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Vaastu Tips on Positivity in House

Bowl full with water and flower

In today’s world of financial stress and competition, everybody needs a house to have Happiness, healthy food and sleep peacefully, in some way, we require positive energy, to restore our self and get prepared for next coming day. Qualities of persons like inner strength, quietness and positive energy in that home extremely help the human being in fighting the challenges of the world. 




Here we give some Vaastu tips to increase the positive energy in the House:

  • Avoid the Southwest door facing house, as this is supposed to be entrance of the devil energy which brings in struggle and misfortunes. If your house already has Southwest facing door, then fix two Hanumanji tiles outside the door in left and right you would feel happiness.
  • Pooja room or altar is the king of all Vaastu principles. Placing puja room in the North-East, happiness will start coming in your house.  Also, sit facing the East while praying.
  • Kitchen in the North or North-East may bring financial and health problems. In this case, hang three bronze bowls upside facing downward on the ceiling but do not hang over the Gas stove.
  • Keeping bowl full with water, flowers or lemon facing the main door will attract the positive energy or lucky. Remember to change the water on a regular basis
vaastu tips on positivity in house

Bowl full with water and flower

  • Master bedroom is the key of stability and happiness; to avoid Vaastu dosh this must be in the Southwest corner. Always sleep with head in the South or West. Remember that a breadwinner of family never sleep in the North-East.
  • Center is the nose of the house from where house breathes. This should be open and clutter-free. A wall in center of the house gives stomach and financial problems. Thus put a zero watt Blue bulb on this wall and light it on 24×7.
  • If there is always arguments in the house, listen or play music for four to five times in a day you will experience the calmness in the house.
  • Keeping pictures of water or a fountain in bedroom will adversely affect your happiness.
  • Mirror should not be placed opposite/facing to each other; because they promote agitation in the family members.
  • Placing Dog statue looking outside can safeguard entrance of evil eyes in that house, and also preserve prosperity and happiness.
  • Never place ‘Devi Mahalaxmi’ idol/statue/picture looking outwards as this is considered to be outflow of wealth from home.
  • Never keep Cactus, rubber and milk producing plants inside the house. They act as a barrier in the balance and harmony of that house and gives adverse effects on positive energy in your life.
  • Medicines within the kitchen affect on positive energy. Thus all medicines and other such unwanted materials should always keep out of the kitchen.

Try to follow these vaastu tips on positivity in house, to bring happiness in your life, do let us know about your experience and like these article. 


70 Comments to Vaastu Tips on Positivity in House

  1. preeti says:

    Sir i m from Mumbai, Where can i find above mentioned three bronze balls?

  2. admin says:

    Hello Preeti ji;

    Try on this no. please 0-9819015736.

  3. sreelakshmi says:

    in my home bore well is in south west and south east direction,is there any other alternative for this problem because during summer most of the wells gets dried up and we suffer water scarcity..

    • admin says:

      Hello Sreelaxmi ji:
      In summer will both the Bore-wells dried. If so make a Bore-well in Northeast, that will be the remedy. Meanwhile place a “Panchmukhi” hanuman pic in south west region facing that Bore-well.

  4. sreelakshmi says:

    i’m facing a lot of problems in my studies since i’m started to stay at this home,before that i was really bright in my studies, i dont know what is actually happening to me,i cant study or concentrate while studying,please check this and give me necessary advice..

    • admin says:

      Hello Sreelaxmi ji:
      Use west of South west area for your Studies and put your study material in that direction. However Bore-well in Southwest is the problem for Studies.

  5. sreelakshmi says:

    really thankful for your reply my home the south west area is pooja room and my bedroom is in north west area..the living room of our home is facing towards north,can we change the pooja room in the living room such that the idols face the west..please reply

  6. sreelakshmi says:

    please give me a reply..

  7. Vishnu says:


    I am from Mumbai, i would like have Bronze bowl/clay bowl where i can fill the water and keep bowl full with water, flowers or lemon facing the main door.

    so please tell me where i can buy such bowls in Mumbai.

  8. veera says:

    Sir I had kept a lemon inside the glass with water … Suddenly today the lemon has come up to the top.. What should I do

  9. PS says:

    Hi. For the bowl full of water … It has to be outside the main door or inside the house ? Can it be in a stainless steel bowl or it has to be cooper or bronze ?

  10. savitha says:

    namasthe sir am savitha. sir our home is north facing home. please guide me our groundfloor bathroom in southwest direction leaving some space in southeast corner. and 1st floor bathroom is in east . leaving some space in northeast corner. and attached toilet in southwest leaving some space in south west corner. sir is the right or deffect

  11. savitha says:

    namasthe sir am savitha. sir our home is north facing home. please guide me our groundfloor bathroom in southwest direction leaving some space in southeast corner. and 1st floor bathroom is in east . leaving some space in northeast corner. and in bedroom attached toilet in southwest leaving some space in south west corner. sir is the right or deffect

  12. dev says:

    Hello sir,
    My house have two floors. On both the floors, their are toilets in the northeast corner and a water tank on the northeast corner of the terrace. What should i do?

