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Toilet Vaastu Tips

Toilet Vaastu Tips

Vaastu Shastra explains certain basic principles to follow while designing the toilets in the house. The best place for the toilet in bathroom is Northwest ( Vayavya ) direction of the house. For an attached toilet, also the Northwest side of that room is recommended as per Vaastu Shastra. The second option would be the Southeast direction.

Toilet in the Northeast gives adverse effects on the finances and prosperity of that family. Whereas toilet in Southwest direction directly affects the on the family head in terms of his health and might make him highly uncertain.Some effective Vastu/ Vaastu Tips for toilets include:

  • Toilet seats should ideally be placed in South to North directions or West to East direction
  • Mirrors in toilets should be placed on the North or East walls only
  • The toilet walls should be painted in lighter shades and not warning colors like red and black
  • If you are designing for attached toilet in the bathroom then place WC on the West or Northwest direction and few inches above the floor level.

Toilet Vaastu Tips, toilet directions, design and effectsToilets should not be designed in Northeast corner as it is a severe Vaastu Defect, which creates problems in health, Causes Accidents, brings unnecessary tensions and problems in progeny (descendants of that person).

Northeast  (Ishanya) is the very holy place in the building and owned by the Lord Shiva. The forehead of the Vaastupurush rests/positioned here so never design a Toilet/ Bathrooms here.

Toilets in the Southeast ( Agneya ) put up with unexpected losses, sudden problems, legal issues, excise problems, electricity gadgets accidents. Southeast is owned by Lord Agnidev, so this direction is good for fire activities like Kitchen.

Toilets in  the  Southwest ( Nairutya )is too not good. The inmates have to face lots  of financial losses, unexpected expenses if toilets designed in Southwest. Because of magnetic energy is stored in the South west direction, thus there should not be drainage in this direction

Toilet should not be constructed under the stairs. In the same ways the toilets are not good in center area of the building

Toilet should not be made near the puja room, in the kitchen. The pooja room and /or the kitchen above the toilet are against the Vaastu principles. Toilet is acceptable only on top of the other toilet.

Color of the Toilet / Bathroom walls:

The best color is White, light gray or any pastel shade is suitable.  Avoid red and black color.


535 Comments to Toilet Vaastu Tips

  1. Jitendra Kamble says:

    If my house main door facing east but in my house there is no any place at places suggested by vastushastra it is ok when you build your house on your own land but as we lives in big cities there are no choice we just want to know the main door is where and there is no any option suggested to see in vastushtra because we live in apartments not in own built house

  2. Mallesh says:

    Hello Mr. Jitendra ji:
    Nice question, See Vaastu Shastra is a Science which assembles the Five elements of Nature with that particular House and also with the Human body. Main entrance must be in the Eat-Northeast, or North-Northeast. However regarding your 2 nd part, you live anywhere, it doesn’t matter, at least see that it fulfills three basic Vaastu Shastra principles: Entrance in NE, Bedroom in SW, Toilet in NW.

    • sharat says:

      i am planning to purchase a west facing duplex building, in first floor, kitchen is rightly placed in south east, but in first floor above to the kitchen, toilet is fixed. north side & east side place has been sufficiently kept.

      please suggest whether to take the house or not, or is there is any remedy for the above.

  3. Jitendra Kamble says:

    You are absolutely right Sir, but at the time when we purchase our apartment we don,t think about it first we see it is in our budget if we like it is there so much ventilation sufficient light after all these things we never thought about the direction of toilet in our middle class life we not purchase more than one or two flats. But ok this I noticed this whenever I purchase another Thanks a lot

  4. nikunj rajpuria says:

    sir i have just taken a showroom with 2 floors; floor 1 has not toilet but on the second floor it has toilet in the southwest. we have staircase on the south west with cash counter under the staircase. floor one the place for toilet has been converted to the store manager’s chamber and strong room. need to know if the toilet on the first floor will cause any harm. this is a north facing showroon. also the building is rectangle with slightly extended south east. but inside the showrrom space there is a wall which is running parallel to the main staircase to go up on other floors from outside the showrrom and because of this the southwest is also extended. can u let me know if these will be ok for my business?

    • admin says:

      Hello Nikunj Ji:
      Means your position is like this:
      1. Toilet and Cash counter are under Staircase.
      2. The toilet in the 2nd floor is also above the Staircase. With extended SW and SE.
      1. If the SW and SE is extended from outside and the space you are using inside the shop is rectangle then it’s OK, no problem. Otherwise both are the defects, which creates health Problem and business instability.
      2. Toilet and Cash counter under the Staircase are defects, so shift the cash counter to Northern region. Strong room if it is used for keeping valuable, better shift it in Northern area. But never keep it under the Staircase.
      3. Never use space below the staircase for Managers cabin. Its gives pressure or Strain to the Manager sits there.

      • nikunj rajpuria says:

        sir, thats not correct, i mean the manager room is in southwest, the said area was assigned for toilet but later converted to manger’s room.

        the toilet is above on the first floor, above the managers room on the south west of the first floor.

        the cash counter is in the west where there is a staircase, we had extra area below the satircase which we are utilising as cash counter, the stair is made of iron and steel and not a permanent structure.

        Northern area there is main door can i shift cash counter to north east?

        there is no managers cabin under the satircase, only we want to make it cash counter if not ok we can shift to northeast.

      • nikunj rajpuria says:

        sir also if i can get your contact to speak to you I will be obliged!

  5. jas says:

    Hi my toilet upstairs is in the southwest corner and my antrance is southwest turning to north like and L space. Can you tell me the remedies ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Jas Ji:
      Please check whether entrance is Exactly in Southwest. Toilet is under the stair case? What is the Height of the Southwest related to Northeast? Also inform the owners full name and Date of birth.

  6. SS says:

    We are planning to buy a house that has both the toilets in North east direction. What should be done ? The entry is east-west. Should we opt for moving both the toilets by taking permission from builder ? Its a flat in a developed building.

    • admin says:

      Hello SS Ji;
      Having toilet in Northeast direction is a Major Vaastu Dosh (defect) and you have to face failure in every field, and a lot of problems in lifetime. It is must to shift one in South region and another in Northwest direction of the house.

      • Dino says:

        How do i cancel the bad vastu.
        In my house all toilets are in north east.
        Kitchen is in the west side coconut trees in front of my house and i have my main door facing south west. How do I correct the vastu.
        In my family nobody believe in vastu shastra kindly help

        • admin says:

          Hello Dino:
          In your family nobody believe in Vaastu Shastra, So how you come to know the use of Vaastu Shastra and what problem you are facing now
          Please send me the Plan of your House. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  7. Prakhar Kumat says:

    I have a same problem where the toilet is in NE direction and I cannot change the architecture as it is in an apartment. Is there a remedy that I can pursue to reduce the dosha?

    • admin says:

      Hello Prakhar Ji:
      Having the toilet in Northeast direction is a Sever defect. If its your own then better to shift it to Northwest or South direction. Mean while do this simple remedy: 1. Keep bowl filled with Sea salt in toilet, change this salt as it becomes wet frequently. 2. Take three Bronze bowls fix them on the roof of toilet in North-Northeast-East direction each one facing downwards.

  8. aparna says:

    i have a bathroom in northeast direction on my lower floor and another one in southwest direction on upper floor. since we have moved into this house, now one and half year, we are experiencing many difficulties in our work area and wealth area. as we cannot change them at all, is there any remedy which can help us. i read about bathrooms on your site and according to vaastu, they r not good…..pls help….thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Aparna Ji:
      If the Northeast bathroom contains WC that’s problematic, close it immediately. However bathroom in Southwest on upper floor, you can use that. There may be some defects in SW and North direction as you are facing instability and wealth problems.

  9. vandana jain says:

    What is the solution of east facing w.c. without distroy toilet? Is it effect the health.

  10. karina says:

    hi! what can i do if my toilet near the main door?my house is west facing door in the west.toilet too.can you tell me any remedy for this case?

  11. Dr.apurva says:

    My plot is west facing..main entry is towards west in southwest corner in portico with car parking..which makes southwest open and floor of portico lower than rest building..any remedies please

  12. Sharad says:

    My 1 and 1/2 Bed Room Hall and Kitchen Flat in multi stories Building. Main door in north direction(go Mukh Entrance).Kitchen lying Between Northwest and North direction having 2 bathRoom with W C, 1 Bathroom Door open in facing towards south east direction lying on east direction.another bathroom door open in South Direction but corner of the bathroom passing through line of North East Direction(whereas WC situated in corner having east west direction )
    please any remedies or to make any change in Vasstu.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sharad Ji:
      I am not getting any clarity from what you have said, so can you call me on 09494214400

  13. Sunil Kumar says:

    Sir, you say that Second option for the Toilet is Southeast. But this has defects… Please enlighten me on this point. I have Toilet in the SE corner…. MasterBedRoom on South of SE area and Kitchen on the East side of SE Toilet. Next to Kitchen is the Hall in the East side. How do I eliminate SouthEast Toilet Defect.

  14. dr.apurva says:

    Toilet and puja room shares same wall..any remedy..

  15. mansi says:

    what would be the remedy for south west having window,and if north east corner has toilet.i have a big mirror opposite the bathroom this ok or should i cover it up?

    • admin says:

      Hello Mansi:
      Use minimum of that window in Southwest. Toilet in Northeast is a Sever defect. Only remedy is to shift that Toilet from NE to South or Northwest. Mirror opposite to Bathroom means exact in which direction.

  16. dr.apurva says:

    Sir, the part of building in which I am living has bathroom of other flat in my northeast corner.So, my puja room shares a common wall with other flat bathroom..any remedies plz

  17. usha pradhan says:

    Sir my toilet and bathroom is being constructed in the south east direction of my house which is north which corner of the room should the toilet be placed and the bathroom.kindly suggest

    • admin says:

      Hello Ushaji:
      Bathroom and Toilet is never to be constructed in Southeast. if you want so it doesn’t matter where you place the toilet sheet (but keeping the face towards to west or south is recommended)

  18. Rajendrasinh Thakor says:

    Recently i purchase flat on third floor nos 304

    Entrance – north to south,
    Chowkdi – south-east is
    Attached Toilet bathroom – north-east

    please advice me it is ok or i need to change.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajendra Ji:
      Toilet bathroom in Northeast is the defect. Its better to shift to South or Northwest, because any remedy will reduce the impact not eradicate the defect (dosh).

