Vaastu Tips for Room Colors

According to Vaastu Shastra Colors plays very important role to bring balance in our minds and bodies as well in stimulating energy.

Consequently every room colors, in Home, Office, Factory and Shop should be matched with the colors of respective planets and elements related with those particular Vaastu directions.

White color (or Light) is the combination of the seven primary colors/energies: VIBGYOR or Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Each color is linked with a particular part of human body and will affect emotionally, physically and mentally. It has been scientifically proved that colors influence us, though we might not aware of it. Our mood, health, happiness all are affected by the colors around us.

Color schemes for each Direction of the house Vastu-Colors-Schems

Vastu Shastra recommends the use of specific colors in each of the cardinal directions. This is because each direction is governed by a planet which is in turn representing a specific color. Scientifically this is the fact that, we perceive color only because of sunlight. The strength of sunlight is unlike in different directions. Hence it is preferable to have certain colors in each direction.

Direction of the building: 

In the second method, the color schemes are chosen according to the direction the building/room faces. Each direction is associated with a particular color, which is actually the color of the planet governing that direction. Hence painting a room with specific color must match the direction.

Direction Ruling Planet Color
East Sun White
West Saturn ( Shani ) Blue
North Mercury Green
South Mars Corel Red
Northeast Jupiter Golden Yellow
Southwest Rahu Shades of Brown, Pink
Southeast Venus Silver White
Northwest Moon White

Color schemes for House

Every color has specific properties and uniqueness that influence our moods, behavior and even Lifestyle also.

Considering these facts we recommend the Color schemes for House which may as follows. Provided that your house / home is constructed according to Vaastu Shastra principles and in association with five elements of Nature. Always use the light shades of any color choosing for your house instead bright 

Kitchen colors: The white is the best color for Kitchen. Shades of Yellow, orange, red colors are also good colors for kitchen. Orange is a power and healing color. It increases the craving for food.

Bed room Colors: Pink is the best color for the master bedroom [SW]. The secondary color can be light Brown, Light Blue as these colors represent hope and cultivation. Lavender in their lighter shades keeps the rooms peaceful and brings good sleep. Pink or cream colored tiles or marble are good for flooring.

Drawing room or Living room colors:  The best colors for Living room are yellow, light orange, light green or light blue or as per the direction of the hall.

Dining room : Blue is ideal, shades of Green and Pink also suitable. As being this is a family room these colors stimulates the mind and calms down violence.

Study room / Children’s room:  Use Green color for children study room/ bedroom as it encourages concentration on better study. Bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, orange or purple are suitable

Bath room / Toilets:  The ideal color for Bathroom, Toilets  is White, light gray; pink or any pastel shade is suitable. Use colors as per direction of toilet.

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  3. sir what about east facing site hit by road, from north east to to 75% and have two bore-well one in the north east which has have no sufficient water and so we have put a cap and closed the top and another bore-well in dug in the east has water is it ok the main door comes in the east next to the borewell, that is when we walk out of the main door from inside it is dug in the right side of the main door , does it need any correction

    • Hello Mohankumarji:
      East site hit by road, from Northeast is Very good: gives high-status and richness. Brings growing mobility in life. Bore well in East is OK no problem. Confirm that Depth of Northeast bore is more to the bore well in East.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We have house north side and presently ousite house colour is Light green with light yellow shade so we have planning to change the colour so request to suggest good colour as you aware.

    • Hello Sharan :
      North facing house and present Green and Yellow shades are very fine do not change them.

  5. can Lift door in house balcony be counted as door? as the there should be even number of doors and windows in house?

  6. There a beam running in the centre of the roof of study room .. Can you please advice what can be done…

    • Hello Iries ji;
      While studying or sleeping see that Beam should not come on your head or any of the body part

  7. Hello Sir,
    I want to know the colour for furniture throughout thehouse can be Iin dark colour and also iwant one orange wall Iin my living room so which side wall and facing where should i opt for?

