South Facing House Benefits

South facing houses are always not bad.  Southwest is not good, House facing Southwest gives failure in every field to the inmates like health, wealth, status and many more. 

South facing plot is also very good for all type of constructions, like house, flat or a business enterprise. However, due care should be taken while planning construction design for that South facing House.

Because the magnetic forces of the earth are designed from North Pole and to be received by the South Pole, this plot brings success for every effort, if built according to Vaastu Shastra


Specialty of South Facing House:


  • The Earth is a great Magnetic power and created with beautiful things with rivers and oceans. Everything on the earth is maintained due to perfect balancing of this magnetic force. These magnetic forces are emitted from the North Pole and received by the South Pole.
  • South facing plots are propitious as they are at the receiving end of Magnetic forces and Energy. These forces create healthy and wealthy vibrations and ensure prosperity to the inmates of south facing plots, Houses.Vaastu for South Facing House
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, South is the direction of Lord Yama or “Yamaraja” who is the God of death. Yama the God of law and responsible to Lord “God Shiva” the Destroyer. Yama is supposed to the judge for the Sins and activities of human being.
  • South facing Houses is second option after the East facing houses. People living in the South facing houses are prosperous and wealthy compared to others if they follow Vastu Shastra rules.
  • Research shows, in many villages particularly the big land lords, leader of the village, wealthy people lives in the south facing houses.
  • The south facing houses always promotes the owner’s wealth and makes them relaxed and strong in financial terms. They lead their life better than others.

Vaastu Tips for South facing House construction:-


  1. The main door should be situated in the South (Positive) or 4th  Pada of the South direction. The main door facing exactly south is good omen.
  2. The Kitchen can be built at Northwest corner first option is Southeast.
  3. Master bedroom and over-head tank should be in the south west corner. Do not compromise on this direction for front elevation designing.
  4. Never built car porch, garden, septic tank and water sump in Southwest direction.
  5. Keep open area in East and North sides other the West and South.
  6. Avoid keeping big trees or heavy flower pots in the Northeast areas of the plot.
  7. If waste water, rain water and drainage outlet flows from the Northeast direction, the children will do well in studies and profession.
  8. Keeping more open space in the South, will give bad effects or it is harmful.
  9. A Bore-well or pond in South direction is indicative of loss of money and may cause accidental losses.
  10. If garden is to be design in the Southwest corner, then constructing a mountain like structure in Southwest corner puts the good effects to that Vaastu.
  11. Designing the office or shop in the Southwest corner improves financial condition of the proprietor; remember this shop should not be rented out.
  12. Making the South wall high than north wall gives good results.
  13. Doors should not be directly fixed with columns and can be fixed after constructing a brick wall of least 6 inches width.
  14. Septic tanks are linked for financial losses and huge medical problems in many of the Houses if not designed properly to build as per Vaastu Shastra.
  15. The septic tank can be built in the Northwest side, North (negative) portions for South facing houses.
  16. The septic tank should be located at least 15 feet away from a bore well, well and water sump.
  17. Design the staircase of the building in the South, Southeast, West or Northwest corner for South facing house or flat. It should not be in the Northeast corner at any cost.
  18. A Staircase in the Northeast corner leads to loss of wealth; business comes to inactive. 

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  1. sir i m staying in rented house on first floor.
    my house is south facing with main door n main entrance south facing.
    on ground floor car parking is there beneth my house.
    kitchen is in south east corner n cookin is done facing east.
    pooja room is in center of house.
    soth west corner hav staircase due to which south west corner is reduced n not extended comparing to south n south east corner.
    two toilets one in north west corner n one in south west corner jus behind staircase.
    kindly explain if any vastu dosh present?

    • Hello Sushila ji;
      Toilet in south west corner and reduced southwest corner are the defects. Whats your problem.

      • Hello Sir my name is sarat and i am also staying in a rented appartment with a south entrance , with north east corner having a toilet , and my not a single things are happening , i am into real estate.

        • Hello Sarat ji:
          North-east toilet is a big defect which shows negativity every where, and it’s a rental so shift elsewhere

  2. sir my house is south facing and room no is 404 sector-9 and it is last flat 4 storey building. and terace come.. my toilet is facing is south and bath room is also facing is south. bedroom facing is west. kitchen facing while cooking is west… what is the changes required.. pls help guruji

    • Hello Hernaik Singh:
      Please give the location of Toilet, Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen and not the facing of that elements. Or send me the plan of your house. So that i can help.

      • entrance is from south to north first come hall and then kitchen on left hand side, right hand side first bed room , next 2nd bedroom, in front of 2nd bedroom wc come and right hand side bathroom comes…

        • Dear Hernaik s Singh,
          I think you need to change you house to somewhere else.. but before going to rented house consult vastu expert… entrance facing north or east is better than everything, then kitchen at southeast corner cook facing east… bedroom southwest, place heavy things like cash box(bureau/store-well ) facing north or east. place mirror and wall clocks at east wall of north east part facing west. if cash box(bureau)has mirror, please remove or close it with clothes or papers… toilets at north part of northwest corner facing south… Don’t build Pooja rooms and toilets under staircase… under staircase u can use it as store room…. Best part for Pooja room is North-East, you can use North-East rom as study room for children(sit facing east), business place (sit facing east or north)… at Southwest maintain height more than any wall. water pumps underground water storage can be placed at northeast part….

  3. The plot is siuth facing. Main door is east facing. We have a sump tank at south west corner. Is this a vastu dosh? Kindly suggest remidies if it is so.

    • Hello Manjunath Ji:
      Sump at Southwest Direction is a Sever defect. Place a ” Panchmukhi Hamnuman” pic facing Southwest direction. Paint a postmen red color on top of Sump. Strengthen the Northeast direction. Family head should always use Southwest bedroom.

    • Hello Krunal:
      Paint South entrance door with brown color. Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Picture facing South direction on above the main door.
      Place a Pendulum watch on South wall. Inform regarding the positioning of kitchen,Bedroom, Toilets and water source etc and your date of birth.

    • Sir ji my father gifted me a south facing “T”plot . I want to build it .

      Main Darvaja or kitchen or toilet bathroom kese banau Ki Vastu dosh Na ho
      Plot Ki size bhi alag hai
      East side 40
      West side 37
      Nort side 30
      South facing 30
      Pls help me
      Adv.Dashrath singh panwar
      25/10/1987 my d/b

  4. Sir we have constructed south facing house main door facing north east n sump is in north east corner n car garage in south west corner n genral barthroom in North pls suggest is this good r bad

      • Hello sir we recently bought a home with enterance on southwest and a back door fence door on north east corner. My husband date of birth is jan 17 1983. And i have bathroom in northwest and open space in north east and kitchen is facing towards east and master bedroom is in south east . What are the defects and how to minimize them ?

  5. Hi Sir,

    My Flat is South Facing, Entrance opens in Hall, Hall has lot of open space, as per your blog we should not have open space in south direction, please let me know what should I do in this case ?

    • Hello Sonal:
      Paint brown color on South entrance door. Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Picture facing Southwest direction on above the main door.
      Place a Pendulum watch on South wall of your Hall. Inform regarding the positioning of kitchen,Bedroom, Toilets and water source etc.

  6. I have a south west entrance and have had so many problems. Financial health and separation. What is the cure since selling is not an option

    • Hello Ang:
      Paint brown color on entrance door. Place a “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Pic facing Southwest direction.
      Put a Pendulum watch on South wall. However whats the position of other elements in house like, kitchen,Bedroom, Toilets etc.

  7. Hi,

    I have a purchased a property at ground floor which has two doors. Main door which is slightly bigger than other door faces the south (south east of my flat) direction and other door faces west direction and is little smaller than main door having a small open balcony ahead of it.
    Please advise if I can close my south entrance and start using west facing door as a main door.

    • Hello Subodh Ji:
      Entrance where exact from southeast. Inform me your date of birth so that i will tell you exact which door is to use.

      • Thank You For Your Response.

        My birth day is 5th March 1987.
        I would like to add to my above statement that I am talking about my main hall that has two entrances. if I stand in at the centre in my hall facing east then the main entrance is at the extreme corner of East & South and facing towards south.
        The other door has little passage ahead around 4 ft (something like balcony) which is open as of now. This is new construction and I am supposed to take possession next month.

        • Hello Subodh Ji;
          Southeast entrance is very favorable for you according to Numerology. So use the entrance of Southeast. However the west door you can keep without closing.

      • I have purchased a flat which door faces to south direction but located at south west corner. there is one more flat adjacent to us in the same apartment. pl suggest some simple and effective measures to rectify the vastu dosh And also suggest benefits and drawback of this flat.

        Ashish Jha

        • Hello Ashish ji:
          South-west entrance is treated unlucky and can makes the life struggle-full
          Put a Hanumat Pujan Yantra with Ganesh Yantra outside the entrance door and Ganesh yantra inside the entrance area.
          Have to use some another Yantras in the House.

  8. Hello SIR,
    South portion of my apartment is extended and kitchen is there in that extended area. So, what could be the possible remedies for this defect. Thank-you

  9. My house is south facing, the house is in irregular shape, it has more parts in east side. I have a water pump in south west corner, and small trees are biside it. Main door is facing south. When you enter from the main door u will see the wall of the toilet. I have underground water tank in east part and it is under the stairs of the house. There is only one window in the north direction rest is all wall, master bedroom is in southwest with windows in south and it has a small balcony in southwest corner of the room. Living room in southeast, windows only in south direction, it has a balcony in south. Another bedroom in north east. Room is not in perfect shape, it has 2 windows north and west. Just above this room there is a toilet that’s in north part and it’s wall is common to the puja room the prayer room.. The puja room is in north east corner. Kitchen in south east, above the puja room we have over head tank.. Northeast and southeast are the top roof of the house. There’s a lower roof which is open in south, west and north direction, we are facing financial problems business is not going well, plz show me a better way,,,!!!!

    • Hello Sumitlama:
      Water pump in south west corner: Defect. Underground water tank in east and is under the stairs. Stairs in East: Defect. Master bedroom is in southwest- OK always keep closed that balcony[SW] or put some plants there. Bedroom in NE is defect, never use this for unmarried girls and couples. Again toilet in Northeast is a defect. NE and SE are top and SW and NW are at lower , this is also a defect.
      Please send me the plan i will try to help

  10. We are going to build a house with just two room in a flat , bathroom in north and house is south facing and , main entrance door is also in south
    But as we heard its not good in south , we have already finished some construction works , should we need to break it and make its entrance at east

    Please suggest .

  11. We are going to build a house with just two room in a flat , bathroom in north and house is south facing and , main entrance door is also in south
    But as we heard its not good in south , we have already finished some construction works , should we need to break it and make its entrance at east

    Please suggest

    • Hello ReshmaJi;
      Bathroom [including WC] North is a major defect and South entrance is also not good. And call me urgently on 09494214400

      • Sorry I didnot called I am from Nepal , and is there is different vastu and its assumptions according to different country and culture,

        • And we had increased some portion in east and made main entrance in east but couldnot change bathroom part , so it is at north .is there any remedy??

          • oh , Thank you so much , and is it different with people living there ?
            , I mean you have replied here to someone according to their date of birth. is it?

          • Dear Admin,
            We are going to construct the house in south facing, We planned entrance in south east, its continue with hall, south west – bed room, north west – kitchen, north east – pooja room and one bed room in between pooja room and kitchen north side, And we planned to have the staircase in between north west to south west centre in inner side. and upper roofing in hall, and one bed room in south west in first floor, Please guide us, where we need to fix the main entrance? and this layout is ok with vastu.. and one more clarification, we wrongly fixed the bore well in side the buliding compound in north east place(is this any defict)? Please clarify? if possible, shall u check our drawing? Please guide, In first time we are planning to build one house. so pls help.

  12. we hv started nursery my date of birth is is 14/01/1965 ithas open playing space in south n office n classes r in north east which is on little upper side its partnership firm south n northwest portion is open n lower kindly suggest me remedy

  13. Namaskar, I have singale room and south facing east, west and north are coverd by neighbours and my main door is south facing and near the west wall. Please give me OPAAY what i have to do

  14. Hi! I’m renovating my house currently. My house facing at the South East entrance and its semi-detached house. The corner land is facing at East towards North. My master bedroom will be at the Southwest. There will be no window in the room therefore the room will be dark. How do I overcome this situation?

  15. my date of birth is july 8th 1974 time 2.45am place is khammam in andhra pradesh. I don’t have own house, I am living in rented house, which face house is suitable for me, please suggest. Thanking you.Narender

  16. We have south facing plot & bunglow in it. Entry s. Under water tank sw. Kitchen se. Living sw. Bedroom 1 nw 2ne.starkase w.Thishouse is in jodhpur city near our netive place & we use this quite little. We hope to settle in this house & city but cant. Pl suggest good way. We are ready to make changes in it.

  17. I live in a rented house (1BHK) with entrance is South facing,with bed room in NE , kitchen in SE, toilet in SW. Please let me know the corrections required or vastu remedies.

  18. Sir read your posts, excellent and informative. We are building apartment in top most floor of building. This is how the apartment looks with respect to direction:

    W E

    Open Private terrace open private terrace open private terrace

    2nd Bedroom
    Study Living Room

    Dining Balcony
    Master bedroom
    OTS Main door OTS Puja

    Room Kitchen
    3rd Bedroom

    For your reference:
    Main Door – South (more towards West portion of house)
    Living – Centre of house with windows on North overlooking open private terrace on North
    Study – Centre of west portion of the house

    Master Bedroom (to be used by earning members of family aged 27+) – West with south west extensions for wardrobe on south west and toilet in south east positions to the master bedroom. Attached to open private terrace on the north and window on the north west wall.

    Puja -South centre of the house facing east
    Dining – Centre of eastern portion of the house attached to balcony on the east and open private terrace on north

    2nd Bedroom (to be used by owners of the house aged 55+) – North East corner with windows on South east and North east walls with attached toilet in the south east and wardrobe space in the north west.

    3rd bedroom (to be used by people aged 80+ and kids) – South extension (more towards the the eastern portion of the house) with South wall window and attached toilet in south east.

    Kitchen – South East Corner with east window attached to store room on the west.

    Private terrace – Open private terrace of 600 sq. Ft. Spread across the north west and north portion of the house with openings for master bedroom, dining and 2nd bedroom. There is also a proposed open to sky bath in north west corner of the private terrace.

