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North West Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies


Every one as a human being is expectant of having nice Vaastu which not bears any Vaastu dosh or defect, Happy health, polite children, prosperity and resources of good income through business or profession and elevated status in society with over all mental and marvelous peace. This be able to be happened if your living Home is constructed according to Vaastu Shastra principles
Northwest is the direction of creativeness and richness. Any Vaastu dosh (defects) in this direction leads to increase in enemy, legal obstacles, no good relation within family members, neighbors.

north west vaastu dosh defects and remedies


Defect :

  1. North West cut and extended, water tank in the Northwest
  2. Kitchen here sometimes is a problem.
  3. A dead end in North West from north is the defect of North West direction.


north west vaastu dosh defects and remedies


  1. Legal disputes, Over confidence, Loans and Court Matters
  2. No help from known or unknown friends Lung Problems.
  3. Disturbances in Married life.


  1. Moon is the lord of North west direction so keep  fast  on Monday
  2. Installing  a Chnadra Yantra will be the best remedy for Northwest  Vaastu dosh (defect)
  3. Put OM Swastik and Trishul Both Sides of Main door.
  4. Place a Pyramid Outside or Inside of the house (Outside Preferred).


101 Comments to North West Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies

  1. Raju says:

    As per guidance given to my query ..

    If the North –North-West is extended then its inauspicious, leads to unfortunate.
    Inmates of such hoses will not stable, always keep on Moving.
    Relation in between husband and wife will not quite well.
    Whereas if the West- North – West is extended then it is Auspicious. But residents in such plot / houses have the tendency to involve in illegal acts.
    If you are interested go ahead, make the plot in rectangle leaving that extended portion of
    Northwest. Thanks for the detailed guidance

  2. Raju says:

    Hello Sir, ..”make the plot in rectangle leaving that extended portion of” ..can you please more details for this remedy.

    Do I build a 2/3/4/5 feet wall ..will this suffice ?
    Any other most beneficial way to leave the extended portion
    Will any of the above remedy nullify the negative effect or will it only reduce to some extent ?
    Thanking you for the great work you are doing by guiding people like me.

    • admin says:

      Hello Raju Ji;
      I have replied on mail. If you remove the extended area and not use as in part of house construction, and use it for greenery that will not give any Bad effect.

      • Khan says:

        Dear sir I have the same problem as nort-east extended which I can avoid to use also i have question water level is towards west side in nort road is it any problem.

  3. Raju says:

    Hello Sir,

    It is an already constructed row-house in which there is open space in NorthWest.I will mail further details.Thanks for the mail and the answers.

  4. dr says:

    Hi Sir , I have a north west facing house. I am not sure if we have a north-west dosha.What does it mean when you say north-west extended ?Please clarify.Also I am worried reading about instability , migration , travelling etc as part of this dosha.Is there any remedy to avoid this issue?Also read that -‘North-west if utilized properly’ is good.How can I utilize north-west properly?How can I strengthen north-east?

    • admin says:

      Hello Dr.
      Northwest is not a defect. If the West of North side is longer than West of South west Direction it is called Northwest extended. Northwest is the direction of Movement. So the family head will on Movement, this house can be best for tourist job holders. Proper utilization includes, painting with white or Creaminess color, Using this direction for retired or guest bedroom, Newly married couple. Northeast strengthening- Having entrance, water source, Prayer room in NE, putting a money plant here can strengthen the NE.

  5. Alakesan. G says:

    Sir, Our plot size is 30(north) x 60 (west)feet. We have roads at north, west and south. After we purchase the land, the street focus appears in the north. Out of total 30 feet at north, the street focus covers 20 feet starts from west to east. Can we build a house in this land. Please give your valuable suggestions with remedies if any.

    In addition, the south-west corner of our land ‘1 feet’ not aligning to the south (opp.) plot, which extend towards west road. So shall we leave this 1 feet along from south to north and construct the house in rest of 29 feet. Please advice shall we construct a house in this plot.

  6. madhu says:

    Sir ,

    plot in south west extended and bedroom elevated by 7 ft from first floor in southwest , bed room in south west is having split level that too towards north east of the room

    any problem, can iexpect correction remedies

  7. tanveer says:

    Hello sir their is a corporation water tank in northwest nd it touches my house wall nd a water sump in d west how do I rectify it pls help

    • admin says:

      Hello Tanveer ji:
      Please call me on 09494214400

      • Manoj Kumar says:

        Sir i am staying in company apartment in 2 nd floor dead end which is one corner is NORT WEST corner .And that is attached with my bed room with one torus .Pl suggest is there any demerit or dosh .Pl cooment

  8. Laxmikant says:

    Dear Sir,
    My House entrance is North side. The staricase & under ground water tank is in the Northwest side. As per your articales of North West Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies, i have place Trishule, om & swastik (golden colour) on both sides of the Main door (Main door entrance is North side).
    Now all my family member have problem of illness and no stability of Money. Please suggest me some home remedies.