  8. Dear Sir,
    My house is south face & after shifting into house we are facing the financial problems, where I lost so much of amount and trying to recovery the same from whoever as taken from me, hence pl suggest to improve the fin status

  9. Hello sir…I am recently planning to get my house painted…I am planning to use green in contrast with grey in my study room and gray with royal blue (or light blue as u suggest) in my bedroom…do tell me if these combinations are good

  10. Hello Sir,
    I am reconstructing my kitchen platform to east side , what color should ota be ? I have heard black/grey should be avoided totally and green should be used in ample. Please suggest.

  11. Hello sir,my house is having main gate in west. Entrance is towards south west.which colour is suited for exterior of the house??pls reply

  12. sir , kindly tell me if there any vastu tip for garments , or any specific color relation with garments according to vastu sastra,,?? kindly suggest

  13. Please tell me a remedy as I have a bathroom in my SE corner this area is also extended towards the south east side n the WC is in SE corner .

  14. Hello Ji. I am in process of painting interior of my North facing TWO story house. All bedrooms are upstairs.


    1) Entry Foyer is 2 story which is in North, what color is suitable for it?
    2) Ceilings are all white.
    3) NE is Puja room painted yellow.
    4) Kitchen is SW as i know is in wrong direction, which color should i paint? And any remedy to tackle Vaastu dosh of this kitchen?
    5) Dining is in North which i am thinking to paint green.
    6) Family/Living room is in South of the house with TV on the East wall, I am little confused to what color it should be? Vaastu articles published says South room should be shade of red, and living room options says yellow as one of the color, which color is best for south facing living room?
    7) SE room is gym with one treadmill and elliptical with TV on East wall, is Silver shade a good color for this room or RED?


    1) Master is in SW which i am painting mustard/earth color
    2) North bedroom is for my kids room painted light purple
    3) NE bedroom which color should i paint?
    4) SE bedroom which color is suitable for this.

    Please help. Thanks for this kind sewa.


    • Hello Shalini ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that South-west toilet

  15. Sir, I am married and have a kid, also my parents are staying with me, we have a house with 2 bedrooms one in SW and one in NW. Do my parents stay in SW bedroom? or Do they stay in NW bedroom?

  16. Hi,
    I have planned to give Lavender for Master Bedroom and for rest of the rooms light orange color, white for bathrooms and toilets. Is this good colors to give as per vaastu?


  17. My kitchen is in South east direction, door of kitchen is at South west. Taps in South east. Gas stove is on slab in between of SE and SW.
    Please suggest remedies as these positions can’t be changed. Also suggest colours for kitchen walls

  18. Hi. My bed room colour is moave – light purple. Its been more than a year to our marriage and we keep fighting. Though we dont know the reason but most of the time the fight is for something not worth to fight for. Can you help.Our room is at south west

  19. Sugguest me Sir, what colour of Granite stone we can fix on the main gate column and what colour of granite we can fix on the main gate wall on road side

        • Hello sir,

          I have house main gate facing NW…more on west side.

          I went through with the color suggested by ur Web site, just want to know whether it’s necessary to keep every room with 2 different colour ….if I opt for sea green/ light green OR very light creamish pink for entire walls except one wall in each room as per suggestions of ur site…will that fine.

          Secondly, pls also suggest some suitable remedies as I have stairs to terrece in North and kitchen in NE. I have changed cooking direction in he kitchen on southern wall. Pls suggest if some color remedies can be applied in these two things.


          Rajesh Walia

          • Kitchen in North-east is a defect. Stairs in North also defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
            My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  20. Hello,

    We have a two story house (G plus 2),my parents are living with me, my father me and both are earning. Currently my parents are living in the bed room at first floor situated in SW direction, we are planning my bed room (after my marriage in next couple of months) on second floor just above it but the room covers the whole south direction (from south east to south west). Please suggest is the plan good as per Vaastu.

    Also please suggest the appropriate colors for both the bedrooms (my parents and mine ) on both first and second floor.

