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Vaastu Shastra Directions

Other than five basic elements of Universe, the directions in Vaastu Shastra are the most important feature of this antique science. While constructing a house, make sure that everything is in the right place or as per Vaastu Shastra directions, which is extremely important. This is why it is necessary to know all about Vastu Shastra directions.

Here are the eight  Vastu Shastra directions  and their specific characteristics:

East: this is the direction of sunrise, or new beginnings. Also the direction of prosperity.  East direction should not be in a more high than the west, south west and the North West directions.

West: West, is probably the most discreditable direction. The west is the direction where the sun sets, which means this direction is not good for beginnings here everything ends.

North: North is the direction that is best for the business people. The planet Mercury (Budh) rules over this direction, which makes useful for offices in this direction.

South: The south is quite an incompatible direction. There is fear, those who follow Vastu Shastra regarding this direction. There is always Delays in all activities, for instance, in auspicious ceremonies in the house. Fact that there are mixed feelings about this direction weather it works for people or not. Say, if one builds a house with a south facing entrance, they get success for the few years, but after that, there will be stagnancy and in due course wealth starts to decrease.vaastu shastra directions

North-East: this is the direction of god. It is most auspicious direction and known to promote positive aspects in the house and in the men and women as well. As the Sun rises from the East, one naturally gets maximum (vital) energy from sun if the house constructed facing  North-East  direction.

North-West:  north-west direction handles interpersonal relationships. Relationships of people with the other members of the family certainly depend on the North West direction. Well constructed North-west direction prospers the occupants with happiness, peace and development.

South-East: South-east is the direction of the logical and reasoning person. For steady, progressive and peaceful life avoid any defect in South-east direction. South-east facing house are considered as average because this is the place of ‘Agni’ and ideal place for the kitchen.

South-West: This is the direction of the demons, which makes it unsuitable and inauspicious. This is exact opposite of north-east.  South-West direction  can command the business and decisions making people field.




38 Comments to Vaastu Shastra Directions

  1. meena khatri says:

    House is east is at the end and west facing, south west corner . Kitchen and toilet one Common wall.four door are in one line in front of each other.stairs in ishan angle.facing acute health problem.please guide

  2. Shalini says:

    Hi Sir, we are planning to buy a plot which is south facing, and we are planning to keep the main door in South direction as the main road faces the south. Please let me know if this is advisable?

  3. Raj says:

    Hello Sir,

    Is Southwest direction House good in USA , I am planning to buy a house which is in SouthWest Direction(Main Door) . Priest was saying the location here is the best where as in India , we don’t have any land to south, only water that’s why we have all these vasthu ? Please help

  4. Vandana says:

    Sir– the main door faces west and there is a swimming pool right across main door in west side. Is this good or bad?


  5. Ganga Ram says:

    Greetings Sir. I have 2 options to buy a flat in Singapore. Can you please tell me how to send this to you for your recommendation. Thanks in advance

  6. puneet says:

    Dear sir

    I m having a plot having north east facing . And planning to construct then tell me guest room , drawing r , kitchen, master bedroom, kids room

  7. bobbyklveg says:

    Dear Sir

    I am buying a house in London and would like to check the vasthu, i am not sure how could i attach a plan..Please can you comment. Many Thanks? Udaya

  8. Gurv On says:

    We are planing to buy a plot which is facing NW direction and it is a corner plot with Road on North East and North West Side. Road coming from west stops at the corner where the plot is and road on the side of NW runs through. Please suggest if this is a good direction to build a house for business family.

  9. hari says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to buy house, my DOB is 16.12.1979 which facing favorable to me.


  10. Srihari says:

    Greetings Sir… I am planning to buy a East facing (3 sides road corner) plot . Check below plot layout. Please suggest good/bad Plot.

    | | | |
    __|_________ __________| | |___________

    ___________E__________ | ___________
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | R |
    | | o |
    N Plot S a |
    | | d |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    __|_________W_________| | |___________

    ______________________ | ___________
    | | | |

  11. akshay says:

    sir we having a plot south facing in 540 sq fts , we are trying to keep two upstairs and two bathrooms ,living,kitchen,twobedrooms,pujaroom,and varendafor parking.
    i am planning to do tell me the vasthu directions for these places and main entrance also .please sir its so urgentlyyyyyyyy .kindly we are waiting for ur reply

  12. pankaj jha says:

    Hi Sir, My house is rectangular with roads on north and south side. we generally use the south facing entrance more. kitchen is in the middle of the house facing east. we are facing a lot of issued both personal and professional and we feel there could be a problem with the house. dont want to sell it and move on but not sure how to fix it as well. please suggest waiting for ur reply. thanks in advance.

  13. Sunil says:

    Hello Sir,
    A year ago I have shifted to new place i.e. in the month of November 2015. Main door of my house is facing towards North east. Kitchen is in east, master bed is in South and another bed room is in west in between north and south. My both daughters are studying, elder daughter’s performance is okay but younger daughter’s performance has gone down. She is more attracted towards her friends and wanted to play with them. A year ago only on sunday or holidays she use to go to play with her friends. She sleeps in master bedroom. Is there any vastu dosh in our house?

  14. Piyali Paul says:

    dear sir,we stay in a rented house & our main door is south west facing. we are here for last 5 years .
    Presently my financial situation is very poor now as well as no job is getting confirmed.
    Presently also we are not even in the position of moving to another house. Kindly help.
    show us some solution.. please.
    other people are also welcome to give me advices.
    my email i.d-

  15. jashu patel says:

    We are looking to buy a house that is South East facing. The plot if not square but a triangle shape. it’s a duplex home which means that we share a common wall. Should we buy the house?

  16. fani RAO says:

    sir, i plan to buy a flat in delhi .it is a builder apartment. The building’s entry is north facing but the flat main door is south facing? which entrance is significant for vaastu purpose?

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