    Are the positions of rooms and usage okay as per vasthu sir? If there is any problems, if so what are the parihaarams? Looking forward to your expert advise sir.


    • Hello Raghu Ji:
      What you have explained from that:
      Kitchen in SE – OK;
      Dining – OK; Puja room in South- defect: try to shift it North, Northeast, East. Master bedroom in SW for earner of family – OK. [Southeast extension means what]. 2nd bedroom in NE with attached toilet in SE means it falls in East- defection- Defect. 3rd bedroom in South extension means exact what. Please call me on 9494214400

      • Hello Sir, My Flat Main Entrance Facing South And we have another Entrance Facing West, Usually We kept close west door always. The apartment main entrance facing west too.
        Plz advice for which side has to use??

        • Hello Sethil:
          Generally South Main Entrance is not preferred, however inform the date of birth of the registered owner of this house and the profession, then i will describe which door is to be used.

          • My Date of birth is 17.02.1979 and my profession is working in supply chain management.Need vastu remedies Plz.

          • Hello Senthil
            According to your date of birth East direction is favorable for you. How ever you can use West direction and close minimum use that South door.

  19. Sir I want to ask two questions 1. According to plan the kitchen is in south east and one bedroom is in south west n the entry of the floor is from west. The big bedroom is in north west n I’m the main male member of my house. The second option an is entry of the floor is from east and the big other.bedroom is in north west and the kitchen is between south east and north east which option is better pls suggest urgent

    • Hello Amit:
      See that Master bedroom should be in SW and kitchen should be in SE and entrance should be in East. Other things may be acceptable. See where you will fit or what is suitable for you. And your question is little confusing. [suggest urgent means what?]

  20. Hello Sir, My Flat Facing South and the Kitchen is in SE And the Toilet in NE and the bedroom is in W, The Well is in N but Half closed condition not using, and The Main Apartment Entrance facing W. Plz Give me some vastu remedies for my Flat.

    • Hello Rajkumar:
      South facing house is not always bad, please inform your date of birth. Toilet in NE is defect. The Well is in N means what?

      • Dear Sir, thanx for the reply. My date of birth is 09.12.1984. I trying to say Well(bene/Kinaru) is in N but Half closed condition not using.Plz Give me some vastu remedies for my Flat. Plz reply

        • Hello Rajkumar:
          According to your Date of Birth, Northeast is the favorable direction for you. Well in north is not a defect. Toilet in NE is the defect, shift it to South or Northwest.

  21. hello sir, I am a student and for last 6 years I have observed that whenever I change rent houses I always get the south faced house with south facing room.I have had several ups downs in my student life.Even my paternal house is south faced. Please tell if it suits me or not.
    My date of birth is 24th march 1990, 6:45pm,darbhanga.

    • Hello Rakesh Kumar:
      According to your Date of Birth East is the favorable direction for you. How ever regarding your problem seek a guidance from well-known Astrologer, there may be a Pitru dosha in one of your family member.

  22. Sir,

    I am staying in a rented flat on first floor.

    Ground floor – compound entry is in south. Main gate opens towards west. Another entrance opens towards south – which connects to the staircase.

    First floor – entry to the staircase is from south. Staircase leads to my entrance door on the first floor which is at the south west corner (when u enter and see the flat the main gate falls more towards south west). After entry left hand side is hall and a balcony facing towards west. Right hand side opposite to the main door is kitchen. Bathroom is in north and south (in the middle of the flat). Towards extreme side i.e south-east and north-east are two adjacent bed-rooms. Please tell me if this is good for me. My dob is 3 Jan 1985. Regards

    • Hello Anjalie:
      According to your DOB South is the favorable direction for you. South-east and North-east bedrooms means where is your kitchen. These bedrooms are not useful for couples.

      • Dear Sir,

        When I enter from the entry door of my flat (on 1st floor), left hand side is only hall. The entry door opens outward. A corridor starts from the place where I enter, which further goes towards right hand side. Opposite to the main gate the kitchen is located – in the middle of the house in north direction.

        When I move towards right hand side in the corridor it leads me to bedrooms (corridor and kitchen ends there. Also, when the kitchen ends, there is small vacant space). Both bedrooms are of the same size and adjacent to each other – located towards the extreme end of the house which is in the east direction. Before each bedrooms, bathrooms are located. One common bathroom faces towards south (falls in the same line as of the main entrance door). Another attached bathroom falls in north direction and faces east.)

        Is it good for my sister too. Her DOB is 21 August 1989.


        • Sir,

          Thank you for the reply. Me and my sister both are not married..She is studying and I am looking at proposals for marriage. I am also looking to venture into my business soon. Things are in proposal stage, nothing is yet finalised. Is this house good for us – for both personal and professional purposes?

          • Hello Anjalie Ji;
            What you have said from that, I am not getting clarity about your house. Please call me on 09494214400 so that i can help.

  23. sir my house is also a south facing one but unfortunately the toilet is in the north-east corner is there any remedy

    • Hello Kanha:
      South facing house is always not bad, but the Toilet in North-east direction is a Sever defect. As I always say any remedial measure will reduce the negative impact but not eradicate that defect. So shifting that Toilet to South or Northwest is the only remedy.

      • sir thankyou so much for the reply. Its my grandfather’s house,about 47 to 50 years old
        my DOB is 25/05/1992 ,time- 5:45 pm.
        shifting to the south or nw direction is not possible plz help


        ———–main gate—————————–mini gate———

        | BALCONY |
        | STUDY ROOM |
        ””””””””’||””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ W
        E = LIVING ROOM | master bedroom
        place : door door “small bed room
        for = ”
        worship : DINING ROOM = door
        ””””””””’ ”
        KITCHEN = ”
        TOILET = a small | door |
        | place | |
        for | |
        wash |
        ”””””””””””””””””” | |
        | a |
        window = |”””””””””’|”””””” |
        | room = bed | toilet |
        | | room = |
        | window |,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|,,,,,,,, |

        a small backyard with garden


        which colour should i use for my study room?

  24. Hi

    I am thing of renting the property with South facing. The entrance is in the middle of the property facing south and on the south west corner (of the building is the Garage for car) and for the house is the kitchen. we cook facing south.

    One bedroom is in the south east and the other is in the northeast. the toilet is south part of the house next to the main door. I can send a picture if i can have an email please.

    The living room faces the north and but there are no doors facing east. the east side is fuly closed. the west side is closed by the garage and then the garage door opens towards the north. There is a door from the kitchen into the garage.

    The main house has one door from the entrance and one door from the garage. Both face the south.
    Is this house good acccoring to vastu

    look forward for your reply
    many thanks

  25. Sir…
    We have just rented a house and its south facing… the kitchen is in the South but not on the right side but on the left…. as we enter… straight to the entry is the all and left is the dinning area… One small room in the south west… but the toilet is also in south west… just outside the room are stairs to the first floor… 1 room in south west and the other in the North east…. Please let me know what can i do to stay here peacefully n happily…

    • Hello Rani Ji:
      I am not getting anything exact. See that Kitchen should in Southeast and Master bedroom should be in Southwest, and Toilet in Southwest is the defect. Match the position in your house.

  26. Sir,
    we are currently in USA as my husband is doing PhD. He is about to finish and we are moving in rental apt next month. The flat is south-north all rooms aligned in a row. It is in basement and main entrance is in southwest corner facing south entering in living room, then kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in north. The whole apartment has a slope towards south. Please suggest us remedies to avoid disturbances created due to this defect.

    • Hello Nayana ji;
      Since this flat is in basement, so Earth element is weak, main entrance in southwest corner facing south, this is also defect. Living room in Southwest, Kitchen in south and bedroom [bathroom] likely in Northeast. Totally defected apt. Not recommended.

  27. Hi, I am going to rent a house to run a day care, were the main door is facing the south towards the main road kindly help me out is it okay to start my day care there

  28. Hello, Please help! We are currently renting house south facing with south facing cooktop. We are considering moving to rental with SW facing door and NW facing cooktop. My concern is for my daughter and do not want it to be inauspicious for her or my husband.

    Thank you.

  29. Sir, My house is facing south n main door in 4.5 pada n toilet is in the east towards se pls suggest the remedy

    • Hello Shalini Ji:
      House facing South and if main door is in 4.5 pada, then it’s OK. Shift the toilet of East towards South or Northwest.

  30. Hello Sir,
    I have a south facing plot on my father’s name and want to construct house on that,I and my brother want to jointly construct the house.
    DOB of my father-10-07-1940
    DOB of my brother-02-12-1967
    My DOB-24-01-1970

    Kindly suggest for house plan.
    Subodh Misra

    • Hello Mitraji;
      Flat from the in side main door is South facing. Means when you exit from the house you will face South. Please inform me your date of birth so that i will help you better.

      • Hello sir my flat is south facing and toilet is on the north side and bedroom on west side and hall is also on west side pls tell me defects and upay and my date of birth is 8 oct1979
        And time 9.05pm at new delhi

        • Hello Vandana Ji:
          According to your date birth West is favorable direction for you.
          Main door South facing and toilet in North these are defects. Please send me Plan of your flat so that i can help you. [You said Please send me my question, means what]

  31. Hello sir,
    We are planning to buy a already built house which is south facing. Main door is also south facing. My DOB is 13/07/84. Can you pls suggest if it is good for me.

    • Hello Rashmi ji:
      According to your date of birth Southeast direction is suitable for you. And only considering the Main entrance its difficult to suggest.

  32. Namaste,
    My rented two bedroom apartment main door is south facing on the second floor. One of the bathroom is in North-east direction and another in south-west direction. The kitchen is north-west direction. The balcony is in the North direction.

    There is vacant portion opposite to our door. Obviously which is north facing. The double bedroom apartment bathroom is in south-west direction and in north-east direction. The balcony is South direction where the flow of breeze is aplenty. But just back of it is a Hospital.

    Please advice the remedy for my current residence or should I shift to the vacant apartment which opposite to my residence( advise the remedies if shifting is required in the vacant apartment). I stay with my wife.

    As they are rented apartments I will not be able to carry out any modifications. And the doors are painted brown.

    The car parking place is below us.

    My DOB is 07 Aug 1978.
    Wife’s DOB is 15 Feb 1981.

    • Hello Sandeep Ji:
      According to date of birth: 07.08.1978= favorable direction is Southwest: and for 15.02.1981= South.
      Bathroom in Northeast direction and another in Southwest direction in both the apartments are defects. And without plan observations remedies can’t be

  33. I have a south facing house with good vastu. But in the south I have a natural pond which is 70 ft away from my house. Will this affect me and if yes are there any remedies.

    • Hello Aarthi ji:
      The pond at 70 ft away from your house will impact upto some extent. Construct a wall [Like compound wall] in South of your plot so that Pond can not be visible from the entrance door.

  34. Hello sir, it’s a great work you are doing n taking out precious time to individually answer to people’s problem. My flat is north facing though the entrance of the building is south. There are three bedrooms in the northwest, southeast and southwest corners. The kitchen is in northeast corner. Kindly inform me of the defects in the outlay. Regards.

    • Hello Nelam ji:
      Thank you for Nice comment.
      The entrance of the building in South. The kitchen in Northeast corner, And Southeast bedroom are the defects. please send me the plan of your flat on, and date of birth of the registered owner of this flat. So that i will help you better.

  35. Namastey,

    My 12 years daughter’s room is in NE corner of the plot, more towards east side though.
    The room has attached balcony open towards NE side, more toward Nothern side.
    when we entre in her room, we face toward east.
    It has attached washroom, SE corner of room, toilet & washbasin drain towards south.
    The room also has walk-in-closet at SW corner of the room.
    What should I do to make her room more positive for her studies, character, and nature? Her DOB is 21 july 2002

    please help me as I am really concerned for her room vastu.

  36. Hello Sir, Namaste.
    Me and My wife are moving into Apartment(rented), which faces south west(more tilted towards west). could you please advice should i go with that? Mine – 10-July-78; wife-07-Feb-84, Son: 13-May-12.
    Anyhelp would be appreciated.
    thank you.

    • Hello Anil ji:
      According to your date of birth North is favorable direction for you. But according to your better half’s birth date Southwest is favorable direction. So prepare any legal document on her name.

  37. Hello SIr,

    My DOB is 22nd march 1971 birth time 05.10 am place chennai , im leaving in rented house, right now im staying in north east main entrance door, but my debts are mounting day by day, pls advice me which direction is good for me.


    • Hello Sanjeev ji:
      According to your date of birth Northeast is favorable direction for you. However there may be defect in Southeast direction which giving you debts full life.

          • Hello sir,

            Pls can you tell me which direction is best for me as per my DOB, 22.03.1971
            my wife DOB is 05.12.1987

          • Hello Sanjeev Ji:
            According to your date of birth for you [22.03.1971] Northeast and for your better half [5.12.1987] North is the favorable directions.

          • hello sir,

            my dob is 03/07/1972 pls let me know which direction house is best for me, currently im staying in west facing house, im in severe debts and health is also not good, pls suggest me.


          • hello sir, my dob is 03/07/1972 pls let me know which direction house is best for me, currently im staying in west facing rented house only one room, im in severe debts and health is also not good, pls suggest me. raju

  38. Hello sir, I am staying in rented house which is south facing. Is it good as I am facing lot of problem. My dob is 1-03-1981 and time is 2:00 am. and my wife’s dob is 9-10-1985. please advice me a favourable direction.

    • Hello Vinay Ji:
      According to your DOB [01.03.1981] North and your better half [09.10.1985] Southeast is favorable directions.

  39. DEAR SIR

  40. my flat is south facing, and north is having terece and north side there is swimming pool.
    rooms are in north east, north and bathroom cum toilet is In ; South East at corner and south.
    please explain me if it is ok ? i have some effects in business and i buy this now. if this is ok for my business.

    • Hello Rashi Ji:
      Flat is South facing. Northeast room, Bathroom cum Toilet in Southeast could be defects. And whats your exact problem please clarify.

  41. Namaste sir. My wife and I are purchasing a south facing house. If we divide the south house wall by 9 the main front door is 6 from southeast opening to the south. The main door we will use regularly is the door in the garage maybe 4 from south east. There is a glass door to use to go to patio facing north not directly across. The main family room is in north and east and is open.

