way that beds can be placed in only 1 wall t hat is while sleeping the head will be at north.Tried a lot to change beds direction but got succesful with one bedroom rest two bedrooms are still having the problem.

    the south west corner is cut . On south wall towards west its a store cum servant room with attatched toilet and west wall its kitchen whereas the placement of stove is such that while cooking one will face south.

    Lastly The guest bedroom is in north east .

    With much hope plz suggest remedies.i will be very thankful.

    Thanks & regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Garima Ji:
      Is it a House or flat. South main entrance is not bad. In any room you can sleep keeping head towards South. However please send me plan of this house/flat on
      And also inform me the Date of Birth of registered owner of this House, so that i can help you better.

  46. sunita says:

    We have bought a flat which is upside down L I.e.north east extension which is bedroom and the flat has it’s main door in the south with east facing door .it also has a big balcony in east as well as west Kindly give me York guidance and suggestions it is under construction

    • admin says:

      Hello Sunita Ji:
      Northeast extension is a very lucky and favorable, but bedroom here is not accepted. Not getting about main door in the south facing East, please clarify.
      Balcony in East and west are fine.

  47. Sushilla says:

    my staircase is in the middle of the house, what can i do to remedy it?
    thank you….

    • admin says:

      Hello Sushilla Ji:
      As such for staircase in the middle of the house is a big Defect, and no remedy for that.

  48. Puja Shaw says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house main gate is south. The toilet and the kitchen is in the west.There is delay in my daughter’s marriage. please suggest which direction she should sleep? There is no income in the family also.

    • admin says:

      Hello Puja Ji:
      South main gate is not so bad. Kitchen in West means there may be defect in Southeast and Southwest, which causes Marriage delay and affects on income also. Your daughter should sleep in Northwest direction keeping head towards West. For clarification you can call me on 9494214400

  49. Poonam says:

    Hi, I have got rented house facing South (Not South West) So what can we do to reduce its effects on family..? Or else how it effect on my family? my DOB is 13/02/20187.. Please reply..

    • admin says:

      Hello Poonam Ji:
      According to your date of birth [13.02.1987] Southwest is favorable direction for you. May be south is well. Any way what problems you are facing now.

  50. Poonam says:

    Thank you for your Reply.. As i Had heard south facing homes are not good so, had concern of its effect on the Health of my family members & about my career growth..


    Hello sir,i want to know that my kitchen is in north east and poojaroom is south east.main door is north direction.and starecase in south west and also thethere is agate in the south west to go to a room which we have givven for rent.toilet is in the middle east.there are lots of problem .so pleast give some sugations.

    • admin says:

      Hello Annapurna Ji:
      Kitchen in Northeast and Puja room is Southeast. Southwest Room given on rent, Toilet in middle East: these are defects. Change the Kitchen to Southeast and Puja room to Northeast. Get Vacate the SW rental room and use for Owner activities.

  52. sam says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    i got south west exit- any remedies
    i also got toilet n shower below stairs- any remedies
    entrance is north east
    also both bedroom in north east

    • admin says:

      Hello Sam Ji:
      Bedroom in north east, South west entrance are defects. Please call me on +91 9494214400

  53. sahil vansil says:

    I have taken a place on rent…the south west area of the place is lower than the other..its a 300 sq feet area wich is lower…it wil take a lot of money to raise it in a rented accommodation…is dere any other alternative?

  54. sonal says:

    Namaste panditji… the entry of my house is in northeast, kitchen is in southeast, master bedroom in south west and another bedroom in northwest but the problem is we have an extension in northeast which is our pooja room and in the northwest side room their is a balcony but that is not extended till southwest… so southwest is cut… after co mming in this house we are facing lot of financial problems.. pls help

  55. Guru ji, pranam!
    Our house is facing east but there is a bulgy toilet tank at the east… and toilet is at east-south.

  56. Anuj says:

    Apke blog mai likha hai ki stairs NE mai hone per 1st stair k niche 2 copper k tortoisr akhne chhaiye. Unka size kitna aur face kis direction mai hona chhaiye

  57. Sangeeta says:

    Hello Sir,

    Our house is south facing ground floor. A big open front yard in the south and in the north too. However we use west facing door as entrance door as our living room has two doors (one is south facing through lawn and the other is west facing). When we enter in the room our face remain towards east. In all the toilets, toilet seat face towards east so which is a vastu dosh. Whole family suffering from continuous illness and there is lot of negativity inside the house. Is there any remedy for this ? Please do answer as it will save lives of 4 people.

    Thanks a lot.

  58. Arun says:

    Respected Sir –
    1. For Business office, can i place the idol on the North wall facing South. The lamp light will be burning facing north.. pls advice, if that is the best place for growth.
    2. Which yantra is good to keep for business growth..pls advice..
    3. Any other tips will be extremely helpful..


  59. harish saligrama says:

    I bought a house without paying attention to Vastu

    There is a swimming pool at the southwest part of the plot. I read review that it really bad to have a pool at that end. Please suggest what I can do

    • admin says:

      Hello Harish Ji:
      Is that swimming pool in your plot or adjacent and what is the distance between pot and pool.

  60. Pramod says:

    Hi, Mine is WEST face house, Main Gate Situated extreme north west direction of the house,am having to much expenses, health problems & unnecessary arguements among family members.Please advise me better solution for all problems(some relief, if not 100% only OK).-Pramod

  61. Pankaj says:

    Dear Sir, I seek your guidance and advice as I’m facing major financial problem ever since I shifted back to my house after renovation. I lost my well-paying job two years back & till now unable to get any job or any source of earning. I have read your comments and advices as mentioned in the site and felt that you can provide me solution. Now, I have a feeling that the problems could be due to vastu dosha. Following are the main points :
    1. My house is facing south east i.e. main door opens towards south east.
    2. Pooja room is in north-east
    3. Kitchen in North-West (cooking gas platform on south-west wall of kitchen & sink/tap etc on north-east wall)
    4. Stairs in North-East (start from almost center of drawing room)
    5. On Terrace, there is one spiral-iron staircase in North-East direction to go to roof-top

    I was told that the point-3 & 4 are major defects as per vastu but I’m unable to rectify the same due to design & renovation. Also, being without job or earnings, I’m not in a situation to make any changes at present. Hence, seek your guidance as to how the bad effect of vastu dosha can be minimized, once I get job, then I can plan for certain structural changes afterwards. My humble request for your advice.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pankaj ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of North-east Stairs. Kitchen in NW is OK, face East or West while cooking. Please call me for clarification on 09494214400

  62. Pankaj says:

    Dear Sir, I seek your guidance and advice as I’m facing major financial problem ever since I shifted back to my house after renovation. I lost my well-paying job two years back & till now unable to get any job or any source of earning. I have read your comments and advices as mentioned in the site and felt that you can provide me solution. Now, I have a feeling that the problems could be due to vastu dosha. Following are the main points :
    1. My house is facing south east i.e. main door opens towards south east.
    2. Pooja room is in north-east
    3. Kitchen in North-West (cooking gas platform on south-west wall of kitchen & sink/tap etc on north-east wall)
    4. Stairs in North-East (start from almost center of drawing room)
    5. On Terrace, there is one spiral-iron staircase in North-East direction to go to roof-top

    I was told that the point-3 & 4 are major defects as per vastu but I’m unable to rectify the same due to design & renovation. Also, being without job or earnings, I’m not in a situation to make any changes at present. Hence, seek your guidance as to how the bad effect of vastu dosha can be minimized, once I get job, then I can plan for certain structural changes afterwards. My humble request for your advice.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pankaj ji:
      Southwest and Northeast defects can creates such situation. And there seems defect in Northwest also. Please send me the plan of your house on i will help you. You can also call me on 9494214400

  63. Sumit says:

    Dear sir

    The entrance of the toilet is in the north – east corner of the kitchen and it runs along with the kitchen (common wall). Please advise a remedy, as this is causing several health issues to the family head.


  64. Sumit says:

    Kitchen is in the North direction, running from east to west. The toilet is running behind the kitchen along with it

  65. Raj says:

    Dear Sir – My Staircase is in NW, stepping up from east to west and U turn and west to East.
    I want to build 2nd toilet and shower under the staircase due to shortage of space, can i build, is there any remedy??