    • admin says:

      Hello Dev ji:
      Water Tank should be in SW on terrace. You have to use “Gems Therapy” to block the negativity of NE toilets

  13. vibhor goyal says:

    hello sir,,,,
    this side vibhor goyal….
    i have a commercial space within the house i.e the front space of both ground and first floor are used as commercial and back space is used for residential purpose…. the house is north facing… i want to ask that whether the stairs within the showroom can be placed in north west corner as per vastu…..

  14. Monica says:

    Hello: I need some help. We moved into our new flat and since that time we have had 2 deaths in the family (of relatives who were not living with us) and we have a lot of arguments and clashes. Between me and my husband and with my daughter. The flat has its main door on N-W wall and we sleep with our heads towards the south but in a East facing bedroom. There is an oval mirror on the west wall and we have large glass windows doors on East and South-West corner. My Tulsi plant hasn’t been doing well either. Please help as I am very disturbed. Thank you so much.

  15. rajganesh says:

    hi ji my home kitchen is north east wer can i buy tat bronze bowls can u snt me online line buy link

  16. Sumathi h d says:

    Namasthe sir.. Im sumathi from qatar.. I was searching for a rented house nd i got it now but column is der i d hall.. So is der any problem wid dis?? Plz guide me sir..

  17. Shailesh says:

    Hi I have place lemon in glass of water in the shop but lemon is down not floating. My question is:-
    1. Lemon should float n stay up or it should be down?
    2. Water in glass to be changed daily?

  18. Neeta Shah says:

    Namaskar sir
    As I my from Mumbai I had south east face door flat and my bedroom is in South west n kitchen in North west direction toilet n bathroom is separated in West side in my house what can I make changes to get a good positive energy as change mean which possible

  19. meena says:

    Hi Sir,
    We are living in Singapore flat house. My house is facing the north east, my balcony and prayer room and master bedroom are facing the east where sun rises. The bathroom is facing opposite the prayer room. My main door is facing is North west. How can I reposition my prayer alter and my bed directions? Please advise

  20. siri says:

    I am living in USA .We are buying a new house and the main door is facing west but the door and in the south west car garage .IS it ok that car garage in the south west

    • admin says:

      Please send me the plan of your house, I will Reply, It’s chargeable
      My mail Id:

      • digvijay Singh says:

        My main door is situated on north east direction. I have placed a photo of panchmukhi hanumanji out side my main door above for getting rid of evils eye.. is it okay?

        • admin says:

          It’s OK, but the Panchmukhi hanuman ji Photo will works in South or South-west only not in North-east

          • gshyam says:

            I had the exact same question as Digvijay. Thank you for clarifying. In this case where the entrance of the house is in the north east direction – can I then have the panchmukhi hanuman ji photo inside the house facing south/south-west. Is there anything specific that I will need to avoid.

          • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

            Please call me on 9494214400

  21. Batul says:

    sir. my staircase is in northeast i m facing all the problems stated above .what should i do i m a muslim

  22. Divya says:

    Hello sir,
    What is the best way to correct a dosh of main entrance on the south west side of the house?
    It is a west facing house and cannot be changed now. Please advise.

    • admin says:

      You have to use use some Yantras on the entrance area inside and Outside
      And also have to strengthen the North-east

  23. Partha sinha says:

    My parental Flat in Kolkata has its main door North faced. But one bed room is at North-East, the other South-East. The two combined toilets are at North and South respectively. Kitchen is in North. please Guide.

  24. Devi says:

    Sir, I am from Hyderabad. We r planning to take a house where it is having extension in south east. Is that okay ?? Could you please suggest me.

  25. shashi uppal says:

    Sir I’m shashi uppal from mumbai panvel. I have financial problem no income source facing so many problems

  26. Ash says:

    Hello admin, my house main gate facing north side ly but near main gate,under water tank there beside… pls suggest any vaastu tips fa tat,thanks.

  27. Nidhi Singh says:

    hello sir,
    since the time we have shifted in our new home,we are facing lots of bad luck in career and family both.please suggest some remedies.thanks in advance.

  28. shobha says:

    ihave placed a money plant ina bootle of water in the nort west corner of the drawing room on a table along with snall bamboo and a laughing budhha all together ina table because of lack of space

  29. Deepak Sharma says:

    Dear sir
    our puja ghar is north east, but a toilet of another house, As on one side, in front of our pujaghar, but wall of both houses are different- different. pls tell me this is ok according to vastu. if not then what be do?

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  31. bindu says:

    Can sitting mahalakshmi be placed above the north facing house main door

  32. Aditya says:

    Can i keep vassels within my bed … as these days if u buy bed then it has a facility to open it and to keep something inside…kindly let me know

    Thank you

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