  19. Rajesh says:

    HI Sir, Can u please help me as I have toilet built under staircase of my small restaurant, because that is the only place it was possible, exact area is NW. Is there any remedy I can do to improve my business because i am really suffering financially.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh:
      Place a Sea salt bowl in Toilet, Change it frequently. Use white color, white color tiles in toilet. Keep it clean always. Put money plant in Northeast direction. Strengthen Southeast direction for financial stability.

  20. priya says:

    Please give remedy for attached bathroom with master bedroom. Bedroom is in south west and bathroom is in south west ofbedroom

    • admin says:

      Hello Priya:
      Its better to shift that bathroom to NW and if there is no option to do that minimize the use of that bathroom. Keep closed bathroom door always. Strengthen the NE more and more.

  21. Kumar says:

    Hello sir,

    We have got a 2floor house, all main bathroom are in upstairs (NW),

    But we have got a powder room in center of our house , which got only a toilet and basin (no shower) .

    What remedy should we do!


  22. pratibha says:

    Dear Panditji,
    My house front door faces North west and the road is on the north. My door faces my neighbor’s garage. My own garage is on the ground floor in the north east. A blank wall faces soon as we enter my house from the north west door. House extends on the west to a formal living room( in the north west). next to which is the dining room. My kitchen is in the south west and family relaxing room is south east. I face north west when cooking. Stairs are just before I enter my familyroom and kitchen. Upstairs are Main bedroom-north west, daughter’s bedroom north east, guest bedroom and office room south west. attached toilet in south west and another main toilet in east. We are constantly having quarrels and loud arguments, crying emotional disturbances in the house. It is just one issue after another. the tensions and deep arguments are deeply disturbing to all 3 of us. PLease help me if there is a vaastu defect in my house. Thank you Panditji.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pratibha Ji:
      House extends on the west means is the house in irregular shape. Kitchen and family relaxing room are the defects. Try to face West while cooking. Use Southwest room as a master bedroom and NW room as a guest room. Use Northwest room as a Daughters bedroom. Attached toilets in SW and East toilet are also defects. Please call me on 09494214400 for detail counselling.

  23. Shailendra says:

    Please give remedy for attached bathroom with master bedroom. Bedroom is in south west and bathroom is in south west ofbedroom
    What will be harmful effects and is it only for head of the family or for everyone?
    Or should/can other family members use that bathroom/toilet in SW direction of sw bedrrom?

    • admin says:

      Hello Shailendra Ji:
      Minimize the use of this toilet. Paint a postmen red color in toilet and on door. Keep a pendulum watch in Southwest area.

  24. krishna says:

    Dear sir
    I have a attached bathroom and laterine in the north-east direction. And an another single laterine attached to it in north direction on the same floor. i heard its not good to construct in north east direction.

    Plz advise me sir.

    • admin says:

      Hello Krishna Ji:
      Bathroom and latrine in the North-east direction are a sever defects. At-least remove the toilet from Northeast to South or Northwest. And that is the only remedy. [Because any remedy will reduce the negative effect and not remove the defect (Vaastu Dosh)]

  25. Pavan Toshniwal says:

    Sir we have bought an flat in which there are two toilets one common and other attached, and both are on northeast direction. We recently heard about the vastu dosh about the same. And also there is a cut in the build area. I mean common toilet is attached to master bedroom and bedroom has gallery, so gallery comes out from the line of toilet and bedroom. The flat is on 1st floor. Also the pipes of the toilet outlets from other flats pass by this very side northeast and by the flat we own. Please give us solution as my mother is very tensed. We have paid 20% of the decided amount. Please help us.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pavan:
      Both toilets in Northeast direction is a Sever defect. If construction is ongoing ask them to relocate in South or Northwest. [ Northeast toilet give failure in Everywhere ] and Actually where is cut.

      • Pavan Toshniwal says:

        It is cut in northeast direction. I mean the flat is on 1st floor and has bedroom besides the toilet and there is gallery to the bedroom and this gallery comes out of the line of the common toilet . So there is cut behind the common toilet that too in northeast direction. Waiting for your suggestions. Thank you.

  26. Gaurav says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for sharing such helpful information on Vaastu. Request you to kindly solve my query. In my flat, in both the bathrooms, the mirror is on south wall. And there isn’t any option to shift it. What should be best remedy to completely nullify the negative impact of having mirrors on south wall.Thanks & Regards

  27. Saroj Mishra says:

    In my home the toilet is built under staircase located in North-West direction.Please give the consequence and remedy for it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Saroj:
      Toilet under staircase in North-West direction, keep a Sea salt bowl in toilet change it frequently, put Pam-tree near toilet.

  28. Madhusudan .S says:

    Dear Sir,
    Our main gate face North, Main door face East. Sump in NE with bike parking, Kitchen in SE.
    One BR in NW with attached toilet used by son. Main toilet/bathroom is in SW corner.
    Master BR in West ( next to common bathroom/toilet.).

    Pooja room face East ( can be entered from hall). Ground floor pooja room and toilet wall is separated by a shelf whereas ( if feel – not sure) first floor pooja room has a common wall with toilet used by son – No shelf between toilet wall and pooja room wall.

    We live in 1st floor. There is another toilet on ground floor outside the house ( in compound) in SW corner.
    From June 2011 to April 2013 we were in ground floor. That time,we have faced severe financial problems and loss in share market, mental stress etc.

    So, we moved to 1st floor in April 2013 and situation has improved. But still lot of worries.
    Physically moving the toilet may not be possible. Kindly suggest how to get out of this.

    Thanks a lot and God Bless.
    Madhusudan .S

    • admin says:

      Hello Madhusudhan ji:
      Southwest Toilets are the main defects in your house.
      Shifting these toilets to South or Northwest direction is the remedy, because any remedy will reduce the negative effect but not eradicate the defect.

  29. Sean S says:

    Dear Sir,

    We live in a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. The Master bedroom has an attached bathroom with toilet. That master bedroom is in northeast but the attached bathroom with toilet is in southeast. The other/guest room is to the west of master bedroom. The second bathroom with toilet is to the south of guest bedroom and is to the southeast but not like the master bath which is to the corner in southeast as mentioned earlier. Kitchen and dining are southwest. Living/family are northwest. We have kept the pictures of our deities in the guest bedroom facing east.

    Could you please comment and recommend/advise any changes?

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Sean S

    • admin says:

      Hello Sean Ji:
      Master bedroom in Northeast: Defect. Guest room comes in Northwest- OK. Second toilet comes in South then OK and if in Southwest then-defect. Kitchen in Southwest-Defect. Pic of Deities on NW room defect. Overall defected house so needs many remedies and changes. If interested please send me a house plan on

  30. dr says:

    Hi Sir , I have a basic doubt, I know how to check which direction the house is facing. For us, it is facing north-west. But not sure how to check if the toilet is in north west , kitchen in north west etc. Are these locations decided by the general direction (direction based on sun-rise-sun set)or is it relative to the house-?I mean standing in the center of the house facing towards the front door(north-west), is that how I decide the location of the rooms?Please let me know.I am reading a lot of stuff about directions without knowing how to check these ideal room locations.

  31. maheshwari says:

    our toilet is in south east direction & toilet seats are in north-south direction
    pls tell me remedies to solve the promblem, we are staying at fifth floor

    • admin says:

      Hello Maheshwari Ji:
      Toilet in Southeast direction is a SE defect, which adversely affects financial inflows. As i repeatedly say any remedy will reduce the negative effects and not eradicate that defect. However paint a reddish color to kitchen. Light a red color bulb through out the night. Strengthen the Southwest direction more and more.

      • Pramod Kumar says:

        We are living in rented Flat where everything is as per Vastu except attached Bathroom & Toilet in Southwest Corner (WC Type) attached to Master Bedroom & Near The Door we Have Almirah in the same corner which opens to North Direction.

        Kindly suggest the remedy.

  32. shrinath says:

    hello sir, my children room is in north east and his attached toilet is in south east comment

    • admin says:

      Hello Srinath Ji:
      Children room in Northeast is OK. And toilet in Southeast of that room or Southeast of house please clarify.

      • shrinath says:

        in southeast corner balcony and after balcony toilet . toilet is middle of south of plot and south west of room

  33. rajesh Kumar says:

    Dear sir ,
    My I am staying on ground floor in 25 gaj,
    My bathroom and toilet are attached.
    these are in South direction of house ,please give me remedy .

    Best regards
    rajesh Kumar

  34. Sandeep Jagtap says:

    Dear sir.

    My DOB is 01.12.1974, I shifted to my new house in 2011, . My main door entrance is at North East corner , I am still not stable financially, also I have to change my job time to time . my kitchen is in South east . and There are two toilet one is attached with Bathroom and other single both are in east direction .

    Pls s let me know if there is any vaastu doosh , as I am struggling financially

    waiting for feedback

    Sandeep jagtap

    • admin says:

      Hello Sandeep Ji;
      According to your date of birth Northeast entrance is very fine. Toilet in East and there may be defect in Southeast and Southwest, which causing financial Instability

  35. Sathyanarayana says:

    Dear Sir

    I have finalised an office space and even paid the total deposit amount and have taken the possession but the wash basin and bathroom water out let has been placed in south west corner, i am really worried since its the new business i am starting and the owner is not ready to do any changes nor i have money to do any changes. It would be really grateful if you can give me some suggestions as to how to go about in this case since i am worried a lot and i have borrowed money to start up this business. Waiting for your sincere reply. Request you to reply back to also.