    My birth is 3/27/77. My wife is 10/16/78. Is the entrance ok. Please help as we have new baby

    • Hello Madhavan Ji:
      According to your DOB. [27.03.1977] South is favorable direction to you. And for your better half [16.10.1978] Southeast is favorable direction.

  42. Hello Sir,
    Our house has a south entry. Off lately we have realised that the handles of every thing are breaking. What are these indications. Is it related to the south entry flat which is not favouring me. Pl help.

  43. Namestey sir, I am planning to buy a house. But it is south facing. I dont know if I should buy it because of the facing. My DOB is 18/9/1975. Also should I see for my wife as well because both of us are going to invest in it. My wifes DOB is 26/7/1981

    • Hello Pawan Kumar:
      According to DOB: [18.09.1795] Southwest and [26.07.1981] Northeast is the favorable direction. Generally South facing houses are not preferred

  44. Hello Sir. Namaste.. Our house is East facing. Main door is East facing. I have two problems to mention.
    1. We have overall 9 doors in this house. Heard that according to vastu 9 doors is problem.
    2. One extra door which we use to go to backyard is facing South.

    Can you please suggest me good remedies to avoid any kind of problems?

    Thank you in Advance.
    Sharath Babu

      • Hello sir…yes overall it is 9 doors in which one of them is facing south. This door is used to go backside of the house. Please suggest a good remedy.

  45. my DOB 25.4.1966 Time 9:00 AM Place Lucknow
    my house is absolutely south facing and is under construction
    my house is in the name of my father.
    we are constructing four floors with parking at the ground level( stilt parking )
    and i am thinking to go in for sliding door at the parking area so that cars can be parked comfortably.
    plot size is 25’x72′. 25′ is the front.
    second i want to ask is which flower or idol or design for the wall facing south side is auspicious.
    because i want to put that artifact in that wall (southwest) portion of the wall.
    please guide me.
    and one more thing construction is very slow ( financial ) problem is also there.
    help me please.

    • Hello Sudeep ji;
      I am not getting what you are asking. can you please call me on 9494214400. Construction is very slow, this could be due to defect in Southeast.

  46. Hi!
    We live in a flat which is south facing. My DOB is 30 April 1983.
    If I stand in the center of my house facing south then the enterance door is in left most corner of the house, bathroom and toilet in northwest corner of the house, kitchen in north and cooking is done facing west. Bedroom is in southwest corner of the flat.
    We are 5 members living in this flat. We cannot afford to remodel this apartment . Can u please suggest us some remedied?

  47. Hallow Sir, I am having south facing site please give vasthu plan South=20, East=29,North=32 & West=42. Thanks in advance Sir

  48. i m planning to buy a new house which has main door in south.there is a back door in north, staircase to upper floors in north east,living room as we enter ,kitchen in north east,dining room in north west, toilet and bathroom for lower floor in north west.please advice should i buy the house or is not favorable.if yes any changes u suggest.waiting for your reply.

  49. Hello Sir.. Might be you are busy or forgot my note above. Please suggest me a remedy for the following.

    Our house is East facing. Main door is North East facing. I have two problems to mention.
    1. We have total 9 doors in this house. Heard that according to vastu 9 doors is problem.
    2. Out of that 9 doors, one door is facing South which is used to go to backside of the house

    Can you please suggest me good remedies to avoid any kind of problems?

    • Hello Sharath Ji
      Sorry for late reply. Generally doors should be in Even and not odd numbers. You can make them 8 in Numbers removing one of door and making that “Arch” because if you add one door that will make 10 which is again defect.

  50. namashkar sir,

    My DOB is 01 Oct 1974 and my husband’s DOB is 28 Sep 1974. My house is south facing.
    Please suggest me if this is favorable house for us.

    • Hello LK:
      According to DOB [01.10.1974] North and [28.09.1974] Southwest are the favorable directions for you.

  51. Sir, we are planning to buy a south facing house. My husbands date of birth is May 19, 1974 and mine is Feb 18, 1978. Will the house be good for us? Thank you.

  52. Sir, i am going to construct a house over South facing plot, secondly, size is very less 15′ x 60′ (width is very small) what shall be measures to be taken before start pl. suggest.

  53. Sir, we are planning to buy a south facing house. My husbands date of birth is May 19, 1974 and my is February 18, 1978. Will the home be good for us? Thank you

  54. Sir, we are going to build a new Home, I have doubts on the vastu of Home. Kindly reply on the directions it should be placed.
    1. Main door
    2. Kitchen
    3. In side Home steps
    4. Bathroom of master bedroom
    5. Pooja room
    6. Exit to back side through which direction and also suggest some vasthu helps

  55. Dear sir, i am Rajnish. My date of birth is 04-Aug-1980 (6 pm)..i m looking out for a rented flat and I have got one but it is South facing, the main door is facing south. Kindly let me know what direction of door / house would be better for me.. Thanks

  56. Dear sir my house is north facing w’th 23 n, 39 s, 74 e, &65 w. W’th main gate on the east wall facing toward north w’th stairs from north to south touching the eastern wall in front of main gate & bathroom in South east w’th the difference of 6 ft away from East wall is it ok please tell us.

  57. Dear Admin,

    I stay in nasik, maharashtra. I want to shift to other house with my family. It is in apartment and second floor . Yes it rented but door is Southwest. Kitchen Northeast. Bedroom also Northeast. Bathroom n toilet southeast. Hall is Northwest. Please suggest as i have to decide as i am very concern of vastushastra.



  58. Hello sir,,
    My date of birth is 16th june 1983,, please suggest me which direction facing house is suitable for me,, we r planning to move nxt month,, thank u so much

  59. Dear Admin,

    I am planning to buy an individual house, My date of birth 25th January-1982, 1:20AM, and my Spouse date of birth 18th march-1983. Can you please let us know which side facing house is suitable ?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Satya:
      According to DOB [25.01.1982]= West and [18.03.1983] = Southeast are the favorable directions.

  60. I Recently saw a house which is south facing. The entrance is the hall. Right end is the balcony window. Behind that is kitchen. crossing the kitchen there are two room with attached toilets. In the hall the right most corner there are stairs.which takes to room upside it has two rooms. Don’t know exact directions. It’s rented house don’t knwo whether i should occupy or not.

  61. I have owned a flat recently and enterance door is at south corner near to west .. it look lik its in south west corner could you please tel us the impact nad remedy for this

  62. Hi Sir,

    I’m leaving a south facing apartment….it is in a shape the if u look the floor plan it will be upside down of L shape.Entering have a hall…with a balcony on south west side.where we have the washing machine provision…from hall to ur straight little left there is master bedroom next to that kitchen there is passage which leads to kids bedroom…after coming to the house we had a heavy loss as my husband lost his job…pl help

  63. Dear Sir,
    we are going to build our south faced plot, we are planning to put two adjacent rooms in South-West and North-West direction, kithcen in north, and toilet bathroom in South-East direction, with pump near to that, staircase will go above toilet and bathroom, from north to south direction. please advise us necessary changes that are supposed to be carried out.

    yours sicerely,

  64. We are living in a south facing house with a main gate entrance at South east. There’s a temple right at the back of our house ie. the North side of the House. My parents bed room is in the north east on the ground floor whereas my elder brothers room is again in the north east on the first floor just above my parents room. Stairs are in the middle east. Please provide us with your observations. My fathers dob is august 1948 whereas my brothers dob is 07/01/77 n mine is 24/09/1983. Kindly revert. Thanks in advance

  65. Dear Sir,

    I have bought a FLAT in which
    1. Main Door is Facing “South”, Entrance is from South to North.
    2. Kitchen on South Side,
    3. Bedroom on North Side,
    4. Master Bedroom on East Side,
    5. Bathrooms on South Side.
    6. 6 Doors (Including Main Door)
    7. Date of Birth: 24/03/1984, City Mumbai, Time: 11.11 AM, Saturday

    IF you need more details, please reply asap



  66. Hello Sir,

    I am living in US, planning to move to a new flat, which i recently bought, I am not aware of south facing flat disturbances but would like to seek your advise before we move in, My flat is South facing flat and the apartment is west facing apartment. the moment i enter into my Flat i have my living room and dinning room towards my left, (West). South west ($ is where we kept our safety locker) $===* star corner is where we have planned our pooja room which is facing east direction. middle of the house west facing kitchen entrance & Opposite to Kitchen there is a east facing Bedroom, I am planning to put my son in that room, North west corner of the house is where the master bedroom is there which is attached with a balcony. my master bedroom is also a east facing bedroom. attached bathroom is facing west, but placed in the north east corner of the house. common toilet is just adjacent to the master bedrooms enterance facing south direction, in front of my master bedroom, i have a washing area where we are planning to keep my washing machine, small space only. which has a small window above for ventilation.

    Please advise if i need to make any alterations.

  67. Im K. Dharaneeswaran and my DoB is 20.02.1972. I own a house constructed on a south facing plot. The Plot is irregular and south east has grown towards east than North. Is it fine to construct a house with bed room balcony, extended towards east on the south east (wall in the east towards North will be inside Southern side). As Im planning to construct only an office area for self occupation in the South west, leaving the other ground floor portion vacant and a duplex house above that. Is it fine to keep the stairs on the west (on the North west and the Main door of the house facing west), kitchen on the north west, bed rooms on the west, south west, hall in the North eastern portion, a sit out/utility area on the Northern side.

    Please suggest me. Thanks in advance

  68. Ravi
    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to move into a rented accommodation. Main door is facing south (exact south). Also there is a column (concrete pillar – 1 No.) which is exposed in living room. Also sump is in south direction. My date of birth is 7th December 1969. Please suggest if any remedies are required.

  69. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to construct an house, My plot is south facing. As per astrologer, he said according to my parents name, we can construct an house keeping main door towards south. My parents does’nt have exact date of birth, Just based on names, the astrologer suggested this.

    My plot dimension is 30 X 48, In this i have got one borewell point also locate in the North east coner.

    I am planning ground floor two house’s for giving it rent purpose, and i want to stay in the first floor.

    For rented house i am planning door facing towards east, but to my house i want it to be south facing.

    please help me with your suggestion with Proper planning according to vastu.

    Thank you,

      • Sir,

        Can you please help me giving one good plan as per vastu for my plot dimension ( 30 X 48 ) South facing plot.

        I request you to please suggest some good plan which is having south facing main door and having 3bhk.

        Bore well point is in the north east that is backside of the plot, so we can leave 3ft behind the plot.

        Please do the needful.

        Thank you,

        • Hello Vinay ji:
          Yes I will provide a good plan as per vaastu and based on Ayadi Calculations for South facing plot. Please call me +91 9494214400

  70. Sir, my flat is south facing though the building entrances are north and west facing. The plan of the flat is such that kitchen is is in the west, one bathroom is in extreme west and another in the east of the flat. Two bedrooms are at west-north and north-east direction. Mandir is located in the extreme east-south direction. Main door of the flat opens in the hall. The third bed room is in the south-west.
    Please examine the plan and advice on the remedies if required.
    Thank you.
    Bora. D.

  71. Hello Sir,

    I have recently moved to another rented flat its south facing (main entrance is in south). I am a positive person but now from last month I have started having lot of mental stress (Unwanted worry). can you help me out to understand what can be the reason.. I heard that people living in south facing house are more prosperous than why this mental stress is there? need your help…

  72. Hello Sir,

    My name is Rajesh & DOB is 11/08/1985, I have taken new flat & my enterence door is facing towards South Direction, I need to check whether the falt is good as per vastu my bed room, kitchen & bathroom are in proper place.

    I will Send you my Room Plan on your mail id.

    Please help me with your suggestion with Proper planning according to vastu.


  73. Hello Sir,
    You are doing a very good service for us, Thank you very much for the guidance. I have a seen & planned for buying a south facing plot. Let me know if it is suitable for me or my wife. Let me know the entrance for this south facing site for both of us. My DOB:13.09.1976, Wife’s DOB:18.05.1984.

    • Hello Ajay Kumar:
      According to DOB :13.09.1976, and DOB:18.05.1984 South direction is favourable for both of you.

  74. Thank you. I have seen one more site with West facing. I want to decide on this one. Is it favorable for our dates and also let me know the suitable facing direction for House construction (either West / North / South).

    • As I have already mentioned South is favourable direction for both of you. You have to decide your self. And for construction of house generally North, East directions are preferred

  75. Sir my husbands birth date is 4 nov 1974 and mine is 26 sept 1975.We are planning to buy a house where the main door is in north and as we enter the house we face the south. Will it be favourable for us? And if no which house should we prefer?My brother birth date is 21 dec 1979. He is also planning to buy a house. Which side will be favourable for him?

  76. Dear Sir, My DOB is 31st March 1980. I have a plot which is south facing. I am planning to keep the main door to East. Please let me know if that is OK. And also is it ok to keep the kitchen in the northwest corner…Thanks.

  77. Hi sir,
    I just moved into a new house. We live in canada, calgary. I felt really good when I came in but didn’t think anything about vastu. Now, I just thought to check the direction of entrance and found it is SSW. The floor plans are same here for all the houses.
    Kitchen is in N and also I am not sure where to put my mandir. We don’t have any room for pooja. Where would it good?
    I can feel there may be lot of dosh, what best way to remedy these dosh.
    There is a small path way in the back of the house which is going from N to East and back…the back of the house has big windows and lot of sunlight.
    I am unsure of the septic tank etc.
    My birthday is Sept 22 1975 and my husband has it 12 June 1967
    I will appreciate your input.

  78. Dear Sir, Im in the mids of looking for landed property & found one which is nice & within my budget. Apparently the house main entrance & gate facing South West. Im in dilemma & contemplating whether its ok to go ahead or just drop the idea. Because among all others houses that I visited, this unit was the best. The house number is 26 which is 8, not sure whether it is ok or not. Pls advise Sir. Thanks, Kumar

  79. Hi sir
    MY house is in south facing,but the main door not in the middle, it is one feet to the west. My DOB july 13th 1975. can you pls tell me is it good for me.

  80. Sir, I am planning to take South Facing House on my wife’s name G.Ranjitha DOB 15-3-1977, she is Capricorn(Makara Rashi). Only the main gate is facing south but main door is North. I didn’t buy it. Kindly suggest me.

