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Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Bedroom in the South and South west

Master bedroom can have many effects on people living in the house, in this article we will see easy ways to vaastu tips for master bedroom. As per the Vaastu Shastra principles, the best place for Master Bedroom is the South and South west direction. The geomagnetic effects are most relaxing here for mental and bodily health. One can get good sleep here and regains energy and freshness for the next day. South west bed room brings auspicious effects on the living habitats.

Not only directions of the Bed Room, the bedroom designs for Interior arrangements also have impact on living persons. According the Vaastu Shastra, the following Furniture placements should be followed for live peacefully, wealthy and healthy Lifestyle.

Vaastu guidelines for the Master bedroom

  • Always sleep with keeping your head in the South direction or second option in East side for best results
  • Keep the  Almirah’s and wardrobes in the Southwest direction, see that door of Almirah should open in East or North
  • Never keep an aquarium or real plants in the bed room
  • The attached bathroom in Bedroom should not face the bed directly. Keep the bathroom door closed all the time.
  • The ideal colors for the walls in bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be placed inside the bedroom since this leads to regular misunderstandings and quarrels among couples. However, if necessary, place mirrors preferably on the North East wall.

Bedroom in the Northeast (Ishana) Direction:  Vaastu-tips-for-Master-Bedroom

As the name itself suggests (Isha = God; Ishana = place of God), this place is to worship, prayer and meditation.

If master bedroom is constructed in North east and used by head of the family, then he/she may suffer physical, mental and economic problems.

The master bed room in Northeast is supposed to be major Vaastu defect according to the Vaaastu Shastra principles.

Bedroom in the East:

Having bedroom in east, and if used by the head of the family leads to poor health and fluctuating moods. This bedroom may used for study and bedroom for the children.

Bedroom in the Southeast (Agneya) Direction:

This direction is of the Agni (fire), having bedroom here would disturb the mental health of the family head. Southeast bedroom can leads to fire related elements like high BP, Diabetes, and Short-temper etc. It also leads to useless arguments among husband and wife.

However, one may have a bedroom here, leaving one-fourth of the eastern portion of (Agney’s) room, make a partition and use the balance three-fourth portion as bedroom.

Vaastu Tips for Master BedroomBedroom in the West:

This could be a good choice for master bedroom after South or Southwest. Create a slope declined towards Northeast. Having youngsters’ or children’s bedroom in this direction more beneficial

Bedroom in the Northwest (Vayavya) Direction:

This is usually good for the girls in the family. For the elders, sleeping here would generally cause mental agitation and irritation, and leads to bad health and/or quarrels. Master bedroom here gives negative effects on family head and might also have to travel unnecessarily. This direction is good for guest’s bedroom.

Bedroom in the North:

This is the direction of Kuber the Lord of wealth.  Hence this direction is strictly prohibited for master bedroom according to Vastu Shastra.

Using North direction as the master bedroom creates problems to the wealthy growth and economic decline in the family and leads health problems.

However bedroom between the North and Northwest for the newly married couples is believed to be lucky.

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496 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

  1. Varun says:

    Hello Sir,

    I got my Master bed room in the East side.

    Please suggest some Vaastu remedy for the same as it cannot be changed now.


    • admin says:

      Hello Varun ji:
      East bedroom is not accepted under any circumstances. However adjust the bed in Southwest direction in East bedroom

  2. Jasjeet kaur says:

    Hello Sir,

    Please advice on master bedroom being in the southeast direction. How should I fix this issue? How the bed placement should be in that room?

    Thank you very much,

  3. rupa says:

    i got my bedroom in north west is it ok? any remedy

    • admin says:

      Hello Rupa:
      Northwest bedroom is OK, whats your problem ?

      • agnila says:

        please suggest my house main door is south facing and kitchen is south ,balcony west and master bed room is in south east toilet north east, please advise

        • admin says:

          Hello Agnila ji:
          Main door in south, kitchen in south, master bed room is in South-east toilet North-east, all are defects. Please call me on +91 9494214400

      • Ruchita agrawal says:


        I am buying a house which has a lake on the northeast .the master bedroom is in the northwest. Will that be ok. Dere is no other option.please advice.


        Sir i am getting married next month and my bedroom is is north west and door facing east in south east corner i m confused how to put my bed in that room please suggest i was planning to put in north west and my dads friend told me to put in north east

      • Hi
        I also have my master bedroom covering the entire Northwest of the house. My husband has been suffering from some or the the other physical health issue and is also under lot of stress. Is there anything I can do? The Head while sleeping is to NW and we look out towards southeast when we wake up.

  4. Prashant says:

    I am having choice to sleep with head in south west and south east direction…Which directions should i prefer

  5. joshua balkaran says:

    I am buying a south facing house with a fishing pond on the east, a swimming pool across from the house, a master bedroom on the north east as well as the master bathroom, kitchen on the southwest and I think the cesspit is underground but on a north eastern direction. Me and my wife are a young couple with a baby can you give us remedies for the following.

  6. anju gupta says:

    i m renting a house in usa with its master bedroom in north east corner .i cant change anything and is having fixed almirah on west side . can u help me

    • admin says:

      Hello Anuji:
      Master bedroom in North-east corner is a defect. At-least try to use South-west direction as a Bedroom 3- 4 days in a week.

      • anju gupta says:

        sir thanks for ur reply .but its not possible for us to sleep in sw . pl sir if can give some other helpful remedy to us.

        • admin says:

          It is essential to use SW bedroom for growth and stability. Place a bed in SW corner in your bedroom, and head should be towards South while sleeping.

  7. shinki says:

    my bedroom is in north east direction with almirah on d south is there any remedy inspite of changing d room?

  8. tsr says:

    hello sir,
    i have master bedroom on northwest.we have been facing some disturbances in work tensions and anger issues for my husband.
    is it OK to have it on NW if not i cannot move please tell me any remedy for that.
    FYI i have children bedroom on NE whr i have GOD in NE corner of the house.

  9. rithu says:

    We are two roommates living in USA, we have one bedroom in the NE and one in the SW. Neither of us is the head of the family. Is this fine?

  10. km says:

    Hello Sir,
    We have a master bedroom in SE. As per your suggestions, we shall place our heads towards south. But for further remedy, do we need to wear pearl rings?? Also suggest any god or specific item that can be placed in the room. Also request your expert opinion on box type beds. Are they fine as per vaastu?

    • admin says:

      Hello KM:
      Use light orange or light red color and curtains in this bedroom. Box type beds are not recommended

  11. Uma says:

    I have a bedroom in North corner of the house. Also side of bedroom North side is covered with trees have lots of relationship, career and financial related problems any remedy. Have Window facing North East Beds head is in north West and foot faces south East wall

  12. meenu says:

    hello! i have master bedroom in the south east side and another room in the north east… is in the south west,guest room in the north west and bathroom is in the north…our pooja room is in the east…is it okkk?? plz suggest any crystals or any specific item that can be placed in the room.

    • admin says:

      Hello Meenu ji:
      Master bedroom in the south east, kitchen is in the south west are defects. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  13. shilpi says:

    Hi, I m living in USA.. we have just bought a home however its on south facing direction and the bedroom is on northside means the head will be in north and its specific. Its not possible to change the direction as per the plan… if possible could you please suggest any remedy to avoid ill effects.. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Shilpi ji:
      South facing direction and bedroom on North side the head will be in north, Both are defects. Place your head towards South while sleeping. Put a Copper Swastika on entrance door.

      • Basu S. says:

        Dear Sir,
        I’ve recently moved to Germany and have rented a house. I’ve a similar situation, and will take your advice on the bedroom remedy. But I am in a unique situation. Due to the turbulent history of Germany, its almost unlikely that I can get away with a Swastika sign on my entrance door. Any other remedy will be really helpful (something not so apparent).