  66. sony says:

    sir ji, am pregnant of 1month can we do our house renovation, plz tell me sir

  67. P.R. Dey says:

    Dear Pandit ji, I had advanced for an apartment. But, I know it has some vaastu dosha.. can u help me if i send u home plan at with all due details? pls reply

  68. Gaurav says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in a flat and my main door opens to the north when I am inside of the house. The problem is that when I enter the house there is a column right in the centre of the main door/ entrance, facing it. This also happens to be almost the centre of the flat, where the column is. Is this a dosha and if so how do I rectify it? I can’t move it for sure. My toilet is also in the north-east corner of the flat. I read in your remedies that to place a 1.5” copper plate. Now is this has to be placed on the toilet door or on the floor or all around the door frame like a beading pati? Kindly advice for some vastu remedies please.

  69. Shashi says:

    Our bedroom faces northeast . Please reply. Can’t change the direction of the bed? What to do?

  70. AR says:

    Namaste panditji, this site has been very useful.thanks for all the effort.

    I have a question, we have bought a house in the UK, and as you know it’s different here but still wanted to house is facing north but the main entrance door is in the east.the plot has no cut on north has a garden.but the house as such had a north east cut.

    Is there any can I remedy it?

    A R

  71. Sunny says:
    Dear pundit ji,

    My house is North facing, garage is also North facing. But there is a swimming pool on SW cornor (I am not sure if it is exactly SW corner or West. Here I am posting the link for bird eye view ) 75063/80220854_zpid/
    Please tell me if there doshs with swimming pool.

  72. Ashok kumar says:

    I want to know remedies for any dry and open well /kuva is in front of house what should be done.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ashok Kumar:
      It depends upon in which direction that dry and open well /kuva is situated.

  73. Rita says:


    The entrance to our home is from South. It is a cuboid cut into 4 pieces. First piece as u enter is the drawing room, second the bedroom followed by the kitchen and last is the toilet + bathroom which is in the north direction. Please advise remedy as causing health issues.

  74. Prathyusha says:

    Our entrance to towards North with East facing kitchen and backyard towards south which has a compound wall on the back side. We are planning on building a pool in South backyard but heard its inauspicious to build pool in South or South west. Can we build pool towards the north east side of the south backyard itself?
    Please suggest. Thank you

  75. RAJU says:

    Dear Panditji my home located towards west facing…and entrance gate was west side, toilet was in north west ,septic tank was northwest, and the compound wall attached to a please tell remedy. is there any problem with toilets wall attached with compound wall……

  76. prasad says:

    my flat has cut in north, north west, south west direction & toilet and bathroom in the centre of house its window facing at north direction.
    please suggest remedies

  77. binni says:

    Hello sir, I have one query that my bedroom is northeast side and also bed is northeast side and we are not able to change bed. Is there any solution for that vastu dish.

    • admin says:

      Hello Binni ji:
      Bedroom is northeast side is defect. Place the bed in such a way that your head will be in South.

  78. Rishabh says:

    Namaste Panditji,
    I was going through your article amd the trailing posts. I have realised that our house has a lot of dosha ad hence the problems that we have been facing since the last two years. I have taken note of how to improve most of them. However there are three thati am still not sure about. Firstly our house is south facing and my father’s bdate is 19 sept 1962.
    Secondly, we have a penthouse with a teraace attched to our house on the west side. This makes the southwest portion of the house completely open.
    Lastly, there are two open sections that cut through the house. One is in the north direction and the other in the south direction.
    We have been facing a lot of money issues and lack of growth in our house. Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you

  79. Neeraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father is suffering court cases……. we are having disharmony in family relationships, financial loss Our house is west facing, having main door in west, stairs directly visible from main door which are in east direction (clockwise)…below stairs there is a bathroom….kitchen is in SE direction…. is bit extended in SE…. having pooja room in NE room (towards east wall)…..overhead water tank above stairs ie in east…..plz suggest what we can do in this

  80. Srikanth K says:

    Namaste Pandith Ji, Please suggest me a remedy for Toilet in North of my rented flat

  81. Ankit says:


    I have bathrooms in the South west and southwest corner of the house, attached to two bedrooms. Could u please tell possible negative effects of them, and also suggest any vastu samadhan.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ankit :
      Bathrooms in the South-west direction is a sever defect which leads to several problems.

      • Ankit says:

        any possible vastu samadhans sir?
        I can stop using them for the time being.
        But, due to financial and other constraints, right now, i’m not in a position to restructure the house. Can only do so after 6-8 months or so.

        • admin says:

          Hello Ankit:
          Put a Copper Swastika on entrance door of Toilet. Put a Sea Salt Bowl in toilet, change it frequently.

  82. Soma says:

    Hello pandit jee,
    This website is such a helping website.and all the questions are being answered so thought I will get some help here.
    We have bought a flat 3years back.but we gave it for rent as we were staying we moved in to our house recently . I need some remedies because my pooja room is not in north east direction.Here is the plan of my house.

    My house faces east direction that is I face east while exiting and the main door is in the north east corner.
    The kids room is in north.then the bathroom of kids room in north west corner.
    The pooja room is in the middle of north west and south west corner and I have kept the idols backing to east that means while performing pooja we face east. The main attached bath room is adjacent to the pooja room but the door of the bathroom is not anywhere near the pooja room.
    The master bedroom is in the south west corner.
    The kitchen is in south east corner.
    Please suggest me the defects and some remedies for the plan.
    Is there any way we can call you regarding some vastu help.
    Please suggest.

  83. Soma says:

    Hello pandit jee,
    This website is such a helping website.and all the questions are being answered so thought I will get some help here.
    We have bought a flat 3years back.but we gave it for rent as we were staying we moved in to our house recently . I need some remedies because my pooja room is not in north east direction.Here is the plan of my house.

    My house faces east direction that is I face east while exiting and the main door is in the north east corner.
    The kids room is in north.then the bathroom of kids room in north west corner.
    The pooja room is in the middle of north west and south west corner and I have kept the idols backing to east that means while performing pooja we face east. The main attached bath room is adjacent to the pooja room but the door of the bathroom is not anywhere near the pooja room.
    The master bedroom is in the south west corner.
    The kitchen is in south east corner.
    Please suggest me the defects and some remedies for the plan.
    Is there any way we can call you regarding some vastu help.
    Please suggest.

  84. Mukesh says:

    My house main door is facing west. We stay in ground floor. Do we have any doshas due to this. My son has ben falling ill frequent. Please suggest

  85. Yash says:

    Sir, In my est face house there is toilet/bathroom in centre of north, is it bad as per vastu in respect of children’s (sons) progress ? If so advice me the remady. Obliged… thanx.

  86. Monika says:

    Hello Sir,
    In our house the bathrooms and toilets are in the north east, can you please let me know the size of the copper plate. Is 1.5 inch the diameter or thickness of the plate. While sitting on the commodes, we face South west. Is it still bad?

  87. Manjiri says:

    hello sir
    we are planing to buy a house, which has master bedroom in southeast (agney) corner, is it to bad to have so, or is it ok if do apply remedies you mentioned above.

    Thank you

  88. dr.sachin says:

    Hello sir.. nice page
    Sir hamari boring north west m h.. aapne btaya ki panchmukhi hanuman ji ki pic south west direction m rakhe bt hamari jo south ki wall h wo toilet ki h.west m rakhte h to unka mukh purva ki or hoga.. plz give solution.

  89. chandra shekhar says:

    Sir I have west facing house, our east side is totally blocked by the another house, so not possible to open a window or door.we just made a septic tank in the room which is located in northeast corner as per vastu and but slop of house is east to west, that is not good as per vastu, suggest some solution
    Thank you.

  90. chandra shekhar says:

    and sir our both direction are blocked, there are two other houses in both direction east and north and our main entrance is west. what is the solution?

  91. Neti says:

    Sir, there is a staircase right in front of my front door. The distance between the two is not much. What can I do to fix this?

  92. rupa says:

    sir is a plot facing north but rounded at north east good??? should we buy it???we have to take decision by tomorrow.if we buy what is the remedy????

  93. kaushik says:

    hello sir ,my enterence is east facing,end of south side.
    in east -south corner toilet in gr floor ,second,third and easan corner,
    overhead and under ground tank
    .brahma stahan have wall
    .in west direction underground tank.mandir is in ishan
    so please give remidies what i do for solution.bcoz suffering for majorsssssssss porblems.

  94. RAJU says:

    i have a east facing home, my kitchen is on the north side,and my bathroom cum toilet is on southwest side and my staircase is on northeast side plz give me some remidies.