  9. narresh says:

    hello sir,we hve a big septictank at northwest corner of our plot,and we are not feeling peaceful and feeling sleepless and health problems, is septictank in n/w is a vasthu dosham,please suggest a remedy

  10. Preeti says:

    Hello sir my room is in northwest direction ,nd i also have extended my room towrds north..plz suggest some remedy for it…

  11. tejasa says:

    Our well is in exact north west touching the compound it ok

  12. Manjit says:

    Dear Sir,
    where do i get to buy a chandrayantra and in which location of the house that should be placed for eliminating northwest vastu dosha. Also how should the pyramids and om-swastik-trishul be placed in front of the main entrance.

  13. Mohan Santhanam says:

    Dear sir,
    South west corner plot 45/60. South & north side is 45 feet & east & west is 60 feet. I have built a 35/35 restaurant on the south west without leaving space on the south & west side. I want to construct toilets on the NW side behind the building for visitors. Is it ok or will there be a NW cut.

  14. Sanjay Choudhary says:

    Hi , I have recently build my House and the land in North west has a cut . The house is rectangle . On the cut portion of land in North west we have grass and South West portion has concrete drive way. Can you please suggest some thing if I need to take some corrective action ?

  15. Sanjay Choudhary says:

    If you can give me your email address then I will be able to mail you the plan of Land and house.

  16. Ajit Muralidhar Chaudhari says:

    My flat is in in north west direction. main Dore is opening in nw direction. My one bedroom is on well. that well is on north west side. also toilet is on ne side. so plese send me where can i place chandra yatnara. swastik om and trishul. my flat is 2 bhk and rectangular. kitchen is north west side.
    So please give me remedy for it.
    i thought this is the worst flat . i am leaving here by 10 days ago. at anaant chaturdashi.

    waitng for reply. please tell me where i place chandra yantra in home

  17. Ajit Muralidhar Chaudhari says:

    My flat is in in north west direction. main Dore is opening in nw direction. My one bedroom is on well. that well is on north west side. also toilet is on ne side. so plese send me where can i place chandra yatnara. swastik om and trishul. my flat is 2 bhk and rectangular. kitchen is north west side.
    So please give me remedy for it.
    i thought this is the worst flat . i am leaving here by 10 days ago. at anaant chaturdashi.

    waitng for reply. please tell me where i place chandra yantra in home
    birth date 12 sept 1973 6.30 pm

  18. Nina says:

    Sir I have a depression in northwest (where a cooler is places)and north-northwest has an attached bathroom

    Also my south east is kitchen but has 2 water sinks dre in South -south east (one in kitchen the other below the stair case)

    Overhead water tanks plcd abv kitchen ie south east
    And north west

    Plz gv a remedy so that I do nt hv to do any rectification as my family wud not allow

  19. Harish says:

    Hello sir..having a watersump at Northwest (within car garage) what are the effects

  20. BABITA MISHRA says:

    My main gate is in North west…..My neighbour has bore the summerseble in font of it …..Is it any harm for us?

  21. RAVIKUMAR RT says:

    Sir, If the plot is L shaped with West-North-west extended, and if there are multi-dwelling units, how does the vastu dosha affect. Will all the flat people will be affected?

  22. sujana says:

    My kitchen is in north west direction and the platform is in west direction. while cooking i need to face west side. There is no other opition for me, i have to keep my stove there itself. what is the vaastu dhosa for that? Is there any remedy to that . Pls kindly give some suggestions to me.

  23. Anil says:

    I want to rent a shop in the area, The Plot is projected or extended in north west, but Shop is Made in perfect rectangular by correcting the shape, is there any adverse effect or bad effect will be in there , Can i Rent that Shop without no worry,
    Will be most thank full to you Please Answer Me Soon

  24. Namita says:

    I have a quarter with a cut for fireplace in northwest corner. I cannot get another accomodation and I live in a very remote place. Please suggest a remedy as I am going through a very bad phase of life.

  25. Sivadas says:

    namaskar Sir
    we have plot of size 4300 Sqft. One toilet and septic tanks outside our home, is in north-west corner of the plot and a over head water tank . is it a vastu dosh? if yes what is the remedies

  26. Swati says:

    My flat has an extended northwest can u suggest me any solution and I m planning to give the northwest bedroom to my 5year old baby boy will it be good to him

  27. Vaishnevi says:

    I have a cut in north west.the main entrance is located in north west.unable to get good sleep pls give some remedy.

  28. saroj says:

    dear sir,
    our maindoor of entrance is facing towards northwest and bedroom is also north,we are suffering lots of problems in jobs and also family life.unstable of mind and tressable.what remedies we can do in our house. so please give ur opinion.

