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Vaastu Tips for Kitchen


Kitchen is the most important place in the house. So one must design the kitchen according to the Vaastu Shastra Principles.  According to Kitchen Vaastu tips the ideal place to construct the Dream kitchen is the South east ( Agneya ). As the South east is governed by the Fire element. So to get the maximum benefits of fire element you must have a Kitchen in South east, which also a primary factor in General health and well being of the habitants.

According to Vaastu Shastra, the second option for the Dream kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) direction of the house.

The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east and Northwest direction and should open in clockwise. 

The woman while cooking should always face east, since this brings good health to the occupants.

Where as if the woman faces west while cooking, she has to face health problems

If woman face towards South while cooking, may attracts financial problems in the family

As per the Vaastu remedies for kitchen, the kitchen should never be constructed in the Following directions of the house, to avoid Vaastu dosh or defects.

    • South-West
    • Center of the house
    • North-East

General Vaastu tips for kitchen

  1. Priority-wise, keep entrance in east or north direction in the Kitchen entrance.
  2. Avoid placing the gas stove exactly in front of the kitchen entrance.
  3. Cooking gas or stove should be placed in South-east area of Kitchen
  4. Put water sink in the North-east at utmost distance from cooking gas
  5. Water storage and water taps should be placed in North-east of the kitchen.
  6. Put the dining table in the North-west of the Kitchen.
  7. The ideal place for Gas-cylinder is South east corner of the Kitchen
  8. Kitchen door and toilet door should never face each other.
  9. Never built the kitchen below or above a bathroom and or toilet
  10. The Pooja room is never to be constructed above the kitchen since it brings bad luck
  11. There should not be a common wall sharing a Kitchen and Toilet this will brings Bad effects on inmate’s Health. 

The color of the Kitchen: The white is the best color for kitchen. Shades of Yellow, orange, red colors are also good colors for kitchen. 


947 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Kitchen

  1. Nav says:

    Sorry Kitchen is in SE not SW. Cooking is East Facing , Sink is towards NE , please tell me if I can have my Dishwasher South -Southwest ? Drain will be on South wall and Dirty water will flow from South towards East. as I can not have it towards NW.

  2. Sujit Gupta says:

    My kitchen is in the southeast position ( 15feet long – 4 feet width ) of my flat where the window is in the east side middle position.Kitchen platform is on the south wall and my wife faces south wall to cook. The gas cylinder is kept below the platform as no other place is available inside. Entrance of the kitchen is on the north west corner.The water sink is placed on the southeast corner below the window. Below the sink the maid servant washes the utensils. How is the plan according to Vastu. Pls suggest.

  3. Rosh says:

    We have a kitchen in SE corner of the house , Gas stove is on East side cooking facing East but Our dishwasher is under the Gas burners on East wall and Sink is on same platform next to Gas. We are Moving Sink more towards NE direction and putting gap between Gas hob and Sink. Please advise if we can leave Dishwasher under the Gas burner or shift it to South wall. thanks in advance.

  4. Kriti says:

    can we make kitchen room in terrace?? in north-east corner?

  5. Bijendra Karmacharya says:

    hello sir,
    our bed room is under the beam and we can’t change the bed room due to space problem.The beam is facing East West. So please suggest me the solution,

  6. Rosh says:

    Hello Sir , please reply to my request as we are waiting for you answer before making change to kitchen. many thanks

  7. mrs.subha says:

    Namaste sir,
    Kitchen in south west corner with sink in south west corner of the kitchen again. Can’t break kitchen and avoiding use of water in kitchen is not possible. Sir need some remedies which can reduce its effect. i catn’ shift Kitchen. so kindly give me tips without demolition

  8. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir
    Its really feel nice to see when nice people like you keep on helping so many peoples.
    I have gone through various queries & replies given by you. My query is given below.
    I have my kitchen on North side of my flat. It has Hall with attached terrace on its left side while Toilet-Bathroom attached Bedroom on its right side. Food is cooked facing East.
    Does it have any vastu defect. If yes what remedy will be suitable to remove the defect.

  9. Kripa says:

    Namaste sir,

    In our newly built house, the kitchen will be in West side with the stove and sink also on the west side. While cooking we’ll face West as well. Is this good or does it have any defect? The refrigerator will be facing South i.e. if I stand to take something from the refrigerator I’ll be facing North.