  95. Mukesh Goel says:

    Pandit Ji in my house the stairs in north. what reamedy are avilable.

  96. gowda says:

    I am leaving in a 4th Floor in an apartment.
    The apartment site is North-west.
    My flat is in north in the middle and door facing is East.
    If I consider my flat as an house, I have living area in S-W, kitchen in W-N and
    Master bedroom in NORTH-EAST with attached toilet n toilet is in the north and there is a wall in south
    I have put my bed in south n my head will be in south direction while sleeping.
    Is there a vastu problem in my flat, if so can you please recommend a solution for the same.


  97. Chennu says:

    Sir, We recently moved to north facing home. There garage was build at North East corner. Can you suggest any vaastu remedies.

  98. Shailesh says:

    Hello ,
    My plot is north facing , Main door facing is north west.
    Kitchen is on South west facing and kitchen door is south facing , Bed room is on south east , living room is on north east .
    Under ground water tank is on south east corner.

  99. Chennu says:

    Thank You Sir.

  100. gandhi says:

    south facing hotel remedies please admin ji

  101. abhilash says:

    Hello panditji, we have a staircase with 18 steps including landing.. Kindly advise a remedy..

  102. My house has main entrance towards west and the north east corner has a big window with a door next to it which opens in my back yard. We have had constant financial difficulties. Can you please suggest something. The southeast corner is where I have my rescued cats house and the northwest corner has a kitchen where as the southwest corner has a garage. My husband has also installed a water tap outside the garage facing south (water tap is facing south).

    Your direction would be very much appreciated.

  103. Smt. Urmila says:

    Namaste pandit Ji
    I have a east facing house, with main entrance in east south east. Living room is southeast and south, dining is in south west and kitchen is in west-southwest. Stove is in north and tap in west. Master bedroom is in NW, kids room in east and grandmothers room in NE. Bathrooms are in west. Also Pooja room below on the ground floor in NE. Car garage is on south. Since we have moved in, some or the other expenses is happening unnecessary. We keep fixing things in the house or paying for things. What dosha are we facing and how to rectify it?

  104. A.S Sandhu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am thinking tht due to vastu defects I am having financial problems.
    Please advise me, as my house is facing east 50 ×90 =4500 sq.yards.
    Main entrance is from north east .
    My borewell is at southeast but the water tank at 3rd floor is at north east direction.
    We r having 2 stairs one goes frm outside straight upto 1 floor in front of main gate and then frm 1 floor to the 2 floor in clockwise direction and on there top is a water tank.
    Second stairs goes frm inside the lobby upto 1 floor in anticlockwise direction.
    Bed rooms on SW directions have 5 corners in the ceiling on ground as well as on 1 floor.
    On the 2 floor south west direction is open as compared to NE as it has an water tank on tht side NE .
    Other 2 bed rooms on ground and 1 floor r in N directions.
    Our store is also on NE direction.
    Please advise the remedy….

  105. Nandan says:

    Hi Sir,

    We have a toilet in north west corner of the independent house. toilet attached to compound wall on both north and west side. But not attached to main building. Is it OK. Please advice.

    Thank You.

  106. bhavin says:

    Hello, I am interested to learn, when i check the front door direction, should i check that while entering the home or exiting the home. Please advice.

  107. Vimala says:

    We are staying in rented house…on march 15 th we came to rented apartments.from march 21st my health issues started..sudden head pain,kidney stones for 4months and doctors are saying my liver got enlarged and doing blood work and mri..scanmany astrologers said it is not very bad time for me..but i am suffering with health problems one after the another…we are in north facing house ..with kitchen in north east,bedroom in south west.and another bedroom in south east..outside one upstairs in east for another family..
    We are really depressed please help..we have one year lease with agreement

  108. manjiri says:

    hello sir
    In my house there is north east cut and you suggest to put a large mirror but I am confused about how to put that mirror
    you said we need to put mirror in such a way that reflect north east cut, so do i need to place a mirror on either west or south wall of that room ( inside the house)?? i also read that mirror reflect the energy so isn’t it such arrangement will reflect( drive away) positive energy from north east direction?
    Another thing is I read that if we want to enhance north direction we need to put mirror on north wall itself in that case it will face south direction and will not reflect north east cut

    i am so confused please help me.

    Thank you.

  109. Shivani says:

    My paternal house is L shaped with northeast cut built on L shaped plot. Kitchen near north east cut. Result of which we are facing adverse negative effects.Please suggest any remedy.


  110. jaya says:

    Hi Sir

    I bought a 2nd hand L shaped flat..which has north east extended to form this North west is cut..

    main entrance at south west of this flat with a passage going towards east covered by kitchen wall.So Westside of my flat is occupied by kitchen only and with service varendah at this cut NorthWest.

    Master bed room is in Southeast..and anotger bedroom in that extended Northeast.and two bathrooms at middle of Eastside between this two bedrooms.

    kindly advise remedy and advise also if I can do small renovation like changing master bed room at southeast as kitchen and kitchen at Westside to bedroom

    Kindly advise northwest cut is acceptable..of not kindly aadvise remedy sir..

    thanks for the help..After i bought this flat through housing loan,the previous owner had a court case and this property document is in court custody..I filled writ toget back tthis still not yet
    Over..please help me..

    with regards

  111. deepika says:

    sir,can you please suggest if children room is in the south-west

  112. shailesh says:

    Hello sir,

    My bedroom is in NE direction. Bed running from east to North. I can’t shift bed, can u suggest remides. Thanks in advance.

  113. dr a d s raju says:

    hello sir

    great work sir

    my personal query:

    1. my parents own and live in a house facing south.
    2. stairs are in south west corner, ascending first towards west and then towards east
    3. main entrance doors south, east and north sides. my parents live in first floor and tenants live below
    3. pooja room is in north east. well is in north east
    4. kitchen is in south east. master bed room is in south west
    5. living room is L shaped with south and east main doors

    i dont know d.o.b of my parents
    my two elder brothers are not well settled
    1st brother d.o.b.-19/6/79. married but no children and no permanent job
    2nd brother d.o.b-14/8/80. married but facing divorce case. alcoholic. no job now

    please suggest remedies…

    thank you in advance

    dr a d srinivasa raju

  114. rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    I leave in a rented house with east facing door. We face lot of problem with health of my younger sister and my mother. The bath room of the house in south west corner. Master bedroom is in Agni corner, Main problem is I have lost a MNC Job job 2 yrs back and not got any interview for the Job till now. Every time I get a call but it never goes to interview stage. They take my details of experience and never call back.1 week back also same thing happened. I was hoping to get interview call as this was from my friend side but nothing happened. Is this because of this house vastu. Is there remedy for this vastu problem.

  115. swathi says:

    Hello sir,

    We are planning to buy a house with garage facing North-West. The house faces North-West but the main entrance faces North. Since we would normally enter/leave the house (in a car) through the garage, is it ok with a north west facing garage?

  116. nandagopal says:

    I am residing in a flat on 3rd floor. I am entering the flat from south towards north. One of the bed room (on the west side of the flat) is converted into pooja room cum prayer room, and also cupboard is kept. Pooja area is on the north-east portion of the said room. God is facing south and I am sitting (while doing pooja) facing north. Is this position OK? Kindly advise. Other bedroom is on the north-east corner of the flat. We are using this as study room as well as to sleep. Please advise.

  117. anju gupta says:

    sir my husband dob is 28 march 1970 and we r living in a rental house with ne as bedroom and sw as kitchen. its not possible to shift the kitchen. pl suggest some remedy

  118. Seema says:


    This is a great site and I see you have helped many people.

    I’m looking into a north entrance house with master bedroom in south west, study in north, kitchen in east to south east, which are all fitting in the vastu plan. Our problem is that there is a small pond to the south of my house, and the only available place for a swimming pool is in the backyard, which is in the south. Is there any remedy for this dosha? It will be more south east than south west.

    Any remedial measures you can advise us will be appreciated.

    Thank you


    • admin says:

      Hello Seema:
      Is that small pond to the south in your possession or out of boundary wall.

      • Seema says:

        It is not our personal plot, but it is within our housing complex property. It’s edge borders our house plot. So, from north to south the order will be – front yard, house itself, swimming pool in my own backyard and then pond.

  119. Lily says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have taken this rented house. This is 9 storied apartment. I am in 4th Floor. It is south facing flat.

    With these blogs read I found below

    1. Entrance of the house is South West direction.
    2. Attached Toilet, bath room is at North East direction. The Bathroom door opens to two bed room. One is in North direction and other is at east direction.