  14. Pramilaa says:

    Hi Guruji, my new flat ( yet to shift) has 3 beds. Master bed towards northeast, kids room (girls) in the northwest and 3rd servant or guest room in the south east. I hav heard Masterbed shouldnt b in the NE. If its so….pls Advice Remedy. And my main door enterance is facing Northwest. Pls kindly advice which bedroom are suitable for whom? Also my husbands change if workplace process is on. Im quiet anxious. Pls help.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pramilaa
      Master bedroom in Northeast is a defect. Servant or guest room in South-east is defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  15. CC says:

    We are thinking of renting a house with master bedroom in NE, master toilet in the SE part of the master bedroom; Living/ dining runs through the centre – North to South; kitchen is in SW part of the house with provision for gas in the south (when I cook I will face south); there are three additional bedrooms in the house all on the South side – the smallest is in S/W, slightly bigger in South and biggest (not as big as the NE master bedroom) in SE. Most toilets are utility/ dry balcony areas are in the southern half of the house. We are a young couple with a small baby and parents keep visiting to stay for a few weeks. Please let me know if this configuration is appropriate to rent and what remedy needs to be applied. Thanks,

    • admin says:

      Hello CC:
      Master bedroom in NE, Kitchen in SW, While cooking you face South direction, these are the defects. However you can use smallest room of South-west as a Master bedroom. Never use North-east bedroom for you. Overall it’s not recommended

  16. Praveen says:

    Hello Sir,
    this website is really helpful. Though, i always believe that I do know a good amount of Vaasthu, i was considering buying a home tomorrow with MBR in the east with the options of placing the bed in central east or towards SE or towards NE. Thanks for your valuable vaasthu suggestions, i just decided that i am not buying the house unless the builder really agrees to modify the plan (which i suspect they wouldn’t) and put MBR in SW direction.

    Additionally, We are renting a house and it has bedroom in part E, NE direction and the entrance to the bedroom is SW and so i literally cannot move the bed towards SW. We noticed that as a couple we could hardly sleep peacefully and the expenditure was always on the rise. Now, i know the reason why. we probably should look out to move out soon.


    • admin says:

      Hello Praveen ji:
      Thanks for beneficial Nice comment, which would help others

      • a.harikiran says:

        I have a master bedroom in sw and another bed room opposit in north west in that bedroom my attached bathroom in sw where to keep my almirah and remedy

        • admin says:

          Hello Harikiran:
          Master bedroom in sw and another bed room in North-west is OK. Keep Almirah in SW bedroom in SW corner

          • A.Harikiran says:

            hello sir
            thanks for ur valuable reply but i can’t keep in sw room i am using nw room in that room sw is attched toilet is there wat was the remedy

  17. says:

    I have master bedroom in NW corner for which door is in south east corner and attached bathroom is in south wall. How sould I have to keep bed and almirah. There is balcony in north wall and small window in west wall towards south corner.
    We are planning the bed at west wall and almirah at south wall. I am not sure if we may have bed in the wall where bathroom is attached. Please advise the plan for bed and almirah and mirror.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anuradha ji;
      Place the bed in such way that your head should towards South while sleeping. Almirah in SW corner or on South-wall. Avoid placing Mirror in Bedroom

  18. Harikiran says:

    Hello sir
    Thanks for ur valuable reply but i can’t keep in sw room i am using nw room in that room sw is attached toilet wat was the remedy and were to keep my almirah and bed in that room door comes at se corner and there is window opposite to the door ne

    Leave a Reply

  19. Harikiran says:

    Hello sir, i am using North West room in that room south West corner i have attached toilet wat was the remedy and were to keep my almirah and bed in that room and nw room door comes at south east corner and there is window opposite to the door in the north east

  20. Hi sir, i am new to this, would like to know what is the best directions for me in order to success in investment and mother health, based on my date of birth (27/06/1984),, appreciate your valuable views, thanks in advance…

  21. Bella says:

    I had a master bedroom on north east corner. I dont have any other option so can you suggest me some remedies.

  22. Harikiran says:

    Hello sir, i am using North West room in that room south West corner i have attached toilet wat was the remedy and were to keep my almirah and bed in that room and nw room door comes at south east corner and there is window opposite to the door in the north east

  23. Harikiran says:

    Hello sir, i am using North West room in that room south West corner i have attached toilet wat was the remedy and were to keep my almirah and bed in that room

  24. Harikiran says:

    i have a bedroom in the north west in that room attached toilet in the south west corner were to keep my almirah and bed in that room, and the room door comes at south east corner

  25. Harikiran says:

    sir if understand my English, i have a bedroom in the north west in that room attached toilet in the south west corner were to keep my almirah and bed in that room, and the room door comes at south east corner

  26. kulvinder says:

    Sir our mbr is south east can u give some remedies for it

    • admin says:

      Hello Kulvinder ji:
      SE bedroom means Kitchen also defected. It gives financial insatiability and Arguments in husband and wife. So shift he MB in South-west and Kitchen in SE

  27. admin says:

    Hello Harikiran ji:
    North-west bedroom in Accepted as a Second option. South-west is the preferred direction for Master bedroom. How ever as per your explanation the toilet is coming in West, so its OK. Place the almirah on South wall

  28. Harikiran says:

    the toilet door comes in south wall corner to west and the room door comes in south wall in the corner of east which means south east is it ok shall i keep almirah in between both doors

  29. Priya says:

    Hello sir,

    I need your advice!!! The NE corner of my flat has a balcony which is attached to the master bed room with cupboards on the south side. Main door & the plot is facing south. Also, my south west has a balcony extension. Kindly advice.

  30. bharti says:

    hello sir,
    I had master bedroom in southeast corner and kitchen in northeast .I don’t have any other option. we are facing financial problems and so many problems are coming in my husbands job progress. can u please suggest me some remedies.


  31. Rajiv says:

    Master bedroom in Northwest direction

  32. Scorpio says:

    We have master bedroom in southeast and southwest attached bathroom.would that be fine ? Please suggest. Thanks..

  33. devika says:

    hai sir,we made a new home main door facing towards is in north east corner facing towards east(cooking),master bedroom is in south east corner with attached bathroom( bathroom is in south east corner then bedroom) & entrance of the gate is in south west corner. is there any problem sir? if like that what is the remedial measures?

    • devika says:

      sir our borewell also situating the south part near to master bedroom &water tank is in north east corner..plz reply sir??

    • admin says:

      Hello Devika ji;
      Kitchen in North-east, Master bedroom in South-east, Bathroom in South-east, Entrance gate in South-west corner, Bore-well also situating the south are defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  34. Vijay says:

    I have a master bedroom in North East of the flat. With a balcony on the East side and backwater flowing there. I don’t have an option of changing bedroom what should I do

  35. Vinod says:

    I have bought new flat ( yet to shift) master bedroom sw, main entrance south , kitchen nw, another room in se, bathroom in NE. Please advice if south entrance is ok ? And bathroom in NE is a big dosh?

  36. Vijay says:

    My master bedroom is in the NorthEast of my apartment.i have a balcony on the east side with backwater(sea water coming in) in the east. I sleep with head in the south. Is there anything else I can do to reduce Vasu Disha.?.

    • admin says:

      Hello Viajay ji:
      Master bedroom in North-East is a defect

      • Lalu says:


        I went through your website when I browsed through the vaasthu for my plan of my house given by my company.

        I had health issues after 3 weeks where I had to return back. Now after going through your site I changed my master bed room to South west. But the bed is head facing west. Is this ok.

        Thank you for these valuable comments of yours. I will also send my plan of house soon for your reference and to know of modifications required. Thanks.

        • admin says:

          Hello Lalu ji:
          Try to keep head towards south while sleeping, if not possible west is OK

          • Anusha says:

            Hello guruji I bought a 2bhk flat west facing and in my master bedroom, a big balcony with a slide door is kept so I don’t have option to keep my head towards south while sleeping.can you please suggest which side I can keep my head and which side I can place the wardrobes
            Thanks in advance

          • admin says:

            Keeping head towards South is essential while sleeping. Coverup that window with curtains while sleeping
            Wardrobes should be in South or West

  37. Aub says:

    Sir, if there is a decently sized closet/clothing storage room in the SE corner (accessed from the master bedroom) and the master bedroom just to the west of the closet is the Vaastu ok? Kitchen is just to the west of the master bedroom still in the SE quadrant of the home. Door to the master bedroom is on the north. We will sleep with heads to the south and bed situated in the southwest area of the master bedroom with almirah in the SW corner. Bathroom is directly east. A spare bedroom is in the NE corner for Pooja and the main entry of the home is on the west in the NW quadrant. Living room in SW corner and dining directly south. Thank you.

  38. NITIN CHAUHAN says:

    Hii i am nitin, sir our overhead water tank is at north -east corner and bathroom is at same location below of water tank and at south-east corner we have two toilets and our kitchen is at north-west corner with black marble floor, OUR puja ghar is at west direction, sir we are suffering from financial, health, too much wealth problem with us pls tell what can we do, our financial conditions are very bad by which we cant reconstruct our house at this time

  39. madhaviprasad says:

    Hello sir, we are living in a double bedroom house, 2nd floor. the master bedroom is southwest and another bedroom is situated northwest and in this NW bedroom the toilet cum bathroom is attached in SW corner. Sir please tell me the toilet placed in this NW bedroom is correct? else please tell me the remedy. waiting for an early reply.