  29. Vishwanath says:

    Hello sir …..I have a west facing plot .we are planning for car parking garage in northwest corner…is that good. Can it be extended five feets towards west.

  30. PANKAJ KUMAR says:

    If plot is east facing gomukhi and plot is extended to Northwest more than Southwest. Plot is good or not for a family.

  31. Rajani says:

    HI Sir,

    I am looking for a land which is West facing. And the land is extended in North West corner. Owner is telling that he will make the plot Rectangle and sell. So that the extended plot is not in our name. We are planning to build the compound wall as well in rectangle shape not considering the extended part is that fine or better to avoid buying such lands.

  32. Cameal says:

    Hi is flat that extends in Northwest ok. If there is a bedroom extends into Northwest is it a defect

  33. Mayur says:

    Our Flat has Main entrance door exit towards north in North West Corner. There are two flats opposite to our flat. Our Entire flats window is east Facing & One bedroom has south facing window.
    Is it North West dosh? We need to apply suggested remedies for this?

  34. khaleelulla baig says:

    hi, my house has a NW cut – needs remedy urjent problems mentioned have occured in my life.
    house is like this NE to SE is 60 feets , SE to SW is 50 feets, NW to SW is 30 feets and NE to NW has 11 corners bcoz of road
    plz help me

  35. svssrinivasarao says:

    Please suggest whether I can purchase a house with northwest extended and garage on the northwest facing east.

  36. Hemamalini says:

    Hello sir
    I attach my house plan
    it is a flat
    E – extenteded northwest corner
    k – kitchen
    H – Hall
    B1 – bedroom one
    B2 – children room
    can you give me a idea for that extended portion

  37. Arun prasad says:

    Hi Respected Sir,

    I am interested in North facing plot, where in North is 28.9 ft and South is 27 and East is proper 50. I hope it is North West extended at west. Can I go for the plot ? Any remedies needed. can I leave the extended portion and construct only on 27*50? If I register only 27*50 as rectangle plot leaving the other will it be considered as rectangle plot and does it make any difference?

  38. Dayananda K R says:


    We are buying a plot east facing dimension 20 width and north west 37 feets & south west is 34feet.

    Can you please advice, i can built a house?

  39. AkshayKR says:

    Hi sir.. There is a depression ( level down by 6 steps ) in north west direction of my house that leads to toilet & bathroom by 6 .. People are saying it will lead to enemity & litigations… Financial breakdown.. Is it correct?

  40. Raja says:


    We had constructed our house in 2013.Since then we are facing health issues.The pooja room was constructed in the North-West direction.Is it a vaastu defect?If yes,any remedies for that?

    • admin says:

      There may be defect in Southeast. Please send me the plan of this house on my mail id:
      It’s a chargeable service

      • yathindra says:

        dear sir
        I am constructing a house and the rooms are comming very small and ours is a east facing site with ew 52ft and ns 30ft we had planned for 2 portions per floor with two bed rooms and since the westren portion we are getting rooms very small we thought of extending walls in NW direction and retain the upper slab according to vastu as square. Pls direct us

  41. Shivashankar says:

    Hi sir
    Can I buy a house facing is North 30 feet, west 50 feet corner .built house

  42. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have doubt in a plot that I’m planning to buy. The plot is facing East. The Width is equal i.e. 26 feet on the both the sides. The breadth is 48 and 52 feet.

    Measures Facing (in feet):-
    1. East – 26,
    2. West 26,
    3. South – 48
    4. North 52.

    So the North west corner might be extended and the plot is not perfect rectangle. Is it good buy this plot? Kindly help me to decide.

  43. Hello Sir,

    Am planing to buy a East facing Plot with dimensions of East = 40, North = 45 West = 41 and South =48 feet. So the North West point of the plot is lesser than South West. Can the house be built by make the South side to 45 feet and constructing a 2 feet wall and removing the extended part from the Plot. ? Will this House not have any effects of North-West cut ?

    Also can the cut off part (after making a correct Rectangle Plot) can be used for Gardening purposes ?

    Please let me know.


  44. Sreena says:

    Where to Install a Chandra Yantra if the main door is on Northwest and northwest is not the favorable direction for owner.

  45. […] North West Vaastu Dosh (Defects) and Remedies […]

  46. S Ghosh says:

    For a family with adult son but no daughter, is it beneficial to have a bedroom in N-W of an apartment ? Is it better to have it in or N-E ?
    If Kitchen is placed in N-W of apartment which direction to face while cooking ?

    S Ghosh

  47. Ghosh says:

    Thanks Sir . There is big balcony in middle of south and west in a diagonal plot. Some say, it has to be covered. How it is possible , or how can we enjoy south breeze without it ? Please advise.

    • Mallesh Gangaiwar says:

      Cover it with Thick curtains all the time with Brown in color
      You can use it as Normal

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