    Prof.Ranjeet Gundra

  81. Hello Sir,

    Ours is First Floor Flat, our main gate faces South and our house Main door faces East facing, Kitchen in the SE, Toilet in NW, 1 bedroom in the North and 1 in the North East,Open Balcony in the South (including space in South west) pooja Room in the West (Facing East Door). Stair case starts from South east and ends in North east. Please advise Vastu inputs. My date of birth is 02 Aug 1986

  82. Hello sir We Just buy a 1 flat But it is a Little T shaped What can i do Floor plan like this Main Entrance (N And NE) Bedroom (S and SW) kitchen (NW) And bathroom (S and SW) Please suggest these direction is ok? Otherwise what can i do

  83. Hello sir, we r planning to buy a flat in bml palms vidyaranyapura. Only 2 bhk south and west facing flats are available. My husband’s date of birth is 8 th august 1977. Is it good for us to buy a flat of south or west facing. If yes can u please check the floor plans and tell us which one will be good as per vaastu.

  84. hello sir we are planning to buy a new house facing South east .my DOB is 27.08.1981 and husband dob is 11.11.1981.can you please tell us if it is good deal to buy this direction house or not

  85. Sir,

    I booked a 3bhk flat (I Floor) having main door at South West. But do not know its bad effect until I read your article. Kitchen is in South East. One bedroom is in Northwest and another is in North East. Pooja room is placed in the hall North East side. Please tell me whether the above structure is OK.

    The plot is north facing.


  86. Sir, Namaste. As there is no provision for sending attachment, I have sent a separate mail to your account.

    thank you for extending your help to me.

  87. Hello Guruji, we have a south plot, SW main gate, West main door. Kitchen SE.
    We have bathroom at NE within the house, & toilets at NE outside our house but within our plot.
    Can we build bathroom and toilet in South?

  88. Namaste, I recently bought a house where the entrance is South facing (South East corner), parallel to the entrance is kitchen…the hall is a square shaped where North East corner is the pooja room. Master bedroom is on the South West corner and another bedroom on the NorthWest corner with a toilet attached to it in NW corner.

    I got married recently and there has been many family problems. I am staying with my parents and the current situation is very bad financially and also health wise. My name is S. Sandeep Kumar Raju, DOB is 29.10.1985, I am working as a manager in IT field.

    • Hello Sandeep:
      It seems every thing is according to Vaastu Shastra, then how that problems. Please call me on 9494214400

  89. Hello Sir,
    This is Pinky Dutta. I am living with my mom in our house which is south facing. My mom’s DOB is 9.1.1961. and my father’s DOB is 1.2.1950. My father has passed away 2013. 27th Jan. My mother is Virgo and I ‘m Leo in sign. My DOB – 10.11.1982. We have been living in our house for last 12 yrs. Our house is south facing as I said before. Our septic tank, bathroom is in north-east side. My bedroom is in south -east corner on the 2nd floor. Our puja ghar is in south- east corner on the ground floor, kitchen of both floor are in south-west corner. There is no partition between our kitchen and bathroom on the second floor.Our main entrance is south facing. There are a water reserver in south-west corner. My mom’s and brother’s bed rooms are in south-west corner of 2nd and 3rd floor respectively. But my bed room is in south-east corner.
    My problem is I have been facing through lots of problem in my family and my personal life.
    If u give me any remedy for this I’ll be great full to u….

  90. Sir

    we bought a plot with south facing. Dimensions are 20*40 ft. Pls guide us whether to construct a house on it or not?

    My DOB is 10/04/1982, My wife’s DOB is 07/05/1985 and My son’s DOB is 13/06/2009.

    Thank you

  91. Hi sir!

    We are about to buy a ready apartment which cannot be altered, confused between them , though we like apartment 2…. but wanted to see which house as per vaastu is better for us.

    Apartment no.1 which is north facing , bedrooms in south side and west side but kitchen in north-east part of the house though we will cook south /south east facing. ( part of building structure, all AC units are placed in NE) . All large openings in south and east.

    Apartment no. 2 is South east facing , kitchen in south west part but facing south east to cook, bedrooms in west but master bedroom is in between north and north-west . ( Part of building structure In this case the AC units are placed in SW). all large windows are in north and east and small openings in west.

    pls suggest which apartment is good for us.. we are a childless couple , so are worried that vaastu might effect and not let us plan our children…Also my husband’s dob is 4sept 1976 and mine is 26th april 1981..
    and what solutions can we do to make our lives happier, in the apartment you suggest.

    will wait for ur suggestions, pls help

  92. Hello sir we r planning to buy a new house. My DoB is 7/6/1983 nd my husbands DoB is 16/8/1979. Pls advise which direction of the entrance is beneficial for us. My husband nd me run a business. Pls help

  93. Hello Sir,

    I am looking to buy a flat with its main door opening between E and SE (so its not a proper SE opening door). I think that should be considered not bad?

  94. Sir,
    I am a Buddhist and Buddhism came from Hinduism so I want to request you to help me. I bought this house 2013 July. That week we had flood, early this year lot of renovations to fix the house, my husband and me always fighting, so many bad luck with business.
    My house entrance door facing south, door on the south east, if I open the door the door is on the right side I enter inside facing north side. Kitchen and shoe rack on the right side of the entrance as I enter the house. My alter is facing West so if I pray and face alter I face east. My business is not working, as when I am close to closing a deal it falls apart, always problem with my clients, it happened 4 to five times, when I do close a deal my clients have problem with water in the house. I am a Real estate agent. I know and feel success but right now I feel bad luck cloud is over me and it is not clearing away. What should I do? I am scorpion and my husband is cancer. Help.

  95. Hello Sir,

    I’m planning to buy a south face house ground floor constructed. It has main door at southeast facing south ,other door opens at north east facing north, Is it ok? kitchen is constructed at north east side,and masterbedroom at south west side,staircase at south west corner. At south face towards east side there is a open space for car parking before entering in main door. Total it has 6 doors inside house.pls suggest me, as I’m little confused weather to go for it or not? Regards.
    ayman from Kuwait…

  96. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to buy a flat of which main 4 storey building .

    This residential flat is in ground floor , main entrance is facing more towards south east ( more to south and less to east )

    After entrance there is main living room which is having big window is there facing east facing giving good amount of sunlight.

    next to living room towards left means towards west kitchen is there.

    right hand side of the kitchen (opposite side of kitchen ) Bathroom and toilet is situated.

    Next to Kitchen / toilet washroon , bedroom is there towards north direction.

    I have diagram for your better understanding , can you please let me know your email id so that i can forward it to you.

    My birth date is 16-09-1979 sunday

  97. Hello Sir,
    we bought a plot to build a house.The land has sw facing(land corners become E,W,N,S) As per the house plan main door is in SW direction.please advice is that direction is ok to build a house?

  98. Sir i am planning to construct house in a south facing flat. my DOB is 28.09.1982. Which side of main entrance is best for me? Pls guide.

  99. Hi sir,
    my sister bought a land to build a house in australia. The main entrace is in south west direction. it is a corner block. can we place master bedroom in northeast direction? what are remedies for the direction?

  100. Hi Sir,

    I have one plot facing South, which i am planning to construct a house in that flat, please help me which direction would be good for me to keep the main door.

    My D.O.B : 15/10/1983 Time :3.45am

    According to a astrologer here he said please go with my parents stars. when i checked with him he said that for my father and mother South east facing is very good.

    But its not according to there date of birth, its just based on there names.

    Till now our all other house’s are in East facing only.

    Now this is the new one we want to construct and move there.

    This plot is facing towards South.

    Please help me to decide which direction would be good for me to keep the main door.

    Father’s Name : Krishnappa.V
    Mothers Name : Jayamma

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards,

  101. Dear Sir My date of birth is 01-07-1976. I am staying in 2 bedroom flat. Entrance door facing SW. Kitchen is in South. Toilet bathroom in SE. Living room in SW. Master bedoom in north . Chidrens room in East.Small mandir in Children’s room , but placed in NE. Very small balcony in SW. Balconies in NW, North,,NE and East. Shape of the flat is rectangular I am always feeling nervous and full of negativity as if something bad is going to happen. I have worked out these directions by standing at the center of the flat. . pls. suggest if there are vastu defects and what are the possible remedies as it is not possible to modify the flat. Also whether the entrance facing SW suits me as per my DOB. Regards AG

  102. sir ji namaskar
    Recently Alloted a Society flat no- D 502 ( 5th fioor) in our joint names mrs LOVELY DOB 29/10/1970 & YOGESH DOB 25/09/1966. please suggest remedies/colours/suggesions as it is not possible to shift. 1-my only enterance door in = SSW (exectaly) & Facing other”s flat entry. 2-Toilet pot on south wall SSE ( facing east ) will wait for your guidence sir ji Thanks & regards.

  103. Namaste Sir,

    My house is south facing a little towards the east side and while cooking I face exactly opposite side (North to a little Northwest). Is there anything I should be concerned about and would like to seek your advice.


  104. Hi, I live in Hong Kong. We are planning to move into a brand new house with south east entrance(rented). The kitchen is also on the south east. The back yard which has a huge 2000 square feet garden is in the north west (exactly opposite to the main door). The living room opens into this garden. MY date of birth is 11-4-1972 and my husbands is 4-9-1965. Please can you tell me if this is a good place to move into. Our current house has been giving us a lot of trouble but has the same entrance south east. However our current main door faces the main door of our neighbours(directly) and also our back garden is through the kitchen and are both in the south west direction. I don’t know if there is any prob associated with this.

  105. Sir i want to shift to new rented flat. My DOB is 14 dec 1978. Pls suggest the suitable direction and other important things I have to look for while searching for flat. Pls suggest the bulding gate dirrection and Flat main direction as well. Is there an cure for NE corner cut

  106. Dear sir,My date of birth is 29-06-1980,and I’m planning to buy a house of south face, pls advice about the main door location.


  107. Hello Sir, What is suitable direction for main house according to DOB – June 2 1975 and my wife’s – July 27 1978 – Please suggest

  108. Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a 3 bedroom house with south entrance .
    One bedroom on SW direction
    Kitchen in NW direction
    2nd bedroom in Ne direction and
    3rd bedroom in SE direction.
    The property in purchased in My wife and my name.
    My DOB in 15.04.1979 and my wife’s dob is 06.05.1984
    Please let us know if their in any default ,
    If any please let us know the solution.

      • Hello Sir, We have booked a house with main door and whole house facing south east direction. Its at 120 degrees, My husbands dob is 11th september 1976 and mine is 15th april 1977. Kindly advise. thank you!

  109. Hi Sir,

    I have one plot facing South, which i am planning to construct a house in that flat, please help me which direction would be good for me to keep the main door.

    My D.O.B : 15/10/1983 Time :3.45am

    According to a astrologer here he said please go with my parents stars. when i checked with him he said that for my father and mother South east facing is very good.

    But its not according to there date of birth, its just based on there names.

    Till now our all other house’s are in East facing only.

    Now this is the new one we want to construct and move there.

    This plot is facing towards South.

    Please help me to decide which direction would be good for me to keep the main door.

    Father’s Name : Krishnappa.V
    Mothers Name : Jayamma

    Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards,

  110. Hello,

    I am planning for a 2BHK apartment. It has 76 flats and only south facing flat is available.

    Can i go with that south facing?

    Do we see vasthu for Apartment as well?

    Thank you in advance.

  111. Sir,
    I am living in a South facing house, Also have one gali in the east.
    My kitchen is located in east near north east corner,
    After studying your guidelines,
    I note that this may not be a good location for the kitchen, Can u please suggest me some remedy.

    * *
    * ____ *
    * !____ * This is kitchen.
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * * EAST
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * *


    thanks and regards,
    Dinesh Kumar Aggarwal

  112. Dear sir,
    My date of birth: 26 july 1983
    My wife date of birth: 11 june 1987
    We have our own flat its main entrance is 150 degree South east facing
    we have a master bed room in north east corner but we dont use it we have made it a pooja room
    We use another bed room .
    We have balcony and big windows in north direction of flat
    Is our flat good for living or not for our future pls tell

    • Helli Ajit singh:
      According to DOB: 26.07.1983 = South and 11.06.1987 = South-east is the favourable direction. Your’s house is 150 degree South-east means South of South-east. Which room you are using as a Master bedroom please confirm. Balcony and window in North is OK, it’s not a defect.

      • Dear sir,
        We are using bedrome which is in north side and its door is facing south side
        We sleep with our heads towards west side.
        Is this flat is good for our future or not.

  113. Sir ,
    My house is south facing,having main entrance at south-east,septic tank(toilets) and a staircase in north east direction.3 bedrooms lined in south west to north west with a kitchen in the staircase is near the main entrance in south east and there are 4 shops attached to the house in front. We’re facing problems in the business . The shop next to the main entrance is ours . If there is any vastu dosh , please suggest any remedies.

    • Hello Alok ji:
      Septic tank (toilets) and staircase in North-east direction is a big defect which causing problems. So shifting the septic tank would be fine remedy.

  114. Hello, we are shifting into a rented flat with the main door facing the south…my dob is 13-12-1959 and my husband’s dob is 21-09-1958…pl advise

  115. Sir,
    My house is south facing… And I have heard that south facing house is not good for many things… So I just want to clear my doubts…
    My DOB :28-Jan-1997
    My mom’s DOB :08-10-1973
    My dad’s DOB :14-10-1964
    My Bro DOB :03-01-2003

      • My son is planing buy a south facing lot and build a two story (duplex) house.
        Son’s name: Srikanth, dob: November 29th, 1984 at 6:01pm in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

        Please let us know is South facing house is OK for him, and type of house plan is preferred ?

        KYK Rao

  116. I am likely to get south face official accommodation.(at Ist floor) Following ae details
    Main Door Facing South
    Bed Room North East corner
    Bath room East south corner
    Kitchen South West corner
    Balcony towards North
    Pl confirm whether above house is fit for living

  117. My DOB is 28/5/76 and my husband DOB is 18/7/1975 we are staying in rented house since last years which is south facing. I am trying hard to get new job after loss of job in 2012 due to maternity.

    There is two doors one is safety door colored is dark brown and main door is lemon color.had panchamukhi hanuman at outside on front door wall.

    Please let me know if its beneficial for both of us, as we may plan to buy this house in future.

    Thanks in advance.