  40. Hello sir, we are living in a double bedroom house, 2nd floor. the master bedroom is in southwest(south side) and another bedroom is situated in northwest (north side) and in this NW bedroom the toilet cum bathroom is attached in SW corner. Sir please tell me the toilet placed in this NW bedroom is correct? else please tell me the remedy. waiting for an early reply.

  41. hello sir, for a northwest bedroom we are having attached bath room and toilet in SW corner. is it right? if not pls tell me the.remedy

  42. Deba says:

    Hello Sir, Iam residing in company quarter.I have master bed room in east-south east portion, toilet in southeast,a living room in southern part,adjacent to the toilet wall, kitchen in north-northwest and drawing room in north west,dinning hall in north east portion,main entrance is south facing and stairs to main entrance is at south-south west side.The color schemes of the rooms are as following-
    master bed-greenish yellow,toilet-pastel pink,dinning hall-light orange,living room- yellow , kitchen-dark D.O.B. is -07/10/1986,and I am an Engineer by profession. please let me know if there is any defect with the directions of the rooms and main entrance……….
    kindly suggest me if there is any remedies………..I would also like to inform you, that there is no provision for alteration. I shall look forward for your response………thank you.

  43. rupali says:

    Hi sir,
    I m planning to buy a new pentahouse bt only issue with that is master bedroom is in north east corner. Wot remedies can I use and also wanted to tell my father health is nt well so will thy room suit him.

  44. prakash says:

    My room has beams just above bed…how to remove this dosh without a false ceiling.

  45. Sou says:

    I have MBR in north west ,and me , my husband(bread earner) and my son ,we sleep in that room. My in-laws in GBR in north-east. How does it affect my family , our happiness and progress and we have no other option ? What remedy do you suggest??plz reply me with some solution.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sonu ji:
      The bread earner must use bedroom in South-west. NE bedroom for your in-laws is OK. You will not have any growth and Stability in life.

  46. Tarun says:

    My friend bedroom is in North east Direction. and two times miscarriage has happened, Kindly suggest the suitable direction and causes

  47. Ramaiah says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you so much for your effort to give answres to each and every question asked here. I got most of my doubts cleared just by looking at the Tips and the answers you have posted here.

    Here is my situation: I have master bedroom in SW direction with the North side entrance but wardrobes are coming on the north side of the wall. I have already requested my builder not to construct any wardrobe on the north east corner of MBR (which is one side of the door). I am really concerned about other side of the wardrobes on north side wall. There is a window on south side of the wall, so putting wardrobes is difficult. If I use west side of the wall, then the width of the room is getting lesser and length of the room is high.

    1) Could you please let me know whether i can leave the wardrobes/cupboards on north side of the wall (NW side of the MBR) and just dont construct anything on the other side of the door (NE side)?

    2) Can we put the bed towards window? Basically window coming behind us when sleeping. Is it ok?

  48. jasbir says:

    hello sir, i am facing financial problems a lot..i stay in rented house east facing i just shifted in this house and i sleep my head on the south side …prviously i was in the house which was south facing .. in my previous house all my electrical euipments was not working my washing machine ,my fridge my tv my microwave all of sudden every thing stopped working someone suggested to shift the house …please please tell me a remedy

  49. Uma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I bought a new house is in NW direction, its in USA, its a 4 bedroom house, main door is in NW mostly towards north, and kitchen is in SE, Master bedroom is in North side with attached bathroom is in East side, kids rooms are South and East side, Guest room is in West side, can you please suggest me how can i place bed in master bedroom .

  50. Respected admin, my rented flat having south face entry what to do ?

  51. mandeep says:

    Hello sir
    My master bedroom is in southeast direction with our bed adjusted to east wall n we sleep with our heads towards n my husband have too much of arguments plz suggest me some remedies

    • admin says:

      Hello Mandeep ji:
      Master bedroom in South-east is creating the problems. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  52. Tina says:


    My House is three level. I have made meditation/worship place in NE (largest Room on thrid floor). But on second floor, NE has the master bedroom. Is it OK to have this scenario or should I move master bed to SW room (smaller than the two rooms)?

  53. Hello sir,
    we recently purchased house, and will move in a month time, and it has south entrance and master bedroom is north east and kitchen is south west corner. Please suggest remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rashmi ji:
      South entrance, Master bedroom ii North east and kitchen is South-west corner these are the defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id:

  54. pooja says:

    Hello sir have rented a house were only east or south east bedroom r option for master bedriom which to choose

  55. sandip shimpi says:

    sir, my bed is in North-East Side please suggest some remedies

    • admin says:

      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id:

      • Trisha Jagtiani says:

        Hello Sir,

        I live in a flat in mumbai. There is a small balcony in the north east corner of the flat and the master bedroom is attached to the balcony. Me and my husband sleep in the master bedroom. Is there a vaastu dosh here.

        We are trying to plan a family since 2 years with no luck.

        could you please advise.


        • admin says:

          Hello Trisha ji:
          Master bedroom in North-east is sever defect, couple should never use this Bedroom.

      • Purti says:

        We are moving into new rented accommodation. Kids bedroom is in SW and MBR is in NW. As per vastu these rooms should be interchanged. But the NW room is more spacious , has attached bath and balcony.
        Please suggest remedies to avoid illeffects of NW MBR.

        • Purti says:

          We are moving into new rented accommodation. Kids bedroom is in SW and MBR is in NW. As per vastu these rooms should be interchanged. But the NW room is more spacious , has attached bath and balcony.
          Please suggest remedies to avoid illeffects of NW MBR.

          • admin says:

            Hello Purti ji:
            Though NW bedroom is more spacious, But the Head of the family should sleep in SW bedroom for stability and Growth in life

  56. vishal says:

    As we have placed the god in bedroom facing towards west. Can we sleep under the god place head towards east and legs towards west. Please suggest

  57. nidhi says:

    sir, my master bedroom is in the south direction and has big french windows for going to the balcony
    ( south). pls suggest remedies. thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nidhi ji:
      Master bedroom in the South is OK. Cover-up with curtains that Window all the times

  58. Respected Sir,
    Firstly I want to thank and appreciate your good selves for providing a lot of important information regarding Vaastu. Coming to my query recently I bought a used flat which is constructed almost according to your suggestions. You said that bedroom located in NE is good for children.However I have no option that room would be used by my parents who are in 75 and 65 age. Please suggest me in this regard.

    Hope you will do the needful

    Kind regards


  59. Suresh says:

    Suresh from Bangalore Ours is a rented flat having main door at the south east. One bathroom is in the middle of the house in south direction and the other one is at southwest corner of the flat.. Master bedroom is on the NW side of the flat. Kitchen is in the south direction. Is this good for us? Please suggest remedies if there is anything

    • admin says:

      Hello Sursh ji:
      One bathroom in the middle of the house, Another at South-west corner of the flat, Master bedroom in North-west corner are the defects

  60. Purti says:

    We are moving into new rented accommodation. The MBR is in SW and Children bedroom in the NW. Since the bedroom in NW is more spacious and has attached bath and balcony we are swapping the room.So now MBR will be in NW and kids bedroom in SW.
    Please suggest remedy to avoid the ill effects due to these changes.

  61. Pankaj sinha says:

    We are moving into new rented accommodation. The MBR is in SW and Children bedroom in the NW. Since the bedroom in NW is more spacious and has attached bath and balcony we are swapping the room.So now MBR will be in NW and kids bedroom in SW.
    Please suggest remedy to avoid the ill effects due to these changes.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sinha ji:
      Though bedroom in NW is more spacious, But the Head of the family should sleep in SW for stability and Growth

  62. Trisha says:

    Thank you sir…we do not have an option move the bedroom….is there any remedy for this….also just to let you know, the bedroom is attached in such a way that it would fall between north and north east.


  63. rajesh says:

    I need advise for my new apartment in multi story building, I can share the plan, I shall be starting interiors in that. can I request for your advises pls.

  64. Arun says:

    Sir, My toilet set is in Ishan cone but it is not attached distance of toilet to Home is 12 feet. is it ok as per vaastu.

  65. Dishita says:

    Hi, Our master bedroom is in south- east direction and head can be either south-east or northe-west.

    please suggest where we should keep for best results. since we started living we argue oftently and not seeing any good results, no financial gain and reputation is also going down.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dishita ji:
      Master bedroom in South-east means defected SE direction, which creates disagreement between Couples, and adversely affects on Financial inflows.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  66. vidya nagarajan says:

    Namaste..i have an independent east facing house,main gate norh facing..but the master bedroom on the west,1 bedroom on the north west and another small room on the south unable to shift the master bedroom to the south west as it is too that ok?