  36. poullomi says:

    hi sir,
    I live in an apartment which is almost 50 years old i cannot change anything in the house please can you suggest some remedies .
    ,1. Entrance door is south west
    2.Bathroom in south west
    3.Living area south east
    4. Bed room with a small temple in North east
    5 Kitchen north west
    I know my house is not as per vastu and i also cannot change anything please suggest some remedies which would nullify the dosh and bring luck and prosperity

    • admin says:

      Hello Polluomi:
      Southwest, Southeast and Northeast are defected, without changing anything how could you expect prosperity

  37. Ashish says:

    Hello admin, we have toilet under running stairs i came to know from some source that it is not good and cause mental health issues to house ladies…and my is frequently facing health issues…. Can you pleaese provide me the remedy for this…i will be very thankfull to you…

    • admin says:

      Hello Ashish ji:
      In which direction it comes.

      • Ashish says:

        Hello Sir…it is in Westnorth direction

        • admin says:

          Toilet under Stairs is a defect. Keep a Sea-salt bowl in this toilet, change it frequently. Keep a Money plant near by toilet. Paint a White or Cream color to Stairs


      Hello admin, we have toilet under running stairs i came to know from some source that it is not good and cause mental health issues to house ladies…and my is frequently facing health issues…. Can you pleaese provide me the remedy for this…i will be very thankfull to you…the toilet is in west side of the house.

  38. Chakra says:

    hello sir, mine is a 3 floor building. the ground floor is for a shop and my residence is in second floor. in between is the vacant first floor. the kitchen in second floor is in south east corner as per vastu. the problem now is the tenant in ground floor wishes to construct a bathroom in his south east corner which exactly comes below the kitchen area in second floor. the first floor is vacant. so if he constructs a bathroom in groundfloor will it negatively affect since kitchen is in the same area in the second floor, please let me know it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Chakra Ji:
      Yes its a defect, and Southeast Bathroom will create problems to you also as it is your own building.

      • Sudhakar says:

        Sir we r planning to place toilet/ bathroom at North middle (i.e. in b/w northwest and northeast corner), kindly let me know as per vasthu this correct? thanks in advance.

  39. vinod says:

    dear sir, i have apartement south entrance, it is almost rectangle house with small rectangle cut on southwest corner. after small cut in southwest there is kitchen in southwest itself. northwest has living room. west has dining area. northwest to north east is having big open balcony. height of ceiling in south west to south east is lower than northwest to northeast. east to southeast has 2 bathrooms. north east has big master bedroom but if we keep bed in middle of the room than it becomes east area.
    master bathroom/toilet is in south east of the master bedroom. children room in the north. should we change our room to north and keep children in northeast or it is ok we can stay in master bedroom as
    room is big and bed is coming in east area. please advice

    • admin says:

      Hello Vinod;
      South entrance – Defect, Cut on southwest corner, Kitchen in Southwest, height of ceiling in South-west to South-east is lower than Northwest to Northeast big defect. Northeast master bedroom also defect. Please send me plan of your Flat on so that i will help you.

  40. pallavi says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am shifting to a new apartment with toilet and bathroom in South East, Bedroom south including Southwest corner, kitchen in East but while cooking i will have to face west.Dining area north east. Entrance from West. Please tell me remedies for a prosperous living in this apartment. Also its a rental place so cannot shift any rooms etc. Also, before moving are there any particular things to be kept in mind or any pooja to be done?

  41. Ashish says:

    My bathroom+toilet is in NE. I will shift the bathroom to NW part of my room but the issue is that my new bathroom door would would be opposite to old bathroom door(which i intend to convert to puja or meditation room) . Is this an issue again?
    The only other option i have is to have the bathroom door in south bt it would open right infront of my bed. This is something i would not prefer. Please advise. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ashish;
      New bathroom door would would be opposite to old bathroom door(which intend to convert to puja or meditation room) In such situation cover the toilet door with curtain. But shifting of bathroom+toilet from NE is necessary.

  42. vijay says:

    I have a flat in which the toilet is in NE corner but the is rented out to someone. Shifting the toilet in near future looks impossible. Please advise what should I do.

  43. Deepa says:

    Hello Sir, I am planning to buy a house.
    Main Door – NE,
    Master Bedroom with attached Bath and WC -NW,
    Kitchen Gas Stove facing NW,
    2 Bedrooms in SW, 1 Bathroom and toilet in SW,
    Lounge and family area in NE.
    Please check if this is good house to buy. Thanks.

  44. Balamurugan says:

    In my flat, entrance facing east. Right side of the living room – I have one bedroom-bathroom-OTS – open space. Bedroom in northwest side. Northeast is open- OTS. Two toilets are placed in Centre of Bedroom and OTS. One toilet is enter from living room and another one is attached in bedroom. My family member said, due to OTS, the toilet is situated in northeast. So I am planning to close the attached toilet and left it open as room. Please suggest the decision is ok or not.

  45. monu says:

    sir attached toilet bathroom in my room has a small store room between my room and toilet and i want to place a cash box in store is it good to keep in that store

  46. prem says:

    i have a shop facing west, doble height, staircase is on north east side at the door entrance, stair case is of metal spiral shape, i want construct a tolilet on the top floor near staircase, can u tell where to construct the toilet.

  47. Rakesh Taparia says:

    Hi Sir…..
    My DOB is 18-December-1978,plz let me know which facing house is best for me?

  48. Anand says:

    sir, me and my wife are living in a rented flat since our marriage for last 7 months, and our life is not going well, specially in financial matters and health and physical aspects.. our main door is north facing, toilet is in north east corner..plz suggest something..

  49. vimal says:

    my toilet door is just next to the main door…..
    & main door is south facing…..!
    what to do????

  50. Dipak M says:

    HI, in my house common toilet is in brahmshthan. Do I need to close it ? Please suggest remedy

  51. Rani says:


    My house is facing west. My bathroom is in the southwest corner facing north. It is under the stair case. Please suggest a remedy as I heard that bathrooms in southwest corner are not auspicious.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rani ji:
      Place a Copper Swastika on entrance door of toilet, use Brown color in this toilet. And if possible shift this toilet to South or North-west corner.

  52. Rani says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely follow this. Unfortunately it is not possible to shift the toilet to another location at this time.

  53. binita says:

    Nameste guru ji, my kitchen is in South west direction and my bathroom is on the end of my House in southwest and the toilet is in south east corner facing towards northWhich we have to go from bath tob is located in south west inwhich tap is
    Situated in west wall.i am facing big financial problem and my husband is not getting his professional job .it is difficult to
    Remove kitchen and bathroom. Please help us.we will be really grateful to you for your any comments.

    • admin says:

      Kitchen is in South west, Bathroom [with W/C?] is in South-west, Toilet in South-east these are the defects causing the problems you are facing now. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner. My Mail Id:

  54. sapna says:

    Hello Pandit ji, I am going to buy north facing town house. Ground floor is good but in first floor there is a toilet in North east corner attached to master bed room. I have a balcony as well. which is facing north but inside is bathroom. Please tell me the remedies if possible. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Sapna ji:
      Toilet in North-east corner attached to master bed room, means Master bedroom also in North-east. which are defects. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id:

  55. ayaush says:

    my house has a entrance door towards east. we have a small balcony towards east and a bigger open area towards west.
    kitchen is as we walk through the stairs the kitchen is exactly in front. and bathroom is beside that.
    so kitchen is in south east corner but bath room is in south west corner. please give me some suggestion that can be done. to correct the bathroom. i can not change it but some thing i can do to reduce its effect.

  56. srikanth says:

    Hello Pandit ji, my house is facing towards East and the 2nd door is in North.We have Bathroom with Toilet outside the house which is located in North-West corner, it is not attached to the house (seperate), still we have financial problems and sleepless nights, kindly give your valuable remedies and advises, thanks.

  57. sachin says:

    Hi…what is the method to find out exact facing of the house

  58. sachin says:

    if the facing is just 10-15 degree from east towards south…is it still east facing or east south facing…..due to just being 10 degree towards south

  59. rohan mane says:

    I have bought a flat ..where in the guest room is in northeast …with its attached bathroom at northeast as well…. now we know tht its a major defect… so we plan reconstruct the bathroom.. and convert into pooja room… as ishanya side is best for pooja ghar… but the problem is I csn mske only changes in my flat…so if I make my pooja ghar at the place of bathroom… it will still have a toilet of the upper flat upwards…and same one downwards… is tht ok…or shuld I drop the idea of pooja room there and just make it a store room.

  60. daksha says:

    sir, in my house toilet is in south west direction.can i paint the walls red?? pls give me solution for it as it is against vaastu.

    • admin says:

      Hello Daksha;
      Toilet in South-west direction is defect. Paint a Brown color.It will reduce the negativity and not eradicate the defect

  61. sir
    in my house toilet is in east.please tell remedy.thx

  62. tanveer says:

    My plot is se facing & rood comes from east side size 20*55 please suggest me map for house

  63. S. Manivannan says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are having master bedroom in SW corner and its attached toilet in NW direction, but WC seat cover is facing west side.
    Pls suggest is it OK

  64. Dipak M says:

    My common Toilet/bath is at center/brahmasthan. Does it will have bad effect ?

  65. dipal says:

    Hello Sir,
    My house is very small. I have below queries:
    1) Bathroom with attached WC is in North-West direction, Please advise while sitting on the WC face should be in which direction?
    2) is it ok if we place shower and Tap in SE or NW wall? And mirror and wash basing in SW or NW wall? In bathroom.
    3) Kitchen is sharing common wall with Bathroom(with WC), Is this ok? If not then please advise remedy for this.

    • admin says:

      Hello dipal:
      Bathroom with attached WC is in North-West direction – ok. Put a copper swastika on inside of the kitchen which sharing a wall with Toilet

  66. Denny says:

    Sir,we are building a house that facing North with main door North direction .Living room in the north east,kitchen west direction and cooking facing west.main bedroom in the south west corner and attached bathroom in the south east direction.then their is a open alfresco just after the bathroom in South East corner.does it will have any bad effect.?

    • admin says:

      Hello Denny:
      Bathroom in the South-east direction and open alfresco just after the bathroom in South East corner is a defect which can create financial and female health problems

  67. jyoti says:

    hello sir,u r really doing a great job…thanks for it….
    sir,we bought a flat..which is south is also having a door in north attacted with balcony..its a ground floor flat…my husband’s dob is 19-01-1976 and he is a IT professor…..and my dob is 29-11-1980 and I am running a small business of homemade chocolate from my home…my question is ….is it suit us…pls ans..