    So Does Bed room also considered as NorthEast also??WC is facing North but overall Toilet and Bath room is North East.

    3. Kitchen base is facing towards west. Wash basin is facing North.

    I do not have any alternation possibilities here as its a rented house. Could you please suggest some good remedies. Please Help Sir. Waiting for your reply.

    I plan to shift the house but again till the time I stay here please suggest something what I can do for remedies.Please Please help

  120. shikha khandelwal says:

    hello, there
    i am a interior deisgner and my house is south facing but i kept main entry door at south east corner and my home entry towards east..problem is that my house is packed from all three side and i am having all windows from south area only, is there any problem as if yes then what will be the remedies…plz suggest

  121. rama says:

    remedies for tortoise entering into house

  122. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please advise any remedies for my south facing house..
    Toilet&Saptic thank- Northwest
    Kitchen- south
    And main problems is my borewell is out side of house means southwest AND motor is west side please suggest remedies,.,please Sir

  123. rohit agrawal says:

    the height of north west in my house is more than the south west corner. also the north west portion extended thus it generates cut in that side. kitchen is placed on north east but the cooking gas is on north west side… please provide me some remedies for these without demolition… because demolition changes not possible at this point of time.

  124. raunak says:

    sir i am having no. of vastu dosh in my house and the worst part is that its construction has completed few days back and i dont have money to demolish it and re construct… feeling helpless….!!!!

  125. mitesh says:

    Dear sir,

    I have electric pole in northeast corner and I cant remove it. Kindly give me some stromg solution, it in my factory

  126. sachin says:

    Can i use metal tortoise instead of copper tortoise for north east stairs.? I will be grateful if you could reply. Thanks

  127. Savita Dutta says:


    Ours is a rented house facing south direction. Since last 21 years we are residing in the same home. This time since last November (nov 2013) we are facing debts. Though my husband and myself are working (in job) but presently we are in debts (heavy). Please suggest some remedies.


  128. Kamlesh says:

    Hello sir,

    In my house, one well is in northeast corner. I am informed by Vasthu consultant that the Well should not be in northeast corner and there is some gap between Northeast corner and Well (If so how may feet gap). Can you please urgently advise me whether his advice is correct and whether I have to change it some other place?

    • admin says:

      Hello Kamlesh ji:
      Sorry for late reply. Well in North-east is good omen it’s not a defect.

  129. arun kumar says:

    my house main door is south and we have constructed the balcony in the north and3bedrooms 1 in north west and another in north east and 1 in south west direction with a kitchen in the south east direction please advice me as to where should I hang the vastu purusha yantra

    • admin says:

      Hello Arun kumar:
      For what purpose you are placing Vaastu purush yantra.
      Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  130. praveen says:

    Hello sir

    Am living in a house owned by my father. It has almost all vastu dosha. My father is not willing to do any remedy for that. So I would like to live separately from my parents. My question is that if I stay away from the house owned by father does the vastu dosha affect me any way?

  131. vineeta says:

    Hello sir,
    Thank you for the nice website and informative blog. I would like to ask you couple of questions with due regard to you,
    1) My house stair case is in brahmasthan?
    – can i use metal tortoise instead copper tortoise?
    2) My house kitchen is in north east side?
    – Can i put mangal yantra in south east wall of the kitchen as stated in your blog myself or need some expert? Please provide your valuable suggestion. Thanks

  132. Hema says:

    We are planning to buy a house facing north east with an extension to north in the plot. That means there is an extension towards north direction in the plot and house/plot facing north east. Is there a vastu dosha here and if so what are the remedies? Thank you,

  133. Reddy says:

    Hello Pandit ji
    We are planning to contruct the new house, according to our date of birth, could you suggest us the best facing direction(mostly we’ll take North facing plot). May 19 1986 and My husbands Jan 14 1984.

    • admin says:

      Hello reddy:
      According to DOB: 19.05.1986 = North-east and 14.01.1984 = East is the favourable direction

  134. Varun Kumar says:

    We have Stair in the centre of the house. Is it a vastu dosha? if its is how can we overcome that.Please let me know your thoughts on it. Also we have toilet and bathroom in east and north east respectively.

    • admin says:

      Hello Varun ji:
      Sorry for the late reply. Stair in the center [Brahmasthan] of the house and Toilet in East is a Defect. You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that East toilet and “Ratnadhaya Therapy” for stairs in Brahmsthan

  135. rishu says:

    my shop is south facing, have stairs in south west , and also entrance is from south west,
    almira is in almost middle of plot on east wall, in such a way that it opens facing south(entrance).
    there is space behined almira and also in front.actually, space behined almira is store room type…
    i sit facing west and cannot change that. pls guide to boost my business.

  136. priyam says:

    Hello admin..I moving to a new flat and planning to have the puja sthan on the north east corner of the drawing room, however the north and east side walls are In common with the kitchen and bathroom respectively. Please give me a remedy.

    • admin says:

      Hello Priyam:
      Means Kitchen in North and Bathroom in East both are defects. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  137. Ameet says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have sent you the plan of my G+2 storey bunglow on a 200 Sq. Mtr. plot on
    I have been staying in this house from last 10 yrs.
    The directions are perfect North, South, East & West
    With no deviation whatsoever
    Everything is stagnant with no progress whatsoever
    Pls. have a look at the plan and suggest remedies for the same
    The colour of hall is white & rest of the rooms are light yellow in colour
    Pls. let me know if any more information regarding the same is required

  138. sunil says:

    main door of my home is south east and rain water come out from here only option i have please suggest ant vast upaya .

    • admin says:

      Hello Sunil ji:
      Main door of the house in South-east is not a defect. Place a Copper swastika on this door.

  139. sunil says:

    main door of my home is towards south east ,rain water comes out from here i dont have any other option please tell any upaya.

  140. B RAJAN says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have a factory and in side the factory there is a water well located in northwest. Is it good or bad? If bad what is the remedy. But the well top was closed with steel. Please suggest

  141. sachin says:

    Dear Panditji,
    Thank you for the nice website and informative blog. I would like to ask you couple of questions with due regard to you, I have 2 BHK East facing flat in apartment
    • Entrance- NE (4 feet wide door so NE cut)
    • Master bedroom- SW
    • Children bedroom- SE
    • Kitchen- Middle East
    • Common Toilet-Middle west
    • Stair case- Out of flat (NE direction)
    In above situation please guide, is there any dosha in vastu? If yes then kindly suggest remedies for the same,
    Register owner date of Birth is 27-08-1980 and occupation is employee in engineering company
    Thank you for your guidance,


    • admin says:

      Hello Sachin ji:
      Children bedroom- SE, Kitchen- Middle East, Stair case- Out of flat (NE direction) are the defects. So making kitchen in SE and Children room in East is the remedy

  142. rajendra says:

    my house is 50’X18′ .in the east i have under ground tank and ladder uptosecond floor. kindly suggest remedy.

  143. angrish says:

    Hi Admin

    our society is planned as a group of four houses. My house water tank is at northeast of my plot. but my adjacent neighbour has constructed toilet and bathroom towards their northwest corner of their house…whose back wall touches the water tank wall of my house. Is that a northeast vastu dosh for my house?..and whats the possible remedy.

  144. Rupal says:

    Dear Panditji,
    Thank you for the nice website and informative blog. I would like to ask you couple of questions with due regard to you, I have 3 story townhouse North facing
    • Entrance- N ((32*)) on second floor
    • Master bedroom- SE corner, bed placed on E wall with head placing E ( top floor of the house). Master Bathroom in Master Bedroom in SW
    • Children bedroom- NE on top floor
    • Kitchen- SE of second floor, other side is the dining are SW
    • Common Toilet-Middle east
    • Stair case- (E direction)
    •Guest bedroom on second floor with Pooja Mandir placed in the NE corner.
    •First floor is 1 car Garage in NE corner and from garage entrance to the basement
    •Living room on second floor NW
    •Open loft area is the office on the top floor NW. office table placed in SW corner while working facing SW

    In above situation please guide, is there any dosha in vastu? If yes then kindly suggest remedies for the same,
    Home owner date of Birth is November 13,1967 & May 2 1971.
    Thank you for and looking forward to your guidance.


