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Toilet Vaastu Tips

Toilet Vaastu Tips

Vaastu Shastra explains certain basic principles to follow while designing the toilets in the house. The best place for the toilet in bathroom is Northwest ( Vayavya ) direction of the house. For an attached toilet, also the Northwest side of that room is recommended as per Vaastu Shastra. The second option would be the Southeast direction.

Toilet in the Northeast gives adverse effects on the finances and prosperity of that family. Whereas toilet in Southwest direction directly affects the on the family head in terms of his health and might make him highly uncertain.Some effective Vastu/ Vaastu Tips for toilets include:

  • Toilet seats should ideally be placed in South to North directions or West to East direction
  • Mirrors in toilets should be placed on the North or East walls only
  • The toilet walls should be painted in lighter shades and not warning colors like red and black
  • If you are designing for attached toilet in the bathroom then place WC on the West or Northwest direction and few inches above the floor level.

Toilet Vaastu Tips, toilet directions, design and effectsToilets should not be designed in Northeast corner as it is a severe Vaastu Defect, which creates problems in health, Causes Accidents, brings unnecessary tensions and problems in progeny (descendants of that person).

Northeast  (Ishanya) is the very holy place in the building and owned by the Lord Shiva. The forehead of the Vaastupurush rests/positioned here so never design a Toilet/ Bathrooms here.

Toilets in the Southeast ( Agneya ) put up with unexpected losses, sudden problems, legal issues, excise problems, electricity gadgets accidents. Southeast is owned by Lord Agnidev, so this direction is good for fire activities like Kitchen.

Toilets in  the  Southwest ( Nairutya )is too not good. The inmates have to face lots  of financial losses, unexpected expenses if toilets designed in Southwest. Because of magnetic energy is stored in the South west direction, thus there should not be drainage in this direction

Toilet should not be constructed under the stairs. In the same ways the toilets are not good in center area of the building

Toilet should not be made near the puja room, in the kitchen. The pooja room and /or the kitchen above the toilet are against the Vaastu principles. Toilet is acceptable only on top of the other toilet.

Color of the Toilet / Bathroom walls:

The best color is White, light gray or any pastel shade is suitable.  Avoid red and black color.


520 Comments to Toilet Vaastu Tips

  1. Sandeep Narkhede says:

    Sir, is there any problem of west faced toilet below Southeset stairs of house. What is the remedy?

    • admin says:

      It’s Defect will adversely affects on female health and creates financial crises
      It requires a Gems therapy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  2. James says:

    In my house SE corner is caboard and on the right of that one attached toilet
    That is okay according with vasthu

  3. shristi bhaskar says:

    i m living in a flat for past 10 years and the toilet is in southwest direction and the flat is owned by us we cannot change the flat neither we can change the direction because we are on the top floor.
    Is this direction effecting the studies of children staying in the house.And how we can do a remedy of this situation..
    plzz help sir..

  4. suresh says:

    what is the remedy for a person sitting facing south in office? the has no other options to sit or change his direction to north or east.

  5. Abhishek says:

    Sir, My family is suffering from Mental stress tension and all.
    I have attach bathroom toilet in The mid of South west.
    What are the remedies sir help me it’s to urgent

  6. krishna says:

    Hi! backside of my pooja room there is a bathroom, is it ok

    bathroom entrance is back side of the house

    • admin says:

      Puja room should not share a common wall with Toilet
      Place a Copper Swastika on the wall that sharing with Toilet

  7. Mukesh Samarth says:

    I have unavoidable toilet under the stair case . What is the remedy totka.

  8. Priya says:

    Sir, in first floor of my house the attached bathroom(North West) floor level is higher than bedroom floor level.. Is it okay? If not, any remedies?

  9. murali says:

    Iam staying in 2nd floor of g+2 house constructed by my father facing west side. Iam the last and 3rd son to my father. 2nd eldest brother stays on 1st floor, 1st eldest brother stays on ground floor. My common bathroom is on right side(common wall) to kitchen which is in south east corner. Both facing north. Is this ok or if not any remedies for this south east toilet(facing north east puja room)?

  10. pallavi says:

    Hi Sir,

    Toilet is in South East corner, any remedies for this please?