  67. vinita says:

    Dear Sir,
    The bedrooms in our house are located in the four corners with the drawing dining in the center and the kitchen in the south. We are using the SW room, daughter is in the NW and son in the SE. Pooja/ guest rm is in the SE. Please give suggestion to make the SE room good for my son even after marriage.

  68. suresh says:

    Sir, my house 2 storey west facing. Ground floor, entrance door at center (west), SW corner extended out a little and SE corner currently a kitchen extended out also, NE open space with washing machine placed. Upper floor, SW master corner bedroom while NW extended out is bathroom remaining balance facing west and SW is open balcony. With these extension above I am not sure of the ill effects, Your advise master? Thank You.

  69. umma maheswar Teellaa says:

    Dear Sir
    > I have purchased a flat in a apartment (about total 7 towers
    > in the site), Noida (near Delhi)
    > Main entrance gate of site / apartment is located SW ( going out from apartment to road)
    > direction (close to west). site lay out is attached for your
    > review.
    > Please review whether main entrance gate is placed as per
    > Vastu or not
    > I am sharing my flat (005 Ground floor, block 6) design.
    > please review and check the vastu for my flat

    Master bed room (in SW) smaller than other bed room in it okay or any problem ?

    Please help me in this regard

    > with best regards

  70. umma maheswar Teellaa says:

    Dear Sir

    Please review vaastu for my flat and entrance. i have sent mail to you ( plan of house, date birth 20/08/1980 (i do not know actual date of birth) and working for cement industry & cement manufacturing)

    Please let me know your charges for vaastu consultancy.

    I need your services on the following

    1. main entrance gate of plot / apartment
    2. My master bed room is located SW. master bed room is room is smaller than other room located at SE. Can i stay in master bedroom with family?. Others like children and relatives can stay in SE room? is it okay?
    3. Please provide me complete vastu report of my flat and some suggetsion on main entrance gate of plot.
    4. any vaastu doshas in my flat
    5. any other related to my flat

    with best regards


  71. VJ says:

    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to check with you is about the enterance of the house. Our house is East facing and have a nice big North wall as we walk inside. Can I place 2-white running horses (runing inside the house) on this North wall (as you mentioned that horses should be places on the North wall)? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  72. Bhagyashri Kabbure says:

    Hi Sir,

    As per the engineers plan master bed room is in north is that good.Please Advice


  73. Shariff says:

    Hi Sir,

    My house master bedroom is placed in South west side. However, I have a problem in placing the bed because bedroom door and attached bathroom doors on the east side wall of the room and I have only 2 options to place my be. One is opposite to the attached bathroom and other option is to place opposite to bed room door. Also I have a big window on the West side wall of the room. Need your guidance on placing the master bed.

  74. Shraddha Singhi says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am taking a flat on rent …entrance from south to north…
    there are two master bedroom on north west corner.
    an open terrace in south east corner..
    the kitchen is in middle ..west direction.
    The house agreement on the name of Gaurav Singhi having DOB 28.11.1987
    We are worried if this would bring any financial or health loss of our mother
    Can u please suggest what can be the remedy instead of changing home.

  75. Rina says:

    Dear sir,
    I donot have great knowledge about vastu but what I learn from surveying the internet I believe my master bedroom is placed in d east corner of the house,my daughters bedroom in the south/south east corner and my mother in laws room the west corner. Our entry, when we enter the house we are walking from north east to south west inside. Pls guide me.


  76. poonam priyadarshini says:

    i have a rented flat and my bedroom is in northeast corner. i cant change the bedroom. please help me with a solution.

  77. Samata Kadam says:

    Myself Mrs Kadam. I have 3 bedrooms in my house. Master bed is in north direction so I think I cannot use that. I have another 2 bedrooms 1 is in south west and one next to that is north west direction. I’ve given northwest direction room to my son and myself using sw direction bedroom is that ok? Size of sw bedroom is smaller than other 2 bedrooms.

  78. Tarun says:

    The Master bedroom in my flat is in North with an open terrace on east wall extending towards North East of house. The bed is South North direction with head towards south. Is this acceptable? if not please suggest remedy.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tarun ji:
      Owners bedroom should be in South-west for growth in profession and stability in life. North bedroom will cause financial instabilities

      • Tarun says:

        This is a flat with no possibility of change. Other two bedrooms are in NW being used for kids and SW is vacant as it is an L shaped plan. Do you recommend some corrective measure for master bedroom.

  79. Sirisha says:

    Hello sir,
    We have taken an apartment with kitchen in north east and master bedroom in south east.will it really effect our life or any remedies will be ok

    • admin says:

      Hello Shirisha ji:
      Kitchen in North-east and master bedroom in South-east are defect. Please inter-change them

  80. Ram says:


  81. Ram says:

    Hi, Could you please advise if plan is good and any remedies. Below is the link for floor plan , All the doors and windows are in the east. But the kitchen is in the South West and Master Bedroom is North East corner to North West Corner including attached bathroom and closet. Appreciate it, Thanks!!

  82. chandu says:

    My master bedroom is in NW and it is being difficult for us to get a baby since 4 years. Is there any relationship between this and our bedroom plz suggest….

  83. Vickneswary says:

    Hello sir. I just bought a new house and i have my master bedroom along the northwest to northeast with a attach bathroom at the northwest. Is this ok or i just use this room to keep clothes and sleep in another room? Need your suggestion sir. Thank you.

  84. Jeet says:

    What if we put the bed in south east in east bedroom

    • admin says:

      It makes irritable life

    • Vishal says:


      My house entrance is South East and bedroom is in NE. And kitchen is in west side

      Now I kept the fish tank in east sector of my living room.

      kindly suggest is it OK.

    • Vishal Shinde says:

      Sir, My house is at 7th floor which is top floor of the building, and house main entrance is in SE.

      and my bedroom is in NE sector, kitchen is located in West direction. we have places our wooden mandir in bedroom facing towards west on east wall, as there is no other place. my mom dad sleeping in bedroom head towards south and me and my wife sleeping in living room keeping head towards east.

      secondly we have kept fish tank in NE sector of my living room.

      pls suggest is it OK for health, wealth and for prosperity of my family

  85. Ramkumar says:

    Dear Sir.
    My House is east facing house and main entrance in North East. The master bedroom is in the south. The size of Master bedroom is (12ft*12ft), Which is attached with the bathroom (3ft*8ft) and with an balcony size of (12.6ft * 3ft). My relative told me that bedroom size is not good.It should be more than 15ft or less than 11ft.Is this really a problem?. If it is really a problem..Please tell the remedy.. Please advice..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramkumar G

  86. rupesh says:

    Sir. My house building is ground floor. First floor. Second floor. pemt house.ground entrance north kitchen in South East. First floor south east my bedroom. Second floor my brother kitchen. Any problems insouth east bedroom or shall I go to pent house please suggest me sir

  87. Amuta says:

    Hello sir… My master bedroom is in Northwest which I can’t change… How to fix the problem … Please help. Tq

  88. Ramkumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly please reply.


  89. Sai Hema says:

    Hello sir ,
    We are moving to a new house on rent in USA , we are married for 1 year and moving out because we stay in a house with South west main door, which has led to many health and financial losses to both me and my husband. We don’t have many options and below is the plan for the next house we are moving into. The bedroom is in the south east , main door facing north , balcony on the east and kitchen on the west. Could you please suggest some remedy for the same and any vastu tips to decrease quarrels and increase harmony .

    Thank you

  90. Rj says:

    Thinking of buying an apartment . It has southeast master bedroom with a balcony (full length of bedroom) in east side. Is this a defect? Will this be considered a southeast bedroom or as a south bedroom?

    Kitchen is in northwest. If I change the gas stove towards East side, will this be ok?

    Kindly advice.

  91. KM says:

    Sir, I stay in a rented apartment my master bedroom is in north east direction, we have no bedrooms in South west or west or south except maid room, kids room is in east and third bedroom in South east, please help with remedy? I have already put panchmukhi hanuman picture on main entrance but no peace in house.

  92. Amita says:

    I am staying on rent with family. Masterbedroom is in Northeast and has a balcony outside. Having lot of tensions/sleeplessness and financial set backs. Any remedies?

  93. Barkha Saxena says:

    Hello sir my wadrobe is in north direction and its open it south so please tell me some vastu remiedy for its false

  94. manas sarkar says:

    Sir, myself manas. my bedroom is south-east corner. May I make a small varanda in the east side? Sir please suggest me it will be good or bad.

  95. sir, i have made a home plan for my house. Can you have a look at it and tell me whether it is OK according to Vastushastra or does it need some improvisation ??
    and where can i send you the photo of the home plan that i have made…. Thanks in advance..

