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Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Bedroom in the South and South west

Master bedroom can have many effects on people living in the house, in this article we will see easy ways to vaastu tips for master bedroom. As per the Vaastu Shastra principles, the best place for Master Bedroom is the South and South west direction. The geomagnetic effects are most relaxing here for mental and bodily health. One can get good sleep here and regains energy and freshness for the next day. South west bed room brings auspicious effects on the living habitats.

Not only directions of the Bed Room, the bedroom designs for Interior arrangements also have impact on living persons. According the Vaastu Shastra, the following Furniture placements should be followed for live peacefully, wealthy and healthy Lifestyle.

Vaastu guidelines for the Master bedroom

  • Always sleep with keeping your head in the South direction or second option in East side for best results
  • Keep the  Almirah’s and wardrobes in the Southwest direction, see that door of Almirah should open in East or North
  • Never keep an aquarium or real plants in the bed room
  • The attached bathroom in Bedroom should not face the bed directly. Keep the bathroom door closed all the time.
  • The ideal colors for the walls in bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be placed inside the bedroom since this leads to regular misunderstandings and quarrels among couples. However, if necessary, place mirrors preferably on the North East wall.

Bedroom in the Northeast (Ishana) Direction:  Vaastu-tips-for-Master-Bedroom

As the name itself suggests (Isha = God; Ishana = place of God), this place is to worship, prayer and meditation.

If master bedroom is constructed in North east and used by head of the family, then he/she may suffer physical, mental and economic problems.

The master bed room in Northeast is supposed to be major Vaastu defect according to the Vaaastu Shastra principles.

Bedroom in the East:

Having bedroom in east, and if used by the head of the family leads to poor health and fluctuating moods. This bedroom may used for study and bedroom for the children.

Bedroom in the Southeast (Agneya) Direction:

This direction is of the Agni (fire), having bedroom here would disturb the mental health of the family head. Southeast bedroom can leads to fire related elements like high BP, Diabetes, and Short-temper etc. It also leads to useless arguments among husband and wife.

However, one may have a bedroom here, leaving one-fourth of the eastern portion of (Agney’s) room, make a partition and use the balance three-fourth portion as bedroom.

Vaastu Tips for Master BedroomBedroom in the West:

This could be a good choice for master bedroom after South or Southwest. Create a slope declined towards Northeast. Having youngsters’ or children’s bedroom in this direction more beneficial

Bedroom in the Northwest (Vayavya) Direction:

This is usually good for the girls in the family. For the elders, sleeping here would generally cause mental agitation and irritation, and leads to bad health and/or quarrels. Master bedroom here gives negative effects on family head and might also have to travel unnecessarily. This direction is good for guest’s bedroom.

Bedroom in the North:

This is the direction of Kuber the Lord of wealth.  Hence this direction is strictly prohibited for master bedroom according to Vastu Shastra.

Using North direction as the master bedroom creates problems to the wealthy growth and economic decline in the family and leads health problems.

However bedroom between the North and Northwest for the newly married couples is believed to be lucky.

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490 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

  1. Dheepak s says:

    Dear sir

    My bedroom is located in north east having doors in 3 sides 1. In north east corner 2.south east corner and 3.south west corner is this doors can be in one bedroom because I’m suffering from ill health and lost my job after shifting to this room please suggest me a remedy

  2. Rakesh says:

    We have Purchased new Flat, Entrance is East. MBR is NW, Kitchen at East, all these OK or need any remedies.

  3. Dinesh says:

    Is there some remedy for Master Bedroom in North West with Head in West direction. I read the ill effects but it’s not possible to change the room and/or bed position as Its a small flat with another bedroom in N-E.
    Please reply,
    Dinesh Manaktahla, Saharanpur

  4. Aarti says:

    Hi, We are young married couple who recently had a baby and we are planning to build double storey house on plot having north-east facing entrance. Most of the plans which are affordable to me have master bedroom in the front(on first floor) i.e. in north-east. Could you please advise if it is major vaastu dosh or it can be rectified with remedy. Also I read somewhere that there should not be any cut in north east direction, what affect it generally has could you please explain that as well.

  5. MK says:

    Hi I purchased a duplex house which have MBR on South part in first floor and south west corner is dressing room and north west corner of the room is attached toilet. Can we have like this?

  6. satish says:

    Hi sir, i have a 150 sq yards plot towards facing west , master bedroom in south west , living north west , kitchen south east corner …pooja room had planned north east corner in kitchen and also we planing for second bedroom for my younger brother (married) north east.. bed towards facing south wall as well as we giving north east corner door which as called eeshanyam…..could u plz suggest.