    • admin says:

      Hello Rupal ji:
      Master bedroom- SE corner, Common Toilet-Middle east, Stair case-East direction, Office on the top floor NW these are defects. Please Send me the Plan of your House and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  145. Usha says:

    Dear Panditji,

    What is the Vastudosha remedy for Garaj in the northeast. I cant change my oven in the kitchen because it is fixed on the floor, which is facing north when I am cooking. What is the solution for that. Please tell me.

  146. raisa says:

    Hello sir,
    Me and my husband shifting to a 1 bhk flat…i want to know if its vasthu is proper…
    entrance – west
    master bedroom- south east
    attached bathroom-east
    common bathroom-center
    balcony-north east
    kindly suggest remedies too…

  147. Lovely says:

    Namaste Pandit Ji
    we have a flat that has only one entrance in SSW facing another flat. please advise vastu remedies to take care vastu dosh.
    Regards Lovely DOB 29th Oct1970

  148. Venki K says:

    Dear Panditji,

    I’m in process of finalizing a single family house purchase. The plot and house entrance are Northwest facing (Mostly West but with 20 degree tilt towards North). The main door is in North / Northwest part of the house. I hope this is ok, but I’m concerned about two other things:
    1) Southwest corner has a minor ~5 feet overlap with a incoming 30 feet road from West.
    2) The plot is narrow in front and wider in back (gomukh) due to extension in Southeast corner.

    I understand these can lead to bad effects…. Could you please suggest any correction / remedies we can apply? Could you please advise if this is ok to proceed or not.

    Thank you for your timely help.

    • admin says:

      Hello Venki K:
      Southwest corner incoming 30 feet road from West is a defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

      • Venki K says:

        Dear Panditji- I’m sending these details to your email now. Kindly reply at earliest possible… we are really trying to make a decision. Thank you. -Venki

  149. Monita says:

    hello sir
    I m shifted on rental flat main door in west facing .flat registered on my name monitadalal dob 14 july 1983.when we sleep our head on east or legs in west direction. kids direction is same.where we place Mandir in our flat because there is no separate puja room .can we place in sevant room.the servant room door is out side the flat & another door in kitchen balcony.if we place in east direction here is our toilet wall.if we place in northeast corner in my drawing room where people come every time.i m confused pls help.

  150. Ali says:

    Dear Pandit ji,

    I am planning to build an independent house in a South facing plot of size 37′ road facing and 55′ dept. The plot is in the name of my wife. We dug a borewell last week at the north east without getting a survey don. We struck little water at 50′ depth and thereafter nothing till 600 feet which was shocking and we stopped it . That borewell has got water now but what will be the future I cannot sa.
    Later I got a survey done and was told that only the southwest area has water.
    Please guide me if I can dig another one in the southwest areas also but should not be detrimental to health or happiness to anyone in the famil.
    If I get no water from the earlier borewell I will have little choice. Please hel.

  151. Chandrahas Anchan says:

    I have my main door of flat towards SE direction. And my kitchen is in NE direction. Will installing panchmukhi hanuman outside main door will help. Is there any restriction on idol size and shape. Is there any vidhi to be followed while installing the idol? Pls guide me

    • admin says:

      Hello Anchan ji:
      Putting Panchmukhi Hanuman outside main door is for South-west defect. Main door of flat in SE direction And Kitchen in NE direction are defects. Place a Copper swastika on SE entrance door and if possible shift Kitchen in SE

  152. Pratik says:

    It is said that the floor lever of the house in north and east should be higher than adjoining road, so that energy can easily flow in. Our house has roads on north and east, and floor level is high on both the sides (as compared to road-level).

    However, the problem is that – exactly on North position, we have a big gutter, inside the boundary wall. Depth is around 6 feet. It is making the level much lower than road level.

    Is it possible that wealth will drain out of this gutter?

  153. Suresh says:

    Hello Anchan Ji,
    in my House Plot Toilet is located in south-west corner. There is any bad effects? and whats the remedy for that

  154. Krishna says:

    Hi Pandit Ji,

    I got married last year. Ever since my wife came in, she is having medical issues and we are having frequent arguments.

    I live a 3 story townhome in USA.
    First floor:Main entrance is in SW direction. Garage is in NE . We mostly use Garage entrace for in and out.
    Second floor:Living room in SW. Kitchen is in NE facing SW.
    Third floor: master bedroom in SW.2 other guest bedrooms in NE. I am currently using SE guest bedroom as Mandir.

    Please suggest any vastu remedies.

  155. Rau says:

    Hi Sir-
    I am trying to build a house. the house is facing west. I have my garages on the north side. so my north east side is cut as the garages are attached to the house a little bit in on the wall that the north east is getting a cut. when doing the foundation if they run the foundation below the ground without the cut…can it be considered that it is not a dosha..or is it still a dosha.
    Please help
    Thank you

  156. Bhaskhar says:

    Sir , I have a flat where the main door is facing west. Is it good.? It’s nearly 2yrs and i am unable to move. Recently i placed a small mirror above the main door. The mirror is facing east(balcony). Also i have placed Trishul above the main door inside and outside . is it corect. pls help.

  157. Rama says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to take a new house with East face entrance. The road for the house is 15” feet from main road (80” feet road). After my house there are two other houses are constructed and after that dead end road (can’t walk & can’t go after that i.e Big wall is constructed). In front of my house other builder is constructing the very tall apartment (6 floors) with north facing. we have 15”feet road is diving my house and apartment. So, my house will fully blocked and assuming i won’t get much light in the morning.
    Is it good to consider as per vasthu? Is there anythig (vasthu dosham) we should consider before buying this house? Kindly provide detail advise? I really appreciate your support and advises. Thanks – Rama

  158. Ramesh says:

    Dear Pandit ji,

    i think my house has a lot of vasthu defects. i have email you my house plan drawing. please help me.

  159. Prabhakar says:

    Dear Pandit ji,
    My house plot is facing North east. The house is designed to have a walk in robe (dressing area) in one corner (east corner) and then bedroom, entrance and garage (west corner). The walk in robe area is a seperate room with a wall, but does not have a door.
    Is it ok to have bedroom in this direction. I mean one wall of the bedroom is in the north east side.

  160. subhra das says:

    Hello pandit ji,
    I and my husband are living in a rented house for last 4 yrs.but recently i find out that our one toilet is situated in the north-east side but it faceing to the what can we do as remedies..plz suggest us for the better future.
    subhra das

  161. NISHA MEHTA says:

    Dear panditji ,
    We are living in a rented apartment and the entrance step has a big crack.please advice remedy.
    nisha Mehta

  162. Prashant Bhamre. says:

    sir in my house three attacahed Bathroom comnined with toilet is avilible. all directions of toilet towards east. so is it OK.

  163. abhilasha udainiya says:

    Pranam Panditji,
    We have bought an east facing plot which is extended at the back on north side. The construction of the house will be rectangular. Please suggest how can we remove the vastu dosh if it is there.. Also my brother has also bought an east facing plot but it is extended in the front towards left side. Kindly advise how can we remove the vastu dosh if there is any or else we should not keep the plots and sell them if there is something big negative with them. If required I can send the suggested plans also to you.
    Thanks & regards,

  164. manish kumar says:

    Hello sir, my house main gate is in south west direction and a septic tank is 6 feet away from sw direction ,pls tell me how to remove its vastu dosha without any change

    • admin says:

      Hello Manish:
      Septic tank is 6 feet away from South-west direction is a big defect. So shifting it to NW is the remedy

  165. Santosh says:

    Dear Pandit ji,

    I have two balcony towards north side one attached to Living room and one to master bedroom,
    1. Master bedroom is at North east.
    2. Balcony attached to Master bedroom is truncated towards north east corner due to other flat’s wall.
    3. Main door Entrance is at west facing towards south.
    4. South east portion is not completely square.

    Please suggest. I have shared the plan.