  96. Pooja says:

    Hi guruji…. We hv master bedroom in north west n in west d attached toilet n bathroom… Though we hv bed along with north wall but in night we always sleep wid heads in south… We hv one radhe krishna painting hving swing together on south wall n almirah in south west… Is it ok…??? N pls suggest remedies n colors for such room…

  97. Subrahmanyeswara rao kalidindi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I booked recently one plat.

    My Child Bed bedroom little bigger than the Master bedroom.

    Master bedroom Size : 10′-0″ X 10′-5″ and located at southwest portion.
    Child Bedroom Size : 10′-0″ X 10′-9″ and locate at NorthWest Portion.

    I requested builder to reduce the Child bedroom size but they said is not possible to reduce the child bedroom size due to technical problem.

    Please suggest me is there any vasu problem and how to over come that…

  98. parul says:

    My master bedroom cover full south director(its from south west to south east). What is the good remedy?

  99. Ramesh says:

    Hi Guruji,

    My Master Bedroom is at SW direction and Children bedroom is NW direction.But I have cancelled North side balcony and included that place in children bed room,so now my children bedroom became big as compare to my MB. I have only 3 windows at north side for Children bedroom don’t have door at north side.Is there any problem with this? If yes what type of problems ? any remedies ?we sleep with heads at west side at MB.

    My main door is East side.

  100. Kalyan says:


    The flat that we want to stay in as tenants has master bedroom on the south west and another bedroom in the north east, the rest of the rooms placements are correct. The north east bedroom will be used by my parents or my inlaws. My birth star is Hastha and Raasi is Kanya. I am worried about the placement of the north east bedroom.

    Theres another flat with Agneya bedroom and the rest of the rooms placements are correct.

    I heard that vastu doshas will not effect tenants but earlier we stayed in a flat with north east bedroom (no one used that bedroom) but we observed that it has caused health problems for my parents and things were not progressing further.

    Please advise which flat to take for rent. Thank you, Kalyan.

  101. Kalyan says:

    Please note that the second flat with Agneya bedroom is not the master bedroom. The master bedroom is correct in placement in the south west corner.

    We are planning for kids now and we do not want any kind of impact on that because of vastu. Please advise. Thank you, Kalyan.

  102. sunena says:

    My bedroom is in NW and we both are suffering health problems and having issues between us. Is their any remedy for this.

  103. Nancy Mrinal says:

    Hi sir, my daughter’s bedroom is in the agneya, and we can’t give her any other bedroom….
    Please can you suggest something to subdue the side effects of the agneya direction.

  104. Nancy Mrinal says:

    Hi sir,
    My daughter’s bedroom is in the agneya direction and I can’t give her any other bedroom. So please can you suggest something to subdue the side effects of the agneya direction.

  105. Naveen says:

    My bed room is in the north east corner of our flat
    And the bad is in the exact north east corner with head in east
    There is frequent arguments between me and my wife and the overall mood remains very serious in the house .

    Is the room or placement of bed wrong
    Please suggest some remedies as shifting of room is not possible


  106. Vijay Kumar says:

    I am moving in a 4 bedroom apartment…Main Door is in East direction…I have a set of questions:-(1)I have a guest room with a toilet attached(2)The lift of the apartment is almost in the north east direction(3)I have a bedroom in south east direction and have a attached toilet in south East direction this room I am making for my daughter…What are the remedies for it(4)I have a master bedroom in south West but an attached toilet in the south West corner…What are the remedies for it…

  107. Manoj JAYSWAL says:

    I am from Perth – Australia.
    1. In our house my son’s bed room in North-East corner. He use his bed room as study room also. Is it any side affect or any solution for it?
    – Study table in North -West corner -( Facing North)

    2. Our Bedroom is in North-East corner. And bed is in south-east corner in room.

  108. harish says:

    Hello sir ji,

    My bed room is NE direction, kitchen is in SE direction, toilet is in North direction Guest room is NE direction & stairs in SW direction my house in West facing. Pls provide remedy as I am not getting progress in life.
    HARISH (D.O.B. 14-11-1980)

    • admin says:

      Hello Harish ji:
      Bedroom in North-east is defect, Toilet in North can leads to severe health problems to Females in the house.
      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

  109. Navs says:


    My husband and I just bought a house (no kids yet). Master bedroom is in northwest. Window on west side of room. Ensuite on east side and cupboards on south. We have no alternative but to place head on north side of wall when sleeping. Are there any remedies to avoid bad effects and to lead a happy, peaceful and successful life.


  110. tutu says:

    Hello Sir,
    We are trying to build a new home. The plot is facing south, and north and north east area has slope and extension, however the house will be facing south with the main entrance facing south and the main entrance will be in the 4th pada. This house is 2 floors and the garage is in the first floor in the south west corner with the garage door opening to the south. Can I use this garage which is in the SW corner? If not what is the remedy as i cannot change the plan. And the kitchen is in the northwest direction with stove facing west. Master bedroom is in the top floor west direction with shower in the southwest corner on top floor. So please give us rectifications what are needed as the plan cannot be changed. Please advise.

    Thank you so much, will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

  111. Maria R.Grinzato says:

    Hello Sir.My husband and I sleeping at the SE bedroom with head towards east can not on south because of the air conditioner box.we have window on the east,My only daughter 18 years old sleeping on the SW bedroom with head towards south.Is all ok.? or I need some remedy.There is no way to change it.My bedroom walls are soft pink and white courtains.Her bedroom walls are pastel green.Any suggestion.Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Maria ji:
      SE bedroom may be OK, But your daughter using SW bedroom is totally wrong. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  112. simar says:


    We have our master bedroom in north east. What can be done?


  113. rita says:

    Hi sir, my kitchen is in west, while cooking I face west side, parents room n children room are in east side, n master bedroom is in north west side n drawing room is in south, main door is in south west corner. Is it right according to vastu or suggest me some remedies to solve my problem? Recently we are facing financial problems.

  114. Ankit Gupta says:

    Hello Sir, My master bedroom is in West direction and newly married couple room in South west direction is that fine. If not can you suggest a remedy for the same.

  115. vvchary says:

    We are planning to buy a flat , flat main door facing North.
    Master bedroom at south-west , the master bedroom has balcony @south-west side.
    is this is good as per vasthu having balcony @south-west side of master bedroom.
    flat main door North has corridor.

  116. anand says:

    hi Sir,

    in my house master bedroom is in North east corner . can you please let me know the remedy for this ..

  117. avikapnair says:

    Hello, we recently shifted to a two bedroom townhome in california. While placing the bed in the master bedroom we noticed that the head will be kept in north- north east direction. If we keep bed in south direction, it will be adjacent to the door. What should we do?

  118. chinky says:

    Hello sir,
    I got my master bedroom in north direction.please suggest some vastu remedy as it cannot be changed.

  119. Gayatri Dey says:

    Dear Sir, I was staying in a northeast room of a northeast facing pg. I lost my job from which i was drawing Rs. 40000. Now i shifted to a southwest room of a north facing pg but the problem is my attached toilet-bathroom in the proper southwest corner.I have kept my bed in the southwest corner after leaving some space in the west and put my head towards southwest but behind my head inside the washroom, commode is there. Is it a vastu dosh? If yes kindly suggest me something to remove the vaastu dosh.
    Gayatri Dey

  120. Hi,
    My Master bedroom is in the SE corner of the flat, Bed is located in the middle of the room while head will be on the east side. The room color is full white. On the south side I have huge window, hence head or bed position cannot be shifted there. Please guide a remedy in case this is not correct.

  121. s.v.subbareddy says:

    In my house 3 bedrooms are there.My master bedroom is smaller than other bedroom. What is effect.

  122. Mrs.Anu says:

    Sir….ive got my master bedroom in southwest direction only ……nd a balcony outside my room ……now i want to join tat place to my room i.e sw corner will b one of the wall of the madter bedroom…..pls reply sir….

  123. Gayatri says:

    Dear Sir, I am planning to buy an apartment which has main door facing 256 degrees W (closer to West than South). When you enter the home, there is a small entryway and as you walk in, to the left is the guest bathroom and guest bedroom. Further walking towards East will have kitchen on the left 346 degrees North. Opposite end is the Living room (East), also boundary of home. To the right of living room is Master bedroom (almost SE), with attached Master bath towards the SW of the bedroom. All windows are towards East, North, NW of the home. Balcony is in NE corner. There will also be an old age home (Home for retirees/senior citizens), a building same height as ours, to be built in the East of this apartment (Living room window and Master bedroom window faces this). Please advise if this is a good home to consider buying.