    We are thinking of light pink shade for my bedroom (Second floor) for all the walls except for the south wall where we are planning for orange color (Considering the fact that pink is good for newly wed couples) . Is it fine ?


    • Light green [Pista], Light Blue or Golden color combination curtains are recommended for North-east facing flat.

  21. Hi
    I live in a apartment which has a open space living room and dinning room in one. The feature wall on the North and NorthEast direction is RED. Its been more than a year into our marriage and we keep arguing about things which is not worth. We are also no progressing financially and no success in job as well. Appreciate if you could assist us as we both are looking for job but have no success.

    • Hello Avinesh ji:
      Red color in North and North-east is not recommended, which creates irritation. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  22. my master bedroom in southeast, i know this defect. no way to change the southeast master bedroom. please give me a remedies. my southeast bedroom wall color is red.

  23. Wat about the South east room.
    As it is a wrong direction of room so their must a remedy (used as a best colour for room)

  24. HI,

  25. Sugguest me Sir, what colour of Granite stone we can fix on the main gate column and what colour of granite stone we can fix on the along main gate wall on road side. Our House is North side and the road is in North side.

  26. Hi this is Arvind i want know the colored idia for my house my house is north south facing so please help me to choose Coler for my living and bed room kitchen etc.

  27. sir, i have southern side entry.
    kitchen : east-north,
    pujaroom : east-north
    drawing room : south-west
    bedroom : east-south

    which colour will best for my home as per area.

  28. Sugguest me Sir, what colour of Granite stone we can fix on the main gate columns and what colour of granite stone we can fix on the along main gate wall on road side. Our House is North side and the road is in North side.

  29. Sir ours is south facing plot .my bedroom is in northwest side .what color be done on west wall .also 1room is in northeast side .what colour be done in east facing wall.I am planning to put wallpaper on these walls is it beneficial .

  30. Hi sir ,
    My house is facing North side and the road is in west side. My raashi is Sagittarius. Which color is suitable for exterior wall of my house? is it yellow suitable? can you suggest?

  31. According to four square NEWS
    My house faced to east which is entrance to hall and its size is 16×10
    then a kitchen entrance is at south 10×10
    1st bed room or study room entrance is to opposite to kitchen Which is 10×10
    there is a bathroom which is in hall next to 1st bedroom
    Another bed room is 10×8 is next to kitchen

    my father is car driver and my mom is house wife this is our first home newly build when we lived their we faced lot of problems to earn money even for we vacated and transferd to chennai rental home.

    now my father is bypass heart operated patient so his earning is stopped and now im taking care of my family we planned agiain to transfer to our own house this march or april 2016.

    can u plz tell me a suitable colour for interior as well for exterior and what to do with which room im unmarried.

    the main thing is the water tank is at NE top of 1st bed room the room which is straight opposite to kitchen.

    kindly help me i want to live happly with my family my one person earning is the one to live….

  32. I have painted coral red in south and pink & blue in north, blue in east-west in my living room.

    We had painted aqua marin color in north-east & pink in south in our bedroom as we have a brown cupboard in our bedroom.

    Can you please replay as i want to ask that i have painted right colors in my house?

  33. MY bed room is in North west and painting is in Violet color,
    Hall and Kitchen – what painting color can be used.
    Entrance facing East . what color can be painted ?

  34. Sir, I have red colour for the wall of m living room n white n lime colur for ceiling. So what would be the solution for me as its not suggested to have red colour for walls..kindly help me

  35. Dear Sir,
    My flat is west facing kindly sugest me which colour be ok for me. drawing room is west facing. master bedroom window is east side and kichen is west north kindly give me reply

  36. hello, I recently purchased a flat having east face and complete building facing north. The building has road hit at N-northwest (i.e left half side of building). it is a T Junction.

    please provide me remedy / solutions for the above problem.

  37. Hello Sir,
    There is a beam in our master bedroom(South West). where ever u put the bed , the beam can not be avoided as its in center. please suggest some remedies for the same. and also suggest what color can be painted.