  166. dhara says:

    Namskar Panditji,
    We live in a flat where main door is facing south east while exiting. SW has drawing room. 2 bedrooms 1 in NE and another in NW. Couple sleep in NW but again cannot use SW direction of this room as it has a big glass door as it opens in a baclony. NE is occupied by elders. Have panchmukhi hanuman on main entrance inside the home & ganesh ji on outside. House is registered in 3 people’s name. Having disharmony in house. Is there a vastu dosh. lady of the house has left temporarily the house.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dhara ji:
      House is registered in 3 people’s name and main door is facing South-east is the defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  167. Bhupinder says:

    We R shifting in a rented house. House is facing East with service lane at West. It is a floor Upper-ground. Entrance in the floor is from South thru staircase.door openable towards north. Left side wall of main of common toilet at south wall with entrance from North. then adjoining Kitchen at southwall open towards north with L-shape slab on South & west with Washbasin in South-east corner in kitchen. There is Drg-Dining in front of Kitchen. One Bed Room in West-north side with entrance from East side from Drg-Ding room with a window at west. Another Bed room at South-west with entrnce from East side from Drg-Ding room & attached bath-toilet South-west corner with entry from east in side bed room. A balcony at west side between both the bed rooms. One bed room is at North East corner with entry from drg-dng room & openable entry from balcony side at East side having big balcony. Also there is a Lift at South Wall entry from north openable at each floor on northside in all 4-floors. At Ground parking where main entry in parking from East side and then staircse from South wall side. Pl see assess and advice if thee is any Vastu dosh and if so, Pl tell remedial measures as we shifting soon. With kind regards. . . .

  168. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, it is a 110 sqr yds rectangle floor in a builtup four storeyed house with parking at groundfloor. It is rental one we R to shift there as Tenant. My DOB tentatively is 19/12/1957 and profession is govt service. Pl reply with remedy if any at the earliest.

  169. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, owner’s name is Shri Om prakash and is running a factory and side by side investing in real estate business. Rest I do not know, please. Regrds – Bhupinder

  170. Bhupinder says:

    Sir with above details suggest something on vastu, if any dosh etc. or not.

  171. Neha says:

    Hello Panditji, I have Question, How do I find directions of all my rooms? Do I stand in each room or centre of house? Thank you

  172. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, with apology, yesterday I made some queries. Can U pls suggest as we are about to shift in Rented house as per details inidcated above. pls reply. – Bhupinder Singh

  173. Bhupinder says:

    Sir I don’t know date of birth of registered owner. His name is Shri Om prakash. I know this much please

  174. Bhupinder says:

    Sir it is rented house. pls tell if possible.

  175. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, I don/t have plan. I hv alredy narrated the whole built up locations yesterday. pl do reply

  176. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, If Kitchen is located on south wall openable towards north (open kitchen towards drg room) haaving slab on south and west wall L-shape only with sink in corner at South east corner of kitchen.having east side wall only. it is U shape kitchen. It is OK or some dosh then pl remedy.

  177. Bhupinder says:

    Sir, without plan and DOB of registered owner, can I not have your valuable advice. pl reply

  178. varsha says:

    sir can i get the remedy for the beam above the bed?

  179. Suvarna says:

    Hello Panditji,

    I have a washroom in north east direction so I don’t have space to put mandir . If I remove commode seat from this washroom to remove vaastu dosh and can I use only sink for guests. Is that ok. Please reply

  180. Suvarna says:

    Hello Panditji,

    I have a washroom in north east direction so I don’t have space to put mandir . If I remove commode seat from this washroom to remove vaastu dosh and can I use only sink for guests. Is that ok. Please reply

  181. swathi says:

    hello sir we are staying in quaters and our bedroom is at northeast corner is it effects us

  182. Karen says:

    Me n my husband just got married in March . We r in nw bedroom head towards North . There is no other option but to face North plz give remedy for this

    • admin says:

      Hello Karen ji:
      Any how your head should be towards South while sleeping to avoid sleep disorders and health problems

  183. PK says:

    Dear Panditji,

    Am considering purchasing a home with South facing main door, my birthdate is August 30, 1974. What are my favorable directions and what can I do to remedy vast dosh ?

    Thank you,

  184. Swapna says:

    Hello Sir,We are planning to buy a home.It is facing NorthEast,but beside main door there are stair cases which is falling in NE direction.Please tell me what should i do for this vaasthu dosh.

  185. Amraj says:

    Hello Sir,
    My main door is N.E and also i made puja room in N.E corner.But above the puja room on 2nd floor there is a bathroom.In the bathroom N.E corner there is a shower and S.W corner is toilet.
    My bedroom is in N.W corner and my bed headboard with the north wall.
    can you please advice about toilet and bedroom direction.

    Thanks & Regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Amraj:
      Above the Puja room on 2nd floor Bathroom and Toilet is defect. Head should be towards South while sleeping in any room

  186. Amol says:


    1) Our office is north facing with main door facing north and opening into south. When one enters the office – he/she faces south and when one exists the office faces north. In the inside, above the main door we have placed a beautiful photo of panchamukhi shree hanuman. Somebody advised it is in-auspicious and can cause financial losses. Request for your guidance.

    2) In our office, the washroom/toilet is in the south-west sector. Kindly advice remedies. Request for your guidance.Thank You!

    • admin says:

      Yours is a North facing Office. Placing Panchamukhi Hanuman ji Photo facing South is OK. But washroom / toilet in the South-west is the defect. Place a Copper Swastik on toilet door. Light a brown color light in this toilet

  187. raj says:

    Hello Pandit ji,
    My house entrance is east and my garage is northeast and kitchen is next to garage northeast side to.Please give me remedy.Thank ou very much.

  188. Neha says:

    Hello pandiji, I stay in a rented house. Southwest bedroom is occupied by my brother in law n his wife wid 2 daughters living wid them n the cut northeast corner of the house is my bedroom which is occupied by me and my 2 kids daughter and a son.
    The major problem I am facing is anger frustration and differences wid husband n the kids are also facing study problem. Please suggest me some remedy.
    I had occupied the southeast room for 2 years in this rented house n due to extreme problems I shifted to the extended portion of northeast side of our house. Please suggest.

  189. Unnati says:

    We rented an apartment. Entrance is north-east. There is extension in north towards east. The extension area is kitchen. We cant shift the kitchen to SE. Please suggest remedies. Can we cut the extension through something.

  190. Mallikarjuna says:

    Dear Sir,

    Your website and the queries / answers were informative and easily understanding. Our sincere appreciation of your services.

    I am planning to buy a flat which is having cut/offset in the northwest. In this cut/offset there are lift and staircase from east stepping to west and then turning west to east landing into corridor. So these steps and lift is advisable or not on the northwest with a cut/offset to the apartment.

    Further there is extension of southwest master bedroom by 2ft which is well into the compound only but in the rectangular floor plan it projects by 2ft in the southwest-west side.

    There is also three windows from this master bedroom on southwest. Two windows on South side and one window on northwest of this room, which is on the southwest corner of the flat.

    Kindly advise should i go and purchase this flat or not.

  191. navneeta says:

    my flat is rented .the entrance of the house is north-east ,the kitchen is in south-east,the bedroom is in south-west,my mandir is kept in the north -east side in the other bedroom which is in north.everthing seems to be in the right position accordin vastu ,but still i am having lots of problem in my married life,my husband is not having any proggress in his job.Is there any remedy for birth date is.
    (25 may 1987)we r in this house for 3 years .

  192. kala says:

    Hi Sir,
    In my flat, the NE is master bedroom. I left some space in north-east corner and put the cot in south-east, as the door is in south-west. Should I have to keep something in NE as vastu remedy?

  193. shanu says:

    Dear Sir,
    My office’s main gate entrance is from south west side, which is not good as per vastu.
    So kindly suggest me the ways to energise the entrance.
    Kindly reply as soon as possible , as renovation in office is going on.

  194. monika says:

    hello sir
    in my house ,toilet is made up the staircase .i heard it is not good acc. to vastu .give me some dosh nivaran tips

  195. rajiv says:

    hi sir
    there is pillar in my shop any remidies and shop no 17

  196. Mannu says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been going through the remedies advised by you to various people. I live in a 2nd floor apartment with the main entrance door facing North & main gate at the ground floor placed in the North of NW direction. My Kitchen is in NE, Cut in the NE, Staircase in front of the main entrance door.
    I moved into this house in 2004. Initially everything went off very well including finances, health. But since 2011 everything started taking negative turns and by now I have gone into total negative. I am not able to understand why? Astrologically nothing has been found wrong. Can you advice me on vastu aspects.

  197. preethi says:

    hi sir
    we are plannig to construct new house on east face site. i am planning for minus 2 feet for garge kids play area and one guest room and taking stair case on north east corner for main enterance on next floor the main enterance on north side

    please suggest is it going for minus two

  198. PARANJOTHI says:

    Dear vastu Ji

    In my present home -my bedroom is not in square or rectangle ( 2-wall staright & 2-walls in diagonal joining)

    Kindly what is the remedy

  199. suryabhan singh says:

     Recite “Om Namoh Bhagvati Vastu Devtay Namah” mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times. This will reduce overall Vaastu defects

    hi sir

    as u mention is there any specific time in morning sirji –
    i stay in qatar

  200. Ravi says:


    We have a very old house facing North East direction with out a compound wall.
    And on the South-West Direction there is a well which is not ours and it is our neighbors but it is connected to our South-West Wall and we are having a small door to see that well and we also use that water from the well.