  124. debi says:

    hello sir,
    my MBR is n NW side with attched bathroom in NE. please let me know if its fine . we cannot do much any it though but if u can suggest
    would also like to send u a floor plan

  125. Rajni Rana says:

    Hello Sir, I sleep in the right direction but there is a window on my head side. May it cause any problem?

  126. Kushal Shah says:

    Hello Sir,

    My materbed room is in NE what is the remedy and my bed direction is S HEAD AND N LEGS

  127. A A S says:

    We have booked an apartment with bedroom on NE side. Please suggest for the same.

  128. Balwant says:

    Hello sir my bedroom is in south direction and it faces toward east .. Is the room is okay ????

    • admin says:

      Bedroom in South is OK, your head must be towards South while sleeping

      • Divya says:

        Sir can we have our son s bedroom in south west…we have our bedroom in southwest of secondfloor and its a duplex so third floor southwest can we ve my son s room…we have only one kid…pls guide…thx

        • admin says:

          Yes, Son can use SW bedroom. Please the bed on South wall

          • Chuni says:

            Hello Sir,
            I m going to shift a rented flat which is west facing house where master bedroom is in north east & another bed room is in north west. Toilet in east. Kithcen in south-east. I m newly married. Plz do suggest me any vastu remedy for my bed room n toilet. Or can I use north- west bedroom as master bedroom? Plz suggest me in dis regard.

            Thank you

          • admin says:

            This is a defected house, i will not recommend it

  129. Vij says:

    Hello Gurugi,
    I live in USA. Main door of my new house is West facing. Kitchen & breakfast area are at South East. Master bedroom is at North East.

    1. If master bedroom is wrong as per Vaasthu, please give some advice of any solutions
    2. Which location in the house should I place the pooja mandir?

    Thanks in advance.

  130. Sonu says:

    Hello sir,
    Our master bedroom in North East corner, but we are set it up as a bedroom.. We are not using. We are using South West room.. Is that ok?

  131. Khushboo says:

    Please guide us on enclosed bedroom facing towards north east. Our concern is on bed placement and color we can use in bed room.

    Looking forward to your kind guidance.

    Thank you
    Best regards
    Khushboo joshi

  132. Nithin says:

    Hi Sir my new house is north facing , and the master bedroom is in south east till south west .the entrance of the room is in south east direction . and the bed is place in middle of room head towards south .. behind head there is big window is everything OK or do i need to make any changes currently my house is under construction ..Thanks.

  133. Sukanya banerjee says:

    Sir a bed room south east which is big in size and 2nd s.w that is not very big and the 3rd one west side.our main entrance in facing is in east side south west is balcony ..drawing dining room is in the north and west side ..we have 2 .bathrooms 1 east side and other south west side or a puja room in north east corner…please suggest me what can I do for our happy life…

  134. Kapil says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning topuchase a house in a multistory apartment.
    The house no. is D 803, which is on the 8th Floor.
    House is facing North West. Kitchen in South east, one bedroon is in south east & another is in North east direction. Bathroom 1 & 2 are in North corner in north west direction. Dining room is in North West & living room is in south West.
    There is another adjacent house on the Southwest side.
    Front side ( north west) also there is another house.
    North-East & South-East side is open.
    I am working as a sales manager & my date of birth is 23/10/1976.
    Kindly suggest, should I purchase this house?

  135. sree says:

    Our master bedroom is on the upperfloor but it comes in the south east quadrant of the home but it is not the corner most room. We have another room exactly in the south east corner. My husband and me often quarell each other and we have so many finacial problems. Please suggest a solution.
    Thanking you in advance

  136. Anand says:

    Hello sir, my bedroom is in northwest having door in southeast,Window in northwest suggest me placement of bed & cupboard in bedroom

  137. Yammuna says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have purchased a 2BHK flat and the master bedroom is on the South-West corner of the flat with door from Northeast-North. We have more space towards South-East than South-West and hence we were planning to have our wooden wardrobe done on the South-East wall. Is it fine to keep some other heavy articles on the South-West corner of the room? Please advice.

  138. Sheka says:

    Sir , my master bedroom is in south east , other bedroom in north side.pls advise remedy to avoid bad effects apart from orange curtain and sawstika.

  139. Vishal Shinde says:


    What are the bad effect if the main entrance of house is in SE corner of house. Also if any good results.

  140. […] facing of the house you are looking for, the Master bedroom must be in the South-west direction for stability and growth of the […]

  141. Neelima says:

    Hello Sir,

    The apartment has north west facing entrance door, Living room on the southwest corner, toilets in the North and North east direction, Master bedroom in east and guest bedroom in center. The kitchen is towards the west/northwest side. Can you advise if this is a suitable apartment to move in?

    My understanding is that the Master bedroom is incorrect and so is the guess bedroom Kitchen ideally should be in South East direction, Master in SW direction. But wanted to get your thoughts.

  142. Ankit says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have two rooms in my home. Master bed room in north-east with south west entrance. And another room in the north with south east entrance. Could you please guide me of what to do?

  143. babu says:

    Sir ,
    I am with my parents and my sister is staying with my beside flat which is in south direction but both are same line.
    is any problem on that? health/sucess wise?

  144. Neha says:

    Hello si
    We are looking for a house to buy. The options for eantrance is wither south East or south west. Which one is acceptable. Also im other option entrance is North but kitchen is in South West. Plz suggest if it is acceptable. My husband is software engineer. I have high hopes from you sir. Plz reply.thanks Neha

    • admin says:

      You can go for East, North or North-east. Kitchen should be in South-east and Master bedroom in South-west

  145. Vidhya says:

    Our house is 2 storey house. Ground floor north east corner is living room and We have master bedroom in the northeast in the first floor. Is that ok? Also south west room is double floor high ceiling family room with an extention towards south. Is that ok? Please advise.

  146. Vijay says:

    Sir , I have MBR in south east with attached bathroom and another one in southwest. children sleep in Southwest bedroom. Can we interchange the room ? Can children sleep in Southeast bedroom ? Your advice please

  147. Bijay Kumar Thakur says:

    If anybody has no space or no choice cannot change his sleeping direction south facing feet then what remedies to rid out of it

  148. Vijay says:

    Thank you for your response.

  149. Mani says:

    Hi Sir, Need your suggestion.
    1. My main door entrance is facing North.
    2. My bed is in SW and head towards South facing North.
    3. Almirah is beside bed facing north and sometime i will change as door facing west.

    Please let me know if I need to change anything. Also my question is if main entrance is facing North, what would be the position of my bedroom.


  150. Avantika says:

    my bedrooms are in southwest and south. which one to give to school going teenagers.any remedy

  151. geet says:

    Sir, we are renovating our house and what we have planned is that me and my husband will shift in the room which is in NE direction, as my in-laws are in the room which is in SW. Will it be ok? If not then in which direction should our room be?

  152. geet says:

    Also our children’s room is in NW location.

  153. shah says:

    bedroom in southwest direction on the topmost floor but kitchen is right underneath the bedroom . suggest the remedies

  154. karthika says:

    Hello Sir ji,

    Namaste ,Hope your doing well!

    We are renting a south facing 3 bed room property in UK.Ground floor– Hall SE ,Kitchen NW, Pooja place NE,and office W, Kitchen NW. In first floor – 1st bed room SW ,2nd Bedroom is SE, 3rd Bedroom is NE and bath room in NW. we are planning to rent SW bedroom and NE bedroom as they are the smallest bedrooms to give away. The situation is we have to move to SE bedroom for a reason , what is the best remedy, apart from placing bed in the southwest corner of the SE bedroom? Even though we lived in SW bedroom their were lot of quarrels and misunderstanding between us couple and no money stability. we recently have to terminate our baby as baby was not growing well Please suggest!

    Thank you in advance

  155. Abhijit dey says:

    Hello sir, I brought a 2nd hand have a South East bedroom.plz advice me some remedy and suitable wall I send you the plan of the flat?

  156. Abhijit dey says:

    I got my master bedroom in South East…attouch bathroom have in this room at South West corner….so,please advice me some remedy and suitable colour of the room

  157. Shailesh says:

    I have master bedroom in North East Direction of the house we can’t change it so please suggest some solutions for it.

    • admin says:

      Couple should never use North-east bedroom
      Place a bed in extreme South-west corner in this room
      Paint lemon yellow color
      Light a Yellow color night bulb

  158. Shikha gupta says:

    My almirah is on south wall but there is room gate in front of the almirah is it ok

  159. Shikha gupta says:

    I m hvng bathroom in sw direction but wc is in south wall n mirron is on north wall extreme sw i am havng jacuzzi is it ok

  160. Sudheendra says:

    Hello sir,
    I am planning to rent a flat , this flat main door is east facing and the master bedroom is at NW corner and one more bed room(smaller than master bedroom) is on west direction , sharing the master bedroom south wall.. Is it OK?