  10. prem says:

    my kitchen is in south east corner . but flat behind this kitchen has a common wall, which is toilet wall.
    Can u please suggest what I can do. If I leave a gap between wall and kitchen platform , is that okay?


  11. kalpana says:

    namaste sir,
    in our flat when we enter kitchen we face west. the stove is on the north wall the fridge is in north west corner, aquaguard on the north wall and sink on the south west wall. i was told that nairutya direction is good for sink. please help sir cant decide what is good as per vastu

  12. Pranita says:

    hello sir,

    As per vastu tips my kitchen sink is not proper position its facing to south & kitchen wall sharing to bathroom as well as fridge position also present north west please tell me solutions.

    • admin says:

      Place a Copper Swastika on the Kitchen wall that sharing with Bathroom [Toilet also]. Please inform the location of Kitchen
      If Sink in South it’s OK

  13. Sachin Sharma says:

    Hello Sir
    Sir in my house at South east corner i have bathroom with toilet. Adjacent to a wall of my bathroom towards north there is a drawing room. I am planning to make that drawing room as a kitchen. Everything is finalize and renovation is going on.
    But i read at your above point that there should not be any common wall between kitchen and toilet. So i am really confused sir.
    Please reply to my msg as early as possible sir because already renovation is going on.

    Thanks a lot sir
    Sachin Sharma

    • admin says:

      South east corner Bathroom itself is a defect.
      If you are making Kitchen in Southeast, then you have to use remedies for that Toilet

  14. Vishal Aher says:

    hello sir, my name is vishal umesh aher. age 23 yr. DOB 14 Sept. 1994. my house is on 1st floor and their is 16 stairs from north to south (increasing). The main entrance direction of my house is west as my face move from south to east during entering in house after passing the stairs. We have 2 rooms only. and at east direction there is empty space equal to 2 rooms. kitchen located in north direction and toilet+bathroom is attached to kichen in north west. there is another staircase from south to north (increasing) at east wall. right now we are in serious financial problems please help me . I am continuously struugling for job. thank you

  15. Rai says:

    Hi, my house faces North,north east. It’s almost of facing completely north. My question is, my stove faces west u can say. But not completely west. Hope I’m not confusing u. I’m currently moving the stove to the south east end of my kitchen, but I will be facing east and slightly south at the same time. Is this ok. I cannot face completely east for cooking. Due to the direction my house is facing. Plz advise. Ty

    • Rai says:

      I meant to say. I face west, north west when cooking. My stove faces east, south east. Sorry if I’m confusing u. I’m very new to Vastu. My main question is is it ok to face east southeast when cooking. Ty 🙏🏽

    • admin says:

      Place a Gas stove in such a way that you will face East while cooking.

  16. Hariprasanth says:

    Our kitchen is on south East and cooking facing east with door on North side opening clockwise but common wall for toilet and bathroom.

  17. Jayant Kumar Pandey says:

    Dear Sir
    We have a kitchen where my wife faces North East direction while cooking. Is it any Vaastu Dosh? If yes, then what would be the remedy?

    J K Pandey

  18. Priya K says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a 1 room kitchen. Entry of mail door is East leading to living room. I hv two balconies( on in hall – south side) and other in bedroom south side. I wish to convert my bedroom balcony to kitchen. The kitchen falls in south centre of the house. I can face east and cook. Kitchen sink can be south west. washing machine area is also south west. Toilet batch room is north west. Plz advise.

  19. jyotika rathwa says:

    my kitchen entrance from east & my face in south while i am cooking my gas stove also in front of
    entrance but there is platform marble partition so not directly seen while some body enter in the kitchen.

    Sir, please give remedies for that.

  20. jyothi says:

    My kitchen is in south east while cooking my face south It ok or not.

  21. Kajori says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have two options while Cooking Either facing south OR North please suggest which one is better. I can not face east or west.

    Which side kids should face while studying East West or South. North is not available for me.,). Please let me the know the best side.