  11. Yogesh says:

    Hello Sir,
    In my house we are planning to change bathroom and toilet direction. Right now toilet is at south west corner and besides that bathroom is located right to the toilet (if we facing towards east direction) Now we want to change the plan at the same place. We want to shift toilet to north wall and keep the bathroom at west wall and we want to keep bathroom door at south west corner facing east so that south west corner will be empty only we will use it for door opening. And toilet door will be facing to south direction and seating position for toilet will be south facing. All water and drainage will be towards west north direction
    Please guide us.
    Thanks In Advance

    Yogesh Hosur

  12. pooja mittal says:

    Helo sir, in my house toilet is in the north facing south and WC facing is in east direction. and second toilet position is in the north east facing east direction and WC is also facing east. and my sister is suffering from cancer. Might be wrong position of the toilet effect her.Now, i planned to change the position of the toilet i.e in the north west direction but i am confused about the WC and door position and the toilet and bathroom should be attached or not?
    please help me .
    thank you!

  13. Ranjeet says:

    Hello Sir.. I have a 40 sq yards home and there is a toilet under the stairs in north east direction… this toilet is used occasionally for some guests.. kindly advice me some remedies so that i can correct vastu dosh if any.. regards.. Ramanjeet

  14. Preet says:

    Hello sir, some one told me that we also have vastu dosh in our home but now we cant change anything. Pls help me. My main gate is facing west side. My kitchen is in north side. The sun rises from back side so thats a east side. We have both bathroom cum toilets in backside of house. On bathroom n toilet in north east direction and second in south east direction. Pls tell me solution for this

  15. Chinnakaruppan says:

    Hello sir, Main enterance of my house is East. SE cornor having kitchen. Stair case is also in SE cornor outside the kitchen. inbetween compound to stair case can we have tiolet sir.

  16. Sir, I am planning to build an office (north facing) on a plot which is south east facing to the road. My toilet as per the plan is northwest positioned. sir please guide if it is right ? Thanking you

  17. sanjay says:

    What to do if living on rented house which is having vaastu defects

  18. ramesh says:

    Hi Sir, Can you please suggest best place for constructing bathroom+toilet outside of house not attached to building? Currently, it is sitting in south west corner and we are planning to remove it from there.

    Ours is east north corner plot, with house facing east. 4 room house, with kitchen in south east, drawing in north east, south west bedroom, and hall in northwest. our house is small and there is lot of open space left in north and east in plot.

  19. Durga Bishwakarma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’ve noticed recently that our toilet is in the NE corner of house which is great Vaastu defect which is causing trouble in our family. The toilet door is North facing, actually, our house is North facing as well. There is no place to shift toilet in other place soon. So, can you please suggest the best solution for it? What about placing mirrors in the toilet?

  20. Hari says:

    Can you please suggest it this property is as per vastu. Thanks!

  21. Hari says:

    can’t seem to attach images

  22. Madhu says:

    My House has north facing, NE is toilet, SE is kitchen, pooja room is next to kitchen facing east. We have a problem that we can’t save money and we have lot of health issues. kindly suggest me a remedy to improve the wealth area

  23. Amit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a flat which has western CM facing east or west. I have heard that this is a vastu dosh. Is there any remedy for this vastu dosh?


  24. Amit says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to purchase a new flat which has all it western commodes facing east/west. Is this correct as per vastu??


  25. krishnasamy P.K. says:

    Hi Sir,

    i am stI am staying my father-in-law house, we renovation for toilet first time toilet facing to north side, now facing to east side fixed, this is good or not good and help to remedy and advise please.

    krishnasamy PK

  26. A says:

    hi I have a shower in west and toilet in northwest. one faces east when sitting on the toilet. is this okay. is there any remedies you can suggest.

  27. A says:

    Thanks. when one uses the toilet the direction one faces is east. Is this okay. Also since its such a small house, the shower and toilet is together. thee shower is in the west portionn and the toilet in th northwest portion. the door of this area opens directly in an open plan area which has the dinning room, pooja sectionn in NE and kitchen in SE section of open plan area. Any suggestionns for this.

