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Vaastu Tips for Directions

Eight -Directions-and-Vaastu

North, Northeast, East direction and Center are the places in the house which keeps the movement forward (Similar to the Bike handle). Heavy weight in these directions will obstruct the movement and creates discomforts. 

On the other hand keeping away from such heavy weight in these direction, makes the life peaceful and successful. South, Southwest, West directions form the rear face of the movement. Keeping utmost weight in this space will make the travel easy and ‘In Harmony with the Nature’

Acquiring wealth and keeping them safe to use when required is the significant factor in life. For free Financial inflow and saving them, keep heavy weight in these direction are important. 

Northwest and Southeast Corners are the two directions (Left and Right) of the movement.  Keeping lightweight in these directions could balance the movement. North-West Corner denotes the System support, status whereas the South-East direction improves the health. Balancing these directions with moderate weight will improves the status and wealth of family.

Brain sensitivity: Scientific Evidence is in favor of Vaastu Principles: Recent study in modern science has confirmed the understanding of brain is responsive to orientation, position, and direction in space. Scientists now can measure very accurately about the functioning of brain under different conditions and directions.vaastu tips for directions

This research shows that the firing rate of specific neurons changes in proportion to both the angular acceleration and movement of Head direction.

The scientists arrived in conclusion that, the brain can keep up with the absolute direction in which the head is moving on. Likewise, neurons in the hippocampus are found more sensitive to the positioning of directions in space. While facing East, the brain physiology function differs than that of facing North, South, or West.

In conclusion the power and superiority of thoughts can be influenced by the direction one facing. The sense of track gets confused while living in a building with wrong direction, or not built as per Vaastu Shastra, resulting in potential, psychological and behavioral imbalances of strain. This modification will influence every aspect of brain execution and on the entire physiology. This natural tendency of brain functioning depends on adherence with directions in a Vaastu when designing the living structures of House.

  1. East direction entrance to a House has a very desirable influence on Enlightenment [Awareness], Prosperity and Achievement.                                       
  2. The West direction influences on Profit Gains, [Poverty] lack of Energy and Creativity.
  3. The North direction is abode of influencing the Prosperity [Money Opportunity] and Happiness.
  4. South is the direction of Skill and influence on Name and Fame, Negativity sufferings.

In conclusion leave Northeast direction Open, Clean and neat, while keep Southwest direction blocked, heavy and you will experience the results. Eight Directions of House / Plot The Eight parts of an Entire Plot are based on the effects of Sun-rays on these directions. If this   followed in correct way the entire life passes smoothly with wealth and prosperity. Because the House is not just a shelter over the head, But it should be like a Temple giving happiness and joyfulness to the inmates. 

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19 Comments to Vaastu Tips for Directions

  1. acb says:

    do you reply to questions or leave it for moderation only

    • admin says:

      Hello ACB:
      I reply each and every question, you can see it from my answers to that question, and why you think so?

  2. acb says:

    Dear Admin,
    that has not been my experience if you reply to each and every question.i am not getting notification in my mails if you reply even after subscribing to your blog and it is difficult to trace our reply. i am getting notifications of questions posted by different people only.may i please know do you supply remedies materials like swastika etc which we can buy it after your advice.

    • gp says:

      i am also facing the same problem of getting notifications of questions posted by different people and no notifications of answers to my of my subsequent query to your reply on MAY 7 of this month has not been answered till to date. the question was

      “Thanks admin .i have not seen “copper and reddish color om,trishul and swastik” in the market. it should be of which material.
      my main door is in SW end of my flat with the door facing west {i.e door is in West of SW end of the flat}.i had placed a watch without a pendulum near the center on the south wall and my experience after that was very bad.can i place a picture of lord ganesh or goddess saraswati above the SW main-door.”

      i would like to add or can i place goddess durga photo above my southwest entrance main door. PLS.note that my flat is at Ground floor and their is staircase directly opposite to my SW Main door used by the residents of the floors above my flat .do you supply vaastu remedies, trishul and swastik of golden and red color are available in the market in the form of sticker and plastic material .

    • admin says:

      Hello ACB:
      I am not supplying any of material related to Vaastu

  3. Rajaram says:

    Dear Admin,

    I have shortlisted two houses one is facing north west and another is facing south east. My Moon Sign is Dhanu and sun Sign is Kark. Will this house beneficial for me.

    Please help as i am confused with direction. I have another two houses facing north and east but costly. what to do.


    • admin says:

      Hello Rajaram Ji:
      As regarding house which has a entrance in East or North are most preferable than Southeast and Northwest. For concluding the decision you can call me on 9494214400

  4. Debaditya says:

    Dear Sir,

    In my 2 BHK house, the master bedroom is in north east direction & another room is in the south east direction.
    Kindly tell me the remedy for placing the bed in the room & other procedures.
    Thanks in advance,


    • admin says:

      Hello DebadityaJi:
      Master bedroom in Northeast direction is a Major defect and never used for Couples, this bedroom may be used for Children and retired people. Southeast bedroom may be used keeping head towards South.

  5. Vandana Prasad says:

    My husbands birth date is January 25, 1966 (time 9:30 pm, place Los Angeles). My birth date is March 3 1971 (time 10:20 pm, place Mumbai). We currently live in San Diego California and are looking for a vastu compliant home. Which direction should our home face? Also what are some must have vastu compliances in a home? I have yet to see a house that is 100 percent vastu perfect.

    • admin says:

      According to DOB: 25.1.1966 = North-east and 03.03.1971 = South-east are the favorable directions. You will never get 100% Vaastu compliant house. 60 % or 70 % will be more than sufficient.

      • Vandana Prasad says:

        All the homes that we are seeing here are either north or east facing. Will they be favorable for us?

  6. Vimal Shah says:

    Sir I am looking to buy a west facing plot, but it is having a road on the south west corner also.
    Is it advisable to buy this plot and if there are any problems, then are there any remedies for those problems?

  7. saritha says:

    Hello there, I have moved to a new flat in April this year. I have been going through your blog and have come across few concerns.. I have a living room converted to my daughters study room in north east direction. The study table is in NE corner and on the east wall of this room I have kept the Pooja temple on wall and idols face west.. And there is a bed put on east facing west where my father sleeps. Is this ok or do I have to interchange bed n study table? I have a toilet opposite to the study table(the bathroom does not open just opposite to the temple) opposite temple is the wall) this bathroom is rarely used as it is a common toilet… Now my other concern is, this toilet is on north direction, but the commode n wash basin is kept in the south wall of this bathroom. If there is any doshams, could you suggest a remedy fr this please?

  8. Ritu says:

    Kindly suggest my flat has balocony in south west and kitchen in noth west. I cannot close south west, there is a wooden door on the south west corner and the balcony shape is a little rounded one. The west window in kitchen gives good light though i close it in afternoons with a curtain. I have storage space on the north west in my kitchen, cannot remive it please suggest a remedy

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