  118. Sir, My Land is facing south with 1155 sqft where Length 55 and breadth 21. I am planning to construct a new house where main entrance facing South and Master bedroom in SW and Car parking in SE and in center Living room with pooja attached and Dinning in the West side and Kitchen in NW and my parents bed room room in NE. Please advise if this is ok or anything i need to change. Also advise where i can take the Bore well and the place of the water SUMP. Based on your guidance i will prepare the plan for my house. Thank you

  119. Hi there, my birthday is 9 May 1975 and my wife’s birthday is 15 December 1980. Our house and land both are south facing. Bedroom 1,2 and 3 are in the South-East, East and North-East respectively. The bathroom and toilet are separate in between first and second bedrooms. Garage, Kitchen and Living room are in the South-West, West and North-West in a row. The bathroom and toilet water passage go through South-East.Please advise whether or not this looks alright and the remedies.

    • Hello Sanjiv:
      Bedroom in South-East, East and North-East are defects. Please Send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  120. Good day sir
    My Main Entrance door is facing South and have lost my job couple of times, facing financial problems. My DOB 20/08/1964. My Wife 09/03/1964.My Son 11/11/1993
    My Daughter 28/11/2001.
    Need You Advice

    • Hello Durai ji:
      According to DOB 20/08/1964 = North-east and 09/03/1964 = North is the favourable direction. What you are saying form that it seems defect in North-east and South-east

  121. My plot is south facing, rectangular, north and south being narrow sides, with drain and road towards south. Kindly specify the right placement of garage, drainage, septic tank, staircase, underground water tank and deep-well boring. Thank You!

  122. Good day sir
    Since my house is built with the Main door and Garage door facing the South, is there any remedies that i can do to reduce my defects.


  123. hello Sir,

    My house entry is SE and kitchen is in east.My main door open inside towards NE. please tell me if there is any problem with this. We currently not in town and hence do not live in this house.We have tenants staying in that house.
    My DOB is 8-3-81. My husband’s DOB is 24-9-77. Kindly help me.

  124. Dear sir,
    My date of birth: 26 july 1983
    My wife date of birth: 11 june 1987
    We have our own flat its main entrance is 150 degree South east facing
    we have a master bed room in north east corner but we dont use it we have made it a pooja room
    We use another bed room .
    We have balcony and big windows in north direction of flat
    Is our flat good for living or not for our future pls tell

    Dear sir,
    We are using bedrome which is in north side and its door is facing south side
    We sleep with our heads towards west side.
    Is this flat is good for our future or not.

  125. Sir, i am trying to buy a plot ,so need your help in choosing the best direction according to both of our dates. my DOB is 8th april’1980 and my spouse id is 30th march 1985 .
    Pls help me

  126. Hello Sir, we are planning to book a house with entrance door facing Southwest. My husband’s date of birth is 30th April 1975 and mine is 19th Feb 1979. Can you please suggest if this will turn to be good as other plan of the house regarding the directions meet the standard. We do not have a plan of this house as it is resale and we live in Canada. I have informed my friend to bring Panchmukhi Hanuman poster to stick at our entrance door. Will this help? Please advise.

    • Hello Sonali ji:
      According to DOB 30.04.1975 = North-west and 19.02.1979 = North-west is favorable direction. However South-west entrance Houses / Flats are not recommended

  127. Hello Sir,
    We have a situation where my friend bought an existing house. His master bedroom bed location cannot be changed. While sleeping his legs are going to be south facing. Any remedy or suggestion.

    Also want to advice his house is in Southern Hemisphere. Assuming Vastu principals remain the same?


    • Hello Sachin:
      Vaastu is universal and applicable in the world everywhere. Ensure that your head should be towards South while sleeping.

  128. Hello SIr,

    we have finalized south facing plot yesterday. please let us know whether it’s favorable to our health , wealth and overall growth.
    my DOB is 16/08/1982 and my wife DOB is 10/10/1988.


  129. Hello Sir, I am planning to buy a home which has entrance door facing East but only about 10 to 15 degrees towards South. So, it is slightly south-east. Is it good or bad? Please let me know. Thanks.

  130. Namaste, We recently had to rent a house on Priority basis… The main door opens in southwest, there a balcony towards the end of living room,,, Children bedroom towards west and master bedroom on the south east side… the kitchen is in the west side and cooking grill faces west.

    My DOB is 3.10.76
    spouse DOB is 29.7.73
    We cannot leave this house since we have rented it just days back, Is it favorable for us… Can u suggest remedies to rectify doshas?

    • Hello Archana:
      According to DOB is 03.10.1976 = South and 29.7.1973 = North-west is the favorable direction. Main door in South-west, Kitchen in the West and bedroom on the South-east are the defects. Remedy: Put a “Copper Swastika” on entrance door. Place a bed on South wall in bedroom, use red color bulb in the night in bedroom.

  131. Hello Sir, we are planning to construct a new house with entrance door facing South. On the road the land is facing south only. My date of birth is 30th July 1984 and my wife is 29th July 1991. Can you please suggest whether the south facing is good for us? Kindly provide your opinion.

    • Hello Manohar:
      According to DOB: 30th July 1984 = North and 29th July 1991 North-west is the favorable direction. However South direction is also good if due care is taken while constructing the house.

  132. Hi,
    I am looking for a apartment at second floor, and the main door is south facing. and kitchen is south west and bedroom is north facing. please advise.

  133. Hello guruji,
    Amazing to read all the questions and your responses.
    I need help, my dob April 3rd 61. TOB is 830am at mysore presently settled in NJ USA.
    Sold my old house facing west and had lots of problems there. Now I am looking for houses from 6 months or more nothing suitable is coming thru. Today I saw a house that I can afford and is facing south please let me know if I should say yes to this house.
    Thanks. Looking forward for a reply.

  134. Hello Guruji,
    Our house main door is south facing direction . We have two compound wall gates for our house, one small gate is south facing and other compound wall gate which is big in size is west facing direction.

    Please advice me if it is ok to keep west facing compound wall gate for south facing direction house.


  135. Hi sir
    I am going to buy a plot of land which is facing south-west to build a house. Its in my budget and there had been no problems in family so far. Is it ok to buy the land and build a house there with the main entrance facing some other direction?

  136. Hello Sir,

    Rented house recently facing south @ first floor, ground floor occupied by land lord. 1st floor stairs are at south west and than our entrance @ first floor, from a balcony bit extended one can use for guests and its covered with iron grills.

    Our 1st floor entrance is facing to south in balcony. Our kitchen is at south east and preparing food facing to east.

    Our entrance is behind kitchen and opening in one common room. Than from kitchen towards north there is a bed room and than one utility area but north east section of house is not having any thing for first floor. That is being used by ground floor for open area seems water tank and all is there only.

    There is small passage between and than north west we have bathroom with one another WC separate for guests between utility area and bathroom covering north wall.

    Than there is another bed room towards south drawing room you can say. Please suggest if there is any thing wrong in this structure.

  137. Pranam Guruji,

    Please advice some remedies for our flat which is on top floor.

    a) Entrance from SW
    b) Balcony in the south direction.
    c) Washbasin and toilet in the SE.
    d) Bathroom and storage tanks in the east
    e) Stairs to terrace in NW
    f) Empty space in towards West

      • Guruji, earlier there was no room in south area just like west it was empty but new room was constructed and balcony was added into it. so i guess it would not be counted as extension as they both were built together. please check the link of the flat design to get more idea and suggest some remedies if any.

        • Hello Rahul:
          There seems Cut in West and South construction to existing house is also a defect, please call me on 09494214400

          • ok thanks, i will call tomm. also my d.o.b. is 1 March 1983 and my wife is 21 Feb 1987 and my son d.o.b 17 August 2012. is it favorable for us?

  138. Hello Sir,

    I am leaving in a Apartment when i am going out rom enterance it shows SE 132 degree in compass

    is it good or bad.

    It is rented apartment

  139. Hello Sir, we purchased an already constructed duplex house. South facing site, main door at the south west corner of the at north west, upstairs master bedroom at north east corner (toilet at north east), pooja room at ground flloor north east. Someone suggested us to change the main entrance to south east side..can you suggest whether same position(south west) is better or changing the main door to south or south east? There is a long car port starting from the south towards west of the house.

    • Hello Sharmila ji:
      South facing site, main door in South-west corner, master bedroom at north east corner (toilet at north east) are major defects. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth of registered owner, and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply in Detail.

  140. Hello Sir,
    We have a south facing house with east facing door. It is exactly at the center (between north and south towards east) from the main door, towards right is the living room(north east) and towards right is the kitchen(south east). Main entrance leads to a small passage left of which is living room and straight of it is dining room (centre of the house) and followed by pooja room(swest – slightly towards south)
    A bedroom is in south west (adajcent to pooja room and kitchen)

    Between the dining room and living room is the strair case in anti clock wise direction and in the first floor we have 2 rooms
    One is the master bedroom towards South West and toilet of the room is towards South east
    Another room towards north. toilet and dressingportion of the room is in north west and the north east has a study table. Between these 2 is the bed. for the toilet and dressing portion, we have a sliding door. There is no divider between the study table and bed.

    Between the rooms is the passage which is the continuation from the dining room in the ground floor for skylight. Is there any problem with the Vaasthu?

  141. Sir, My husband dare of birth is 25-4-1975, We are planning to purchase a 2bhk flat, which is facing south, main door is at the centre, sligthly towards the west, not measured and cannot be changed. Should we go ahead and purchase. The plot on which the apartment is built has a northern entrance.
    Kindly guide and advice

  142. Hello Sir

    We are looking for an already constructed home which has a main door facing south and the Garage door facing west. We live in USA so we normally use garage door for entry 90% of the times. My Husband’s birthdate is 01/21/1982 and my birth date is 02/14/1982. my son’s birth date is 09/03/2012. We both are engineers.There is also a door in the backyard in the north which can be sometimes used. Kitchen is in the east. Please advice.


  143. Hello. We have been living in a 1st floor flat which is above a stilt parking since 4yrs. Main door faces north east. I read somewhere 1st floor flat above parking area should be avoided as it brings unstability. My husband keeps travelling most of the time due to various work projects. Our child care taker also keeps changing frequently. Is this problem of ‘frequent travelling’ due to living over a parking lot?

  144. Hello sir

    My husband date of birth is 02.02.1976 and mine is 18.08.1978.
    We a purchased a second hand house withsouth facing and maindoor is at south direction.After seeing ur blog i think my house is not according to vastu.Now i can’t do any renovation.please kindly tell me remedies to make my house according to vastu. we are facing so many problems.pls kindly do needful.

  145. My houseplan is kitchen is at northeast master bedroom is at northwest corner door is facing at east small bedroom is at west and my bathroom and toilets are under staircase dining room is at east.pls do needful

  146. Sir I am buyin a south facing plot and my neighbours are placing the septic tank in northwest kindly advice where to place it also tell me where to keep the main door

    Name sivakumaar
    Dob 20.08.1988
    Viruchigam rasi vishakam natchatram

    • Hello Sivakumar ji:
      According to DOB: 20.08.1988 = South is favorable direction and neighbours are placing the septic tank in their Northwest so whats your problem

  147. Respected sir,
    I have ssw entrance+wc in bramha, also L shaped cut in SW of flat.
    Kitchen in SE, Children’s room in NEE, Master Bedroom in NNW
    my Birth Date 24.02.1975
    pls guide.

  148. Respected Sir,

    My DOB is 17 April 1984. I am planning to buy a plot which is SouthWest corner with 2 side roads.

    Is it advisable to buy such plot ?

    I already have a North-East corner plot house.

    Thank you in advance for suggestion.

  149. Hello sir, I am ashay here n my dob is 29.03.1987. M planning to shift in a rental apartment soon. I ve seen two apartments one is south facing n one is east facing. The kitchens are also in the same directions for both houses. Pls suggest me which house I should take on rent which can give us prosperity peace health n wealth. It wld b very kind of u if u can number above things priority wise. Thanku.

    • Hello Ashay ji:
      According to DOB: 29.03.1987 = North-east is the favorable direction for you. So east facing house is OK

  150. Hi My Mother’s house is south facing one. Our well is in North west corner. Some one told that it is not a good position for well and that is the reason we are facing health issues in our family one after the other. They are asking us to close the well and open a new one in north east. But we have seen so many of our friends who closed the well which was in wrong position and opened a new bore, are facing so many problems. They even left the house or died. Please guide us on this. We are in confused state.


  151. Sir i live in a flat with south facing door. The details of the house are kitchen in south east direction,
    one room in south west direction one room in northeast and one in north west with attached toilet. east utility and next to it towards north is toiled and bathroom with empty space as hall in the middle kindly advice if anything has to be changed

  152. namaskar
    I m leaving in south face house on rent for last 5 years the water sump (under ground water storage) is locate south west side we are facing health problems of all family members can suggest some remedies.


  153. Hello sir, my house is gomukh and have gates facing south direction, every now and then neighbor in south west corner in front creating problems like they don’t let electricity department or municipal corporation to dig road as proposed and want everything to be digged in my front entrance like 1100kv electricity cable or sever line , although these government authority are instructed that not to dig anyone entrance.I have placed generator set in sw corner to pacify these bullying people.

    What else remedies could be done in order for these crooked-minded neighbours for forever, we have nothing to do with them but they always wanted to mesh on minor issues.

    Please reply sir, its very much bothering, negotiations can’t be done , vaastu is last option for seeking solution.

  154. Hello Sir, we have a south facing land. In which half part belongs to my brother and half part belongs to me. My brother already constructed a well in his north-east corner of his plot (actually the bore well is in the center part of both the lands). Half of the well is constructed in my land. In direction wise, for my land the same well is present in north-west corner. I am planning to construct a house in my land. So please advise whether both of us can use/share the same well or shall I close half part of the well constructed in my area.

  155. Sir, I am living in a rented accomodation. Entrance door opens towards south direction that means I see south direction when I enter my house. My date of birth is 09.07.1977. Please advise is this ok. Or should I shift to a house having door entrance facing North direction while entering.

    • Hello Pusplatha ji:
      According to DOB: 09.07.1977 = South-west is the favorable direction. Yours is a North facing House, No problem

  156. Sir, we have a south facing entrance flat with kitchen south east, son’s room northeast, dinning north east before son’s room, MBR north west with toilet placed in the north west and daughter’s room south west and toilet placed in south. the entrance to the apartment is also ton the south.
    please suggest is it good or give me some remedies.