    We are having lot of major problems so please suggest remedies for that.


  201. JMishra says:

    Panditji, My flat main door opens South. Balcony in North east corner. Can puja be set up in enclosed balcony? If not, only place available for making puja is on South wall of house…so Gods would face North. I understand puja is not good on south wall…but if still to be set up, please advise the remedy for doing so. I need right place to this as my son is in critical phase of want his hardwork to be supported by God / luck as well. Please advise

  202. sujeet kumar says:

    Sir, I live in a service quarter and toilet is in front of bedroom and bathroom in beside kitchen. In this quarter I always feel unsatisfied and less energetic. What should I do if there is any vastu dosh? The kitchen is in south east direction.

  203. charul says:


    I am going to purchase a townhome which is a corner one. Main entrance is southeast and garage is northeast. Is this going to ba a good home? Main bedroom is south west. and rest two are in east and north.

  204. dhanpal says:

    Hello sir,

    Recently I have bought a flat in ground floor. I am planning for renovation of this house. I don’t have the house plan since it a old flat, its a three floor building and I bought only ground floor.

    1. The plot has a cut in NE corner and its extended in SE corner due to cross road. what is the effect on residents and how to remediate the ill effect if any.

    2. Staircase for above two floors is in middle of building, which devides my house in two part. will it affect me, and what is the remedy for it since I cannot change it. Building shape like ” L ” due to its plot shape.

    3.House has 3 entrance, my main door is facing towards East, and the main door is in NE corner of room but SE part of plot. there is another entrence door in NE corner and back exit door in west. I am planning to close the NE door is it right ? since that room is very small. and want to keep only two doors for inn and exit.

    4. we have a mail bedroom in SE, Toilet in NE, Kitchen in SE corner, and overhead tanks in SW and basement tank and borewell in NE

    Please help me if I need to do any changes since I am planning for renovation in interiors.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dhanpal ji:
      Cut in NE corner and extension in SE corner are defects. Staircase in middle of building means it’s in “Brahmsthan” also defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

      • dhanpal says:

        Hello Sir,
        Thank you for your response. I have mailed the details.

        I am really worried now, as you mentioned the defects. I have already purchased this house and now planning for renovate it. Please help me if I can remediate this defects by ways of vaastu shastra and reduce the bad effects.

  205. Jalajarao says:

    Sir, We are moving to North-facing house by next week. Its our rented house not own, still i have strong doubt on pooja room because its in South direction. Everything is in vaastu compliant only problem is this. Please let me know is there any remedy… and where should be the girl’s bed room in north as main door???

  206. Jalajarao says:

    Sir, We are moving to North-facing house by next week. Its our rented house, pooja room is in South, Master bedroom SW, Kitchen SE. There are 2 Bed rooms other than Master Bedroom.., Please let me know which room suits my son and daughter… Mine:Uttarashada nakshatra 4 pada,makara raise and my husband: makha nakshatra,Simha rasi.

  207. Mrs Sudha Ravichander says:

    which corner of the house should we check according to vaastu , if our relations with our neighbours are not great.

  208. RANJINI says:

    Sir ours is new constructed 2 storied house, with NE staircase, pls tell us a remedy without demolishing it.

    • admin says:

      Place Two Bronze Tortoises below the first step facing each other. You have to use some “Yantras” to reduce the negativity

  209. Priya says:

    Hello Panditji,
    I would like to know a remedy for my bedroom… My bed is placed in north south position with head towards north.
    Due to big sized bed, that is the only direction I can place the bed. So is there any remedy for that?

  210. Hi Sir,
    Stair case in south east is it acceptable out side the house.

    Praveen Gangone

  211. pratish says:

    Hi Sir,
    Nice Artical….
    i was searching for what picture should i hang inside my room infront of door, means once i open the door i can see one wall and my window. i want to hang picture on that wall as per Vastu shastra. pls suggest which picture should i hang on the wall?

    also i have bathroom at northeast corner and toilet opposite to it i.e. at east side. and i cant change anything as mumbai house is so small. so remedy u have suggested will be the only solution to reduse the effects or there is something more i can do to reduce the effects?

    • admin says:

      Hello Pratish ji:
      Please inform the direction of the entrance door. And toilet at East is the defect. You have to use some “Yantras” to reduce the negativity

  212. it is not clear where to place mirrors for norh-east cut corner. placing mirrors on both the walls of north and east inside or outside .which is advisable/

  213. Richa Agarwal says:

    Hello Sir,
    While entering into our home we have to step down two steps. our home is east facing. We feel lot of negativity.please let us know the remedy for this issue.

  214. Rajrsh says:

    Pandit ji,

    I am planning to buy an apartment in an apartment complex. My priest suggested a west or south facing front door for me. I found an apartment which is west facing, but 10 to 15 degrees tilting towards north. Can I buy the house?


  215. simerpreet says:

    helo sir
    this is house is facing east..there is door facing north that we oftn use also,toilet is in north east direction,kitchn is in south east with stove that we use is facing south..earlir it used to face east…my mother is suffering from chronic kidney diesease…finance problem is getting worse…even i am not getting job after mtech…pls help sir…wt should i do…i think there are lots of vastu dosh in my home.please help..

    • admin says:

      Hello Simerpreet ji:
      Toilet in North-east direction is causing the Health and Financial problems. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

  216. Nathiya says:

    Hi Sir, we are just started to build a east facing house. NE has a cut and as you told in the previous commends, irregardless of placing a mirror in NE, will there be any other remedy like placing a copper rod or something else.

  217. Saju says:

    Dear Pandithji,

    In my flat, the main electric panel is situated in the Northeast corner. Is this a vaastu dosha. Could you please suggest a remedy to in case it’s a vaastu dosha. I look forward to your reply. Regards.

  218. dhiraj prakash says:

    आदरणीय गुरु जी सादर प्रनाम ,,गुरु जी मेरा पुस्तेनी घर को लेकर मै बहुत परेशान हूँ,उसमे प्रत्येक दिवार बद्गुनिया है,,और घर में कई प्रकार से कट भी हैं,,तो क्या मै आपसे मिलकर अपने घर के वास्तु दोष दूर करने के तरीके जान सकता हूँ,,कृपया करके आप अपना पता या मोबाइल नो. दे या मेरे इस नंबर 9837077787 पे अपना कांटेक्ट दे दीजिये.धन्यवाद

  219. ngopal says:

    Helllo Sir,

    We have seen a single bedroom for which the entrance is in north east. The north east is extended slightly where the builder has constructed a small toilet for the visitors. The SE becomes the living and dining and the SW becomes the bedroom. The Kitchen is placed near the entrance and is placed half in NE and half in NW. There is small area next to kitchen at the NW corner where the provision for gas cylinders to keep. The main bathroom with toilet is towards the NW attached to bedroom and behind the Kitchen. Is this flat good to consider?

  220. Rohit says:


    We are running Project Finance Consultancy in our office. Since wwe have moved into this office there is no major develoment in our career or business.

    Either we have lost some of our business after entering into this office. Our office is East Facing and we are facing East direction.

    But we have a toilet in North East Direction and there is one storage tank also in the toilet.

    Sir Kindly give us some remedies. we need your help.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rohit ji:
      Toilet in North-east will adversely affects on Career and Business. Please call me for details

  221. jyoti choudhary says:

    Hello sir…Sir In my house there is north direction is cut of and east direction is up actly we made garden area in East direction with 2,3 stairs..and we can’t do their any construction as we are in flat.infact some vastu expert told us to shift somewhere else ..coz vastu of our home is completely incorrect….
    Sir can you plz help me

  222. sen ezhil says:

    I have my plot entrance gate from southwest, it runs 60’L x10′ W east wise. At the end plot is 1942sqft north east grown plot.

    i want to sell this plot what remedy should i do for selling this plot.

    If i place picture of panchamuki hanumanji at the entrance gate will help me for sale.

  223. Jeyam says:

    Hi sir,
    Our house has extension in North west corner. is this a vasthu defect? Is there any remedy for it.