    Which side our head should be while sleeping East South North and West


    • admin says:

      Facing North or South both are defect
      Children should face East while studying
      Head should be in South while sleeping

  22. anushasasi says:

    hello sir,
    I am living in an apartment and my flat is west facing. i have my kitchen in southeast corner of the house. but the slab for keeping stove is south facing so i need to stand facing north while cooking. is this ok or is there any solution for this.

  23. Manish says:

    Respected Sir,

    We have flat on 2nd floor. In that flat our Kitchen is in NORTH EAST Direction.

    Please give Vastu remedies for this problem.

  24. Dear Sir, in a south east corner kitchen, is south facing cooking is ok? if not, whats is the remedy? we can not shift stove or do alternation in the kitchen. kindly reply urgently

  25. kiran says:

    Panditji Namaskar,Please suggest
    My Kitchen is on West side of my house, the person cooking food have to face towards west. The platform is on west side & stove is also towards west. The sink is on north-west corner. and the refrigerator is towards north,
    please help in in this. it seems nothing is correctly build
    thanks a lot in advance

  26. Ram Kumar singh says:

    sir i have a kitchen in north east direction with window at northside and main entry north east corner . what should i do?

    • admin says:

      Paint with lemon Yellow color in Kitchen. Place three bronze bowls on East,Northeast and North roof facing downwards

  27. Ragi says:

    Kitchen located south east direction. Kitchen door entrance towards east. Cooking gas stove is placed on the platform in south east direction, facing the west and kitchen door entrance. Cooking is towards the east and exhaust fan is on the east top. Only one Window is at north side. Sink is placed on the platform in north direction. Storage cupboards is placed on southern and western walls. Is there any problem for the kitchen door entrance facing the cooking gas stove in east side? I want to construct one more window below the exhaust fan in order to get more sunlight from east side. I want to place the firewood at east side and shift cooking gas stove towards north. Also I want to change sink position towards north east side. Is it possible? There’s a staircase between kitchen southern wall and bathroom. But that bathroom in bedroom share the same wall with kitchen at southern side and the staircase is above the bathroom. Is it a problem? Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

  28. Himanshu B says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a question about water tap placement in yhe kitchen. I have a southeast kitchen where the water tap is in the south west corner of the kitchen. Is this a defect, and if yes, what is the remedy for the same?
    North east water is not possible as the utility door is there. My only options for the water tap & sink seem to be either south or west.

  29. sagar says:

    I have 2 kitchen platform parallel on north n south. East is the door of the kitchen n west is the dry area where washing machine is placed towards SW of the kitchen n NW of the kitchen is the sink NE I have kept fridge n SE . It would be very helpful of u if u could suggest any remedies. The copper swastik should be placed outside the main door or Kitchen door? Same with the red light?
    This is very nice site on vastu. Please help me on above.
    Thanking you…

  30. dblossomgurl says:

    Dear sir, we live in a rented house north facing entrance. Kitchen is in North East direction and gas stove plus gas cylinder are facing North. The is no other way for placement of the stove. Also, the kitchen sink plus water purification system is in the south east direction of the kitchen (overall kitchen room is in the north east part of the house). There is a small study room in the actual South East part of the house.

    Please advice why remedies as cooking is for facing North. We are going through several difficulties in life. Please help me with a good remedy. Thank you for your help!

  31. Anshuman Saxena says:

    My kitchen gas stove is facing south. What should I do? More over Toilet is sharing kitchen wall. Toilet seat is facing west east direction.

    • admin says:

      Face East while cooking. Place a Copper Swastika on kitchen wall that sharing with Toilet

  32. Shriya Barik Das says:

    My kitchen is placed on east face also while cooking facing east but it is share with toilet wall and there is no other option. What should I do? Plz tell me the remedy

    • admin says:

      Place a Copper Swastika on the Kitchen wall [Inside] that sharing with Toilet

      • Sandip Roy says:

        Sir I have buy a flat at 2nnd floor, where my kitchen at north west side and is under the toilet of my upper floor as well as toilet at south side and is under the kitchen, it is unavoidable. Kindly suggest the remedy.

  33. Anand says:

    Hi Sir,
    I really liked your post.

    My concern is My kitchen is at South east direction and gas stove facing east everything is correct but sink is at south east . What is the solution?