  157. Respected Sir,
    I Bhishma Narayan Pradhan date of Birth 10.02.1984 at Chakradharpur ( West Singhbhum), Jharkhand, I purchased a land south facing rectangular aagney cone is increased 06 decimal area, west side of the town, my land situated near a canal, canal is situated 35 feet distance at south of the land which is a road also and at west side a road also, please advice me as per vastu how homes should be build in that land. Land is situated at achakradharpur, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand.

  158. Dear Sir,
    I Bhishma Narayan Pradhan Date of Birth 10.02.1984, at Chakradharpur, District: West Singhbhum, Jharkhand. My land details : 063 decimal area, 78.8 sq. feet length from North to east ( East Side) , 47 sq. feet length from east to west (North Side), 32.8 Sq. feet length from north to south (west side) and 66 sq. feet length from west to south and made a tringle shape + rectangular shape 35 sq. feet distance a canal (dry) which is using as a common road now situated, Ipurchased on 10.10.2014, please advice me how should I build a home now ? Please, I afraid from south facing Land/ Home.

    Thanks and Regards,

  159. Hello sir, we are shifting in new flat, the main door of the house in south east facing. So what we can do for good and it is good or bad?

  160. Sir i m lving in south facing house slightly tilted towards east. Flat no 54 .plot no.09 sect.18 dwarka n.delhi 78. from last three years i m gone total bankrupt n sitting idle at at home without work. mine Dob is 11 nov 1976 time of birth 16.57 hrs place new delhi.
    Pls guide me is this happened due to south facing house or some grah dasha is not so good. If u can suggest some remedy so i cn survive .

  161. Hello Sir,
    I live in south face apartment, my living area is in west and bed room in South east, and bathroom in east, i live in rental apartment and i can not shift to another apartment immediately. my DOB is oct/11/1983. please let me know if there is any dosha and its remedies…


    • Hello Anand ji:
      Bedroom in South-east, and Bathroom [with Toilet] in East is a defect.
      Shift the bedroom to South-west and Kitchen in South-east

  162. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy an apartment with the following details:
    main door: NE facing
    balconies: SW facing
    master bedroom: W corner
    kitchen: NE facing
    toilet with MB: SW side
    toilet common: NE side
    Puja Room: NW facing
    DOB: 11-Oct-1983

    Kindly advise

  163. Hello! my house is south east facing, master bedroom south east ans south west quardent(toilet sw).
    Kindly advice. Can i let my kids to sleep in master bedroom if it not advice for couple. pls advice kitchen should face where.

  164. hello guruji we are staying in quarters my entrance door faces towards south my husband dob is 14march1986 is it good for us if not what remedies i can take we are newly mard

  165. planning to buy a house which is south facing house – my concert is only on this point:
    According to Vaastu Shastra, South is the direction of Lord Yama or “Yamaraja” who is the God of death. Yama the God of law and responsible to Lord “God Shiva” the Destroyer. Yama is supposed to the judge for the Sins and activities of human being.

    • Hello Sonu:
      South direction is always not bad. If it matches with your DOB and placement of Main door in Appropriate “PADA” [Place or Modue] then it will give Luck and fate

  166. Hello Sir, we have a south facing land. In which half part belongs to my brother and half part belongs to me. My brother already constructed a well in his north-east corner of his land (actually the bore well is in the center part of both of the lands). Half of the well is constructed in my land. In direction wise, for my land the same well is present in north-west corner. I am planning to construct a house (towards south facing)in my land. So please advise whether both of us can use/share the same well or shall I close half part of the well constructed in my area. My DOB is 30/07/1984. Please advise.

  167. dear sir,
    my name is simanchal giri ulaka, date of birth is 01/04/1980,birth place is berhampur,orissa,india.
    sir i would request you to give me remedies for vastu defects of my house.the details are
    1- the main entrance is south is also south face.
    2- kitchen is in northwest
    3-bed room is in south west,
    4 – bathroom in west
    5- boring and water tank nearby kitchen.i.e south west,
    6- puja room north east
    7 storage room of rice etc in south east
    there is lots of problem for starting business and also for marriage.please suggest solutions for the same.thanks

    • Hello Swathi ji:
      According to DOB: 14.03.1986 = North is favorable direction. What about other element placements like.. Kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom. Please inform me I will reply

  168. Hello Sir,

    Your blog was very informative. Thanks!

    We bought a south facing plot in my hometown. My DOB: Aug 6, 1980. We are planning to start construction of house. I have the following questions:
    1. Is it OK to have the main gate at SE corner and main door Facing East?
    2. If above is OK, where would you suggest having car parking?


    • Hello Kamal:
      According to DOB 06.08.1980 North is the favorable direction. Yes you can have a Main gate in South of South-east and main Entrance in East.

  169. Hello Sir,

    Am looking to buy an apartment in a land facing South direction. But i will be selecting a flat facing north or east. Is this advisable as per vasthu or we need to avoid apartments getting constructed in south facing? Please advise me. Thanking you in advance for the help.

    • Hello Ansul:
      According to DOB 01.06.1984 = North-west is the favorable direction. Generally South direction is Not preferred

  170. Hello Sir,
    I have put an offer on a home, and the home faces Southwest direction. with a car parking in the front and a huge apartment complex right across the home separated by a wall. my DOB is 14 sep 1978. please advise if this direction is suitable for me? and what remedies should be using?
    I read on a website that keeping panchmukhi hanuman picture on the front door of the house will ward off any evils. is it true?

    • Hello NK
      According to DOB 14.09.1978 = North-east is the favorable direction. Generally Southwest facing houses are not preferred

  171. hello. i am staying in house facing south.can i put trishul swastik and om above main grill as we have a grill instead of can we put photo of ganesh facing towards south above the main entrance grill and trishul swastik om and panch mukhi hanuman photo above the main entrance.specially i heard its not good to put photo of ganesh in outside wall above main entrance of house facing south .pls suggest me solution.and where to plant mango tree in south facing house

  172. Dear Sir
    We have recently purchased a flat in a multistorey building under construction, but modifications not possible..It is jointly in the name of myself and husband.. Can you please help us with Vaastu remedies

  173. Hello sir,
    We are planning to move into a new apartment. The apartment looks good but the entrance is south facing. As we enter inside first comes the living room,next kitchen which is in the center of the apartment, right of the kitchen is the dining area and the patio is on the south east corner.behide the kitchen( north) and the left side of the kitchen (west)there are bathrooms and the bedrooms are placed in north east and northwest directions. Please advice weather the appartment is a good one to move in.thank you

  174. Hello Sir:

    Thanks for all your time. My house is located in USA and here , we own a house which is in this way :

    Northeast house with roads on North and east and main entrance is on east and garage on southeast .

    kitchen in south and bathroom in northwest of the home. bedrooms are in north-west and master bedroom is in north.

    southwest is also open as backyard…but we have put a gazebo in that area. We have big eucalyptus trees in northwest right outside the house . and in northeast we have tree very near to the house but house has no compound wall and being corner home ..we have 100ft road towards northeast.

    I am having difficulty in getting a stable job. Is it because of vastu or not ?

    • Hello Phani:
      Kitchen in south, Master bedroom in north, Open Southwest and Northeast tree these are the defects which causing the problems. Is that North-east road is hitting your house please confirm

      • Sir,

        We recently decided to move to a new home and sell the present home. We are looking for few homes and most of it have 2 or 3 story duplex homes with stairs from west to east or south to north . besides that everything else seems to be okie like sw master bedroom , ne balcony , se kitchen. in that case, is there any remedy for those stairs ?

  175. Hi Sir,

    My rent house is south facing since i came i am facing lot of problems, North east is kitchen, North east we have well, north west pooja room, south west master bed room, in between south west and north west we have toilet , south east living room. My DOB 8th june 1978 , please advice and also tell shall vacate this house. thank you sir

    • Hello Rajkumar:
      House facing South, North-east kitchen, and South-east living room are the defect. It’s better you vacate

  176. Sir , our main gate is in south west Direction and our car porch area is in also southwest direction…. please give us some remedies

    • Hello Dhruv:
      Main gate and Main entrance if in South-west direction its a defect. Put “Panchmukhi Hanuman” Photo on Door, Light a Brown color night bulb here.

  177. Hello Sir, I have recently bought a house which is south facing. My DOB 11th April 1981. I would really appreciate if you help me with this problem and also recommend a preferable direction as per my DOB.

    Thanking You

  178. Dear Sir i have shortlisted 2 property one is having South Facing & another is having Nort-West facing plz advice me as per hear from pepoles south facing is not good, and in which directions toilet facing should be

  179. Hello Sir, We are considering moving out of our present house. We are considering 2 houses right now. Please advise whether the vastu is good for these houses and also which house is better. I have the floor plans for both the houses. Kindly advise where I should send these.

  180. Dear Sir
    We have recently purchased a plot which is facing south, we have come up with plan for construction.. Can you please suggest whether to continue with the plan. I have floor plans.

  181. Hello Sir, Wish You a Very Happy new year 2015. God Bless You Good health, Prosperity & Every Moment full of Happiness & Joy.
    I m Hemant and recently shifted alone in 1 BHK flat, whose main Entrance is South West Facing.
    And Master bedroom is in South West. Kitchen is in North West, Bathroom is in West & Small room in North East. My DOB is 18-11-1981, Wife- 1-8-1984 & Daughter- 6-5-2011

    Please suggest the remmedy to counter negative effect of being Flat main enterance facing towards South West direction.

    • Hello Hemant Ji:
      According to DOB 18-11-1981 = North-east and 1-8-1984 = South-west is the favorable direction. So this SW facing entrance is fine as per DOB: 1-8-1984. However place Some “Yantras” to counter negative effects. In kitchen face East or West while cooking. Make puja place in North-east room.

  182. Hell Sir.,

    We are staying at Bengaluru of own house. Our 30 X 50 ground floor house is in south facing road. Entrance Gate and Car Parking: Nirutya (South-West), Stair-Case: South>West>South>East (Front to Car Parking), Main Door: WSW (Right to Car Parking), Verahanda: South, Hall-Dining: West, BR-1: ESE (Door: WNW), BR-2: East (Door: NW), Pooja: ENE, Bath: Eshanya (North-East), Kitchen: Vaayu (South-West, No door, facing ESE, Cylinder: North), Toilet: South-West (Outdoor). Sump: Eshanya Shop: Attached to House, Agneya (South-East, Facing South…). (if this is not clear, please give me email ID, so that I can attach and send plan designed…)

    Before we lived in rental house. DOB of my Father: 1-3-1948, Mother: 16-11-1961, Myself: 17-8-1980, Sister: 4-2-1983, Brother: 1-3-1990. Problem: My father is retired & I am running small shop of DTP Xerox (Residential Area) as I am not much qualified and physically handicapped with Cerebral Palsy by Birth. Income is very low and not happy with this business. I have creativity in my mind, but my father didn’t allowed me to do so. Now I wish. Only I sleep in Verahanda South. My sister being a software engineer happy with her profession but not ready to get married, she will be quite when the matter comes. My brother completed PG and searching for job. My father was ready to build 1st flr & 2 flr house for rent, but we stopped as we are not satisfied with this vastu where he doesn’t believe. We wish to demolish and reconstruct the house if things happens by my father or brother after 2-3 yrs. If possible I may contribute.

    Is the present vastu is completely wrong as we thing. Is it possible possible to reconstruct the house at the position we are. Please suggest.

  183. Dear Sir,

    I recently reallocated to new house (rented). Main Entrance is South East., Kitchen South east too.

    Whereas Hall having a door South side with 2 windows.

    Toilet comes almost North west.

    My name is Sathish., DOB 02/02/1977., Unmarried. Profession is Account Manager. I live with my Mother and Father.

    Is any Vasthu problem., If yes what all remedies to be done to minimize the same.

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

    Kindly advise.


  184. Hello Sir, I bought one storied new house which faced south direction. There are four rooms in total and one toilet. Kitchen is in NE. I will face west while cooking. There is small open place at the North side where water pump machine has installed for boring water. Parking is in South East (open). My plan to make my bedroom in South East because I will get enough Sunlight, Guest room in SW because this room has small window and bit dark and drawing/TV room in NW. Toilet is in center of NW and NE. Stair case is outside floor in SW. Underground water tank is just under the staircase. My D.O.B is Jan 05, 1987. Please advise and help me to kick negative power. I want a happy life Sir. Thank you.

  185. Hello Sir,

    I am Shridevi and I leave in 1st floor, main entrance is in south. I had a balcony in North east direction, which I got covered to a small room like space for pooja. But still not shifted pooja room.

    My master bedroom is in north, kitchen in north west.
    Now I am using my northeast bedroom for pooja space. Can I shift my pooja room to this balcony space or can place my mandir in my living room’s south west corner. please suggest I am confused.

    My house no. is 90 and my date of birth is 24.02.1978, My husband’s 26.11.1969

    Please suggest a solution.

    Thanking you

  186. Hello Sir,
    Below is layout of my rented house. My dob 29 jul 1981. I did not realise that the main door was south facing until a friend of mine told me. Is this an issue?

    | || \ Main Door
    | P || |__|
    |_ \_|| HALL |W | E
    | |D | N <——— S
    || |||||||||||||||||||| | | W
    | dine Kitchen / | basin
    |_____ ||||XX||||||||||||__| |
    | / _________\ | basin
    || Bed room | wardrobe | <| kamod
    |__________|________ |__| Bathtub

    P = Patio/Balcony
    W = washer
    D = Dryer
    / or \ = doors as they open
    XX = Electric burners
    || = Window
    |||||||||||||||||| = parallel platform of kitchen

  187. Seems like spaces were removed from the layout that i posted. thus posting the layout again
    |…. ||…………………………….. \ Main Door
    | P .||…………………………. |__|
    |_ \_||….HALL…………….. |W | E
    | ………………………………..|D | N <——— S
    |…………..| ||||||||||||||||||||… |… | W
    |…dine………Kitchen……. /… | basin
    |_____….. ||||XX||||||||||||__|.. |
    |………….. /….. _________\…| basin
    || Bed room ..| wardrobe | <| kamod
    |__________|________ |__| Bathtub

    P = Patio/Balcony
    W = washer
    D = Dryer
    / or \ = doors as they open
    XX = Electric burners
    || = Window
    |||||||||||||||||| = parallel platform of kitchen

  188. Hello Sir, I bought one storied new house which faced south direction. There are four rooms in total and one toilet. Kitchen is in NE. I will face west while cooking. There is small open place at the North side where water pump machine has installed for boring water. Parking is in South East (open). My plan to make my bedroom in South East because I will get enough Sunlight, Guest room in SW because this room has small window and bit dark and drawing/TV room in NW. Toilet is in center of NW and NE. Stair case is outside floor in SW. Underground water tank is just under the staircase. My name is Chandani and my D.O.B is Jan 05, 1987. Please advise and help me to kick negative power. I want a happy life Sir. Thank you.

