Vaastu Health Tips

The proverb ‘health is wealth’ holds a lot of meaning in Vastu Shastra also. Vastu shastra contains some important rule to be followed by people, to keep a good health and remain in the good state of mind.

Please take advice form a Vaastu expert in your area if your family members are suffering from prolonged sickness and which has not even been diagnosed correctly.

Since  it may be due to a Vastu defect with wrong placement of equipment or things in the house. Following certain simple Vaastu tips can prevent diseases and give you a good health.

Read on Vastu tips to know how simple and minor Vaastu corrections can help in fighting aliments better and also bring a rapid recovery.

General health can be superior by keeping head towards the south while sleeping. For people suffering with “Vaatha” and “Khapha”, should sleep on their Left. While sleeping on the right in gives better health for those with “Pitha” constitutions.

Placing Dog statues facing outside can guard your entrance from evil eyes, spirits and also preserve your prosperity.

Place a Fish Aquarium in the North/South-East or South-West corner of your Hall or living room; this is a major source to attract peace and prosperity at home.


Vaastu defects are the basic cause of disputes in families, especially in between husband and wife.

Hence it is very important to have well developed thoughts between husband and wife, this can be happen provided their master bedroom is in the Southwest direction. The master bedroom in south west direction is able to give physical, mental stability to the house owner with that healthy body and strong Mind. Vastu Health Tips

According to Vastu Shastra, having a staircase exact middle in the house may lead to health problems. So, built the stairs in the corner following Vaastu tips.

Fire element imbalance in the house will creates or causes major health problems or Sickness.

If the house faces South, having slope towards South direction, the underground water tank is in Southeast, then there is possibility of continues health sickness.

The Remedy to overcome this situation is to keep the south facing gate always closed. The gate should be high and made with wood, so that outside road is not visible. Try to or shift the underground water tank in Northeast direction.

Lamp - DiyaLighting a Lamp ( Diya ) in the fire zone (southeast direction) regularly will give you good health.

If the Kitchen is not located in the fire zone,( Southeast ) then it causes many health disorders. So, always plan the kitchen in the southeast direction.

The boundary wall of the house should be of same height as the gate. Growing citrus plants like grapefruit, lemon, or orange on either sides of the gate promotes good health.

If anybody in your house is unwell or Sick, keeping a burning candle in his/her room, for a couple of weeks will provide better relief.

Place an image of Lord Hanuman in the house facing South direction for the good health.

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  1. Hello Sir, Please suggest room setup for home owner (male) for a better health and a quick recovery from ailment. We have two bedrooms in house and they are in SW and SE direction. SW is the MBR and while he was healthy, he was sleeping there. Since he got a caretaker at home, he is sleeping in SE room. We can also find room to sleep in NE direction as well. Please suggest. Many thanks, Savitri.

  2. hello sir i hav bought a house in pune wagholi area on 11th floor and it is SW facing. is it gud for us or not if not den pls suggest some remedies.thanku.

  3. Dear Sir, I am 31 years old male, suffering from lot of health problems from May 2013. Room planplan is shown below,
    W – E
    Main door facifacing south.

    |Bathroom : : Kitchen |
    |——— ———-|
    |Toilet : : Bedroom|
    ““““““““` | |
    | |__________|
    | Hall |

    Please suggest what shall I do?

  4. hello sir we a septic tank in northwest corner,and iam mentally unstable,is this vasthu dosh,pls advise me sir

  5. For past 3 months some1 or the other in my familyis falling sick. Plz help.. its my 3rd trip to the hospital as an accompannient

  6. Hello Sakpal Ji,

    We have a house bult with Vastu principles, but not sure if all the rooms / items are placed correctly. Two things are bothering us. First, bathroom with toilet in SE direction of the house. (there are two bathrooms in the house so we have stopped using SE bathroom and using only NW bathroom now). Also, a musturd oil lamp is being lit everyday in SE bathroom area also installed a red bulb in that bathroom.

    Secons, there is a water boiler / tank in the middle / little bit SSW side of the house under the house / crawl space (5 feet below house there is space to crawl under the house all along the house). We are planning to move this water boiler / tank to SE side of the house under kitchen.

    Lately wife’s health is getting weak and many struggle on evething for her and myself as well. We are living in this house for about an year. She also lost job after living in this house for about 7-8 months. Not sure if house built with Vastu principle is built correctly or its something else and not the house. We are totally confused now as we were looking for the Vastu house for the whole life and now since we have it then not sure what going on.

    Please suggest.


  7. Dear sir,
    I am staying in rent house..4th number flat…Flat is facing west direction, but balcony facing south direction..
    Facing health and many other problems…please suggest remedy…
    Shall we put Hanumanji photo outside south wall (facing south direction). and entrance door also…
    Please give your suggestion sir…


  8. My apt unit c is on 2nd floor inside building#9. The building door faces west (going out from main door)

    Apt door facing SE (compass reading while facing/going out from entrance)

    From center of hse

    Master room–s/w direction
    Dining table– NE
    Living room –E

    Inside bedroom –master From center of master room
    Dressing tbl with big mirror–NE
    Bed–SW. Head board in SW direction

    Pls inform me if there is any defect if so what can I do to correct it
    Would appreciate any help I can get
    Problems: with health and finances

    Live in USA state Indiana

    • I will supply it if you interested, North-east stairs also requires Gems therapy along-with Tortoise
      Please call me for details

  9. We have built our house as per vastu 3year back all was fine but since last 1andhalf year we both husband and wife had major surgery and loss of job loss of wealth this all started after my second daughter birth.any solutions if u can suggest. Thnks.