    • admin says:

      Hello Jyoti ji:
      According to dob 19-01-1976 = North-east and 29-11-1980 = South-west is the favorable direction. How ever South is also good, but placement of Main door is important so it is to be checked

  68. malipeddi says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Main door is facing North West Direction. Please find the below picture and Suggest me if there are any major defects
    W NW N
    SW —|(Toilet door facing South East)–Closet door Facing SE- NE
    S | E

  69. malipeddi says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Main door is facing North West Direction. Please find the below picture and Suggest me if there are any major defects
    W NW N
    SW —|(Toilet door facing South East)–Closet door Facing SE- NE
    S | E

  70. praveen says:

    Vastu Dosha?
    Am living in a house owned by my father. It has almost all vastu dosha. My father is not willing to do any remedy for that. So I would like to live separately from my parents. My question is that if I stay away from the house owned by father does the vastu dosha affect me any way?

    • admin says:

      Hello Praveen ji:
      Yes it will affect you, And it’s better you to do some remedies or alteration for wellness of your family

      • Praveen says:

        Dear Admin
        I consulted a vastu expert regarding the above doubt , his answer was” the dosha will affect only those staying in that house and the one who owns the house. If I move to another house it will have no affect on me”. Is that true?. Like I mentioned in the above doubt am helpless in doing remedy for vastu dosha because my father is stubborn, he own the house and not willing to do any remedy.

  71. shantha vishwanath says:

    namasthe sir,
    ours is southfacing site and main entrance is in southeast. we are having well in northeast corner and we left 4 feet in north. we are having bathroom in northeast. now we are planning to put a WC in the same bathroom. please guide me is it ok. Shantha

  72. Rajendar Daasarapu says:

    Dear Admin,

    recently i shifted rented house where toilet and bathrooms(not attached) are in southeast direction and cut is there in southeast.and kitchen is in southwest direction.toilet facing towards kitchen ,please suggest me the remedies for it.

    Rajendar D.

  73. Anurag says:

    1. What about apartments whose floor plan is not like a rectangle – its multi-edged a little on both north and south directions..? [close to rectangle but not really rectangle].
    2. continual to above : South-west direction corner if kind of little truncated – then is it a bad design ?
    3. Also pls tell sir which side entrance is better for me, my dob is 04-02-19eight5.
    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hello Anurag ji:
      In any house or Flat it must be in rectangle and any of “Truncated” is bad except North-east. According to DOB: 04.02.1985= North-west is the Favorable direction for you.

  74. Manikandan says:

    I have purchased a house in one of the apartment which is North Facing.
    Kitchen: South East
    Master Bed Room: South West with attached bathroom at NW of the bedroom (Again WC at SW)
    Second Bed Room: North West
    A common Toilet in between both rooms
    Hall/Living Room: At the entrance extended by dining hall on the East

    Both the toilet seats (WC) are placed in East-West direction, seating facing towards east which we feel as a problem as per vasthu.

    Kindly suggest if this can be rectified through remedies as recontruction is not possible as it is an apartment.

  75. Athula says:

    in my house kitchen & bathroom in northwest and bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. is there any vasthu dosha ? please reply me

    • admin says:

      Hello Athula ji;
      Kitchen and bathroom in Northwest = OK. Face West while cooking. Place a copper Swastika on wall of the kitchen inside that sharing with Toilet

  76. prakash says:

    While sitting in toilet, face is toward East, What is the remedies for this..
    Please leave your suggestions on my email id or u can call me 09619593161

  77. sandeep says:

    we start a new business , the office is on 1st floor or 3rd floor , what is floor good for business

  78. Sir, I am going to purchase a new flat. Bedrooms 1 in SW and BEdroom2 is NE Kitchen in East and next to kitchen i have a toilet in south east corner. Is this fine sir or do we have adverse effects for this.

  79. akhil kumar says:

    i have rented my entire building to office who have changed the toilet ( earlier I had constructed in the SW corner) to SE corner in one of the halls. They say their Vaastu says SE toilet has no vaastu dosh( they are South Indian)
    Kindly suggest if its ok!!

  80. Karthik says:

    AS per my house plan ( north facing entrance)
    Bathroom door comes inside the MAster bedroom (not in the living room)
    and washbasin or toilet seating outlet doesnt exist on the wall that has the pooja shelf the other side(In the living room).
    Only water pipes are present
    Can I have pooja shelf sharing one of the bathroom wall that has only water pipes as I have no other area to place the shelf ??

  81. Harikiran says:

    Hello sir i have a toilet in SW direction and the door of the toilet in south wall of the North west bedrrom? and can keep dressing table with mirror in north east corner and date of birth is 14/11/1980 born in chennai time 7:10 pm

  82. VINAY GUPTA says:


  83. sumer khand says:

    hello admin
    i truely believe in vaastu shastra. i need a suggestion my kitchen and toilet share a wall my kitchen and toilet are attached plz suggest me for its solution without demoliation

  84. H.Karibasappa says:

    H.Karibasappa Shimoga

    As der my date of birth 20/10/1953 the main door should be on west where as toilet is constructed on west and main door placed on east . one vastu consultant told because of this defect there will be ill health. loss of name and fame. financial crises and set back for children in education pl in form the remedial measures without damage tothe house

    • admin says:

      Hello H.K.
      According to your DOB: 20/10/1953 = North-east is the favorable direction. Please send me the Plan of your House
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

      • saurabh says:

        Hi sir,
        My master bedroom is in the southwest corner and there is a attached toilet in it in the southwest direction. Is there any remedy to it. May be if by shifting the drainage towards south. Also guide me on when you say southwest it means by standing in the center of the house holding a compass and checking the direction or standing in the bathroom and then checking the direction

        • admin says:

          Hello Saurabh ji:
          By standing in the center of the house, holding a compass and checking the direction is the way to decide or check out the directions of the house

  85. Rose says:

    Dear Sir,

    My house is east facing and i have a toilet at north west corner under the we will be facing the south while in the sitting position .The toilet door is also facing the south . Please advice a remedy for me .

    Thanking you ,

    • admin says:

      It’s OK, but toilet under the Stairs is a defect

      • Vadla Sreenivas says:

        Dear sir, my house is in north face,old type ,train model,as my father is 70 yrs old fallen ill,so he need toilet because it is uncontrollable, the toilets are 70 feet far from main door..toilets were placed in South west corners only…but i have single reading room at front,my father sleeps in that room.i need to fix the toilet for him but the room is very,i thought of fixing the toilet for hime under stair i.e down to steps with entry from that reading room by removing the window at north wall of that room to provide path way from the room..toilet will be at southwest or north west corner undet it good for us..?

  86. Venkat says:

    Hello sir,

    I have a 14 X 10′ dining area which should have dining table, stair caase and bathroom. I can best utilize the space only if I construct the bathroom under the stair case ( planing for half toilet without shower).
    Is it okay to proceed further or you want me to try alternates?

  87. NITIN says:


  88. Ankur says:

    Dear Sir
    We want to buy one house on Rectangular plot with 3 floors constructed. Plot front facing SW direction. Backside of plot is faces North East and has service lane. entrance door facing south. Living room in West. Living room cum dining room has balcony extended towards SW direction.1 bedroom (adjacent to living room) is in South. Staircase in South. Bathroom cum Toilet is in SE direction. Kitchen in the north. While cooking women of the house face NW direction. 2nd Bedroom ( adjacent to kitchen) in the east . is it advisable to go for this with some remedies.?

  89. mounika says:

    we purchased a new triple bedroom flat.In a guest room(located in north west corner of flat) attached bathroom is at northeast corner to that room.Does it show any effect.. is there any remedy for that??

  90. amit says:

    My plot facing west so How to construct a kitchen & toilet in southeast

  91. priyanka says:

    my pooja room and bathroom share common wall and are adjacent to each other. everywhere in online it says both should never be adjacent or opposite.
    but i never found exact reason for this
    can u help explaining me this in detail?

    • admin says:

      Hello Priyanka ji:
      The logic is Bathroom [with Toilet] eliminates negative energy and The Puja room eliminates Positive Vibes. The adjacent or common wall will adversely affects the Positive Vibes of the Puja room. [Because the Negativity overrules Positiveness always]. Placing a “Copper Swastika” on wall that shares bathroom is the remedy

  92. Abhi Singh says:

    My toilet is in Southwest direction and my House plane is In L shape. What is the remedies without big damage? Kindly suggest.

  93. sushant says:

    Sir, in my apartment, the Entry door is E ( centre of East), Master bedroom is SW having an attached bathroom in the SE corner of the Master bedroom. Another toilet is attached to this and in South-(centre of south) of the entire flat. One more toilet is in North of the flat. My problem is about the maid room & maid toilet. Kitchen is in South east, maid room is attached to it and in south east as well, but maid toilet is exactly at south-east corner of the flat. If I conisder utility & maid toilet, then my South east is 1 feet more towards east compared to North east corner. Maid toilet will only be used by Maid. What do you suggest about this? Regards, Sushant

  94. Trupti Sardesai says:

    We have purchased a flat.Our bathroom is in northwest direction.but the wc is facing east and the wash basin is on south wall and the shower is also on south per vastu is thereany problem?what is the remedy?please advice.thank you

  95. Ajit says:

    Hi, I have got one toilet in North East of house and another facing to it in North West of house, both are attached to adjacent rooms, , my plot is South facing and kitchen is in South East, Pooja is adjacent to kitchen in East, and all these are on first floor of house,all these is on first floor although for ground floor the toilet is straight down to North West only which is below to same as above and only one toilet on ground in North West, also I will construct 2nd floor toilet only single in North East only attached to room, please suggest is there any problems in it and if so, I would be thankful to u if suggest remedies to it.

  96. anu says:

    I stay on rent in apartment where bathroom is constructed in east direction where as toilet seat is facing towards west. is it bed ??? If bed then what is the resolution for this?

