House Entrance and Vaastu Directions

When we think about the main entrance of the House, the Eight directions play major role according to Vaastu Shastra. Hereunder we brief out the role of these directions in the House / Vaastu

East Facing Entrance

“Sun” is the ruling planet of the East facing houses and makes the residents of such houses motivated, brave and enduring with the truth

The owner of East facing houses will specially became “Spiritual” and will get Name and the fame in the Society.


Entrance facing North-east

Entrance facing North-east

Entrance facing North-east      

The North-east entrance and facing houses are ruled by Brahaspathi (Jupiter). As per scriptures, the owner of such House would be well–educated and intelligent with humorous too. They can become famous literary persons with an active life.

Entrance facing South-east

South-east direction is ruled by “Shukra” {Venus}, so the owner of such houses will enjoy the life in fine way.

Entrance facing South

The houses with South entrance are ruled by the planet “Mars” {Mangal}. The inmates are Brave, Courageous but sometimes they are Stubborn, Outrageous, Aggressive or Haughty.

If a house has a main entrance in the South there should be one more corresponding door in the North direction also.This allows the constant light from the North into the house.

Entrance facing South- west

South-west facing houses are ruled by demon, Rahu. Thus, the owner of such houses can suffer with illegal or immoral activities and life of inmates in such houses will be struggle full

Entrance Facing West

Shani {Satrun} is ruling planet of West facing houses. The owner of such houses will be prudent and serious in nature. They perform each and every activity in great sense of responsibility and tolerance. There will be growth in spirituality of families residing in such houses. Unethical behavior in such houses will attract the problems

West entrance houses or shops if purchased in female names and if involved in female business activity it give success

Entrance facing North-west

North-west facing entrance houses are ruled by Chandra {Moon}. The owner of such houses are travelling lovers from one place to another, their mind is very unstable. Normally they are very well natured, soft-spoken and sentimental in Nature.

Entrance facing North

North direction is ruled by planet Budha (Mercury) and such houses are ruled by Budha. The owners of such houses are religious.

Being creative and thinking in nature they are very talkative and become scholar in some special subjects, also they love imagination and fantasy.

At a conclusion to have a peaceful and lovely house with positive vibes, it’s essential to follow Vaastu Shastra principles while constructing the house.

At the time of building a house one must be very careful about placement of each and every aspect like rooms, master bed room, kids room, living room, kitchen, Toilet and bathroom, parking area, etc. So to explore each of this section minutely and correctly we need deeper study and in details as well.