  189. Dear Sir,

    Your Blog is very informative. Thankyou

    Sir I have some confusions and need your advice. I hope you will get back to me soon.

    We live in 1st Floor, house No.90 DOB 24.02.1978, Husband’s 26.11.1969

    Main enterance is in South(more towards) East, Living room extending to South west.

    Bed rooms one in North and the other in North East part. Kitchen in North west.

    We had kept mandir in North East bedroom. Now I closed my North eastern side Balcony to make it a Pooja room. Everything is ready but now I am confused can we use balcony wala room as Pooja room.

    Or can I place mandir in Living room’s, West wall with idols facing east and when we pray we will face west.

    Please advice me a solution, I am really confused and wanted a very good place for worship.

    Thanking you

    Shridevi Nair

    • Hello Nair ji;
      Living room extending to South west, Bedrooms in North and North East are the defects. Mandir in North East bedroom who use this bedroom. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  190. Dear Sir,
    in my flat kitchen with parallel of both side south & north direction while cooking face direction is south only.

    we unable to Reconstruction because space issue

    pl help on same

    my DOB is 08.09.1981

  191. Hello Sir, my husband is born December 28, 1972. I am born March 7, 1974. We have a south facing home with south entrance. Is this ok?

  192. Hello Sir,
    My house faces all directions at all times. I am the one inside the house who faces different directions throughout the day. I do not understand. Magnetic fields don’t know the difference between a main entry door, a back entry door, or any windows on other walls. The more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense. Technically speaking, each wall faces two opposite directions at the same time.

  193. hello sir, we are planning to buy a south facing house. 3rd floor with terrace. i am born on sep 8th 1985, my husband is born on 25th jan 1985. is it ok? pls help. thanks

    • Hello Neha ji;
      According to DOB: 08.09.1985 = South-west and 25.01.1985 = South-west is the favorable direction. So South facing house is not preferred. Before that Please send me the Plan of your House and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  194. Hello sir

    My brother is planning to move to a south face entranced house. The man door is the middle of south direction, on the left is hall, on the right is dining room and as we go forward after dining is the kitchen and then the master bed room to the north west. Opp to this, another bed room with attached bathroom. Besides this second bedroom there another third bedroom which is just to the wall of living room. His DOB is 31-03-79 7.15pm.

    Kindly tell us if it’s good to move to the above flat?

  195. Hello sir,

    We are going to move into a South facing apartment. Both the main gate of the apartment and the door of the house is South facing.
    South East is Kitchen, there are 3 bedrooms-NE, NW and SW. We have a girl baby and our Parents are going to stay with us. Which bedroom should we occupy and which for our parents? Please let me know. My DOB is 23-Apr-1983, my husband’s 16-May-1982.

    Thank you.

  196. Hello sir i am umesh private school teacher, iam living in rent house which has its door north. My date of birth is 4-4-1986. According to this can you make sure will it helps me in getting govt job and my financial position

    • Hello Umesh ji:
      According to 04-04-1986 = North is the favorable direction for you. Being it’s a rental you will get 50% of Positive or Negative effects

  197. Hello Sir,
    my date of birth is 21/10/1981
    my house main door is southwest
    toilet is northeast
    suggest me will it gonna give me good fortune in future ?

  198. Hi Sir,
    My House number is 28. Currently I rent it out. My house is exactly facing South. Main door is at right corner form inside of the house. Kitchen is at North-West, toilet at North-East. My house is end lot and there is a small hill on East (15 feet from my house).
    House Issue:
    1. Always there is leaking even after fix.
    2. Tenants move out in few months only.
    I am working in IT field, D.O.B 30-03-1988


  199. Namaste, my house is south facing, and we have a toilet in the north east and kitchen in north west! Should we make changes?
    My husband DOB is 1 Aug 1970 and mine 26 June 1971!
    Any info is deeply appreciated
    Thank you,

  200. hi i am in Melbourne Australia and i am going to build house which will be south facing entrance so can u pls let us what can be done in house plan my house will be 2 kids bed room and 1 master bed room and 1 family room and 1 gust room and dining room and kitchen will be one place and will have rain water tank plot size is 14 X 25 will have 5 m back garden and 3m front garden with 2 car garage if u can just show use what can be done in this place it will be nice thanks

  201. hello sir, my house is south facing and our main drainage septic tank is just at front of our main door and our main door is fixed with south east corner wall and main door is facing south direction and then there is straight wall till south west corner…..due to which i thought head of the family lady i.e. is my mother is having health issues on regular basis and

    along with this our south west wall floor have terrace rain water pipe which go outside our home toward south.

    i think there is a lot of wealth , health problem come in our daily routine….please tell us the solution for this problem….

  202. i want some advice, i had taken indpendent house one half year back, my plot entrance is south, but main entrance is facing east, proablem is my main entrance is blocked with house, may be distance be 4 feet, seeing lot of changes in life.

  203. Hello Sir,
    We are moving to a new rented house, and here we are having a bedroom in northwest direction with attached toilet in the south west direction of the room, kitchen in south east direction and between the kitchen and the bedroom, stairs are there in east direction. Lobby in northwest direction and bedroom in south west direction. Please suggest me which room i should occupy and which room my parent should occupy. And is it good to move into this house.

  204. Hi Sir,

    I have a South facing plot 30 ‘ x 35 with road ending on SW corner of the plot. Please give me suggestions on location of Master Bead room and bathrooms. Is it ok to place Master bedroom on NE and Kitchen on NW.

    • Road ending on SW corner of the plot is defect. Master bedroom on NE and Kitchen on NW also defect. Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession. My Mail Id: I will reply.

  205. Hello sir… I am Senthilkumar VC from TN. I saw ur blogs. It is very useful. I am searching for a new house. My date of birth is 26-07-1983. Can u suggest me the direction of the new house. Usually SOUTH EAST kitchen is preferred by all. But for a South facing house NORT WEST kitchen is the first choice? Is there would be any problem if kitchen is in NORTH WEST and cooking EAST facing? Kitchen and Toilet (South facing) are adjacent.

    • According to DOB: 26-07-1983 = South is the favorable direction. For South facing house North-west kitchen is OK. For Kitchen and Toilet sharing a common wall for that place a Copper swastika on Wall of Kitchen

  206. Hello sir,
    I have a south facing house. when I am standing at the main gate, facing the road I am facing south direction. My main door is also facing south, in the same line of the main gate. I have three bedrooms one at the southeast corner and other one at the north east corner of the house. bathrooms comes in the east. The master bedroom is on the first floor at the south corner. Kitchen is at the north west corner, ground floor only. This is a independent villa. The entire house is built in the middle of the plot leaving around 14/15 feet area of open space from all around the square. Please advise me where to build overhead water tank and the sump. The car parking is from the main gate up till the main door, on the south west side. Please advise me how to remove the defects.

  207. namaste, we have a south facing house built on the ground level as of now, there is also a toilet in the northeast corner ….. should we relocate the toilet ? my husband’s DOB is 1st aug 1970, and mine is 26th june 1971.
    any info regards this is deeply appreciated !
    thank you,

  208. I stay in a rented apartment where the main door opens towards Southeast i.e. when you go out of the house , you face of towards southeast. When we enter, we are facing southwest. MY name is Manish Rai and date of birth is 18-11-1971. Please advise if the door location is ok and if not what remedy is needed.

  209. Hello Sir, my date of birth is 22-2-1973, i am leaving in a east facing house and want to shift to the south facing house where kitchen is north facing, bedroom to east west. pls advice can I shift or not.

  210. Sir,
    My husband birthday is May ’06 birthday is November ’12 1979.what will be a preferred home entrance according to our birthdays?

  211. hello sir,
    sir i made my which is south facing, but when it was completed i realized that i did some mistake which is that south side we have under water tank…. which is wrong .. pls suggest or solution… which we can do…
    Note.. house is total complete.. like plumbing flooring etc..

  212. Hello Sir,
    I am Bijay Kumar M From Odisha, I have a (SOUTH FACING) plot and intending to make main entrance on middle of the house,Living room in center of the house , Is there any problem?

    There is also a government tube-well in front of that plot (SOUTH FACING)

    Please suggest me..

    Intending to get reply as soon as possible

    Thanks & Regards
    Bijay Kumar M

  213. hello sir,
    my mother and father died in road accident. and my sister hand himself. now my brother an me only in the home. i am married and my brother also married. now my brother decided to sell the house. but that house is situated heart of the city. and i want to buy that house. house entrance is south.
    i want to ask what can i do. pls advise me.

  214. Hello Sir, I am looking at buying a house that’s facing south. My birthdate oct 6 1976. Should I go for it or buy another one facing in different direction?

  215. My dob is 18th dec 1975 and my husbands 13th Oct 1976 we jointly bought a house which face 55 degrees south east to be more clear if you are my guest you will be entering and facing 55 degrees north east . Is this good?

  216. i have south face site , north east enterence, i left south road to my house for car parking 10 sqft and north side 6 sqft. east side 5 sqft,west side 2 sqft. constriction only 23.9*23= this is ok sir, i have left south side 10 sqft for parking purpose, what is your opinion

  217. Hello,
    Our plot faces South. Main entrance door of house faces East.
    From your recommendations, it seems that the most negative aspect is that our staircase is in the North-East corner of the house. Is there any way to remedy the bad influences of this without altering the house structure.

  218. sir any remade for this , i have left 10 feet for south car parking,north 5-6 feet open area,,,east & west is ok , only south i left 4 sqft more place because of car parking, i will send shortly my house plan

  219. Hello, my house is a two side open house with main door is on southwest corner and back door on northwest. staircase on southeastern side which is anti clock wise and beneath the staircase there is a toilet which is also southeast corner facing north. On first floor, there is a balcony at south and toilet at southeast facing west. The sever tank at south also front of the house. We are going through very bad phase, my father on dialysis, relationship with my wife and family is not good, can’t save money. Please suggest remidies as I can’t built the house again. Please help…..

  220. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to buy a 800 sq ft plot for constructing a house in future.
    The plot is south facing and i want to know the best door facing and will it suit me if i buy a south facing plot.
    My DOB is 26/09/1989.
    Thanks in Advance!

      • West is preferable for the Site face or the Door facing sir?
        What if i construct a house having west door on a south facing plot.
        Please reply

        • West is for plot and Door also. Yes you can construct a house with entrance in West though it’s a South facing plot. Get guidance of Vaastu Expert in your area in this situation

  221. I am purchasing house on 1st floor and its entrance door is south facing.
    My DOB is 13/10/1978
    Professional — S/w Engineer

    Please advice

  222. I live in a rented home. The entry of the house is south facing and is in the south east of the flat. Since the time we have shifted here, nothing good is happening in my professional life however our personal life is very good. One of my friend said that it could be possible because of the south entry-exit. Request you to guide

  223. Hello Sir, I live in a rented apartment. The main door faces South (slightly south east). On the north side are two open balconies. The two toilets are on the south east side of the apartment unit. The kitchen is on the North side and we cook facing east. The master bedroom is on the east and we sleep with our head on the south side. The pooja place is on the north east corner of the main hall , for the entire apartment unit, the pooja location is more of north and we pray facing north east.
    my dob is 05/04/79 and my wife is 26/05/79.

    Please advise if there is any major vaastu dosh and remedies if any.

  224. Hello sir /Mam
    I got your info from online sites. Please help me in deciding for my property.We are planning to by a south facing house. As its very good house, Location ,pricing ,schooling….So please suggest me if this is good for us…I am attaching the pics of floor plan.


  225. Hello SIr,
    My name is Mamatha and i wanted to know which facing is prefereable for my and my mother-in laws DOB.
    Mamatha DOB: 24/02/1990
    Nalina DOB: 10/04/1967

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Hello Mamatha ji:
      According to Mamatha DOB: 24/02/1990 = South and Nalina DOB: 10/04/1967 = East are the favorable directions

  226. Hello Sir,

    I am Jagdish. We are planning to start a house construction which is south face plot of 70 Sq

    yard (17′ x 37′ plot size) 17′ is the width of the road facing towards south.

    Please suggests few important locations like Master bedroom, Children

    bedroom, Hall, Kitchen, Pooja room, staircase, bathrooms, bore well corner,

    etc., locations with tentative house plan.

    Thanking you,


    • Hello Jagdish ji:
      Prepare a plan and send to me, I will check it in-terms of Vaastu. Or if interested we also design Plan as per Vaastu

  227. my date of birth is 06.02.1964 and my husbands d.o.b is 03.04.1962. i am constructing house on south facing site. and geologist has given two south bore points because in the north there is constructed house .kindly advise immediately on this because the borewell will be done shortly.

  228. Hello sir,
    I buying flat which main entrance is south facing, should i modify or buy it, builder is ready for modification , structure will change, please suggest

  229. Sir,

    I am staying in a south facing rented home in 4th floor.Detailed description of home mentioned below:-
    1.Main entrance-south
    4.pooja room-north-east
    5.bathroom-west(facing east,attached to main hall),north-west corner

    1.I am not getting job
    2.Husbands having loans that worrying me lot.we r nt getting any idea to repay it.
    3.expense more than income(struggling to meet monthly expense) peace of mind

    Could u plse give me some suggestion to get rid of my pblms.


  230. Sir my entrance is in south 5th pada is it ok and northeast North and northwest full are open. Kindly help with entrance. My dob is 4/7/85

  231. Sir my house is south-east corner and we are renovating it. We enter into house from northeast side and then we have garage and after that we have stairs which take us to first floor which is the main living area. The problem is of stairs which are in northeast and they are anti-clockwise as you have mentioned stairs should not be in northeast.

  232. Hello Sir, Thanks in advance. my date of birth is 23/12/1979.
    I am looking to move into rental apt. I have liked the one place. the main door is south facing. I have heard south facing is not always bad. Could you please tell me from my date of birth, if It will be beneficial to go ahead with it…Thanks.
    (When the door open it opens in the hall but there is a wooden desinger partition. just a door, not straight into hall. just gives sense of nice entrance corridor.)