    • admin says:

      Toilet in East is the sever defect. Being it’s on rental use some “Yantras” to reduce the negativity

  97. kavita says:

    iam kavita

    My bedroom is southwest and attached bathroom is southeast corner of the room .I can’t change it , pls suggest the vastu remedies for this.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kavita ji:
      You have to use some “Yantras” to ward-off negative energy. and what about other elements

  98. Deepak goel says:

    Sir, we have south facing house, our toilet and bathroom is on south east side how it would effect us and our worship place is on south west how it would effect our energies .pls tell us .

    • admin says:

      Hello Deepak ji:
      Toilet and bathroom in South-east is a defect. If you have a Puja place in SW then what about the Master bedroom location

  99. Lalita says:

    If toilets are in centre of home – wat is the remedy ?

  100. Puneet says:

    I have toilet in east direction and another is in north east direction of house, our home is having a north west entrance.
    recently the toilet from east is demolished and constructed new in south-southwest direcction. however the NE toilet is still there.
    i want to know which is more severe, having a toilet in NE, or in south-SW or east(as it was earlier).
    just to be clear, the new toilets are now as, one in NE and another in S-SW.

  101. Venkat says:

    Hello Sir,

    First of all, let me thank you for this wonderful website, all the insights in to Vastu and for all the kind replies to the guests of this website. My flat has 1.5 bathroom, its a duplex, Entrance in NE, kitchen in SE, just the (0.5) toilet is opposite to the kitchen, in the middle of the North wall closer to NE corner. On the other side of this toilet, i.e in middle of the north wall, we have stairs going up. Downstairs its the kitchen, hall & toilet. The West side is a patio. The upstairs, stairs opens up to 2 bedrooms on either side. Whole of NE-ES square we have one children’s bedroom, similarly whole of SW-NW square we have another master bed room. Upstairs opposite the stairs we have a wash basin and on the left of this wash basin, starts the main bathroom with toilet, closer to the SE corner. That’s the brief description of the layout. Per Vastu how does the above layout looks, any remedies needed? Another specific question is wrt the locations of toilet downstairs in middle of the north wall closer to NE and the full bath room upstairs in the middle of South wall closer to SE corner, is it fine?

  102. janvi shah says:

    I’m shifting to my old house where one of the bedroom is under the bathroom surface…so is it alrite according to vastu?
    if not then please suggest me the remedies for it..

  103. Anurag singhal says:

    Dear sir we have a bedroom in south west and we only have a place in south west corner to make a attached toilet please give some suggestion and what are remedies to resolve this.

  104. Pramod says:


    Is it ok to rent an apartment with bedroom in north-west and bathroom in south-west? It’s a rental apartment.


  105. anil kumar says:

    I have a flat on 2nd floor whose one toilet is in East corner with longer wall running East -North. Toilet can not be changed of disbanded. Please tell all possible remedies.

    • admin says:

      Hello Anil ji:
      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that East toilet

  106. neelam says:

    In our house we have bathroom in sw direction. What’s the remedy for this? Pls help us..

    • admin says:

      If it is Bathroom with Toilet, using Gems therapy you have to block the Negative energy of this Toilet

  107. Sukant Ranjan says:

    Dear sir….i have an attached toilet and bathroom under stairs. Show me some remedies to ward off the ill effects of it…
    this id now very difficult to reconstruct somewhere else…and pls be so kind of u..and tell me the bad effects and reasons of it…

  108. Jerry says:

    Hi Sir,

    I live in the US and my bathroom commode is facing the East, mening when i sit i’m facing the East. also the bathroom is under the staircase. There’s no way we could shift the bathroom as this is a rented house.So could you please suggest some remedies?

  109. Senjuti Sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    we recently booked a new appartment flat with 2 rooms (one in south west another is north west), one open kitchen in North, sitting area north-east, 2 toilets with WC in south one commode sit facing east, another west, the main door is in south, beside the wall of one toilet (when somebody will the house will be facing east. Sir can you please suggest me the overall vastu of the flat.

    If any difects then what is the remedies?

  110. ashish says:

    My toilet is located in north west of the house it has two doors, one opening towards South east and another towards South West. Can I use booth doors. The door at south east opens in Dining Room.

  111. Daynishfer hansdah says:

    my house main entrance is facing east but our bathroom is attached to it ,also water tank is facing east and stairs in northeast . do you have any solution regarding to it because we have been suffering from health and financial problems from the day we have shifted in this house two years ago

  112. Pradosh says:

    Hello Sir, I just purchased a flat which is east facing, but there is a toilet exactly opposite to the main door. The distance between main door and toilet is approx 17-18feet. Will there be any problem in this? some are saying this is not good. If it is really a problem, what can be done to overcome this issue?

  113. navneeta says:

    my bath room is in the north west side of my bedroom,the bed room is in the north of my house,is that a vastu there any remedy for it.please help

  114. Ashwini says:

    My house is north direction. Our attach bathroom is in north west direction. But toilet seat is facing east direction. Is it ok.

  115. ambritha says:

    Hi. Our master bedroom in southwest with attached bathroom/toilet in south east of that room. is this fine.?

  116. Ambritha says:

    We have two attached bathroom/toilet… One in south east corner of master bedroom. Other is in East side of house, not in corner… which bathroom/toilet is good to use as per vasthu.?

  117. shilpi says:

    My toilet is in the sw what should we do

    • admin says:

      Hello Shilpi ji:

      You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that SW toilet

  118. sunil says:

    I am planing to take a ground floor shop in a building , In that building one toilet is there on the first floor at the south west corner , Is there any problem .Plz reply . Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Sunil ji:
      You are taking Ground floor on rent, is that first floor Toilet will also in your possession, if so it’s a defect

  119. narresh says:

    hello sir,iam narresh,there is a septic tank at the northwest corner of our plot & iam suffering from health problems, sleeping desordes,and no piece of mind. so is it a vasthu problem , sir please kindly answer me,

  120. Abhinav says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are having master bedroom in NW corner and its attached toilet in SW direction.
    Pls suggest If any defects then what is the remedies?

    • admin says:

      Hello Abhinav ji:
      Master bedroom in NW corner and its attached toilet in SW, means the Toilet will be in West, it’s OK. It’s you own or rental house

      • Abhinav says:

        Hello Sir, not rental its my own house.

      • Abhinav says:

        Sir my parents master bedroom in SW corner and my bedroom in NW corner and its attached toilet in SW direction. so plz suggest if any defects then what is the remedies.

  121. Manjit says:

    Dear sir,
    Our main entrance of our farm house is south facing,master bedroom SE,toilet/bath sw,
    Kitchen E facing
    Living room / dining room NE
    One bedroom NE & other SW
    My DOB 06/02/1952
    Kindly advise

  122. Pooja says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy an 10 year old apartment which is North facing.
    It has a small toilet in NE corner. Can I remove the toilet and convert it into pooja room.
    If not, can I use this toilet with a minimal use of it ( just for the guests).

    Also it has stairs which is exactly opposite to the toilet door. ( stairs going towards north to south direction).
    Please advise with a remedy.

  123. venu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am living in a rented house for the last 18 years, but I was lost everything. I was thinking of bad star effects but to my surprise my house has main toilet in North East direction and which cannot be closed after some time I have to shift but now due to its effect I was in bad position. What best remedy can be done to overcaome.

  124. Phanendra says:

    Namaskar Mr. Jitendra ji,
    I have to build interiors in a Loft with canalization exit in the wrong corner: south west!
    On this corner is the only location where to build bathroom with toilet.
    Upto the mezzanine on same corner should be built the master bedroom, maybe with a shower bathtub CABIN (if the bed absolutely can’t be upto the toilet). But the washing machine in bathroom is again not good to have under bedroom, right?
    I hope you can help.
    Babanam Kevalam 🙂

  125. Kishore says:

    Dear Sir, I am living in a rented house. The toilet is in the south west corner. Between the toilet and south is the shower room. Can I shift the toilet to the south of the house next to the shower room as the landlord is agreeing? It is not possible to shift the toilet to the west or north west Sir.

  126. Ashish singh says:

    I am a doctor,i have a purchased a shop for my clinic.after purchase I came to know there I a toilet just above where I sit.i am facing difficulties in my profession,can u plz help with that

  127. Jignesh says:

    In between my main door and batroom there is one wall , can I remove that wall, then main door whould face bathrrom please suggest

  128. nini says:

    My house is south face. Toilet in my bedroom is in southwest. There is a comman toilet in North east of bedroom but it entrance from outside. So it is not square bedroom. Suggest remedies

  129. karthikeyan. says:

    In My House shop rental purpose outside staircase below we built toilet is it ok or not?.

  130. kiran says:

    Sir, We have a attached bathroom with our drwing room which id jst next to our entrance. Is it okay to hv toilet thr. we dont use that toilet. it is used jst for washing clothes.

  131. Rishan says:

    Sir,I’m sending you a plan of my house,can you check and see if there’s anything wrong and can suggest any solution?-here’s my email,you can contact me here

  132. Sanjeev says:

    If i have no option Toilet seat in South to North directions, in that case witch direction i placed toilet seat.


  133. Rajesh Arora says:

    Sir, I have a flat on 3rd floor – my kitchen is in North west direction and my toilet is in south west. please advise.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh ji:
      Kitchen in North-west is accepted as a Second Option.
      Toilet in South-west is a defect. Means SE, SE both are defected
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  134. Bhakti Joshi says:

    Dear Sir
    We leave in rented flat 2nd floor points are
    1 east facing flat
    2 stairs going down in northeast direction
    3 swimming pool across road in northeast
    4 kitchen nearly in southeast
    5 living area in north
    6 bedroom in northwest
    7 laundry in west
    8 most troubling toilet in southwest wherein we have following details
    a.bathtub in southwest with shower in southwest
    b.WC in west
    c. Mirror on northwest corner above sink
    d. Northeast entrance of toilet

    We are searching job and new in country and cant make structural todfod changes.
    Kindly advise.