  224. sanjay kumar.a says:

    Hi sir .
    My house has an northeast cut.
    And our main gate is in northwest which faces the northeast wall.
    As u said to hang the mirror on northeast corner.but as the maon gate will reflect in the mirror and it stopa the positive energy from entering into the home.
    So please sujjest me what to do in this case.
    And another problem is our toilet is in southeast corner of the plot .and it is saperate from the house .our toilet door faces north.
    As it is said that toilet in southeast corner is inauspicious.
    So please sujjest me what to do im this case

  225. Shameen Ragavan says:

    Hi there!
    I moved into a townhouse. Main entrance – NE
    As i open my main door i’m facing steps and a blank wall.
    My master bedroom is in the NE/East. I have a bathroom in the SE and SW each.
    My pooja room is in the SW. What remedies will you offer as i can’t seem to move or change anything here.
    My kitchen is in the West with stove facing NW

    Please assist.

  226. Leena says:

    Hello Guruji,

    My parents have taken a 2 BHK house for rent.

    1. Behind the Pooja room there is attach bathroom.
    2. Pooja room entrance is in Hall and door s facing to East
    3. That attach bathroom entrance is inside the master bedroom and facing towards south
    4. In that bathroom the toilet is west side
    5. And the roof of the pooja room can be seen when we enter that bathroom
    Could you please suggest whether its a vastu problem and any solution for the same

    I am sending the blueprint of the house to your mail id. Could you please give the solution for the same.


  227. Rajesh says:

    Namaskar Pandit JI.

    i have bedroom with southwest toilet please suggest me the remidies for that iam facing money problem

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh ji:

      Toilet in Southwest is a defect. Please call me for details on 09494214400

  228. Raj says:

    Namaskar Pandit Ji,

    I live in SF bay area California and recently bought property which has south facing entrance and south west Kitchen, north east master bedroom. Please assist.

  229. Inna mary swapna says:

    Hi, I single daughter to my parents.Now i am pregnent in 5th month. My mom is going to repair the house as she want to make the kitchen slab and extending one more in house. Can we start now.

    • admin says:

      Hello Swapna ji:
      If you stay with your mother in this house, then stop the construction, alteration or modification. Because that will create problems to you

  230. kavita says:

    Hello sir,
    we have purchased a new house. Our entrance is towards ESE. Our east is diverted. pls tell me the remedies of diverted east.

  231. kavita says:

    Hello sir
    Iam kavita
    my northeast side of house is covered and east is diverted ,main entrance is from South East. Pls suggest me remedies.

  232. Manisha says:

    Hello Sir
    I am Manisha. My home is facing south and the main gate is in extreme south west. We shifted to this house almost 8 years back. Initially everything was working well but now we feel our efforts not getting any positive results. My husband is very well qualified but not getting any suitable job for more than 2 years. After reading so much about the ill effects of south west direction, I’m worried if it’s because of Vastu defect. Please advise!


    • admin says:

      Hello Manisha ji:
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

      • Manisha says:

        Hello Sir,

        I’ve sent you the house plan for ground floor and first floor. Please have a look and advise. Forgot to mention, the water tank is in north west corner on terrace and water drainage is towards North west.



    • admin says:

      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

  233. Kala says:

    Hello sir, I have a stream on the southeast direction of my house flowing from southeast to southwest. And the ground on south side is lower than the north side. What can be done to improve the dosh?


    Sir, my well in North west direction & toilet in North East direction, what is the remids

    • admin says:

      Hello Sahoo ji:
      Toilet in North-East direction is a severe defect. You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that North-east toilet.

  235. Sanjay says:

    We Purchase a New Flat, our kitchen is in the south west corner, what is remedies for this

    • admin says:

      Hello Sanjay ji:
      kitchen is in the South-west corner is a defect, And SE also defected due to this. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  236. Dinesh says:

    I have house with NE main door SW exist door and under ground Water tank at SE corner out side the flat one borewell at NE corner also There is temple infront of the building alleast 25 m away from the building ,in between road is there ,but we are facing lots of health problems so plaes guide us for remedies .

  237. margarette m says:

    I am going to construct a house. Main entrance is facing north, stairs at north east, master bedroom at north west. Is this a good position? if not please advice for remedies other than reconstruction. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Margarette ji:
      Stairs in North-east, master bedroom at North-west are defects.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s a Chargeable

  238. shanthan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I Have full of doubts

    1) If the septic tank is placed under the rooms,if the plot area is small. what happen and remidies
    2) where should be place the exact staircase to the terrace.

    • admin says:

      Hello Shanthan ji:
      1. Septic tank is placed under the room is defect and what is the location of this Septic tank.
      2. Stair case must be in NW or SE

  239. shanthan says:

    septic tank location in NW

  240. shanthan says:

    that mean septic tank should be in open area,not under the house.

  241. Prakash says:

    Hello Sir,

    This is Prakash, I stay in a rented backyard house and below are the directions,

    main door – facing east direction (northeast)
    Pooja room – southeast direction
    bed room – southwest direction
    kitchen – northwest direction

    And the front yard house is also facing east direction. but our backyard house is located towards back in the same floor.

    Could you please tell me is it good to stay in backyard house as i’m not seeing any growth in my career and as well in my life.

  242. dipankar says:

    I have stairs in the NE which is bad according to vaastu.Please suggest any remedy to fix this problem.

    Another problem is one of my toilet seat in facing east and is adjacent to puja room.Can we fix this vaastu dosh without demolishing the toilet.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dipankar ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negativity of that North-east Stairs. Please inform Location of Toilet, Yes we can fix this problem without demolishing the toilet. Please call me on 9494214400

  243. Jyothi Shetty says:

    Sir, how to exactly find the entrance of the house if the house is cross built. I am not sure whether my entrance door is SE or SW. The corner of the house shows as South instead of sides. If we consider our entrance as SW, we have bedroom in NE and Kitchen in Centre North. I am facing west while cooking. This is a rented house and we are staying here since last 6 years. Last year my husband gave away all his savings to his aunt and then lost his job. He is jobless & money-less since last one year. His DOB is 18/09/67 and mine is 18/06/68. Life is stressful and uncertain since last one year. Kindly guide. We intend to shift the house.

  244. Sapna says:

    Namaskar Guruji,

    I am about to get rental apartment as per below direction.

    North East Main door north, 2 bathroom west. Bedroom semi South West to main South Kitchen including South and South East as main dining area with little cut on East section.

    My DOB 23-08-1983 and my husband DOB 20-12-1978

    • Sapna says:

      Guruji, Waiting for your kind response, please suggest any remedy.

      • admin says:

        Hello Sapna ji:
        Over-all house is OK, explain the East Cut

        • Sapna says:


          Thank your for reply.

          East cut is like Our Main Door is NE ( inside layout right next to Door on the left side entering home there is a wall upto to 2 feet and then living room starts on the left)

  245. Kamal Govil says:

    I have my staircase on the north wall starting from west to east. We’re facing lots of financial problems and health problems in our family. What should be done?

  246. tejeswararao says:

    Good morning panditiji

    I am living in rented house(flat).I have more problems in my loss,my wife health problem,more credits,husband and wife misunderstandings problem and business not success.

    North East direction side down in home. what can i do sir?

    please send me remedy

  247. Rajesh Jhankal says:

    Hi Respected Panditji,

    I have a rented accommodation, after reading your post, i find it full of some Doshas, please suggest some remedies. Situations are below:

    Entrance:’ Two ( main gate in Northwest and we use this one, entrance of the house is north facing which leads to central hall. other entrance is in South, but we dont use due to sever problem in Southeast area)

    West of the house has a gallery left open with either shoe rack or washing machine otherwise empty, i have kept the plants in north side of the gallery.

    Bedroom: NE, with a window and AC fitted in NE corner, cupboard in Northwest corner of bedroom, the area looks heavy but we sleep in western side of the room (head towards west / north)

    Kitchen in east (middle of bedroom and washroom: cooking is done facing south, RO purifier established in NE of kitchen and a sink in east with a window)

    Washroom and bathroom ( northwest corner with water bucket generally kept full in NW corner and toilet is adjoining this in south side which is aside of my south entrance (not used).

    Last but not the least, does keeping electric equipments anywhere makes difference? my TV and computer are in South West (i face west when i watch them) refrigerator in east (middle) .

    I know i have listed many of the doshas here, please suggest remedy, or do you think i should change the house? My common problems are:

    Ill health for my son (2.5 yrs) and wife (35 yrs), low finances despite of improved earning, loans do not end.

    I will be greatly thankful.