    • Hello kaleem ji:
      According to DOB: 23.12.1979 = North-east is the favorable direction. Please call me for details on 09494214400

  233. Hello Sir, My DOB is 14-Sep-1976.
    Plese suggest the direction of Site/Plot and direction of House entrance.
    Thank you very much.

    • Dear Sir, please let me know the suitable facing of the site & facing of the house in that plot.

      Thank you & best regards

  234. Hello Sir

    The plot is south facing. Main door is east facing. We have a septic tank at south west corner above the septic tank staircase also situated.

    South East corner Bore well open space car parking

    I already ground finished @ 2004

    Now am constructing1st floor am sending the plan please suggest this correct?

    Is this a vastu dosh?

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajendra Prasad

  235. Hello sir ji, my husband’s dob is 21 jun 1974 and mine 06 apr 1978.what directions should we consider for the plot, house and a flat that will be best for us.thanks , shobha

  236. Dear sir ,
    my house is south facing,main door is in the 11 and 12 sector of south,and upstairs the main door is in 2 and 3 of east,stairs is in ESE sector ,is it good?my date of birth is 22.03.1980.thx

    • Hello Nisha ji:
      South facing main door in the 11 and 12 sector of South – means exact what? According to DOB: 22.03.1980 = North-east is the favorable direction

    • Hello Nisha ji:
      Place aquarium in NE area of the house. “Gem therapy” is the remedy for Septic Tank in South-west

      • Sir ji,please tel me how to apply the gem therapy,which gem or crystals,i have geode n other crystals at my place,
        my main door of south facing house ground is in the 3th& 4th part of south east direction n upstairs the main door is in the 3 n 4 of North it good Please Help.

        • Hello Nisha ji:
          “Gems Therapy” should be done under the guidance of Vaastu Expert who is well known of this Therapy.
          And Please call me on 09494214400

  237. Respected Sir,

    My DOB is 17 April 1984. I have purchased a west facing plot with veedhi shoola on north side of plot. But the road is wider. Dimensions are:

    West facing plot.
    Road facing lenght: 40 FT
    Depth : 60 FT
    Width of road is 30 FT (5 FT foot path + 20 FT road + 5 FT foot path).
    North (vayavya) part of plot is hit by 25 FT
    South (Neruthi) part of plot covered by adjacent plot is 15 FT.

    Is this specification as per vastu ? Good or Bad ?

    Thank you for your help and answer.

    Best Regards
    Sujeeth Pakala

  238. Hello sirji, we are building a house in sydney, it is a south east placing plot, main entrance will be in south-east direction, kitchen in north-west, master bedroom in south-west, my DOB is 24/01/78 and wife’s is 27/10/81, cna you please let me know if the plan is ok, I can email you the PDF of the plan. I will be very greatful if you can advise any remedies if required.

  239. pls suggest

    My DOB is 17april 1985,5:55am, I want to buy a flat in indore, but it is south facing. details are

    main entry- from south
    kitchen- east(north east)


    master bedroom- west-south/west

    toilets- south

  240. hi, My name is Mahavir (20Aug1982) and wife Bhavana(08Nov1983). we are shifting to a flat facing south west. the living room is L shape.
    the north side sequence of the rooms are
    Leaving room > Kitchen > bedroom 2 > Master Bedroom. all this four rooms has north open for sliding window. only the master bedroom has 2 window in north and east as it is at the end.
    part 2 south side sequence leaving room > has toilet > small room > toilet
    both the sequence has a passage in between.

    Please advice is this apartment favorable for us.

  241. Hello sir my house facing in south east and my entry door is also south east and garage also south east and garden in north east and other back doors also in north east I heard southeast entry door is not good so can I put one entry door in northeast too is it good ?

  242. My Date Of Birth is 01/07/1981 ,I am going to Plan a rented house ,that main door is south facing ,Bed room,kitchen & bath is east facing.Give me suggestion .it was good for me .

  243. my date of birth is 18th Nov 1974 time 3.15am place is Visakhapatnam in andhra pradesh. I want to purchase a land and construct house at a later stage. Which facing house is good for me ?

    Secondly i want to know will the same house be OK for my kids & wife, whose DOB / place / time is important in deciding the facing of the house as a house should be good for the entire family.

    It might be a layman question, please guide us sir



    • Hello Sreenivaas ji:
      18.11.1974 = North is the favorable direction.
      In any house while considering the facing, DOB of the family head is to be considered. And it works for all the family. Whereas if the Facing of the house will match to the DOB of wife of Head of the family, that will also Very good for all the family

  244. Pranam Sir ji, am Nisha
    my house is south facing,kitchen SE,Master Bedroom SW,west Bedroom,NW toilet n bath,North n center n south living room,east is study and NE is prayer,every 2 years of work,i got some problems at work with colleague n work situation even i performed well,please advice me a remedy or where is the not stable at work and am unable to complete my courses date of birth is 10.11.1984 my husband is 22.03.1980.and i have a son of 15 months old pls help us

  245. Pranam Sir,
    I have seen a rented house which is maindoor entrance is south facing, in north one bed room with attached bath room is towards north east, kitchen is in north east, with a balcony attached to kitchen, pooja room is from east to west facing, and another bed room is in south east side. my problem is after I gave token advance to the house exactly after one week my car met an accident (wall fell down in parking area) and last 3 days back my mothers elder sisters husband expired. all are saying it might be of that house, but I was planned on 29th of this month to move on to that house before that all this happened. on 8-03-15 at 7:30pm I gave token advance as 1000rs to owner. on 18-03-15 my car got accident, and on 20-03-15 my big Papa got expired.. now I request you to please suggest what should I do shall I move to that house or not please answer sir…..

  246. Hello Sir
    I purchased Duplex
    plot west facing
    Gate West facing
    main Door south facing
    kitcgen Door open to East (Ishan)
    GF bed room:Agni) north face bathroom
    1st Floor
    master bad room door open to south face(Vayvya)anthr bed room open to west side(Agni)

    Under grund tank Ishan
    overhead tank (East)

    please suggest

  247. Sir,

    My DOB is 20.06.1979. I live in a rented flat on the ground floor. Main entrance is on the south side ( not exactly in the middle of the south wall. Southwest wall next to the entrance is longer than the southeast part. There is a door in the north side (back door to reach the balcony). Bedroom 1 is in SW, Bedroom 2 is in NW,Kitchen in NE facing east,Bathroom 1 in West, Bathroom 2 in North.
    Kindly let me know if this is fine , else what is the remedy for this. Thanks in advance. Leeladharr

  248. Hi Sir,

    I am renting a south facing flat with the entrance door in the south east direction. My date of birth is 23 Dec 1982. As per my Date of birth, does this entrance suits me? If not, are there any remedies?


  249. sir mine date of birth is : 11/11/1976 and mine wife’s is 13/11/1976 . We should opt for which face house to live . I m currently lives in a house entrance is on the south side of a south-east facing house.
    House no is 54, plot no: 09 and sector : 18 , three 9 in a row.

  250. Hi Sir,

    I am staying in a 1BHK rented house with South facing entrance main door
    Front room (living room) in South-West
    Kitchen in South-East
    Bed room in North-West
    Bathroom in North-East
    Toilet is outside the house South-East corner of the Building.

    My home is in 3rd Floor, it is the last floor of the building, Three home attached is in sequence with south facing main entrance door. Staircase is on the South-West and my room is just next to the staircase so no free space in front of my home. Next to my home one other house with open space, again next to that home one more attached home, in front of that home 3 attached seprate toilet for all 3 homes which is on the south-east corner of the building.

    I am Unmarried and looking for marriage and my date of birth is 24 July 1984. Please let me know which direction home is favourable for me and what is good and bad in this present home as per vaastu.


  251. hello, i am buying a south east facing plot… but considering the road constucted, i assume that my house faces south…

    1) i have a toilet at south west and bathroom in first flooar at south west again. Is it ok to have there? it looks difficult to change and if not, are there any remedies i can do?
    2) can the bed be in north east room but away from the corner itself?
    3) facing east and cooking… is it gud in a south east kitchen?

    thanks in advance!

    • Toilet in South-west and bathroom in first floor at South-west are defects. Bedroom in North-east is also defect. Kitchen in South-east is OK

  252. Sir,
    I have purchased a south facing flat. Main door of the flat is south facing. Kitchen is at North west corner. East side is open . Drawing room is at south east corner. Master Bed room is at North side and other bed room is at North east side.
    Kindly let me know what are the remedies i have to take to avoid Vastu doosh .


  253. Sir MY DOB is 17/12/1985. My current house is facing towards SE direction, is this good? What’s the favorable direction for me and my family if I buy a next house?

  254. Sir
    My Own house is South facing ,facing frequent issues of Hospitalization,Company issues
    Sump,borewell is in South east,Septic tank is in North east,External toilet door facing East,Bedrooms are located in South west and North west,
    Pls suggest
    My DOB 28-06-1975

    • Hello Suresh ji:
      Sump,borewell is in South-east, Septic tank is in North-east, External toilet door facing East are the defects. Please send me the Plan of your House
      My Mail Id: I will reply.

  255. Hello sir
    I am living in south facing home having bedrooms in the northwest n southwest directions pooja room n store room in b/w the two.mentioned bedrooms towards west. Kitchen towards north bathrooms towards northeast n southeast. Please advise me what i need to change n i am planning to start construction in the first floor what points should i need to care for.

  256. Sir i have south facing house with sump at southeast, bedroom at northwest n south west. pooja room at west. Bathrooms at northeast and southeast directions please advise me what to do

  257. Hello sir,

    I wanted to book a flat in an apartment. The whole apartment structure main entrance is facing west, exit is facing north. The flat which I wanted to book is situated in North-East corner of the apartment.

    Now coming to my flat, the main door of my flat is facing in South-East corner facing towards east direction. Master bedroom is in South-West corner, baby bed room is in North-East corner with balcony towards north.. Kitchen is located in North-West corner with attached with a Balcony towards north. One toilet attached with master bedroom and another common toilet is in between kitchen and baby bedroom.

    So my question is is my flat is vastu complaint or not, and main concern is with the Main door entrance, Please do let me know whether the main door entrance is good or bad. Some body are telling vastu can only be checked for the whole apartment structure not individual flat. I am confused now whether to proceed or not.

  258. Hello Sir,

    I bought a house, the main entrance is facing south west. There is a road on the south and drive way on the west. My date of birth is 20 Nov 1975. Will this house will be good for me.

    • According to DOB: 20.11.1975 = West is the favorable direction. Generally South-west main entrance is not preferred

  259. Hello sir, We are planning to purchase a flat which has main entrance facing south towards east direction. Bedrooms are in South-West and North-West corners. Hall in North-East corner. Kitchen in South-East corner of the house. Two toilet+bathrooms in West (between two bedrooms). Kindly let me know if this house is Vaastu compliant and if the the main entrance facing south (towards east) is fine. Also kindly provide your email id so that I can send you the floor plan of this Flat.

  260. Dear dir i m having plot which is south facing i m trying to sale this property but my deal is not happening just becouse of south facing i m raelly worried about this so please show me the better way or how to convince the buyers its my humble request plz give some solutions plz..amar

    • Hello Amar ji:
      You have to use some “Yantras” to speedy disposal. Please call me on 09494214400

  261. Syam,
    Guruji nameste our house belongs to my father and is south facing, presently we have started to build a floor on the ground floor. the design of ground floor is south entrance, right side a small room, next hall followed by kitchen and puja room. left 3 bed rooms in a row and a store room. common bath room and wc are separately and are on North west side, bore well on North east 5 feet away from the east boundary wall. stairs in the South west corner. and have flower plants and karipatta tree on the south beside the main entrance. can you suggest the vastu for my house both for ground and first floor, as we just started construction of the first floor.

  262. Hello ,
    i having south facing house,
    main door – south
    main gate – south east
    master bed room – south west side
    kichen – north west side
    toilet & bathroom – west side d
    ground water tank – north eas
    drawing room – south east – north east
    staircase internat- start from east to west then truns form north to south
    pl let me know it is ok.
    Deepak vyas

  263. Sir I almost the south facing house main entrance 4 and 5 pada or steps .now I make one drawing. my friend tell put main entrance SE corner pada 1 and 2 . I don’t know can or can’t kindly explain for new sir

  264. sir please suggest remedies if WC / bathroom is in west east direction as we r living apartments cannt change structure. plz suggest remedy.


    • Hello Annee ji:
      WC / bathroom is in west is OK, defect in East. You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that East toilet

  265. Sir pls suggest if small staircase is on west corner of the basement opening on back portion of the house , is it bad than what remedies to be made

  266. Guruji Pranam,

    We are considering to buy a new house. I will send you the house plan along with our information in your email. Thank you for helping us making this decision easy.

  267. Hi Guruji,

    I live on rented house with family. Kindly let me know what steps do we need to follow to maintain the GOOD VASTU without worry about directions and enterance. I know it is good to live in good vastu home. but as we tenants has no choice but live. so please suggest me something so can follow and maintain our home vastu.. Also please suggest something for office ..

  268. Hello sir,
    I own a factory plot facing south slop of road facing plot is in west direction, size is 25*40 mtr, the compund wall is under construction and i planned the gate in south east corner facing south, and office in southwest corner, now i want to ask u wether that is perfect and how i plan the factory shade and borewell, electriic installation meter etc, toilet or a small kitchan ? plz help

  269. HI Sir,

    I have purchased a Property in Bangalore and its in Joint name Sunandita and Anshuman. This house has South Facing. can you please tell me how is that?

  270. Hello sir
    Please help me in getting my right flat. My DOB is 28/08/1984 and my husband’s DOB 23/09/1983 which facing flat is ideal for us.

    Also a flat having main door west facing and building’s door east faci g is good for us or not


  271. Sir please let us know which facing house is good for us. My dob is 28/08/1984 and my husband’s dob is 23/09/1983

    Also is a west facing flat in a east facing building good for us or a west facing flat in a south facing building good. We have both choices .which is better or both are not good . Please suggest



    • Hello Shubhangee ji:
      According to dob 28/08/1984 = South-west and For dob 23/09/1983 = West are the favorable directions

  272. Hello sir, my house is south facing and the entrance is at middle of the house.northeast – pooja,southeast – kitchen,bedroom at northwest and southwest with attached sump location is at southwest,about that bike parking.drainage at southeast.please suggest me is my house is as per vastu.if not please advise.