    Bhakti Joshi

    • admin says:

      Hello Bhakti ji:

      Toilet in South-west is a severe defect. Have to use Ratnadhayay Therapy to detach this Toilet from SW

  135. Naveen says:

    Dear Sir
    Some portion my toilet and combined bathroom fall under my stair case and it’s towards north from northwest . What is its effect and remedy if any problem?
    Thanks and regards

    • admin says:

      Hello naveen ji:

      Toilet and bathroom under stair case which in North, both are defected.
      Creates female health problems and Financial hurdles
      Ratndhaya is the remedy

  136. Moharnaj says:

    My house is a own built east face house with vasthu. Before few years, we built a bathroom outside attaching to the house in the northwest corner inside the compount. Is it right? Some people are telling that it should not be attached to the house. I know northwest corner is suitable for the bathroom but not sure whether it should be attached to the house or not? Please help me.

  137. SD says:

    Dear Sir’

    I have shortlisted to purchase a Flat. The Floor Plan and direction is as per below. Can you kindly suggest whether its in accordance to Vaastu and if not any remedy for the same;

    Flat Facing – North East
    Kitchen – North East
    Wash Room 1 – East
    Balcony – South East
    Dining – South East
    Bedroom 1 – South
    Bedroom 2 – South West
    Washroom 2 – West
    Study/Puja – North West

    Best Regards
    S das

    • admin says:

      Hello SD ji:
      Kitchen in North-east
      Wash room in East
      Puja North-west
      These are defects
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  138. Ajay mehta says:

    We are having office on 11th floor. Toilets locations are fixed location in the building in southwest corner one on on the south wall a done on west wall. As its old building, sunken area is not provided in toilet and toilet level is raised by 6”. In the toilet located on South side, according is on North wall and in toilet on west side, according is on south wall, someone told me that as toilet flooring to s raised, no vastu issue, and as such southwest corner is free, is it ok or you suggest something different? Toilet in me not possible as no popes going in that side of building? Pls reply me also on email,, also let me uv yrcontact if I can talk or send you plan on whatsapp

  139. Anil says:

    We have moved to rented apartment, where south east corner is bathroom cum toilet. Can you please let us know the remedies for this. Since these days apartments are not vastu compliance. Please let us know what can be done for this. Since we have moved in recently, cannot move out immediately. Whether any bad effects will be there?, if so how to nullify those effects? Kindly advise

    • admin says:

      Bathroom-cum-Toilet in South-east is a defect, which leads health problems and financial crises. Ratnadhaya is the remedy.

  140. Anil says:

    Sir, Our master bed room in SW and Attached bath cum toilet is in SE, is it ok?

  141. Radhe says:

    Sir, am facing financial problems and unemployment issues. My attached toilet is towards north east of the room (not northeast of apartment). The commode is closer to northeast (not exactly in NE corner) of the room. The cistern is cracked. Is that reason for problems or because of placement of WC ? Any remedies ?

  142. Vaddadi Srinivasa Rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have taken new 2 bed room flat in that South west corner Bathroom cum toilet given with master bed room.Any remedies for that…


    • admin says:

      Hello Srinivas ji:
      Using Ratnadhaya therapy, we have to block negativity of this SW toilet, please call me on 9494214400 for details

  143. Sonu says:

    We have flat which can’t me modified. My sister lives alone in it and still she is unmarried.

    Main Door – Northwest (face towards east while coming inside)
    Toilet 1 – NorthEast
    Bedroom 1 – South
    Bedroom 2 – Southeast

    As this is flat system so we can;t modify toilet there is any other way to remove these issues?
    panchmukhi hanuman should be posted on main door?

  144. Kirti desai says:

    Help me out by givin me the remedies for the toilet and bathroom ,
    In my appartment I have 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets .one is in northeast and other one in South west.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kirti ji:
      Both the Toilets are defected. Ratnadhyaya is the remedy.
      Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable


    sir ,i have a toilet facing towards east. I can’t shift kindly due to less space available.Suggest me some cure

  146. Rajat Malhotra says:


    I have a parental house which was constructed 30 years back and we have a toilet under staircase. But some one now told me that we shouldn’t have toilet under staircase.

    Now what should we do ?

    Should we convert that toilet into store room and block all water connections or what else remedy we can do ?

  147. Bharat somaiya says:

    Dear Sir i leave in a bunglow i have 1 toilet after kitchen outside in south east area don’t use it. 1 more toilet below staircase of house. Are these two toilets reasons of health issue in my home please suggest what should be done

  148. Shalu jain says:

    Sir we have a house north facing with two floors.we Live on first floor.we.have two children son daughter.we have three rooms,drawingcum dinning n kitchen is in is masterbedroom n one small room isin northeast corner third room is in east with attached bathroom. My question is newly Wed couple(my son) can live this room…I have no option for other room…bathroom is in southeast ..plz suggest me remedies without any demolition..

  149. anil sharma says:

    hello sir in my house toilet has a mirror on sw wall and there is on other option so please advice any remedy please thanks

  150. Chiran Kumar Ghimire says:

    sir we have a house north facing with two floors. we use to live in second floor we have 3 room in each floor. the pooja room in in north east of first floor, the kitchen is in the mid room and the guest room is in west. the stares is in southwest where the toilet on both floor. We are having problem since many year .we are having problem of heath of our mother we have tryed alot of doctors but nobody can find any deases so we want to know can we maintain the vastu dosh of my toilet and kitchen? Please suggest us.

  151. anubhav says:

    sir i have the toilet and bathroom outside my building in the south east direction but it is inside my compound. It is good or bad?

  152. vishnu ts says:

    is there any issue for kitchen and toilet wall together.

  153. Srinivas says:

    Sir I have toilet in southeast corner outside of the house pl suggest can I go for rent

  154. sandeep bansal says:

    Sir today i had mailed you GF floor plan of my house plxz advise me what are the vastu dosh in this plan and their remedies.

  155. K. Mittal says:

    Dear Sir,

    We recently bought an existing house which needs to be renovated.
    The bathroom with toilet should be in North-west corner or North-west part of house ?? What can be another option for the bathroom with toilet?

    What the options to build puja room?

  156. Sri says:

    Hello sir, my name sir. I’m leaving in 3 bed room and one entertaining room .I have 3 bath room .
    1.) Entrance in NE,
    2.)kitchen on SE corner (facing south while cooking )
    3. )One Bath room down downstairs located in SE middle beside kitchen .
    Then coming to upstairs. Master bed room comes on SE & attached bathroom .NE
    Opposite to the master bedroom. Entertainment room that is SW ..
    And my little girls room is in NW corner and other beside that . I have some financial problem and I’m not able get a stable job or do business , can u please look at this and send me Some suggestions plz. My date birth July 29 1972 and my wife July 28 1974 .. and my email is

    I’ll be very grateful to you


  157. Ashish says:

    I have a bathroom & Stay Room facing NE and Kitchen on SW, since its rented accommodation past 7 months, my wife started picking health problems and growth seems to be on pause. Please advise any remedy. That will be nice if we can talk in private.

  158. J Vijaya Kumar says:

    Hello Sir, Please advise the position of septic tank and toilet for south facing house. The problem here is the wall of other houses are attached to all east, north and west side. So, no boundary (prahari goda) walls can be constructed and main house should stand on boundary walls only (box type construction). In this case, can septic tank will fall inside the house. So, please suggest the best possible positioning of septic tank, toilet and stair case for this kind of south facing house. east-west measurement is 15 feet, north-south measurement is 36 feet.

  159. Ram says:

    Namaste, Can I Place Temple just next to the entrance door in the North East Corner of Entrance lobby as the next best place is North east corner of my kitchen just beside kitchen platform. please guide.

  160. Nishu says:

    Sir, i have two toile in my house one is in centre of east and north corner and second is south east facing and the main door facing is also south east . pls advice some remedy i am facing financial and health problem .

    • admin says:

      Hello Nishu ji:
      Both the toilets are in Defected area. And you are facing the outcome problems of these Toilets. “Gems Therapy” is the remedy. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  161. Patel says:

    I m living in rental toilet is located in northeast corner and bathroom is located north side.i can not do any changes what can I do ??plz give some suggestions.

  162. rahul says:

    my toilet WC is facing south. Is it OK

  163. sunil says:

    My house is east facing and both the bathrooms are opposite to each other and are near to bed rooms. Is it fine or should I change the direction?

  164. ANKIT RAI says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need your help in this regard:
    its a duplex, East facing on south east there is a hall and kitchen towards south and then bedroom in south west corner with attach bathroom and so on in the NORTH EAST THERE is a bathroom and then towards north open space and towards north west stairs to first floor.

    1st floor setting:- east facing wide balcony,same as ground with minute changes:
    room in south east with attached bathroom but bathroom on north east side and then again south west a room with attached bathroom in south west only.

    i am aware of the thought that there can be no bathrooms in north east but still can there be any solution.

  165. sanjay kumar says:

    Dear sir, My house facing is west. And my problem is with toilets, i want to remove toilets in Kitchen, which is after Agnaya in kitchen entrance and other one is in master bedroom in south-west. So kindly let me know can i construct this out of house i got place in NorthWest corner of building out of Kitchen is it the right place or any Dosha, kindly help in this regards….

    • sanjay kumar says:

      I am soory i want to construct in Southeast corner after Agnayam kitchen outside corner in compound. is it okay or will create problem…

      • admin says:

        It will extend the South-east and creates problem in Female Health and financial crises

        • sanjay says:

          Thanks Sir, i will not extend anything out of my house and will try to shift to nothwest corner inside my entrance is West facing, if it is okay please let me know sir. And my building is about 1000 sqfeet out of it the boundaries in east pooja room after East back door entrance there is a cut in boundary line some 2 feet wall went inside i mean its not strait wall back of house Pooja corner and after door Kitchen wall went 2 feet inside and other pipe lines and open place about one feet should i do anything for this open place.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can construct the Toilets in North-west

  166. Uttam Chauhan says:

    We have a house built with Vastu Principles, however, there is a bathroom which is in SE direction. Will there a fix for it. At present, we have stopped using this will this cause problems if we are not using it at all.