    • Beam should not be on the bed while sleeping. Make a false ceiling to cover-up it
      Paint with Pink, Light brown or Light purple color

  38. Our study room is in SE corner of the house and my husband is making it into the home office , please suggest the color of the room ,its cream in color now. And where should we keep the desk and face our chair to attract more buisness n money .

  39. Pl.telll me west bedroom colour and drawing room is also west direction…north west bedroom , east bedroom..

  40. I am building a new kitchen in which the door is at northern west corner. and there is no chance that I can change its location. What can be done to avoid its adverse effects if door of a kitchen placed at such corner ???

  41. Hello, my house is facing west , mostly like northwest, what will b best curtain colors to put in living room , kitchen and kind of dining area

  42. Sir my house ‘s exterior wall south east which colour should I use to paint outside wall and boundary.

  43. Please suggest my for my bedroom which is in Northwest direction and the color of my room is pink which cannot be changed because i live on rent. I am facing problem because my marriage is getting finalized any where.

  44. Hi Sir, We have living room in North East of the House and planning to buy furniture like sofa and other tables in the living room. Can you suggest the best colors for the sofa set.

  45. Hello sir,

    My home is south facing. We are changing the color of our home. Currently the colors that we thought of are like:
    1. Pink on North wall of Bedroom(NE), rest room Lavenderblush, roof blue.
    2. Drawing room(E) purple on East wall rest room Lavenderblush.
    3. Study room(SW): Orange on south wall rest Lavenderblush.
    4. Kitchen Lavenderblush.

    Are these color arrangements fine or shall I change them please suggest and what color curtains should I use. There are a lot of money and professional issues going on Please help.

  46. Dear Sir,
    We have house east side and presently ousite house colour is white colour so we have planning to change the colour so request to suggest good colour as you aware.

  47. Sir our house is east facing, which color should be highlighted as par vastu in both east and north directions , as written above in pic showed various color and in table it is written other color some says sun has red,agni color so plz guide which is right

  48. Plz guide me with color for east and north directions ,colors mentioned above in pic and in table both are different so which is the right color some people says red orange color is for sun in east direction plz guide me.

  49. Hello my room is on north east corner with one wall on north other on east side and rest towards center of house. We will be using the room for pooja or study. Which color would you suggest?

  50. Hello sir, we live in a rented apt and our master bedroom is in the north west , but the prob is on the west side of the wall there are glass doors, on the east there is an attached bathroom and Almirah and lastly on the south wall it’s empty but there is a hallway bathroom on the other side of the bedroom wall that leaves us with just a northepwest wall that we can use for our bed..what do u suggest

  51. Sir,

    My House main door is west direction so which collour we can put to Hall please suggest contrast colour with 1 side dark & 3 wall in light colour


  52. Dear sir, my flat facing is north. Enterence is north east in the living room. Moving towards south is kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and then master bedroom with attach bathroom at southwest corner. I want to colour my house. What would be the best colours for the rooms.

  53. Sir,what is the remedy for north east bedroom. There is a varanda in that north side and another in the east side of the master bedroom of north east .

    • Couple should never use this bedroom. Paint a lemon yellow color here. Place the bed in extreme South-west corner of this room

  54. Hi sir,
    We bought a 3bhk flat. Bedroom is in northeast.northwest and south east. Pl suggest master bedroom and children (daughter) room.

  55. Please suggest best colour for my (1)north west corner living room (2)southwest corner master bedroom (3) northeast corner children study/bed room (4) southwest corner kitchen

  56. Sir, I,m from Tirupati plz suggest me infront of my home fire wood depo is establish becoz of that we are facing negative energy.How to avoid such energy.

  57. Sir we have a north east bedroom with the bathroom in the western part of the room.We heard thiscanbe used as children bedroom.But wat to do if child reaches age of marriage?Wat are vaastu remedies…pls suggest.We heard it can lead to late marriage and marriage problems.We also have a pooja room in the east in between the SE kitchen and the bedroom.Is it a problem?