  34. Hema says:

    Hello sir, we are moving to a new rented house which is east facing , main bedroom in south west and kitchen is in between south west and north west and cooktop in west . Would that be ok to cook facing west . Suggest any remedies. Thank you

  35. Anu says:


    Is there s remedy for kitchen sink on the south wall of the kitchen? The kitchen is in the SE corner of the house and there is good distance between kitchen and sink.

  36. Suchi says:


    I live ina 2 storey house and my kitchen is in the main floor in south . I face south while cooking . Cannot move the stove . Please suggest remedy .


  37. Vishnu says:

    Hi this is vishnu i have my own house g+2, i have kitchen in south east on ground floor then above kitchen on the 1st floor is a bedroom with balcony & above that on the 2nd floor i have a toilet in the south east, so is this a vaastu problem please guide me

  38. nitin bairagi says:

    I have kitchen in the east but the stove is in thw centre east and sink as well as water container is in the south east pls help me for remedy

  39. ABANI KUMAR SAHU says:

    Hi sir,
    My kitchen is west side & also preparing food in west face direction,
    this is rented house.
    any problem
    any remedies ?

    Kindly suggest.

  40. MEENU KAPOOR says:

    Namaste Sir

    I have booked an East facing flat. I know that it is difficult to get a 100 per vastu compliant flat. But I believe in vastu. In my flat kitchen is not in any corner. It is in South. Gas will be in East but sink in West. Kindly tell me the problem and remedy. I will get the possession after January 2018. My dob- 26-12-1977.

    Thanks and regards
    Meenu Kapoor

  41. I want to know that if the cook is facing west direction while what is the remedies for that as this direction is not good for cooks

  42. vidya says:

    We live in phoenix and we are getting a house where i have to face south while cooking. i know it is really bad but can you please suggest any remedy. i would not be able to change my stove at all . Any other remedy would help me.

  43. Johnson says:

    My kitchen is in Northwest and my home is North facing , kindly send me the ideas to keep the gas stove and sink keeping ideas.

  44. Mala says:

    Hi malleshji,I really appreciate ur vastu remedies. My new house is almost constructed. Kindly guide me if any remedy required. It’s in the 2nd floor of an east facing rcc building. Our portion is in left part of the building I.e the whole north part.staircase is in the Centre of the two flat and placed in the eastern part.
    1)our entrance door will be from from south-east-south wall as there is no other option which will lead to a corridor then towards the door of the living room in the northeast portion.And towards the backside of the staircase we have extended our house which is the southwest portion for our house. So should we consider that due to this extension there is a cut in our south east portion. Kindly advise
    2)And we have to place our kitchen in the north west part but first in the corner there is a small balcony then the kitchen.entrace is from East. The kitchen slab will be from South to West wall.And the cooking stove will be in Northwest corner means while cooking one will be facing West. I have a confusion some are saying one should face east or north orelse it will lead to financial issues and northwest kitchen leads to high monetary expenditures. Kindly advise.
    3)our master bedroom is in the extended southwest portion and toilet in the north west part of the room.
    4)In between the master bedroom and the kitchen is the guest room with toilet in the southwest portion of the room.
    5)As the living room is in the northeast portion we have extended the northeast corner a bit to make the worship place. Behind the living room is the dining area it will be in the north.
    6)And towards the right of the living room which will be southeast will be another room where we will keep the television.
    7)we have given maximum windows in the east and North part of the apartment.
    Kindly point if there is any defect and the remedies accordingly so that we can get maximum benefits from our house. Thank you

  45. Kundan says:

    I working in an MNC and getting smart pay but still having shortage of money. I saw this website and as per this i found below dosha in my house (Rent).

    My entry gate is North facing, my main bed room is in North West side, and another bedroom is in South East side.

    In Kitchen face is towards south while cooking, and on bathroom is in North East side.

    Please suggest to remove Vastu Dosha as i am facing financial shortage for last few years.

  46. Amit Pal says:

    Hello sir
    Kitchen in my flat in East direction but there is no space for ventilation… This is OK , if not what we can.

  47. Ankit says:

    I have a stove in south side of the kitchen. Any remedy for it.

  48. suvendu dalbehera says:

    My sink position is at South West direction but unable to change now Is there any problem ? If any plz say remady.

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