  161. Suguna says:

    Hare krishna
    There is a window in the south west corner can i keep my almirah there.
    The puja room os on north east corner after that my bedroom so it is north but we sleep with head towards south is it ok after the bedroom is the toilet.

  162. manoj jeswani says:

    Hello Sir
    I am manoj I have just now buy 4bhk flat my kitchen is northwest direction and one bedroom east side one bedroom is southeast side and bedroom is southwest side and one is west side i have two kids one son is 12 yrs and one is daughter 8 yrs i am little bit confused about that where should i give the the room to my son n daughter and my daughter is in sport now she has played national level also

    • admin says:

      Give West side room to Son and South-east room to Daughter
      But North-west room is most preferable to Daughter
      In South-east room you have to use some remedies

  163. Aarti says:

    Hello sir
    Master bedroom is in North corner and we have two choices to sleep to pointing our head to Northwest or south east. Which one is fine.if not OK. Please suggest me some other remedy

  164. sadiqua sultana says:

    Hello…iam in a rented house in Kuala Lumpur….my master bed room is in NW corner and i have no other option. I have a girl child 8 years old…me my husband n my child sleep together in that master bedroom.I want to know is it ok that the master bed room can b in the NW corner…my house entrance is south facing with the entrance door at the SE corner. Iam facing lot of financial loss. my husband is the earning member n iam a house wife. How much i save but by the end of the month all the money will b gone and since last few months our bank balance is becoming zero….iam so much worried…please suggest me any remedies for this and help me out of this problem….Thank you
    Waiting for ur fast reply

  165. Ritu says:

    I m looking for house northwest facing this is good or bad .is in USA pls reply me thank u . I m living 2 kids with husband !

  166. Priyanka says:

    Hello, my bedroom is in northeast direction.i and my husband sleep with our head towards East and legs towards west.there is no option to sleep in southwest offer some remidies

    • admin says:

      Use extreme South-west corner for placing the Bed
      North-east bedroom for a couple is a severe defect

  167. Salonika says:

    My master is in the s and kids room in the sw. Is that ok .My Other question is that I wanted to make cupboards on the NW wall of the sw room- is that ok? Thank you in advance.

    • admin says:

      Southwest bedroom makes children’s aggressive and arrogant
      Make your bedroom in Southwest and children’s in Northeast or North-west

  168. Neetha says:

    Hi sir , my master bedroom is at southwest of the house but I have a small beam in my room at southwest Connor of the room .. My bed is at east of the room which doesn’t lay under the beam . So is tht fine … Or any remedy .. Is it ok, As long as I can’t see the beam when I’m sleeping ???

  169. Kdp says:

    Sir, my master bedroom is in northwest…more in north. We have lot of arguments. We sleep in head in north and leg in south. Entrance of the master bedroom is south. East wall has attached bathroom and west wall has Windows. South wall where entrance of the room has enough space to turn bed so that head would be in south and leg would be in north. Please advise how to reset room to avoid tension in relation.

  170. Sam says:

    Hi Sir,

    We live in USA. We bought a house about 3 years ago. We have a master bed room on North east (eshanya moola). Our elders asked to change to other bed room. we have 3 bed rooms, located master bed room (North east), 2nd bed room (South side of the house, probably center of the house), 3rd bed room is North west. Do we have any remedy for master bed room? do you think changing bed room will be fine? if so which bed room should we choose.

  171. Hi Sir,
    according to the floor plan i have 2 rooms adjacent to each other on North-West and North-East direction and 1 room on West direction. so which room would you recommend to be a Daughter Room, Guest Room & Study/Prayer Room. kindly let me know if in case of any further information desired.

  172. Sree Medapati says:


    Our master bedroom is on SouthWest. It has entrance from East, and two windows – one towards South and another towards North on West wall of the bedroom. The ‘corner to window distance (wall) of South side window is more than the ‘corner to window’ distance of North side is more. Is the entire setup OK. I know window is preferred towards North side, but is it OK to have another window towards South as we already have one toward North?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Awaiting your earliest reply.

  173. Nidhi gupta says:

    Hello sir our one bed room door is in south and other one is in south east.and we cannot change.then what should we do.almirahs r in the north east wall of the bedroom and we have no other option . Pls suggest any remedy

  174. helen says:

    hello, my master bedroom is ne, my head face south is this ok?
    26th june 66

  175. helen says:


  176. Rishi singh says:

    uruji, my father are four brothers and when we are being seperate then unfortunatly I have got North East side of the house. Last year my mother passed away. I am going to make second floor but the problem is on 1st floor my father room in NE CORNER and on second floor if I make any room then it will be North East corner side too. But I am thinking I have balcony on both side(North and east), which I want to use as pooja, or study room on both floors . Does this help to reduce vastu dosh? Or any other suggestion to reduce vastu dosh. I just read that bagua mirror help to reduce negative energy does that help?

  177. Shilp says:

    We have the master bedroom in the northeast corner of the house – however the plot has lots of place in the northeast part (open space outside the house within our plot) – will it be ok

  178. Bandappa says:

    Hello sir,
    My bedroom is on northeast side and this is rented house can you suggest me on this

    • admin says:

      Use extreme South-west corner for placing a BED.
      Have to strengthen North-east using some Yantras

  179. Chandrashekar says:

    Master bed room in sw corner I have but is it OK for attach toilet in se corner of the master bedroom please help health problems

  180. Akshay says:

    Where do I keep cupboards in my bedrooms, and alternative direction for beds excluding south?

  181. Sonali says:

    HellO sir, my house entrance is South, my kitchen is in southwest, my bedroom is in northwest but entrance is in South attached bathroom in bedroom entrance is towards South. Another bedroom is situated in northeast which I used like my workshop having swing machines…

  182. Aman says:

    What should be the level of Ground which is on the North West Direction, according to Vastu?

  183. veeresh says:

    Hello sir,
    i got my bed room in south west side
    i am planning windows south east side and south west(not attaching the corners) side
    is it good or not

  184. Ankitha says:

    Hi.. Our flat number is D2224, east facing and in second floor of the apartment. Swimming pool is in southwest corner, on the ground floor. And two balconies on west of the flat. Please suggest me if there is something wrong. Thank you.

  185. Yoga says:

    Hi Sir, We have MBR in SW, 2nd Bed room in NW (beside MBR) 3rd one beside Pooja Room, pooja room in NE, Kitchen in SE, common bathroom in South between MBR and kitchen, living room towards East and Main entrance is North,

    My question is, are all of them in right directions? And is this ok to have 3rd bed room beside pooja room? Please suggest, thank you in advance

  186. My master bedroom is in the southwest corner and my feet face northeast. However, the bathroom is connected to the bedroom by a vanity hallway. So when I enter the bedroom from the hallway, I face the right side of the bed and have to walk around the bed to get to other side of the room. The toilet/shower area and the bedroom are separated by the vanity hallway plus a door that I keep closed. I also can’t see the toilet or shower room when in bed. The only other wall I can put the bed on is the North wall. So is ok that bathroom hallway entrance is at the side of the bed?

  187. Sir,
    There are two options for me one is north west master bedroom or north bedroom . which one should we use . we are middle aged couple .

  188. vishal says:

    My house is facing west.Is any rule that constructed area in right(south)should higher than left(north)

  189. Sachin Tyagi says:

    Main entrance is in 313degree north-west and my master bed room almost diagonal to it please suggest me if it is ok or I need to do something for it.
    my email:-

  190. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir, 1. My Master Bedroom is in the North West direction of the house. Please can you provide remedy for it. 2. There is only one 7ft wall towards south and south west direction in this room. So I can either place a wardrobe there or a bed. Is it advisable to keep wardrobe in the North facing south? That way I can create good space in the room otherwise we have tried all the combinations but with everything the room feels small and claustrophobic. Please advise on these 2 questions.

  191. Ritu says:

    Hello sir
    My master bedroom is in northeast nd now no chance to change the direction. Please suggest the best remedy to live happier nd healthier family life.

  192. Ananth says:

    Sir i am looking at an apartment with main door facing east, kitchen in South east, masterbedroom in Northwest, kids room in Northeast and guest room in Southwest. Could you please confirm is there any vastu defect in any of the room.

  193. Medha says:

    Sir, My master bedroom is in South-west direction and I am planning to keep iron Almirah in South-west corner of the master bedroom. However the Almirah has a mirror ,but I will be placing it inside the wooden wardrobe. Is it okay? Will placing the Iron Almirah with mirror inside the wooden wardrob eliminate any negative effects created due to mirror ? Please advice.