  28. Sumana Satpathy says:

    In my house the pooja room faces to the bathroom…. Does it have any vastu dosha?? If yes please suggest some remedy for it…. As it was a small plot no construction can be changed…

  29. mamta says:

    Sir, my master bedroom in SE with balcony facing bed in corner of the SE with AC near.At the end of the bed on opposite side there is attached bathroom with north south seat. near my beed is 3 door almirah with mirror,there might be reflection of toilet door in it. the almirah is facing door which is facing north. i am using brown curtains in window near AC and planted tulsi in the balcony. Kindly sugest if everything is ok?Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Master bedroom and Toilet in Southeast is defect. Use Orange Curtains in this bedroom. It requires Some Gems remedy, please call me on 9494214400 for details

  30. Rajesh Jaiswal says:

    We are having toilet cum bathroom in the North east of house with the commode towards the south since last ten years. Now come to know that it is not recomended as per vastu. So Can we convert it to PUJA ROOM. Please guide me.

  31. Dilip Mohapatra says:

    My constructed house is West facing (One way). Both the toilets are attached with the Bed rooms nearly center point of the house. ( Exactly centre point of the house is coming inside Master bed room) Another toilet is extreme south east corner. Utility spacr id in between Kitchen and last toilet.. Kitchen is on the direction of South east corner of the Kitchen-cum dining hall. The Puja is at North east direction than tubewell space is in the extreme North east direction. Please suggest me the defects and its remedies without breaking anything. 45 days has been passed of my family shifted on this new house. Now my wife lost his concentration and saying for shifting to another house immediately. I want remedy/

  32. Cho says:

    i just wanna check if toilet above staircase landing is ok
    since under the staircase is a no no
    thank you

  33. suman says:

    sir hello
    what should be checked for main gate for society or flat individual.

  34. Aanchal says:

    Can I use coffee color tiles with copper strips on it on one wall facing east in hall and also can I use chocolate colour tiles at passage area wall and also on the wall near washbasin

  35. Hi, it is ok to make toilet in old pooja room which was in north west corner? Now we have shifted pooja room to northern east corner. And again old pooja room on north west was above the toilet room. Please suggest.

  36. Minal says:

    I have recently shifted in a rented house. I have some questions, and will be obliged if you answer them.
    1. Is it a MAJOR vastu dosh if toilet seats are West-East facing? Any remedy for that?
    2. I have attached lat/baths in north-east rooms (both floors) of the house,but they (lat/baths) are at south-east south corners of rooms. Is it fine, if not what would you suggest?
    3.There is also a toilet(for servant) in SW corner of the house, but is never used. Is it okay?

  37. Nidhi Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,

    We are constructing a house. The south east corner on the ground floor has the kitchen as per Vaastu. However, is it okay to make a bathroom in the south east corner on the first floor above the kitchen? This is the bathroom for the master bedroom which is in the south west corner of the house.

    • admin says:

      Bathroom / Toilet in Southeast is defect
      Also Bath/toilet above or below the kitchen is defect

  38. Suchi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Our home is East facing. The staircase is inside the house, it is in south-west corner. We are thinking to put bathroom & toilet down the staircase. is it good to create the bathroom & toilet under the staircase?? We have space towards North-West….after that kitchen is there. So, please advice where to do the bathroom & toilet…..

    • admin says:

      Toilet and Bathroom in Southwest itself is a defect
      Construct Toilet bathroom in Northwest

  39. Suchi says:

    Ok, thank you.

  40. Arashnee says:

    Hello. We are in the process of purchasing a house. Would you be able to advice if layout of interior as well as exterior are okay as well as provide remedies for defects in design. If there is a fee how much would it be

  41. Kavita says:

    My toilet is facing east? Is this a defect? Can you please advise remedy?

  42. Sangeeta Jain says:

    Sir can you plz tell me the remedy for south West bath room with WC .In the South West corner of the master’s bedroom..And moreover my flat is having South entrance

    • admin says:

      Southwest bathroom, WC requires “Gems therapy” remedy. Please call me on 9494214400 for details

  43. Pallavi says:

    We are shifting to new’s north facing…home is fully vastu…but they have made scullery type for washing clothes vessels and there is a bathroom in southeast corner in that it is not part of house it’s like outside house…is it harmful??

  44. priyanka Jaswal says:

    i my house the toilet + bathroom is in the north east direction. Please suggest the remedy.

  45. Shyam says:

    I have a toilet in northeast corner of my flat I am planning to demolish it and make temple

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can make temple there. After demolition of Toilet please burn Camphor [Karpuram] for 40 Days in that place [Only in the Morning]

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