  7. SN says:

    We live in US
    We have moved recently to a rented apartment in the US its a east facing house .
    The master bedroom -entrance into the master bedroom is towards the west , east to west .
    In this bedroom we have a wide and big window in the north wall .
    And the closet and washroom entance towards right hand corner of the south wall .

    Complete walls to the west as well as the east with the bedroom entrance door on the right hand corner of the east wall

    Our east wall of the master bedroom and kitchen is common with the electric stove top on other side of the wall .
    Our question is can we place the bed with the head towards this east wall or should we place the bed to the west wall .
    Please suggest .

  8. hemanth says:

    pls give me email details so i can send plans

  9. Chetan says:

    I need help , I am renting a house whose bedroom is big and is shared by north east and south east ,I understand that should not have master bedroom in southeast and northeast but this master bedroom is big and shared by both , is it good or bad , if yes what’s remedy for it


    My house is facing North. My master bedroom is in north east .i can’t change room. Please advice me and give remedy to overcome.

  11. Deepak Pathak says:

    Hello gurujee
    I want to shift in a flat which entrance door is in 223degree SW .and kitchen in west and master bedroom is in north .A big balcony is in north east . Is this house is favourable for me?
    My husband date of birth is 31st jan 1968
    Pls guide me

  12. Jigyasa says:

    Dear Sir, I am recently married and my room is in northeast direction . There is no way that I can change my room. It there any remedy?

    • admin says:

      Couple should never use Northeast bedroom.
      Place bed in extreme Northwest corner of this room
      Place Guru Yantra with 7 Crystals on it in Northeast corner

  13. Sheila Tiwari says:

    My master bedroom is northwest the headboard of the bed is northwest and footboard southwet position cant b changed kindly suggest remedies for removing vaastu dosh

    • admin says:

      Bedroom in Northwest is OK, as second option. Place the head towards South while sleeping

  14. Asha says:

    We are planning to build more bedrooms to our house. A new bedroom in the south east for my daughter and master bedroom in south west. Is it okay for girls to have bedroom in south east?

  15. Jyoti says:

    Hello sir,
    I sleep with my 5 yr old daughter in a SE room but it’s not SE corner. Our head is towards NE exactly in the middle of North east direction. Please suggest do we need to change? As I am bit worried .
    Thank you

  16. Satish says:

    Sir, Is it okay if the master bedroom is in the North east corner of the upper floor in a 2 story house. Thank you.

  17. Vijay says:

    Sir- I have master bed room in south West, but secondary bed room located in North East. Is it ok. Pls assist

  18. admin says:

    Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable service
    My mail Id:

  19. pranjal says:

    sir,I have master bed room in south west corner but wardrobe is coming in north wall, please suggest me is it ok…. south direction also one big window.wardrobe position can’t be change please suggest me .

  20. Nitin says:

    I purchased a house in USA, the master bedroom is in NE & its door is in south-west corner facing west.
    Is there a way to eliminate this vastu dosh ? Also, which is the best direction to keep puja mandir, can i place it in NE corner of master bedroom if it helps with vastu dosh ?

    South is open with backyard, what can i do to stabilize my SW direction ?

  21. parul says:

    Hello ,, my master bedroom z pretty mch in d Southwest corner bt it’s quite a small room,, will it b OK to place d wardrobe in d North direction of d room,, doing wch it extends upto d Northwest corner of d room,,, plz suggest d needful???

    • admin says:

      I am not getting you. Please call me on 9494214400. [The language can’t understand]

  22. kkn says:

    My home facing North direction and my Master Bedroom is at NorthWest. ( Ground floor ). Is this good ?

    or i do have one more option to build one more master bedroom on first floor at SouthWest

    is this compulsory to have master bedroom at SouthWest ? NorthWest is not good ?

    if Northwest is good then is there any remedies ?

    • admin says:

      Bedroom in Northwest is OK, as a secondary option
      But for growth and stability it’s essential to have a bedroom in Southwest

  23. bharti says:

    sir, i have master bedroom in northwest what can you advice.

  24. Nikhil says:

    Hello sir,
    We have 2 toilets in our house. One is in
    North West and the other is in south East.
    Is that okay.

  25. My bedroom is in the east. The extreme eastern corner has been asked to keep empty. Since the arrangement is looking a little off plsce can a vase be kept there ?

  26. R.Munikumar says:

    Hello Sir, we are going to rent a south facing house.It has kitchen in SE , bathroom at west, MBR at NE with attached bathroom at north.another bedroom at NW.which one to be used by us.

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