  194. Sujit says:

    Sir my bedroom is on the south east corner of the property. My mother ( retired employee) puts up in the south west bedroom of the property. Please help me with suggestions.

    My northern wall is having TV andrama the western wall is my goddess facing towards east. We have a separate mandir on the roof.

    I worship God in my room and mandir both.

    North east room has window on the east and I have put a picture of god on the northern wall and face of God is facing towards south. My daughter study’s in that room. In any case I cannot put a photograph of god facing north or east. Please suggest.

  195. BKD says:

    Sir, recently I hv a taken a room on rent in which the bedroom is in south-east direction. I hv no option to change it. Plz provide some remedies. I am an unmarried girl. Does it have any effect on relationship and delayed marriage?plz provide solution. My head already points towards south while sleeping. Plz give remedies

  196. Neha says:

    Hello sir, my bedroom is in East and have attached balcony in north east facing lot of problems with husband hisCareer everything please help .

  197. Neha says:

    Bedroom in East and have attached balcony in northeast. Facing trouble.please help.

  198. Joe Thomas James says:

    Hello Sir, My bedroom is in South West direction , Bed head position in south but there is a bathroom door just opposite to the master bed. Is there any remedy other than changing the bed position. Because I cant change the bed position to east side.
    From, Joe

  199. Anjela Nand says:

    Dear Sir,
    My husband and I are a middle aged couple. We have one daughter in college for another 2 – 3 years.We are thinking about purchasing a house with north/north east entrance. Master bedroom in NW, living, dining and kitchen in South/SW.. One bdrm in South, garage in SE, two bedrooms in North and NE. Is North/NE bedroom ok for daughter or South bdrm…also MBR ok in NW?

  200. Dheepak s says:

    Dear sir

    My bedroom is located in north east having doors in 3 sides 1. In north east corner 2.south east corner and 3.south west corner is this doors can be in one bedroom because I’m suffering from ill health and lost my job after shifting to this room please suggest me a remedy

  201. Rakesh says:

    We have Purchased new Flat, Entrance is East. MBR is NW, Kitchen at East, all these OK or need any remedies.

  202. Dinesh says:

    Is there some remedy for Master Bedroom in North West with Head in West direction. I read the ill effects but it’s not possible to change the room and/or bed position as Its a small flat with another bedroom in N-E.
    Please reply,
    Dinesh Manaktahla, Saharanpur

  203. Aarti says:

    Hi, We are young married couple who recently had a baby and we are planning to build double storey house on plot having north-east facing entrance. Most of the plans which are affordable to me have master bedroom in the front(on first floor) i.e. in north-east. Could you please advise if it is major vaastu dosh or it can be rectified with remedy. Also I read somewhere that there should not be any cut in north east direction, what affect it generally has could you please explain that as well.

  204. MK says:

    Hi I purchased a duplex house which have MBR on South part in first floor and south west corner is dressing room and north west corner of the room is attached toilet. Can we have like this?

  205. satish says:

    Hi sir, i have a 150 sq yards plot towards facing west , master bedroom in south west , living north west , kitchen south east corner …pooja room had planned north east corner in kitchen and also we planing for second bedroom for my younger brother (married) north east.. bed towards facing south wall as well as we giving north east corner door which as called eeshanyam…..could u plz suggest.

  206. SN says:

    We live in US
    We have moved recently to a rented apartment in the US its a east facing house .
    The master bedroom -entrance into the master bedroom is towards the west , east to west .
    In this bedroom we have a wide and big window in the north wall .
    And the closet and washroom entance towards right hand corner of the south wall .

    Complete walls to the west as well as the east with the bedroom entrance door on the right hand corner of the east wall

    Our east wall of the master bedroom and kitchen is common with the electric stove top on other side of the wall .
    Our question is can we place the bed with the head towards this east wall or should we place the bed to the west wall .
    Please suggest .

  207. hemanth says:

    pls give me email details so i can send plans

  208. Chetan says:

    I need help , I am renting a house whose bedroom is big and is shared by north east and south east ,I understand that should not have master bedroom in southeast and northeast but this master bedroom is big and shared by both , is it good or bad , if yes what’s remedy for it


    My house is facing North. My master bedroom is in north east .i can’t change room. Please advice me and give remedy to overcome.

  210. Deepak Pathak says:

    Hello gurujee
    I want to shift in a flat which entrance door is in 223degree SW .and kitchen in west and master bedroom is in north .A big balcony is in north east . Is this house is favourable for me?
    My husband date of birth is 31st jan 1968
    Pls guide me

  211. Jigyasa says:

    Dear Sir, I am recently married and my room is in northeast direction . There is no way that I can change my room. It there any remedy?

    • admin says:

      Couple should never use Northeast bedroom.
      Place bed in extreme Northwest corner of this room
      Place Guru Yantra with 7 Crystals on it in Northeast corner

  212. Sheila Tiwari says:

    My master bedroom is northwest the headboard of the bed is northwest and footboard southwet position cant b changed kindly suggest remedies for removing vaastu dosh

  213. Asha says:

    We are planning to build more bedrooms to our house. A new bedroom in the south east for my daughter and master bedroom in south west. Is it okay for girls to have bedroom in south east?

  214. Jyoti says:

    Hello sir,
    I sleep with my 5 yr old daughter in a SE room but it’s not SE corner. Our head is towards NE exactly in the middle of North east direction. Please suggest do we need to change? As I am bit worried .
    Thank you

  215. Satish says:

    Sir, Is it okay if the master bedroom is in the North east corner of the upper floor in a 2 story house. Thank you.

  216. Vijay says:

    Sir- I have master bed room in south West, but secondary bed room located in North East. Is it ok. Pls assist

  217. admin says:

    Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable service
    My mail Id:

  218. pranjal says:

    sir,I have master bed room in south west corner but wardrobe is coming in north wall, please suggest me is it ok…. south direction also one big window.wardrobe position can’t be change please suggest me .

  219. Nitin says:

    I purchased a house in USA, the master bedroom is in NE & its door is in south-west corner facing west.
    Is there a way to eliminate this vastu dosh ? Also, which is the best direction to keep puja mandir, can i place it in NE corner of master bedroom if it helps with vastu dosh ?

    South is open with backyard, what can i do to stabilize my SW direction ?

  220. parul says:

    Hello ,, my master bedroom z pretty mch in d Southwest corner bt it’s quite a small room,, will it b OK to place d wardrobe in d North direction of d room,, doing wch it extends upto d Northwest corner of d room,,, plz suggest d needful???

  221. kkn says:

    My home facing North direction and my Master Bedroom is at NorthWest. ( Ground floor ). Is this good ?

    or i do have one more option to build one more master bedroom on first floor at SouthWest

    is this compulsory to have master bedroom at SouthWest ? NorthWest is not good ?

    if Northwest is good then is there any remedies ?

    • admin says:

      Bedroom in Northwest is OK, as a secondary option
      But for growth and stability it’s essential to have a bedroom in Southwest

  222. bharti says:

    sir, i have master bedroom in northwest what can you advice.

  223. Nikhil says:

    Hello sir,
    We have 2 toilets in our house. One is in
    North West and the other is in south East.
    Is that okay.

  224. My bedroom is in the east. The extreme eastern corner has been asked to keep empty. Since the arrangement is looking a little off plsce can a vase be kept there ?

  225. R.Munikumar says:

    Hello Sir, we are going to rent a south facing house.It has kitchen in SE , bathroom at west, MBR at NE with attached bathroom at north.another bedroom at NW.which one to be used by us.

  226. Manasi says:

    I am a single woman (no other family members) and have 2 bedrooms – in south west and north west.

    Which bedroom should i use for myself? South west is good for home owner but north west is good for unmarried girls, so i am confused.

    My north west room has nice balcony and very good view.
    South west room doesnt have very good ventilation.

  227. rammurthy says:

    i am purchasing a flat in 3rd floor. flat facing and entry in west centre place and having another door leads to balcony in east side. now my doubt is , master bedroom placed in North-West and another bed room is North-East. Hall is South-West, Kitchen is South-East. We are 3 members in family(husband & wife, and wife’s mother). Can Husband and wife use North-west bedroom as master bedroom…? please advise.
    In hall, 1/2 of it we are going use it as Office and another 1/2 of hall is going to use for living room using sofa, dining west side to kitchen.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Yes, you can use Northwest bedroom as a Master bedroom, but it is better if you have a Master bedroom in Southwest

  228. gagan says:

    hello , I have my master room from the north east to north west direction, bed placed in the north west side and go along to north east , and bed head towards to north

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