  167. Rajeshwari says:

    sir, There is a toilet in First floor different owner in SE corner of balcony abt 2 feet below that toilet a feet inside the main wall of house in Ground floor i am having Kitchen in Agnayam. The first floor owner is using toilet outside in balcony in SE corner, kindly suggest sir will that toilet affect my Agnayam kitchen in Ground floor kitchen which is not exactly below a 1.5 feet inside the above toilet. Both owners are different. Rajeshwari. R. Best Regards.

  168. Var says:

    Hello Sir,

    I got the north-east of my house as square balcony covered by roof.

    Also to the north I got the toilet.

    Could you please let me know any simple vaastu remedies as I am in a rented house.


  169. Rajneesh says:

    I have a toilet cum bathroom in the south East corner of my own house at ground floor & terrace.

    Its in he south (Between SE &SW ) on first floor.

    What are it’s ill effects & remedy for the same without alterations.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajneesh ji:
      Toilet [Bathroom] in South-east is defect.
      It require Gems Therapy to remove this defect without alteration

  170. suman says:

    Hello sir,

    We purchased a new West facing flat in 11th floor. In that common bathroom is in south and door faces towards North. It is western comod and faces north. Now we want to change it to Indian can we keep it facing East direction and back side in West direction or West facing and back facing towards East. If we keep it in faceing North that it will be visible from outside which looks odd. Please suggest. Based on your response we will change it.


  171. Malar says:

    Sir, pls let me know whether the toilet be under stairs outside the house, with a separate wall on the top of the toilet

  172. sir i constructed my house in north east corner plot, in that a seperate outside toilet which is not connected to the building can be built in south east corner which has the side walls of two compounds, is it ok ,please suggest me, and even in my main building according to vasthu kitchen is there in south east corner only since it is duplex masterbedroom bathroom has come in the 1st floor south east corner, please suggest for the both


  173. cva murthy says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have purchased a home with a few vastu defects. It is a north facing home with east door. I am in business profession.

    Here are the defects below. If possible, please describe negative effects of the defects for benefit of all future readers.

    1> Main bathroom and toilet in southwest corner of home originally. I am making small alteration such that the southwest corner of the bathroom is a cupboard for bathroom supplies and the wc toilet is moved 2 feet away from southwest corner within the same bathroom. Is this ok or is there some vastu article that can help with this defect?

    2> Another bathroom is under stairs in northwest corner. I have read from your previous responses that a bowl of sea salt can help in this case. I will do the same. Please let me know if anything else can help

    3> sump in southwest of house, in backyard, just behind bathroom. I am moving it to northeast side of the plot. Should I fill up the old southwest sump or can I leave it closed, but empty?

    4>enclosed stairwell in northwest corner projecting out of rectangular house and slightly projecting out kitchen (next to garage) in southeast corner due to window. I have a big portico in northeast corner. please let me know if that gets balanced?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      1. After moving a toilet seat in 2 feet can not solve the issue, because it will remain in South-west corner.
      2. Keeping a Sea salt Bowl is OK.
      3. Yes, after moving Sump in North-east, fill up that SW sump with sand, stones etc.
      Please call me for further clarifications on 9494214400

  174. jyoti Arora says:

    Sir,in my home toilet is behind the mandir or mandir nd toilet have same me the remedy for this.

  175. Digant Surti says:

    My toilet is in the East direction.
    I know its not good. Please sir tell me about the problems that occurs due to this and remedies to solve it. I really want to know. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      It will affect on your Name and fame, with children’s education, growth and carrier. “Gems Therapy”is the remedy

  176. radha says:

    Sir our bathrooms are facing south and is in north west is it any dosh

    • admin says:

      It’s OK, no problem

      • Nr says:

        Hi sir,
        1.To construct bathroom and toilet,which is the correct place of the south side of wall of the house.
        ii.North west corner.

        2.We have bathroom and toilet under staircase(which is at NW),any defect,if yes what is the remedy,should we use bathroom only or toilet only.

  177. Sangeeta Verma says:

    The Pooja room of my house is below the bathroom. What Vastu remedies should I follow?

  178. […] should not be a Staircase, Toilet and Bathroom in the South-west, North-east and Center [Brahmsthan] of the property you are […]

  179. Bhavna says:

    Sir, in my house toilet seat is east facing. Plz tell how to remove vastu dosh without any renovation. Any alternate solution plz

  180. food paradise says:

    My outlet is having toilet under staircases. Is there any remedy so that we don’t require to displace the toilet for being the space problem.

  181. Dheerja says:

    Hello, I have a west facing duplex house and the toilet is in northeast corner. We are living here from last 10 years and the structure can’t be changed. My daughter’s bedroom is above that bathroom, and the bathroom door opens up in the kitchen dine-in area.
    Can you recommend any remedies for it? I can send more details if needed.

    Thanks and regards,

  182. Madhu says:

    Hello Sir,

    I live in a duplex house, and have been living here since last 10 years. The house faces Southwest direction, and the toilet is in North corner, and washing machine is inside that bathroom as well. Also the bathroom door opens in the dining area of the kitchen. Can you please suggest any remedy for this?

    Thanks and regards,

    • admin says:

      Toilet in North is a defect
      It requires “Ratnadhyaya therapy” as a remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details.

  183. Ana says:


    My apartment is West facing, main door is facing East, main bedroom is in the SW, kitchen and balcony in NW. However, bathrooms/toilets are one in the SE, as an extension to the main bedroom, and the other is in the centre of the apartment. Kindly advice on any possible vastu remedies, particularly for the toilets.

    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      Toilet in South-east is a defect. Other toilet in Center of the house is a severe defect.
      It requires Ratnadhyaya therapy as a remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  184. Anurag says:

    I have one toilets in the south east corner of the house and two in South west corners

    Kindly suggest shall I place mirrors on the opposite wall of the entrance of the bathrooms

  185. Shikha says:

    Sir….if toilet & bathroom is in center of south west & south east of house and wall is attached to south than its ok. Or not

  186. Nilesh Dabgar says:

    Sir, I have toilet in Exactly north direction. Is it ok? or if it is not ok then what simple remedies?

  187. rakhi says:

    Hello sir,
    we have bought a new house in which toilet and kitchen are adjacent and platform to keep gas stove faces north.kindly give a solution for this

    • admin says:

      Please inform location of Kitchen and Toilet
      Place a Copper swastika on the Kitchen wall that sharing with Toilet

  188. Lenita says:


  189. Sera says:

    Can we construct an attached bathroom to the south east corner of our master bedroom or it has to be in the north west only. Our master bedroom is in the south west corner

  190. Suman Chandel says:

    Sir in my house the direction (east west north south )are located in the corner. Our two bathrooms located in North west wall. Please tell me the direction of the toilet seat

  191. Sera says:

    Sir, my house is east facing. On the first floor I have a guest room in the east which is above the living room/foyer. Now i want to construct an attached toilet bathroom to this room. So which is the best direction as per Vaastu.

  192. Nishanth says:

    Sir, I am constructing a west faced plot, where SW corner has the staircase and a master bedroom and in the middle i.e center of south side has another small children bedroom, WN has house gate and house entrance, SE has kitchen, NE has children bedroom, water pump and storage. Hope this is all looking good.
    But please suggest me Tiolets and bathroom construction, i am looking for 2 attached tiolets and 1 bathroom for a 3 bedroom independent house. Please help

  193. prishno nah says:

    Hello sir, i want to keep a small plant in my toilet to stop huge expenses. Pls tell me the name of plants, color of pot & in which side of wall i can keep it. My bathroom is small.

  194. Swetha says:

    Hello sir.dis is house plan ela pampale teliyatle.pls your email address or contact number

  195. Swetha Pitta says:

    Meeku image ela pampalu sir.floor plan pampinchalanukuntunnanu

  196. Kamala says:

    Hi sir !! In my house the backside bathroom wall directly faces the main entrance…Is it correct or should I follow any other rules ??

  197. RAKESH says:

    hI SIR

    wE HAVE PURCHAGED a plot and now we are making a boundary wall please suggest for-

    Under water tank and toilet

    Can we make toilet in NW corner and under water tank can we make in EW corner please suggest is it current or nor according vastu..

  198. Sir My house is East as well as West facing and both side have road.My toilet is in middle of North west and South.Its in between North and South from west side is it ok???

  199. Sunny Shah says:

    Hello Sir, I am planning to purchase new Flat where entrance is East, Kitchen on Southeast, Master Bedroom on Southwest, Children on North-west. Common Toilet on South and commode facing east side means person sitting on west and facing East side, and i have attached toilet on Eastern of children room which is attached in that room. And while sitting person facing west and his back on East side. So please suggest shall i go ahead with this vastu?

  200. Amith says:

    Pranam sirji, My date of birth is 5 Aug 1984. I have seen a 2 BHK home for rent this is in the first floor. Main Entrance is from west. Entrance door-north, bedrooms-north west and south west (entrance for both is from east), pooja room- facing east, in between the two bedrooms, kitchen-south east(entrance from west), toilel- in south, north facing, in between the kitchen and south west bedroom, near to pooja room entrance and exactly in front of the north entrance door. Please suggest me whether we can take this for rent and please suggest me which kind of vastu suites me according to my date of birth

  201. Sandeep Narkhede says:

    Sir, is there any problem of west faced toilet below Southeset stairs of house. What is the remedy?

    • admin says:

      It’s Defect will adversely affects on female health and creates financial crises
      It requires a Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  202. James says:

    In my house SE corner is caboard and on the right of that one attached toilet
    That is okay according with vasthu

  203. shristi bhaskar says:

    i m living in a flat for past 10 years and the toilet is in southwest direction and the flat is owned by us we cannot change the flat neither we can change the direction because we are on the top floor.
    Is this direction effecting the studies of children staying in the house.And how we can do a remedy of this situation..
    plzz help sir..

  204. suresh says:

    what is the remedy for a person sitting facing south in office? the has no other options to sit or change his direction to north or east.

  205. Abhishek says:

    Sir, My family is suffering from Mental stress tension and all.
    I have attach bathroom toilet in The mid of South west.
    What are the remedies sir help me it’s to urgent

  206. krishna says:

    Hi! backside of my pooja room there is a bathroom, is it ok

    bathroom entrance is back side of the house

  207. Mukesh Samarth says:

    I have unavoidable toilet under the stair case . What is the remedy totka.

  208. Priya says:

    Sir, in first floor of my house the attached bathroom(North West) floor level is higher than bedroom floor level.. Is it okay? If not, any remedies?

  209. murali says:

    Iam staying in 2nd floor of g+2 house constructed by my father facing west side. Iam the last and 3rd son to my father. 2nd eldest brother stays on 1st floor, 1st eldest brother stays on ground floor. My common bathroom is on right side(common wall) to kitchen which is in south east corner. Both facing north. Is this ok or if not any remedies for this south east toilet(facing north east puja room)?

  210. pallavi says:

    Hi Sir,

    Toilet is in South East corner, any remedies for this please?

  211. Yogesh says:

    Hello Sir,
    In my house we are planning to change bathroom and toilet direction. Right now toilet is at south west corner and besides that bathroom is located right to the toilet (if we facing towards east direction) Now we want to change the plan at the same place. We want to shift toilet to north wall and keep the bathroom at west wall and we want to keep bathroom door at south west corner facing east so that south west corner will be empty only we will use it for door opening. And toilet door will be facing to south direction and seating position for toilet will be south facing. All water and drainage will be towards west north direction
    Please guide us.
    Thanks In Advance

    Yogesh Hosur

  212. pooja mittal says:

    Helo sir, in my house toilet is in the north facing south and WC facing is in east direction. and second toilet position is in the north east facing east direction and WC is also facing east. and my sister is suffering from cancer. Might be wrong position of the toilet effect her.Now, i planned to change the position of the toilet i.e in the north west direction but i am confused about the WC and door position and the toilet and bathroom should be attached or not?
    please help me .
    thank you!

  213. Ranjeet says:

    Hello Sir.. I have a 40 sq yards home and there is a toilet under the stairs in north east direction… this toilet is used occasionally for some guests.. kindly advice me some remedies so that i can correct vastu dosh if any.. regards.. Ramanjeet

  214. Preet says:

    Hello sir, some one told me that we also have vastu dosh in our home but now we cant change anything. Pls help me. My main gate is facing west side. My kitchen is in north side. The sun rises from back side so thats a east side. We have both bathroom cum toilets in backside of house. On bathroom n toilet in north east direction and second in south east direction. Pls tell me solution for this

  215. Chinnakaruppan says:

    Hello sir, Main enterance of my house is East. SE cornor having kitchen. Stair case is also in SE cornor outside the kitchen. inbetween compound to stair case can we have tiolet sir.

  216. Sir, I am planning to build an office (north facing) on a plot which is south east facing to the road. My toilet as per the plan is northwest positioned. sir please guide if it is right ? Thanking you

  217. sanjay says:

    What to do if living on rented house which is having vaastu defects

  218. ramesh says:

    Hi Sir, Can you please suggest best place for constructing bathroom+toilet outside of house not attached to building? Currently, it is sitting in south west corner and we are planning to remove it from there.

    Ours is east north corner plot, with house facing east. 4 room house, with kitchen in south east, drawing in north east, south west bedroom, and hall in northwest. our house is small and there is lot of open space left in north and east in plot.

  219. Durga Bishwakarma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’ve noticed recently that our toilet is in the NE corner of house which is great Vaastu defect which is causing trouble in our family. The toilet door is North facing, actually, our house is North facing as well. There is no place to shift toilet in other place soon. So, can you please suggest the best solution for it? What about placing mirrors in the toilet?

  220. Hari says:

    Can you please suggest it this property is as per vastu. Thanks!

  221. Hari says:

    can’t seem to attach images

  222. Madhu says:

    My House has north facing, NE is toilet, SE is kitchen, pooja room is next to kitchen facing east. We have a problem that we can’t save money and we have lot of health issues. kindly suggest me a remedy to improve the wealth area

  223. Amit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a flat which has western CM facing east or west. I have heard that this is a vastu dosh. Is there any remedy for this vastu dosh?


  224. Amit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a new flat which has all it western commodes facing east/west. Is this correct as per vastu??


  225. krishnasamy P.K. says:

    Hi Sir,

    i am stI am staying my father-in-law house, we renovation for toilet first time toilet facing to north side, now facing to east side fixed, this is good or not good and help to remedy and advise please.

    krishnasamy PK

  226. A says:

    hi I have a shower in west and toilet in northwest. one faces east when sitting on the toilet. is this okay. is there any remedies you can suggest.

  227. A says:

    Thanks. when one uses the toilet the direction one faces is east. Is this okay. Also since its such a small house, the shower and toilet is together. thee shower is in the west portionn and the toilet in th northwest portion. the door of this area opens directly in an open plan area which has the dinning room, pooja sectionn in NE and kitchen in SE section of open plan area. Any suggestionns for this.

  228. Sumana Satpathy says:

    In my house the pooja room faces to the bathroom…. Does it have any vastu dosha?? If yes please suggest some remedy for it…. As it was a small plot no construction can be changed…

  229. mamta says:

    Sir, my master bedroom in SE with balcony facing bed in corner of the SE with AC near.At the end of the bed on opposite side there is attached bathroom with north south seat. near my beed is 3 door almirah with mirror,there might be reflection of toilet door in it. the almirah is facing door which is facing north. i am using brown curtains in window near AC and planted tulsi in the balcony. Kindly sugest if everything is ok?Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Master bedroom and Toilet in Southeast is defect. Use Orange Curtains in this bedroom. It requires Some Gems remedy, please call me on 9494214400 for details

  230. Rajesh Jaiswal says:

    We are having toilet cum bathroom in the North east of house with the commode towards the south since last ten years. Now come to know that it is not recomended as per vastu. So Can we convert it to PUJA ROOM. Please guide me.

  231. Dilip Mohapatra says:

    My constructed house is West facing (One way). Both the toilets are attached with the Bed rooms nearly center point of the house. ( Exactly centre point of the house is coming inside Master bed room) Another toilet is extreme south east corner. Utility spacr id in between Kitchen and last toilet.. Kitchen is on the direction of South east corner of the Kitchen-cum dining hall. The Puja is at North east direction than tubewell space is in the extreme North east direction. Please suggest me the defects and its remedies without breaking anything. 45 days has been passed of my family shifted on this new house. Now my wife lost his concentration and saying for shifting to another house immediately. I want remedy/

  232. Cho says:

    i just wanna check if toilet above staircase landing is ok
    since under the staircase is a no no
    thank you

  233. suman says:

    sir hello
    what should be checked for main gate for society or flat individual.

  234. Aanchal says:

    Can I use coffee color tiles with copper strips on it on one wall facing east in hall and also can I use chocolate colour tiles at passage area wall and also on the wall near washbasin

  235. Hi, it is ok to make toilet in old pooja room which was in north west corner? Now we have shifted pooja room to northern east corner. And again old pooja room on north west was above the toilet room. Please suggest.

  236. Minal says:

    I have recently shifted in a rented house. I have some questions, and will be obliged if you answer them.
    1. Is it a MAJOR vastu dosh if toilet seats are West-East facing? Any remedy for that?
    2. I have attached lat/baths in north-east rooms (both floors) of the house,but they (lat/baths) are at south-east south corners of rooms. Is it fine, if not what would you suggest?
    3.There is also a toilet(for servant) in SW corner of the house, but is never used. Is it okay?

  237. Nidhi Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,

    We are constructing a house. The south east corner on the ground floor has the kitchen as per Vaastu. However, is it okay to make a bathroom in the south east corner on the first floor above the kitchen? This is the bathroom for the master bedroom which is in the south west corner of the house.

    • admin says:

      Bathroom / Toilet in Southeast is defect
      Also Bath/toilet above or below the kitchen is defect

  238. Suchi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our home is East facing. The staircase is inside the house, it is in south-west corner. We are thinking to put bathroom & toilet down the staircase. is it good to create the bathroom & toilet under the staircase?? We have space towards North-West….after that kitchen is there. So, please advice where to do the bathroom & toilet…..

    • admin says:

      Toilet and Bathroom in Southwest itself is a defect
      Construct Toilet bathroom in Northwest

  239. Suchi says:

    Ok, thank you.

  240. Arashnee says:

    Hello. We are in the process of purchasing a house. Would you be able to advice if layout of interior as well as exterior are okay as well as provide remedies for defects in design. If there is a fee how much would it be

  241. Kavita says:

    My toilet is facing east? Is this a defect? Can you please advise remedy?

  242. Sangeeta Jain says:

    Sir can you plz tell me the remedy for south West bath room with WC .In the South West corner of the master’s bedroom..And moreover my flat is having South entrance

  243. Pallavi says:

    We are shifting to new’s north facing…home is fully vastu…but they have made scullery type for washing clothes vessels and there is a bathroom in southeast corner in that it is not part of house it’s like outside house…is it harmful??


    By mistake i built a toilet under a staircase. There is no place to built a toilet in place other than staircase pls give me the remedies

  245. Saira says:

    hi, We are planning to shift to new flat in Dubai…2 bathrooms and kitchen is in south west side of flat…is vaastu in India and Dubai follow the same…if so what remedy can i do for it

  246. priyanka Jaswal says:

    i my house the toilet + bathroom is in the north east direction. Please suggest the remedy.

  247. Shyam says:

    I have a toilet in northeast corner of my flat I am planning to demolish it and make temple

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can make temple there. After demolition of Toilet please burn Camphor [Karpuram] for 40 Days in that place [Only in the Morning]

  248. DINESH NAYAK says:


  249. Amith says:

    amith kumar

  250. Amith says:

    Dear Sir

    Recently I hired 2 bed room house, One bed room is SW and kitchen is SE and another bed room is NW. In between south west bed room and North West there is toilet that is almost opposite to Main East entrance. And pooja room will be South east kitchen and South west bed room. Pl. advice is there any vasthu problem in this house

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  253. Anup says:

    my date of birth is 18/08/1975 I am going to purchase one flat whose main entrance is on East direction , Kitchen is on south east but a common wall with toilet, another toilet is in the direction of south west, One bed room at west and another is at south west all this structure is good for me can I buy this or suggest any remedy if it has any vastu dosh.

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